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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  August 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday august 2nd. i'm tamala edwards. here is nydia han. matt o'donnell is off this morning. >> we are following a breaking story. police are looking for a driver who hit a pedestrian and took off from the scene. we are live with the deadly details. >> for the first time the cdc is warning people not to travel to a part of america and it's all because of zika. >> the bash rhett star jo-jo he fletcher handed out her final rose and in return, accepted a diamond ring. >> we'll see if it ends in a wedding. that's when i take it seriously. let's head on over to dave murphy. he's got your accuweather. karen rogers is off. matmatt pelman is taking a look
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at traffic. >> we're off to a dry start after that threat of heavy downpours last night. we did get a couple of them coming down to the west and down south but that's all done. now we're looking at clouds mixing with potential sunshine as we go through the day. a slight chance of an additional pop-up shower. most of you stay dry today. 72 in allentown, similar numbers in wilmington and trenton and down the snore cape may. what about that humidity? we were in the 70's with those dewpoints yesterday with oppressive humidity. now most areas down into the mid to upper 60's which is still humid but an indication of things are a little bit better today. as we go out running, 71 degrees, no rain to bother you this morning. hydrate ahead of time of course especially with that humidity still noticeable. 77 degrees by 10 o'clock and by noon, 79 degrees. this afternoon we'll be in the low 80's. your shy going to be 82. we'll hit that at about 3 o'clock. again a pop-up little shower or thunderstorm here or there but most neighborhoods staying dry. we have something popping in the tropics potentially. a little bit later on this morning. i'll take the latest look at that and of course we'll check
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out the rest of the work week. >> did you get jo-jo's final rose? my money won dave. >> well, now -- >> you weren't watching i guess. good morning to you. good morning, everybody. we'll live along the vine street expressway where things are improving. they have reopened the westbound lanes between broad street and the schuylkill. eastbound is in the process of reopening. the ramp from the westbound schuylkill to the eastbound vine just reopened. we're still waiting on the ramp from the eastbound schuylkill to the eastbound vine and then the crews come back tonight at 11 o'clock and will do the whole thing all over again. meanwhile on 95 overnight restrictions here by cottman have cleared. they will resume their work tonight at 8 o'clock along 95 and block the northbound off ramp once again. and crews have cleared here in chester county along 202. they'll come back here tonight a few more nights of this widening project as they put the finishing touches on and by the end of the week we should have three lanes available in each direction between 301 and the 30 bypass something we're looking
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forward to. this morning if you're headed to the vincentown diner for breakfast there's a downed traffic signal blocking to 06 at 38. smithville road gets you around 206. in hamilton township construction for another hour on 295 southbound past arena drive. tam. >> thank you, matt. this is breaking overnight details coming in the last hour. a woman's body has been found on the side of the road in south jersey. police say she is the victim of a hit and run killed on white horse pike in galloway township. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at that scene with the details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. this was a fatal hit and run and the victim has been identified as 27-year-old aubrey service from little egg harbor. investigators say she was in the crosswalk over there when she was struck and killed here last night on white horse pike and sixth avenue in galloway township. the victim was in the crosswalk. police were on the scene overnight. the road was closed for several hours while they collected evidence.
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witnesses told police that service was walking across the street at the intersection when a silver suv traveling west in the left lane ran a red light. and she was struck and bolted forward. service was pronounced dead at the scene. the vehicle fled and is now being described as a silver older model chevy tahoe or suburban possibly a 90's model. it should have front driver side damage. galloway township police and the atlantic county prosecutor's office are investigating. if you have any tips, they wander to hear from you. we're live in galloway township, katherine scott channel6 "action news." nydia. >> katherine, thank you. flying food and fists have prompted a criminal investigation. police are looking for the people who caused this commotion at a wawa in northeast philadelphia. the late friday night brawl unfolded inside the store at torresdale and levick. police are investigating vandalism in the store and the a assault of one of the customers.
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look at this. much more on the story coming up in a live report at 5:30. it is 5:04. family and friend say their final good bice to a philadelphia firefighter who died in the line of duty last week. gabriel lee's viewing took place yesterday at deliverance evangelistic church in north philadelphia. lee was found unresponsive by fellow firefighters hours after he responded to a fire just over a week ago on july 23rd. he was working with ladder company 12 in north philadelphia. investigators have not yet said how lee died. >> it is 5:05 and i'm at the big board this morning talking about this, the cdc issued an unpress tented warning for pregnant women. given the zika virus outbreak that they're dealing with in south florida they're advising mothers to be to stay away from that area for at least eight weeks. florida health officials announced yesterday that there are 10 new infections and that brings the total in the state to 14. governor rick scott has asked the cdc to send an emergency response team to the state. meantime scott is offering his
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top suggestion center city for eliminating zika. >> no standing water, no standing water and then no standing water and then no standing water. >> and health officials i would imagine also with long sleeves and doing what you can. they're also going door to door spraying pesticides and testing floridaians. zika is lingd to serious birth defects that can lead to babies being born with abnormally small heads. >> aqua america has worked overnight to repair a broken water main. the main burst at 8 o'clock last night. fortunately it is not affected water service for customers but the road is expected to be closed until 8 o'clock this morning. wildlife officials are trying to catch a bear that was spotted in delaware county over the weekend. upper providence township police say residents first reported seeing the black bear on friday night just north of gradyville road at providence road. they are warning residents the keep their distance and not to feed it.
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the pennsylvania game commission says a trap is in place. you're right i feel like it's bear story after bear story. >> yes, i know. >> the guy driving the trash truck you want to hang around for that one. storm tracker6 live double scan showing a lack of rain after heavy downpours last night. a couple neighborhoods got them but most avoided that. taking a look outside we have hopeful anyway for some sunshine later on, a little bit cloudy over penn's landing but looking pretty tranquil with winds on the light side, the delaware river looking rather glassy this morning. we're at 73 degrees in philadelphia, 73 in wilmington, 72 in allentown and 73 in cape may. and it's a little bit humid out there still but not quite as oppressive as it was yesterday. hugfuture tracker6 shows you we start out with clouds. by 12 o'clock there is the chance of a spotty shower or a thunderstorm but it doesn't look like it's anything like what we were thinking might happen yesterday in some
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neighborhoods and by 6 o'clock we're probably beginning to dry out so a slight chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm today but most of you likely stay dry or if you do see something, it will be a small part of the package today. 82 degrees lehigh valley forecast. clouds giving way to some sun. mainly dry up in the lehigh valley and down the shore, yes, there is the chance of a spotty shower or even a thunderstorm. you head in off the beach if you hear the thunder but overall clouds giving way to some sun, mainly dry 78 degrees and right now 75 in the ocean water off ac. in philadelphia a high of 82, clouds giving way to some occasional sun, mainly dry. winds out of the east at six to 12 miles per hour so not much of a breeze. later on this evening the phillies are back home for a quick three game set with the giants. starts tonight way first pitch temperature of 79 degrees at about 7:05 and 73 trees in the ninth inning and still a bit humid tonight but partly cloudy skies and very likely dry for that ball game. then overnight we could see the development of some patchy fog by morning. otherwise it's just clearing overnight, 68 degrees the overnight low. and humidity should start to
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die down a bit overnight. tomorrow a nice day, partly sunny and 84 with even lower humidity. just a tad humid tomorrow with that system down the our south and the high are humid air down below that system. we are keeping our eyes on the tropics. there is an area of precipitation showing up south of jamaica that has about an 80 percent chance of becoming a tropical storm. if that happens it would become earl. we'll keep our eyes on that. that could even be something that pops up later on today. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 82 is today's high, clouds mixing with some sun, mainly dry although we can't rule out a spotty shower. tomorrow partly sunny and nice, 84. and seasonably warm on thursday with a high of 86. we might feel it get a little bit more humid but still not a bad day. and then friday warm and more humid a high of 89. at night there could be some showers or thunderstorms developing. this is opening night at musikfest. hopefully we can keep that stuff out of bethlehem. saturday hot and humid with a thunderstorm and a high of 90. not a washout but we'll have to be on the lookout for spotty storms on saturday. sunday and monday we're back into the upper 80's with lower humidity and actually a good
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portion of next week at least as we charge into it is looking pretty good. and musikfest is upon us. hopefully good weather for a lot of those days. >> when are you going up. >> i'm going to be on vacation. >> all right. it is 5:10. still ahead on "action news," a group of mad moms walked out of the bad moms movie at a theater in florida. we'll tell you what cents them m out the door. >> a bizarre series of events led to a car slamming into a wal-mart and you'll never guess who or what was behind the wheel. matt. >> ramp from the eastbound schuylkill to the eastbound vine just reopened within the last few seconds. overnight construction here is gone. but we'll check 422 and talk about a new crash in gloucester county when "action news" continues on this tuesday morning. >> ♪
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staples has the lowest prices... period. >> ♪ >> welcome back on this tuesday. it is 5:13, 73 degrees. sky6 hd taking a live look right there at i think the commodore barry bridge, right? it is going to be a pretty nice day and seasonably cool. 82 degrees. we'll definitely take it, right, after the sweltering heat we had last week. >> yes, they say the early bird gets the worm. does the early bird get the easy commute matt pelman. >> we shall see and nydia knows her bridges. that indeed was our good buddy the commodore john barry bridge as we look live from chester. coming out of the burbs this morning it is a good ride if you're headed out right now at least. here's 422. westbound come the headlights coming away from 202 headed towards route 23. right now all is fine but starting at 9:00 this morning there will be some westbound construction just like
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yesterday. this is most of the days this week nine until 2:30 as you head toward trooper road they're going to block a lane and slow you down. at this point, though, no delays on 422 as you go under the pennsylvania turnpike which is right there. and then farther west on 422 starting at 7:00 each morning this week, they're blocking a lane in the ongoing work zone between sanatoga and arm and hammer. still have some overnight construction right now on the northeast extension headed northbound between mid-county and lance day. vial out of commission but coming southbound between the lehigh valley and quakertown that work zone has cleared so any stragglers that need to come back from race weekend in the poconos which was delayed until yesterday some of the races, they're going to be okay because that overnight work is cleared out of the way. if you're headed to the stump road area of bucks county we've got drainage work going on all week along stump road starting at 7 o'clock each morning. stick with 611 to get around that or else curly hill road
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would be another alternate. 206 shut down at 38 because of a downed traffic signal. smithville road gets you around that. also have a new ya', in monroe township gloucester county along malaga road at new brooklyn road by new brooklyn united methodist church. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. new here on "action news" pokèmon go may be proving to be a problem for some new york police officers. at least one person was knocked out when a fight unfolded in the middle of the street. take a look at that. witnesses say dozens of people playing pokèmon go were involvedly in the melee. video recorded at the scene shows things escalating rather quickly. though it's not clear yet what exactly kicked off the fight. and if indeed it was connected to pokèmon go. no arrests have been made. >> a couple in arizona is accused of leaving their toddler home alone while they played pokèmon go. authorities say the two-year-old boy was outside for an hour and a half by himself and a neighbor found the child barefoot sweaty and dirty. when they called the dad, he
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allegedly said whatever and hung up. the couple is charged with child endangerment and neglect. shoppers couldn't believe who or rather what was behind the wheel after a car crashed into the side of a store. it happened at this wal-mart in wayne county west virginia. an employee says she was on break when she noticed a car moving slowly toward her. she thought it was someone she knew playing a joke on her until she looked in the driver's seat and yeah, saw this pooch. police responded and said the dog had knocked the car out of park. no one was hurt and the crash only caused minor damage to the store. >> new on "action news" moms around the country are going the theaters to see that hit movie bad moms but a regal movie theater in florida has encountered some mad moms. a group of about 50 women got together to go to the movie. a couple of mothers brought their children including infants. there's just one problem. regal's policy does not allow children age six and under to go to r rated films even with a parent. while talking with the manager, one mother says that the manager went too far.
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they say he told a mother to cover up while she breastfed. >> don't wander them nursing in public where are moms supposed to go? >> the mothers apparently tried to slip back into the movie but they were found out and asked to leave. they did get a refund on their tickets. >> 5:17. sports now. the phillies let the mlb trade deadline come and go. they are hanging onto both jeremy hellickson and vince velasquez. the phillies reportedly have their asking price very high. the phillies open a series at home against the giants today. the eagles are a week into training camp and there has been a lot of hype surrounding quarterback carson wentz the number two overall pick in the nfl draft. but sam bradford is still the starter. bradford says he does understand the interest in wentz. so, take a look at this guy. he is an andy reid impersonator. that's right. chris wilhelm highjacked the chief's press conference only to be interrupted by the real head coach.
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wilhelm by the way is from lancaster. he says he has been a big fan since reid coached the eagles. >> they certainly do look like. >> i think that's a cousin at least. it's 5:18. coming up on "action news" vice president joe biden helps two staffers tie the knot. >> are you ready to take it easy with a burger. the new setting that says eating meat could be putting your health at risk. david. >> looks like those storms from last night are gone. we might see another little pop-up shower or thunderstorm today but overall it's just clouds and sun and a little less humid, too. i'll let you know where temperatures go on your day planner forecast and we'll check the airport coming up next. >> ♪ i approve this message.
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>> are we ready for a fun filled morning commute? >> yeah. >> yay! >> couple things messing it up already like a new crash here on the ramp from 29, that's the malvern interchange to the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound. word that of just coming in. we'll keep you posted. and of course we expect delays again this morning on the septa regional rails as we remain on those interim schedules but yesterday they
5:21 am
added a couple new trains which is good. one on the trenton line levers at 6:35, one on the warminster line leaves at 6:58 and keep in mind if you ride the trains during the afternoons, 3:00 to 6:30 you have to now buy your tickets or have your passes out before you go he to the platforms. david. >> a lot of clouds around this morning across the region matt. we're in the low 70's and we'll still be there at 7 o'clock on the bus stop. 71 degrees. by 10 o'clock, 76. by noon, 79 degrees and then we will spend the afternoon in the 80's but just barely. today's high is 82 degrees at about three he clock. again clouds giving way to sunny breaks. a little bit more sun late in the day. there's the chance of a spotty pop-up shower or thunderstorm but most areas won't see that. that's just something that might interrupt your at any briefly at some point. all green aircraft on the big board at the airport and no sign of rain right now in any of our big travel destinations. nydia and tam. >> okay, thank you, david. going on to health check, more medical evidence to consider when it comes to how much meat you consume a new stud tea suggests replacing animal protein in your diet with plant protein things like
5:22 am
nuts and beans could add years to your life. the study of data on the diets of more than 131,000 people was published in a medical journal. scientists have long connected processed red meat way wide spectrum of chronic disease like cancer diabetes and heart disease. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, dr. richard besser goes inside this florida neighborhood. just one square mile north of downtown miami where 14 cases of zika have been transmitted by mosquito. >> there's still individuals that are at risk in that one-mile square radius. >> reporter: the virus most frightening for pregnant women. >> how does it make you feel that zika is so close to where you are? >> it's scary because as a mother you just want to protect your -- you know, your child. >> have you taken any steps around your home to cut down on mosquitos. >> making sure none of my plants have water and i make sure to keep the door closed.
5:23 am
>> and coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll go one-on-one with the director of the cdc. this is your "gma" first look. lindsey janice, abc news new york.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back on this tuesday. it is 5:25. sky6 hd taking a live look at atlantic city. still asleep it looks like. it's going to be a nice day. 82 degrees is your high. >> ♪ >> all right. time now for the buzz. if you're a bachelor fan or bachelorette jo-jo fletcher out of roses. the real estate developer picked jordan rogers accepting an engagement ring from him by the end of the show. he proposed in the season finale of the abctv reality show. the other competitor robby hayes was sent home. fletcher and rogers had chemistry from the beginning. the bachelorette star gave rogers whose brother is green bay packers quarterback aaron rogers. vice president joe biden had a different role yesterday wedding out owedding outwedding.
5:27 am
biden tweeted outer this picture of the ceremony writing he couldn't be more proud tore happier to marry brian and joe at his house. nydia. >> tam thank you. still ahead on "action news a fight breaks out in the middle of a wawa. here life it's with the details and the search for the people involved. plus it is now up to new jersey governor chris christie whether medical marijuana can be used for posttraumatic stress disorder. we'll be back in a moment.
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>> breaking on "action news" a driver runs a red light killing a woman walking through a crosswalk. >> this fight in a northeast philadelphia wawa and only "action news" spoke to the person who tried to stop it. >> it's another cloudy unsettled start but accuweather is tracking a break to this humid soupy streak. good morning out there. 5:30 now on this tuesday august 2nd. matt o'donnell is off. nydia han is joining us. let's go on over to dave murphy and to matt pelman. good morning.
5:30 am
>> you're right yesterday was soupy. today will be humid but not quite as bad and then tomorrow things get even better. for now we've got clouds giving way to a few sunny breaks through the morning but fairly overcast and there's the chance of a spotty pop-up shower or thunderstorm today although i think most of you either stay dry or have the majority of the day dry. 73 degrees heading out the door this morning in philadelphia. 72 in allentown and very similar numbers in trenton allentown millville and down in cape may. pretty much everyone in the low 70's this morning. and dewpoints an indicator of that humidity are still in the 70's down south in cape may and dover so somewhat impressive oppressive down here but down into the played to upper 60's in the i-95 corridor and points north so humid but not quite as bad as yesterday. if you have plans to get out and get that early workout done just hydrate ahead of time as it is still a little bit on the sticky side but not bad, dry. not a whole lot of sun. 71 degrees, some sunny breaks. 77 by 10 o'clock. 79 by noon and your high today is a pretty manageable 82. that's several degrees bel


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