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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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for the final night of the democratic convention. we want to tell you about the nasty weather you saw and perhaps you are seeing outside of your window right now. adam joseph is outside tracking the storms. >> reporter: these storms just blossoms quickly early this afternoon and taking over region and extends to the south and west. a very long night ahead of heavy rainfall that could turn into flooding downpours as well as that severe weather, we close in and you can see the thunderstorms at this points south and east of philadelphia, through northern delaware and central new jersey and a thunderstorm up towards berks county, firing up all across the region, there was a severe thunderstorm warning for berks county and there is still a gusty thunderstorms sinking south and east near lees port as well as fleet port and crossing into tucker ton. you can expect the storm with
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winds of 40 miles per hour and vivid lightning at 4:08 and dryville shortly after that. as we sink south and east. can you see a thunderstorm in glassboro and malaga and east of salem and middletown and delaware also you hear a lot of thunder and seeing a lot of lightning and putting the rainfall rates here on stormtracker 6 live double scan. and 2 to 4 inches of rain an hour with the pockets that continue to slowly drift through, the threat for the flooding no matter how humid it is. severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the majority of viewing area, and wind is the biggest threat and hail is a threat, some rotation earlier until the day, there could be an ice late tornado and the flash flood watch through the day until noon tomorrow and rain likely in spots. a long night and the heaviest is
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not until 9:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. we'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast in just a bit. >> as severe storms move through stay connected with our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. and go to for the latest information and the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. >> and the storms are expected to last until tomorrow, they are moved the independence mall rally indoors to temple university campus and sent protesters scrambling for cover. >> reporter: we are here at fdr park and many bernie supporters and protesters are parking up and getting out of the immediate area because of the pending storms. but those with whom i spoke will likely stick around and be back out here outside the wells fargo center to protest the nomination
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of hillary clinton. they are seeking shelter with strong storms imminent. >> we are not going anywhere, our stuff is in the car, and dry, we are not afraid to get wet. the park was quiet this afternoon, it was a similar scene yesterday until 10:00 p.m. when protesters staged a sit-in and storms the fence at the wells fargo center. the more aggressive protests have been few because of the protesters and police. >> i am surprised by the discretion of police. >> 99% of time we have a peaceful protest. >> the exact numbers are constantly changing but over the past couple of days, a couple
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dozen people were cited or arrested. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. of course here inside of the wells fargo center tonight belongs to hillary clinton. she will accept the nomination after the end of another long list of speakers, former mayor, michael nutter will address the convention coming up soon and so will senate candidate, katie mcginty and pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, will speak to the delegates here. and then at 10:00 chelsea clinton will take to the stage to introduce her mother and then hillary clinton will officially be the first one to be a nominee of a major party. >> a surprise, hillary clinton did not take the traditional walk through. and musical acts like katy perry rehearsed. clinton has stayed away from cameras. i spoke with clinton's campaign
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manager, about what to expect to hear and what we will not be hearing. >> it's less about reintroducing and making sure voters know information they may have forgotten or never heard before. what she will do in this speech is talk about the vision for the future. this is something we have not seen at the republican convention last week, a lot of doom and gloom from donald trump. >> sara bloomquist is live at the convention floor, are you talking to people that have high expectations for this speech. >> we talked to a few holdouts. and some bernie sanders holdouts, if you will. you can see the delegates are taking their seats as this session is about to get underway. and hillary clinton is about to weave together the themes of the
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week and giving specifics on policy. and we ask the delegates about what they want to hear from their nominee. >> want hillary to be hillary. i am amazed when people say she is aloof or distant. i have never seen that. i am a hillary supporter and i think she is the real thing. >> she has always been a compassionate person and has a track record for fighting for child care for all young people. i think tonight we'll see the best of hillary clinton. >> i think she needs to show she is a real person and where she will lan on the ttp issue, here at the hall many of us have strong feelings about that. >> she has been demonized for so many years by the republicans who spent billions of dollars as
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president obama thinking can imagine. >> back here live the pennsylvania delegation is looking forward to hearing from former mayor, michael nutter and governor, tom wolf and looking forward to hearing katy perry on the stage tonight. back to you in the studio. >> we got a preview of that performance sounds good. thank you. republican nominee, donald trump, doing a little bit of back peddling after calling on russia to spy on his rival. is it appeared that trump talked directly to the russian government hoping they would find 33,000 missing clinton emails and release them to the public. trump said today he was just kidding. >> and when i'm being sarcastic
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with something. >> were you being sarcastic? >> you have 33 thousand deleted the real problem is what was said on the emails. >> the fbi says they are investigating claims that the russian government hacked into the democratic national committee releasing internal emails suggesting bias against bernie sanders. between the security check points and it's motorcade it could be the worst day for the city. matt pellman is here from the traffic center. >> reporter: not all sunshine and rainbows as we try to head home on this thursday afternoon. live on 95 delco southbound, it is very wet and volume building in at 4:20, that is the weight check point at the platt bridge. are you looking at speeds there
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at 15 miles per hour. coming southbound on 95 pretty much the same thing, 15 and 9 miles per hour approaching the police check point approaching the vine street expressway. over on the schuylkill, no restrictions, but speeds don't look a whole lot better, there on the westbound side close to the roosevelt boulevard. there was a spill eastbound approaching gulph mills, they have that cleaned up and westbound side there was a broken down truck, approaching gulph mills partially sticking out in the right lane. a pair of overturned vehicles on the northeast extension in quakertown so you can squeeze by, an overturned vehicle past vineland, and a southbound gaper delay there with speeds in the 20s. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. on 95 near ogle town, there is a miner trash and slowing in each
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direction as well. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. we have much more coverage coming up on this final night of the democratic national convention. the "action news" team is everywhere with a concert with a-list talent. bob brooks will have a full report at 4:30, and jeff jericho talks to protesters on the streets and christie aleto will give you a look behind the scenes at the "action news" news set here at the wells fargo center. and trish hartman talks to people about being american citizens today. >> and we want to help you express your freedom of speech. look for the "action news" microphone at the constitution center and our social soap box and you can tell us what you think about the convention and presidential race. and at the famous 4th street
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deli, get ready to debate your position with the 4 and street face-off. we'll show your thoughts on our facebook page and here on "action news." in the meantime. a violent 24 hours across the city of philadelphia. and the latest on pope francis after he falls in the middle of a mass. and an accident during a construction leads to a scare in one community and forces children out of a day care. details on how this happened.
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we welcome you back into convention hall as you take a live lock from the convention floor to the sky box. sharrie and i are sitting with a birds eye view on the final night of the democratic national convention. hillary clinton's running mate
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is hitting back against donald trump. donald trump said tim kaine did a terrible job as governor of new jersey. the problem is that tim kaine is from virginia. he may have been confusing him with tom keen and he called him ignorant of basic civics. >> he gave a press conference and pointed out what a lousy governor of new jersey i wa. he is new at this -- >> when a reporter asked trump did he meant to say virginia, he did, and corrected himself. >> with all that happened throughout the convention, many pennsylvania delegates they are most looking forward to the main events tonight. they met again over breakfast in center city philadelphia this morning and buzzing for the chance to see hillary clinton accept the democratic
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nomination. >> it's going to be the first woman presidential nominee in a major party and that is a piece of history we are taking part of. that is something that you'll always have. >> u.s. senate candidate, katie mcginty met with the pennsylvania delegates this morning and has a prime time speaking spot tonight as well. when "action news" is off the air our conversation doesn't stop and neither does the coverage, jim gardner hosts "action news" live at the dnc. in addition to speeches, jim and friends have reaction and nal list, watch live at and the 6 abc news app tonight at 7:30. and behind us now they are gaveling in and starting the day here. we'll have more ahead on this final night of the dnc. we'll be back at 4:30 with a look at the star studded concert planned in camden. we'll check in with nydia han
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live at the 4th street deli. but first alicia vitarelli with the stories of the day. prosecutors are dismissing case against the man accused of killing chandra levy, and he was granted a new trial last year, in light of new developments they can no longer prove he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. they did not give furnish details, levy was a political intern in washington when she disappeared and her remains were found in a park in 2002. he will be released to officials who plan to deport him to el salvador. john rawlins has details on three separate shootings. >> it was a violent night in the city last night and a nine hour
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period, three lives were taken in unrelated incidents the first in east oak lane involved a carjacking. in the 3 thousand block of haines. >> the shooter leaned over his body and went through his pockets and took his keys. >> the assailants roared off in the silver dodge ram pickup truck. a witness was putting the victim in his car to get him to the hospital. the police escorted the 39-year-old shooting victim to the einstein hospital and was shot in the chest, back and leg. >> the victim later died. the police were called to north darrian street and three people shot and one an 18-year-old died with a shot to the head. >> this 18-year-old victim was shot about two doors down from
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the house where he lives. >> and on the 3900 block in the tioga-nicetown section, police were called to a case with a man under a pickup truck, but it was no traffic mishap. the paramedics pulled him out and realized he was shot once in the back. he was unresponsive. medics performed cpr however could not revive him. the silver pickup truck has not been locate yet but the police have surveillance video that may give them a good idea who they are looking for. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> it's time now for a check of the accuweather forecast and severe storms moving in we'll go to adam joseph with the very latest eyes in the sky this afternoon. >> the thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire viewing area, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows the heaviest action south and east of philadelphia
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parts of new jersey and delaware and berks county and parts of the lehigh valley. we go if closer to double scan live radar. and the storm tracking east-northeast to malaga along 55 in glassboro and down to buena 3:22, this strong storm 70 lightning strikes in 15 minutes, the constant rumbles with heavy rainfall. and hammonton expect its at 4:40 this evening. and this extends towards woods town, another nasty storm but not severe at this point and we are watching this into smyrna and townsend and middletown on the edge of the heaviest rain, 109 lightning strikes with this particular storm and as we head to the north right along many a stretch of torrential rain and not much in the way of lightning and thunder and pink and purple there south and east of fleet wood as it heads into berks
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county and slowly working to the east-northeast as well. as we look at the numbers across the region, at 2:00 this afternoon. we hit a high of 95 in philadelphia and then the steady rain comes in and knock its down to 76 in wilmington and millville and trenton sitting around that 80 degree mark. but again, the tropical humidity has shot through the roof here this afternoon. 73 in philadelphia, 76 in millville soaking 77 in dover, and this is what is supplying heavy rainfall and the flash flood watch overnight tonight. you see the pipeline of moisture down to the south and east and low pressure is developing along the boundary, and that will ripple through here during the overnight hours tonight. at 7:00 still scattered downpours and thunderstorms that could turn severe, and as we get into the early morning hours at 1:30 a.m., heavy rain passes through and the question is, is
4:22 pm
it south of philadelphia or to the north and we have to track this overnight and moves out for tomorrow morning rush hour and we'll see if there is residual flooding on roadways. some severe soaking thunderstorms all night long, the most active period will be between 9:00 p.m. and 3:00 in the morning, you may get awoken by the heavy rain or thunder. and 1 to 3 inches and more could be likely locally. the four day at 4:00 forecast, will indicate early storms tomorrow and then sun popping out through much of the day. could be a scattered or isolated storm of 86. humid with scattered storms both saturday and sunday with highs in the 80s. it's not a washout and pop-ups are around and sun and clouds on monday with a high of 86. we'll look at double scan again during the next half hour. the accidents that forced children out of a day care today
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>> a gas leak forced people out of their homes and businesses, the police say a contractor was paving the street when he struck a high pressure gas line in clifton heights, nearby homes and a daycare were evacuated. everybody was allowed to return once peco arrived. however, they had to shut off natural gas service while they made the repairs. pope francis is said to be okay after he fell during a mass in poland. the pope was walking up to the alter and did not see the stairs in time. he had to be helped back up to his feet and he is okay and continued that mass. pope francis is inpoland.
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it could be one of the busiest travel days of the year at philadelphia international airport and a concert happening right now in camden with both delegates and lots of star power, and a push to give consumers more cable choices. those stories and more when "action news" continues.
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right now at 4:30 our coverage continues here from the wells fargo center.
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>> it is the last day of the convention and it is all leading up to tonight when hillary clinton will make history. she will formerly accept the democratic nomination for president making her the first woman to become a major party candidate. tonight chelsea clinton will introduce her mother there on the dnc stage where at this moment the national anthem is being sang. >> but right now the focus is on severe weather moving through the area and right now most of us are under a severe thunderstorm watch until midnight. this is what it looked like about an hour ago on market street in center city philadelphia. the rain coming down hard and a few brave souls ventured out without umbrellas. >> adam joseph has the details. >> we are ringing out the atmosphere and breaking the seven day heat wave in the form
4:30 pm
of thunderstorms. this will show this is just the initial batch that fired up this afternoon. the watch until midnight tonight for the majority of our area and any boundary that rippled to the ohio valley where low pressure is developing and that low will pass through overnight tonight to ignite the heavy hitters well after the sunsets. closer on double scan live radar shows some pretty nasty storms along route 40 here paralleling the atlantic city expressway near elmer and glassboro and mays landing and another batch at middletown and smyrna in delaware. near salem almost 3 inches of rain and 2 inches around elmer and 3 inches in parts of newcastle county. a pocket of 2.4 near the airport in philadelphia. this is just the initial batch
4:31 pm
and we'll add more rain to that and in fact, if we look at this graphic here, this is what we call precipable water, this is how much is over our heads, from philadelphia to south jersey and delaware, 2 to 2.5 inches of rain if a storm fires up it can release that amount of rain in a short amount of time. that is why the flash flood watch is in effect for the entire area through noon tomorrow where areas could see 3 inches of rain. and roads covered by water turn around and find an alternate route. we'll talk about the cooler so-called weather. >> i like the cooler part. adam thanks. the action cam was in chester after a couple had to be rescued after their car got caught in high waters, the "action news" team is around the area checking on reports of damage.
4:32 pm
and in the meantime, if you see severe weather and you are safe, email video to or post it on social media with #6abcaction. >> and as pop-up storms roll through stay connected with meteorologists on twitter and facebook and rely on for the latest storm information and the power of stormtracker 6 live double scan radar. >> it's a stormy, steamy weather and it's not stopping an invite only concert for delegates, going on at at pavilion in camden. >> it's called camden rising and showing oft development in the city. bob brooks has the story. >> camden rising that is the name of the concert today and that is what is being celebrated today. >> it gives us a sense of pride and you know it's great to see the city come back. the concert hosted by congressman donald norcross. featuring lenny kravitz the
4:33 pm
first to take the stage. and next lady gaga. >> i'm more kravitz. >> lady gaga. >> lady gaga my favorite. >> the goal today in congressman norcross's words show the world during the biggest night the progress that camden has made. >> the education system is improving dramatically and public safety and president obama came here to show how to deal with urban issues. >> and achievement and developments that people living here are proud of. from campbell's field to the new 76% facility and the project for a hotel and apartments. >> i'm proud to be a product of camden and i also live in the city. and camden is moving forward. some say the concert today a nice way to take a step back and relish in the moment.
4:34 pm
whether it was lenny or gaga. >> we like them all. i like them all. >> back here at the concert, the thing that congressman norcross is most proud about the $1 billion river front project it's all being done with private funding. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> all the folks in town will be headed back home after the convention ends tonight and tomorrow could be one of the busiest travel days of the year if philadelphia. travelers are told to arrive two hours early and wear easy to remove shoes. >> we wish them safe travels. we are inviting our "action news" viewers to be a part of our dnc coverage all week. we are hosting a debate and conversation at the famoe ouous street deli in queen village
4:35 pm
that is where we find nydia han. >> reporter: today we found a group of women to talk about this historic election and they were from both sides of the aisle. >> i think he is a bully, i think he is a bully, who is not qualified to run for president. and i am very scared of the process of having someone so thin skins and hot headed in negotiations with foreign leaders. >> but trump surrogates says that he is qualified to tackle the most challenging issues and knows what they are. >> americans are truly worried about isis and border control and the economy at large and the trade agreements i think that is what the focus is. >> clinton's supporters say her focus is in the right place. >> she is putting a lot of the issues that were on the back burner on the front burner, we are not talking about a reality host but reality.
4:36 pm
>> fairness matters, someone with real economic plans. >> donald trump hires women and has always hired women and has them in executive level positions and pays them sometimes more than men and women are higher than his son, his daughter. money where your mouth is kind of thing. >> it was a great debate, you can see it in its entirety on the "action news" facebook page and we debated about the black lives matter movement today and i'll have more on that at 5:30 p.m. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> all right nydia good discussions there. any time you want to know the latest of what is happening inside and out seed of convention, turn to the social media accounts, our facebook page is filled with the politics, protests and all the fun and interaction with you and 6 abc twitter feed has up to the minute news and information to help you keep up with the
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convention and everything else in the delaware valley. go to and on twitter we are at 6 abc. a jam packed night here and lots more coverage to come, but for now we send it back to alicia vitarelli right there in the studio. >> we look forward to that coverage but in the meantime. other news we are following for you dozens of children wrapped up a summer reading program in camden, they showed off their reading skills at an open house at a summer reading institute. and the program's 11th year free of charge for children living in camden. still to come on "action news," more from the dnc, "action news" viewers sounding off on the convention and politics in general, hear what they have to say in the social soap box. adam joseph returns with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next. i approve this message.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them
4:39 pm
to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!" hello again from the wells
4:40 pm
fargo center. from our sky box studio on this day four the final day of the national convention. the convention gavelled to order about a half hour ago. this leads to tonight when hillary clinton takes to the stage. lets go live to a look at the floor at the dnc and on the stage is ted boys from florida. we are expecting to hear from mayor michael nutter, the former mayor of philadelphia soon. he is the first local face we see today and then los angeles mayor, and of course he may have something to say about some of the anti-latino rhetoric as some have dubbed it during this campaign. >> throughout the convention we are inviting viewers to express their political opinions, we put a microphone and camera for the public to sound off on the issues. >> we are concerned about racial
4:41 pm
and economic justice and the growing disparities and we need to solve those to come together as one community and very concerned about climate change and real and scientifically proven. >> and considering the last financial crisis and things we can do to go forward. immigration and comprehensive immigration, understanding what the pro's and con's and what can we do better. >> whether you are on the convention floor and lucky to have that seat or among the crowds on the street, we want to see your photos, share your pictures to our dnc photo contest happening on our "action news" facebook page. >> i love living this moment. through other people's pictures throughout the week, they send pictures from all over the city. lets send things back to alicia vitarelli in the studio with more of the day's news.
4:42 pm
people looking for jobs had extra help with their search today. gloucester county had their first disability job fair in sewell. the goal is for people with a disability to find opportunities and a way for local employers to embrace divert. a small act of kindness from a police officer was appreciated in a big way. officer steven clark tweeted out this picture, a little bag of goodies and a thank you note left on his police car, inside of the bag a dnc survival kit, here is the break down. lifesavers she writes because that is what you are, gum so we can stick together and tootsy local and laffey taffy because laughter is the best stress reliever and star burst for a burst of energy and the special
4:43 pm
line at the bottom there, it reads thank you for being great. hugs and kisses, officer clark says our citizens are awesome and they are still looking for this caring woman to say thank you. if you will please retweet this so we can help them find her. and a controversial new band at the olympics but this one is of the virtual kind. the olympic committee says it will enforce a hush on social media, banning all none sponsor s ed companies from tweeting. it threatens legal action against brands that sponsor just individual athletes but the not the games or the u.s. team at large. off limit, words like olympic, olympian and go for the gold and summer and games and rio and
4:44 pm
2016. all things that cannot be tweeted and hashtags like rerow 2016 and team usa. this is called rule 40 and ahead of its rollout, athletes like emma coleman said i can't say thank you to my sponsor, so she took the moment to put it on twitter, thank you for everything. >> they got the close eye on those tweets coming out for the olympics and matt pellman now with a close eye on your traffic. >> we have restrictions all week and complicated matters is wet weather and accidents, like this one on 420 in delaware county, happened since last we spoke. and the southbound left lane is blocked with this accidents, so coming south of the airport you see plenty of slowing and northbound of course is of
4:45 pm
course plenty slow with speeds of like 9 miles per hour from ridley park to the police check point near the exit for the platt bridge where vehicles over 5 tons are forced off and that is the case for sometime overnight into tomorrow morning, when they sound the last gavel at the convention they will start to remove the barrier as long 95 and it take a little while and depending on the weather it can take even longer, by mid-day tomorrow everything should be open on 95 and i think before that but no promises on that one. an overturned truck on the quakertown is cleared up. this is 202 in chester county, southbound our normal delay but here is the good news, by mid to late next week you get the third lane open in each direction along 202 between 401 and the 30 bypass, good news for the chester county drivers,
4:46 pm
elsewhere flooding at the creek closing lenape road and in frank lynn township, we have downed trees and wires and something for everyone. we'll talk good in the 5:00 hour. >> matt, thank you. still to come on "action news" consumer reports is setting out to save money for anyone who has cable. and stepping outside taking a live look at the wells fargo center. meteorologist, adam joseph, with his eyes on the skies this afternoon tracking storms, he has your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
4:47 pm
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the extreme heat we felt is once again giving way to heavy rain and storms, and meteorologist, tracking it all with the details.
4:49 pm
because these slow moving downpours are leading to flooding overnight and this area is seeing between 2 and 4 inches of rain from malaga to elmer and 3:22 mays landing hearing thunder and seeing lightning. as we head to the north in parts of the lehigh valley along 22 here along the height of the rich hour in bethlehem and hanover, heavy rainfall here and along 512 dealing with moderate rainfall and seeing a nasty storm.
4:50 pm
even though there is no lightning with this, gusty winds and hail near pine waters as this drifts south and east of fleet wood and 222 in central and northern parts of berks county. prior to the rain the high was 95 degrees with the heat index of 100, day seven of the heat wave and the storms will drop temperatures for highs into the 80s almost for the next seven days. but we are rain cooled across the area with 70s across the board and still tropically humid out there and the tropical train of moisture extends all the way down to the south and east and the ohio and tennessee valleys, a long night ahead of us and flash flood watch until noon on friday. if we look at the atmosphere about 10,000 feet up and high pressure is to the south and the pipeline of green. from the gulf of mexico being pulled into our region and that is why the storms are severe at
4:51 pm
times and heavy and gusty winds and flash flooding, 69 to 74 degrees for the overnight low, and future tracker 6 at 8:00 this evening, the hit or miss very heavy downpours, that continues into the wee hours of the morning at 1:00 in the mornings. at 7:00 in the morning the bulk of the precipitation will lift to the northern and east and catching a break and sun breaking out tomorrow afternoon, still unstable so could be a pop-up shower or thunderstorm around. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast early thunderstorms tomorrow and sun breaking out at 86 degrees, humid saturday and sunday, we don't wipe the humidity away at all despite the temperatures back in the 80s. scattered storms saturday into sunday afternoon. monday 86 and sun and clouds and the middle part of next week we heat it up but dry tuesday,
4:52 pm
wednesday and thursday, temperatures a week from now climb back up into the 90s. follow me on my facebook page for storms that pop up in the overnight hours. >> thank you adam. coming up what's the deal? for anyone that has cable you'll want to hear this one. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy.
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have you looked at your cable bill lately? you are not just paying for tv channels, your cable company charges to rent your cable box and now an effort to change that. >> millions of cable company, you want cable you have to pay the rental fee for equipment and you now consumer reports is saying enough. angela pays more than $50 a month to rent six cable boxes
4:55 pm
that adds up to more than $600 a year. >> you can get cable tv but by the way to get it into your house have you to pay pour the box. >> more than the millions of kufrt mers pay a monthly charge to get their cable boxes and that generates nearly a million for the cable industry and now a push for congress to give them a choice. >> you should be able to go out be choose the best solution to get the programming that you pay for. >> the federal commission is working on a proposal for consumers. >> to be able to get set top boxes from other companies. >> the cable industry is opposed to the idea saying that the cable market is making changes, the national cable association says quote, the fcc has no policy need nor the legal authority to impose such evasive
4:56 pm
regulations. >> but with the increasing prices of cable. consumers deserve better choices. the federal commission is collectsing public comments for new rules on cable boxes, the rules need to be approved by the fcc you can submit your opinion on unlock the we'll have the link on >> the power ball jackpot jumped to $478 million because nobody won the grand prize during last night's drawing, the lump sum payout is roughly $230 million before taxes, the next drawing is saturday night. can you see the winning numbers on "action news" at 11:00 on friday night. >> now back to the wells fargo center with brian and sharrie. >> it's a big, big night coming up we are awaiting former mayor,
4:57 pm
michael nutter to take the stage and then chelsea clinton introducing her mother the newly minted democratic nominee for president. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. "action news" at 5:00 is up next. stay with us.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the skies opened up this afternoon. and the rain came pouring down. heavy storms came through the region and could be severe at times. thursday night and the big story on "action news" is accuweather tracking strong storms, there is heavy rain and thunder and lightning and hail as a possibility too. lets get over to cecily tynan with the latest details and images from storm tracker radar. >> the heat wave is going out with a bang, if you look at this, on double scan live, you can see almost this conveyer belt of moisture moving our way. that is a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until midnight.
5:00 pm
and we have a severe thunderstorm warning now for central kent county and dover and woodside until 5:30, this cell is packing a punch. the potential for wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour even hail and this rights now is heading to the southeast at 20 miles per hour. so dover air force base are you getting hit and you are crossing route 1 for folks heading to the delaware beaches and people in the path of the storm. capital green and morris estates and rodney village, you will want to head indoors immediately. that is a severe storm. we have heavy thunderstorms moving now through egg harbor and mays landing and this one is drifting up to the northeast slowly, atlantic city expressway are you getting in the action with that. 18 lightning strikes with this cell but the bigger issue is the fact that there is so much moisture in the air, these storms are acting like a spring, they are ringing out the moisture and we are looking a


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