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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  July 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this comes the day after the climax of the democratic national convention and clinton's speech to the country. she spent a lot of time last night talking about her opponent donald trump and she did so again today. >> as we pointed out during our four great days of our convention, you heard something very different from the republicans, didn't you? we might as well have been talking about two different countries or as someone said to me two different planets. >> she said trump painted a negative dark and divisive picture of america. after the rally, hillary and former president clinton and tim kaine and his wife, anne, boarded a huge bus for the start of their tour through pennsylvania and ohio. first stop on the tour, the knex factory in hatfield montgomery county. that's where "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live.
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dann, what happened there? >> reporter: well, jim, here's where the race for me to goes full throttle the grittiest part of what somebody an intense general election battle. hillary clinton and tim kaine beginning what they call a jobs focus bus tour. the first stop on the jobs tour is the knex manufacturing plant in hatfield. a company being lauded for create jobs and investing in america. hillary clinton told supporters here if elected her first 100 days jobs plan would invest $10 billion to strengthen manufacturing communities like hatfield. >> the center piece of my presidency will be more good paying jobs with rising incomes for more americans because if you're willing to work hard, you ought to be able to get ahead and stay ahead in the united states of america. >> reporter: joined by tim kaine and her husband bill clinton also continues to try to draw sharp contrasts between herself and donald trump.
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>> donald trump goes around with that hat on make america great again. everything he makes he makes somewhere else besides america. the only thing he makes in america are bankruptcies. both his own and of the people who do business with him. >> reporter: the bus tour will go to two critical states in the general election and rust bill state of ohio. here the campaign will try to find common clause with blue collar white men flocking to trump that droves. >> we're going the roll up our sleeves and we're going get to work and america's best years are still ahead of us. thank you all very much. >> reporter: now, clinton is hoping her message will resonate in western pennsylvania and central and eastern ohio he through which the trump campaign claims its path to victory runs. live at the knex factory in hatfield, i'm dann cuellar channel6 "action news." >> thank you, dann. delegates try to depart
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philadelphia on a post convention high were quickly snapped back into reality. rain overnight derailed travel plans for many of the delegates today. >> i am so exhausted. i'm hungry. i'm a cry baby because i haven't slept because i slept on a chair in a freezing airport with 100 lights on. it's not been fun. >> reporter: airport officials say nearly 200 incoming and outgoing flights were canceled because of bad weather forcing customers to be placed on stand by for flights that were already near capacity. "action news" reporter vernon odom is lie in city hall tonight. vernon, what are city officials saying about hosting the convention. how do they think everything went? >> reporter: good evening, jim. they believe philadelphia did great, just great. in fact mayor jim kenney today is saying he believes that the city of philadelphia will get an a plus grade for its handling of the dnc. mayor kenney says he knows his city pulled off the democratic national convention virtually without a hitch.
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the democratic nominee told him so this morning as she headed into the rally at temple university. >> secretary clinton came through the hallway and she passed by everybody else and she walked over to he me and she gave me this huge bear hug and she whispered in my ear this city is fabulous. (applause). >> reporter: philadelphia police got big grades from all over for their handling of protestors. there were no arrests. roughly 150-dollar citation were handed out instead. the mayor saluted the workforce and salvation army which helped distribute 140,000 bottles of water to police emergency personnel and to the protestors. 11 protestors do face some federal charges but again to arrest for protestors by philadelphia's finest. >> we had zero arrests. and i can't state that enough. there are a hundred people this week who in previous years would have had a criminal record that do not because of the actions of our officers. >> reporter: what about the financial impact? the player says that tony center city restaurants did well with late night parties and meals.
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as for places like the reading terminal and only slightly better week than normal because a lot of local folks stayed away. >> the locals that normally come down during the week they stayed away. they were scared by the fact that it would be riots in the city or -- that the protestors would get out of hand and at the end of the day protestors were great. the city handled it amazingly. >> reporter: jim, between the pope it's weekend last september and the dnc this week, the city's cheerleaders will now claim philadelphia's once again been launched into a new orbit in their never ending quest to have philadelphia join the ranks of earth's world class cities. live at city hall, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." jim. >> vernon, thank you. republican nominee donald trump offered up his own report card of the dnc. in a series of tweets today he he targeted those who criticized him from the convention stage. trump referred to the former new york mayor as little
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michael bloomberg who "never had the guts to run for president and who's final term as mayor was" a disaster ." that's a reversal for 2012 when trump praise the bloomberg for reducing crime in new york. as for the claim trump can't handle a political campaign trump noted that he defeated a field of republican hopefuls to win the republican nomination. our coverage of the historic week in philadelphia continues at we have the local reaction to all of this week's events along with the uniquely philadelphia stories that had all of america talking, plus you'll find the behind the scenes look at our extensive coverage right here on "action news." last night, we told you about a young girl who got caught in the crossfire in her north philadelphia neighborhood. well, tonight "action news" reporter trish hartman is live in front of the girl's house
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in the 3100 block of north rosewood street where the neighborhood is turning out to support her. trish. >> reporter: well, jim, that little girl is at home recovering tonight an peace rally just wrapped up here on the block where all of this happened yesterday. let's take a look at some video we shot within the past hour. it was organized by the girl's family and philadelphia ceasefire trying to rally the community together to stop gun violence and giving out information on community resources. the girl's family says there have been several shootings on this street this summer and they're tired of it. this 10-year-old future fifth grader hugged her grandmother left arm still in a sling after she was caught in the crossfire thursday night on her street. >> all this blood was coming down my arm. i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: she and her grandmother returned home to north rosewood street around 6:00 p.m. after visiting a friend. as they were getting out of their car police say two men were arguing in the street and one of them pulled out a gun and started shooting.
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police say a third man fired shots from a second story window. one of the bullets hit the girl in her forearm. >> i ran lined my mom-mom car and start crying. >> i was calling 911. i was falling all out trying to call 911. my grand baby was shot. >> reporter: police quickly responded and took her to temple university hospital. >> she was saying please don't let them take me, please, i don't want to die, i don't want to die. this is what my grand baby was saying in the cop car on her way to the hospital. >> reporter: the bullet is still lodged in the girl's arm. doctors feared they would cause more damage by removing it. neighbors say they know the two men who were arguing and are tired of the violence here. >> she he have to go he to school in september and when the teacher say what you do this summer, she got to say i got shot. >> reporter: while the victim's family talks about moving from the block this young girl is hopeful. >> they going to get locked up and i'm still going to be alive.
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>> reporter: no arrests have been made. police say two of the men are known to them and they are awaiting arrest warrants for those suspects. live in north philadelphia trish hartman channel6 "action news. jim. >> thank you trish. repairs have been made to a ruptured water line in pennsauken. the great lake break yesterday a boil water advisory for customers in camden. residents are being advised to boil water as officials await water test results. coming up on "action news" tonight the big cleanup after the big democratic party. we'll go inside the wells fargo center to he seat massive cleaning process under way. darren sproles inks a new deal with the philadelphia eagles. ducis rodgers has that story. >> we are temporarily drying up but more energy to the west sparking downpours and thunderstorms. unfortunately moved in over part of the weekend. i'll have all the details in accuweather. >> those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is how the democratic national convention ended last night. the traditional blizzard of confetti and balloons and that's just the beginning of a huge cleanup job inside the wells fargo center. "action news" reporter chad pradelli has the story. >> giving them a hand up there. the aftermath inside the wells fargo center debris is seemingly everywhere. microphones are being dismantled, chairs stacked and moved and over a million feet of wire disassembled. >> some runs were over a thousand, 1500, maybe
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2,000 feet. >> going to be probably pretty hectic i mean cleaning this up. they got a lot of cleaning crews and everything like thattism this is what's left of the 6abc suite where jim gardner brian taff and the gang brought you the developments inside the dnc. outside the cleanup is under way as well. protestors are packing up their tents and heading home. >> i hated and i loved it. the worst week i ever spent it rained every day i was here but one and i didn't get to do anything but i love it 'cause i met all these really nice people. >> reporter: residents near the wells fargo center are certainly relieved. while traffic wasn't he's city navigate most seemed to take the headaches in stride. >> a lot of traffic. a lot of emotion. >> very nice, under control. it was very nice. >> it was very good. everything was run properly. the police were always on duty here and we had no problems. no problems whatsoever. >> reporter: so, that's a wrap here at the dnc. the complaints have been few and it looks like philadelphia can once again put another
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major event in its rear-view mirror. in south philadelphia, clad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> they are called the nuns on a bus and they ended their 13 state journey he in philadelphia this morning. the group of catholic sisters held a rally at saint joe's prep in north philadelphia. the nuns were lobbying for economic justice immigration reform and living wages. after the rally they blessed the bus and invited guests to sign in. their trip began in wisconsin. they made a stop at the republican convention in cleveland last week and wrapped their tour here at the democratic convention today. a stop at the td bank in wilmington today became a chance to give something to special youngsters. something special to the youngsters who really need it. customers could donate to an initiative called kind to kids which gives duffle bags to child abuse victims. the bags are filled with blankets books and stuffed animals. more than $4,000 has already
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been raised. some volunteers spent this friday sprucing up a cottage for teenagers who need residential care. the volunteers painted cleaned and installed new appliances at the carson valley children's aid facility in flourtown. the campus serves more than 100 youngsters who are dealing with mental health or behavioral issues. some of the labor and material for the project today was donated by lowes. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. who do you talk to for military advice right now?
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well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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>> fan favorite and he has a new deal. >> eagles are rewarding production. isn't that the way it's supposed to work these days in sports. darren sproles missed all of the voluntary work during the off season. some said it was because he wanted a new deal. he's been given a one year contract extension worth four and a half million dollars. he's signed until the 2017 season. now in every down has been very valuable for the birds. in two seasons he returned
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four punts for touchdowns. eagles feel fortunate to have him even though he's 34-year-old old. >> darren sproles is pro's pro. he knows how to take care of his body in the off season. very intelligent running back. he's been around this game a long time. guys like that you don't worry about how many he does everything right. he does what you coach him to do. >> talk about leadership, work ethic, character. and then production. he's made the last two pro bowls. exemplifies everything that we want to be and as we look at it, he's so important to this team on and off the field its a no-brainer from our perspective. >> it's a no-brainer we look to a guy that comes up to our knees but he's a beast man. all of us were excited that he was able to sign back with us. he's a tremendous asset to this team. >> yes, he is. lesean mccoy's mea culpa to an extent. former eagles running back speaking about that february bar fight in philadelphia. mccoy who took part in day one of bills training camp said he pretty with nfl
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commissioner roger goodell on the matter. he says he knows he needs to make better decisions in the future. >> stepping back and reviewing the whole situation as a leader the guy i want to be for this team things like that just can't happen. no he excuse for it. don't hear of other guys like peyton manning or tom brady getting in incidents like that. >> no, you don't. to baseball vince velasquez on the mound for the phillies tonight in atlanta. he's eight and two on the season. the velasquez hoping the phillies bats stay hot. last night the phillies hit three home runs. maikel franco and tommy he joseph hit back to back slots in the first inning. later on aaron al pair hit one. he's coming from off a wrist injury. phillies win seven to five. round two of the pga championship is winding down in northern new jersey. jimmy walker continues to lead. he's at 10 under par he's got three shot lead. under statement of the day of course it was a little wet
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this morning. your shot of the day belongs to hideki he will pull the string he puts it in the hole for an eagle. >> never a doubt. >> one day. >> all right. >> we'll wait for that. there is a new sports facility in mercer county that shows what teamwork is all about. the shafer sports center in ewing is a 38,000 square foot facility where young athletes will mentor their peers with special needs. it has a warm water teaching pool and offers gymnastics soccer lacrosse and dance. organizers say the center will show special needs children all the wonderful things they're capabl capable of doing.'s a supercomputer.
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>> the blistering heat is gone at least for the time being. >> it is. only if the humidity would follow it as well but that's going to stick around and we'll get us into trouble with more downpours and storms over part of the weekend. as of right now it is clean. that radar sweep as we look around not much happening here after some heavy rain last night, early this morning and again that atmosphere will fire itself back up here on saturday. but for now sky6 live overlooking the ben franklin bridge. a lot of blue in this picture. little bit of lays out there in the distance but overall a fairly nice end to the week despite that again it's a little on the humid side. but the heat wave is officially over. today's high in philadelphia 89 degrees so 1 degree, that was it that broke the heat wave. it all started back in may with our very first heat wave that lasted three days. june no heat wave. once we got into july we've
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been cooking this entire month. three day heat wave at the beginning of the month that included just after the fourth of july. the third was five days long and then the presenter heat wave that is now over was one week long but again, the dewpoint forecast is going to stay oppressive as we go into saturday, sunday as well as monday so even though those temperatures won't be above 90 you will break a sweat pretty easily when you step outside . in fact, right now the heat index it feel like 91 philadelphia allentown reading, 92 in wilmington, 94 in dover. at the shore a bit better there but the heat index sitting around 80 degrees. we have substenance that's sinking air after that system has passed so you got rising air where you get all those thunderstorms and then behind it the air kind of decompresses. to the west more action beginning to erupt and that's going to push to the east over the weekend with our next little ripple of energy in the atmosphere. but for tonight patchy clouds,
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it's friday night a lot of folks hitting the town. watch for areas of fog developing very late with that high humidity, 68 allentown, 72 philadelphia as well as dover and 74 degrees for cape may. we start beautifully here tomorrow. again, despite it's humid in the morning at 8:00 a.m. with sun and clouds it is not going to take long for the atmosphere to develop those downpours and thunderstorms especially in our pennsylvania counties right around lunchtime. that continues through much of the afternoon and evening hours and some of these downpours will be so heavy that it could cause some quick flash flooding around the region with a few inches of rain in localized spots and then as we get into sunday morning still some of them drifting through and even on sunday afternoon it's not going to be as widespread but there will be a chance for some of those downpours and thunderstorms. so again the oppressive humidity, more clouds and sun this weekend. numerous downpours and thunderstorms that could bring localized rainfall of over 2-inches just like yesterday. middletown delaware saw over 4-inches of rain with
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thunderstorm after thunderstorm rolling over the same location. so down the shore tomorrow, it's decent. sun and clouds, 80 degrees. storm should hold off until late in the day. humid with some pop-ups on sunday of 81 degrees and a lot of folks in the poconos for nascar if you are planning on heading up bring a lot of rain gear with you. a lot of heavy afternoon thunderstorms, 75 could interrupt many of the races here even on sunday, a chance for a storm at 72. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, it's in the 80's pretty much the next five days but again staying tropically humid here over the weekend with things unsettled at times. still a chance for a pop-ups on monday afternoon and then we finally can rid ourselves of some of these downpours and storms tuesday, wednesday, thursday and beyond. we start in the middle 80's in the middle part of next week and then we start to turn the heat up again thursday and friday around 90. we'll have an update tonight at 11:00. >> you will. >> thank you. >> finally with today's cooler temperatures it was a gate day to enjoy some outdoor
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activities. and that's just what these youngsters did in camden today. the camden healthy start program brought its traveling community fair to the tamarac apartments. there were games and balloons and all kinds of craft for the kids. camden healthy start is a program designed to improve the health of families in camden county. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers and please join us for "action news at 11:00 here on channel6. for cecily tynan adam joseph ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope rule join us for "action news" aaction -- hope ys for "action news at 11:00. >> ♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." we're following two big breaking stories. first, zika hits home. the first infections transmitted by mosquitoes right here in the u.s. we're at ground zero in this new zika fight. ready to rumble. hillary clinton hitting the road. and, an abc news exclusive. donald trump one-on-one with george stephanopoulos. tonight, firing back at the democrats. officers down. one police officer dead, another wounded. was this a new targeted attack on our police? and, too extreme? a 25,000-foot freefall. no parachute. and cameras rolling. is this daredevil knocking on death's door?


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