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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 7, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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sunday, august 7 i'm nydia han along with gray hall. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," police say the deaths of a berks county family appear to be a murder suicide. the man once better known as the blade runner is rushed to the hospital from his jail cell.
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another poll puts clinton in the lead, but she still has problems with voters. >> first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers, no problem here, chris. >> reporter: you have to feel it out here, i'm in such a good mood. get a load of these midday numbers. it is only 77 degrees in readingty midday hour. poconos, 73. philadelphia, 84. wilmington, 84. millville leading the way, 85. atlantic city, 85. beach haven, 85. watch what happens when you factor in the humidity. trenton, wilmington, and 83, 84. you factor in the humidity, it's 83, 85. this is like a breath of fresh air. yesterday it was humid. it was hard to stay out here,
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hours at a time. today i could stay here all day and night. satellite and radar, crystal clear, we barely have a cloud in the sky. forecast for this afternoon, 90 degrees that's the forecasted high with the humidity, though, it will feel like only 87. the heat index will be a little cooler than the air temperature for a change. now, that's not going to continue. later this week we're going to increase the humidity again along with the heat expmghts -- and that means yes we could have feels-like temperatures close to the century mark again. i'll he let you know when that arrives, guys. >> our big story on "action news" this noon is the shooting death of three children and a parents in the berks county. youngest a 2-year-old girl who had undergone a heart transplant when she was less than a week old. >> we learned their bodies were
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found outside of singing springs in reading. -- sinking springs in reading. trish hartman is live with more on this. >> reporter: the berks county district attorney said it looks like a murder suicide. we don't know who pulled the trigger. the entire family was found inside the home on winding brook drive and neighbors say they are still in shock. this person said he doesn't know the family, but he was moved to tears talking about what happened to them. >> it's unbelievable. i'm still in shock. i couldn't sleep half the night. i was so upset. >> reporter: the berk county district attorney said the family notified authorities yesterday when she didn't show up for a lunch date. authorities responded to the home and found megan and her husband mark and three children along with the dog all dead in the living room. a handle written suicide note was found in the home, and the gun next to one of the adults.
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we ran into a girl who knew the oldest daughter from cheerleading camp. >> she was very quiet, but the sweetest little girl, i could never imagine anything like that could happen. now, the shorts youngest daughter willow received a life-saving heart transplant when she was 6 days old. authorities say the havings continues. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> a community is grieving, trish thanks for the update. a west philadelphia father in critical condition after being shot in the face this all happened while his two young children were in the car with him. the action cam was at the scene of the 5500 block of spring street. a bullet shattered the drivers side window as the victim, a man in his 30s was trying to park his car outside his house at 12:30. that man's 3 and 7-year-old
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children were not hurt. storms swept across the area, some areas folks didn't see a drop. in west philadelphia, a driver had a harrowing experience. he was stopped at washington avenue when a large tree landed on the truck. the tree landed on the bed missing the cab, so the driver is okay. the shows are going on on at the bbt pavilion in camden despite the railing giving way injuring 42 people. there's a temporary rail in place to prevent another incident. a fire marshal will be at the show and special attention will be on the collapsed area. >> there's an urgent warning from authorities in south jersey after several people had to be revived after using especially marked heroin. rescue workers used narcan to
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revive three people in gibbs town and paulsboro and franklin township. the heroin was stamped with red snowman or superstar. prosecutors say hand in any of the package also to local police. two dozen concert goers at a concert in mansfield had to go to the hospital after eating drug-laced candy. police said there were very high doses of thc the chemical that causes the marijuana highs. all of those sickened were given an overdose antidote and released within a few hours. on the campaign trail, hillary clinton continues to gain support as trump continues to struggle with hist.
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>> she has challengers, 66% say she is too willing to bend the rules. behavior continues to cause problems 79% saymp did say respects others. clinton strategy gist say they may widen their campaign going to states that were solidly republican. some of those states may be in play. more republicans are breaking ranks with their party, but not supporting democrats. rep from virginia is supporting
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gary johnson. we'll know later today whether the criminal justice center in center city will be open for all business tomorrow. officials have tested all the elevators following last thursday's freak accident. one elevator went out of control and hit the top of the shaft. that sent debris raining down on a second elevator. sheriff deputy paul owen is in the hospital with multiple injuries and head injuries. a court clerk was treated for minor injuries stay with to see when the cjc opens again. septa is adding additional trains and adjusting schedules to deal with the on going shortage. trains. the lansdale doylestown line, trenton line, manayunk norristown line and warminster glenside combined line. the silver liner cars will fully return to service starting later this month.
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jury selection will begin tomorrow in the trial of kathleen kane she is charged with purjury and abuse of power. prosecutors say she lied under oath and committed purjury. country music star headlines the musikfest dierks bentley will take to the steel stage in bethlehem later tonight. musikfest continues all week with hundreds of performers and 6abc is the media partner for musikfest. >> a lot of of us will be there, you will be there the late night. >> come on out. it's vacation time for the obamas, but not everyone will be on the beach. >> and the laws change tomorrow on electronic cigarettes and other popular products, we'll tell you what's new.
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meteorologist chris sowers will be back with more heat ahead in the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns.
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12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> oscar pistorious is back in a south african prison being treated for injuries after he fell out of his prison bed. he is serving a 6 year sentence for killing his girl friend reeva steenkamp. president obama has kicked
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off his last summer vacation as commander-in-chief. the president and the first family will spend the next two weeks in martha's vineyard. he is expected to play golf head to the beach and ride bikes. presidential daughter sosha has been there because she is working a summer job at a seafood restaurant. >> summer job in martha's vineyard, tough life. let's get you outside, we have beautiful weather out there this afternoon, humidity wise it feels great. we have a refreshing breeze out of the northwest combined tells a beautiful sunday for the delaware and the lehigh valleys. double scan live is clear, we won't look for any precipitation until probably 3 days from now. there can be a pop-up thunderstorm on wednesday. outside of that we'll stay nice and dry. 84 degrees, dewpoint down in the
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50s, pressure reading rising 29.91 inches. winds out of the west northwest at 8 miles per hour. they were in the 70s earlier in reading. they are not reporting now. allentown, 82. poconos, 73. we're showing 84 in the city. 85 in millville. atlantic city 85 at the airport. it's more like 81 or 82 on the sand him cape may 83 degrees, look at these numbers, this is the way we measure the amount of the moisture in the air. here's the scale, you get into the 50s and 60s that's a comfortable air malice. air mass. almost the entire area is in the 60s. everybody is enjoying a comfortable afternoon. it's not going to stay that way. looking at predicted dewpoints later this week, tomorrow look good, even tuesday, 64 is not that bad. hello, wednesday, 71. thursday is awful that's comparable to what we dealt with yesterday. that's a complete steam bath on
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thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, very high oppressive dewpoints. we have air temperatures in the 90s, as well. combine the two it will feel like the century mark later this week. satellite and radar we're crystal clear we have this guy right here in firm control. this is the reason why the air is dried out so nicely and refreshing. all the humidity is down here across the carolinas and the virginias. it will stay there, as well. once we get into the tuesday, the high retreats and the front lifts north an we get into the soup. by midweek it will be stifling around here. 90 degrees, hot, sunny, comfortable breeze out of the northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. overnight tonight, very pleasant especially north and west, 60 degrees outlying suburbs, 69 for center city. the poconos dropping into the 50s again. winds out of the northwest 5 to
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10 miles per hour. poconos, lots of sunshine this afternoon, refreshing temperatures if you're lucky 78. you're at 73. you probably won't hit that 78-degree mark. jersey shore, it will be warm, but not humid, 86 degrees, mostly sunny and nice, 77. we have a low-risk for rip currents. not a no risk. it means there could be a rip current here rar there, special -- here or there, especially near piers or jetties. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today, tomorrow, tuesday, all three days warm, lots of sunshine, but no humidity, so feeling good. and then we get into wednesday, here comes the humidity again warm front punches through, it's like opening a door and walk into a steam room thursday, friday, saturday, and that's when heat wave number five of the 2016 season begins. 92 thursday, friday, 90.
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saturday, 90. all three days feeling like 97, 98, 899. 99 it doesn't matter. do you like cars? the annual benefit car show and festival is taking place. a wide range of unique vehicles are on display doylestown central park raising money for a number of charities including programs to combat hunger in the area for you you drew foundation is in memory of drew fiori who died in a motorcross accident. she may be grandma, but she hopes this olympic experience will help her to the medal stand. we're be right back. hello!
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>> welcome back look at this beautiful shot of folks on the beach in atlantic city. it is a gorgeous day, we're looking at a high of 90, low humidity, so enjoy it. it is 12:20 p.m. and 84 degrees. the government hrbz program -- hrbz program has hit -- hrbs program has hit a pothole. etna is caning plans to expand. they may use $300 million on the federal program. other insurers say they will have big losses. on the flip side more americans than ever have health insures. >> insurance. >> starting tomorrow there's new rules for cigarettes and cigars and ecigarettes and hookah. nobody under 18 can buy them.
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they will look at the ingredients in liquid nicotine. in 2015, 3 million high school students were regular ecigarette users and boys smoked cigars as much as cigarettes. you've been told how to prevent gum disease, the federal government has removed flossing from guidelines because there's actually little proof that it works. >> we found very little support for the removal of dental plaque and we found no support that it reduces inflammation. >> i'll keep flossing, probably. a dutch dentist says toothbrushing alone is just as effective. critics say the study has big flaws. the digital divide is
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growing between seniors and younger people at least for healthcare. even though seniors use cell phone ands computers only one in four uses it for health matters that means finding information and contacting doctors and nurses. the rate was lower for minorities and lower income seniors. >> there's much more to come on "action news," including sports. it's a big honor for a philadelphia native at football hall of fame. >> the phillies top pitching prospect makes a rough debut. we'll be right back.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, in sports, the big league career of a highly talented pitcher is
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off to a rocky start. here's jamie apody. >> reporter: good morning, given that's the big prize in the cole hamels trade jake thompson had hefty expectations sitting atop his shorgts. out of that -- shoulders. there was a lot of excitement surrounding this 22-year-old kid, unfortunately it got to the best of him, welcome to the big leagues. thompson allowed four runs in the first inning alone. ryan howard in the bottom half of the first, that was gone the minute he hit it. phils would eventually pull within a run, the padres pulled away. thompson pulled from the game after that. five runs on 7 hits and 4 in the third. the kid had only begin up 7 runs in the last 7 games in the minors. phillies fell 9-7. the injury list growing at eagles camp.
12:26 pm
people wondering if doug peterson's methods are at fault. the eagles were in shorts, but there's more hitting to come. hitting has brought excitement and injuries. zack either didn't practice, he was angered by the low hits. he said he should not have reacted that way, but doug peterson thinks the rewards yoa weigh the risks. his offensive coordinator has his back on that. >> it's his mentality that's what's cruised to. we're all in. it's a physical game. players play the game balls they want to hit. -- balls they want to hit. do we have to protect yourselves, yeah, you learn from it. you cross your finger and hope nothing crazy happens it's just part of the game. >> brett farve said he was trying to set a world record
12:27 pm
speaking for over a half-hour as he was inducted into the hall of fame. we had our eye on marvin harrison. former colts wide out caught 1100 passes and 123 touchdowns in his career. in his speech he thank the the colts fans and taking a shot at the philadelphia fans in the process. >> the best fans in the game, let me explain why, anytime you lose a game or drop a pass, they never booed me or anything negative, they said don't worry about it, you get the next one. i'm from philadelphia, the home of the eagles, you get the coin toss wrong in philadelphia, they want to trade you the next monday morning. i wasn't used to that in indianapolis. all right, marvin,
12:28 pm
congrats. that's sports. >> what does it mean to compete in the olympics? well a 41-year-old mother and gymnast has been in olympics before many of her current competitors were born. she won gold then and silver in 2008. she has competed for four countries that said she wanted to do it under her native flag uzbekistan. good for her. visitors to philadelphia get their passports back after they were taken on a septa bus. the president dpain -- campaign is being i am imogie -- im mortalized in soda.
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happening now on "action news," a family tragedy in berks county, five members of a young family die in what police believe to be a murder suicide. a man is shot to death in southwest philadelphia while gassing up his motorcycle. and syrian rebels celebrate victory breaking a long siege by the government. >> those stories, but a first check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. meteorologist chris sowers is outside. he is smiling. >> reporter: i think i will do the rest of the show out here, are you are you all right with
12:31 pm
that? let's look at the temperatures around the viewing area. everybody was dealing with humidity yesterday, and mother nature threw us this. quakertown, 81. warrington, 83. chester and saint davids 86 but there's no humidity out there, it's warm, bus stop not humid. hockessin 84. sea isle city, 82. atlantic city, 84 degrees. dewpoints look at the bottom of the screen you see the darker shades of green that's where the warm humid air is today. that was over top us yesterday. you can see the drier air working in from the north. you can see the direction the arrows are moving. it's a high pressure system out of canada. and that's done a number on the humidity. that's why it feels so refreshing this afternoon. satellite and radar along with
12:32 pm
the break in humidity we barely have a cloud in the sky. high pressure means no rain and it means enjoy the rest of the sunday. looking good. full forecast, lots of sun make sure you're applying the sunscreen burn time somebody with fair skin is less than 15 minutes. reapply it. 2:00 p.m., 87. 5:00 p.m., 88 degrees. we're hooting for a high today in the city close to 90. a couple of nice days on the horizon be but the heat humidity returns with a vengeance unfortunately in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. there's a couple of storm chances out there as well. i'll run it down in ten minutes. >> thank you for the update. a family of five including three children are dead. the tragedy happened in sinking springs berks county. trish hartman is live with the latest on this one. it's a heartbreaking story what are you hearing from investigators? >> reporter: well, gray, 9 berks
12:33 pm
county district attorney was calling this a tragic domestic incident. authorities were notified and called to the home on winding brook road when megan short didn't show up for lunch with a family member. when police arrived they discovered the family, megan and her husband and three children 8, 5 and 2 in the living room. police released the scene after 8 hours. the couple had domestic issues priority this. a handle written murder suicide note was found in the home. a gun was found near one of the adults. nobody knows what led up to the shooting. we found a woman who was a cheerleading camp counselor and that's how she knew leanna. >> she was so sweet and quiet. >> how could you do it, that's the part beyond it's
12:34 pm
unbelievable. >> reporter: more heartbreaking, the short family was featured in several articles after their youngest daughter willow received a life saving heart transplant when she was 6 days old. the berks county district attorney said our thoughts and prayers go on you to the family at this difficult time. this investigation is on going. live in sinking springs, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> unspeakable sad. a biker was shot to death overnight as he was filling his motorcyclal on as he ising ton avenue south 67th street. the victim was shot at close range at 2:30 a.m. he was pronounced at the scene. police are questioning witnesses and checking surveillance cameras in the area. the passports belong to go a columbian family visit to go philadelphia have been returned to their rightful owner.
12:35 pm
this was after they were stolen on the septa bus. the mom had left them in a bag on the 58 bulls, -- bus, septa said the man seen here took the bag. septa offer amnesty if the passports were returned by monday. they need returned and the family will return to columbia on tuesday. east norton township police say a 4-foot long diamond python was swiped from the natural pet store on dekalb pike. they also the snake is worth nearly $400. from our delaware newsroom a woman hit by a car while trying to cross route 13 in new castle last night has died. police say she was hit at 9:30.
12:36 pm
the driver of the car did stop after the accident. officers say drugs and alcohol were not a factor for the driver. there's no word if the pedestrian was under the influence. medicaid recipients in delaware can get help protecting against the zika virus. medicaid benefits are being extended to over-the-counter mosquito repellant. medicare and medicaid allows states to pay when they are prescribed by medical professionals. >> philadelphia new morman temple along vine street took four years to build. it is the first time temple of the jesus christ of ladder day saints in pennsylvania. it will serve has -- as a place for weddings and other events.
12:37 pm
anti-terror squad raided a home in melbourne. he has been identified by the extreme right wing reclaim australian group. philip delow io was arrested -- deleo was arrested after the court decided he had weapons ready for an attack. iran executed a nuclear scientist who gave information to the u.s. about the company's nuclear program. he disappeared in 2009 surfacing in the u.s. saying he was kidnapped by the cia. he later returned to iran and was called a hero. syrian rebels celebrated overnight after they breached the government siege on the northern city of aleppo. 300,000 people were trapped in the area since the syrian government seized the on the route into the area last month.
12:38 pm
the united nation said there's a humanitarian crisis there with people on the verge of starvation. sunday, august 7. a new round of flooding leads to rescues in the monsoon rains. an artist brings the unique life in the caribbean to the canvas and more. that's in 6abc loves the arts. let's take you outside, sky6 live hd overlooking the commodor barry bridge. meteorologist chris sowers will have the full accuweather forecast when "action news" continues.
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>> flash flooding in scots daily, arizona forced rescue crews to rescue passengers and drivers out of their vehicles. officials closed off several roads in the area that were flooded. the storm knocked out power to thousands. season veterans say this year's monsoon season has been a rough one. the fight is on to stop a
12:41 pm
wildfire in washington state that has already burned ten thousand acres. no homes have burned, but residents are on standby to leave at any minute. one man said flames came close to his home and changed directions. >> let's get caught up on the forecast. have you been outside? >> reporter: if you have not you need to get outside. remember how clear it was this morning, we found a couple of clouds over the camden waterfront. it's making for a picturesque scene. note how blue the sky is, that means we've lost the humidity, making for a refreshing sunday afternoon. double scan live clear, we're clear for the next several days, any moisture will be wednesday afternoon in the form of pop-up thunderstorms. millville, 85. atlantic city, 85. allentown, 82. we have a nice, gentle breeze
12:42 pm
out of the northwest this time around. yesterday it was a southwesterly breeze. today it's a nevel breeds -- northwestly breeze that's why we lost all the humidity. high pressure firmly in control we'll keep it clear across mid atlantic and the northeast states for the next several days. the frontal system that spawned the thunderstorm activity that's down here across the virginias and the carolinas. the set up this week goes like this. we have this nice, canadian air mass considering it's the month of august. it's as nice as it will get for this time of the year. here's philadelphia, the frontal system is sitting here like this. underneath that front. this is the carolinas, it's stifling. by wednesday the high lifts to the north and the front lifts to the north, all of a sudden we get into this again. it will be really, really sticky, wednesday, thursday,
12:43 pm
friday and dewpoints in the 70s and our actual air temperatures climb into the 90s, so combined the two produce this, upper 90s for heat indices. comfortable for the next two days, today, tomorrow, comfortable. 789 humidity arrives tuesday evening. tuesday night it's sticky, wednesday it's oppressive, thursday, it's oppressive. temperatures in time 90s. thursday, friday, saturday, feels-like temperatures close to 100 degrees. enjoy today because it will not last. 90 degrees in philadelphia. less humid it will feel good. trenton, 89. wilmington, 88. allentown. 88. millville, 88. atlantic city, 85. down the jersey shore, ocean temperature, to the too bad, right? 77. air temperature on the sand, you have a handle breeze, at your -- land breeze at your back 5 miles per hour. up in the lehigh valley, it's
12:44 pm
musikfest, dierks bentley takes the main stage around 7:30. 10:00 p.m., 75. 11:00 p.m., 73. with the lack of humidity you may need something with sleeves up there to kind of keep you warm, kind of chilly, not used to that. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and humid, 90 degrees. monday, 88, tuesday, 88. this one will feel pretty good, this not so much with the humidity increase, wednesday, thunderstorm around 89. wednesday thursday, 92, friday, 90. saturday, 92. eagles have a game thursday evening it will be hot and sticky. remember you don't have would wonder what the weather will be anywhere you are, the storm tracker 6 live radar is at
12:45 pm forget 3d at the movies there's something bigger come to the screen. okay, cj depleks makes it football -- makes it feel like it's right in the movie. reeling cinema signed a deal to extend it beyond new york and l.a. and orlando. somebody else' trash has been turned into a treasure. david murphy tells us about the unique creations in 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: it's called sun splashed it brings together works by artist nari ward. his pieces take black history
12:46 pm
and power and politics and project them into works of art. he was born in saint andrews jamaica in 1963 arena working in hard -- and working in harlem for the past 25 years. >> he is divided between his childhood in jamaica and the united states. he was taken with the kinds of things he would find on the streets that had abandoned or turned out for the trash. >> reporter: he transforms objects like shopping carts and baseball bats. >> they have meanings that come attach to them. >> reporter: mango tourist is made using stryofoam and mango seeds. >> these figures take the shape
12:47 pm
of the snowman you take it out of its context it melts and disappears. >> reporter: we the people he made in philadelphia using shoe laces these are not logans or activists projects. >> reporter: sun splashed is on display at the barnes foundation through august 22. for tickets and museums hours go to the arts in or visit the arts. for 6abc loves the arts i'm david murphy. america runs on dunkin'.
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for the ride. for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ♪ >> so glad you stayed with us, 12:49 sunday, 84 degrees. look at this beautiful picture from sky6 live hd cape may, new jersey, folks are out there enjoying the time at the beach. meteorologist chris sowers says if you have gotten outside, go out there an enjoy it. olympic sailors in brazil might
12:50 pm
have aquatic spectators animal activists are warning the day of the dolphin is numbered. they have been dropped from 400 to 34. they are opening olympic visitors will press authorities to clean up the bay before it is too late. if you have them, you know pets can get into police departments, but a dog named jack in central pennsylvania takes the cake for his adventure, it was caught on video. here's christina poppa. >> reporter: sharon expected to see her friends at mel's cafe, but she was not expecting to see this when she looked out across the street. >> i'm like there's a dog on the ledge over there. so we're all looking, because it's the second floor, we're not sure how the dog got there, but there it was. >> reporter: jack a 3-year-old
12:51 pm
husky mix was trapped out on the ledge with nowhere to go. >> we were afraid he was going to jump. >> reporter: sharon and her friends snapped pictures and two men jumped into action pulling their plumbing and heating van on the sidewalk. >> the one pulled up on the top and picked the dog up. >> reporter: that ledge is 15 feet above the sidewalk and as wide as your hand from the tip of your finger to the bottom of your palm. there wasn't much room for him to move around. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: rebecca was at work when her dog escaped on the ledge. she got a call from the spca. i was beyond myself i had no idea what to think what to do. she said she caped through a crack in the window next to the air-conditioning. >> he must have pushed and it came undone from these little things right here. >> what do you think he was
12:52 pm
doing on the window? >> chasing pigeons. >> reporter: as for the two men who saved jack. >> it was heartwarming the way other people jumped into action. >> i want to meet them and thank them, i don't think i could thank them enough. >> that's a neat story. something stinks in washington, d.c. and it nothing to do with politics. >> it smells like cabbage. >> it smells like rotting eggs for me. >> reporter: those kids have some of the best description for the scent of the corporation flower bloom at the national would botanic garden. despite the smell, and it's name thousands have flocked to see
12:53 pm
and smell it. >> when "action news" continues an update on our top stories, plus a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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>> recapping our top stories on "action news," police say they have found what appears to be a murder-suicide note inside a berks county house where a family of five were shot to death. mark shot and his wife magazine magazine -- meghan and their three children 8, 5, and 2 years
12:56 pm
old. a west philadelphia man is critical condition after getting shot getting out of his car this morning. his two young children were in the car at the time they were not harmed. nobody was arrested. no word on whether the philadelphia criminal justice center will be open for business. officials have spent the weekend testing all the elevators following last thursday's freak accident. one elevator went out of control and hit the top of the shaft injuring sheriff deputy paul owen. >> final look at the forecast before we say goodbye. >> reporter: looking good, lots of sunshine, comfortable temperatures topping out around 90. 88 monday, another nice day. 88 tuesday, that becomes a little bit more humid. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, all of a sudden it feels like july again, close to 90 and somewhere between 90 and 93. feeling like 100. there's a chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm. that will be the if it heat wave
12:57 pm
of the year -- fight heat wave a of the -- 5th heat wave of year so far. it's not a secret that donald trump and hillary clinton have low approval ratings. a rhode island company found when it comes to key issues, they yacht club bottle works are having a tough time keeping flavors on the shelf. hillary clinton's liberal lime aid and donald trump's peach trump. >> they meet the candidates, they have a little edge to them. >> what tastes better? the politically carbonated drinks are such a hit for the first time in the history the yacht works are shipping soda to california. they are not revealing which soda sells better until election day. >> the pop poll, i like that.
12:58 pm
"fyi philly" is next on channel 6 "action news." "action news" continues a6:00 p.m. for gray hall, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday, we'll see you back here next weekend!
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i'm karen rogers. and i'm alicia vitarelli. saturday/tonight on fyi philly... woo we're celebrating summer's final act. "cheers" with ideas for that last gasp of fun in the sun. "to south st." south philly's famous strip is a great place for a stroll. or take flight at a new spot in king of prussia. plus, some ways to stay fit and have fun. hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. we are at the franklin institute's pixar exhibit. this is super cool but it ends just after labor day.. and that's what we're doing this week on fyi you some ways to finish summer with a bang.


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