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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 4, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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ain back from those mean bicycle boys. (sighs) ah. let there be wine. y-you've put wine in my fountain? you're welcome. it looks like a fountain of blood. people are gonna think i'm creepy. i think the ship has sailed on that one, big guy. gonna be here a while. might as well get comfy. whew. you guys know i own a bar, right? yeah. cheers.
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the sign is supposed to prompt drivers to merge into one lane like a zipper. researchers say it can reduce traffic jams by 50%. but unfamiliar drivers are asking if they are supposed to make sure their pants are on right. >> that seems ridiculous signage. >> a controversy that is dogging down over sexual harassment. >> it comes amid questions of what trump said women should do if they're sexually harassed in the workplace. >> reporter: donald trump's own comments about sexual harassment causing a controversy. it began when he defended roger ailes who resigned after several women claimed he harassed them. >> i can tell you that some of the women that are complaining, i know how much he's helped them, and now all of a sudden they're saying these horrible things about them.
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it's sad. >> reporter: and then asked what is ivanka trump was harassed at work, he said i would like she would find another career or company if that was the case, suggesting that the victim is the one who should leave the job. eric trump defending his father. >> you should certainly take it up with human resources, and i think she would as a strong person. at the same time, i don't think she would allow herself to be subjected to that. >> megyn kelly, a one word response, sigh. it's a woman's choice whether to stay on the job or quit saying i think a lot of women wouldn't want to stay in a place where they're being harassed. >> i think sexual harassment is inexcusable in any setting. i think harassment in general regardless, sexual or otherwise is totally inexcusable, and if it transpires, it needs to be reported. and it needs to be dealt with on a company level. >> reporter: and the strategy
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for hillary clinton seems to be let donald trump do the talking, especially in the wake of the rocky 24 hours. you can bet the comments will come back to haunt him in a campaign ad against him very soon. abc news, colorado. people are saying that donald trump is blaming the victims of sexual harassment by saying they shouldn't allow themselves to be harassed. gretchen carlson is suing roger ailes over sexual harassment. interesting. he keeps getting himself into trouble. that's for sure. >> coming up, that quintessential summer meal, brunch. >> we'll show you quick and easy menu ideas for your brunch table. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ ♪ >> we closing in on the halfway point of summer 2016. there are still plenty of weekends ahead to enjoy the summer brunch. joining us this morning with quick, easy and tasty menu ideas is chef mark bailey.
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he's the author of cooking in boxers. i love the sub title. >> 50 ways to keep your mate in bed. >> my co-anchor this week, nick watt would think you meant friends, but you don't mean your friend in this is to keep your lover in bed. >> yes, your mate and lover. this is 50 of my favorite breakfast recipes. >> i love it. >> summer brunch. you always want to kick off something with a little something to drink. it's spritzer season. what i have going on, you can serve them in a can or over ice. i go with frozen berries. >> the frozen berry is the ice cube? >> yes. strawberries, blueberries. it gives nice color as well. people tend to enjoy it. carrying on with the berries, i say a berry crisp. it's like a great casserole. you can do it overnight. toss your berries in sugar, layer them in the bottom.
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i like to use things you have. this is honey bunches of oats. i create a struesel with it. flour, a little butter and use it as your topping. you can make it the night before and pop it on the oven. >> cream or ice cream on top? >> yes. this can do front or back end as far as desesert. >> that's right, because it's breakfast. cereal and fruit. >> exactly. and then we have a stuffed burger going on here. anything with an egg on top i think is breakfast. but in the burger we have bacon as as well as cheese. >> it's a stuffed burger? >> it is. i have a great gadget here from jcpenny. an easy way to stuff your burger. a burger stuffer. >> you have meat in there. >> and i use this to create the indent for the burger, and you basically create your top patty. put it on top like so and close it like this quick.
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give it a squeeze, and look how fast this burger comes out. >> that is a monster burger. >> it is, but it's stuffed with bacon and cheese, and you can stuff it with pretty much anything you want. brunch, you can't go wrong with egg. >> and the egg over easy on top. >> and english muffin. >> i love it. what's this? >> this is greater number of witnesses -- gritz and cheese souffle. la lactaide milk. eggs and gritz. once you get the egg in there and whip up the gritz, it's easy. >> people shouldn't be nervous? >> it's doable. >> you promise? >> i promise. you'll get the recipe online. and then we have chicken and waffles. this is a little bit more
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savory. i went with lemon chicken. since it's grilling season, grill your chicken on the grill. >> and it's healthier. >> right. >> and you can do it with or without the syrup. >> yes. >> there are some people who won't mix their sweet and savory. >> i think it goes well with the waffles. >> 50 ways to keep your mate in bed. you're basically -- it's cooking in boxers. >> it is. >> do you have to cook these meals in your underwear? >> i say go for it, but i don't want any liabilities. i'm a romantic. i believe in breakfast in bed. >> it happens all too rarely. >> definitely. i think it should be a regular occasion. >> and you're here to inspire us. thank you. >> yes, brunch and breakfast. >> thank you. mark bailey there. thanks. you can see more of his recipes in his book, cooking in boxers and on our facebook page, we'll be right back.
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you're watching "world news now." check this out.
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>> happy 209 anniversary. wow. >> congratulations. >> the big 20. >> ♪ and among some of our favorite things is that voice who can only be described as syrup on a warm waffle. the empire state building honoring tony bennett with a
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light show. >> that's not all. here's david muir. >> reporter: at the empire state building a birthday kiss from lady gaga for tony bennett. it was not long ago he was in the studio with her. ♪ some day, when i'm awfully low ♪ ♪ when the world is cold ♪ i will feel a glow just thinking of you ♪ >> reporter: so many thinking of him, because tony bennett is turning 90. already becoming the oldest artist to have a number one album in the world, and i asked him what he thought of that history made. >> well, i'm thrilled about that. i've always wanted to be one of a kind somehow. and it happened. ♪ i'm in heaven >> reporter: 60 years between them, but as we've all learned, bennett's voice is ageless.
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♪ in a river or a creek, but i don't enjoy it half as much as dancing cheek to cheek ♪ >> reporter: we haven't forgotten what he told us about age and his secret all these years. >> i never worked a day in my life because i love what i do, and i love the fact that i'm getting away with it. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> i always wanted to be one of a kind and it happened. incredible. he is incredible. do you know he fought in france and germany in world war ii and participated in the liberation of a concentration camp. >> so cool he got together with young stars. >> yeah.
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this morning on "world news now," the latest trouble facing the donald trump campaign. >> a new poll showing an even wider lead for hillary clinton. some reports surface of trouble within trump's campaign. an overnight trump's new message to voters, you have no choice. >> and out of control. one of a series of wildfires scorching the west. in northern california thousands of acres burning as fire crews try to contain it day and night. a break in the case of two teenagers found murdered execution style behind a grocery store in georgia against the backdrop of vigils, police have a suspect in custody. what about a possible motive? and nothing to see here. just some bears going for a dip in lake tahoe.
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the mom and her cubs getting time in at the beach and apparently not bothered by the humans nearby. we'll have that and the latest headlines on this thursday, august 4th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm nick watt. >> i'm linzie janice. those bears didn't seem too bothered by the people. the people didn't seem too bothered by the bears. 'w we also have a drunk moose. >> later. >> and a kangaroo. >> drunk animals. >> for now, we begin this half hour with the donald trump campaign in turmoil as hillary clinton dmgets a boost of suppo. >> a poll shows clinton ten points ahead of trump. her biggest lead in months and more than half of americans feel he's not qualified and lacks the temperament and knowledge to
3:02 am
lead the country. >> trump is still struggling to stay on topic. abc news learned that senior party officials are so frustrated that they're exploring how to replace him if he suddenly drops out of the race. trump has a blunt message for dissatisfied republicans. >> if you say i would never in a million years vote for donald trump, you have to. you have no choice. >> trump met with a group of gold star families in florida as he continues to face criticism over his feud with the parents of a soldier who was killed in iraq. >> even as he refuses to endorse paul ryan and john mccain, mccain says he will not take back his pledge to support trump. it is your voice, your vote. here is david wright. >> reporter: in florida donald trump insists his campaign has never been stronger. >> the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united.
3:03 am
right now it's the best in terms of being united that it's been since we began. >> reporter: from his campaign manager, this. >> he's in control of his campaign. >> reporter: the republican leaders see a campaign imploding. they're furious instead of attacking hillary clinton, he lashed out at the grieving parents of a fallen soldier. >> i was viciously attacked. i think i have the right. >> reporter: and pointedly refused to endorse house speaker paul ryan. president obama is now pressuring republicans to withdraw their endorsements. >> there has to be a point at which you say this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states. >> reporter: some prominent republicans are doing just that. among them, the hewlett-packard ceo saying he has exploited anger, grievance, xenophobia and racial division. and trump is doubling down on this warning.
3:04 am
>> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged. >> reporter: offering no proof he's promoting voter fraud. >> they're going to vote ten times. i am very concerned. i hope the republicans are going to be watchful. >> reporter: some trump supporters are now openly telling him reign it in. >> you have one person to attack. hillary clinton. don't run against the world. >> he has to find a way to slow down, really learn some new lessons. this is a little bit like the apprentice. >> reporter: for now donald trump is refusing to endorse house speaker paul ryan in his reelection bid, but his running mate endorsed ryan calling him a long time friend and a strong conservative leader. he says he talked to trump ahead of the making the endorsement, and trump encouraged him to do it. david wright. >> the democrats are laying out their plans in black and white. hillary clinton and tim kaine
3:05 am
are releasing a policy book called stronger together. it promises to offer a more in-depth look at a wide range of proposals that clinton has outlined over the past 15 months. it will include the stories of every day people who have influenced the ideas. stronger together will be released two months ahead of the election. breaking news in london. there is an increased police presence this morning following a deadly knife attack. it happened last night in russell square. an area popular with tourists. one woman was killed and five others injured. a 19-year-old man is in custody. he was arrested moments after the attack. police say his mental health may be a factor in the case. they're also looking into possible terrorism links. a landing gear problem the focus of an investigation into the crash landing on an airliner. it was seen sliding down the
3:06 am
runway at the dubai airport. the busiest in the middle east. moments later a fuel tank in the wing exploded. part of it flying into the air. all three 300 people on the plane evacuated safely. some even grabbing their bags on the way to emergency slides. investigators want to know if the pilots may have failed to deploy the landing gear. >> even with all the sophisticated electronics, you have to put the gear down yourself. it will squawk at you and give you warnings of all sorts. you have checklists and procedures. humans find a way to work around things. we may have seen one of the first instances in a long time. one firefight was killed while helping extinguish the plane. the roof was completely scorched from the cockpit to the tail. emirates airline says the plane is 13 years old and was up to date with safety inspepgss.
3:07 am
california, a series of earthquakes struck in the north eastern part of the state. three quakes hit the down of janesville within three minutes. 4 .4 or above magnitude. it's located on the slope of the sierra nevada. more details as we get them. also in california, the out of control fire near wire country has grown to nearly 5,000 acres. it's burning near winters california. the blaze is only 10% contained. the crews are facing major challenges including steep terrain and windy conditions. helicopters are scooping water from a lake to douse the flames. the reason for the odd name, the cold fire started near the town of winters. >> human testing for the zika virus is underway in the u.s. one of many steps health officials are taking to stop the
3:08 am
spread of the virus. the outbreak in puerto rico being called epidemic, will those steps be enough? >> reporter: miami on a mission , spraying, misting, and pumping to stop zika virus in its tracks. >> it's getting all this attention. >> reporter: bug repellant being handed out in the streets and at clinics. the virus linked to severe birth defects prompted the cdc to warn pregnant women to stay away. >> i'm going to stay home and have the ac on blast and try not to go outside. >> reporter: unsettling for this expectant mother of puerto rico already fighting an up hill battle against zika virus with more than 5500 people diagnosed with the virus so far. of those, nearly 700 are pregnant women. >> there's no community in the world prepared for that.
3:09 am
>> reporter: according to medical experts, it's only a matter of time. the situation there impacts state side. with all the travel to puerto rico and other places where there's a lot of zika virus, we're going to see more outbreaks like miami. it's only a matter of time. >> reporter: and knowing all of that, here in florida to stay ahead of the battle, the governor just announced free zika virus testing for pregnant women. not just in miami. but across the state. >> the supreme court has dealt a temporary setback to a transgender's teen using a boy's bathroom. he sued the school board after a policy was passed. a district court agreed with dwrim. the supreme court stated that ruling as the justices decide whether to take on the case. lake tahoe is a hugely popular vacation spot that straddled the border of california and nevada. it's home to about 35,000 bears.
3:10 am
>> it's especially crowded in august with humans. as you can see, bears looking for their share of fun. this mother bear and cubs took a dip in the lake. >> the forest service says bears usually cool you have in mountain streams, but most of those have been deriried up by drought. incredible the way the humans don't seem bothers. i would have been getting out of there. >> listen, the california drought, that's a real sign of it. these guys used to be paddling around in the streams up in the mountains, and now they're down there. >> that's a mother in her cubs. that can be dangerous to be around. even though -- you know? >> i'm surprised the people are not freaking out. >> it's kind of scary. we have an update about a bear story we brought you yesterday.
3:11 am
this is bear central here at abc news head quarters, this program in particular. we showed you this guy riding on top of a garbage truck. we told you about it yesterday, but we didn't know until today that he was on it for five miles before the driver backed up to a tree and allowed the bear to climb up in the tree. i want to know what went on for the five miles. >> i want to think he was swerving. the bear was hanging on. the wind in his fur. it's a shame we don't have yesterday owe of the five miles. >> maybe it's another bear trying to cool off. >> coming up, why a muslim woman was told to leave an indiana store. >> she's now speaking out after getting kicked out for covering her face. >> and long before there was "game of thrones," there was pete's dragon. we'll take you in search of the beast and behind the scenes of the remark of the disney
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so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. take it off your face or leave me store. >> that's what a muslim woman said he was told at a clerk from family dollar store. she says she explained she wore it for religious reasons.
3:16 am
the clerk said it was a high crime area and the store gets robbed a lot. the texas native recorded part of it on her cell phone. family dollar hasn't commented. >> in georgia a suspect was arrested in the execution style shooting death of two teenagers. >> the arrest is raising more questions about the suspects and his possible motive. >> reporter: 17-year-olds natalie henderson and carter davis were supposed to be starting their senior year of high school. but police say this man murdered them. 20-year-old jeffrey hazel wood was arrested calming the fears of families at the local high schools here. >> at this poeint in time we believe he acted alone. >> reporter: a delivery driver discovered the bodies behind a grocery store. the medical examiner says each of them died from a single
3:17 am
gunshot wound to the head. henderson's mother gave us these senior pictures that she sat for last week. davis would have started his senior year on the morning he died at river ridge high school. their friends are holding vigils and saying prayers. >> he was a kid that was full of life. there's no reason for him to be gone. >> reporter: hazel wood hasn't yet entered a plea. police aren't explaining a possible motive. abc news, atlanta. >> coming up, we're traveling deep into the forests of new zealand behind the remake of a disney classic. can you guess which one it is? you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this. p?p?o?gv
3:18 am
3:19 am
it's been nearly 40 years since walt disney released the live action animated musical pete's dragon. >> it's getting a major overhaul with a lighter story line and amped up cinema special effects. >> reporter: it was shot in new zeala zealand. the landscape and award winning film industry making it one of the most desirable filming locations in the world. known for the hobbit and lord of the rings and james cameron's avenue tar. >> wow. i'm out in these wods every day. the cast includes robert redford. >> every never seen a dragon. >> reporter: but the real stars are oaks baggily as pete, and his best friend elliot who is a
3:20 am
giant green magical dragon. oaks went through weeks of specialized training to convincingly portray an orphan that grows up in the woods. elliot is from a digital effects power house. if the story sounds familiar, you may remember the 1977 movie. the original a sing along musical with live action and a cute animated dragon. >> all you're going to do is run up the bank and disappear. >> reporter: he set out to reimagine the story. >> we have this title, and the title says the character is named pete. he has a dragon. this will take the three facts and run with them. >> he blended realism with magic. that's something we lost in our
3:21 am
culture. >> the important one is above. >> reporter: what are you going to be shooting today? >> wait. >> today is a really fun scene. this is the scene that leads up to us all seeing and meeting pete for the first time in the forest. >> reporter: it's a pivotal scene? >> it is. >> cut. that was great. >> i am determined to find him. >> reporter: even though i couldn't spot elliot, i did find myself swept up in the imaginative fair tale word they worked so hard to capture. >> pete's dragon hits theaters next friday. a reminder. if you haven't heard it enough time -- >> disney is the parent company of abc news. >> the film maker has a mythical quality that you can't find anywhere else in new zealand.
3:22 am
>> that's where i fell in love with my life. mythical indeed. coming up, an amazing kangaroo. ♪ susie got all germy
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♪ a cold, a bug, a flu ♪ when school was back in session ♪ ♪ those germs were shared with you ♪ each year kids miss 22 million school days due to illness. but lysol kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses.
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all right. it is time for the mix. let's get straight to the video. this is a golden retriever totally mesmerized by a squirrel on a computer screen. it's become a huge hit on the internet. >> uh-huh. here he is. >> and there he is. look at him. >> norman. his name is norman. that's my favorite part. >> that's pretty great. >> what is norman thinking? is norman thinking it's a cute furry thing or i want to eat that? >> i want to know if each time his nose is pressing play. >> there's a bird. norman likes the bird. >> norman lives in new york city, of course. but shouldn't he be out watching real squirrels? instead he's hooked to his
3:26 am
screen like a true new yorker. pretty cute. >> that is cute. lovely, norman. >> oh, and i've gone out of order. we have another one for you. >> there's some sort of kangaroo. >> this kangaroo in australia got stuck in a cattle grate. look at it. those are the hind legs. this good samaritan. >> i can hear it, i'm going to try to get it out, and he does. >> he pulls it by the hind legs and watch this. >> sweet. it runs away. >> and he says -- >> i have a great aunt in australia who hasn't cut her hair since the second world war. it's braided and wrapped around her head. it's not related to that video, but anyway, the kangaroo is fine. my great aunt also. >> drunken animals. >> drunken animals. there is a wine for dogs.
3:27 am
it's a nonalcoholic wine. they sell zinfantail. it's beat juice, camomile. it has the same effect. it relaxes them. you can buy it online for your dog. it made us think of an actual drunken animal, didn't it? >> one of my favorite photographs of all time it reminded me of this morning. it's fermented apples, orchard areas you'll get animals eating those fermented and getting drunk. i think we have a picture of a moose -- is it in sweden? a moose in sweden. that moose is smashed, and he's climbed into a try. he's like it's a saturday night. that moose does not know where he is. he's a drunken boy. >> he'll never do it again unlike us humans who keep going back at it.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," breaking news from london, a deadly knife attack at a tourist hot spot. authorities now looking at terrorism as a possible motive. and new details out of dubai officials hope to uncover why a packed airplane crash landed and later exploded. would it have been pilot error? and latest action from rio. >> u.s. women's soccer team opens the summer games against new zealand as michael phelps, most decorated olympian in history gets ready for his big moment at the opening ceremony. >> and elevator etiquette. you press it the closed door button. we have news it might not even work.
3:31 am
so don't ask us if we're going up on this thursday, august 4th th. from abc news, this is "world news now." you knew i would look ridiculous in my rollers on tv, and you said do it anyway. >> i did. we begin this this half hour with the breaking news from london. a deadly stabbing spree in london's russell square. it's where the july 7th suicide bombings took place in 2005. a woman in her 60s was killed by the assailant. five others were injured. police used a taser to subdue the 19-year-old suspect. >> authorities say terrorism has not been ruled out, but they say the suspect's mental health may be a significant factor in the case.
3:32 am
we'll stay on top of that breaking story. an investigation underway into the crash landing of a pack id packed airliner. you see here it made an emergency landing yesterday in dubai. the airline says the plane was 13 years old and up to date with the safety inspections. >> investigators are looking closely at the landing gear as abc explains. >> reporter: the final seconds of the crash landing with no landing gear deployed. the right engine ripped from the wing. smoke billowing and moments later the right wing without an engine explodes. that's the fuel tank in the wing blown into the air in a ball of flames. before the fire ball ignites, it was -- some passengers are it was panic inside the cabin. even though it's an emergency evacuation, some passengers are
3:33 am
opening bins, grabbing their luggage. bins before as we see in the cell phone video shot by passengers, they slid down the emergency chutes. a firefight on the ground was killed. all of it terrifying for the passengers. >> it was a big news. we have not heard any announcement or anything. it was a big noise. >> the people were shouting, crying. >> reporter: emirates flight 521 had a normal flight with 282 passengers and a crew of 18. six of the passengers americans. as the jet approaches, no sense of emergency from the pilot. but according to one unconfirmed tower recording, 12 seconds later the pilot is told to go around. however, seconds later the massive jet hits the ground and slides. the mystery, why did a wide bodied jet crash land without the gear down. a former ntsb investigator says
3:34 am
the passengers were lucky to escape before the wing blew. >> it's dramatic. that piece of metal has to weigh probably several thousand pounds. being tossed in the air like that. >> reporter: officials suggested there may have been wind shear at the time. the airline would not confirm that the landing gear wasn't down, even though it did receive a digital download of the black boxes. abc news, dulles international airport. at home donald trump shooting down reports that his campaign is in chaos. saying, quote, we've never been this united. after being openly criticized by fellow republicans, trump acknowledged he's been veering off topic, and he said he's going to focus more on hillary clinton. we learned the gop leaders are so frustrated by the erratic behavior that they're scrambling to figure out what to do if he
3:35 am
decides to drop out. party chairman, reince priebus reportedly appealed to trump's children to help after trump refused to endorse house speaker paul ryan and senator john mccain. mccain says he will not go back on his pledge to support trump despite trump's snub. his running mate is making it clear he doesn't feel the same. mike pence says ryan is a long time friend and he endorsed his reelection campaign. the white house on defense over word iran was paid as four americans were released last january. martha raddatz reports. >> reporter: the white house insists the timing is coincidence, but the $400 million payment was delivered on an unmarked private plane using foreign currency stacked on palets arriving in tehran within 36 hours of the release of those american prisoners and within
3:36 am
hours of the formal implementation of the nuclear deal. that 400 million was the first payment of the $1.5 billion settlement. whether they were owed it or not, the timing of the repayment allows the iranians to say they got something from the americans from the deals they made. donald trump was among the high profile republicans who criticized the deal calling it a scandal. he tweeted that it was his opponent, former secretary of state, hillary clinton who started the talks about the money in the first place. >> we paid $400 million for the hostages, right? such a bad precedent. >> this $400 million is actually money that the iranians had paid into a u.s. account in 1979. this morning's wall street journal reports that some justice department officials
3:37 am
were worried that the timing and the way the money was transferred would send the wrong message, but their objections were overruled by the state department. >> for the first time an american police officer is facing federal terrorism charges over accusations he helped terrorists. federal agents arrested washington d.c. metro officer nicholas young at his desk and within hours he made his first court appearance. prosecutors say young bought about $250 worth of gift cards and gave them to an undercover fbi agent posing as an isis operative. police in phoenix confirming a serial shooter who has been randomly firing at people has struck again. this time police say the shooter took aim at a man and a four-year-old boy sitting in a car. they were not hurt, but since the shootings began, nine people have been shot. seven have died. >> a florida company has been given the go ahead to fly the first plane to the moon.
3:38 am
the company moon express plans to fly a robotic lander of the lunar surface next year. if all goes well the landing would put moon express in line to win a $20 million prize from google for moon exploration via robot. they're calling it an open and shut case. the door close button on your elevator may not be doing the job. >> as we learned for ourselves, that button is mostly there for show. no matter how many times you punch it, the door rarely closes before it's supposed to. according to the world's largest elevator company it's often deactivated to lessen the wear and tear on moving parts. >> oh, that's really not very flattering shot of me in my rollers. this guy did not know what to do. >> because of your rollers or the door? >> i think it was a combination of both. i'm trying to shut the door and he's looking at me like what.
3:39 am
>> i think the button is to try to give us a sense of control in a situation where we have none. it makes us feel better. >> what we found out is that you can kind of program it. the building can program it. there's probably a delay there. in some buildings it works better than others. in our building it's pretty good. coming up the u.s. soccer team starts off the games with a big win and michael phelps opens up about the honor he says he never expected to happen to him. >> and something kim kardashian never expected to happen to her, running out of blackberries, the kind you text on. the crisis she's facing ahead on the skinny. first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. th care. i'm only in my 60's.
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the u.s. women's soccer team got the olympic campaign off to a winning card. the captain picked up where she left off scoring an early goal against new zealand. the game ended 2-0 to the u.s. the ladies are next in action on saturday when they play france. >> and legendary michael phelps said he shed a few tears of joy after being told he would carry the american flag into tomorrow's opening ceremony in rio. he's at his fifth olympic games. tomorrow is the first day he's attended an opening ceremony.
3:44 am
>> it's a dream come true. to lead our country into this olympics, it's something that i honestly never thought i would have the opportunity to do. >> the letters usa will be lit up on his back. phelps already has 18 olympic gold medals. that's a record. he could swim in up to six events in rio. and serena williams and her sister have made it to rio. they both play individually in women's tennis, and they'll seek to defend the doubles gold. they won in london four years ago. with her participation venus williams becomes the first tennis player to compete in five olympic games. >> many of the athletes are busy posting pictures all over social media. that includes simone biles. the 4'8" dynamo found david lee,
3:45 am
all 6'8" of him. that's a two foot difference. he's a volleyball star. the tallest athlete on team usa. there are reports that the water in rio has dangerously high levels of bacteria. >> like swimming in a public restroom. >> pretty much. so i was cracking up watching jimmy kimmel tonight. check out this joke. >> jimmy. >> the air is unsafe to breathe and the water has just a hint of raw sewage. they say there's so much bacteria it's hard to know if theirselve hosting the olympics or an episode of bachelor in paradise. >> it's 1.5 million times wo could be right in this country and if you swallow three teaspoons, there's almost a guarantee you'll catch something.
3:46 am
>> dr. besser is in the process of testing the water. we'll be able to tell you how bad it is. when we come back, what we're finding out about kris jenner's car crash. and orlando bloom's uncensored photos. "the skinny" is next. orlando bloom's uncensored photos. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ time now for the skinny. during the commercial break she was looking at naked photos of a certain celebrity online. >> way to expose me. >> with a traffic scare for the kardashian matriarch. >> kris jenner was treated by paramedics after colliding with a red light running prius just off the 101 freeway near her home. these photos from tmz. >> and she reportedly broke her wrist in the accident. there's no word on whether the other driver was injured. it's her car, her car that apparently suffered the worst of the injuries. >> this car was so new it didn't have its permanent license plates. >> rolls royce? >> $250,000 rolls royce. it was so new. it didn't have its license
3:49 am
>> yeah. a lot of driving. next a major dilemma for kim kardashian. she's obsessing over her blackberry model. she's been scouring e-bay for a model to replace hers. it appears her quest came to an i can't find anymore on e-bay. reality is starting to set in and i'm getting sad. >> is that how you think she talks? that's better than i could do. >> i hate to compare myself to kardashian, but this was years ago. i missed my blackberry. i found this keyboard that you could put on your i phone. it was a case that gave you the qwerty keyboard. i was smoking on that thing i could type so quickly. i made the switch, and she's still got blackberries?
3:50 am
okay. >> i didn't know anyone else had a blackberry apart from 65-year-old businessmen. we have to tell you about something else online. >> a frantic online quest. >> i did this in the name of journalistic research. >> uncensored naked photos of orlando bloom. >> which unfortunately we can't show you or fortunately -- anyway, the new york daily news published the photos of the hollywood hunk stripping down naked. we shouldn't celebrate it. he got out, his thing, but he didn't want anyone to see it. they're not supposed to do this. he was on vacation in italy where everybody gets naked paddle boarding with his girlfriend, and they're just as titillating as you can imagine. >> i do think it's wrong. i think that anybody should be allowed to get naked without the
3:51 am
fear that those photographs will be taken and will be published. >> i agree. i wonder if when we did it he knew there might be some risk. this man is not shy. >> nice chassis on him. >> that's what english people call a body like your frame. >> yeah. >> social media has been raging about this. fans trying to scour, finding the uncensored version and voicing their frustration. >> the frustration is more interesting than the naked photos. i don't want to see the naked photos. >> yeah, right. >> okay. let's move on. >> we have happy news about our dear friend weekend gma anchor sara haines. >> she's been named as an official permanent co-most on the view. ic it kicks off its 20th season.
3:52 am
>> it's going to be a lot of celebration going on around the 20 th season. there's going to be a prime time special. stay with us. ♪ susie got all germy
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♪ >> oops. she did it again. >> she is now going for glory. i love britney spears with her new album. here is abc's juju chang. >> reporter: okay, we have a surprise for jimmy. >> reporter: the princess of pop. yeah, i'm talking about britney spears who took to the bedroom. jimmy kimmel's bedroom, that is, punking the late night host with a performance of her latest hit, make me. >> bye, jimmy. >> thanks for coming by. >> reporter: the prank all a part of the hoopla surrounding the release of "glory" her first
3:56 am
album since 2013. >> perhaps it'll make fans forget what happened on a radio show earlier this week. >> who would you rather sit next to on a 24 hour flight to sydney, taylor swift or katie perry. >> since i have met katy perry, probably taylor swift. i've never met her before. >> reporter: it turns out she has met taylor swift at the vma's. oops. and just to make us feel old, consider this. baby one more time was released almost two decades ago. ♪ i'm a slave for you >> reporter: since then she's been a slave for you and a doting mom of two. and oh, yeah, she has that other job on the vegas strip. her piece of me show scoring her a reported $35 million contract. ♪ >> reporter: and she just seems to keep getting stronger.
3:57 am
juju chang, abc news, new york. you looking forward to hearing it, the new album? >> i love everything about britney spears. >> that's so british of you. >> when she's in the school doing that dance thing? >> yes, you perve. brits go to parties and dress up as school kids in uniforms. they do it as adults. >> you wear your old school uniform. >> that's pervey. >> is it? >> yeah. thus why she did it in her video. we have fun facts about britney spears. she and justin bought each other toilet seats with the other's face on the toilet seat. >> she almost apparently dated prince williams. think of how much more fun it would be. >> if she was the princess? >> yeah. if she was the queen.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, rocky relationship. trump, pence and republican leaders. the tension seemingly at boiling point as the gop's frustrations with their candidate mount. plus, the moment hillary clinton brought a donald trump tie to a rally. we're live in washington. deadly knife attack in the heart of london. this morning investigators looking into the suspect's past. the search for a motive. was it terrorism? landfall. hurricane earl strengthening overnight before slamming into central america. belize in its bull's-eye. the new video just in. and close call. an eight-foot pole slamming flew a windshield coming within inches of the driver.


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