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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  July 31, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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ll there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. >> a pleasant good morning to you, 7:00 a.m., sunday, july 31, foreign nydia han is off, alicia vitarelli joins us. here's what's happening on "action news," a tree came down blocking the strawberry mansion bridge.
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>> gunfire rings out in philadelphia sending a man to the hospital with serious injuries. >> plus, it is "harry potter" midnight mania, the wizard is back casting another spell. >> we'll send it outside to chris sowers with a check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. you had to lose the coat out there, it's hot and sticky. >> reporter: it feels like a swamp out here, very hot and sticky. very florida-like, the tropical air is hanging on. it's dry on city avenue, the roads are wet, but it's not raining. you have to go up a couple of miles to get into the heavy, drenching downpours. most of the activity is shifted east into southern new jersey, although we have cells in lower montgomery and bucks county. you can see the heavy rain route 1 heading out of frankford into bensalem. this cell is dropping heavy rain.
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the national weather service issued a flood advisory, lower montgomery and lower bucks county. extreme western burlington county and philadelphia county up for another 15 or 20 minutes or so reporting one to three inches of rain at it is creating flooding problems along roads and smaller creeks and streams. that's one cell. the other stuff is out across the pine barrens and southern new jersey and there's a thunderstorm heading into bridgeton and cumberland county. it's soupy and this is part of the region we see the heavy drenching downpours, it's like ringing out a sponge when there is this much moisture in the air. the oppressively humid air will continue throughout the day. another round of thunderstorms after lunch, similar to yesterday, although not as widespread.
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we have heavy drenching downpours, highs around 90. even if we don't crack the 90-degree mark, with the humidity it will feel like 90. more storms tomorrow we catch a break by the middle of the week. when i come back i'll show you how cool it gets in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> happening overnight storms left behind damage across the area, a tree snapped and toppled on to a parked suv on the 1000 block of south street between 10th and 11th you can see the daniel there. thankfully there was no one inside at the time. a tree fell on strawberry mansion drive bringing down wires with it. the tree is blocking travel on the northbound side of the strawberry mansion bridge on the mlk side of the bridge. however, you can go southbound on the bridge. to keep track of weather
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conditions log onto you can get a look at double scan radar at any time of the day and the seven-day forecast. our team of meteorologists will post weather data along with viewer pictures on our facebook pages. five people were shot when someone opened fire in a crowded entertainment district in downtown austin texas overnight. a woman was killed, three others hospitalized in the shooting. another victim was injured, but declined treatment. right now police are looking for a suspect. the chaotic scene unfolded at 2:00 a.m. when the suspect fired into a crowd after an initialing disturbance. we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you updates as it becomes available. new in philadelphia, a man is in the hospital after being shot on a porch in feltonville section. this happened around 11:30 p.m.
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the man was shot in the chest and taken to the hospital in serious condition. so far no arrests have been made. 7:05 if you're just waking up with us, this morning we know more information about a shooting involving new new jersy state troppers that happened this weekend. an investigation is beginning after a 76-year-old man was shot inside his home by troopers. this happened while they were responding to a 911 call. they ended up at the wrong address, somehow. jeff chirico has the details. >> reporter: there are many unanswered questions about how this unfolded. gerald sykes family said he is a loving grandfather and great grandfather trying to protect his home and his wife. >> why was the first response to pump four rounds into the door. the family is shocked and outrage as he shows us the bullets that nearly killed his
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father-in-law. >> once in the chest, one in the groin. >> reporter: just before midnight, the family was awakened by the dog's barks. they stepped into the great room and saw two figures standing up against the door, nothing said no identification. >> reporter: diana said her step dad was standing in the living room holding his shotgun when police fired four shots. >> after he collapsed on the floor he lifted the gun up and fired one shot out the door, not knowing who was there. >> reporter: police are not saying who shot first, the family said troppers treated him like a criminal refusing to get him medical treatment for 45 minutes when he staggered outside and they flipped him over and handcuffed him. troopers said they want to the wrong house sykes has a deep
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respect for police and didn't know he was shot by one of them until he awoke at the hospital. >> his eyes got as big as saucers, he said what, those were state troopers, they shot me without a warning. >> reporter: both officers were taken to the hospital and released one had a graze wound. attorney general office is investigating. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> democratic presidential
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nominee hillary clinton has released a statement showing her support to the khhan family. clintons and running mate tim kaine campaigned in pittsburgh yesterday. private investigators realized her campaign was hacked looking into the breach involving the democratic national convention. clinton's campaign said the internal to himself were not compromised. >> if you're just waking up with us, it seems like an possible dream. it has come true for a ticketholder in new hampshire. someone there is waking up as a multimillionaire. that's where the 478 million-dollar ticket was won. there was a match five ticket sold in pennsylvania. check your ticket. there were ten states that had
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the match five winners including in pennsylvania. those winning numbers, 11, 17, 21, 23, 32 and the powerball, number 5. the power play was number 2. good luck. >> all right. it is 7:10, so listen up, the lights from your tv, smart phone and tablet could be taking a toll on your health. this morning we'll tell you how all the exposure to the ambient light could be a factor in weight gain. a florida gets creative and shapes thieves who stole her car. >> reporter: wewe have a flash flood warning in effect for burlington ocean county. heavy rain expected this afternoon and another round tomorrow. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. indiana said he was fired for pulling a pelt gun out on a -- pellet gun out on a gunman who was trying to rob him. he bought the gun after a friend was stabbed and rob three months ago while delivering pizza. >> he said get on the ground. i said what, i pulled mine out and i aimed it at him. it was dark outside, he took off running.
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>> drake said managers knew he carried the pellet gun, but the franchise owner fired him because it's against corporate policy for a pizza delivery men to carry weapons. he doesn't want his job back, but he thinks the policy should change. a single mom in florida is hoping that a personal plea to a robber, we'll get you this story. >> we don't have it. 7:14, let's get you caught up on the forecast with meteorologist chris sowers who is tracking wild and whacky weather. >> reporter: intense showers and thunderstorms, drenching downpours and we're seeing it this morning, and another round this afternoon. everybody wants that florida vacation head outside. >> there you go. >> reporter: we go live on sky6 live hd. looking at philadelphia international airport, the runways are wet.
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we had storms push through philadelphia, now the activity is north an east. all the activity yesterday was west of philadelphia. this morning the majority is east. we'll zoom into central ocean county first, now the national weather service issued a flash flood warning for most of central ocean county, this area right here, and extreme portions of southeastern burlington county, this storm in particular is producing 2 to 3 inches of rain coming down in a short period of time. here's route 70, and 72. here's the garden state parkway heading north into monmouth county. seaside heights and point pleasant beach will get hit in the next half half-hour or so. another zoom west philadelphia county. we're seeing drenching downpours there. there's palmyra, frankford, jenkintown, willow grove, route 1 heading into langhorne heavier
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rain, that cell will push east into western portions of burlington county within the next half-hour or so. national weather service issued a flood advisory for this area here. it's up to 15 or 20 minutes or so. here's lower bucks and here's western burlington county. here's the flash flood warning central ocean county up to 3 inches of rain being reported win only the last half-hour or 40 minutes or so, that's a ton of rain in a short period of time. we're seeing flooded roads and smaller creeks and streams getting closer to their banks. we set it in motion, this is listing off to the northeast. it's not in a hurry to get out of here, if it is raining in your neighborhood it will rain for the next half-hour or 40 minutes or so. drying in the west. well catch a break in the action
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midday that will be followed by another round of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. as long as we seep the tropical air mass we'll see the showers and drenching downpours. 70s for everybody. we're seeing patchy fog in a couple of neighborhoods, as well. we're visibility. a yucky morning. late morning we catch a break, more showers and thunderstorms flare up this afternoon. in the overnight hours, more showers and thunderstorms are possible. as we get into monday afternoon, yet another round of showers and drenching downpours possible. once this round pushes through, we're done, we get into tuesday and wednesday, things dry out, dewpoints drop off, it will feel like a breath of fresh air and everybody can relax and get outside and have some fun for a
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change. today, lightning downpours, all on the high side. the tornado and large hail threat on the low side. for today, sunshine and lots of clouds, very, very humid. thunderstorms developing north an east of philadelphia this afternoon. 89 degrees is the forecasted high. with the humidity it will feel like the 90s. 1:00 p.m., 88. 3:00 p.m., 89. pop-up showers and thunderstorms. 5:00 p.m., 86. overnighter tonight, evening thunderstorm is possible. areas of fog, temperatures in the mid 60s north and west, 73 for center city. the jersey shore today you missed out on the rain today yesterday, you'll pick it up today. some sun expected, showers and thunderstorms possible, as well. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 89 today feeling like 93, 94. 88 tomorrow, still feels awful. tuesday and wednesday we 84.
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almost feeling like fall. a single mom hopes that a personal plea to a robber will get her camera returned to her. the man stole her camera and it contains hundreds of people of her two children that she never saved anywhere else. she has painted a sign and posted it on a tree in front of her home. it says dear rob iri want you to stole from an honest hard-working single mom. many "harry potter" fans are celebrating. the newest book hit the shelves at midnight. this barns and noble held a midnight release party. for some it was a chance to relieve their childhood. >> i've been coming to this barns and noble at midnight
7:20 am
since they first started. >> i've been following "harry potter" since first grade now i'm a sophomore in college. it's been a long ride. >> the potter craze. >> the release of "harry potter" and the cursed child coincide with the play that's premiering in london. amazon and barns and noble say it's the most preordered book since the last "harry potter" release.
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thunderstorms. the battle of the bulge, researchers in japan followed people the average age of 72 and found though those who had higher exposure to sunlight had lower abdominal manchester. those exposed to artificial light had an increased weight size. those with exposure to indoor light had lower melatonin. a large study at the national university of singapore, researchers looked at data of 60,000 adults taking part in in health study. those who eat red meat have a greater chance of kidney failure.
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everyone, 7:26 sunday morning, flash flood warning has been issued for central ocean county. it extends from east of woodland in southeastern burlington county into lacey and seaside heights point pleasant and brick up here to the north. there's lakehurst, lacey getting hit, seaside heights seeing drenching downpours, there's tabernacle. there's the circle. chadds ford seeing drenching rain. there's no severe weather, there
7:27 am
are no powerful winds we're seeing rain in a short period of time. we'll catch a break in the action late this morning followed by another round of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 80s feeling like the mid 90s. >> the phillies wrap up their series with the braves with an afternoon game in atlanta at that. >> former eagle has rejoined the squad. the eagles practice under the dome of their nova care practice facility. the action cam was there on friday when they went through their reps indoors. today they practice in front of thousands of fans at lincoln financial field. it is their first of only two open practices at the linc this summer, the gates open at 8:00 a.m. practice starts at 10:00 a.m. you don't need a ticket, but seating is on a first come first serve basis. the only other open practice will be held on sunday, august 14 at 7:00 p.m. brian talkens -- brian brin
7:28 am
dawkin. has been named the first recipient of the program that introduces former players to scouting. dawkins will still in colorado where he has lived since 2009. phillies will face the final game in the series against the braves. a beer vendor check this out, caught by surprise by a freddie galvis foul ball. he is like what is this thing. that's cool. in the 5th inning phillies are down 2-1 when the ball is hit along the field line. it's good, two runs come in, the phillies are up, 3-2.
7:29 am
they break the game wide open with a four run rally and beat the braves 9-5.
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>> several people are sent to the hospital following a collision on the boulevard overnight. >> also, a hot air balloon ride ended in tragedy in texas, more than a dozen people were killed when it hit power lines that prum -- plummeted to the ground.
7:31 am
stormy weather leaves the tri-state area under water. >> those stories, but first we go outside to chris sowers with the accuweather forecast. a wild and whacky day yesterday, chris. >> reporter: it could be a wild and whacky weather again today. above we have blue skies, but behind me it's pitch black. some areas nothing going on at all. others it's pouring. we're seeing that right now in south jersey. here's storm tracker 6 live heavy cells into northeast philadelphia and the heaviest right now is over central ocean county we're going to zoom into lower bucks and lower montgomery counties first, you can see the heavy rains around quakertown and doylestown, new hope, willow grove, jenkintown and florence and trenton. all those areas are experiencing
7:32 am
do downpours, national weather service has issued two flood warnings in bucks and hunterdon county new jersey, minor flooding and flash flash flood g is you will for central ocean county. on top of that it awful out here with high humidity levels, tropical humidity leaves. it feels like the state of florida. we'll camp a break late morning, we'll go clouds and sun, screamly humid, 85 by 11:00 a.m., it will feel like 90 degrees at that point. 1:00 p.m., we start to see the pop-up showers and thunderstorms. 88 degrees feeling like 93, 94. the pop-up shower or thunderstorm could last through the late afternoon hours, now not everybody will see it, but those of you who do expect drenching downpours and good gust of wind and a lot of cloud
7:33 am
to ground lightning strikes. when i come bank i'll time everything out on future tracker 6 and show you relief in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you chris. parts of our area got so much rain a state of emergency was ordered. princeton junction train station was flooded by heavy rain. the pedestrian tunnel was closed because of high water. the trains were still running, but a shujts -- shuttle bus was used to help people get around. remember you can count on "action news" and our accuweather team storm tracker 6 live is available at >> the time 7:33. new this morning, 6 people are in the hospital after two accidents on the roosevelt boulevard. the action cam was at that scene. the southbound lanes of roosevelt boulevard at fox street in the east falls section
7:34 am
of philadelphia just before 2:00 a.m. several people were standing outside their cars after an accident when another car went through the area hitting 6 of them. the victims were sent to three different hospitals. they are listed in stable condition. this morning police continue to investigate. we can tell you so far no charges have been filed. in texas what was supposed to be a day of fun ended in tragedy when a hot air balloon hit power lines and plunged to the ground. 16 people on board were killed. >> heartbreaking story in texas. now, federal investigators are heading back to the scene to look into what caused the nation's single deadliest accident involving a hot air balloon. elizabeth hur is live there with the latest on the crash investigation. what can we expect today? >> reporter: we expect investigators from multiple agencies to get a look at the
7:35 am
crash site. according to the eyewitnesses we spoke to, they tell us, they initially thought they heard a tractor-trailer exploding because they say hot air balloons fly through the area often, but this has never happened this morning the hunt for answers intensifying at the site of what is now the country's worst hot air balloon crash ever. >> you could see their heads, there were lots of people in there. >> reporter: joey and others stunned eyewitnesses captured these pictures of balloon flying low over a farm handle. minutes later -- farm farmland, minutes later a disaster. >> i heard a whoosh and big ball of fire up. >> you could tell it was a fire. >> reporter: according to authorities the balloon burst into flames saturday morning after possible hitting power lines and plunging to the ground
7:36 am
in lockhart, texas. >> reporter: the balloon at the time operated by heart of texas hot air balloon ride owned by skip nickels and experienced pilot. abc news learning this was a large balloon 85 cubic meters meaning it could carry 16 people. what went wrong? investigators say it is too soon for answers. it was two years ago, safety investigators raised concerns calling for more regulations on the balloon industry, but the regulations were not increased by the faa. you can bet officials will check to see if regulations were followed in this case and check on weather conditions and the pilot's experience. we're live in lockhart, texas, elizabeth hur back to you. >> back here at tomorrow,
7:37 am
7:36 a.m. a 76-year-old south jersey man is in stable, but critical condition after state troopers went to his address and shot him in the front door of home. jerry sykes thought intruders were getting into his upper deerfield township home. he grabbed his shotgun and went to the door. the troopers shot him four times. his son-in-law said the troppers never identified himself. >> why was the first response to pump four rounds into the door. >> his eyes got as big as saucers, he said what? those were state troopers? they never gave me a warning. >> sykes said after he collapsed he shot through the day grazing one officer who was doing okay. the family said he treated sykes like he was a criminal not
7:38 am
getting him medical treatment for 45 minutes. gabriel lee's viewing will be held at deliverance church 69th street. he was found unresponsive in a gym fire station. he had fought a fire earlier in the day, the cause of death has not been released. two teenagers face attempted murder charges after firing shots in lancaster county. they are accused of shooting at police cars after they responded to 911 call. four officers were fired at. the lancaster county d.a. said the officers were the intended targets and it is amazing none of them were injured or killed. this weekend a group of teenagers took part in a
7:39 am
peaceful protest in montgomery county. they are from st. paul's baptist church in west chester. they joined forces with the you upper merion police department. they walked to spread the message that most officers are dedicated to serving those in their communities. veterans were saluted this weekend for their service to our county. the 21st ward veteran association held their music program. this events serves as a thank you for those who served our country. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. he was known as the king with the golden touch. now, you too, can get up close
7:40 am
to the artifacts. we have flash flood warnings in parts of the area, chris sowers has all the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next.
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7:42 am
>> all right, 7:42, you have to admit it feels good in the ac, because outside it is swampy. >> reporter: it's awful out there. let's get you outside, we have a serious situation starting to develop for parts of the area. the city is in the clear, for
7:43 am
the most part we'll see low level clouds. east in south jersey we have flash flood warning in effect for central ocean county this extends from east of woodland right through lacey into toms river and seaside heights until 11:00 a.m., incredible amounts of rain have fallen in the last hour or so. we're not seeing any reports of flooding just yet, but when you see the rainfall totals that are starting to accumulate. it shouldn't be too much longer before we get the reports in. there's double scan live the heaviest weather east of philadelphia. we'll zoom into central ocean county, you can see there's lacey right in the heart of it, the heavier weather indicated by the reds. if you're traveling along the garden state parkway in ocean county up through seaside heights and lakehurst it's going to be a slow go. 72, you're seeing heavy downpours. take a look at the rain that's fallen in the last hour alone
7:44 am
since we put the spotter on. you can see this bulls eye northwest of lacey that's almost 6 inches of rain in a little more than an hour's time. that's incredible. the orange is 3.3. a lot of this has fallen in an hour or so. west of philadelphia they are seeing heavy downpours, bucks county and northern philadelphia county there's willow grove, heavy drenching downpours here, doylestown not seeing anything right now. northwest south of quakertown also reporting drenching downpours, we have several flood advisories up for this part of the viewing area. the first one runs parallel from philly northeast into trenton. the second one runs into upper bucks county into western portions of hunterdon county. both are up for two hours sore.
7:45 am
both areas will see one to three inches of rain. this area including buckingham, warminster, bedminster, there's the county line, there's the other one running parallel to the delaware river from philly northeast up into trenton. these cells are not moving all that fast. it's been raining there for several hours here, the heaviest cluster developed this ocean county. again, all this weather will continue for the next couple of hours sore so. we'll catch a break in the action late morning into the first part of the afternoon. another rounds could develop after 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. 70s for everybody. dewpoints in the 70s when the dewpoints and the temperatures mirror each other, you seep the patchy fog and the haze we've got that throughout the entire area. millville, 76. cape may, 76. atlantic city, 77. all areas dewpoints anywhere from 70 to 75. it feels gross out there right now. the future tracker looks like
7:46 am
9:00 a.m., most of the weather should be calming down, although the model is showing heavy stuff northeast of atlantic city and getting into lbi and south of lakehurst. that will work out to sea. we catch the break late morning first part of the afternoon. 5:00 p.m., pop-up showers or thunderstorms develop. all the activity yesterday was west of the delaware river a lot of is anticipated to be east of the delaware river today. overnight tonight, more showers and storms, patchy fog redeveloping again, it's another night where it will feel awful with high humidity leaves. tomorrow morning, low level fog and clouds followed by thunderstorms in the afternoon. the good news once we get into monday evening and beyond everything shut off even get back to normal lower humidity levels and the return of sunshine for tuesday. the next couple of days here's what we're expecting. downpours and thunderstorms, not anticipated to be as active as yesterday. if you get underneath one of
7:47 am
these storms expect one to two inches of rain in a short period of time. some areas have exceeded that. highs in the upper 80s. some sun and clouds, humid, thunderstorms are likely. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it stays unsettled through the beginning of the week. 89 today, 88 tomorrow. tuesday we dry out. it's humid, but we're drying, 84. wednesday and thursday, the humidity drops off it's more comfortable out there, 84, 86 heating up friday and saturday more 90s we'll worry about that later. >> 7:47 topping our people scene this morning how about a little music to go along with your bruce springsteen autobiography. the boss said his audio companion will be included with his new book that's cool. the album includes 18 tracks that traces musical history including five previously unreleased consults from the beginning of his career, chapter and verse is set for
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only fios can.
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>> it is 73:50, sunday morning, sky6 live hd taking a live look at the beaches of cape may, new jersey, it's a pretty shot there, but the entire day is not going to look so nice, so keep your eye on the accuweather forecast and chris will be back with more on that in a moment. the failed coup in turkey
7:51 am
dominated the news, but the pen museum has more on the turkish ruler who ruled many years ago. david murphy has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: the the and i can n is called king midas who is remembered as everything he touched turned to gold. >> he is famous for having a golden touch. in fact he was one of the most powerful kings. >> reporter: the penn museum partnered with museums in turkey to present 120 objects from the kin's reign. we tried to tell the story of his interaction the people he
7:52 am
fought with and who he liked and who he was allied. there are actual artifacts and thrones and jewels most of which were found by the penn museum during their travel to turkey. one of the biggest finds the tomb of king king midas' fathere of the largest burial mounds in eastern turkey rising over 170 feet in height. all the material that was put in the tomb in 740bc we have for you as part of the exhibit. >> reporter: and penn continues to excavate there every summer. >> this is a living exhibit so you will see our discoveries as we make them ourselves. >> reporter: it is on display through september 27. go to for visit 6abc loves the arts. i'm david murphy.
7:53 am
>> a step back in time. >> you'll be going back to that, you were intrigued i could tell. >> meteorologist chris sowers has a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up next. >> stay with us we're coming right back. beyond has a natural
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it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond. of the accuweather forecast. i see the radar behind you, not looking good. >> reporter: a lot of weather is starting to develop, we have a flood advisory from center city into trenton. the second one is upper bucks county and southern portions of hunterdon county. 3 inches of rain is expected in these two box areas. central ocean county, same thing heavy rain, look at the tim line on the -- the time bar, that is
7:56 am
up to five inches of rain has fallen over lacey. this is what the radar looks like, the cell is not moving just sitting there. heavy, drenching downpours west of the garden state parkway and route 9. that will continue for the next hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, extremely mug today and tomorrow, a break arrives wednesday and thursday. >> we'll keep an eye on the rain, as well. >> 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> here's dan harris with a preview. >> reporter: hi, gray and aleash i wouldn't. coming up on "g.m.a.," hot air balloon disaster. 16 people dead after a balloon crashed into high power lines in texas. new questions about the safety of what were supposed to be gentle scenic rides. what trump told george
7:57 am
stephanopoulos about mission mrs. khan who appeared at the democratic national convention. we'll see you soon. >> dan, thank you, "action news" continues at 9:00 a.m. here's a look at some of the stories we're working on for you, are you paying too much in cable fees an effort underway to unlock the box and save big. >> we have more on the new jersey troopers shooting the wrong man in his home. we'll have more on the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for alicia vitarelli, chris sowers and the all of us here, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
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and just announced $1,000 summer invitation bonus. good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly balloon accident. the worst many american history. 16 people losing their lives when the balloon apparently struck a power line, crashing to the ground. >> i turned and saw the fireball go up. the basket was on the ground. >> the concerns this morning after other accidents caught on camera. >> hope no one's -- whoa! >> are these balloons safe and is the industry regulated enough? a new trump firestorm. the candidate's comments in an exclusive abc news interview coming under fire. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. i worked very, very hard. >> responding to a grieving father's emotional convention speech about his fallen soldier son. what trump said about that soldier's mother and how she's responding this morning.


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