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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  July 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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candidates started their day john. >> reporter: underringly the pair was an hour late to their own noontime rally. no official explanation was given to the crowd but miss clinton a number of times said it was very late night before and that lots of coffee was required this morning. just like last night a very friendly crowd here only one heckler and he was heard only once. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: thousands of fans screamed their approval when clinton kaine and spouses took the stage at temple. many here true believers from solidly democratic philadelphia ward clinton can counter on them. didn't really have to tell them about her opponent. >> i find it highly amusing that donald trump talks about make america great again. he doesn't make a thing in america except bankruptcies. >> reporter: this rally the kickoff of a three day bus ride across pennsylvania and ohio. clinton anticipate she will
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meet skeptical voters on the trip angry with her and other washington insiders over trade policies that prompted jobs to go overseas. she will tout her plan to cut red tape and pursue smarter trade policies with china. >> my father my brother 20 penn state. >> reporter: to launch the boulder evident investment by government in infrastructure since the interstate highway system in the 1950's. well, miss clinton's plan also talked about making america a clean energy super power that certainly follows along the lines of the obama administration. ear marks $10 million for make in it america a manufacturing initiative and as secretary of state clinton seemed to back the trans pacific partnership trade deal. now though she says she no longer backs it, she is against it. we presume we'll hear a lot more about the economy and her jobs program over the next several days as she takes that bus ride through pennsylvania and ohio. live at temple university, john rawlins channel6 "action
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news." brian. >> john, thanks very much. and while the candidates move on from philadelphia now workers at the wells fargo center have spent this day cleaning up the mess left behind. "action news" reporter chad pradelli continues our team coverage today live there in south philadelphia. chad, quite a bit of work to do both inside and outside that arena. >> reporter: yeah, brian, building the infrastructure for the dnc took months, the break down will be measured in weeks both inside and outside the wells fargo center it is one big mess. microphones are being dismantled chairs removed, debris swept and a million feet of wire wrapped up. >> this is biggest job i've ever do. i was down at the rnc for a few days 20 years ago. >> reporter: deconstructing the wells fargo center will take weeks. >> it's chaos. all i see is signage everywhere and everything so i knew we can do it. you know, it's going to take
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some time. >> do you think it's actually going to fittism across the street at fdr park there is a break down of a different sort. the last remaining tents are being packed up as protestors start the trek home. bernie sanders supporter jay rickert came from grand rapids michigan. >> philly is very embracing city. it was good as far as the protests i feel like for the most part we were very coherent very cohesive if trying to get our message across. >> reporter: the streets in south philadelphia are now opened. gridlock is gone. and residents are relieved. are you glad it's over. >> i'm glad it's over. everybody's relaxed now. we can get back to our normal life. >> reporter: and you can chalk up yet another major event for philadelphia. i'm live in south philadelphia, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." brian. >> all right, chad, thank you. of course our coverage of this historic week in
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philadelphia continues at we have local reaction to all of this week's events all with uniquely philly stories that had all of america talking. plus you'll find behind scenes look at our coverage. >> done strum holding a town haldonald trump is holding atow. he thanked the nation's police officers before he rode off on harley-davidson to raise money for a national guard charity group. pence will travel to lima ohio for a campaign event later tonight. >> well, you know what it seems our weather pattern is stuck on repeat. another hot one out there but it appears that today's storm threat is over for the moment. >> let's get a first check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist adam joseph at the "action news" big board. >> yes, still feels very uncomfortable out there despite we did not hit that 90-degree mark so at this point being at 86 for the last few hours we have officially
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broken the latest longest heat wave of the year so far. 88 washington, 86 right now in richmond and even low 80's from buffalo up to binghamton but even though we don't have the 90's, it still feels very uncomfortable out there with those dewpoints in the up are ur 60's, a couple 70's in delaware, southern parts of new jersey so that sticky feeling is still stick around. satellite and radar shows that morning rain is gone to the o north and east. we've got winds coming out of the north a little bit here. we got sub sten nance going on meaning sinking air around that round of storms so just a few clouds here this afternoon but that's going to change as we go into the upcoming peaked but what a washout it was in many locations for delaware and new jersey, the past 24 hours. dover picking up over two and a half inches of rain, middletown delaware over four and a half inches of rain, 2-inches or so in
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sicklerville, vineland 3.34 and just a little bit above that in sewell, new jersey. as we look at your evening planner it is friday night. if you're heading out on the town 84 degrees at 7 o'clock with a mix of sun and clouds 82 at 8 o'clock and only topping into the upper 70's as we get to that 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock hour and it does stay on the dry side but we'll talk about a very unsettled weekend at times, sharrie. we'll look at future tracker to try to pinpoint when these storms could pop up over your saturday and sunday in accuweather. >> adam, thank you. with rain in the forecast, rely on throughout the weekend. check storm tracker6 live radar on any of your devices and be sure to follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter to stay informed or to share your pictures and videos from your area. well, it is a water main break that's so bad it's impacting the drinking water of tens of thousands of people. workers in camden county spent the day making repairs. but a boil water advisory is
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still in effect. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in camden with an update and what a mess, nora. >> reporter: hi there, alicia. the pipe is fixed, the water pressure is back but before anyone starts using the water again and drinking it without boiling it officials here are waiting for tests results to make sure that the water is clear of any contaminants. >> i have no idea that the water was contaminated. >> reporter: so you used it. >> not this morning, no, but yeah, yesterday and the day before you a using this water. >> reporter: brian gains did not get the boil water alert put out by camden thursday afternoon after a 36-inch water main that feeds the city ruptured in pennsauken. the pipe has been repaired and the water service and water pressure are back but until test results show the water is safe, the city is asking the 40,000 people affected to continue boiling tap water for cooking or use bottled water to drink wash food and make baby bottles. >> we don't drink out of that water at all. >> reporter: and why is that. >> because i just don't. i never have.
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>> talking about it yesterday that i was going to boil the water but i forgot all about it. i got up this morning and i make the coffee. >> reporter: oh, boy. >> i hope i don't get sick. >> reporter: six month old savannah has no concerns about the city water but her mom does. >> you just kind of like what's in the water with the bath water with her, you know, she has sensitive skin and all that. you don't want nothing contaminating. >> i be glad when they fix it because i don't know what's in it and where is it coming from, what kind of bacteria might be in the water. >> reporter: while she waits for the boil water advisory to be lifted, denise austin continues washing her dishes with bleach and says even when the all clear comes, like most of her neighbors, she'll continue using bottled water to drink. >> we're water drinkers around here like at least two cases for the safety of my children and my three grandchildren so woe always been cautious. >> reporter: so again there boil water advisory remains in effect for the residents who live west of the cooper river.
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that's until the city gets the results of the water quality testing that was done right after the repairs were made. live in camden, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." brian, sharrie. >> nora, thank so much. it is time for first check of the "action news" traffic report today. >> on a friday. >> yeah, friday. >> let's go lie to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. hi, matt. >> sigh of relief for sure after a very crazy week around here brian and sharrie, how about one more crazy commute? yeah, looks like this afternoon is going to be busy. we just watched hillary's motorcade come north here on 309 through the lower gwynedd area. that caused a delay. then there was a crash in the backlog here along 309 northbound by welsh road. crash just cleared. all lanes are reopened but you can see heavy volume coming northbound away from ambler toward montgomeryville this afternoon. downtown live this is the vine street expressway in center city. everything's opened but of course we have eastbound delays from the schuylkill out to 95: just out of view on the westbound side by the ben
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franklin parkway exit there's a disabled taking out the right lane. that's by his westbound traffic headed toward the schuylkill looks so light at the moment but here's some great news. no more street closures in and around south philadelphia. south broad street is opened, the ramps connecting it with 95 have reopened. the weight restrictions on 95 through south philadelphia have been lifted. that happened overnight so go ahead and use these roads through south philadelphia. first time i can say that all week. but coming away from south philadelphia on 95 and southbound it's a very slow go from the airport through this point near 420 where disabled vehicle vehicle. crash by 295. come up route nine ordeal with the traffic on 95 instead. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this finally friday afternoon. lots of people heading to the poconos a-big race weekend up there and in their way on the northeast extension an object on the road as well as a crash headed northbound approaching lehigh valley.
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so, yeah, even though the convention is over there's stale lot going on. we'll talk again... still a lot going on. we'll talk again brian and sharp rein the next half hour. >> never a dull moment. >> a 10-year-old girl is caught in the line of fire on the streets of philadelphia. we talk to her and her family as she leaves the hospital. >> plus, it's a big change coming from anyone who rides septa and this will affect when and how you can buy your ticket. >> the winners of a massive lottery jackpot come forward to claim their prize. hear their story when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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this is pearle vision. >> ♪ he. >> an anti-violent rally is about to get under way on north rosewood street after a 10-year-old girl was shot when shots rang out. that bullet is still lodged in the little girl's arm and today as she recovers her north philadelphia community is reeling. that young girl was returning home after an outing with her
4:15 pm
grandmother around 6 o'clock last night. her grandmother says they were getting out of the car when they heard an argument down the street. that was followed by gun shots. one of those bullets struck the little girl in the left forearm. >> saying please don't let them take me, please, i don't want to die. this is what my grand baby was saying in the cop car on her way to the hospital. >> harrowing moments for that little girl and her grandmother. police say two men were arguing when one pulled out a gun and started shooting. police say a third man then started firing shots from a second story window. the investigation is active, it is ongoing and northwest detectives tell us they are awaiting arrest warrants for the two men who pulled the trigger last night. tonight's rally has been organized by the girl's family and philadelphia ceasefire. "action news" reporter trish hartman has an exclusive interview with in young victim coming up tonight at "action news" at 5:00 and sharrie the
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good news is that little girl is doing well today. >> that is the bright spot. a man is wanted for exposing himself a pair of 15-year-old girls in evesham township. police gave us this sketch of what the suspect looks like. a man in his 20's with a military style haircut and very pale skin they say. they also say he exposed himself to the girls on a bike path in the kings grant development wednesday around 3:00 p.m. and they also say he tried to chase after one of the teenagers. if you recognize him be sure to contact evesham police. >> people taking septa out of philadelphia can no longer buy tickets on board their trains. septa says starting monday, people will have to buy tickets before they get on board. the move is only temporary and it's in response to the defective regional rail cars that have been pulled out of service. septa officials say it's difficult to sell tickets on board with the trains being as crowded as they have been in recent weeks. they say they've been getting lots of complaints about
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people getting free rides because conductors simply don't have time to check tickets for all of those passengers. all right, a live look at the closing numbers right now. the dow off to start the -- end the work week come on. >> don't take us back. >> we're not going backwards. 24 points the dow is off. the nats dac rising just about as much points, the s & p 500 up three and a half points on the day. exxon mobile says its quarterly profit are at their lowest point in their combined history. they had a loss of more than $4 billion and the low hest level since exxon and mobile merged back in 1999. the company still made $1.7 billion, throw, for the quarter. >> a husband and wife from central indiana are the winners of that $536 million mega millions jackpot from earlier this month. the couple wants to he remain anonymous so representatives from their family claimed that big check today. the winners have two children.
4:18 pm
today they bought the winning ticket. it was the first time that they had ever played mega millions. talk about some good luck. they close to take that $271 million lump sum. >> beginners luck like none other. let's get another check of the accuweather forecast. >> all right, let's head over to adam who is watching how this friday and the weekend is planning to unfold, adam. >> not going to be so lucky over the weekend. we're not going get through it entirely dry. it's not a washout but at times expect heavy rain. live in ocean city a beautiful afternoon although it is very mug go down there. they've got the sunshine strolling the boardwalk, maybe getting a little bite to eat, some ice cream and also a lot of folks still on the sand enjoying this late afternoon. temperature-wise down the shore around 79 for cape may point, 82 in beach haven, 86 millville, 88 wilmington, 88 in reading, 89 degrees in the lehigh valley. but again, even though we are not in the 90's this afternoon, it does feel like it's still 94 in dover, 92 in
4:19 pm
wilmington, 91 allentown, close to it for philadelphia and trenton, even beach haven 87 degrees is your heat index. it's because that humidity still remains on the high side. low pressure whisking away the our north and east. we're catching a break. if you look to the west you start to see some scattered downpours and thunderstorms in the ohio and tennessee valley. that is low pressure that will push to the north and east and it will pass by here late tomorrow in the morning and especially during the afternoon. tonight patchy fog and areas of fog developing with the very damp ground and high humidity. 72 philadelphia. 68 for allentown, the same for lancaster. as we look at future tracker6 at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon again you can see some of the bright colors on the radar so if you do have outdoor plans, keep them but just know that more than likely many areas are going to get hit by these really heavy downpours and even some gusty thunderstorms. that continues through 10 o'clock tomorrow night.
4:20 pm
and even as we go into sunday it's not as active on sunday 'cause the energy moves away but there still could be some scattered downpours on thunderstorms as we get into sunday afternoon. so as we take a look at the models here for the weekend rainrainfall it shows from three-quarters of an inch to almost 2-inches of rain. it's not all day but it's just indicating when you get hit by one of these storms it could have a healthy amount of rain with them. as we look at the shore forecast for saturday it looks pretty decent at the shore. mix of sun and clouds. any of the storms look to hold off until the evening of 80 degrees but it could erupt pretty quickly here in the city for a wet afternoon of 86 and in the poconos we do have nascar in town. i think it's going to be many interruptions for the race at 75 degrees with very heavy afternoon storms. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast for the rest of that weekend, it's still very humid on sunday. again with a thunderstorm or two around, 85 degrees. stays tropically muggy on
4:21 pm
monday with again the chance for these pop-ups in the afternoon of 86 and then we finally take away the chance for rain on tuesday, partly sunny. 84 sounds nice but it still stays a little on the humid side and we'll talk about the return of 90 degrees with that seven day in the next half hour as we -- actually that is august in part of that four-day, the first week of august we'll talk about. >> 90's coming back. adam thank you. up next here on a friday afternoon we'll take you inside a one of kind sports center helping kids with special needs take the field. >> coming up at 4:30 the end of the dnc means a mass exodus from philadelphia from the airport. the 30th street station we kept up with delegates delayed by this morning's stormy weather. >> and police jamming with protestors right here in the city of brotherly love, it is the viral video from this convention week that you're in the going to want to miss coming up in big talkers. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> a wilmington bank invited people to bring change in order to make change today. td bank solicited donations from customers this afternoon with all the money collected going toward kind to kids. that local organization helps young victims of abuse make the often difficult transition into foster care. the bank has planned a check presentation for sometime this evening and they say every cent makes an invaluable difference. >> it is a place where kids of all ages and abilities can play and train. today was an emotional day for a new jersey couple as they cut the ribbon on the shafer sports center in ewing, a special place for children with special needs. this is now the region's largest youth sports center a $5 million, 38,000 square foot space offering gymnastics. they have an indoor soccer field swimming, lacrosse, dance and a special needs training program. they say this is about being all inclusive for all kids and
4:26 pm
helping every child achieve their dreams. >> yes, we can. you know, i really take that to heart with my athletes when they come in. sometimes they come in with the i can't and it's not something that i buy into so all of my athletes know that it's all about what we can do here. >> love that philosophy. the shafer sports center is also bringing 40 new jobs to mercer county. jonathan and shannon shafer who you just heard from there tell us that they are filled with joy and gratitude. this was all their dream, a place for all kids always. special place there, sharrie. >> looks like a win for that community all the way around alicia. a first of its kind is being celebrated at a local academy in wilmington. the delaware military academy held a groundbreaking ceremony for an academy and athletic center -- academic and athletic center. the new building will include eight classrooms and a gymnasium as well as offices locker rooms and a training
4:27 pm
facility. delaware military academy is the first and only full naval junior reserve officer training core high school in the country. delaware congressman tom carper who served in the u.s. navy attended today's ceremonies. >> and up next here on "action news" today, now that the dnc is behind us, thousands of visitors are rushing to get home. unfortunately not such a smooth sailing effort at the airport today. we'll catch up with some frustrated travelers next. >> plus, adorable pictures capture a texas police officer enjoying tea time way toddler whom he considers his best friend. find out why these two share such a special bond. that's coming up in big talkers. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues with the conviction in a case of a delaware toddler killed while his mother was deployed. >> plus, a man is pulling people over in montgomery county pretending to be a police officer. the warning from detectives. >> and then a few philadelphia police officers put their musical talents on display in a now viral video. we review the story behind this impromptu concert coming up in big talkers. >> first, with the four day long democratic national convention wrapped up thousands of people are rushing to get out of town. delegates visitors and media from across the country are
4:30 pm
facing delays as they try to get home for the weekend. "action news"'s jeanette reyes talked to a weary passenger at philadelphia international airport. >> reporter: historic and long lines shortly after celebrating at the dnc passengers were met with delays and cancellations at philadelphia international airport and longer wait times at 30th street station. >> as a woman who has been interested in politics as long as i can remember, the tears were flowing as secretary clinton walked onto that stage. >> reporter: rachel kennedy shed tears,, too but for different reasons. her flight was delayed more than 27 hours. first due to dnc vip flying in. then heavy rain last night and this morning. >> i am so exhausted. i'm hungry. i'm a cry baby because i haven't slept because i slept in a chair in a freezing airport with 100 lights on. it's not been fun. >> reporter: airport officials say nearly 200 or
4:31 pm
15 percent of total incoming and outgoing flights were canceled due to inclement weather forcing customers to be placed on stand by for flights that were already near capacity. >> people left over so they could be first in line and the terminal agents. >> reporter: nathaniel white was supposed to go home yesterday. now that's looking like that won't happen until as late as tomorrow. >> my flight was originally for yesterday to go back. i had to reschedule because i had the opportunity to go and be a special guest of hillary clinton now i'm going to find out if i have to wait another day or a few more hours, whatever it takessism still many passengers say you'd be surprised how much you can take when you just witnessed history being made. >> it makes me less upset because i to care what's going on and i'm all for hillary. >> reporter: reporting at philadelphia international airport, jeanette reyes, channel6 "action news." >> and our coverage of this historic week in philadelphia continues at we have local reaction to all
4:32 pm
of this week's events along with the uniquely philly stories that had all of america talking. plus, you'll find the behind the scenes look at our extensive "action news" coverage. >> a boyfriend is under arrest today accused of killing his girlfriend during a domestic dispute. the 47 year man was taken into custody this morning after police found the 24-year-old woman dead inside her germantown home. crime scene tape surrounds that house on the 4600 block of green street. right now detectives are only saying the man assaulted the woman. neither of their identities have been released. a man is in critical condition after being stabbed multiple times today in the crescentville section of philadelphia. chopper6 was overhead as a large police presence responded to their 5500 block of kill creek terrace. investigators say the victim shear nohere is not cooperating. right now they do not know who stabbed him or why. >> from our delaware news room a former airman stationed at dover air force base has been
4:33 pm
convicted in a toddler's death. justin corbett is guilty of criminally negligent homicide. he was supposed to be taking care of 21 month old evan dudley while the boy's mother was deployed in november of 2012. but police say corbett called 911 to report that evan was unresponsive after falling down the stairs. the boy died at a hospital a few days later. his death was ruled a homicide by blunt force trauma. corbett now faces up to eight years in prison. >> police in montgomery county are looking for possible victims of a plan apparently impersonating a police officer. they're asking for anyone who was pulled over by this van to come forward. springfield township police say they know of at least one incident where the driver of the van pulled someone over using red and blue police style lights. now the driver has not been arrested. the van is registered to a locksmith and a part-time officer with the spca in philadelphia. >> a suspected bank robber is
4:34 pm
on the run accused of taking cash from a td bank in north philadelphia. take a look. these are surveillance pictures of the man that police and the fbi are looking for. wednesday he walked into the branch on the 200 block of west lehigh avenue and handed the teller a note demanding money. the teller complied and the suspect took the cash and took off. you're asked to call police if you know anything about this man. >> when you look at the temperature there, 86, it sounds quite a bit cooler than we've been dealing with. >> but. >> but. >> you step outdoor and it's soupy. >> still like a steam bath out here and that's the way it's going to come through the upcoming weekend and it means more rain unfortunately for part of your saturday and sunday. right now the sun is shining, a few cumulus clouds. 86 degrees so at this point that's our high for the day so far so not touching 90 which means the heat wave at this point is officially over after seven days but there's that dewpoint at 66. it feels more like 88 in the city. as we like at cape may a
4:35 pm
beautiful shot, the dewpoint is at 74 degrees and with the calm wind not much in the way of relief heat index at 83. you have to jump in that water which actually right now is very comfortable. off of surf city down to cape may 72 is the ocean temperature f you're in the delaware bay 74 on the west side of the tip there of cape may but as you go deeper into the bay, 84 off ofower's beach. we'll give that you seven day in just a little bit. >> okay. thanks adam. >> a group of catholic sisters lobbying for political change has completed a journey across 13 states. the nuns on a bus started their trip in wisconsin and ended today with a rally at saint joseph's prep in north philadelphia. over the last two weeks, they visited the republican fashion in ally convention in cleveland and wrapped things up at the dnc of course in
4:36 pm
philadelphia. they've been lobbying for economic justice immigration reform and the living wages. after today's rally they blessed their bus and invited people to sign it. >> love that story. health fishes are on high alert today now that the first case of locally acquired vehicle virus popped up in the united states. before we had only seen cases contracted abroad. coming up on health check tonight ali gorman sits down with a local doctor to find out what this new development means for your and your family right here in the delaware valley. it's the original jumbo jet boeing 747. the year's distinctive plane was dubbed queen of the skies but soon the 747 could be gone for g the economic mind-set behind the drop in demand for that famous plane coming up at 5:00. >> a sea of white coats filled the crystal tea room in center city philadelphia today. about 270 first year med students from sydney kimmel
4:37 pm
medical college a at thomas jefferson university took part in the annual white coat ceremony. it's a tradition that's part of the journey to becoming a physician. after putting their coats on for the very first time the students took the hippocratic oath which states the proper conduct for doctors. >> a new group of young police officers in the making spent their summer getting a glimpse into the life of the force. the action cam was in laurel springs as the students graduated from gloucester township's junior police academy. they successfully completed an intense camp filled with physical fitness and teamwork activity so congratulations to those young folks. >> future officers there. up next on "action news" more michigan employees are facing charges over that flint water crisis. a new school is ready to welcome students back to class at the site of the newtown, connecticut massacre. we will take you inside. >> and the philadelphia police officers don't only serve and protect. they jam out, too.
4:38 pm
the story behind this viral impromptu cop concert is next in big talkers. >> and adam joseph back with the full accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4:00 continues on this friday afternoon. >> ♪ (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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>> san diego police stormed a house a short time ago looking for a second man possibly connected to the shooting of two police officers. san diego police had that house surrounded for hours before they went inside. they think the man inside is a potential suspect in a shootout during a traffic stop last night. officer jonathan deguzman was killed in that shootout. officer wade irwin is expected to survive a second suspect was critically injured and remains hospitalized at this hour under police protection. >> firefighters say they are making significant progress against a wildfire burning in southern california. fire command says the blaze is 85 percent contained. the flames which broke out eight days ago have scorched
4:41 pm
61 square miles in northern los angeles county. meanwhile firefighters are gaining very little ground on a fire burning to the north along the big sur coastline. the one has forced evacuations and burned dozens of homes. criminal investigation into flint's water crisis is widening. six michigan state employees are now facing charges. the attorney general made that announcement today saying the group hid the truth about the lead contamination from residents. they are accused of trying to cover up the information. three other workers were charged back in april and residents have been calling for more accountability ever since. >> three and a half years thereafter mass shooting in new county, connecticut, the new sandy hook elementary school is ready to welcome students. school was opened today so the general public could get its first look. there's a forest theme throughout the campus including section that is resemble tree houses. students will go back inside that building next month. the brand new building
4:42 pm
replaces the one where 20 first graders and six educators were gunned down in december of 2012. it's got extra security including a gated drive way, bulletproof windows and doors and state of the art video surveillance. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and this is a story so special your heart springs will be strung. a tea party with two very special guest. the guy in the uniform here texas police officer patrick ray. the cute little hostess, this is two-year-old be xle y and she invited him for a most special reason. he saved her life. as the story goes her mom says that this time last year the little girl's lips turned blue and he she collapsed. not knowing what was going on, mom soon found out that she was choking on a penny. well, officer ray was on his lunch break but he took that 911 call, went to the little girl's house reached in grabbed that penny and saved her life in 27 seconds.
4:43 pm
mom says this photo session was to capture the two of them, they're now best friends by the way and also to show how wonderful our police officers can be. officer ray, by the way, says he has two little boys and loved every little second with that little princess there. and as we wrap up a very busy week here in philadelphia, a viral video from this convention week that really captures the spirit of our city of brotherly love. philadelphia police officers serving and protecting and also jamming with the people and the protestors. >> ♪ sweet home alabama >> like a concert there.
4:44 pm
>> we do it all, service safety skinard. sweet home philadelphia we can say that after a successful week here. thanks to our men and women in blue, they are multi talented guys. >> yeah. >> good song selection. >> absolutely. >> i ran into a philadelphia police officer at breakfast this morning who worked from 7:00 a.m. until 3 a.m. this morning. smile on his face, said they all had a good time and they represented the city very well. >> great glime they certainly the. >> let's get another check on the roads right now. >> all right, matt pelman standing by with the update for us. hi matt. >> overall our city looked very good over the course of the last week i think and we have a lot of people to thank for that. here in sweet home philadelphia we're getting back to normal this afternoon and unfortunately that means back to accidents here in the work zone along 95 southbound at cottman avenue. this happened so often in this work zone. left lane out of commission as you come southbound by
4:45 pm
cottman, jammed already from academy through this point because of the accident right in the middle of the work zone. now, farther south at least we've lost that police checkpoint because the weight restrictions have been lifted so all lanes opened farther south on 95 around center city. speaking of which this is a view of the vine street expressway where the eastbound police checkpoint is gone approaching 95 but nonetheless, it's still backed up coming across town from the schuylkill out to 95. our dv on the westbound side of the vine just cleared out. but now there's a crash in whitemarsh, township by the giant along ridge pike near butler pike and we still have the crash in new castle that's blocking its northbound lanes of route 13 dupont highway by 295. go up route nine or even highway one up to 95 although there speeds are just around 11 miles per hour right now there by 273. and of course it's a friday afternoon in the summer time. you know what that means. shore traffic here on 42 southbound. it is a little bit extra crowded this afternoon and the
4:46 pm
burlington bristol bridge experiencing an opening for a southbound ship. expect one at the tacony palmyra bridge in about 45 minutes. we'll check it again brian and sharrie in the 5 o'clock hour. >> sounds good my friend. see you shortly. meteorologist at dam joseph standing by with that exclusive seven-day forecast including august coming up next.
4:47 pm
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>> we've got breaking news just in to us. you're looking now at ground video that we have taken in minquedale new castle county we're being told that a new castle county police officer and a prisoner have been injured suffering serious injuries in this accident that happened along route 13 in the northbound side area of the 295 ramp. >> yeah, this is right by the overpass there. apparently a dump truck ran that unmarked police cruiser off the road into the guardrail. the officer was heading back
4:49 pm
to new castle county police headquarters with that prisoner in the car. again, both them suffering serious injuries but we are pleased to report those injuries not expected to be life-threatening. much more on this as the developments unfold throughout the evening here. >> let's check in with meteorologist adam joseph standing byes been a busy week in the weather department with the storms and heat and now the weekend. >> it's going to be busy weekend as well especially on saturday with more storms and downpours around. facebook and twitter. >> and follow you. >> you go ahead and do your thing. >> take a look at double scan live radar. we'll show that north of the poconos there's a couple of pop-ups around here but again a pretty dry afternoon after a soaking rain yesterday afternoon into last night. 91 the heat index right now in allentown, 90 in reading, 92 in wilmington, feels like 94 in dover and close to 90 for millville and even points along the shore in the mid and upper 80's so it's still tremendously tropical out there despite we're not in the 90's for air temperatures at
4:50 pm
a. again, we have a little wedge of dry air in place but you can see to the west there's energy pushing in from the ohio and tennessee valley and that ripples through here tomorrow late morning into the afternoon into tomorrow night. so, just a few patchy clouds tonight. areas of fog developing with that humidity being sky high, 68 to 72 degrees for that overnight low. future tracker we start off with a blend of clouds and sun tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. it is dry. but then you're going to see these downpours and thunderstorms cooking up into the early afternoon hours. and some of these will be some pretty hefty storms and downpours but if you're going to be south of philadelphia near the shore or southern delaware and the beaches, it looks like any of these downpours or thunderstorms should hold off until the latter part of the afternoon or evening and you can see he a good concentration of very heavy rain especially through our pennsylvania counties tomorrow late afternoon and evening and going even into sunday morning energy still lingering around to develop
4:51 pm
storms at any point and that continues into sunday afternoon although sunday afternoon looks like it will be a little less intense than saturday. so, what to expect here for the weekend. again it's not a washout. however, with that oppressive humidity we'll have more clouds than sunshine and numerous downpours and even some of those thunderstorms that develop could have very vivid lightning or very strong winds and if you get under one of those downpours or thunderstorms locally we could see rainfall in the order of over 2-inches much like what we saw yesterday and last night. so, at the shore again you're good for most of your saturday, 80 degrees. and watch for those pop-ups late saturday evening, saturday night and throughout the day on sunday of 81 degrees and a lot of folks heading up into the poconos. many of them already there today for nascar in town. heavy thunderstorms and downpours on saturday, not a great race day at 75 and still a chance for a thunderstorm or two on sunday of 68 degrees. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 80's over the
4:52 pm
weekend but again very humid both days with those downpours and thunderstorms popping up. same thing on sunday but little less activity here on sunday. then as we get into monday, muggy, still a chance for a afternoon thunderstorm and downpours at 86 and then a bit drier tuesday, wednesday, thursday into friday. we start in the middle 80's next week but then as we get into thursday and friday, temperatures hitting that 90-degree mark yet again so again, not the best of weekends but just if you have outdoor plans tomorrow just watch, keep your ear opened, your eyes opened to the skies. they could turn threatening pretty quickly. >> freebie friday is coming up next. hi, i'm dominique wilkins.
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
weekend but first to commemorate this historic week in philadelphia a group called fresh artist is offering local kids a free gift in honor of the didn't it's an on line memory matching game celebrating local architecture. we'll have the link on grab your lawn claire and head to a free jazz festival on north broad street tomorrow. there's also free health and wellness screenings a moon bounce, mechanical bull riding, uh-huh, food and more. this is happening tomorrow from noon until 8:30 p.m. again it is on north broad at the corner of cecil b. moore. also tomorrow, get your groove on. it is philadelphia dance day across the city. a day long festival of dance workshops and performances at studios all over philadelphia and most of those classes are free. we have the link to reserve a spot right now on our web site. get your dancing shoes ready. and happening through the end of the month shakespeare in clark park. they bring free productions of
4:56 pm
shakespeare's plays to the park which is in university city. it happens every night at 7:00 and right now parks on tap is there so bring money for food and a brew and get a free show. sounds like a great night. and finally this sunday at 10:00 it's eagles open practice at lincoln financial field. it is free of charge. it doesn't require a ticket for entry but it is first come, first served. have a great and restful well deserved weekend you guys. >> all right. i might sleep the whole thing away. >> i'm right there with you. >> and that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers for a full hour of news on phl17. >> the multistate campaign that hillary clinton kicked off right here in philadelphia just hours after her big appearance on stage at the dnc. plus, with about 100 days to go until election day, we're hearing from voters in
4:57 pm
philadelphia about their thoughts for november. >> and flew at 5:00 we're hearing from a 10-year-old girl who was shot in the arm during a gun fight in the middle of a north philadelphia street. those stories and much more coming up next on "action news" at 5:00. >> ♪ it's the celebration of the year!
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> i feel like it's my fault. i should have never got my grand baby up. >> a north philadelphia family is still reeling after a 10-year-old girl was shot in the arm in the middle of a street. right now a community is coming together to call for an end to violence in their neighborhood. friday night, i'm sharrie williams alongside brian taff, rick and monica are off and the big story on "action news" today is the bullet that still lodged in that girl's arm and the reaction it's generating from neighbors. >> you're about to hear from that 10-year-old shooting victim for the very first time right here on "action news." she spoke with "action news" reporter trish hartman live on north rosewood street the scene of that shooting. trish, what's latest here. >> reporter: well, brian an antiviolence rally is about to get under way.
5:00 pm
you can see here behind me on north rosewood street people are starting to gather and this is where the shooting took place, that 10-year-old girl shot in the arm. now her family wants the crime to stop. >> it's, um -- it's getting better but it still hurts. it don't hurt like it -- when it first happened. >> reporter: this 10-year-old girl had big hugs for her family after being released from hospital but she still has a bullet lodged in her arm. >> they can't take out the bullet. if they take the bullet out they might damage something in my arm so they said my skin will just have the to push it out. >> reporter: she was returning home to north rosewood street after a outing with her grandmother around 6:00 p.m. thursday. her grandmother says they were getting out of their car when they heard an argument down the street and then gun shots. >> she said mom, i'm shot. >> reporter: police say two men were arguing in the street when one of them pulled out a gun and started shooting. police say a third man fired shots from a second story window in the midst of all this a bult


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