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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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as his lawyer touts the victory. philadelphia's top prosecutor is vowing to try this case again. i'm brian taff. >> and i'm sharrie williams, the big story on "action news" is the release of monsignor william lynn, the first church official to go to jail over his handling of priest involved in sexual abuse. john rawlins is live now in center city philadelphia. >> reporter: well, with today's bail agreement came word that monstein you're lynn would again face a new trial and the announcements of that trial prompted harsh words about the d.a. seth williams. >> the d.a. has been that way for a long long time to the extent that some of the material in his briefs have just been over the top i think. inaccurate and dishonest, but he is just hell went to retry this
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case. >> reporter: lynn's conviction was shot down because they found some evidence unfairly prejudiced the case. the first priest convicted of moving and hiding priests accused of sexual abuse. he is due to be patrolled in october and in questioning the wisdom of retrying lynn at this late stage. even if convicted his punishment could not exceed the original sentence. >> he can't be resentenced. i suppose he could be resentenced and do two more months. >> at worst? >> if he is convicted again. >> in a statement today. seth williams says there is testimony today by the defendant himself. a retrial is the right thing to do in the pursuit of justice.
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>> the da made himself available and conceded that if there is a second conviction it could not exceed the first sentence. >> why bother is because a jury in philadelphia found monsignor lynn guilty of endangering the welfare of children and guilty of creating the play book that allowed for pedophile priest not to be held accountable and moved off to other parishes in our archdiocese where they frequently re-offended and sexually abused children. >> the next stop is thursday, monsignor will become before the new trial judge and it's expected that the trial day will be set for the second trial. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> john, thank you. three people arrested after 12 girls were found living in a buck county home just had their preliminary hearing and all
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three were ordered to stand trial. they allegedly gifted their 14-year-old daughter to lee kaplan after he helped them out financially, police found the girl and 11 others living with kaplan in feasterville in june. the 15-year-old allegedly fathered two children with the father. the driver ran a red light and hit a woman in the crosswalk and left her there to die. that is what police are saying about a deadly hit and run in montgomery county. janet reyes is live now with what we know about the victim and the search for the driver. >> reporter: yes brian, the investigation is ongoing, but i talked to several residents and many of them tell me they are shaken by what they saw in the aftermath of this horrific accident. the impact so powerful, it threw the victim nearly 30 feet.
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>> i was sitting outside of my hotel room and then a big bang like a car accident and i came running over. >> thinking back to the loud sound that shattered the midnight quiet monday evening it's disturbing to learn that residents were hearing the ill pact of a vehicle plowing in audrey service. the little egg harbor resident was walking in the crosswalk near the westbound lanes when she was struck, the driver took off leaving her to die from her injuries. the nearby resident called his friend to tell him the news. >> i said there was an accident and i think she was dead. >> customers from a nearby gas station rushed out to the nearby site. >> at first i thought why isn't anyone getting her help, when are you hurt you need help and two girls ran up to her and ran
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back screaming. >> service was pronounced dead at the scene. >> they didn't even touch her, they knew she was gone. >> not much is known about the driver or vehicle, but they believe it may have been an older model silver suv, or chevy tahoe or suburban and the vehicle should have front drivers side damage. there are businesses nearby most of them having surveillance cameras but none of them are facing in the direction of the car accident, now anyone with information is asked to contact police. reporting live in galloway township, new jersey, janet reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. meanwhile, farther down the coast two people went to the hospital while they were hit by a car. police say that a jeep wrangler hit the bicycles before 11:00
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this morning. medics flew the victims to the hospital and the driver did say at the scene after the crash and cape may prosecutors are investigating. >> it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> quite a bit cooler out there today so the relief has begun, meteorologist, cecily tynan is in for adam joseph. >> reporter: it's another relatively cool august day, typically this is the time we are baking but philadelphia checking in with a currents temperature of 82 degrees. millville 80 degrees and allentown 79 and reading and dover 80 degrees. we have somewhat of a breeze out here and dew points are beginning to drop. so not nearly as humid as yesterday. satellite 6 along with action radar showing it's been a battle today between the clouds and sunshine and we also have a cluster of some downpours breaking out across berks county, it's just to the north of reading right now. riding to the south and crossing 222 and this does have some
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heavy downpours, but this is really the last of it. we'll be clearing out very nicely tonight and the next two days enjoy it, looking ahead, i am tracking a comfortable air mass moving in with a good break in the humidity, seasonable temperatures and a lot of sunshine and then we'll be heating up for the weekend and i am also tracking the return of storms for the weekend we'll have details on that in the full accuweather forecast. >> in the meantime we'll enjoy t thank you cecily. keep up with the forecast with our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. share your pictures and video there too. is it weather is your 24 hour resource. philadelphia's bravest lined in salute today to say good-bye to one of their own. it was a solemn procession along lehigh avenue.
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a flag was draped over the coffin of gabriel lee. last sunday lee was found unresponsive by fellow firefighters hours after he had responded to a fire. was working with ladder company 12 in north philadelphia and was in the basement gym at the time. lee was 42 years old and a veteran of the fire department. they said their final good-byes with a service filled with song and prayer and tears. lee was said to be a great friend that always had your back. >> most of all perhaps the best thing that any firefighter could have said about them, is that gabe was a firefighter's firefighter. >> now, investigators have not said yet just how lee died. the department today they calls him a great firefighter who always gave his all. >> all right alicia thank you. it is time on this tuesday for the "action news" traffic
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report. >> matt pellman is keeping a close eye on the commute and joins us live in the traffic center. >> several traffic troubles for the tuesday trip home including an overturned vehicle crash on 42 southbound just up ahead. causing delays that spill back on to 295, and your delays and 42 start on the walt whitman bridge on to 92 southbound where we are just barely creeping along down to 295, where the overturned vehicle takes out the right lane. trouble getting into new jersey and trouble getting into the northeast as well. 95 northbound is backed up from this point at penn's landing the whole way up to cotman, we had an earlier broken down vehicle at cotman in the work zone, left with the backlog on 95 northbound. trouble in king of prussia ark crash shutting down route 23, that is valley forge road between moore road and byleer
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road. alternates are around that closure at king of prussia. and 42 a fuel spill, the slower speeds are on the westbound side. and 22 near tillman street there is a crash and the slower speeds are on the eastbound side. just 20 miles per hour. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. in delco, a report of a crash along spring road northbound away from the blue route, slowing is accompanying that as well. we'll check it again in the 4:30 half hour. >> thank you. still ahead the latest on the growing zika outbreak sparking warnings in america. and donald trump raises eyebrows when he kicks a baby out of one of his rallies today. the moment that has lots of people talking. and pope francis opens the door to a potentially huge change for
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we have new developments just coming in this afternoon with regards to the government's unprecedented travel warning for miami over concerns for the zika virus, the center for disease control and prevention has new concerns that mosquitos in that area may be resistant to the insecticide. and today the state of florida is calling on the federal government to respond to the outbreak, getting worse by the day and in fact a new case was reported this afternoon. the wynnewood area of miami is the folk all point against the country's first fight against the virus. and 15 cases have been transmitted by local mosquitos in one square mile of the city. the cdc is not taking chances and issued the first ever travel warning within the united states especially for pregnant women, the virus can cause severe birth
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defects, officials are not sure if the pesticides they are using there are working. >> there is no quick test for that. and reading sites that are not eliminated and standing water where mosquitos continue to be churned out. >> and unprecedented because people infected don't show sometimes many times and they are going door-to-door to test thousands of residents and as for women that have visited miami and trying to get pregnant or thinking about it. the cdc recommends holding off for at least eight weeks. >> lets hope health officials can get that under control. the commissioner announced he is stepping down next month, the move is a major surprise by city leaders who expected him to stay on until next year. bill bradon offered up his resignation to bill deblasio, and he accepted and appointed
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o'neil as his replacement. braton was expected to stay in his post until after next year's mayoral election and braton says he is leaving in september to pursue other opportunities. there was another extraordinary moment in the white house as an exaspirationed president obama -- >> if are you repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable why are you still endorsing him? what does this is an about your party that this is your standard bearer. >> trump responded by faulting the president and hillary clinton for roles of isis around the world and the sluggish economy, and called clinton
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unfit for hi office. and he stopped the rally and asked the mother of a crying baby to leave. >> actually i was only kidding you can get the baby out of here -- that is all right. don't worry. i think she really believed me that i love having a baby crying when i'm speaking and at the same rally trump was given a purple heart by a super and he said quote, i always wanted one. >> and the next step to open the door to women to serve in the catholic church. that the pope has set up a commission to explore whether women could serve as decons, the commission is made up of six men and women including priests and laywomen and now married men can preach and serve over baptisms and funerals but only priests
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can celebrate mass. 12 children recently diagnosed with cancer got a small measure of comforts, in the way of these coping kits in wilmington. each bag is packed with a cozy blanket and toiletries and an ipad. employees from renewal by anderson raised several thousand dollars over the summer to pay for the kits. >> all for a great cause. the kids will love them no question. lets get more on the cool weather we are enjoying on this august day. cecily tynan is standing by with more of this to come? >> the entire month of august is cool, so far. we only had two days, yesterday 80 and today 82. double scan live radar showing that most of the region is rain free, and there is one cluster of heavy downpours working through berks county and this right now pushed south of 222 and is really heading right
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towards downtown reading and we have heavy downpour as associated with this, we can zoom in and see how it's over route 61 and north 11th street and heading toward 422, shilling ton we get the action in 10 minutes, what is the only downpour we have, the atmosphere is beginning to settle down and this will bring us a breath of fresh air for the next two days. even today feeling pretty nice out there. 82 degrees and dew points are in the mid-60s, so it's a little bit humid. this time yesterday we had dew points in the 70s and winds from the east at 12 miles per hour. the heat index when you factor in the dew point add a couple of degrees to 84 and the ocean tomorrow 76 degrees. temperatures don't look like august my. and wilmington 82 and the same in philadelphia and allentown 79 and cape may 76 and trenton currently 76 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing it's one of those days that we get some breaks and
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some blue skies and the clouds fill back in. as you look to the north and west you see clear skies and that is thanks to high pressure settling for the next two days and that brings us beautiful weather, tonight partly cloudy skies and could have a bit of patchy fog developing late tonight in the suburbs, philadelphia 67, allentown 63 and cape may though, the low 70, wilmington 67 degrees and reading 64, the day planner showing tomorrow great day to get out and enjoy it. loads of sunshine and high pressure is in control and low humidity with dew points around 60 degrees that feels good for august and 8:00, 70 and 5:00, 83 and by 8:00 temperatures dropping down to the 70s. as expected the tropical wave has now become tropical storm earl. here it is right now, 50 miles per hour winds and beginning to strengthen and it's booking to the west. it looks like it is heading
4:21 pm
towards belize, as we track the storm it continues to move to the west 20 do 25 miles per hour by thursday morning it weakens and heads to belize and dissipates over the mountains of mexico. fortunately earl will not have any affect on our weather. the next two days enjoy it, this is not typical for august, low humidity and lots of sunshine temperatures a few degrees below normal. 84 tomorrow and thursday we bump it up to 85 season friday gets more humid but still not oppressive. 88 degrees and great start to musikfest and saturday, this is typical august weather, hazy, hot and humid and 91 with thunderstorms, with a cold front. behind the system another change in the air mass and we'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast all in all for august it's pretty nice. >> all right cecily thanks. up next a global corporation decides whether or not to stay in our area leaving 1,000 jobs
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hanging in the balance. >> the government is spending a half million dollars to dig up the yards of two local homes, we have a live report with an explanation of what is behind this. and a volatile story of how a woman single-handedly helps children stay off the streets and out of gangs by giving them a special job.
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off to wall street, closing numbers for the dow falling 29 points and the nasdaq off 46.5 and the s&p down 14 points on the day. meanwhile come ors -- immediately started to scout locations in pennsylvania and new jersey. the decision to stay in delaware means that 1,000 jobs will stay in the state.
4:26 pm
earlier they announced corporate income tax reforms persuading them to stay. and they paid a visit to delaware today. john kaine applauded them for early earn willing. king praised the lawmakers during a round table discussion for providing early education opportunities for all children. delaware is one state that received a billion grand for the race to the top early learning challenge. the recorder of deeds received a $100,000 donation, the funs will help to expand the veterans photo i.d. discounts program. vets that carry the card can receive a discount at more than 500 merchants in montgomery county. it was made by the heritage
4:27 pm
federal credit union. and toxic chemicals are seeping through an area in new jersey we are live with the risks and what is being done to clean it up. >> we use apps for all sorts of things and now people are using it to try to get pregnant and now steps to protect yourself in what's is the deal. and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way.
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he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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"action news" continues. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with a new push to cut down on underage gambling in knowledge. it's an initiative focusing on lottery tickets. and thieves target the montgomery mall and what they targeted next. and big talkers, three teenage friends beg for a summer job to protect themselves from gangs and now their employer has a powerful statement for anyone looking to stay out of trouble. and dangerous chemicals are found lurking in contaminated soil in gloucester county, new jersey. it has a whole neighborhood concerned about its health. walter perez talk to the family living at ground zero of this investigation. he joins us in west depford. >> reporter: you see a rental
4:30 pm
truck where dep is testing water samples. and the center of the investigation is this house with a family living for 26 years not knowing there is a toxic dump beneath. >> a few months ago the martins family hired someone to repair a damaged sewer line beneath the home. >> as they were digging it looks like there were broken parts and they called hazmat. >> they call in epa officials that determined sometime before it was build, someone buried toxic car battery casings under where their house is built. >> we are looking for led contamination and looking for the battery casings themselves. because in mass they are a hazardous waste. >> a hazardous chemical that
4:31 pm
could cause pcb's. they raised their children there that are now adults and now they are sampling soil from other nearby properties to see how widespread the contamination is and if they were dumped anywhere else in the neighborhood. they say it's still early in the investigation but it seems that the martin's property is ground zero. >> there is a thick layer of casings in the sub service about four feet thick and goes down six feet deep. the epa is forced to shut off their utilities while they dig up their property and backfill it with clean soil. >> very upsetting. and a nightmare really. >> the remediation for this property alone, will cost the epa $500,000 and they of course hope to get back from the people
4:32 pm
responsible, one organization is a company responsible for a super fund site one mile away, a scrap metal facility where battery casings have already been found. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. three men made off with merchandise from a jewelry store at the montgomery mall in north wales, the smash and grab robbery happened at 11:00 this morning, the men targeted heldsburg diamonds. no word on how much was stolen, the rest of the mall is still open. four men that were sent to prison for life are being released in pennsylvania. the men all from the philadelphia area were convicted as homicide as juveniles and have spent decades in prison on the heels of a supreme court decision, to band life sentences
4:33 pm
for minors. new jersey is working to cut down on underage gambling, state lottery leaders are partnering with the not 18 yesterday no bet campaign. they held an event at lucky seven deli in lawrencesville. they want to remind the public that it's illegal to sell lottery tickets no anyone underage and help those that may have a gambling addiction. now to meteorologist, cecily tynan, joining us with the good word in the weather department. >> yes, very nice weather the next three days looking pretty good. especially for this time of year. lets go live at sky 6 hd, a good amount of cloud cover with filters sunshine and temperatures are a little bit cool for august standards, 82 degrees and the dew point is dropping, it's 66 and this time yesterday we have dew points in the 70s and the human is lowering, and winds from the east at 12 miles per hour right now. a great night if you head to
4:34 pm
citizens bank park, as the phillies take on the giants, on the cloudy side to start. by the ninth inning down to 75 degrees, i want to show you dew points up to the north and burlington, vermont the due partnership is 58 and high pressure is moving down from new england and that will pull down the lower dew points for the next few days, i'll talk about the comfortable air mass, it's august and will not stick around forever. all the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. all in all a nice forecast. >> thank you. as the heat is set to make a come back, local seniors are getting help staying cool. the action cam was in philadelphia as they lined up at the martin luther king older adult center to get free fans, council president, darryl clark was there to help out. wal-mart donated 500 fans for this event. the turnpike exit ramp make it
4:35 pm
easier for commuters to get to the fort washington park in montgomery county. drivers will be able to leave the highway and go straight on to commerce drive, the office complex will get a paved walking and biking trail that will connect to the nearby septa station, most of the funding is coming from two state grants. >> a north jersey man is taking the makers of pokemon go to federal court and he hopes that others can benefit from his lawsuit. monica malpass is live now in the newsroom with more on this story. >> reporter: the popular app has created plenty of controversy so far thanks to spots in the game that are laid over real world landmarks, ethics county no exception, the series of events related to the app that caused a new jersey man to seek a fight in the form of a class action lawsuit. and new at 5:00 tonight, inis a gram has a grand new feature
4:36 pm
working like another popular social media app. we'll discuss the premise behind instagram stories and the social media showdown it could be creating. sharrie we'll see you at 5:00. >> thank you. a new museum is now open in bethlehem. community leaders were on hand to help cut the ribbon at the national museum of industrial history, it was built inside of a restored 100-year-old facility once the home to bethlehem still. exhibits inside focused on how people and machines could contribute to america's growth as a global power. a mother who fines time to make it to sunday school. and she has 100 reasons to celebrate. >> happy birthday to you. >> this was maddie baker's 100th birthday party at the west oak
4:37 pm
lanes senior center. she packed the room with well-wishers and heard a written birthday citation from pennsylvania governor, tom wolf. >> a happy woman there. >> bullets flying and less than a second to spare, the cashier manages to save his own life and that of a co-worker as well. >> i would have been dead -- >> hear how this all happened as he will describe it next. >> and then vice president, joe biden, makes history by officiating his first wedding it's a same sex wedding, coming up in big talkers. and cecily tynan comes back with the full accuweather forecast.
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president obama says he is determined to win approval for the trance pacific partnership despite growing opposition against it. both leaders urged support for the trade deal and that it will boost u.s. exports in asia. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the deadly bus crash in central california. the crash killed five people and send many others to the hospital. the bus hit the pole of a
4:41 pm
highway exit sign head-on and emergency crews had to climb through the windows to get to the victims, the bus had 30 people on board heading from new mexico to washington state intowities to a robby in houston, texas recounted the moment they thought they would lose their lives. it shows armed gunmen busting into a supermarket. it sent employees and customers running to hide. the clerk hid in a room and opened the door for another co-worker before the robber arrived. >> no one thinks anything, i wouldn't believe someone opened the door to let her in. >> you could have been so squared that you were like the door is closed and it's staying closed and i don't care. >> i was on the floor crawling back and forth, thinking if i'm lucky enough i can dodge the bullet. >> cameras outside show the three men leaving the scene
4:42 pm
remarkably no one inside was injured. big talkers now, the big moment for both vice president, joe biden, and the couple whose wedding he officiated. the veep took a break from his day job to officiate a wedding for the first time ever. and the two love birds tying the knot happened to be a same sex couple two long time white house staffers. they work for the president and first lady. their ceremony was held in the living room of the vice president's washington residence. biden has publically backed same sex marriage since 2012 and was proud to marry brian and joe at his house. and this is the powerful statement going viral on social media, the streets will not have our children. and the woman behind it, is making sure that happens one kid, and one job at a time. here is how the story goes. the teens in georgia kept
4:43 pm
showing up at the front office of their housing authority looking for a summer job when the ceo zsa zsa heard she was floored. they were approached to join gangs and wanted to stay out of trouble. she tells me, i hired them on the spot. this is not just about the hourly wage for a summer gig but teaching them skills for the future. they work in the garden and tend the chicken coopand build structures from scratch and learning communication skills everything from making eye contact to shaking people's hands. zsa zsa is so thrill tad their little story is go viral in a big way. with more than 700 shares on facebook and counting, she hopes that others see this and do the same. invest in our kids and invest in our future and make sure the streets do not have our
4:44 pm
children. she is a really special lady and these kids are proof positive that our future is in good hands. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt is standing by with the update. >> if you think back, yesterday afternoon at this time i was saying there is a crash in the work zone on cotman avenue. >> should we rewind the tape? >> might as well. a crash on cotman avenue in the work zone same spot as yesterday afternoon the same situation with the left lane being blocked and same jam from academy to this point in that work zone by cotman avenue, we'll be glad when this construction on 95 is done, this work zone gives us so many problems so many afternoons and this afternoon is no exception. meanwhile the work zone on 422 a fuel spill eastbound by route
4:45 pm
100 but the slower speeds are on the westbound side near pots down. and also a crash in king of prussia that is closing 23 this afternoon by spring hill suites by moore and byletter roads, stay with 202 as an alternate. and problems on fort washington avenue and 402 a crash at yost and jolly roads. and 202 check it out. three lanes now open here on southbound 202, approaching the route 30 bypass in exton, this likely means no southbound delay this afternoon. we'll keep watching it and we are waiting five years for this. this is the first afternoon commute we get to enjoy it. >> feels good. thanks matt. >> roomy. >> stretch out. meteorologist, cecily tynan, with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do. all right listen, i am just repeating what you said yesterday, if you decided to be under the weather, tomorrow would be the appropriate day. >> i have had the cough all week. >> the nagging cough. >> if you are not here tomorrow you are in a whole lot of trouble. it's looking okay the next couple of days. lets go live on sky 6 hd taking a look at the scene, here are some people that called in sick today, in cape may, new jersey, enjoying the beach on the breezy side, kind of windy on the beaches all day, seeing filtered sunshine and all in all the forecast is looking really nice and the exception this one downpour i am tracking moving through berks county and moving south southwest at about 15 miles per hour. church town, hinkle down and
4:49 pm
bear town all in the path of this, no lightning this is the only one that stormtracker 6 live double scan is picking up and once this dissipates our weather should dry out for the next several days. 82 in philadelphia, reading that rain cooled 74 and wilmington 82 and cape may 77 and trenton 76 and the poconos 67 degrees, so relatively cool. our average high is 87, this august is a big change so far from june and july. june and july combined running 2 degrees above normal. we had 24 days of temperatures in the 90s and the average to date is 19 degrees, so it has been a hot summer so far and we are getting a nice break for the next few days. satellite 6 along with action radar showing it's a bit of a batting with clouds and sunshine and you see the isolated shower and high pressure will flex its muscles from new england and that will bring us a nice change
4:50 pm
in our weather. lots of sunshine, pretty comfortable and partly cloudy and 53 in the suburbs and centered right to the east of boston. bringing us temperatures from the northeast. it's comfortable and dry with dew points around 60 degrees and lots of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-80s, a little bit warmer than today. slightly below normal. all in all a nice day. jersey beaches around 80 and partly sunny and slightly on the humid side with the sea breeze, winds 8 to 16 miles per hour. it's going to be another somewhat breezy day on the beaches tomorrow. a breath of fresh air if you haven't wanted to go outside and exercise because of high humidity, have you no excuses tomorrow. 84 degrees and low humidity and loads of sunshine on thursday,
4:51 pm
still in the comfortable zone with a high of 85 and even on friday, it gets slightly more humid and dew points in the 60s and all in all a decent day for august and 88 degrees and nice start to musikfest. the one day that is the fly in the ointment is saturday, it gets hot and humid and a cold front could have a round of showers and thunderstorm, the front is progressive and keeps moving and that means localer humidity on sunday and monday beautiful and 87 and tuesday mostly sunny with a high of 87 degrees, the nice thing about this august, we can give our air conditioning units a break especially with the low humidity tomorrow. turn them off and open the windows, it will feel nice. >> thanks cecily. next on "action news," the troubling security flaw, red flags are raised about a women's health app, consumer reports has steps to keep you safe next in what's the deal?
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an app that is popular with women, here is nydia han with the details. >> there is an app for almost everything including helping women get pregnant but consumer reports uncovered troubling the flaws in a popular app. consumer reports tested the security and privacy features on a popular womens health and fertility app called glow, it's designed to help them track their monthly cycles and get pregnant. it asks for personal information like have you slept or use birth control or even if are you constipated. >> they can link one account to another account without that person knowing it. and we investigated it using our
4:55 pm
own test account. he was able to invite me and i didn't have to accept the information and he can see the personal information i entered into the app. >> and consumer reports could see the personal data of any user that posted a message in the app forum. >> here is the email, first name, last name, location. >> in another test, consumer reports found it was easy to change a person's password and use their account. >> he changed the password and i couldn't get in and he could get in and do anything he wanted it with it. >> glow has since fixed the security issues and says there is no evidence that any glow data was compromised. and glow contacted all users to change their password and link the account.
4:56 pm
and no matter what type of app you download, change the passwords regularly. finally at 4:00, a summer reading celebration with one of philadelphia's favorite mascots, the phanatic met kids at the greater olney library, he acted out scenes from his favorite book and broke out into a dance party with an air guitar. the students were all top readers encouraged to read 15 minutes a day. >> good for them. now, for sharrie williams, cecily tynan and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> now here is monica malpass with a look ahead. >> coming up next at 5:00, the three adults facing charges in connection with a buck county child endangerment case will all
4:57 pm
stand trial. and the search is on in south jersey for a driver when a woman was hit and killed in the street in a crosswalk. and new york city has a new top cop when the police force decided they had to step down. we'll have those coming your way next at 5:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. police call it a case of child gifting. today a bucks county judge decided that a formerly amish couple and their alleged ben factor will all head to trial on charges. rick williams is off. brian taff joins us. >> "action news's" sara bloomquist is in the courtroom live in feasterville with the details. >> reporter: well, it's been nearly two months since two girls were rescued from the home, of 51-year-old lee kaplan, the parents are accused of giving kaplan their then
5:00 pm
14-year-old daughter as a gift because he helped them out financial difficultly. all adults were held for trial on all the charges they faced. >> they were held for their preliminary hearing. about three dozen people from the amish community traveled here from lancaster county to be in the courtroom. it was back in mid-june when authorities responded to kaplan's home, and found he was leaving there with young girls, an 18-year-old testified. she was sent to live with kaplan her father's business partner when she was 14. and soon after they began having sexual intercourse. and that kaplan fathered two daughters. the now 18-year-old was gifted to kaplan because he helped the


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