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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> site throughout the city were raided by the fbi including ibew local 98 headquarters at 17th and spring garden where federal agents worked all day bringing out boxes of evidence. they raided this south philadelphia pub on second belonging to dougherty. the fbi wouldn't comment on the nature of the investigation. a source tells "action news" it involves a broad scope of alleged activity. a union representative spoke outside dougherty's home. >> the allegations of financial impropriety is somewhat puzzling because ibew local 98 is subject to multiple audits throughout the year and multiple levels of scrutiny. >> reporter: again, it's fbi has not addressed the nature of these allegations whether they are financial or otherwise. dougherty and local 98 say they are cooperating fully with the investigation.
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reporting live in south philadelphia, trish hartman channel6 "action news." >> you heard her mention the 2006 raid on dougherty's home but he he is also currently under investigation for an incident back in january of this year. dougherty is accused of attacking a nonunion worker at a work site. that worker says dougherty broke his nose. so far dougherty has not boone charged in the case. seth williams recused himself and sent the case to the state's prosecutor's office. >> the raid brought agents into the heart of city hall today. john rawlins outside city hall with the latest on this part of that investigation. john. >> reporter: hi, brian. well, certainly not all but many political roads in philadelphia lead back to john dougherty. he has worked hard to put friends and al flies places including city hall. johnny doc cast a big shadow over philadelphia politics
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some call him a king maker see he ya' his union and pacs. he has channeled millions to calls he wants on the bench. agents carrying out boxes and computers at the northeast district office and fourth four city hall office of one very close elected committee bobby mean nan. he's a long time local 98 official. efforts to reach him unsuccessful so far. someone was at his house this afternoon but not talking to reporters. dougherty reportedly helped direct large amounts of campaign monies to one time phonal lie mayor jim kenney. to date the mayor said he knows nothing about what's behind today's many raids. >> i know basically what you know. and as it plays out we'll see what happens but i don't have any other information and you could ask the question 20 different ways but there won't be any comment because i don't have any information. >> reporter: the mayor departed without answering if all this reflects badly on city council. he did respond though when asked.
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have you all been asked by the fbi for anything. >> no. >> ♪ >> reporter: local 98 spent an estimated $80,000 on social events at the recent dnc plunk those said to be attending councilman mark swila. he too at a loss at what is happening. >> i really denote i mean, it would be unfair to comment on something i really don't know about. i'm not sure why they're there and what they're looking for. >> reporter: so brian a-very curious day here. lots of high profile law enforcement activity a lot of questions, few answers. live at city hall, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> john, thank you. you also heard us mention that this case has crossed state lines. fbi agents took guns out of a warehouse in berlin, new jersey. this was at mjk electrical on cross keys road in berlin. agents also took enough boxes of evidence that they brought a moving truck to transport them. investigators tell us this is connected to the rest of
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today's raids. we're following this story every step of the way on we'll alert you to any and all developments as the investigation unfolds and you can also get updates by following the "action news" team on social media. >> philadelphia's criminal justice center at 13th and filbert is still closed for the most part following a freak elevator accident. two people were injured, one of them seriously during this jarring crash last night. today the big question remains: exactly what went wrong here? the impact left sheriff's office sergeant paul owens with broken bones in his back. he underwent surgery and is still hospitalized. today caution tape is up and people are being turned away while this investigation continues. >> i was here to see my judge and i was supposed to go up, i had a meeting planned with her and i didn't hear anything. >> i was just finish up a case i had going on for a long time. they keep prolonging it over and over.
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>> that's because those offices are still mostly closed. that elevator last night went haywire with such speed that it broke through the concrete ceiling. beverly smith a court clerk was also injured but has since been released from the hospital. now, as investigators work to determine a cause here, here's what you need to know if you have business at the criminal justice center. if you are involved in a trial that's already in progress, report back to the courthouse on monday. some revisions are opened and all details and instructions are lited on the court's web site. that accident injuring two people and leaving a lot of big questions today. brian and monica. >> thank you so much. time for a check of that accuweather forecast on a friday. >> yeah, busy news day. thankfully the weather is uneventful. meteorologist melissa magee in for adam joseph. live outside. hi, melissa. >> hi brian and monica. certainly not a bad way to finish out our work week. plenty of sunshine and humidity relatively in check. check out the numbers across
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the midatlantic region. 84 in philadelphia, 79 in washington, d.c., 84 in charleston and 85 degrees if pittsburgh, pennsylvania. but you look at the dewpoints, the level of moisture in the air. right now dewpoint numbers in philadelphia aren't terrible for augustan cards and at 63 but the numbers are starting to increase and the humidity is spiking as well. 70-degree numbers to our south and west and that heads our way for the start of our weekend. satellite6 along with action radar showing you a cold front stretched out across the eastern great lakes. this will march its way eastward as we go throughout the day on saturday. clash with the heat and the humidity. we've got showers and storms to track. for the rest of tonight heading over to bethlehem and the lehigh valley musikfest is going on tonight. we've got a partly cloudy sky it will be turning more humid with temperatures in the 80's and eventually dropping into the 70's as we go throughout the rest of tonight. again, the humidity on the rise, real feel numbers close to 100 degrees and then we're
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tracking those showers and storms. we'll let you know how long to sticks around with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. monica. >> thank you so much melissa. the forecast looks great as well for musikfest. the 10 day festival kicks off tonight in bethlehem. 6abc is a proud partner again this year. jeff chirico live on the festival grounds where the party gets start there had in about an hour. counterdown begins. hi, jeff. >> reporter: hey, monica. everything is just about ready. in fact, the party has already started where the channel6 "action news" booth is but take a look at this guy behind me. this is cobbler jay from ontario canada. he's one of the hundreds of performers music and otherwise that you're going to see here at musikfest over the next week and a half. and take it from me, i've been coming here since the 1990's this is a musikfest you don't want to miss. it's the final countdown and workers are busy getting the city ready for 10 days of fun and music. >> musikfest 2016 is our largest ever so we have the most artists performing over
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385 performers doing 500 performances on 15 stages, 14 are free. >> reporter: nearly 60 food vendors are offering everything from empanadas to fried cookie dough. >> it's chaotic. we have four stands here at musikfest and it just takes a whole lot of people to get together and put this massive event together. >> reporter: it's an entire community effort that jacob and his family look forward to every year. >> my mom saves this section. we come here listen to music and stuff. >> reporter: and if you come down here be sure to stop by the "action news booth. we have some giveaways over here. we'll have talent from "action news" signing autographs throughout the next week and a half and take a look at this. this was hugely popular last year. you can now join us in the "action news" -- come on, "action news" van. i'm in the driver's seat right here and get your own picture in the "action news" van. as they always say when we're
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driving around town, what's the line they always use. >> there is that news van again. >> reporter: there we go. live from bethlehem, jeff chirico, channel6 "action news." >> very nice. we love that line. >> we do love it. it's a ton of fun up there. looks like they're having fun now. thanks jeff. time for the "action news" traffic report for everyone not in the news van. >> let's see what's going on with matt pelman in our "action news" traffic center. >> they're waiting to get across the walt whitman bridge into new jersey to have some fun this weekend down the shore, monica and brian, but this afternoon they are stacking up here on the ramp from 95 northbound to get to the bridge then traffic remains very heavy across the bridge into new jersey. delay continues on 42 southbound off the walt through this point at creek road on down to blackwood-clementon road. looking like a friday afternoon in the summertime with heavy shore traffic on 42 southbound. if using the betsy ross bridge instead to get into new jersey we had a crash just beyond 95 in the eastbound direction
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just cleared out but still kind of sluggish coming off of 95 onto the betsy. once you get farther along on the a.c. expressway eastbound about 5 miles of slowing going into the garden state parkway in lingering pesky construction there on the ramps to the southbound parkway. but once you reach the parkway and head southbound here by the great egg toll plaza, you're moving okay headed down towards stone harbor wildwood and cape may. a couple accidents to watch out for in new castle delaware. one on bolden boulevard another on 273 at quigley boulevard. let's do the commuter report on this friday finally afternoon. camden county mount ephraim a crash along 295 southbound. a lot of slowing reported in that vicinity as you come down from 73 and head toward the north-south freeway. we'll check it again brian and monica coming up in the next half hour. >> matt see you then. thank you. someone shot a man in philadelphia then hopped into a getaway car that had a child inside. up next, what we know about the case. >> plus, the city of chicago releases video of this deadly
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shooting involving police and an 18-year-old. what it shows about the controversial encounter. >> and donald trump admits he was wrong about a claim he's been repeatedly making on the campaign trail. find out what he's saying about it now. >> ♪
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>> police weren't sure that he would even make it but today a man who was shot multiple times in west oak lane is recovering at the hospital and said to be doing okay. but his attacker is still on the loose this afternoon. on top of that police believe that he fled the scene of the crime with a child inside his car. this is video from the scene last night. 911 calls came in around 9:30 p.m. when officers arrived they found the 25-year-old victim by the intersection of ogontz. investigators believe he was shot two times and then ran before collapsing. detectives think that he was
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getting into his car when he was ambushed. >> all nine shell casings are inches or feet away from the vehicle that the victim was entering or exiting when he was shot. all she will casings by the driver's door which is an indication that the shooter walked right up on the victim and from point blank range fired at least nine shots. >> again that victim is in the hospital today said to be doing all right. the shooter then got into a white or light colored van with a woman driving. witnesses say they do believe there was a child in that vehicle. if you have any information, you are asked to call northwest detectives. brian. >> all right, alicia, thank you. video of a deadly shooting by chicago police is now public. it shows officers firing repeatedly at a stolen car as it speeds away in a residential neighborhood. 18-year-old paul o'neill was
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behind the wheel of that car. the unarmed teen was shot in the back and handcuffed after a foot chase. but there's no video of the deadly shot because the officers' body camera was not recording at the time. an attorney for o'neill's family accuses police of murder for shooting at o'neill as he was running away. >> we just watched the family watch the execution of their loving son. it is one of the most horrific things that i have seen aside from being in a movie. >> now chicago's police superintendent says the video does suggest the shooting violated departmental policy but the investigation is still pending. >> donald trump appears to be correcting his earlier statements about a $400 million u.s. payment to iran. in contrast to what his own campaign has been saying trump claimed that he saw video of the money being flown to iran in exchange for american hostages. but today trump tweeted "the plane i saw on television was
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the hostage plane in geneva switzerland not the plane carrying $400 million in cash. ." hillary clinton is backtracking. she wrongly claimed the fbi director found her public statements about her private e-mail to be truthful. today she had this explanation. >> what i told the fbi which he said was truthful is consistent with what i have said publicly. so, i may have short circuited it and for that i, you know, will try to clarify because i think -- >> latest poll by the way shows clinton up by 15 points. >> the u.s. economy he had another solid month of hiring in july. the government and private employers added a total of 255,000 jobs. that's according to the labor department's monthly report which came out this morning. it also shows the unemployment rate holding steady at 4.9 percent and the report found more americans started looking for jobs last month and almost all of them were hired and it was even more good news. average hourly pay was up 2.6 percent from july of last
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year. that's the fastest pace of growth since the recession. all right let's see how wall street reacted to that report as we get a look at the closing numbers today. you see it was good news across-the-board. the dow up 191 points to close at 18,544 on the week. the nasdaq up 55 points the s & p 5100 closing about 19 points up. >> let's see how things are shaping up for your weekend. melissa magee in for adam. >> so far so good across the delaware and lehigh valleys. humidity will start to increase as we go throughout the rest of tonight and into the start of our weekend but outside is the place to be. sky6 live in hd down the shore in atlantic city you can see a lot of beach umbrellas on the sand, a lot of folks in the water as well. it is a comfortable afternoon to be out and about and it looks that way for the rest of the early evening as well. currently in philadelphia coming in at 84 with that south or southwesterly wind. 80 in allentown, 80 in reading. out to the west of lancaster
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coming in at 78. at the coast in ac coming in at 81 degrees, at least nine miles inland at the airport. here's satellite6 along with action radar. we have plenty of sunshine to get our day started. now a few high thin clouds starting to drift across the region. you can see the moisture out to our south and west, south of washington, d.c. and to the south and west of hagerstown as well. this will be working its way into our region not tonight but as we go throughout the day on saturday and saturday afternoon so the call from accuweather over the next 12 hours, it will be turning soupy. you'll notice a difference. clouds and stars otherwise will drop down to 73 in philadelphia for the overnight low. 69 in lancaster. 68 in allentown. and 75 degrees in cape may for the overnight temperature. here's future tracker six. you can see as were go throughout the day tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon saturday at 1 o'clock you can see a little bit of activity, showers and storms firing up from the poconos down south and westward into lancaster. as we get into about 3 o'clock you can see that moisture approach the 95 corridor way
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temperature then of 90 degrees in philadelphia, feeling much hotter when you factor in the humidity and by 6 o'clock in the evening tomorrow we've got those showers and storms i would say from about 1:00 to 6:00 or one to about 7 o'clock in the evening we'll and tracking that activity from the northwest to southeast direction. here's what we can expect by saturday afternoon, heat indices close to the upper 90's, some spots 100 degrees. a broken line of showers and storms with the building heat and the humidity on the way. lightning and downpours is a big concern, gusty winds and the likelihood of some small hail as well. so, here's that four day at 4:00. as we look ahead muggy thunderstorms on the way tomorrow. high of run in degrees. warm on sunday, a high of 89 but the humidity will be lowering by then so one day of the unsettled weather on the way tomorrow. we clear out nicely on sunday. sunny and delightful on monday and at 86 and sunny and comfortable as we get into next tuesday, guys, with a high temperature of 87 with high pressure returning. we'll let you know how long this sticks around as we get into the next half hour.
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>> i was attempting to listen to your forecast but i was so distracted by that beautiful ring on your finger. >> thank you. >> you're engaged very exciting. congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> happened on vacation. >> yes. >> happy to have you back. >> very smart and very lucky guy. >> thank you, he is smart. >> and so are you. he deserves it. >> well it was in the incredibly popular during the pope's visit now it's coming back. philadelphia has a plan to shut down its streets to traffic. we'll tell you where and other details in a live report. >> up next two men break into a hotel room and steal from a man who is sleeping inside. now police want your help tracking him down. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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>> police are looking for the pair of suspects who broke into a hotel room in south philadelphia and stole a whole host of things they found inside. they gave us video of the suspects in there hallway of the penrose hotel back on july 15th. they say the two men broke into a room while a man was sleeping inside. they took that man's laptop, his wallet, his license to carry a gun and his driver's license as well his work i.d.
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then they left the hotel but not before leaving these images behind. police are asking anyone who might know these guys to please call them. from our delaware news room today, police say this man tried to sell a car on craigslist but the problem was that car was stolen. police say 20-year-old william ragin of newark posted an odd for a ford f-150 for sale for $6,000. the vehicle though had been stolen from a home in towson last week. police set up a meeting with him and arrested him when he showed up. he's free on bail tonight. the stolen car lab returned to its rightful owner. >> future doctors from drexel university now know where they will be headed to practice medicine. it was the traditional white coat ceremony for 260 students today in wynnefield heights. new medical students recite the hippocratic oath promising to care for their patients and then they put on their white coats making it all official. now they actually look like doctors as well. family and friends of the class of 2020 of course were there to see it. >> teenagers from our area had a chance to show off their
4:27 pm
green thumbs today in the heart of olde city philadelphia. all the veggies in this garden at independence national historic park were grown by students from philadelphia and camden. the student conservation association ran the summer program to teach kids how to grow plants in their own neighborhoods that have nutritional or medicinal value. >> and still ahead here on a friday afternoon miles upon miles of streets will be closed to traffic in philadelphia. details about the plans to open the city to pedestrians next in a live report. >> plus, you make the call. a local prosecutor's officers has a challenge for everyone on social media as we explain in big talkers it relates to a decision police have only a split second to make. >> ♪ 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online.
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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he's going like "i don't remember!" >> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello it's 4:30 sharrie is off monica joins us today and "action news" continues with a last ditch effort by attorney general kathleen kane. what the state supreme court has to say about her upcoming trial. >> plus. >> he i thought he was going to shoot. i mean, i was scared. i was scared. >> hear more from a witness who watched in horror as an armed robbery he at a wawa unfolded right before his eyes. >> and just in time for move in day it may be a college kid's dream come true and even grownup television news an course a pizza atm taking one campus by storm. the delicious details coming up in big talkers. >> but first, bikers runners
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and families he rejoice next month philadelphia will shut down miles of streets making room for activities other than driving. it is the first ever philly free streets initiative. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes live along south street for us with details now. hi, jeanette. >> reporter: hi, monica. this initiative was rolled out a few hours ago and the question i've gotten the most is is there a big event coming to town. well, the sans no. unlike the papal visit and the dnc this time around the big event is the closing of the streets. >> great because i ride my bike throughout the city and walk, so i'm constantly battling buses, cars, you know, motorcyclists. >> reporter: the battle between cyclists pedestrians and cars on the road is one city officials around the country he have long tried to resolve. today mayor jim kenney and other city officials presented a concept that was born out of all things the papal visit which created a traffic nightmare for just about everyone. the new initiative includes also shutting down
4:31 pm
streets but this time it's to make way for only cyclists and pedestrians. >> when we turn the streets into places where people can come outside, people meet their neighbors. people have said streets before there were cars were the original social networking sites. philly free streets will close a 7-mile route from river to river on september 24th from 8:00 in the morning to 1:00 p.m. business owner jamie lock heart just opened his bar this week and says it's the perfect opportunity to get new customers. >> as a business owner to close off the streets have a lot of foot traffic, i think it's almost like a mini festival. >> reporter: the route will pass in proximity to 15 neighborhoods and will include activity having to do with the visual and performing arts as well as fitness and health. organizers say it's also a good way for residents to realize that the great outdoors can be as close as your neighborhood street. >> for too long we've thought that the streets have just
4:32 pm
been turned over to the cars but it didn't used to be that way. >> reporter: for the most part overwhelmingly business owners seem to be excited about this but there is one business owner who tells me this is going to hurt his bottom line and it has to do with how unique his neighborhood is. all of that and more at 5:30 later on this afternoon. reporting live on south street jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." brian. >> the original social network, i like that jeanette. sounds good. thank you. the pennsylvania supreme court has denied a request to intervene in kathleen kane's criminal case clearing the way for jury selection to begin on monday. the attorney general was in ardmore today to announce that more than 500 child predator suspects have now been arrested by her office since 2013. but afterwards she was asked for her thoughts about the major development in her own upcoming trial. >> my thought is that i live to fight another day and most importantly as we sit here today i live to fight another day in doing my job for the people who elected me he.
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>> kane's lawyers asked the state's highest court to take up her claim that the grand jury which investigated her was unconstitutional. but again, the court denied that request. kane is accused of leaking grand jury material and then lying about leaking it under oath. >> from our delaware news room an armed robber held up a clerk inside a claymont wawa this morning in broad daylight. the action cam was there as state police put up crime scene tape at the store here in the 300 block of ridge road. the man stormed into the building about 9:30 waving a gun. a witnesses explains what happened next. >> i seen a guy from behind the register with the -- with the gun pointed to the girl's head saying open the drawer, open the drawer. he had it up. i thought he was going to shoot -- shoot -- shoot one of them girls or shoot somebody in the store. >> that witness ran outside to get his cell phone and said the suspect sideswiped his truck during the get away. no one was hurt officially during the crime. police have not yet made an arrest. >> vandals have targeted a black lives matter banner belonging to a wilmington
4:34 pm
church for the third time this week. the banner hangs outside the first unitarian church. someone has repeatedly cut out the word black from that banner. the church has been replacing it each time and is now sending a message to whoever is doing this. >> basically when you come in the night and destroy our banners two things will happen. number one we'll put up another one and number two we will make a donation to black lives matter for each act of vandalism that you commit. today we're making our second donation. so, they are hoping to raise money for the cause that they apparently oppose. >> well, the church says the damaged banners have been turned over to state police. >> time to check that accuweather forecast for the weekend. for most folks and melissa in for adam. >> looks like we'll be tracking unsettled weather for the first part of the week. so far so good right now. sky6 live in hd down in cape may. a temperature of 80 degrees, a lot of folks with their beach
4:35 pm
umbrellas enjoying that nice breeze coming in offer of the ocean. dewpoint 66, winds out of the south-southwest. we have been getting reports of large swells and also a risk for rip currents but as the wind shift and become more westerly as we go throughout the rest of the weekend that rip current risk should die down as well. up in easton at the nurture nature center a temperature of 80 degrees. it's a little bit more cloudy there. dewpoints 65. we've got that south to southwesterly wind at 12 miles per hour. heat index coming in at 82. also up in the lehigh valley there in bethlehem we've got musikfest going on. the x ambassadors will be the headliners tonight t it's partly cloudy turning more humid. temperatures will be in the 80's at 6 o'clock and 7 o'clock this evening. then we've got a mostly clear sky on the way for the rest of tonight. we'll talk about that humidity on the rise as we go throughout the rest of tonight and into the weekend and show you how hot it will feel tomorrow with that seven-day forecast guys. >> okay, melissa, thank you. >> thank you so much. millions of dollars have been awarded to 17 transportation projects in our area aimed at improving air quality.
4:36 pm
regional officials joined leaders for that announcement that the navy yard today. in all $21 million will be spent to help ease congestion. among other things plans to add a second loop to the navy yard shuttle and build 10 new bus stations for express service along the roosevelt boulevard. >> plans to restore the long rusting s.s. united states have been scrapped for a second time. crystal cruises announced ambitious plans to return that ship to its glory days as a luxury ocean liner but the l.a. based company said today that the undertaking was simply too expensive. instead they'll be making a $350,000 donation to the conservation group that owns and maintains the ship that's been idle in south philadelphia for 20 years. a similar overhaul planned back in 2003 also did not materialize. >> some of the area's top athletes are getting chance to train in a unique setting. "action news" anchor rick williams is in our news room with more on that. hi, rick. >> hi, monica that's right. these young men and women are
4:37 pm
elite athletes who may some day go pro and now they have a chance to keep up their training through the summer through a program that helps them get stronger and fast. but even more so it help them gain the skills to extend their athletic career and stay healthy. that story coming up tonight at 5:00. also coming up tonight taking the face in facebook to a whole another level. a new feature is being tested that turns on your camera when you open the app giving friends a chance to see you live whether you're camera ready or not. a scary proposition to be sure. those stories and much more when we see you in just a little bit on "action news" at 5 o'clock. until then, brian, i see your face there. >> yeah, we're going have to get some studio lights in my house now. >> thank you rick. boys and girls club in bridesburg has four brand new picnic tables thanks to the northeast regional council of carpenters. union and friends of cant terse delivered their new builds this morning and they were welcomed by a very grateful and enthusiast particular crowd of cheering children.
4:38 pm
>> and some pint sized students got a real treat during graduation ceremonies in the olney section of the city. kids finishing preschool at clark school for hearing and speech were at lasalle university's business center with a cute little caps on. former graduate 10-year-old morgan keeley who consulted by the way with governor tom wolf on a new cochlear implanter program spoke to the group. how great is that. >> awesome. freebie friday is still ahead today. we've got details about some free family friendly activities and some free frosty treats. >> speaking of treats a new snack machine is ready to greet students at a university in ohio. think pizza on demand. can you imagine? plus a facebook post sparks an important discussion about a decision that police have to make every day and it comes with a challenge to you. we'll explain it next in what's the deal. >> and meteorologist melissa magee back with that full accuweather forecast when "action news" at 4:00 continues right after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> you are looking at brand new video here showing the first airstrikes conducted by the united states targeting isis in libya. the department of defense released this clip today showing the strike successfully hitting an isis tank. another video shows a harrier fighting jet taking off from the u.s.s. watch. president obama signed off on these new airstrikes on monday. police in northwest georgia investigating a truly tragic incident. twin toddlers died after being left in a hot car and now their father is under arrest.
4:42 pm
today asa north was charged with manslaughter. police found north al with neighbors trying to cool the 15 month old girls off using water from a kiddie pool and ice packs. officers tried to perform cpr but there was not successful. investigators believe alcohol may have played a role in north's decision yesterday to leave the girls in the car. the girls' mother was not with him at the time. >> caitlyn jenner is now suing the paparazzi for their alleged involvement in a deadly crash in 2015. in court documents jenner reportedly accuses photographers of driving too close to her vehicle as they tried to snap photos. she says it's because of them that she rear-ended another driver which led to his death. jenner wants the paparazzi held i if financially responsib. >> a big challenge from local police. which of these eight guns is real? it's a big question that's sparked a very important discussion on the ocean county prosecutor's
4:43 pm
office facebook page. the goal, to give you a quick glimpse into the tough decisions that our men and women in blue have to make every day. so, look closely. seven of these are pellet guns. one is a real gun. the scenario posted by the department, if you came upon a suspect pulling out one of these, which would move you to resort to deadly force. well, they want the public to understand that even though they are trained they are educated, sometimes it's that hard to decipher a real gun from pellet gun in a split second. they are asking people to cast their votes with the big reveal coming on monday. go to my facebook page take closer look. you really have to inspect. we don't know the answer yet but he we have been staring at those pictures all day. to this. a slice of pure genius if you ask me. talk about on demand. college students in cincinnati are about to live the dream. well, at least the pizza lovers one. thanks to this, a pizza atm.
4:44 pm
or as i like to call it an apm, automatic pizza machine. this is the real thing, people and it is the first one to pop out hot pies in less than three minutes here in north america. pizza atm's are very popular in europe and xavier university in ohio partnered with a french company he to bring this beautiful work of art to campus with the big reveal coming the first week of september. just in time for move in. as you can see the taste testers are very thrilled. this thing holds 70 pizzas at once and heats them up, it sends them out through a slot. each pizza costs $10 but again, you get it in about three minutes and while as i imagine it probably just runs off of neapolitan magic here is a peek at the inner workings oven and all it heats the pizza up and it comes out through the slot same way you get your cash at the atm. apm, automated pizza machine. >> sign me up for three tonight for dinner.
4:45 pm
>> that's right. i don't know if 70 pizzas is going to be enough. >> in about five minutes they'll be gone. >> alicia thanks. >> let's get another check of the roads right now. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. what player do you want? pepperoni. >> you usually just classic, a nice margarita maybe sausage. this afternoon monica and brian we never saw such delays here on 295 coming -- that's not quite true but we he do wish we could slice them in half. you're looking at a 35 minute travel time on the southbound side that ideally should be around 10 minutes its because of a couple of accidents up ahead near the white horse pike. so, coming south of 73 headed down towards the 42 freeway it's a slow crawl this afternoon. and headed down the shore on the a.c. expressway in addition to the heavy volume now there's a crash. it's eastbound past berlin cross keys road giving us restrictions. just 28 miles per hour as you come east of the 42 freeway there in washington township. if you take 322 to get down the shore off the commodore barry bridge, watch out there's a crash on it as well between oak grove road and
4:46 pm
stone meetinghouse road. and if you're headed to the poconos or maybe musikfest in bethlehem this evening we have delays for you as well. here on the northbound side of 476 the blue route coming away from the schuylkill up to the mid-county tolls, that's where a vehicle had flipped over about 20, 25 minutes ago. they just got that overturned vehicle uprighted and towed away so the crash is gone northbound delay definitely remains. head out towards lancaster this afternoon there's crash on the westbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike approaching morgantown. taking out the left lane. speeds just in the 20's coming west of downingtown. and our accidents in new castle in the process of clearing out but still a lot of heavy traffic on 95 northbound as you pass through christiana. we'll check it again, monica and brian, coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> sounds good. >> thanks very much. >> thank you so much. and meteorologist melissa magee will have an exclusive look at that accuweather 7-day when we come right back. >> ♪ (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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>> ♪ >> all right, the heat kind of snuck back in on us a little bit today. just a taste of what's to come tomorrow. >> yeah, that's right. it will feel even hotter when you factor in the heat and humidity. with in comes the showers and storms once again guys. we'll slow you the picture outside. the action cam was outside earlier today, nice place to be in narberth pennsylvania. you can see a lot of folks dining alfresco here on this friday afternoon and really comfortable conditions although the humidity will start to be on the increase as we go throughout the rest of tonight and into the day on saturday. here's storm tracker6 live double scan radar. it's dry and quiet across our region. no issues with precipitation. that will likely change as we go he throughout the rest of afternoon and evening hours come tomorrow. so far today in philadelphia climbing up to 84 degrees, 80 in allentown, 70 in the poconos, 79 at the coast in cape may, 81 in dover and 78 degrees out to the west in lancaster with that south to southwesterly wind and that southwesterly wind is going to do a couple things for us.
4:50 pm
first of all you can see on satellite6 along with action radar showers and storms starting to build off to our north and west and the cold front out across the eastern great lakes that will work its way eastward as we go throughout the day on saturday so you have that southwesterly wind bringing the moisture with it and also bringing the humidity as well. he so, turning soupy overnight tonight. that's the call from accuweather. otherwise clouds and stars. we'll drop down to 68 in the suburbs and 73 in philadelphia for the overnight low with that south to southwesterly wind and the humidity increases as we get into the day on saturday and the numbers come up as well. the heat index tracker along the i-95 metro area 8 o'clock in the morning feeling like 82. by noon tomorrow heat indices close to the upper 90's feeling like close to 100 degrees as we get into 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and at that time we will be tracking some unsettled weather as well. here's future tracker six. you can see 1 o'clock in the afternoon we've got throws showers and storms first starting out in our northwest suburbs and as that front dips on down to the south and east
4:51 pm
it will be approaching the i-95 corridor sometime around 3 o'clock tomorrow. again, drenching downpours is a big concern, some gusty winds as well. by 7:30 in the evening that moisture will start to push off shore and then we do have clouds breaking for clearer skies as we go throughout the rest of the overnight saturday. lightning safety. something to keep in mind when you hear the roar, head indoors. when you hear thunderhead inside. you're not safe anywhere outdoors any time there is thunder or lightning around and also something to keep in mind, lightning can strike even as far as 10 miles away. so, we do want to keep you posted because a lot of people are outside during the summertime months and we will be tracking those showers and storms that will be gusty tomorrow. down the shore tomorrow 88 degrees, those late afternoon showers and storms on the way. the ocean temperature in at 77. sunny and nice on sunday with a high temperature of 86. up in the poconos tomorrow well you have those showers and storms early in the day. otherwise a high of 80 and bright and refreshing as we get into sunday with a high coming in at 78.
4:52 pm
here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. the heat returns tomorrow, a high of 91. it's warmer on sunday with lower humidity and at 89 degrees. on monday, it is sunny, it is delightful with a high temperature of 86. still not bad on tuesday and comfortable at 87. then we're back into the 90's next wednesday and thursday dipping down into 88 and rather muggy as we get into next friday. so, one day shot of unsettled weather then sunday guys looking really nice for a nice recovery he. >> okay. looking forward to it. >> thank you. >> not to wish the weekend away but thanks melissa. freebie friday is up next. we'll tell where you to find root beer floats concerts even a soccer clinic that won't cost you a penny. >> nice.
4:53 pm
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4:55 pm
a sweet concoction that was created right near philadelphia. yes, we own this one in case you didn't know that. a and w is celebrating by giving out free floats at all a and w restaurants tomorrow that's happening from 2:00 p.m. to close. it is law enforcement appreciation week and roy rogers is treating all men and women in uniform to a free breakfast lunch or dinner combo. this offer is good now. it runs through the recommend of the day sunday. just bring your badge and they will serve you free of charge. there's so much free fun on tap for you this weekend at the oval on the ben franklin parkway tonight as is the case every friday night, there's a free concert. that's at 8:00 and a free movie tonight at 9:00 they are showing dodge ball tonight. tomorrow there's a free youth soccer program that starts at 12:30. that's going to be really fun for the kids. the fourth sunday of every month brings free admission to the barnes foundation. that's happening this sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
4:56 pm
all day that the museum is opened you can get in for he free. sunday it is the seconds street festival happening in northern liberties. free music kids crafts and workshops but do bring money for food and the beer gardens that will be set up all across in festival there. it's supposed to be the biggest block party in the city. and also on sunday it's the festival at penn's landing featuring food and goods from africa. fun for the whole family. so much to do. go h to for details. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for monica malpass sharrie williams alicia vitarelli melissa magee and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17 in now here is rick with a look at what's ahead at 5:00 see you in a minute rick. >> all right see you later and thank you monica. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00 new video revealing more about what
4:57 pm
happened in the moments leading up to that fatal police shooting of a teenager in chicago. we're live with the latest. also cleanup gets under way in two of new orleans' most well known neighborhoods after a tornado touches down and on this fitness friday we take a look at a summer program that helps some of the areas are best athletes reach their full potential. those stories and much more coming your way next on "action news" at 5:00. where things come from?
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> one of philadelphia's most powerful political leaders is targeted by the fbi. today agents raided the home of union boss john dougherty along with his sister's home, his union headquarters, a warehouse, a bar and a home and office of a city councilman. but what we don't yet know is why. friday night and the big story on "action news" is a wide ranging raid affecting two of the city's most powerful men. >> this all started early this morning and since then investigators have been carrying boxes even weapons out of multiple locations all throughout the city. "action news" reporter trish hartman live in south philadelphia with details on
5:00 pm
this developing story. trish. >> reporter: well, monica, john dougherty the well known union leader is back inside his home now after about five hours of fbi and irs agents going in and out of his home. it was one of many sites raided today by the fbi. dougherty says he's cooperating but doesn't know why the raids are happening at all. >> i've been under scrutiny my whole life. i don't understand why. maybe it's because i win too much. >> reporter: the well known union leader emphasized his community service and dedication to the electric's union while the fbi raided his house. as the day went on agents brought boxes out of dougherty's home on the 1900 block of east moyamensing avenue his sister's home next door was also searched. the local 98 leader was surrounded by supporters a few doors down. agents also spent the day raiding dougherty's pub on seconds street and the ibew local 98 headquarters at 17th and spring garden. dozens of boxes were brought out of t


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