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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday august 3rd. i'm tamala edwards. here is nydia han. matt o'donnell is off. >> we are following developing news. civil servants risk their lives to save a plan from a fiery crash. we are live with the developing details. >> philadelphia police shoot and kill a pitbull on a rampage as it attacks multiple people. >> new troubling information about this popular bounce
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houses. the danger health experts say it could pose for your kids. >> that story was really surprising to me. stick around for it. right now let's he go over to dave murphy. he's got your accuweather and matt pelman has your traffic. he's in for karen. good morning. >> and what a breath of fresh air we have across the region this morning. lots of sunshine getting ready to come up over the horizon. it just feels so much more comfortable on the terrace. you can see the lack of cloud cover on satellite. as we take a look at temperatures, how about 68 degrees. we've been starting in the muggy 70's for the last several days but today not very humid at all. 68 degrees refreshing in philadelphia. and i tell you what, as you step outside in places like trenton allentown and reading with those low 60's it's just cool and comfortable, really nice start. dewpoints are down into the low 60's so it's not that humid. the exception would be down in dover, delaware, where it's still a little stickier and cape may might feel a bit on the sticky side as well. as we're rolling outside to maybe take that early morning jog or just russell on down to the bus stop 69 degrees under growing sunshine.
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it should be pretty good. 75 degrees by 10 o'clock and in the afternoon we'll be warm enough for cool drinks if you're toiling or playing outside, a high of 84 but with lower humidity it will feel more comfortable. matt it looks like we've got another nice one for tomorrow and then the humidity starts to creep back as we head into the weekend. i'll have details on all that of coming up from accuweather. >> okay day. it is the dawn of a new era along 202 for the drivers here hopefully. it's an era with no more morning delays because now we have three northbound lanes as of just this morning opened to you between the 30 bypass and route 401, the overnight construction crews opened that third lane. we got the third one yesterday on the southbound side. so we're going to keep watching it as the morning progresses but hopefully this does away with our normal northbound morning delay. elsewhere in chester county, though, the news is not so good. in caln township there was a motorcycle crash that's closing 113 this morning just north of the 30 bypass by north wood cemetery. norwood road a possible alternate around 113.
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and now we have a broken down vehicle in upper moreland along easton road at maryland road there were you turn to go he into the carrabba's. but here on the vine street expressway overnight construction is long gone but we're starting to see now a westbound delay, a jam approaching the schuylkill expressway as you head towards 30th street. if you're traveling 95 we're starting to slow down here as well on the southbound side approaching the work zone at cottman. just some norman morning volume kicking in on this wednesday morning. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. first up we have breaking news coming just into "action news." the middle east biggest airline air emirate says an incident has happened at dubai's main airport. social much social media users are reporting seeing some smoke at the scene. now minutes ago we obtained very short video clip that shows that tall plume of smoke right there near a plane. the dubai government's official media office is saying on twitter that all passengers were quote evacuated safely and no injuries have been reported so far ." not clear if this is some sorter of mechanical
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malfunction some sort of fire perhaps or is it something more and of course we're always concerned about terrorism. stay with "action news" and for any updates as they come in. and back here and developing overnight a driver has a lot to be thankful for. his car was on fire with him inside it passed out after it crashed. emts were trying to get him out of the vehicle but it was a philadelphia police officer who happened to be going by the scene who made it a successful effort just in time. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live on broad street in the logan section of the city. she's got more on this story. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. this driver has a concussion. he has bumps and bruises but he is alive, pulled to safety by a police officer who said he was in the right place at the right time. >> i saw up in the distance what looked like a fire ball. >> reporter: 39th district police officer joel rice was returning from northwest detectives around midnight when he came across a car that had just crashed on broad street. it had struck a median and hit
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two parked cars before catching fire. the officer approached and saw the driver lying across the front seat unconscious. >> i noticed that flames were starting to accumulate in the engine compartment and they were starting to rise up the windshield. >> reporter: the officer knew he had to get the driver out. the passenger side window was open and he was able to get into the car. around that time, a passing private ambulance company stopped. >> with their help i pulled the male out of the front seat of the car as the flames were growing. >> reporter: the fire spread through the car but the driver was out. he was taken to einstein medical center where he is in stable condition. >> the driver's very, very lucky the police officer happened to be driving by. >> reporter: officers were at the hospital speaking to the driver. they said he didn't appear to be impaired in any way. they still don't know how he lost control of his vehicle. we're live in logan, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> lucky man katherine. thank you. new video just into "action news" from a house
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fire in the lehigh valley. flames gutted a garage then spread to a home in the 7300 block of surf drive in lynn township overnight. the red cross is helping the people who live there. there are no reports of any injuries. >> philadelphia police used deadly force against a pitbull southampton it happened just before 8 o'clock last flight at the intersection of 16th and dickinson. the dog first bit a 28-year-old woman. police say by the time they got to the scene the dog had moved on to attack mang who was walking his dog. one officer tried to kick the dog away but was unsuccessful. another officer then opened fire and the dog was killed. so far no one has come forward claiming to be the owner of that pitbull. >> ♪ >> it is 6:06 and happening today, we may learn more about septa's long term plan to deal with these regional rail troubles. the transit agency will hold a press conference this afternoon. a third of septa's fleet was taken out of service last month because of a defect with the suspension system. they have borrowed extra trains from other metro systems to try to ease the
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overcrowding but septa has said this is a problem that could cause service irks beyond labor day. >> turning to business news, the white house has unveiled a major drone initiative and it includes delivering goods to your doorstep. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: good morning, nydia. google will start testing therefore drones in the u.s. the drones will be tested in a safe environment at an faa approved test site. it marks the most significant drone delivery test in the u.s. the plan was announced by the white house as part of a larger program and it includes millions in funding to explore the best ways to use drone technology. let's talk stocks. stocks were lower yesterday with the dow logging its seventh seventy eight losing session. futures pointing to a lower open. closely watched report on job growth in the private sector is due out later today. finally a bankruptcy judge says no to bonuses for sports authority executives. the four executives were going to be awarded a combined $2.8 million. judge mary what russ said she
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thinks it's "inappropriate to pay senior executives bonuses when all the employees are losing their jobs. about 14,000 sports authority workers lost their jobs as the chain shut down. that's latest in business news. from the nasdaq market site back to you. >> thank you maribel. >> time to talk about today. where are we going outside? that seems to be the focus. >> the radar looks nice, had many? >> no problems on storm tracker6 live double scan. feels great as you step outside. let's take a look at sky6. it is showing us lots of sunshine coming up over the bridges in south philadelphia, girard point right there and just really feeling great and looking great across the region. your current temperature in philadelphia is just 68 degrees. we've been starting in the 70's recently but just the 60's now. low 60's in allentown and reading. very cool and comfortable and best of all the humidity is down way low. the one exception will be down through the heart of delaware where in places like dover it's still pretty sticky. cape may might still be a bit on the humid side as well.
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satellite shows you the lack of any significant cloud cover. a couple of you in some northern areas might have a bit of patchy fog and that won't be widespread and won't last long. in the lehigh valley a mostly sunny day less humid and a high of 81 degrees. down the shore beautiful day on the beach. looks like mostly sunny and breezy conditions. 80 is the high there. ocean temperature about 76 degrees and again the farther south you go along the coast better chance you might have of it being a little bit humid. but still not too bad. and low humidity with lots of sun today in philadelphia. a high of 84 degrees. winds on the light side only running about five to 10 miles per hour. if you have plans to head to the phillies tonight you picked a great night for it. giants and the phils teeing up in a beautiful condition tonight, mainly clear, low humidity, 79 degrees for the first pitch, 71 in the ninth inning. doesn't get much better than that for evening baseball in philadelphia. and as we take a look at the overnight low, we dip down to 65 degrees, mainly clear, cool and comfortable again tonight and into early tomorrow morning. winds out of the east just barely moving at all at had at three to 6 miles per hour.
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then tomorrow pretty much a repeat. high pressure will push a little farther weigh from us and we'll get a northeast breeze coming down but it is going to be very comfortable with low humidity and another high around 84 so today and tomorrow comfortable conditions for you still warm enough for cool drinks if you're out there working or playing but nonetheless, a lot better. tropical storm earl formed just before the noon newscast yesterday in case you missed it and it's actually grown in strength since then. we're up to 65 miles per hour winds and it does look like this storm is going to possibly grow into a category one hurricane before it makes landfall later tonight in belize, belize is a fall country but it is becoming a vacation destination for its echo tourism. if you have plans to head down there forget about it. you'll be delayed. cancun probably okay but i would check with my hotel and airline. does look like the storm waffles between a tropical storm and an area of low pressure until it falls apart over central mexico later in the weekend. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today beautiful around here, no weather issues. low humidity, a high of 84. lots of sun. tomorrow, pretty much a
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repeat. still great with another high of 84. on friday, warm and a bit more humid, a high of 86 degrees. although we are removing the chance of a thunderstorm at night, so it looks like musikfest will kick off with no problems on friday. and then saturday, that's the iffy day this weekend. hot and humid, clouds and sun, a high of 90 and there is the chance of a at least scattered thunderstorm probably in the afternoon and evening. then that front comes through kicks all of that unpleasantness out of the way and by sunday, we start to see the humidity dropping. it's mostly sunny and a high of 87 and it looks nice monday and tuesday. >> all right. >> like that. >> thank you, david. it is now 6:11. up next toying with trouble. there's another reason to use caution around bounce houses especially in the summer. >> samsung is waging a smartphone war by releasing its latest product and wait until you hear what it can do. matt. >> not battling too many delays so far this morning nydia but we have a broken down vehicle here on the schuylkill eastbound between the boulevard and montgomery. luckily it's off to the side and penndot is out here helping out.
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so, not causing a huge delay at this point but we'll check delays on 422 coming up after the break. >> and a little boy sends a powerful message to the boys who made fun of his sneakers. you got to see this. it's later on "action news." >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. a gorge shot here of the sun rising over the ben franklin bridge. it is 6:15 on this wednesday, 68 degrees and it is going to be a beautiful day so spend as much time as you can outside. >> and let's go on over to matt pelman. it's also nice when it couples to the commute. >> yeah, we're liking wednesday the third so far. it's treating us okay, not beating us too badly like some recent mornings tam and nydia. this is 422 eastbound side here by trooper road. not really seeing a morning delay just yet. so, we're happy about that. coming westbound you will see some midday construction here by trooper. that's each day this week starting at 9:00 and that could slow you down and starting at 7:00 they're doing work each day this week on 422 westbound in the pottstown area. so, they block a lane starting at 7 o'clock during the morning rush but of course most people are coming eastbound on 422 in the mornings. great news in chester county. we've got the third lane opened this morning on 202 northbound side between 30 and
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401 so that should alleviate a lot of our normal delays there. and our crash involving a motorcycle in caln township that was blocking 113 has cleared out so everything is reopened there, too. had a couple of broken down vehicles in montgomery county. one along ridge pike at heart's lane. another in up are moreland along easton road at maryland road there by the carrabba's. sounds like both of them are in the process of being towed away so really no need to worry about them anymore. and our construction zones other northbound northeast extension as you head toward the lehigh valley have cleared out so everything is opened there coming southbound toward quakertown also a nice clear shot. but over in lumberton burlington county we're getting word of some construction blocking berry drive there by the cvs wear louse so use the bypass entrance for access to all businesses as you travel through lumberton this morning. nydia. >> all right, matt, thank you. new on "action news," the baltimore county police department is releasing new details on a standoff that left a black woman dead and her five-year-old son injured. it all started monday morning when three officers went to
6:17 am
serve arrest warrants on a man an woman. when the officers opened the door they say 23-year-old corinne gaines was aiming a shot gun at them. gaines was live streaming the standoff to the internet. police say they asked facebook to deactivate her account. >> gaines was posting video of the operation as it unfolded. followers were encouraging her not to comply with negotiators' requests that she surrender peacefully. >> police say it's unclear whether the child was struck by gaines or police. the boy is in good condition at the hospital. >> this is new this morning, a new study has found heat safety problems in bounce houses can put children in danger. researchers from the university of georgia studied over five hour period the temperatures inside a bounce house compared to the temperatures outside. they found that temperatures inside the bounce house were consistently higher. the temperature can jump between four and 7 degrees on
6:18 am
hotter days which scientists warn could be a factor in heat stroke for children in the bouncy houses. we spent all this time being afraid of them flying away but yet another reason to be careful. >> use common sense. >> yeah. >> taking the high road. a 10-year-old teaches us an all important lesson about what's important in life. in a powerful response to his bullies. >> in today's tech bytes, instagram is taking a page out of snapchat's book with its new stories feature. >> the photo sharing app will let users post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. >> samsung unveiled its latest tablet the galaxy note seven it. >> features a 5.7-inch curved screen a 12 mega mix sell camera and an iris sensor will threats users unlock their device just by looking at it. the samsung galaxy note seven will go on sale august 19th. >> and good news for apple tv use here's are constantly
6:19 am
losing their remote. >> the company just launched its new apple tv remote app which let's user control their apple tv's with sir revoice command right on their iphones and ipads. >> those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. is she after our liquid gold? oh, she better not be. our claim runs straight down to the glut'n free stuffin'.
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>> i just love this shot. u.s. olympians having a a lot of fun ahead of the opening ceremony. this is top u.s. gymnast simone biles on the right. she stands 4 feet 8-inches tall. beside her is men's volleyball player david lee who as 6-foot eight towers over him by 2 feet. this reminds me of me and walter perez. biles wrote size in the olympics doesn't platter, doesn't platter in news either. it all depends on the sport you play, right. >> adorable. absolutely adorable. >> you guys were always such a
6:22 am
great pair. >> i love walt. >> let's go outside this morning. smooth sailing through delco here along the blue route 476 by baltimore pike. the exit for media swarthmore. no delays yet but nearby in media, sounds like it's going to be a good flight for dining under the stars but that means state street will be closed and the 101 trolley will not run through media. you'll be on the buses instead. and on the trains so far this morning already a few delays on the airport line and the paoli thorndale line as we continue on our interim schedules. david. >> all right, matt, on the big board it is a beautiful day building. by 7 o'clock we'll probably still be in the upper 60's. it's cool and comfortable in the 60's rider now as you head outside. by 10 o'clock, 73. notice we have mostly sunny skies today. your high will be 84 degrees so it will be warm enough for drinks, water, sports drinks, stuff like that if you're going to be outside working or playing for that matter. but it is going to be with low humidity a really nice summer afternoon and that 84 is a few degrees below average. on the big board at the airport all green aircraft no
6:23 am
major delays no hinder of rain this morning in -- hint of rain this morning in any of our travel destinations. >> a common medical treatment may be a reason why some women are able to conceive more easily than others. according to researchers from that britain's university of dundee, women who had their tonsils or appendix removed for some reason have a better chance of getting pregnant. the fertility rate was even higher and faster in women who had both these procedures both their tonsils and appendix out. though researchers are not sure why these numbers rose they say the 15-year-old study disspells previous theories that surgeries like this actual wol would damage fertili. they're cautioning women don't get your tonsils and appendix taken out unnecessarily in a bid to get pregnant. >> phillies face the giants in game two of their three game seven. aaron nola will be on the mound. it was a wild back and forth last night. aaron altherr hit a two run homer then franco in the
6:24 am
second. giants stormed back scoring five runs in the fifth. but the phillies used a five run inning in the eighth to beat the giants 13 to eight. >> ♪ if you want to soar along the highest, longest and fastest zipline in north america, there's only one place to do it. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ it's all in the catskills. only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus,
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speak out against the proposal. >> south jersey boy responding to his bullies. that is taking the internet by storm. either child may fun of the child's fila sneaker at the most. in this post nyeeam proved to be wise beyond his years. >> i told this kid it's not about what i have on my feet it's about were i have inside my head. no matter what i'm wearing no matter what i have on, it's about my information, the knowledgeable things in life. these sneakers are not even going fit you in 20 years from now. so it's about what you have in your mind, your wisdom, your knowledge, the power to inspire. >> nyeeam has over 50,000 instagram followers wasn't nominated by the nehemiah davis foundation for young entrepreneur of the year and fila released a statement saying they're thrilled their shoes have been featured and with a role in hudson's anti-bullying message. >> that kid is amazing. >> i know. i love it. >> it is now 6:27. up next he details on a local visit by vice president joe
6:28 am
biden today. >> hero cop is credited with helping to save a driver's life moments before his car turns into a fire ball. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking right now, smoke is billowing into the air after an emirates flight crash lands at a dubai airport developing on "action news" a dramatic rescue from a fiery crash. a philadelphia police officer makes all the difference when he just lapse to be passing by that scene. >> not first timers. police say a trio of smash and grab burglars in the burbs have done this before. >> and foul play. an umpire throws a phillies fan a curve ball saying you're out of this game. >> good morning, 6:30 now on this wednesday august 3rd. matt o'donnell is off. nydia han is joining us. let's go to your accuweather with david and traffic with matt. >> all right guys we are off to a beautiful start across
6:31 am
the region. sun such and it feels so much more comfortable out here with humidity on the low side. satellite showing you the lack of significant can cloud cover and some of our northern areas we might have a little patchy fog but that's not going to last long. 68 degrees right now in philadelphia. as i said very comfortable even with the sun starting to get on my shoulders. it's still not bad. if you're walking out in trenton allentown reading some of those low 60 spots cool and comfortable this morning and your dewpoints are much lower, down around 60 which is just where we barely begin to feel humid. the exception is down in dover and perhaps down in cape may where the dewpoints are stale bit higher and it's still a bit stickier. as you're going out for your run or maybe just a walk to the bus this morning, nice, 69 degrees by 7 o'clock. lots of sun. by 10 o'clock, 75. beautiful morning. this afternoon we're going to get a high of 84 which means it's warm enough for cool drinks and water if you're out working our playing but with low humidity it's going to feel comparatively very nice today. matt, we've got another nice one tomorrow and then a little more humid air coming in toward the recommend of the week. details coming up. >> but for now cooler
6:32 am
temperatures are feeling good and we're feeling good about this. it's a little more roomy this morning david here along 202 in chester county because overnight they opened the third northbound lane between the route 30 bypass and 401. opened the third southbound lane yesterday. but today three lanes available in each direction. i don't expect a normal northbound morning delay but we'll keep watching it just in case one forms. meanwhile a delay has formed here along 95. southbound side in the great northeast approaching cottman. then you're really on the brakes southbound from the betsy ross bridge into girard. if you're hopping off onto the vine street expressway a little delay here as well on the westbound side heading toward the schuylkill and 30th street station. but just volume here overnight construction of course is long gone but crews do return tonight at 11 o'clock. speaking of the schuylkill, here's a live look at it between the roosevelt boulevard and montgomery drive. we had a disabled vehicle off to the side here but it looks like that's gone. the worst delay is on the westbound side. 20 minute ride right now is
6:33 am
about a six minute delay so even that isn't too terrible. getting word of what we thought was construction now we're hearing is a spill in lumberton township blocking berry drive by the cvs warehouse. use the bypass entrance to access all businesses there in lumberton this morning. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. and we continue to follow breaking news at this hour. the biggest airline in the middle east emirates is confirming that a crash landing has happened at dubai's main airport. everybody is reportedly safe. minutes ago we obtained a short video clip showing a tall plume of smoke near a plane. you would think that's the plane or is there another plane behind that smoke that came down but the dubai government official media their office is saying on twitter that all the passengers and crew were quote evacuated safely and no injuries have been reported so far. all departure flights have been delayed until further notice ." we'll keep an eye on this one for you. also developing overnight around here, a police officer on his regular patrol came
6:34 am
upon a burning car with a man unconscious trapped inside the vehicle. now what that officer did next right before the car became a fire ball is a big part of why there man is alive this morning. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live along broad street in the city's logan section and she picks up the story. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning. the driver was unconscious. the flames were growing. the officer says he knew he he had to get that driver out. thankfully the passenger side window was opened and he was able to get inside. >> thirty-ninth district officer saved this -- saved this individual's life. >> reporter: philadelphia police officer joel rice says he was in the right place at the right time. he's been -- he'd been returning from northwest detectives shortly after midnight when something caught his attention further down broad street. >> as i approached wyoming avenue i saw up in the distance what looked like a fire ball. >> reporter: moments prior a 2008 dodge charger had spun out of control lit a median,
6:35 am
then two parked cars before coming to a stop in the middle of broad street near belfield and logan. officer rice approached the vehicle and saw the 47-year-old driver sprawled unconscious across the front seat with no seat belt on. there was a fire in the engine compartment. the officer was able to open the passenger side door and around this time a passing private ambulance company pulled up. >> with their help i pulled the male out of the front seat of the car as the flames were growingism the fire spread through the car but the driver was out and no one else was injured. >> i'm glad of the outcome. but obviously it would have been better without the fiery wreck but all things considered, this is a positive outcome. >> reporter: officers were at the hospital speaking with the driver and they said he didn't appear to be impaired in any way. they don't know yet how he lost control of the vehicle in the first place. he has a concussion. he has bumps and bruises but he is alive.
6:36 am
we're live in logan, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." nydia. >> katherine thank you. a fast moving fire damaged a louse in southwest philadelphia overnight. the fire broke out on the 5200 block of florence avenue at 2:30 a.m. crews arrived to flames shooting out of the second floor windows of the row home. they say a large amount of debris on the second floor hampered their fire fight. there are no reports of injuries. we have new information about a late night crash in delaware county. the driver who hit a pedestrian then fled the scene is now under arrest. chopper6 was over lincoln and chester pike in prospect park when officers located the suspect's vehicle. we are still waiting for police to release the victim's condition. the search is on for the three bandits hoop smashed and grabbed their way to $10,000 in jewels at the montgomery mall. surveillance video shows the masked men taking hammers to the jewelry displays. the trio struck before 11:30 yesterday morning. investigators believe the suspects scouted out the mall
6:37 am
and were able to get in and out through an unlocked back door. >> the way they're moving organized and the equipment that they have they're in and they're out, there's no hesitation i would say did the s definitely definitely not their first time. >> no employees or customers were hurt. >> 6:37. republicans are dealing with a remarkable and almost unbelievable display of party division just three months out from election day. gop representative richard hannah has become the first republican in congress to say he'll be voting for hillary clinton over donald trump. and top gop donor meg when it man says she'll be doing the same. the hewlett packard ceo a former california gubernatorial candidate warns national security would be in danger under a trump presidency. trump himself is just rowing the waters more refusing to endorse senator john mccain or house speaker paul ryan both of whom have serious challengers in their upcoming primaries. for the democrats hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine campaigned in florida. he stopped at betty's soul food restaurant in fort
6:38 am
lauderdale. party leaders there promise clinton will carry broward county by 250,000 votes. clinton is back on the trail today in colorado. >> proving harder than expected to get rid of zika carrying mosquitos in florida. aerial spraying starts today but there are fears some of the bugs are resistant to the insecticide. a new diagnosis outside the 1 mile cluster brings nontravel related infections to 15. airlines have updated ticket change policies since the cdc issued its warning for pregnant women to stay away from the area. ali gorman is hosting a live facebook chat on zika this afternoon. joining her will be an infect suspect disease expert from einstein health. that is today from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. >> happening today vice president joe biden will be honored in philadelphia. the world affairs council of philadelphia will present the vice president with the 2016
6:39 am
atlas award. he's being recognized for outstanding efforts leading the president's initiative on cancer research. tonight's event takes place at the hyatt in the bellevue in center city. >> three words. >> beautiful, bright, bueno. stepping outside lots of sun over the horizon on sky6 at the airport. no weather related issues getting out of town not that this is the sort of day you would want to leave as it's nice. your temperature currently is 68 degrees in philadelphia. we start you had out i ha start. the dewpoint is down in the low 60's not really what we would consider all that humid so again comfortable. winds light 6 miles per hour. satellite shows you the lack of significant cloud cover. there could be a little bit of patchy fog up in the northern areas but if there is it's not going the last long and most of you probably aren't encountering that going to be a flies one today. 70 degrees by 8 o'clock, 75 by
6:40 am
10 o'clock and by noon probably hitting 80. now this afternoon we'll have lots of sun and it will be warm with that high of 84 so it's still a good day to have cool drinks handy if you're going to be out working or playing. but with lower humidity it's going to feel tons more comfortable than it did recently. 81 degrees is your high in allentown, low 80's in reading, trenton, wilmington, even down toward millville and down the shore it looks like upper 70's in a lot of spots, up to about 80 and as we go in closer on the shore you can see 80's from beach haven down through atlantic city and ocean city. sunscreen will be important because we are expecty expecting fairly decent amount of sun and it might be slightly humid especially as we go farther south across the region but lay you're next to that warm ocean water. you got your sunscreen and cool drinks and you're ready to roll. it does look like a pretty good beach day. it's a great night at the ballpark tonight. this is about as good as it gets in august at citizens bank park. low humidity 79 degrees for the giants and phillies for first pitch and 71 in the ninth inning. go down there and have some fun and hopefully the phillies
6:41 am
bats will be active again. got a lot of hits last night. newspaper control tomorrow. we'll do the whole thing over again. the high will be a little bit farther away from us and it might be a bit breezier but a high of 84, low humidity, another nice one and then things start to change a little bit on friday and more so on saturday. down in the tropics tropical storm earl has become a tropical storm. happened shortly before the noon show yesterday and it does look like it has a chance of becoming a category one hurricane before it makes landfall in belize later tonight and overnight. after that it looks like it probably falls apart over mexico during the weekend. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast today's high is 84. absolutely gorgeous out there. and we're going to repeat tomorrow with another 84. nice conditions. day baseball at citizens bank park tomorrow. then friday warm and more humid, 86 degrees. it's the opening of music fest and we are taking out the chance of a thunderstorm at night so it looks like we'll be okay to start out musikfest in bethlehem. on saturday, a little bit more of an iffy day hot and humid a high of 90 clouds and sun and there's the chance of some
6:42 am
thunderstorms at times. especially in the afternoon and evening. but then on sunday cold front is gone. humidity drops gradually during the day and we get into the upper 80's and it's nice. staying nice monday, tuesday, too. >> all right. we like nice. >> yeah. >> it is now 6:42. up next more stories you didn't see last night including the officer who comes under attack and the stranger who tries to stop it. >> and an umpire at the phillies game gets fed up by a foul mouth fan and decides three strikes and you're out. matt. >> yikes. we're here along the platt bridge this morning nydia headed to the airport. things are looking good so far. we've got some good news and some bad news in chester county and a new crash in delaware county. details when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪ i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them
6:43 am
to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there. the view out across center city. you know what, it feels just as great as it looks. you're in beautiful wednesday. david what's the high. >> 84. >> 84. nice and warm but not humid, matt. >> i don't want to jinx it matt but it's been pretty smooth sailing today, right. >> it has. a lot of people on vacation this week. that helping us out for sure. i don't want to be the downer with this nice weather but it is bright out there this morning so some sun glare delays possibly but i want you to count with me. one, two, three. county them, three lanes now available here on 202. this is our great news in chester county this morning. northbound between the 30 bypass and 401 overnight 33 did ope33 --they did open the t. not expecting a big delay. they've been working on this widening project for five years and it is now pretty
6:46 am
much completed with the opening of the third lane this morning but they will be coming back during the overnights over the next couple weeks to put the finishing touches on 202. meanwhile you know it can't all be good news in chester county. the route 29 closure in schuylkill township was supposed to end today. now we're hearing it's being postponed until august 26th so that's going to remain closed two. 52 was supposed to end the end of july. didn't happen. now we're hearing the end of the year for in construction project. from chester county to chester delaware county, we're near talon energy stadium a bad crash along second street that's 291 near engle street by the commodore barry bridge. on the big picture normal delays coming south on 95. speeds in the teens and 20's as well as on the schuylkill. a lot of speeds in the 20's and 30's. have a josh groban concert in camden couldn't flight at 7:30, a phils game at seven:05 and in mercer county mercer street is going to close again today in princeton starting in just about 15 minutes. head for 206 or one to get
6:47 am
around that. nydia. >> matt thank you. new this morning, a good samaritan jump there is to help an oklahoma police officer being attacked by a suspect. dashcam video shows the scuffle. police say the suspect was trying to reach for an officer's gun. that's when the good samaritan comes into the picture using a wrestling move to take the suspect down. that suspect now faces charges for the attack. a seconds suspect sped away during the scuffle. police were chasing them for using stolen credit cards. >> an umpire made an unusual call at the phillies game last night telling a fan you're outta' here. an unruly man got bootd from citizens bank park during the sixth inning. home plate umpire interrupted the game to make that call. listen in to the play by play announcer. >> he is actually going to eject a fan. when was the last time you saw that happen? >> davidson says the fan lek killed him for two straight batters yelling all the way from 14 rows up.
6:48 am
davidson then joked his actions drew applause from the crowd something he says you rarely hear when you're the umpire in philadelphia. >> 6:48. a politician gets busted for stealing rival campaign signs. and wait until you hear who bailed limb out. that's next. fluknext. fluk
6:49 am
when i used to fail over and over trying to invent things everyone said i was crazy. then i invented this mama-jama. just like this morning when i wanted chicken for breakfast everyone said i was crazy again. then i got the new egg white grill from chick-fil-a.
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let's review. crazy, not crazy. crazy, not crazy. chicken for breakfast, it's not as crazy as you think. try the new egg white grill from chick-fil-a. >> an australian couple got a
6:51 am
backyard pool they never asked for. a sinkhole appeared on their property. they rebuilt their home after severe floods. authorities think the sinkhole is due a old mine tunnel clams. look at that. >> getting a tetanus shot before you go swimming in that water. a little bit murky. let's go outside. it is time for the four's and the two's. here's 422 eastbound side now backing down from this point at oaks on into route 23. how about 42? we're seeing about a three minute delay so far but overall the northbound traffic isn't moving too badly as you head toward 295. but we have a few delays of course on those septa regional rails this morning specifically on the airport line and the paoli thorndale line. david if we went into this morning, matt with a concern about possible patchy fog and it does look like visibilities are a little bit lower up toward reading and maybe in and around allentown and central bucks and montgomery county but i if you do encounter some of that it's probably not that thick and shouldn't last that long. overall it's going to be a nice one. those of you heading out
6:52 am
shopping 70 degrees by 8 o'clock, 10 o'clock 75. if you're getting frozen food that's not too bad with low humidity you can get it done in the morning without the ice cream melting. in the afternoon it gets warm. looks like we'll see a high of 84 degrees probably around 3 o'clock this afternoon. definitely warm fluff tam for cool drinks if you're out there work organize playing but with low humidity it's a lot more comfortable. >> thank you day. new on "action news a state lawmakers in tennessee was arrested for stealing his opponent's campaign signs but it was that opponent who got him out of jail. someone recorded representative curry todd on camera removing rival mark lovell's campaign signs last month. todd was arrested yesterday when he failed to show up for questioning. hours later though it was lovell of all people who posted curry's bond. curry faces lovell and two other challengers in tomorrow's republican primary. >> can't make this stuff up, can you. a nine-year-old gave his medical team at chop reason to be proud. zion harvey threw out the first pitch at last night's orioles-rangers game. he's the first child in the
6:53 am
world to undergo a double hand transplant. it happened at children's hospital of philadelphia last summer. when he was two years old zion developed an infection that required his hands and feet to be amputated. his pitch impressed everyone at camden yards in baltimore. way to go, zion harvey. we'll be right back.
6:54 am
today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> ♪ >> and we continue to follow breaking news. 300 passengers and crew members are safe after a crash landing at dubai's main airport. this video posted online shows black smoke billowing from what looks like an emirates jetliner. all flights out of the dubai airport have been delayed until further notice. officials declined to provide any further details. a philadelphia police officer happened to drive by the scene of a car crash and help pull the man who was inside that burning vehicle and passed out out alive. it happened on broad street near belfield avenue in the city's logan section earlier this morning. that driver is now in stable condition. >> watching a new crash on the schuylkill eastbound here by 26th street as you head toward the platt bridge and the airport. taking out the left lane and the vehicle leaking some fluid. david. >> beautiful day out there though matt. we've got lots of sunshine all the way. and a high of 84 this afternoon. the best news of all, lower humidity than what we've had over really the last couple of weeks. today and tomorrow both look
6:57 am
like real winners. >> nothing to say about that except get outside and enjoy it. >> that's right. >> i hope you do, too. format mat karen rogers, matt pelman nydia han i'm tamala edwards. we'll see you in 30 with updates. marcopolo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo?
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. crash landing. the giant plume of smoke engulfing this boeing 777 at one of the world's busiest airports. firefighters racing to the runway. 300 people rushing down emergency chutes. the latest on these terrifying moments on the tarmac. 24 hours of trouble. donald trump starts a new war with his own party refusing to endorse paul ryan and john mccain as he faces backlash over a purple heart, his comments on sexual harassment and what he said about a baby. >> i think she really believed me that i love having a baby crying while i'm speaking. >> the president calls trump unfit for office and challenges republicans to walk away from their candidate. teen murder mystery. two beloved high school students found shot to death murdered behind a grocery store in the suburbs. investigators


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