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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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grab bandits that struck a local mall, next. want it done right ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ♪ ♪ 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ♪ ♪ that's how we live ♪ 4 by 4ever big story on "action news" tonight is the use of deadly force against a pit bull tonight in south philadelphia. officials say the dog was attacking a woman, a man and his
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dog. li live, "action news" reporter, dann cuellar. what are the details? >> reporter: police are interviewing witnesses. police had to shoot a pit bull that somehow got loose, they say. it attacks a woman and was in the process of attacking another when they arrived on the scene. police say it was just after 8:00 at the intersection of 16th and dickinson. police were responding to calls of a pit bull on the loose that bit a 28-year-old woman. when they arrived, the dog was attacking a 28-year-old man half way down the block. one officer tried to kick the pit bull after him. he was unsuccessful. >> when he was unsuccessful, he pulled the weapon and fired shots at the pit bull. >> reporter: the dog was killed. the 28-year-old wok who was bitten in both hands was taken to the hospital for treatment.
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the man was bitten in the hand, but refused medical treatment. the dog suffered minor injuries. >> discharged his weapon and that's what stopped the dog from attacking both of these individuals. >> reporter: now police say the dog appeared to be well kept and did not appear to be a stray dog. so far, no one has come forward claiming to be the owner. i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." we have breaking news tonight. from prospect park in delaware county, chopper 6 is live over lincoln and chester pike. police are investigating an accident, a pedestrian has been hit. police have found the striking car but not the driver who struck. this is chester pike and lincoln. this happened about 30 minutes ago. again, we have no word on the
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condition of the victim. as you can see, emergency personnel are on the scene investigating this situation. they are looking for the driver as we speak. a bucks county man accused of fathering two children with an underage girl and the parents who gave her away will all be held trial. lee kaplan, the man with the gray beard was walked into court along with the parents. three dozen members of the lancaster amish community attended today. they had been kicked out of the amish order. prosecutors claimed kaplan helped them out of dire financial circumstances. they reportedly gifted their then 14-year-old daughter to kaplan and later sent the nine younger sisters to live with him as well in his home. this is the way it looked as
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william lynn was released from prison today. lynn was released days after the state supreme court threw out his conviction from 2012. he was convicted of child endangerment. prosecutors were able to get a jury to believe lynn shielded priests molesting children. philadelphia d.a. seth williams says he will retry lynn for a third time. he only has three months left to serve on a three-year sentence. montgomery township police are trying to track down the three bandits that smashed and grabbed their way to jewels in the montgomery mall. bob, what is the latest on this? >> reporter: good evening, this was a smash and grab. they knew what they were doing and they knew about a back door into the mall. this video is in realtime. it's not sped up or altered in
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any way. the crooks are moving and smashing the glass that quick. before you know it, they are gone. william peoples, it's a textbook smash and grab. >> organized and the equipment they had, they are in and out. there's no hesitation. it's not their first time. >> reporter: the trio was so prepared for the break in, they had a special hammer to break the shatter proof showcase glass. >> it's not a regular hammer. it's a maul. it is kind of like a mini-sledgehammer, it's a cross of a hammer and sledgehammer. they are using two hands. >> reporter: police aren't surprised to see a team that knows what they are doing. what you might find unsettling, this happened in montgomery mall, today, broad daylight, just after the mall opened 11:24 a.m. no employees or customers were
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hurt. >> one took cover under the desk. >> reporter: lieutenant peoples says as fast as they were inside is as quick as they were out the door and another reason he thinks this isn't their first time. the suspects scouted out the mall and knew exactly how to get in and out undetected. >> construction going on. there's a back door open. >> reporter: back out live, we hear they went in the back door. i'm told the crooks break into a clearance showcase that had rings, bracelets and necklaces inside. again, it was about $10,000. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." a family had been living on a toxic waste dump for decades. somebody buried battery casings on the property before the martin's family home was built in the late 1980s.
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the environmental protection agency is out of the scene digging up the soil. it includes high levels of lead and pcbs, which are a known carcinogen. >> a thick layer of casings, four feet thick goes down six feet deep. >> they discovered the dangerous conditions when they hired someone to repair a sewer line beneath their home. they will have to stay in a hotel for weeks. the e.p.a. is testing dozens of neighbor yards to see how widespread the contamination could be. president barack obama, today, made his most condemning comments yet about republican nominee, donald trump. obama called trump unfit and woefully unprepared to serve in the white house. obama insisted that trump lacks elementary knowledge of domestic and international affairs and he condemned trump's disparagement of the american-muslim couple
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whose son was killed serving with the u.s. army in iraq. obama challenged republican leaders asking this question -- >> if you are repeatedly having to say, in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptab unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? >> obama said there has come a point at which you say, enough. well, house speaker paul ryan and john mccain may just be saying that tonight. trump refused to endorse either of them in their upcoming primaries. both men criticized trump for statements he made but will continue to say they are supporting him for president. trump issued a statement, the end of which echoes the words paul ryan used before endorsing trump. i like paul, but these are horrible times for the country.
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we need strong leadership and i'm just not quite there yet. trump was in virginia today where a veteran gave trump his purple heart. trump said he was honored to receive it, then said i always wanted to get a purple heart, this was easier. a purple heart is awarded to those wounded in battle. he regrets not having served. it came out the last couple days trump received permits during and after college so he didn't go to vietnam. trump is expressing concern the election will be rigged against him. that's the way he put it. without people showing proper id, they are going to vote ten times. hillary clinton had no public appearances today. her running mate, tim kaine was in florida. he stopped in ft. lauderdale. party leaders promised hillary clinton will carry broward county by 250,000 votes.
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florida is an essential vote in both sides. the shake up of the dnc leadership wakes up. the ceo is stepping down along with the cfo and the director of communications. all of them were among the party officials on the e-mails that disparaged bernie sanders and a bias favoring hillary clinton during the primary. the chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz stepped down because of the scandal before the dnc opened last week. tonight is national night out and across the country, communities made a stand against crime and strengthened relationships. christie ileto is live in philadelphia. how tid neighbors in philadelphia mark the event tonight? >> reporter: this is a block party of sorts. it happens every year. this year is particularly important. it was an opportunity for
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residents, including the city's youngest to interact with police. his first time meeting a police officer. in this case, any commissioner. >> you want a picture? >> reporter: one of 17,000 communities across the country participating in national night out. it brings residents out of their homes and on to the blocks to meet and form relationships with those who protect and serve them. >> an opportunity to see police officers in a different way, different than they hear about, on school and the news. the chance for us to develop a relationship at a young age. >> reporter: the murders of ten officers across the country gripped headlines. >> in this country, when we are having difficulties with police and relations, they continue to meet and see each other. >> it's a chance for residents to take a stance against crime
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on the streets. how safe would you say your neighborhood is? >> down where we are, it's pretty bad. >> city homicides are up and violent crimes are down. residents have to do their part. >> come out, join us on patrol. looking for base operators. >> i know that you could trust them if they need help. they are on it. >> now, just like vince's mom, a lot of residents thought it was important to bring their children to the event to show them to be active in the community and every you hear about police is bad. reporting live, christie ileto, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a healthy dose of facetime with first responders at the shore. residents got to meet some of
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the k-9s on the force. they grilled for the national night out event at popular stadium on martin luther king boulevard. a similar state in delaware on academy street. the newark police department let people tour the swat truck. the delaware police brought in their canine officers. there was plenty of food. coming up, a supreme court decision on delaware's death penalty. the passenger buses nearly sliced in half during a deadly highway crash. putting them to good use. a milestone moment for a boy who received the first peeved yatic double hand transplant. august is starting out on a cool note. yesterday's high, only 80. today, 84 degrees. i'm tracking one day of heat and humidity in the seven day
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figure out what caused a deadly bus crash this morning in california. five people were killed, 18 injured when the bus veered off the highway and slammed into a pole that sliced the bus nearly in half. emergency crews had to climb through windows to reach the victims. some of the survivors lost arms and legs. health experts say the mosquitos spreading the zika virus in florida are harder to wipe out than expected. the center for disease control and prevention says the mosquitos may be resistant to the insecticides used to get to them. this is as the 15th person contracted zika. it can cause birth defects, including abnormally small
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heads. "action news" health reporter and registered nurse is hosting a live facebook chat on zika with a disease expert from einstein health. we ask you to join us from 4:30 to 5:30 tomorrow evening. on health check at 11:00, a local hospital is ranked as one of the best overall in the country. u.s. news and world report puts the hospital of the university of pennsylvania as the ninth best hospital in the country out of nearly 5,000. among specialties, second in ophthalmology. the rossman institute at thomas jefferson ranked seventh in orthopedics. einstein ranked at the point for rehabilitation. delaware's death penalty was ruled unconstitutional because it allows a judge to sentence someone to death without the recommendation of the jury.
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they praised the ruling today. 13 men are currently on delaware's death row. chester firefighters attended a meeting to petition against the closure of a fire house. they made the recommendation to solve the $16 million budget deficit. jimmy johnson attended tonight to speak out against the proposal. shattered in atlantic county. diane is the first woman to hold the county's top law enforcement job. she was sworn in today. she served as assistant for years with degrees from villanova. pope francis put together a panel to determine whether women can serve as deacons. right now, it is a role reserved for men. after intense prayer, he will
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look into the issue. the commission is made up of six men and six women, including priests, nuns and laywomen. let's get a look at the weather with cecily tynan. >> comfortable air that is going to stick around for a while. storm tracker showing dry conditions out there. we have a cluster of downpours over berks and lancaster county. earlier, they have moved out. out in sky six, look at atlantic city where we are looking at the pier and the board walk and folks out and about enjoying a comfortable night. a great night to turn off the air-conditioning, open up the windows. temperatures dropping down into the 60s, along the shore. 69 degrees. philadelphia 70. allentown and redding, 70. wilmingt wilmington, 72 degrees. the radar is showing unsettled weather. stockton with a lot of clouds. a few scattered showers, finally
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beginning to dissipate. high pressure over new england. we see the weather maker the next several days. what this will do is bring winds out of the northeast. that's a dry flow of air, comfortably cool temperatures, mid-80s with low humidity in august, dew point around 60 degrees and a lot of sunshine. the skies are going to brighten up tomorrow. the day planner showing at 8:00, 70 degrees. not muggy like other days. we break into low 80s early in the afternoon. by 8:00, 78 degrees. in the meantime, tropical storm earl continues to head toward belize. this formed earlier today. maximum wids 60 miles per hour. it's heading to the west quickly at 16 miles per hour. the latest from the national hurricane center has become a category 1 hurricane by tomorrow night before hitting belize early thursday morning.
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this could come with a lot of rain, 8-12 inches along the path could cause flooding and mud slides and push to the east and dissipate over the mountains of mexico over the weekend. no threat to the u.s. that could cause a lot of problems for belize. back at home, the accuweather seven day forecast, not a lot of problems here. tomorrow, fresh air, low humidity, comfortable, brighter than today. 84 degrees. almost a repeat on thursday. maybe one degree warmer, 85. friday, slightly more humid. by august standards, still comfortable, 88 degrees. a nice start to musicfest. into the weekend, one day of heat and humidity. 91 on saturday with dew points in the mid-70s. impressive. it only lasts one day. a cold front brings thunderstorms late in the day and behind the system, we get back in the comfort zone. sunday, lower humidity, 87
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degrees. it is seasonable. we keep the air mass monday and tuesday. the dog days of summer, saturday is the only day of heat and humidity. >> thank you. tonight, police and residents in upper darby came together for night out. it was upper darby high school. police showed off their s.w.a.t. truck and answered questions. the fire department was there giving children an up close look at the big fire trucks. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief
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to under go a double hand transplant threw out the first pitch in the orioles/rangers giem. the9-year-old under went the surgery. he developed an infection that required hands and feet to be amputated. tonight, he impressed everybody with that first pitch at camden yards. what a story. >> it's great. phillies bats came alive tonight. most since last season. how about that. a wild back and forth game between the phillies and giants tonight. this one not for the birds or the pitchers. phillies are alive. first half, off bumgarner. second inning, franco's turn. no doubt about that one.
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a three-run blast. number 20 on the year. giants score back, five in the fifth inning. blows a 6-1 lead. the game tied at six. to the eight, two runs come in here. drives in five runs tonight. cameron rupp, they go on to win 13-8. >> swinging the bat very well right now. like i said, got some tough pitching that last at bat, he tried to make contact. he hit the ground ball up the middle, got two big runs. he's making an impression, again. >> the phillies roster is a work in progress. earlier, he said there is one characteristic he would like to see the team having moving forward. >> anytime we talk about a
11:29 pm
topic, i talk about the importance of balance. young kids, veterans to make the best team. to get the weapons he needs to win a ball game. a week in the eagle's training camp and they enjoyed a day off. they will be on the field first thing in the morning. the coaching staff has been impressed with his athleticism. there are areas in which he needs work, mainly, his foot work. >> he can get jumpy, he can get choppy. his knowledge and understanding of the offense, being able to anticipate and be a little more accurate passer. >> all the coaches have been tremendous. hopefully get cleaned up tomorrow, learn from mistakes. i'm feeling comfort with with where i'm at. still ahead, temple football made a flash and it's not going away. what the players have their
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sights set on this coming season.
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temple football will finish second in the american athletic conference. the owls were in rhode island to meet at the championship. they lost this time around. >> the championship or conference championship. that's really it. now we know what it takes to get there on our own. right there, that's fuel alone, just to, you know, get where we want to be next year. holding that trophy at the end
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of the year. nascar news, dale earnhardt jr. will be out as he recovers. jeff gordon will continue to fill in. he's been in the number 88 car. a nascar champion ditched his race car for sneakers tonight to take part in a fun run. i took place at the park. the six-time champion, jimmy johnson was among them. all proceeds will benefit jimmy johnson's foundation, funding for public enl indication programs. jimmy kimmel live is next. jimmie's guest, salma hayek. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. now for the entire "action news"
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team, i'm jim gardner. tonight, salma hayek -- mark consuelos -- snoop dogg -- and music from grouplove. with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for


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