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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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family of five in burkes county killed durational an apparent murder-suicide next on action news. ♪ >> announcer: action news delaware valley's leading news program with metrologist melissa mcgee and jeff skversky and walter perez. a violent weekend in the city of philadelphia during today's early morning hours 10 people were shot, two of them
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were killed and of those ten two were shot with near with children nearby. sunday night has a big story on action news is an unusually violent weekend this neighborhoods across the city from kensington to southwest philadelphia the sound of gunshots was all too common and jeff spoke with a family of one of the victims and joins us live from police headquarters, jeff? >> reporter: walter those family members wanted to tell us about the man they say was a doting father. their grief is mixed with disbelief tonight that anyone would be callus enough to shoot a man in front of his own children. >> this is all a shock, a horrible shock to our family. >> reporter: those who knew boggs cannot make sense of the shooting that claimed the life of 29-year-old husband and father. >> can't imagine why anyone would want to hurt him. >> i cannot and he was beautiful and a family man. >> reporter: a school district bus driver was returning home to the 3400 block in kensing ton
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after midnight on sunday and to men approached and shot him eight times in front of his daughters. >> these animals, these savages would shoot this young man in front of his children, a two-year-old child and a ten-year-old child, that is just unconsciousable. >> reporter: the death was part of a particularly violent night, ten shotings in all, another man was shot at close range leaning at the gas station in southwest philadelphia and he died at the scene. in west philadelphia another man was shot in the face while parking his car in front of his home. his two young daughters were in the car but were not hurt, neighbors say he is on life support and homicide up 6% over last year and 165 and boggs loved ones say behind each number is a grieving family forever torn apart. >> come together as one and should be more talking things out and walking away than going to a gun and taking lives.
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>> reporter: at last check police do not have a motive for that shooting and they have not made arrests in any of those cases. we are live at police headquarters jeff with channel six action news. >> thank you meanwhile a 24-year-old in the hospital after a bullet fragment ended up hitting him in the eye and happened at 9th and roosevelt boulevard in hunting park and the victim got to the hospital in a private vehicle not in an ambulance. expected to survive but no word on severity of his injuries, police have not given us any more information about this situation. a man is recovering tonight after he was shot in the chest this afternoon in camdon. the victim was found near the intersection of 9th street and carl miller boulevard about 2:40 and rushed to cooper hospital, his mother was taken to the hospital and police have not said why. no arrests have been made at this time. now to the latest on apparent murder suicide that ended with a death of a family of five, the bodies of a father, a mother and three young children were all found inside their home in
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burkes county yesterday and today we are learning a little more about who they are. action news reporter trish has the story from sinking springs. >> in the quiet community outside of reddening are still trying to wrap their minds around it and were called to winding brooks drive after 33-year-old meagan short did not show up to lunch with a family member and police officers found meagan, husband mark and children and dog shot to death inside the family home. >> in shock and could not sleep because i was so up set. >> reporter: doesn't know the family but brought to tears thinking about what happened. >> just don't understand that stuff. >> reporter: the burkes county district attorney says what is believed to be handwritten murder suicide note was found inside and a handgun near one of the adults, awe aut authorities said they did not know who carried out the
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shooting. >> she was the sweetest little girl and you can never imagine anything like this would happen to her. >> reporter: the couple's two-year-old daughter willow received a heart transplant when she was less than a week old and she had published from a family with congenital heart defects and offered support to other families caring for a child like hers writing i don't think ptsd ever goes away but with therapy and medication and the right support it begins to loosen the grip on me, as i work on my own mental healing wanted to share my experience so other heart patients know they are not alone. the da is calling this a tragic domestic incident and the scene is released but the investigation is still going, sinking spring trish hartman action six news. firefighters were calls to the oxford circle section this evening at 6:00 a fire broke out at this home on the 5800 on
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oxford avenue, when they arrived firefighters encountered heavy flames rising from the front of the home, no word on any injuries at this hour. jury selection begins tomorrow in norris town for the trial of pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane charged with perjury and abuse of power and prosecutors say she lied under oath before a grand jury and rejected the resignation from governor tom wolf and other lawyla lawmakers across the state and they will be open tomorrow for the first time since an elevator accident that sent an officer to the hospital and tell action news the criminal justice center will be open on normal business hours tomorrow and anyone involved in the trial including anyone on jury duty has to show up. an elevator crashed through a roof last week injuring two people including sergeant paul owens who suffered a broken back. moving on to the accuweather forecast and for august it was a pretty nice day today with
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relatively low humidity and expecting more of the same tomorrow and melissa mcgee is at the action big board with a first check of the forecast. >> not a bad way to close out our weekend here and yesterday we went from steamy with the showers and storms to plenty of sunshine and low humidity today, the high yesterday in philadelphia 91 degrees, today we maxed out at 89 and above the average of 86 but the humidity made all of the differences. outside across the mid-atlantic region it's 80 philadelphia, comfortable and warm and 70 washington d.c. and lower 70s from buffalo and pittsburgh at this hour, 67 in charleston, west virginia, here is the big difference tonight dew point along the 95 corridor are in the 50s and 60s and comparison to yesterday where we had dew point numbers in the 70s and it was quite oppressive and dew point numbers will look like this or fairly close to that as we start out the workweek. high prechl in the great lakes
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and ohio valley and we are clockwise and tap in the westerly wind and suppress the moisture well away from the region as well. talk about what we can expect dry start to the week ahead and pattern change in weekend the midled half of the workweek and ramp up in the humidity and more threats of showers and storms and take a closer look with the accuweather forecast walter. thank you melissa. it was an endle lesless line of motorcycle and rallied in support of police and one of many standing with law enforcement and christie attended one rally in may fair. what brought you out here? >> i wanted to support my step dad and my uncle and the police for all what they haddon. >> reporter: the motorcycles and honking horns are the anthem of the boys in blue and for many
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like alana crocket it's personal. >> it says i walk the line because of my step dad. >> it's amazing that philadelphia has this support for officers, we need it at this time and it has been a lot of negativity not just with us but across the country. >> reporter: shootings of african/american men and murder of police officers across the country spotlighted the relationship between community and those in uniform. . >> as a mother of a police officer what runs through your mind? >> scared to death everyday. i pray to god everyday for safety. >> some will die for us everyday and that we have to just support them. >> i want the public to think twice to think about what it will be like to walk in their shoes one day and go through what they go through before they are so critical. >> reporter: why do you feel it's important to bring your kids out here? >> they need to learn the police
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will help you. they are not all bad. christie channel six, action news. we have a follow-up now to a story we told you about last night a family belongings have been returned after police offered amnesty whoever walked off with her bag and they are from columbia and sight seeing in the u.s. for two months now and on thursday they were on a bus in philadelphia when a bag containing the children's passports was stolen. police promised not to prosecute if the passports were returned. well last night that promise paid off. the bag with the passports and even a cell phone inside were returned and now she and her children will be able to return to columbia as scheduled on tuesday. dozens of dogs from texas are getting a new leash on life thanks to an animal shelter in delaware the action cam on the scene at faithful friends animal society in bloomington with a van of 30 dogs and puppies arrived and came from a kill shelter in dallas. faithful friends usually takes
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in local dogs but since they had extra space in their small dog kennels they saw that as an opportunity to save these dogs. >> instead of letting them sit empty we are going to shelters that are in great need and the dogs that are otherwise going to end up killed and bring them to our shelter because we do have a high demand for dogs for adoption. >> all these dogs are already spade or nutered and ready for adoption sometime this week and a link to the shelter on 6abc, a real spectacle on the sun, rain shooting from the sun's surface but as you imagine there was no water in that storm, we will explain. also donald trump launches a new line of attack against hillary clinton and now he is questioning her mental state, the latest from the campaign trail coming up. the phillies pull off a rare triple play and we have sports when we come back.
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>> announcer: action news mornings, it's what new. >> the c.d.c. issued an unprecedented warning. >> an active crime scene. >> lightning is active and you can see the flashes here. >> it's what is now. >> the child was locked in the car for 30 minutes, the search is on for the bandits. >> what is next. >> at 7:00 there could be isolated stuff, a disabled tractor-trailer is here. >> action news mornings starting at 4:30 only on 6abc.
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r and r this weekend, the president and family are on vacation in martha's vineyard and cameras caught the commander in chief working on his golf game and on vacation for two weeks and it's his 300th round of golf since becoming president. hillary clinton is gaining momentum on the campaign trail leading over rival donald trump but the election is still is three months away and gop nominee is zeroing in on clinton's own words this weekend and devon has more from washington. >> reporter: down in the polls donald trump debuting a new line of attack. >> the people of this country don't want somebody that is going to short circuit up here. >> reporter: the republican nominee trying to use clinton's own words against her. >> what i told the f.b.i. which he said was truthful is
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consistent with what i have said publically so i may have short circuited it. >> reporter: trump pouncing as clinton widens her lead in a washington post poll clinton up 8 points with gains monday women and support among democrats, trump on the other hand struggles to win over republicans like ohio governor john kasich. >> i wish i could be fully enthusiastic, i can't be. >> reporter: strong disapproval of the fallen soldier. >> hillary clinton comments don't get the attention that trump's do. >> reporter: releasing a new ad featuring a gold star mother talking about her outrage how trump treated the khan family. >> when i saw him attack another gold star mother i felt such a sense of outrage. >> she was standing there with nothing to say. >> i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness that only losing a child can bring.
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>> reporter: trustworthiness still a problem for nominees and clinton's running mate trying to reassure their administration will be more transparent. >> the bottom line is she made a mistake and said over and over again i made a mistake and i've learned from it, i'm going to fix it and i apologize. >> reporter: devon-abc news. >> a boy was killed in kansas kansas and he was at the park with his family this accident happened and we are told that slide is 168 feet tall and riders can hit speeds up to 70 miles per hour. the park will also remain closed tomorrow. police in new york city are looking for the person who murdered a woman running near her home and today the victim's family promised to bring that killer to justice. karina was struangled and think
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she was sexually assaulted and do not believe she knew her killer and today her family did not hold back, talking about the person who did this. >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak, piece of filth that you are. >> police are hoping that dna evidence will help them catch the killer and also a 10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and a conviction. a packed cross country flight had to make an emergency landing in phoenix after witnesses say a passenger attacked a flight attendant and tried to open the exit door and took him off the flight on friday night. the spirit airlines plane was headed from florida to los angeles when it made emergency landed and appears the suspect was drunk. a wedding day like none other and helps her father be a part
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of the ceremony and he died ten years ago and metrologist melissa mcgee has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when action news comes back.
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surface take a look at the draw-dropping pictures from nasa and can cause material to cascade down in loops called coronal rain made of plasma and the pixels are not caused by the solar flair and occur when high energy particles bombord the satellite and i knew that and didn't read that and it was nothing but sunshine and around here it was nice. >> stays that way as we get in the start of our workweek with low humidity as well and show you what is going on with the double scan radar and it's dry and no issues with patty pan and outside we go, the action cam was outside earlier tonight at the landing and looking up at the ben franklin bridge and we
11:23 pm
have a mostly clear sky and really comfortable conditions, it will stay that way as you head out the door come monday morning and we are dry with these numbers and pretty comfort with 7 0 tannersville and aftera high temperature today of 89, 72 chester out to the west in new holand and new jersey at the coast we are holding on to 78 at the boardwalk, 68hamington and 72 and 74 and lower 70s for smyrna and dover and satellite six with action radar and high pressure in the great lakes and ohio valley and moving across our region and suppresses all the moisture to the south and the cloud cover well away from the region to the start of the week and future tracker six as we wake up tomorrow and not bad start and clear and dry and 3:00
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in the afternoon we will max out in the middle and upper 80s across much of the region and same thing holds true in tuesday afternoon with high pressure staying in control by tuesday 2:00 p.m. numbers will be around 88 in philadelphia, 87 in allentown and 81 wild wood but then the pattern changes as we get into wednesday. so dew point numbers fairly comfortable tomorrow. any time they are in the 50s it's nice and pleasant. 60s the lower 60s on tuesday certainly not bad for august standards but by wednesday and thursday we see a spike in humidity when dew point numbers climb in the lower 70s we have an oppressive air mass overhead, lots of moisture heading through by then and heat and humidity and threat of showers and storms and set up and wednesday through the end of this week the jet stream lifts off to the north allowing for all that steamy air to expand eastward with a ridge of high pressure moving off shore and hazy, hot and humid and we get to the middle part of
11:25 pm
the workweek and beyond and threat of showers. out the door for morning rush and mostly clear and 68 at 6:00 a.m. and 72 is the number at 8:00 tomorrow morning. exclusive seven-day forecast, you can see it's dry with low humidity, once again tomorrow and 88 degrees. bright sunshine on tuesday and 89 turning more humid by wednesday and at 88 degrees hot and sticky on thursday with a high of 91 and the showers or thunderstorm is likely by then, something to keep in mind for the eagles preseason game at the link. on friday steamy with those thunderstorms around high of 92. essentially we are tracking a cold front on wednesday that stalls out so we are going to have to watch the progression of that front as we go throughout the end of this week. muggy still on saturday, 91 and 87 as we get into next sunday walter and even mostly cloudy sky and certainly not a bad start tomorrow. >> back to normal later on this week and you can find the seven day forecast and look at double
11:26 pm
scan raider on our website and go to and sports is next on action news and the end of an era alex rodriguez 22 year career is about to come to an end and jeff skversky has arod's announcement when action news comes right back.
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jessica has sports and the phillies winning in style today. >> not everyday you see a triple play, this was a lot of fun to watch in san diego. you are not the only one who loves going out to san diego. the phillies love it too. why not? they have the best winning percentage in baseball out there over the last 12 years and oh, by the way they made history out there today too. what an finale against the padre and battle in the fourth and scoring four times all with two outs and pitcher and rbi and phillies the lead and finished and padre come back and shim over aaron game tying two run homer but 7th inning tommy joseph pinch hitting and rbi
11:30 pm
single and back in front by one and come with to outs and to safe the day bottom 7, 2 on, no outs phillies out of it, 5-4-3, triple play and hernandez and joseph, the first triple play since 7 years ago, high 5 all around and phillies win 6-5. a-rod has been a lightning rod of controversy over his career and no denying alex rodriguez is one of the best baseball players of all time and his player days are just about hour, in an emotional press conference he says he will leave the yankees and the game on friday when the team releases him, only three players in baseball history have hit more than a-rod but will always be remembered as the star who was suspended for taking performance-enhancing drugs. >> this is a tough day. i love this game and


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