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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 3, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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the njea, the new jersey education association asking the u.s. attorney and the state attorney general. here is one of the letters here. asking them to investigate saying that the njea is conspiring to corrupt public officials. sweeney promised to host a bill to put on a constitutional amendment to ramp upstate payments to the pension fund. sweeney has not done that yet because he is trying to figure out the funding for the transportation fund that is going broke. at least two have made phone calls to the top democrats, if that bill doesn't get posted the njea will not give contributions until next year he is outraged by this. >> the threats by public employee unions to withhold
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contributions whether this is vetted on by the senate next week crosses the line. these threats put members of the new jersey senate in a position to tying specific official action to the receipt of a campaign contribution. this demand by the unions for a quid pro quo, transforms the promise of the campaign contribution to bribery and the threat of withholding that contribution to extortion, under both state and federal law. >> i can't tell you how i'm blown away that they would make these kinds of threats, and you know like it was nothing. like it was nothing. i'm a union official and it makes unions look bad. you can withhold contributions for somebody because you are unhappy with the legislature but to tie it to a specific action it's illegal. it's not the first time they
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tried to bully me and i'm not going to be bullied and pushed around. >> i spoke to njea officials, they said that the union is concerned about making sure that senator sweeney keeps his promise to post the pension bill. i was unable to reach them after. we'll speak to them this afternoon and the senate says that doing the pension bill and the transportation bill at the same time could leave a hole. a surprising move by a state senator steve sweeney, charging that the njea is trying to bribe democrats. >> nora thank you. philadelphia police are on the hunt for several teenagers who assaulted an 11-year-old boy in broad daylight. he was playing at olney playground. he was chased by the teens to a nearby alley, gray hall joins us
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now from police headquarters with details on what happened next. >> reporter: well sara, police are not sure what promptd this incident. here is what they know. the 11-year-old boy was beaten and humiliated and then threatened with a gun and police are working hard to track down who is responsible. >> this park is suppose to be a place for kids to play and enjoy fun outside. but police say for an 11-year-old it turned into a place of terror. they say that the victim was playing basketball at 4:50 in the afternoon and approached by four other kids 14 to 18 years old and for some reason they chased him and attacked him. >> they chased him out of the playground to the 6th block of 8th street and cornered him in a driveway and one of them produced a handgun and pointed at the young man and demanded he remove his clothing and take a photo of him and punched him in
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the stomach. >> they believe this picture is of who is responsible. parents are disturbed by the news. >> shocking. it is shocking because i have a 9-year-old, and he was bullied before, sounds like more like bullying. >> a disturbing act. a classic example of bullying, it's beyond for these teens to do this to an 11-year-old child. maybe someone can identify the individuals or the one individual in that image. >> all right back out live, a horrible situation for the 11-year-old, police tell us he was not seriously injured and they say that his brother at the park playing basketball but they ran separate ways before the attack. if you have information you should call police. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a man is recovering in the hospital after he was pulled
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from the wreckage of a fiery crash and he was saved by the philadelphia police officer, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. the crash happened at midnight at the corner of broad street and belfield avenue, officer joel rice is driving by seconds later, and saw the driver sprawled across the seat unconscious and rice jumped into action with the help of a passing ambulance. >> flames were accumulating in the engine compartment and with help i pulled the male out of the front seat of the car as the flames were growing. >> the driver was taken to einstein medical center and he is listed in stable condition. a fast moving fire gutted a south philadelphia home earlier this morning. firefighter as arrived to smoke and flames shooting from the row home. on florence avenue at 2:30 a.m. debris on the second floor made
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putting out the flames more difficult. nobody was hurt and the cause of this fire is under investigation. philadelphia police used deadly force against a pit bull that was viciously attacking people. the dog attacked a woman at dickinson streets in south philadelphia, when they arrived the pit bull was attacking a man walking his dog and they tried to kick the pit bulls off the victim but failed and officers shot and killed the pit bull, so far nobody has come forward to claim that dog. turning now to the explosive race to the white house. donald trump's latest controversy may have gone too far. republican officials are exploring what to do should their nominee drop from the race. at least one announced she would throw her support behind hillary clinton. lana zach is joining us live
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with the details. >> reporter: donald trump tweeting about unity within his campaign but we are increasingly hearing from republicans that are frustrating and that hillary clinton is vulnerable but trump is bringing all the necktive attention on himself. just 12 days after accepting the nomination for president, news is leaking of the stunning lack of confidence in their nominee. making contingency plans should donald trump drop out of the race. calling to express frustration personally after a series of controversial remarks. >> i always wanted to get the purple heart, this was much easier. >> a flub on foreign affairs and putin. >> he is already there isn't he? >> a flub with a fallen soldier. >> what sacrifices have you made for your country? >> i make sacrifices i work very, very hard. >> and the opposite of baby kissing.
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>> you can get the baby out of here. >> but this may be the final straw. >> i am never a big fan of john mccain, withholding his support of john mccain and paul ryan, the head of his convention. major gop fundraiser, meg whitman announces she will support clinton. while clinton is absent from the trail her campaign releasing this new ad. >> republican leaders cannot force trump out and he has no known plans to drop out. but just the same even though this may be wishful thinking on the part of republicans, they need to be prepared for any eventuality. reporting live from washington, lana zach, channel 6 "action news." >> never a dull moment. thank you lana. remember to download the 6 abc news app. stay with all the action toward
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the general election. you get breaking news as well as live results from election night. it's a free download for your device. turning now to accuweather, a great day to be outdoors, sky 6 hd taking a live look at pens landing it's a beautiful day to take your lunch outside and have a picnic and plenty of sunshine and for the first time in a long time it's not unbearably hot. >> i'll start out by cautioning people if you go out to do hard work or hard planning, you still need cool drinks because it will be warm. but it feels way more comfortable than it has in some time around here. lots of sunshine across the region and coastal stuff is popping up and it's all fair weather. we'll see mainly sunny skies today. temperatures up to 80 degrees in philadelphia. same story down the coast in washington, cooler in central park. 78 degrees there, and your dew
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points, this is the most important number as well. philadelphia down to 60, have you to get over 60 to begin talking about humidity and the human levels are much lower, in delaware high down there. the humidity is going to be the headline story for a lot of the next week, we get a spike for the afternoon and definitely on saturday, a hot and humid day and then back into the 50s on sunday and monday. not what we would consider humid. when i step inside we'll talk about temperatures today and the rest of the weekend and the chance of a saturday thunderstorm. >> sounds good david, is the place to go for the hourly forecast and real time views and use twilter and facebook to follow our meteorologist to let us know what is happening where you are. and facebook to follow our meteorologist to let us know what is happening where you are.
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100 people signed a petition to change the name of wildwood. the city council added unanimously adding the referendum to the november ballot. still to come another case of zika in florida this as officials look to attack mosquitos from the air. >> and back on stage, the one and only barbara streisand kicks office her new tour.
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health officials in the miami area are investigating a new case of the zika virus, that brings the total number of infebted victims to 15, this has mosquito control efforts move from the ground to the air. >> reporter: good afternoon, officials here in florida are confirming they are investigating a new case that is actually located outside of that so-called zika zone, but for now officials believe that active transmission is taking place within that zone. heavy rain and gusty winds delayed plans for aerial sprays this morning. but attacking zika on the grown still in full force. the number of inspectors going door-to-door now tripled. 15 people have contracted zika from infected mosquitos in florida so far. >> this is a tough mosquito to
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control. >> this is most frightening for pregnant women, so critics in the hot zone not taking chances. >> regardless, she is going downstairs -- >> gabrielle is 8 months pregnant and is prepared to do whatever it takes to stay zika free. >> i'm going to stay home and have the a.c. on blast and try not to go outside. >> and with the concerns, the zika mosquitos are growing resistant to efforts on the ground and now they are starting to drop pesticides from the sky, a 10 mile radius from downtown miami. >> it works well for high flying mosquitos, the mosquito that spread zika live in containers around your home. >> whether it is effective remains to be seen but it could
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start tonight and continue for four weeks. reporting from miami, sara back to you. >> "action news" health reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman, is hosting a live facebook chat on zika this afternoon. joining her is an expert from einstein health. today low humid and sunshine, david murphy lets us know how long we can enjoy this. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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this weekend fyi philly gives you reasons to squeeze in summer fun. one is the king of prussia expansion expected to open in a few weeks. alicia vitarelli has a preview. >> reporter: this expansion, this connection -- >> it's a two year project. >> on august 18th, it's officially open for business making a huge impact on the
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philadelphia shopping scene. >> the largest mall in the country with dedicated foot able to restaurants and retail sales. >> it's known as the plaza and the court. >> there is no more court and plaza, we have oneco cohesive experience. >> you can go to a girls night and bring out the family. there are favorites like fat ham from chef kevin and high street kitchen. >> seating and people can grab a drink and you can stop and hang out. >> dining and the overall experience is important to people that come here because it's a great place for a day trip. >> get a preview of some of the shops that will be at the new mall expansion and fun ideas at 7:00 on fyi philly.
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lots to do before september approaches. and back to school and all of that. we have to jam in it in one month. >> the mall is air conditioned too, if it gets hot and humid. not today it's nice out. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan there is no rain, taking a look on the action cam in strawberry mansion, the pretty clouds peeking out from behind the trees there, lots of blue skies and warm with low humid. your temperature is 80, the dew point down at 60, that is when we begin talking about humid air and winds from the east at 8 miles per hour and as we take a look at temperatures across the region, most of you in the 70s and philadelphia in the 80s, everybody else mid to upper 70s and the humidity on the low side with the exception in dover and tip of cape may county. you have higher dew points and higher humidity. most of us are enjoying a break.
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cloud cover welling up to the west of us and most of us will avoid the region and overall we see mostly sunny skies and it's not very humid outside of delaware. 82 degrees in reading and 82 in wilmington and 84 in philadelphia, and if you head down the beach, somewhere between 80 and 78 in cape may. giving you a closer look at the ocean, if you head out of the condo to take on the beach, 79 in surf city and obviously it's sunny enough for the sunscreen today. might be slightly humid for the coast in delaware and on the delaware beaches it's the low 80s. in philadelphia 83 by 2:00 and 83 by 4:00, in between there at 4:00 this afternoon. cool drinks are important but not as humid as it has been recently. holding into the 80s by 6:00 and quick drop to 76 after that. and that bodes well for the
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giants and phillies tonight. if you are a fan with tickets it's a gorgeous august evening at citizens bank park. 71 in the ninth inning, this may be the nicest night in the ballpark in a couple of months. high pressure, another nice one tomorrow, drifting off to the east. maybe a northwest breeze and still low humidity and 84 for a high and great today and a nice day tomorrow as it starts to get there. earl east-northeast of belize city, it plows into belize tonight and growing into a category one hurricane and i would not be surprised if tonight cecily is telling you about the bump up in category. a lot of echo tourism. hopefully it was not the week you were planning to head down. give it a day or so. and form can back into a
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tropical storm over the weekend. and it looks like earl will have a short life. 84 in philadelphia today and 84 tomorrow and sunny and great and musikfest arrives on friday night and we take out the mention of a nighttime thunderstorm. all things credited a nice night to kick off musikfest. hot and humid and thunderstorms are possible on saturday, not a big strong lineup but something you want to keep an eye out for. humid and sticky and high of 90 and sunday back into the 80s and monday and tuesday looking basically like nice, summer afternoons around here. >> thank you david. topping our people scene, barbara streisand kicks off her new tour, the if youy girl performed for thousands of fans at the staple center last night. the 75-year-old singer will perform in just nine cities for barbara, the memories and magic tour. streisand will be here in philadelphia on the 20th at the
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wells fargo center.
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one check of the tolerable temperatures. >> and low humidity. a nice combo, the northern and western suburbs we will only get to the upper 80s and mostly sunny and low humidity. i-95 sunny and nice and again low humidity, it's not bad. couple of spots down the shore like cape may upper 70s. i need to take out the spotty thundershower, we are looking at mostly sunny and nice. three fishermen made quite a catch off the florida coast. they were using a stingray as bait when they realed in a 13 foot hammer head shark.
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they caught it on video and then released it back into the water. coming up on "action news" at 4:00, just 48 hours away from the start of the summer olympics but the city of rio is reportedly anything but ready. we'll show you the mess in the athletes village and a woman has a seizure in front of her daughter, how the toddler managed to save her mother's life. that will do it for "action news" at 12:00. for rick williams and the entire "action news" team. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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