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tv   ABC World News  ABC  July 30, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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. welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news, hot air balloon disaster. the balloon full of passengers striking a power line and crashing into a texas pasture. >> i heard the popping, and the next thing i knew is the fireball went up. >> no survivors. 16 killed. what we're learning tonight about those on board. we are on the scene right now. >> a zika outbreak here at home. four cases in florida. residents being tested. can it be contained? dr. besser is standing by. one of the most powerful moments in the democratic convention. muslim parents of a fallen american soldier calling out donald trump. >> you have sacrificed nothing. >> tonight trump's response sparking outrage. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there and maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> 100 days until the election. another cyberattack on the
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democrats. this time hillary clinton's campaign targeted. are the russians behind it? and the scare at the beach. dozens of people stung by stingrays. almost invisible until it's too late. good evening and thank you for joining us on this saturday. i'm cecelia vega. we begin with the breaking news, a horrific scene unfolding in texas right now. a deadly hot air balloon crash that left 16 dead and there are no survivors. investigators say the balloon caught fire in midair possibly hitting power lines, plunging to the ground in an open field. federal investigators arriving at the scene. it is a remote area. 30 miles outside austin for what is now this country's deadliest hot air balloon crash ever. our david kerley is standing by but first christine dobbyn from our houston station starts us off right there on the scene. >> reporter: a bystander
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capturing these images just before the joyride went terribly wrong shot from a ride at 7:30 this morning. flying low over farmland in texas. >> a vehicle fully engulfed in flames. >> the 911 calls coming in six minutes later describing the balloon hitting power lines and exploding in flames. these pictures showing the flattened balloon in lockhart, texas, 30 miles from austin. >> the popping sound was the balloon connecting with the electric lines and by the time i turned and saw the fireball go up, the basket was on the ground. >> investigators going through the remains of the basket and balloon. the faa confirming all 16 aboard perished. >> you could tell it was a fire. you know, a big ball of flames and you could tell nothing -- what it was or anything. >> the balloon was operated by
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heart of texas hot air balloon rides, the company is owned by skip nickels who regularly celebrates his love of flying posting photos and videos on facebook. tonight tributes are pouring in remembering a quote, great pilot and a man who had a happy-go-lucky outlook on life. cecelia sources say the pilot would fly five to seven miles during one hour flights. at times flying seven days a week. cecelia. >> christine, thank you. as we said, this is the deadliest balloon crash ever in this country. federal investigators from three agencies are rushing to the scene. abc's david kerley has the latest on the investigation and the difficult work ahead. >> reporter: a full team, 13 ntsb investigators will arrive at the site of this hot air balloon tragedy in texas. that loss of life unprecedented in u.s. history. it is a scene investigators have seen before.
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hot air balloons coming into contact with power lines. often resulting in fire and death. a honeymooning couple indiana survived back in 2014. >> when we hit the pilot told us to get down. so we were all crouched down in the basket. all we saw was sparks fall around us and felt the sparks. >> since 1969 there have been nearly 70 fatal balloon accidents killing 116 before today. often commercial pilots try to land near roads to easily transport riders but many times power lines are nearby. >> if you're trying to land the basket or balloon near a road it's often times going to require you to either skip over or land close to high tension power lines. >> while the pilot of this balloon was experienced, it was a large balloon. 8,500 cubic meters able to carry 16 people. that large of a balloon takes a bit more time to rise or descend.
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safety investigators called a regular lugs of the balloon to our industry. the ntsb two years ago sending a letter to the faa saying it found operational deficiencies in air balloon operations and said there is a lack of oversight. the faa did not increase regulation of the industry. >> it's one of those times where the faa needs to say are we regulating this industry close enough? is it safe enough that we can tell people we're doing everything we should be doing in terms of keeping them safe? >> david kerley covers transportation and joins us. that team of investigators on the scene. can you tell us what clues they will be looking for? >> reporter: they'll be looking at the weather cecelia, what was the flight plan of the pilot, his experience, what had he done in the past 24 hours and they're also going to want to know the regulations are in place, were they followed during this flight. cecelia. >> so many questions still,
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david. thank you. and now donald trump at the center of a new firestorm tonight. one of the most powerful moments of the democratic convention. those muslim parents of a fallen american soldier. the father delivering a pointed speech aimed directly at trump. but now trump's response in a one on one interview with george stephanopoulos drawing outrage from liberal and conservative critics alike. abc's mary bruce has more. >> reporter: donald trump is sparking outrage and disgust with his response to this grieving father. >> we are honored to stand here as parents of captain khan. >> it was the most raw emotional moment of the convention. offering this searing rebuke of trump. >> you have sacrificed nothing. and no one -- >> khan, an army captain, the son of muslim immigrants died serving his nation in iraq.
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his father challenging trump. >> let me ask you have you even read the united states constitution? [ cheers and applause ] >> i will gladly lend you my copy. >> tonight trump responding in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos saying that like the khans he too has sacrificed. >> i think i've made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard and created thousands and thousands of jobs. tens of thousands of jobs. built great structures. i've done -- i've had tremendous success. i think i've done a lot. >> those are sacrifices? >> sure, i think they're sacrifices. >> and pointing a finger at captain khan's mother suggesting she did not speak because she was forbidden by her faith. >> if you look at his wife she was standing there, had nothing to say.
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maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> the real reason she tells us. all consuming grief. >> i was in pain. and all american feel that pain of us. so much internet. i give them this faith. >> cecelia, it's not just the khans upset, the social media the response is explosive and furious. trending on twitter #made a lot of sacrifice. cecelia. >> you can see george's interview with donald trump tomorrow on "this week." to the democrats coming under fire not just in the race for the white house but by hackers. the clinton campaign falling victim in a new attack. the big question tonight, are the russians behind it. today clinton on a bus trip through the battle grounds states of pennsylvania and ohio, her husband you can see right there with her. and abc's david right is on the campaign trail tonight. >> reporter: authorities are trying to determine if the same
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russian hackers also gained access to software under the clinton campaign. it all may sound like the plot of a cold war spy novel. cia director james brennan said it's not so farfetched. >> if there's been manipulation of the election pro sense and system here, this is going to be something that this government and our country is going to have to look at. >> reporter: the e-mails from the dnc brought havoc at the democratic national convention forcing the party chair to resign. >> the threats are real and getting bigger every year. >> reporter: becoming an issue on the campaign trail. donald trump is sought to link the hacking over hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> russia, if you're listening i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.
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>> reporter: the trump campaign now says this seems to be a problem wherever hillary clinton goes. hopefully this time there wasn't classified or top secret information that puts american lives at risk. the clinton campaign says the best they can tell the hack was limited to a program used to examine publicly available voter data. insist all of their internal systems are secure. but as hillary clinton continues her bus tour through today she herself hasn't been discussing the topic. leaving it to others. cecelia. >> no mention of it tonight. david, thank you. to europe now. and new terror raids in belgium, police arresting two brothers accused of planning new attacks. officers raiding seven homes in two different cities. no indication the suspects are connected to the recent previous attacks in that country. back here at home. a major health alert tonight. the zika virus being spread by mosquitos right here in the u.s. at least four people infected
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after being bitten near downtown miami. today health officials going door to door to test residents and tonights a warning from england to its pregnant residents. do not travel to florida. here's abc's eva pilgrim in ground zero. >> reporter: tonight that warning for pregnant british citizens not matched by the cbc here at home. >> this is the outbreak. >> oh, my god. don't tell lulu that. lulu, you shouldn't be here. >> the cdc not putting any travel warning in place for florida yet but this family of three now taking extra precautions. >> we would be more sensitive to keeping an eye out for symptoms. >> reporter: four people with zika all bitten by mosquitos in this one square mile of miami right next to downtown and just one block from her home. >> this is my baby. this is him. >> she's 25 weeks pregnant with her first child and constantly on alert.
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knowing she's most at risk. zika symptoms are mild in most but can cause severe birth defects. >> i have to think every day do i want to go outside or what am i going to wear. did i carry my repellant. is it strong enough? >> reporter: in miami extra patrols screening residents and passing out critical supplies in the trouble zone. officials in miami confident they can keep zika contained. >> once something starts, we nip it in the bud. >> health officials are really encouraging people who live near mosquitos anywhere, not just this neighborhood, to exercise caution and wear repellant. cecelia. >> eva, thank you. i want to bring in abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser from brazil, the center of the outbreak. tonight you heard it, england saying pregnant women should not travel to florida but the cdc not issuing the same warning. is that a mistake? >> i have to say if these cases had occurred were the first
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cases in the caribbean country or latin america they would issue that advisory but what they're saying is four cases that occurred in early july and no transmission since then, but i have to say if you're a pregnant woman and can avoid that part of miami, that's not a bad idea and if you're pregnant and live there, you want to make sure you're using repellant all the time. >> we want to turn to san diego. investigators have examined body camera footage from the shooting of two police officers, 52 gerald jessie gomez charged with killing officer jonathan da guzman thursday night and his partner wade irwin was wounded. detectives still cannot determine if the attack was planned. another man described as a potential suspect is also in custody. turning to the severe summer weather across parts of the country. in tucson, arizona, strong hail storms hammering away at homes there and as if that is not enough. cars in that state driving head on into a dust storm, you can see it there, visibility quickly
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down to almost zero. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano joins us now with the forecast. tracking storms on both sides of the country. >> reporter: we'll start with the east coast. parts of the northeast getting hit really hard right now. eastern pennsylvania, central new jersey, flash flood warnings that include princeton, six inches of rain falling in two, three hours. flood warnings to at least 8:00 tonight. one to three expected over the next couple of days across the northeast especially upstate new york. back to the monsoon, the desert southwest, powerful storms in phoenix and more rotate through the four corners over the next 24 hours and red flag warnings posted for the inner mountain west. fire zone and gusty winds, no rain for them. they would love to get some of the rain we're seeing right now here in new york city tonight. cecelia. >> a lot of rain here, rob. thank you. much more ahead on "world news tonight." this saturday the stinging new warning ruining a day at the beach for so many. what you need to know the next
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6:48 pm
>> it was excruciating. i actually thought i stepped on a piece of glass or something. >> reporter: and off the coast of massachusetts this week, a rare sighting. this stingray more than six feet wide. marine experts aren't surprised by that or all the injuries, explaining, the warm summer water draws the rays close to the shore. >> we have lots of stingrays, lots of bathers, people are walking out into the water, they're stepping on the back of the stingray, the stingray reacts, whacks them, usually in the ankle with the stinger. >> reporter: experts say the simplest way to avoid that, shuffle your feet as you get into the water to scare off any rays hiding under the sand. if you get stung, flag a life guard and get that wound washed out immediately. cecelia. >> marcy, thank you. still ahead, more summer fun danger. the jet ski rider who took a very wrong turn. >> in the middle of a -- i'm barely holding on right now. >> how he managed to save himself. from the stage to the page.
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to the "index" tonight and a scare in the choppy waters off new jersey. a jet ski ride taking a dangerous turn for 21-year-old dennis perera. he managed to call 911 from his cell phone. >> hello. 911. >> hi, i just lost my jet ski. i'm in the middle of the water, i'm like barely holding on right now.
6:53 pm
>> that nypd chopper lifting him to safety. to an underwater mystery stumping scientists tonight. a purple orb discovered a mile straight down near california's channel islands. one scientist comparing it to a disco ball. the team zeroing in with their green lasers and taking it back to the lab for a closer look. and in hawaii, spectacular images coming in. the volcano not just erupting here but smiling? the rivers of hot lava spilling all the way into the sea. curious spectators taking care not to get too close. and for all those harry potter fans finding it so hard to let go, that new play about harry's adulthood and "the child of his own" debuts on the london stage. good luck trying to get a ticket. that play is being published as a book. not written by j.k. rowling but does have her blessing. when we come back, tea for two.
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a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. finally tonight, a tea party to honor a very special guest. here's john donvan. >> reporter: a little girl named bexley, dressed up, to drink tea, and at the party as well, and wearing blue, a cop named patrick ray. a friendship that began a year ago, as a rescue. you can't tell it here but this
6:58 pm
videotape from officer ray's body camera shows the moment when after a swallowing a coin bexley was starting to suffocate. before officer ray got her breathing again. [ crying ] >> it was the most beautiful sound i ever heard in my life. >> did he save your life? >> yes, he did. >> reporter: now the tea party was bexley's mom's idea. >> this is a day that i will celebrate because i have her. >> reporter: as is celebrating the good work cops do in a time when they're literally under fire. it's why the family including bexley's big brother, 5-year-old lincoln prays for officer ray's safety every night. >> the night of the dallas shooting he asked me if officer ray was okay. i wasn't ready for that question from my 5-year-old. >> reporter: and so -- it was cheers and bottoms up both because bexley's here and because yes, real men do tea parties. sometimes. john donvan, abc news. >> cheers. thank you for watching. i'm cecelia vega. have a great saturday night.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> this is huge! >> the national spotlight is shining bright on philly >> long-coveted brands are now calling the city home. >> i did it! >> i did it! >> we'll show you how to stay beach ready when vacationing down the shore. >> press up! >> and how to look and train like an athlete here in the city. >> let's go! >> plus we head to. musikfest! >> wooo! >> and a free pop up in south jersey. >> this is cool! >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at the national constitution center on independence mall. this was the hub for political fest, last week. >> this week, the crowds may have gone home but the national spotlight continues to shine bright on philadelphia. >> some of the most highly coveted brands are now setting up shop here. >> including what many >> consider to be the nation's premier blowout bar. >> dry bar is the country's original a-la-carte blow-drying beauty salon.


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