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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> eagles new faces on the field at the link next on action news. actually go down to great wolf lodge, and have a family birthday. woman: and that's the family i wanted to give luke was lots of siblings, people who love him all around him at all times, and lots of support. ♪
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>> announcer: action news delaware valley leading news program with melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. a man trying to get on to i-95 in northeast philadelphia ends up with a bullet in his car and what police say is a case of road rage. tonight investigators are searching for the gunman. sunday night and the story on action news is a case of road rage in northeast philadelphia. >> happened this evening on 9 and wood haven roads and we are live with details with christie. >> reporter: walter apparently it happened on this intersection before both drivers made their way to 95 and it's still unclear what exactly touched off this
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violence. >> shot out there. >> reporter: calls for help came just before 7:15 when police say a driver behind the wheel of a black cadillac fired at least one gunshot into this silver honda, both entering the on ramp for southbound 95 and there were no reported injuries state police were able to meet up with the victim on the interstate and make sure he was okay but the suspect was able to speed off. this is the latest in a string of road rage incidents, in may police arrested this man for allegedly firing into a car in the blue route and in june a gunman fired in a car on 95 north near the gerard bridge and causing the tire to blowout in a rush, this a reminder the violence behind the wheel is all too common on pennsylvania roads. now again fortunately there were no injuries this evening. but anyone with information about the shooter or may have witnessed this shooting is asked to contact detectives, reporting live with christie channel 6
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action news. thank you, a five-year-old boy recovering after he was shot in the hand what police say was an accidental shooting and before 6:30 the boy was shot in the left hand on 1300 of ridden house street in the germantown section and the family rushed him to einstein medical center in stable condition and no arrests made. two men allegedly involved in a friday homicide in germantown had ties to the school's police force, former temple police officer ann wright and robinson are charged with murder and aggravated assault in connection with the death of wright's girlfriend on 4600 of green street and the victim's name not released. >> investigation underway after a massive fire heavily damaged a lumber yard in jersey and ripped through the colucci company in delsea this afternoon and smoke from the blaze could be seen
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miles away and action reporter jericho has been on the scene for hours and is live from franklin township with the very latest, jeff? >> reporter: walter fire crews have wrapped up here for the night and you can see some smoke billowing from the rubble that is left, the store was closed and no one inside when the fire broke out, it took 200 crews from 30 companies to battle the blaze that was made more challenging by today's intense heat. >> a huge loss for this area. >> reporter: as the sun sets firefighters extinguish hot spots and locals gather to watch remember nizing about the 71-year-old business that become an institution here. >> my father bought stuff her and i did and a lot of people did, kind of shocking. smoke and flames after the three alarmer started this afternoon on colucci lumber at delsea drive. >> heavy smoke inside and made
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an interior attack and as we were going inside they got driven back by the fire and went to defensive operation. >> reporter: they do not have hydrants tankers from four counties called in to pull water from a nearby lake. >> hampered by the hot water and pressure. >> reporter: extra paramedics and volunteers kept crews cool, two firefighters were taken to the hospital for heat exhaustion and others treated at the scene. >> fencing and cabinets. >> reporter: brandon colucci says the hardware store had a lifetime of memories, his grandfather started the business that is now owned by his dad and uncles. >> in my car, i still need to process it but it will get better hopefully. >> reporter: we are told one of the owners left the scene of the fire 30 minutes before the fire was reported. the fire marshal was here digging through the rubble, so far though no cause. now this store actually burnt
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back in 1968 and was rebuilt but it's unclear at this point whether the colucci family intends to rebuild, live in franklin county, jeff jericho channel six action news. >> jeff thank you a philadelphia fire truck was involved in a serious accidents in center city. it happened near the intersection of 23 and market. a ladder truck and a porche collided causing extensive damage and no one injured. a 76-year-old man shot by new jersey state troopers in his own home is improving and gerald sykes family says he is now in stable condition after being shot three times. on saturday morning the state troopers were responding to a 911 call but they mistakely ended up at sykes deerfield township home and sykes apparently thought the officers were intruders and grabbed his shotgun. he was standing in his living room when police fired four shots, the state attorney general's office is now investigating. more changes on the way for regional rail customers,
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starting tomorrow passengers will not be allowed to buy tickets on board the train during certain hours and passengers riding between 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. must show their tickets before boarding. all fares collected or validated at temple, jefferson, suburban, 30th street and university city, it's a temporary policy links to the shortage of regional rail cars this summer. turning to the accuweather forecast now and yesterday's heavy rains did not do much to cool things off rounds here and another humid day and now more rain coming on the way. metrologist cecily in for melissa tonights and joins us now with the first check of your accuweather forecast. >> most of our region is rain free but very humid but double scan showing we have a strong line of thunderstorms right now moving through burkes county. you can see it's approaching ham berg. it's right over i-78. this whole complex is moving to the southeast at about 30 miles per hour. not only does it have thunder
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and lightning it also has some heavy downpours and have been getting some spotty downpours across lehigh and allentown and easton an hour ago had heavy downpours and more on the way and the national service issued a flash flood watch for tomorrow and burkes and montgomery and all areas to the north, these are the areas that really got hit the hardest over the weekend with rain generally about 2-4" and these downpours could bring another quick 1-2" and that could cause some flash flooding. the reason why you step outside, you can feel it, the humidity levels are through the roof. they are in the mid 70s with dew points to around 80 and that is oppressive air aunt and can pull down heavy rain in a short period of time. satellite 6 and action radar showing what is going on stationary front and low pressure along that and what that will do is pull that whole
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complex to the south and that could cause problems for one of our commutes tomorrow, i'll talk more about that coming up, in the full accuweather forecast, walter. >> lots of water this weekend thank you and heavy rains pounded much of maryland and two people were killed as a result of flooding and this is by baltimore where people had to form a human chain to rescue a woman from her car, incredible video here, you can see the water rushing over the vehicle roof and the folks are risking their safety in the process, the woman inside was rescued and pulled to safety. another weekend, another campaign trail controversy, donald trump is under fire after belittling the parents of a slain soldier and fired back and now hillary clinton is weighing, in here is abc. >> hillary clinton and in the fire storm of donald trump's comments of a family captain killed in iraq. >> attack as he did on captain
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khan's mother, a gold star mother. i don't know where the bottom is. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with abc news trump the republican nominee for president took issue with the family after a pointed speech at the democraic national convention. >> you have sacrificed nothing. [cheers] and no one. >> i made a lot of sacrifices. i work very very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs. >> reporter: but it didn't stop there. trump going on to say this. >> if you look at his wife she had nothing to say, she probably maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> reporter: khan saying grief kept her from speaking last week, not any more. >> for president is not an entitlement to disrespect golden star family and golden star mother. shame on him. >> reporter: late saturday in a statement the trump campaign
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called captain khan a hero and took to twitter defending his words writing quote i was viciously attached by mr. khan am i not allowed to respond. another person firing back is john allen and criticized the four-star general after he endorsed clinton. >> he was in there a number of months and failed. >> if he spent a minute in the deserts of afghanistan or in the deserts of iraq i might listen to what he has to say. >> reporter: hi drama with less than 100 days to go. abc news washington. there is also a growing dispute over the debate dates, the trump campaign is now opposing two dates that run on the same nights as nfl games and trump is claiming it is evidence of the democrats rigged the schedule. nonpartisan commission on presidential debates denies that is the case and working on the debate scheduled more than 18 months ago, the commission said it was impossible to avoid all the sporting events, the two
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debates are september 26, the night of the first debate when espn will carry the monday night nfl game, a second debate opposed to the trump campaign is opposite a sunday night game. i-295 in new jersey this afternoon sticky situation and watermelons after a truck carrying the melons overturned and around 5:00 when the driver lost control on a curb and tipped over as a result this huge load of watermelons went flying on the highway and no one was injured but as you can see it was quite a mess. sang their hearts out for a cause in center city philadelphia. ♪ this event kicked off national minority donor awareness week in philadelphia. the goal is to spread the word to community communities about the importance of being an organ and tissue donor, the life donor program is leading the charge
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along with gospel music, donor families and transplant recipients share their stories. dunkin donuts honored at the union match and given a 2000 college scholarship and awarded on academic achievement, leadership and commitment to their community. scholarship recipients were selected from thousands of applications, high school seniors around the region. >> much more to come on action news tonight, if you are a smoker in pennsylvania prepare to pay more for a pack come tomorrow, how much prices are going up. someone out there is holding a piece of paper worth 487 million, we will tell you where the winning powerball ticket for last night's jackpot was sold. eagles hold training camp at the link and the new quarterback is like a kid in a candy shop and ducis rogers has sports next when we come back. ♪
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a massive wildfire near california's big sir, the fire is threatening thousands of homes there prompting the evacuation of about 300 residences and spread overnight to 59 square miles roughly the same size as the entire city of san francisco. it's already destroyed more than 50 homes more than 5,000 firefighters are battling this wildfire which remains only about 15% contained. federal investigators from at least three agencies are now on the scene of a deadly hot air balloon crash in central texas, 16 people were killed when the balloon likely hit high voltage lines and crashed in an open field and happened early yesterday morning about 30 miles south of austin. officials say it could take several days to identify the victims, the balloon was operated by heart of texas hot air balloon rides. pope francis back in rome after a five day trip to poland
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and the pontiff celebrated a mass by a massive crowd and encouraged the young people there to believe in a new humanity that refuses to use borders as barriers and the first visit to central and eastern europe, the next youth day will take place in panama in three years, and arriving in rio before the olympics and carly lloyd said she is excited to compete however many athletes are already complaining about housing conditions at the olympic village and say the toilets are blocked, pipes are leaking and no shortage of exposed wiring, regardless open ceremonies scheduled for friday. >> who won that massive powerball jackpot and it was sold at this support super market in raymond, new hampshire and lump sum is 30 million and the winner has not come forward and 8th largest in u.s. history,
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don't throw away the tickets quite yet though because someone in pennsylvania bought a ticket worth two million dollars. i guaranty it's not me. >> right you are here. >> right much more to come on action news eagles fans get a special treat their first chance to see the team's new faces right there at the link. and metrologist cecily has your exclusive accuweather forecast when action news comes right back. i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody
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and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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cecily here with another check of the accuweather forecast, another hot and humid day and more rain on the way. >> starting a new month but really with the same weather and that could cause some flooding problems and double school showing here in philadelphia warm and humid and gusty thunderstorms moving through burkes county and just riding right along i-78 through ham berg and this is still pushing to the east and this should be bearing down on allentown within about the next half hour and this also comes with some very
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heavy downpours and the main concern heading through the day tomorrow. we are saying good-bye to july and it certainly was a hot one, the hottest day the 23rd at 97 with a heat index of 109 and never forget that day. we had three heat waves this month and including today we had 16 days in the 90s, average for july is 11 days so it was unusually hot and even right now it's hot and philadelphia 78 degrees, wilmington and dover still 80, cape may 79 and reddening also 79 degrees and dew points are through the roof. we have dew points in the 70s across most of our viewing area. dover the dew point is 80 degrees. that is new orleans kind of humidity and with this high moisture contents in the air anydownpours we get can cause localized flooding especially north of philadelphia where the ground is saturated since this weekend and future tracker showing the morning commute not
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bad and a few areas of fog but as we head through the afternoon we will see some scattered downpours developing rounds 2:00 and looks like they will be intensifying a bit in time for the evening commute and not a situation and everyone will see them but those who do could have heavy downpours and worth repeating we do have that flash flood watch in effect north of philadelphia through monday evening and any areas that get a quick 1-2" of rain could have localized flooding and remember turn around, don't drown, do not try to drive into flooded roads. monday is warm and humid, 88 the high, some of the heavy thunderstorms as this whole compl complex sinks through us and pushing away on tuesday and bring us cooler air and get more stable, 84 degrees and then high pressure build in on wednesday and will bring us humidity with a nice day. down the shore no sea breeze and the green fly also be biting and
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beach haven 85 and bethenny and uv moderate and the exclusive seven-day forecast warm and humid start to august and 83 with late day thunderstorm and tuesday cools off to 84 and wednesday the pick of the week partly sunny, low humidity, 84 doesn't last long, humidity begins to return on thursday, 86 degrees, it gets hot and humid again by friday. 90 degrees on saturday, looks like we touch 91 degrees before another cold front sweeps through with a round of showers and thunderstorms and behind that system sunday the better of the two next weekend partly sunny and warm with a high of 89 degrees and david murphy will have the rest of the storms on action news beginning at 4:30. >> sounds like august. >> dog days can't believe it is here. seven-day forecast and a look at double scan radar on our website and go to 6abc/weather.
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sports is next here on action news. >> phillies take on the braves in atlanta, ducis rogers has highlights next.
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ducis rogers in for jeff and baseball trade deadline tomorrow. >> watching anxiously at 4:00 tomorrow and jeremy and peter borgess and phillies and braves in a hot atlanta this afternoon and he has a second straight solid start and fourth inning. that is a 1-6-3 double play and allows to hit. and in the sixth inning a rain delay and does not return and andrew bailey in on a relief. that is not good. 7th inning. two run homer from phillies good guy, 2-0 atlanta and on the board in the 8th inning and an solo shot and 2-1 and phillies down to the final out and carlos
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and cannot catch up to the fast ball and phillies lose 2-1 and finish up road trip 4-6. come one and all was the eagles message to the fans and the faithful took them up on it and the birds had a free practice at the link and explained the height difference between them. bradford is the number one qb but carson getting a lot of attention out there, the rookie's first real work at the link and sounds like he had a few pinch me moments. >> i was a little surprised to be honest how many people are here for practice and wasn't sure what to expect and craziness and cool for the season around the corner and coming out to the fans is sweet and cannot imagine this. >> the plays and through rookie camp, a couple of wild plays you just go that is the kinds of kind of quarterback you know you have and he is on track where we want him


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