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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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thunderstorm warning now for central kent county and dover and woodside until 5:30, this cell is packing a punch. the potential for wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour even hail and this rights now is heading to the southeast at 20 miles per hour. so dover air force base are you getting hit and you are crossing route 1 for folks heading to the delaware beaches and people in the path of the storm. capital green and morris estates and rodney village, you will want to head indoors immediately. that is a severe storm. we have heavy thunderstorms moving now through egg harbor and mays landing and this one is drifting up to the northeast slowly, atlantic city expressway are you getting in the action with that. 18 lightning strikes with this cell but the bigger issue is the fact that there is so much moisture in the air, these storms are acting like a spring, they are ringing out the moisture and we are looking at rainfall rates of 2.5 inches per
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hour and not moving quickly so that means we have a risk of flash flooding. so a flash flood watch is posted not just tonight but until noon on friday, for all of our viewing areas could receive more than 3 inches of rain locally, it's going to be a wild ride tonight and we'll talk more about what to expect in the full accuweather forecast. now, to the democratic national convention and take a live look at the speakers on the stage on this fourth and final night of the event here in south philadelphia. >> the biggest moment of the entire convention just a few hours away. hillary clinton will speak to the delegates live on the stage for the first time. lets send it live to monica malpass in the studio with more on the historic moment. >> hi rick, hillary clinton will
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be giving her speech to the democratic national convention could be the most important of her career in fact. before mrs. clinton takes the stage everyone is entertained about a performance by katy perry, it's singer had a rehearsal this afternoon. she is out spoken supporters of clinton's campaign and joined her on the trail in iowa last october. and more than 7500 convention
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delegates and staffers and volunteers were there in camden invited to the show at the pavilion. lenny kravitz were also on the stage and there were no cameras allowed inside just outside. >> back here now live at the convention, dann cuellar is live on the floor with what delegates think that clinton needs to say tonight. hi dann. >> reporter: hi monica, many delegates were wowed by great speeches last night and now it's up to hillary clinton herself. what does she need to say to hit it out of the ballpark and hit the ground running. we spoke to delegates in key states. >> she has to send a message about economic fairness. >> we begin in our home state of pennsylvania, a state where donald trump is showing traction. >> talk about how donald trump is the worst candidate for the united states presidency ever. >> and where there are
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disgruntled bernie sanders supporters. >> free college for all. these are things that affect african-americans in our city. >> and we checked in with ohio. >> we hope she can bring in and restore jobs in our area. >> she needs to come across something that will increase jobs especially in the appalachian area where coal miners have lost their jobs. >> and we move to another state, florida. >> we have to bring the country together, she can appeal to independentants and republicans that are feeling afraid of donald trump. >> she needs to continue to remind people we are stronger together. >> and we would be remiss if we did not check in with bernie sanders' home state of vermont. >> bernie sanders are feeling raw and they worked hard and the issues need to be acknowledged that he championed. >> so she needs a big closing
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night speech. to get this train off and running on the right track. the wheels are off for hillary clinton to make her case to this convention and the country. live on the floor, i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you dann. >> and on this final day of the convention protesters wanted to hear their voices again. including philadelphia city hall, that is where you find jeff jericho live with the story. >> reporter: hi monica, good evening, there were far fewer protesters here than days past and we stopped by fdr park where dozens are camped out as part of the occupy dnc movement and talked to them about why they are here and what happens after the convention. >> i am not happy i normally have louis vuitton heels on. >> sandra of washington state
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are among the dozens camping out to protest it. a grandmother concerned about leaving a healthy economy for her granddaughter. >> i am fighting for her education, she cannot get a college education without going $100,000 into debt. >> 23-year-old daniel of boise, ied says he was not much into politics after he heard sanders talk about money corrupting politics. >> coming here with a bunch of like minded people in these settings it allows us to get together and have the conversations and learn how to organize. >> at this deregistration rally, dozens symbolically left the democratic party, there are as many causes as protests, from middle east to black lives
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matters to energy. and no structure to organize it. they point out that most of the dnc protesters are peaceful and want the same thing as everyone else and a few that push the limits by burning flags or jump fences make it difficult to get the message to the masses. >> try to articulate the message to the public to see it gets to them. it's especially tricky to get the message out. >> i spoke with police commissioner richard ross today he says the protests are largely peaceful there were seven arrests yesterday when a number of protesters jumped a fence near the wells fargo center. five are released and two detained. and one of them had three throwing knives on him and could face a maximum ten years in prison. >> we are back here live at our studio taking the stage to speak, two familiar faces, mayor
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michael nutter and pennsylvania governor, tom wolf. >> as the night rolls on we invite to you stay with "action news" on our social media accounts on facebook and twitter. our facebook page has politics, the protests and the fun and interacting with you our viewers, the 6 abc twitter feed has up to the second breaking news and ins, go to and at 6 abc on twitter. the u.s. has almost 50 new citizens tonight that makes 50 new potential voters that are anxious to cast ballots for the first time this november. trish hartman attended the naturalization ceremony and spoke to the new citizens about the issues that mattered to them. >> 46 new citizens from 21 countries took their oath of allegiance. >> congratulations are you now citizens of the united states of america. [ applause ] >> the naturalization ceremony
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at pennsbury manor was a long time coming for many. >> came here when i was 5 years old and it's finally happening. >> especially pablo, who stopped to take a selfie of the judges to send to his family in florida. >> i wanted to capture the moment and it's an amazing experience for me. >> this comes as many eyes are on the dnc and looking ahead to the upcoming election. >> i am looking forward to voting in november. which means i am looking forward to making up my mind. >> many new citizens say they are undecided bho they will vote for for president this fall but they are all looking forward to using their new right to vote in this critical election. >> for danielle womens issues are a key issue, she is from argentina and came to the u.s. for more opportunities. >> it's a sport of men in argenti
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argentina, he was the only woman on the track. >> she is going to be the voice of a lot of women like me for example. i'm waiting for what she said about equal opportunities for women. >> reporting in morrisville, trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> members of the delaware black lives matter movement are helping folks register to vote today. the group held a registration drive in wilmington trying to spread the word to young people and let convicted felons know they can now vote. >> just to show my kids your voice can be heard and you can make a difference. >> earlier this month, governor jack markell signed a bill removing the requirement making people with felonies pay all fines before they can vote.
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right now we are sending it back to our studio and rick williams. >> thank you monica. in other news tonight a water main break happening now in camden has prompted a boil water advisory in all camden neighborhoods that are west of the cooper river. the residents affected are customers of american water, customers of river road and del air roads are experiencing low water pressure and should boil their water. look for updates on this story on air and online at time now for a check of our "action news" traffic report. lets go to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> speaking of water we have more than enough of it on the roads, it causes people to slip and slide and run into things. southbound side by 420 in delco, looks like they are in the process of clearing out the accident and a delay from the airport. the northbound delay on 95 in delco is worse from past ridley
5:12 pm
park to the weight retracted check point. the southbound side backing down from the betsy ross bridge where that check point is in place, all of those restrictions should be lifted overnight into tomorrow morning, definitely by mid-day tomorrow. this is woodhaven road. remnants of a crash still partially taking out the left lane and flooding of the creek blocking 252 and elsewhere a crash took down a pole and horseshoe trail is your alternate. and 422 a solid jam coming out of king of prussia because of this tractor trailer accident in the work zone. burlington bristol bridge is up and so many other things too rick, we'll talk in the n half hour. >> thank you matt. much more to come on "action news" tonight. the fda puts a stop to blood donations in the miami area amid concerns about the zika virus.
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ali gorman will explain. and back to sky 6 hd showing you our camera 1 independence and heavy rain moved through but more is expected tonight. we'll get another update on the forecast when we come right back.
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we are back live at the democratic national convention where the final night is rolling along all leading up to the biggest speech of the four day event when hillary clinton addresses the nation, last night jim gardner got a chance to speak one-on-one with vice president joe biden after biden spoke at the convenience here and jim asked vice president biden what she had to say. >> she has to let people see her heart a little bit. everybody knows her head. everybody knows how smart and how tough and resilient she is. but you hope they get a glimpse of her heart. she cares about people. >> jim and i will be live tonight at and we'll have extended coverage forbe you starting at 7:30 on our website. and rick we'll send it back to you now. >> thank you.
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turning to health check tonight. the fda has halted blood donations in two florida counties over growing concern over the zika virus, health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the big board. >> these are where they are investigating four cases where they were spread locally spread by mosquitos in those florida counties, these will be the first cases of local zika in the u.s. they have temporarily stopped collecting blood in the counties. meanwhile health officials talked to media about the upcoming olympics in brazil. they are pushing prevention even though it's low. they are pushing visitors and athletes to use mosquito prevention and for weeks when they return home. pregnant women are advised not
5:18 pm
to go to the olympics. in other news today researcher says make no mistake electronic cigarettes are not a healthy alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. vapor contains chemicals that can cause cancer at least two of the chemicals were undiscovered. older devices and ones with high heat emit more of those dangerous chemicals that is something to think about if you or someone in your family uses the e-cigarettes. lets go back live to the democratic national convention where everyone is anticipating the big moment later tonight when hillary clinton gives a speak that no american woman has ever made. accepting the nomination for president of the united states.
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chipotle is getting into the burger business, the struggling burrito chain opens a restaurant called tasty made. they will make the burgers with beef raised without hormones or antibiotics. they are dealing with the e. coli outbreak.
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legion airline announced non-stop service from trenton to florida and to celebrate the fares are pretty low. they offer flights to orlando and tampa-st. pete for as low as $39 one way. flights start in november just in time to escape the cold weather. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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back live on the floor of the dnc in philadelphia. are you looking at former mayor, michael nutter, who is speaking to the crowd right now. he is taking the podium. mayor nutter was a big supporter barack obama while in office. he has finished. time now for the accuweather forecast. cecily tynan has more on that soggy weather we are seeing. >> reporter: this is the beginning of a very wet thursday night. philadelphia we are getting a break in the action and we do have a band of heavy downpours and strong storms really stretch from delaware into south jersey and mays landing and atlantic city expressway it's raining heavily and right now the severe thunderstorm warning for central kent county until 5:30, you see the cluster of thunderstorms
5:26 pm
working out of dover, 95 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes, if this holds together it will hit cape may county and wind gusts close to 60 miles per hour and also hail. this shows you the hail swath, and we have hail detecting on storm tracker rolling through dover, that shows the strength of the updraft with these thunderstorms and more is on the way. this is really ending the heat wave. two hours ago it was 95 in philadelphia and now temperatures dropping into the 80s and 70s. rain cooled but the humidity is still just through the roof. dew points do not get much higher than this in our region. generally in the low to upper 70s and the reason why, this rain has a tropical connection, if you look at the satellite 6 along with action radar you see the conveyer belt of moisture and these showers originated in the gulf of mexico. and when have you the high dew points, any of the storms can
5:27 pm
ring out a lot of rain in a short period of time. that is why we have the flash flood watches posted until noon tomorrow. future tracker 6 showing are you out and about and the rain is still here and heaviest is south of philadelphia and the good news, is lingering showers and the heaviest moved out and we could be dealing with flooding problems then. this is what to expect, severe and soaking thunderstorms, most active between 9:00 and 3:00 in the morning, we are looking at the potential of 1 to 3 inches of rain and locally could get more than that. and the potential for damaging winds especially south of philadelphia, so the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow the heat wave is over after a week, mid-80s. 86 degrees and some thunderstorms possible and sunshine by the afternoon. we keep the chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms through the weekend into monday. tuesday we dry out and partly sunny and i'm tracking the
5:28 pm
return of dry weather. quick break and more news including coverage from the dnc. stay with us.
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5:30 pm
"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again we'll check back in with monica malpass at the dnc in a few moments. right now we are talking about strong storms that rolled through our area. look at a type lapse from the sky 6 hd in philadelphia. the clouds turned the skies dark as the rains poured down and people had to be rescued from flash flooding. walter perez is standing by with more. >> reporter: hey rick, this was a fast moving heavy hiter of a storm moving through the area, some standing water remains here on industrial highway in chester. look at this video and how powerful the storm was moving through the region and that resulted in the need for at least two rescues.
5:31 pm
this one at flower street had two people inside and became stranded in high water, and rescuers came in to retrieve the people and great job by firefighters there. and seventh and lloyd with one person inside dwot stuck in waters as well and the female driver was rescued and nobody was injured in any case and the rain has stopped for the most part for now. and the waters receded a short time later. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. meanwhile, weather is also being blamed on causing this fire in newcastle county, delaware, lightning start aid blaze in the attic of this home. this is in hockessin, everyone made it out safely. breaking news out of camden now, there is a boil water advisory for people west of cooper river. it was prompted after a major water main break, "action news"
5:32 pm
reporter john rawlins is live at the scene at river road and del air roads. >> reporter: hi rick, too much wash coming out of sky and behind me too much water coming out of ground. quite frankly that is not suppose to be tlx a break in the water main beneath it. it broke at 2:00 this afternoon and that caused a lot of issues for consumers of water in camden. for folks west of cooper river, they are in a boil water alert situation, that is 40,000 people. about 14,000 connections. the whole idea here any water that you should ingest in any way, should you mix it with juice or baby formula or wash your vegetables, that water should be boiled first to an
5:33 pm
roiling boil. to kill any bacteria that may have gotten into the system. it's possible it could have happened. they want to be on the safe side as a precaution. the 40,000 people west of cooper river on the camden water system should be boiling their water on drinking bottled water. it looks like it will take longer than 3 to 6 hours and it could take overnight just to fix the water line. boil water advisory for folks in camden west of the cooper river. live in pennsauken, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now, to our coverage of the final day of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. tonight the spotlight will be on hillary clinton. and this is a live look at the stage, where she is expected to
5:34 pm
give the biggest speech of her political career. she lays out her plan to move america forward and monica malpass joins us live from the dnc. >> all eyes are on hillary clinton tonight, her aides are telling us she is focusing on the theme of stronger together and will not shy away from going against donald trump. she will be introduced by her daughter chelsea and others will take the stage tom wolf and nancy pelosi and a performance by carol king. moments ago we heard from michael nutter. >> have known hillary for decades i have known her as a champion for our cities and known her as a change maker for our citizens and i know her as a leader whose career is defined by a simple creed.
5:35 pm
gsd. get stuff done. >> nutter when on to take a few shots at donald trump saying we can't afford to turn the country over to a man that thinks the presiden presidency is an entry level job on a television show. >> we have been at the 4th street deli where we have an outpost of reporters, nydia han is live. >> reporter: hi monica. race and black lives matter and blue lives matter and all lives matter, collectively they are one of the hot button issues and the subject of the final 4th street face-off this afternoon. >> we are aiming to dismantle racism. >> i believe that black lives matter doesn't mean that all
5:36 pm
lives don't matter, it means there is an issue going on right now and there is a lot of police brutality focused on black lives. >> i believe that more dialog, more community policing and more training and putting labels on things is a none starter and prevents discussion. >> law enforcement has to be trance parents outside of investigation agencies have to look at the issues and then a decision has to be made by the appropriate authorities as to whether the officer was right or wrong, but to say the officer is wrong period without getting all the facts and i'm totally against that and it splits the community more so than ever before. >> most change i have seen over my adult life has been city based change and that has been affected how our federal reaction, our government overall nationally has reacted to it,
5:37 pm
whether that is supreme court decisions or something else. but i think a lot can happen on the city level and it starts with the conversations that we had today. >> we certainly hope so, you can see the entire face above on our "action news" facebook page where it streamed live earlier today. it's never too late to join the conversation, we hope you do. live in queen village, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you nydia. we are constantly posting updates on wa is happening inside and outside of the convention, go to facebook, our page is filled with the politics and fun including interaction with you and the 6 abc twitter feed has up to the minute breaking news. go to and at 6 abc on twitter. our coverage of the convention continues for you in a few minutes and we'll be back to give you a unique look around at that time.
5:38 pm
>> thank you. once the dnc is over it's a busy travel day for delegates heading home. this is a live look at philadelphia international airport it's expected to be packed tomorrow as folks head home after the convention. folks are being warned that it could be one of the busiest days of the year and reminding passengers to arrive two hours early and wear easy to remove shoes. lets check the highways and byways one more time with matt pellman. >> love how you love a good smorgasbord and this afternoon we have a smorgasbord of traffic. this is the police check point between girard and the vine, and we see delays approaching the check points but by this time tomorrow afternoon the check points will no longer be out here, mid-day at least the cones
5:39 pm
and restrictions will all be gone. just in the teens coming out of king of prussia. and a crash shutting down 401 and horseshoe trail gets you around that. there is high water in buena, route 40 highway is blocked and brewster road an alternate around that one. and the opening at the burlington bristol bridge and the ship is heading for the tacony palmyra bridge. rick back over to you. >> all right matt thank you. our coverage of the democratic national convention continues we'll take you inside of the wells fargo center for a behind the scenes look coming up also see how the "action news" team is bringing you the convention from every single angle. the eagles training camp
5:40 pm
continues, we'll take you to practice and see how the players are doing on the hot days ahead. >> we are breaking the heat and humidity in the form of severe storms up to midnight tonight as torrential rain comes through and the chance for flooding in the accuweather forecast. >> all right adam thank you.
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a look now at the wells fargo center it's the last night of the democratic national convention we are bringing you the politicians, speakers and sickers. now christie is here with a look. >> reporter: monica, a lot goes into covering an event of this magnitude and many of us are hustling trying to get the stories, it's the people behind the scenes the traffphotographed headers making sure you get to see them at home. >> before you see us here -- our day starts right after security check point. >> i'm driving any of the
5:44 pm
anchors newscasters from 6 abc. >> i'm taking them either to the wells fargo center or our 6 abc tent. >> to be at the spot -- who again getting reaction from delegates. >> anchor, jim gardner works on the 6:00 newscast -- inside wells fargo center -- >> i'm really taking a look at who is expected to speak so i am familiar with who will be on the stage at various times. >> going over the plan for today and this starts five or six hours from now -- >> and it's show time. >> will we see him on camera? >> there is a big effort, this is a snapshot what we do every day not just during the national
5:45 pm
convention. reporting live channel 6 "action news." >> great to be part of it. right now at the podium a representative from new mexico and many more speakers including chelsea and mrs. clinton. >> ducis would like to make a political speech -- okay -- >> don't get me in trouble. >> you want to talk football. eagles football as camp continues. >> they have to get a lot of work in during a short amount of time. >> it's the preseason opener against the tampa bay buccaneers, the training camp began on monday but really got going today. today was the first full squad workout. everyone is here and the last few days were limited to rookies and quarterbacks and veterans. >> that is not good. many noticed doug peterson is running his camp like chip kelly ran his. >> this schedule we are about to
5:46 pm
partake in training camp took this team to many nfc championship games and took them to a super bowl and won a ton of games, my feeling on it i went through it on green bay and through it with coach reed in 1999 and back a couple of years ago. this schedule is proven. >> peterson is getting rave reviews from his players, you can't say that about the last coach that rolled through here. they feel more comfortable with him at the helm. >> there are differences but i have been around so many coaches in so many systems now they all kind of blend together. obviously every coach is different and the philosophies are different and the way they approach meetings and the whole day is different than the way it was last year. there are pro's and con's to each. but if guys feel a change and it's better hopefully it quarries over. >> after dropping two of three,
5:47 pm
the phillies move on to atlanta. and aaronaltear is activated. out with a broken wrist. he starts in left field and also bats fifth. the mls all-star game is tonight. and they face arsenal in sane jose, california and the union have two players on the squad. both players are soaking in the experience. >> i got back in my bed and soaked it in a little bit but it will fully hit me when i leave and i want to enjoy it as much as i can. >> for our team in general to put on a good show for the fans and league and to make a name for ourselves and continue to push the perception of where this league is going. >> finally tonight marlton, new jersey, gave its 12 and under
5:48 pm
baseball a grand sendoff. they will participate in the cal ripkin world series, several dignitaries were there to wish them well including a special guest. >> the phanatic made a surprise experience and the kids got a pep talk from the phanatic even though he doesn't speak english i'm sure he made himself understood. we'll take a quick break and check the accuweather forecast for you when we come right back. stay with us. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics.
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time to get an update on severe storms out there. the seven day heat wave ending loudly across the area and a long night for the rest of us as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we have the torrential rain and most of new jersey and the central part of delaware, a little quieter so to speak than pennsylvania. we have the severe storm we are watching push over the bay and push through dover. had a wind gust of 63 miles per hour at dover's airport. and the timing for this as it heads towards cape may county at
5:52 pm
6:22 and whitesboro at 6:21 and watch for a rush of wind to come with this storm and dangerous vivid lightning along with torrential downpours and as we lift to the north no severe weather here, we see heavy rainfall through most of our counties here from ocean county to burlington county and southern county gloucester county and atlantic county along the atlantic city expressway inundated by heavy rainfall, and windshield wiper going fast there and pockets in this region see 2 to 4 inches of rainfall. as we look at our specific reporting stations here in philadelphia. just over a .25 inch and allentown a .50 inch in wilmington and dover .75 inch or so and atlantic city .41 inches and adding to these numbers, we hit a high today of 95 degrees
5:53 pm
just after the 1:00 hour and most numbers are knocked back into the 70s because of rain that passed through, it's extremely humid out there and the atmosphere is soaking wet right now, some of the highest levels of water vapor in the atmosphere that we see in this region than is being rung out in the form of low pressure along the boundary pushing through, we have severe weather risk here until midnight tonight here with a severe thunderstorm watch and moisture 10,000 feet streaming north of this high and aiming into our region and because of that we have the possibility of flash flooding at any given time tonight through noon tomorrow with a watch for that. but we'll watch for the heavy storms overnight and some severe and 69 to 74 for the overnight low. future tracker 6 showing again the radar blossoming here after the sunsets and many of us could get woken up overnight with gusty winds and heavy rainfall and consistent lightning and
5:54 pm
thunder and most of it push as way first thing on friday morning. should be a fairly quiet start for your friday morning for the rush hour with most of the rain gone and in the afternoon sunshine returns and there could still be instability with pop-ups around friday afternoon. as we head into the weekend it's very unsettled both at the shore and the poconos for saturday and sunday, it's not an all out washout. look for showers and thunderstorms and 80s at the shore. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, no more 90s seven days in a row it is gone and end of the week tomorrow the rain lifting away and sun breaking back out and tropically humid saturday and sunday and we don't lose the humidity but we lose the heat as temperatures go back to the 80s and unsettled both afternoons saturday and sunday and we start to dry out monday 86 degrees and looking good tuesday, wednesday and thursday, sun and clouds upper
5:55 pm
80s to 90s. look for extremely heavy rain at times overnight tonight that could lead to quick rising waters.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories at 6:00. a water main break is causing a boil water alert for reads in camden. and the delegates are talking about what they expect to hear from tonight and camden sets the statement for a big concert to entertain the dnc crowd. i'm rick williams "action news" at 6:00 is next. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now?
5:58 pm
well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the thunderstorms for the tri-state area and skies turned dark and umbrellas did not provide much cover for people walking along market street in philadelphia, and chester, flash flooding strands drivers on front and flower streets. firefighters were called into to rescue two people trapped in their cars. cecily tynan is live at the "action news" big board. cecily what is the latest from accuweather?
6:00 pm
>> the system ending the heat wave is bringing much needed rain and too much too quickly. that is the flash flood threat. double scan live radar showing the conveyer belt of moisture. it originated in the gulf of mexico. that is why we have the tropical feeling and the threat of severe weather shifted south of philadelphia and the national weather service canceled the severe thunderstorm watch for philadelphia and areas north, that is really south of philadelphia south jersey and delaware until midnight. these are the areas that have the threat for damaging winds and hail and we have been seeing this with a cell that was moving out of dover. double scan live radar showing along the i-95 corridor in delaware, but south jersey delaware is where we see the heavy hitters as we zoom to the south that is the cell i tracked out of kent county and heading to cape may.


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