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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  July 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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hack, hackers targeted a computer program used by another presidential condition daylight. it was part of a broader breach. keep your eye on the skies this weekend. some areas could be in for drenching downpours, let's get you the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. we're talking drenching. prepare for the rain. >> reporter: if you're been outside already, you can see how humid it is. that will lead to the drenching downpours later on. there's the spot to be, the beach cooling off, you'll have a sunrise sea breeze kicking in in the next few hours, forecasting highs of 82 degrees on the sand. everybody else run the risk of a shower or thunderstorm. 79 in philadelphia. allentown 78. the numbers are quickly climbing here. the good news with the approaching system and the increased cloud cover that will put a limit on the temperatures later this afternoon. we're not expecting highs in the 90s today. the bad news as the system
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approaches it increases the threats for chris sowers and thunderstorms. temperatures are quickly climbing out of the 70s. afternoon lunch everybody is fair game for a shower or thunderstorm and some of the storms will produce drenching downpours and strong, gusty winds. there's the high, 87 degrees. not only today, but tomorrow, as well, tropical like, drenching downpours could produce flooding in some areas. when i come back we'll talk about the flooding situations and time it out for you on future tracker 6 and take a look at cooler numbers in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you so much. breaking news, a standoff involving a man with a gun and his 13-year-old sister ended peacefully in the germantown
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section. officers responded to a home on the 5100 block of pulaski street. a woman said her son burst into the home and demanded money. the 13-year-old sister and girlfriend were inside. he surrendered a half-hour later. the suspect was involved in another altercation earlier this week where he fired a gun inside his mother's home. more breaking news to tell you about, it was a rude awake rning for people in -- awakening for people in newark, delaware. a tractor-trailer crash happened feet from a door. this happened at 5:00 a.m. this morning. state police say the impact caused the truck to flip over and cause diesel tank rupture. it tore down utility wires
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causing people to lose power. state police are working to figure out whose fault it was. a 2-year-old child is in the hospital after a home goes up in flames in north philadelphia. the action cam was on the scene. the 2-year-old was taken to saint christopher's for smoke inhalation. the child is expected to make a quick recovery. crews put out the fire, it cause the extensive damage to the inside of the home. there's no word on cause of the fire. the victim in a south philadelphia shooting that caused a police chase and crash has dialed. this started at a party at the american legion post 153 in the 2400 block of passyunk avenue. police say an altercation spilled out into a nearby parking lot when someone start the shooting hitting a man in the stomach. we know several cars were riddled by bullets. officers chased the car spottied
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speeding away from the parking lot. the driver jumped the curb and crashes. police are questioning who men. someone shoots at new jersey state troopers as they respond to a 911 call. state police say around midnight someone called 911 from an upper deerfield township home and they hung up. when troopers arrived on the scene, a man on the front porch shot at the officers, the troopers returned fire hitting the man several times. he is listed in critical condition. the troopers were not hurt. now, to a dramatic rescue in philadelphia's hunting park section, crews rushed to save a man who had become stuck in a sewer pipe. "action news" reporter, bob brooks has the details. >> reporter: finally 46-year-old david barr was pulled out of the city's sewage system the entire
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neighborhood erupted in cheers. no doubt a relief for barr on the stretcher and one to the brave team that saved him. somehow he ended up in the sewer system at the intersection of pike and 9th street. a witness said. >> he told me he was going underground. >> reporter: we are told he goes by the name. >> boo. they call him boo boo. >> reporter: officials won't say how he ended up in there, but before 5:00 they got the call that someone jumped in the sewer. the rescue team suited up and went in after. just so everybody has a picture of how it happened. he entered this storm drain makes his way through a pipe that's 18 inches in diameter underneath pike and 9th street and retrieved out of the hole here. >> the air quality is not good as you can imagine in a combined
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storm, sewer system. >> reporter: barr is pulled out of philadelphia sewage. we see him breathing oxygen before going to the hospital. that had to feel and smell pretty good. >> it's crazy. only if philadelphia. >> reporter: fire commissioner adam teal wanted to make note the great job the rescue team to get him out alive. reporting at temple university hospital, bob brooks channel 6 "action news." >> time 9:06 a.m. we turn to politics, a computer hack for the dnc is broader than perceives thought. it affected a data program used by the campaign and other organizations. clinton camp said there's no evidence that the internal
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systems have been compromised. the fbi investigates after the embarrassing breach that led to the resignation of debbie wasserman schultz. the russians are the leading suspects. clinton and tim kaine kicked off their bus tour at temple university, dann cuellar was right there. >> reporter: thousands screamed their approval when the clintons and the kaines took the stage at temple university. the key was to throw red meat to entice a high voter turnout 100 days from now. >> next stop, the factor in hatfield, the toy manufacturer
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which employees 200 people is lauded for creating jobs and investing in america. clinton said her jobs plan would invest ten billion dollars to strengthen the communities like hatfield. >> i will have more good paying jobs for rising incomes for more americans balls if you can work hard you can get ahead and stay ahead. >> reporter: the bus tour will go through pennsylvania and the rust belt state of ohio trying to find common cause with voters who are angry at her and other washington insiders who have caused jobs to go over seas. >> america's best years are ahead of us. >> reporter: clinton is hoping her message resonates in pennsylvania and central and eastern ohio.
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in hatfield, i'm dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> the democratic national convention is over, but donald trump is not done talking about it. trump said hillary clinton's sevennance speech at the dnc -- acceptance speech at the dplk was average. he said the speech was full of cliches and false claims against him. he told supporters yesterday there will be no more mr. nice guy. >> if you don't beat crooked hillary clinton, she is as crooked as a 3-dollar bill. if i don't beat crooked hillary clinton i will consider this a tremendous waste of time energy and money. >> trump is scheduled to be in pennsylvania, ohio and nevada on monday. your time now, 9:09. there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. leaders in florida have a message for tourists after word that mosquitoes likely spread
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zika virus on the us mainland for the first time. plus, burglars break into a home while a teenage girl is inside alone. future tracker 6 is putting up big numbers in the rainfall department. there could flooding this weekend especially north and west, i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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new at 9:00 a.m., a reunion 8 years in the making. a chihuahua dash disappeared from her backyard in nevada. she did everything she could to find that dog and two years ago she moved to oklahoma, dash showed up at the nevada humane society. he was micro chipped. they reached out to the owner. she couldn't believe it. she said dash is grayer and weighs a little bit more and happy to have this sweet little guy back home. >> that's a great story. 8 years in the making. >> reporter: he had a few gray hairs, he is still sweet and ready to come back home. we've got some downpours heading this way and strong, gusty winds. a couple of thunderstorms will flare up this afternoon, some of these could be on the onery
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side. there's the view over the ben franklin bridge, see the haze. double scan live is clear, after lunch we start to see the showers and storms pop up again. 679 degrees, dewpoint, awful. pressure reading rising. 74 in pottstown. 80 in coatsville. 75 in saint davids. warrington, 77. tanersville farther to the north, you are still in the 60s. 69. glassboro, 83. gandys beach, 77. shorepoints checking in around 80 degrees. there will be a sea breezic canning in -- sea breeze kicking in shortly that will put a limit on the temperatures. speaking of putting an limit on the temperatures you see the
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clouds that will keep us from creeping into the 90s. we high low pressure system outy pittsburgh, we'll see an increase in showers and thunderstorms. we're mostly cloudy after morning sunshine. we are expecting heavy rains, but not everybody will see this. they will be widely scattered throughout the viewing area. if you have outdoor areas i wouldn't cancel them, keep an eye to the sky. not everybody sees the storms. 3:30 p.m. you will see showers and thunderstorms flaring up, throughout the evening hours same thing. overnight tonight a few areas pick up scattered showers and thunderstorms. that continued throughout sunday. the model has heavy stuff north of philadelphia. and isolated stuff sunday afternoon. the weekend as a whole, the greater chance of a weekend shower or thunderstorm is today.
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80% today and 50% tomorrow. heavy, drenching downpours, if you pick up the thunderstorms it's not a washout. there will be several dry hours in between. it's not going to be a wash, but localized flooding is possible if you get underneath one of these storms. it remains oppressively humid today and tomorrow. rainfall totals expected from future tracker has reading over 4. allentown over 3. poconos over 3. trenton more than 2 and philadelphia more than an inch. i wouldn't take this as gospel, keep in mind wherever the heaviest downpours develop you'll see numbers like this later this afternoon and tomorrow. forecast for today, oppressively humid, increasing clouds showers and thunderstorms developing after lunch. 87 degrees is the forecasted high. with the humidity it will feel like the low 90s. for the jersey shore, we'll keep it dry, clouds and limited sun, we'll switch it up this afternoon, 82 degrees with a sea breeze. hit or miss shower or thunderstorm tomorrow.
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another high of 82. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 87 today and tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms likely during the day. heavy thunderstorms possible monday with a high of 88. that cold front boots all the humidity out to sea and tuesday and wednesday look beautiful, sun and clouds, 84 no humidity. heating up again, thursday and friday, 88 and 90 degrees. at least this time there's only one day in the 90s. >> we'll get a little break. stop the people from complaining. only kidding. you can find storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at new at 9:00 a.m., a burglar picked the wrong house and picked on the wrong girl. a 14-year-old california girl is being called a hero after bravely helping catch a suspected burglar who broke into her home while she was alone. she said first the burglar knocked on the front door, thinking nobody was home, the
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suspect broke into the bathroom window. >> he kept knocking and went to the back door, he was like banging on the door. >> she hid in a bathroom and called police, the suspect tried to jump a fence but ended up in the hands of waiting officers who set up a perimeter. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message.
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows...
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while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world. 9:20 here's a look at what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend.
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get your motor running at the 24th moonlight memories car show in downtown hatboro. it happens from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. head to the 11th annual car show and street festival featuring cars and live music and crafts and a whole lot more. check it out tomorrow on east peace i didn't think avenue between -- passyunk avenue between broad and dickenson street. the car show is from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the festival begins at 11:00. camden residents are under a water boil advisory because of a water main break in pennsauken. mosquitoes in miami area
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has spread zika virus to the mainland. it is believed that three men and one woman contracted the disease in the state. the transmission of the virus was almost inevitable. florida leaders are insuring tourist there is no danger. it became a viral sensation, als said the ice bucket challenge led to an international study of als cases that were inherited it's a progressive neurological disease. people lose the ability to control movement. many die within five years. only 10% of cases are considered inherited, but researchers believe genetics play a much larger role. identifying the gene will help
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>> all right, welcome back everybody on a saturday morning. 9:25, 79 degrees outside, sky6 live hd giving you a glimpse over wilmington, delaware, the heat wave is gone, but you need to prepare for downpours later today. in sports, the phillies have a chance to recover after dropping the ball in atlanta deveny. and a scare at the pocono
9:26 am
raceway, here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning, the phillies exploded for 7 runs thursday night, the offensive well dried up last night. third inning tide at 1, run driven in. he gives up 2 runs in 6 innings. 2-1 atlanta. hernandez, robbed of a hit in the 7th inning by ibar. ibar again, this time he gets to third phillies lose 2-1. eagles like what they have seen from darren sproles they like him so much they have given him a running back extension. he is signed through 2017. the 33-year-old is a weapon in the return games. the birds feel fortunate to have him. >> when you talk about leadership, work ethic,
9:27 am
character and production made the last two pro bowls he exemp. >> reporter: he is a tremendous asset to the team. >> nascar returns to poconos this weekend. pennsylvania 400 is tomorrow afternoon. ocean county's martin trips junior captures the pole. >> reporter: a scary seen poconos race, two crew members go flying over the hood when the brakes failed. both walked away without any serious injuries. i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend. >> wow, glad they are okay. 9:27 the time.
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much more to come on "action news" saturday morning including "shelter me rescue of the week." matt o'donnell this is pappy from paws the shelter win of the week. you'll meet pappy and some of his good friends coming up on "action news." we'll have another check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers when "action news" saturday morning at 9 comes right back.
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news," saturday at 9:00 a.m., a pedestrian is fighting for life after being hit by a tractor-trailer in south jersey. breaking, a water main break sends water spewing through the streets of northeast philadelphia and it is causing traffic troubles at this hour. plus, the dnc has come and gone, now city leaders are weighing in on this historic week, but first, outside we go meteorologist chris sowers who said the heat wave is out of here. >> reporter: and it still feels terrible. good morning to you gray, this is how bad the humidity actually is in and around immediate philadelphia area, dewpoint wise, the numbers are worse here than the entire state of florida. usually it's florida where it feels tropical and humid you get the showers and thunderstorms. we've got a soupy air mass in place than the sunshine state. cape may, 80 degrees, you want relief from the heat and humidity head to the shore. it's the spot to beat today with
9:31 am
the sea breeze 82 degrees in margate and ocean city. once the sea breeze kicks in it will knock you back into the upper 70s and low 80 ts. millville, 80. allentown, 78. trenton, 78. reading, 76 and closing in on 80 for wilmington and dover. here's the dewpoints look at how high the numbers are. there's the scale toward the top of the screen. 65 is humid. anything near 70 is awful. 74 in millville. dover nearly 80 that's unbelievable. cape may, 75. philadelphia, trenton, wilmington, checking in at 73. with all the moisture in the air this little disturbance that you see toward the left-hand side of the screen as that swings through into the soupy air mass it will fire off showers and thunderstorms. the forecast looks like sun and clouds to start, thunderstorms erupting after lunch. if you hear thunder get out of pool and head indoors and let the storm pass by.
9:32 am
1:00 p.m., 87. 5:00 p.m., 82. there's another threat of showers and thunderstorms overnight into tomorrow it's not all bad news you want relief from the heat and humidity we have it for you in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when it arrives when i see you again in just a few minutes. >> 9:32. a pedestrian is in the hospital after being hit by a tractor-trailer in burlington county. the victim was hit at 5:00 a.m. this morning while crossing route 73 near fox meadow drive and maple shade. the victim was taken to cooper university hospital in critical condition. route 73 is closed at fox meted meted -- meadow drive while police investigate the crash. cruise are working to fix a water main break that forced police to detour traffic. you can see the water gushing from the main on the northbound side of the boulevard near levic
9:33 am
street. thousands of gallons of water poured into the streets. police shut down the outer and inner lanes of the boulevard. traffic was detoured on to bustleton avenue. the outer lanes of the boulevard are back open, no word on when the inner lanes will reopen. new on "action news," it was a busy night in philadelphia. police are investigating a number of shootings that left several people injured. someone fired a barrage of bullets that critically injured a man in his 20s in the kensington section of the city. shots were fired on west moreland street near e street. bullets hit the man in the head, shoulder and arm. no arrests made. two people in the hospital after a double shooting in mantua section of philadelphia. this happened after 11:00 p.m. on the 600 block of north 38th street. we know that a man was shot in the head. he had to be rushed to the hospital. he is in critical condition. we know a woman was shot in the
9:34 am
leg. she was found not far from the scene. police are not releasing a whole lot of information about this. no arrests have been made. half-hour later police responded to yet another shooting in west philadelphia. it hatched on the 300 block of north 52nd street. a man was hit once in the back. he had to be rushed to the hospital. else also listed in critical condition. sources tell "action news" that three shell casings were found at the scene. no word about a motive. 9:34 the democratic national convention in the history books but clean up at the wells fargo center could take weeks. city leaders are weighing in on how things were handled. "action news" vernon odem has the story. >> reporter: mayor kenny said he knows his city pulled off the democratic national convention without a hitch, the democratic nominee told him as he headed into a rally at temple university. >> secretary clinton walked
9:35 am
over to me and gave me a huge bear hug and whispered in my ear this city is fabulous. >> reporter: philadelphia police got good grades for their him handling of protesters. there were arrests, roughly 150 citations were handed out instead. the city workforce and the salvation army distributed 40,000 bottles of water to police and emergency personnel and protesters. no arrests of protesters by philadelphia finest. >> we had zero arrests. there are 100 people this week in previous years who have had a criminal record but do not because of the action of our officers. >> reporter: the mayor said the city restaurants did well for the late night parties and rails. places like the reading terminal only slightly better than normal because local folks stayed away. >> the local also who normally
9:36 am
come down during the week they were scared away. they were afraid of riots or the protesters would get out of hand. >> reporter: the city cheerleaders are ready to clear philadelphia it's been launched into a new orbit this after a never-ending quest to have philadelphia as a world class city. vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> our coverage of this historic week in philadelphia continues at there we have local reaction to all of this week's events along with the uniquely philly stories that had all america talking. plus, you'll find our behind-the-scenes look at our "action news" coverage. attorney general kathleen kane said she will decide at the trial whether she will take the stand. she said she'll want to see the
9:37 am
case made against her before she decides fcial testify. she is -- if she will testify. she said she is confident she will be found not guiltiment her trial is -- her trial is expected to start august 8. much more to come on saturday morning at 9:00. there's a new trend that's gaining new traction. plus, jumping out of a plane already scary enough, imagine doing it without a parachute. details about the expert skydiver who is taking the ultimate plunge on live tv. you have to see that. we'll get another check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. >> so glad you stayed with us,
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it is a real leap of faith, a california skydiver is planning to jump from 25,000 feet without a parachute or wing suit. wow, abc set down with him before the jump tonight. >> reporter: else the daredevil family man with 18,000 jumps to his name. >> i was born to fly. >> reporter: the stunt 4 the-year-old is taking on is enough to make a seasoned thrill seeker cringe. you will not have a parachute or
9:41 am
wing suit just this. he will jump out of a plane live on tv from 25,000 feet with no parachute. there is no parachute back here. free falling for 126 seconds relying solely on wind current and his own strength to land on this 100 by 100-foot net, one-third the size of a football field. >> this puts me right in the middle. >> reporter: it will be suspended 200 feet above the southern california desert. the tv event dubbed heaven sent. >> this is the real net we're going to use. >> reporter: eakens a third generation skydiver made his first tandem jump at age 12 and helps train some of the world most elite skydivers. >> how many times have you jumped in the last 6 months.
9:42 am
i had roughly 200 jumps training for this. >> reporter: 6 months of preparation coming down to one moment of truth. >> what makes you the most nervous? >> i have a wife and son, i plan to be hear for a long time and be a pain in the neck. >> we're both quiet, that was abc'sworth. >> we wish them luck. >> reporter: there's the view, we're live in atlantic city, it's a nice morning on the sand. it's sticky out there, but you're seeing a decent amount of sunshine and the folks are starting to gather and get their spot on the beach and enjoy a nice day at least for the jersey shore. for now, the radars are clear, what a month this has been,
9:43 am
97 degrees that's where we peaked out this month, actually we had couple of times, remember you need three consecutive days of 90 degrees or higher for a heat wave. on average we're supposed to to zee 11 we've had -- we're supposed to see 11. we've 15. accuweather prediction for this summer is 32. we're sitting at 23 we're almost there, just a few more to go, and we start to cool things down and we start to think about football and fall and leaf turning colors and everybody is telling me not to rush the summer. 87 degrees that's the forecasted high today. 74 is where we started out this morning. 80 in millville, atlantic city. philadelphia, 81. upper 70s north and west. even though these numbers are cooler feels awful with the humidity as the dewpoints are stuck in the low to mid 70s.
9:44 am
they will stay that way tonight and tomorrow and monday. the humidity is not going anywhere here in the short term. satellite and radar, starting out with sun, increasing clouds over the next few hours. as this system gets closer and closer to the region, showers and thunderstorms. 1:00 p.m. cruel start to vee the -- you'll start to see the yellows reds and accuweather stresses everybody is fair game for a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. the air is incredibly unstable. 3:30 p.m. showers and thunderstorms. right through the evening hours, once we lose the heating from the sun, a lot of this will die downer and we'll go mainly cloudy overnight tonight. another round develops tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, as well. the entire weekday as a whole is unsettled. neither day is a washout. these are pop-up showers or
9:45 am
thunderstorms. when the storms develop you will get pounded with heavy, drenching downpours and cloud to ground lightning strikes. everybody is fair game today and tomorrow. the hail/tornado threat is a low. this is what we're concerned about today, lightning downpours and strong gusty winds. 87 for philadelphia. we managed to homed the clouds off -- to hold the clouds off long enough we'll get to 90 it will feel like 90 anyway. dover, 86. up in the poconos, big race weekend. heavy showers and thunderstorms possible today. 75 degrees, for tomorrow, clouds and limited sun, a couple of more thunderstorms are possible, drenching downpours and high of 72. for the jersey shore, today is the day to be down there. 73 is the ocean temperature, afternoon high, 82. sea breeze kicking in now, clouds and sunshine, tomorrow, humid, thunderstorms developing especially early in the day.
9:46 am
the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 87 degrees today, 87 for tomorrow. 88 for monday. all three days, though, it will feel close to 90 if not higher because of the humidity. showers and thunderstorms today, threat tomorrow, and monday afternoon there's a threat of heavier showers and thunderstorms because of the cold front. tuesday and wednesday, there's the relief, gray, 84 both days, no humidity, lots of sunshine. if only it would stay that way, we're back in the 90s. 9:46 a.m., this week's "shelter me rescue of the week" winner is largest no kill shelter, matt o'donnell takes us there. >> reporter: for pat and robert it was love at first sight when they found danny. with the kids grown danny has become their baby. >> a great little companion. >> reporter: while this chihuahua mix is small if size he is big on percent knelt.
9:47 am
>> you don't care how big a dog is. >> reporter: danny was adopted by paws, the city's largest no kill shelter. we have two adoption centers, one in old city and one in the northeast. we rescue animals who are endangered of being killed at the city shelter. paws has veterinary clinics to help pet owners who can't afford to care for their pets. cheato is a 4 to 6-year-old chihuahua mix was found as a stray. >> he is plaiferl and has puppy -- playful and has puppy energy. >> reporter: rocket was found on the streets. >> he was found on the streets. he loves to snuggle up. >> maurice needs dental surgery. once it's done he will be good to go. he will live a long, healthy
9:48 am
live. introducing pappy is happy just about all the time. a 6 to 10-year-old terrier mix was a stray and looking for a new home where he can run around and be happy. if you're interested in pappy or any of the animals you can visit the paws website. if you would like to share your shelter success stories post a picture to the facebook page and use the #6abc shelter me we'll feature your stories in the upcoming shelter segments. with pappy i'm matt o'donnell.
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>> 9:51 in this morning technically speaking amazon is taking the drone program across the pond. it is joining sources with aviation officials in the uk to test the system. back at home, faa rules drones must stay in the visual line of sight of operators and weigh no more 50 pounds and operated one at a time. amc anticipate carmic cinema will take over carmic.
9:52 am
the boards of both companies have signed off on the deal. now to parenting alert about a new trend some say hip mow -- hit mow >> and exhale. hypnosis treats anxiety and pain. could you put a spell on your kids. >> you influence your child away. >> just follow the crystal with your eyes. introducing hypnosis therapy. >> it's a natural solution. that's right, she her
9:53 am
kids. she helps them to not wet the bed. >> my children have a form of diligence or perseverance you don't see in other children. >> reporter: now, let's see it in action. >> take all the stress, anxiety, fear put it into this arm and take a deep breath and release. lisa's 17-year-old daughter has grown up under her mother's spell. she said it has made an positive impact on her life. >> push back on stress and do self hypnosis. it influences me a lotle today and helped me develop into the person i am right now. >> that was abc's mara schievacompo with that report.
9:54 am
coming up next, meteorologist chris sowers will take a live look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. live look at the philadelphia international airport, courtesy of sky6 live hd. be aware of the rain today we're back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> all right so glad you stayed with us, final check of the exclusive accuwether seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers, not in the 90s, but feels bad. >> reporter: it will feel like the 90s. humid with a couple of down spores developing after lunchtime. 87 degrees today and tomorrow. still the chance of a scattered
9:57 am
shower or thunderstorm. relief arrives tuesday and wednesday, 84 both days. if you hear thunder you can be struck by lightning, head indoors. >> jack hanna's "wild countdown" up next on channel 6. "action news" continues later tonight. we're back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we're working on for you, a new school year almost here and parents say they are ready to send their kids back to the classroom. a new exhibit takes a look at the king with the midus touch. for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall, we hope you make it a great day.
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