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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 8, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," war of words on the campaign trail. >> the trump and clinton campaigns are looking far clean start to the week after a week of drama and distractions for the race for the white house. we'll hear you donald trump is using clinton's words against her. >> how are voters in swing states coming along with their decision? we'll hear from voters still on the fence and some lifelong republicans and democrats who this election say they're switching teams. identity thieves found a new way to get their hands on your money. how many of them are hijacking cell phone accounts. >> and a milestone in rio. michael phelps adding another groeld gold to his collection, but there's trouble some athletes are having when it comes to the
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instructions in the bathrooms, or lack thereof. how do you turn on that faucet? we'll explain later in the mix on this reunion monday august 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to you. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. they might have forgotten who we are. ♪ . >> it's a good thing we have that intro. >> yes. ♪ >> it was just too much. the move went well? >> it went well. i'm now a new yorker. tax bracket went up by 20%. >> do you feel different? >> no longer d.c. >> do you feel rough and tough? >> i'm talking with an accent again. it's awesome. it comes right back. and a good vacation. you went down two makeup tones darker. >> the makeup artist panicked. a little sun.
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>> she's using my powder now. >> and we begin with donald trump where we left off, attempting to hit the reset button after damaging missteps. >> he's set to deliver an economic speech in detroit. he slumps in the poll. it shows hillary clinton with an eight point lead. 50% to 42%. trump is fighting to turn things around. he launched a line of attacks against clinton. we get more from devin dwyer. >> reporter: down in the polls, donald trump is trying a new weapon. hillary clinton's own words. >> unstable, hillary clinton. and you saw that. did you saw that where she basically short circuited? >> reporter: trump pouncing on an answer to e-mails. >> i may have short sucircuited. >> reporter: mocking it on social media and on the stump. >> the people of this country
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don't want somebody that's going to short sucircuit up here. >> reporter: going so far a say she's losing her mind. >> it amazes me. honest ly i don't think she's all there. >> reporter: the latest attacks as clinton makes gains. the polls showing support from women at the highest level and fewer voters viewing her unfavorably. the poll reveals serious concerns about trump. two-thirds says he has the wrong temperament. almost as many say he's unqualified and untrustworthy. the acting fbi director said trump has been manipulated by the russian president. >> mr. trump simply heard putin compliment him. he then responded by complimenting him. he never thought that he might be being played. >> reporter: a battle over mental kwcqualifications far fr settled as clinton warns about
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trump over e-mail, he may still beat me. >> reporter: trump endorsing the house speaker and john mccain. he says he plans to focus back on the economy this week. investigators are trying to piece together exactly how a ten-year-old boy was killed at a kansas water park. he died while coming down the tallest water slide in the world. it's not known how the accident happened. the boy is the son of a state legislator in the kansas city park was hosting elected official and their families. this is the first fatality at the park. overseas, new details in the suicide bomb attack in germany that injured 15 people. officials say a meb of isis was in contact with the bomber who has been identified as a syrian seeking asylum. the attack last month killed the
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assailant, has been claimed by isis. and a terrorist in france, the suspect cleared of being the get away driver in the charlie e hebdo attack is accused of trying to join isis in syria. he was found on the turkish border. back at home, after two weeks firefighters are making progress against a wildfire in northern california. the big sur blaze is 45% contained and some evacuations have been lifted. also in california, fast moving brush fire in the san bernardino mountains forced the evacuation of dozens of people. the pilot fire grew to 1,000 acres within hours. hundreds of firefighters are now battling that fire. now to the olympics in two day. american swimmer michael phelps adding to his crowded medal case. >> he now has 19 olympic gold
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medals. he swam the second leg as the u.s. beat out france in the four by so 0 100 relay. >> in gymnastics, the women u.s. simone biles and allie rice mann led the way. >> the medal count is looking good for team usa. they lead with 12 medals. far as far as golds, the u.s., china and italy are tied. >> a woman is in intensive care this morning. >> the cyclist was leading the road race when that crash happened. she suffered a concussion and three spinal fractures.
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matt gut mann has more. >> reporter: the dutch cyclist recovering in a hospital. skidding into that turn earlier wobbling, then launching over the handlebars into a concrete gutter. >> she's down. >> reporter: and the jeers of zika by brazilian fans contagious spreading from the soccer pitch to the pair of americans at the beach volleyball stadium. rio's whoas not all manmade. winds forcing the suspension of rowing. with russia accused of state run doping of disabled athletes and now the condemnation of russia cheating. >> i believe they've scared their para athletes. their medals over morals mentality disgusts me.
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>> reporter: the ioc booting a track and field coach. kenya says he'll face an investigation. a mid the turmoil, the games go on. earlier we spoke with the first american ever to compete in a head wrap. she said her faith made fencing a perfect sport for her. >> i had to have long sleeves and pants, and with fencing it's a unique opportunity for me to be coffvered and fit in with my teammates. >> she came in second to be the u.s. flag bearer here after michael phelps. speaking of -- >> a stunner in the tennis competition. venus and serena williams are out. >> they suffered their first ever lost in the olympic doubles competition. they fell in straight sets to a
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due bow from the czech republic. the loss stopped their 15 match olympic winning streak. >> the day did not start well for one mar teen delpoco. he's stuck in an elevator for 40 minutes sunday morning. he was rescued by some of his fellow countrymen. but the day did finish well. he knocked off world number one, novak djokovic in the first round. >> okay. it ended up a little bit on the bright side for him. >> yeah. maybe that was part of the training. center yourself in a stuck elevator. >> meditate for 40 minutes in an elevator. coming ing up, the new worr about identity theft and cell phones. buying new phones and leaving people with hefty bills, and how you can protect yourself. >> and why democrats are increasingly worried about pennsylvania. why it's seen as a pivotal swing state and why donald trump is
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dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil severe dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. well, officials fear the death toll will rise after the capital of macedonia was hit bay rainstorm. at least 21 people are dead and 77 others injured in what one
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weather official called a water bomb. the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man is sparking outrage in chicago. protesters forced sfreet closures on sunday. videos related to the shooting of paul oh neal were released. he allegedly stole a car. none of the videos show the moment he was shot. identity theft causing people hundreds if thousands of dollars. >> they hijack cell phone accounts and stiff the victim with the bill. >> reporter: a growing threat in the palm of your hand. identity thieves hijacking your cell phone. >> my family let me know their phones weren't working. >> reporter: they immediately called their care yen and discovered criminals crafted a fake i.d. and took over their
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accounts buying three brand new iphones on their dime. >> i think they got ahold of my online account. they said they went in and checked a couple different times if i had upgrades available. >> reporter: this kind of cell phone hijacking is on the rise. more than double the cases three years ago. why is this fraud growing? >> you don't really need to prove a great deal in order to walk into a store and either change a service or do an upgrade. >> reporter: and if clerks get access to other personal information like your credit card, the damage can go beyond your phone. >> they saw close to is 1 $1,000 of charges i didn't make, and they call my cell phone to see if it's actually a fraudulent charge or not. the chief has any number. he can say sure, yeah. >> reporter: to protect yourself call your cell phone carrier and set up a pin number or pass code. that's an extra layer of security for your account.
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a lot of people are focussed on the password on their phone and keeping that protected, but this isn't about getting into the phone itself. it's the account. >> it's even more brazen as a ru result. >> we had a story where a hacker was threatening her to -- >> and saying stop cancelling my purchases. and it sounds the same. this guy is answering that guy's phone. >> brazen. coming up, a secret revealed about an actress, what her suicide squad co-star revealed about a late night drunken behavior and it involves prince harry. boom. how is that for a tease? first, why democrats are worried about pennsylvania. why the state's been reliably blue but could swing red and what swing voters are saying about clinton versus trump. you're watching "world news now."
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from election day as team trump and team clinton scramble for the swing states. >> one state has democrats, they're worried. it's pennsylvania. it's a blue state fordecades. it's threatening to turn red over a growing concern about trade jobs. >> reporter: the growing concerns i heard about trump is potentially a big deal. take beth haney. you voted in 2012 for who? >> romney. >> reporter: this time? >> i'm not sure yet. traditionally i vote republican, but i'm a little concerned with trump's outbursts. >> reporter: is there anything he could do to bring your
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around? >> yeah. get serious. be a little bit more presidential like he said he would. >> reporter: if trump can combine narrow wins in counties with big turnout in his rural strongholds, he'll have a real chance to win pennsylvania without these suburbs, the numbers don't add up. so trump needs white collar voters like brad. who did you vote for in 2012 in obama or romney? >> romney. >> reporter: this time? >> hillary. >> reporter: quite a change. why? >> just the policies and he's -- trump is a little too far out there for me. >> reporter: would this be the first time you voted for a democrat? >> in my lifetime, yes. >> reporter: but trump is winning over some former democrats. like erik chamer r ber lan, a small business owner.
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>> i voted in 2012 for obama. >> reporter: you ever voted republican? >> i have not, but i am this year. i'm voting for trump this year. >> reporter: why? >> i don't trust hillary at all. she wanted to be a politician her whole career. staying in a marriage is something that bothered me a little bit for that. >> reporter: does anything bother you about donald trump? >> they're both horrible. i just think that he'll surround himself with great people. that's what i think. he wants to win. so i think his cabinet is going to be amazing. >> i will gladly lend you -- >> reporter: still, those excelle comments about the khan family put veterans and their families in a difficult spot. >> i was very upset. my dad is a korean war vet. it just broke my heart. it's just recent antics have been unappealing to me as a
3:21 am
mother, a woman, and in general. i'm just not sure he's the right man for the job. >> reporter: but in classic bucks count, fashion -- >> i'm not sure that hillary is the right answer. now, i'd love to see a woman president, absolutely, but i don't know. >> reporter: door knockers take note. rachel mcfillen of bucks county, pennsylvania, like many of her neighbors, up for grabs. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> in the latest polls hillary clinton is up 11% in pennsylvania, and every election year, some people call pennsylvania fool's gold for republicans. they always think they'll win it on a presidential year and it doesn't happen. mitt romney's last rally was in pennsylvania. and he lost it. >> coming up, why you're not allowed to put your mouth on the toilets at the rio olympics.
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full-ti time for the mix. there's one particularly entertaining incident that's getting some attention. check out the bathroom signs. this is one from one of the rio olympic bathrooms. >> what is that position? >> it includes concerns like no toilet fishing. no paying like a dog. no vomiting or defecating with his feet on the seat. >> you mean that's not socially acceptable in rio. >> the fishing part maybe, but the rest is frowned upon. and this was discovered by the u.s. water polo team. he's trying to figure out how to
3:26 am
turn on the shower. when he twists the faucet wfor the sink, the shower turns on. >> isn't that how all showers work. >> cool. things are working out smoothly in rio. things are also working out smoothly for one man, 56-year-old leroy black. until he died things were working out smoothly. this is his obituary posted in the press of atlantic in new jersey. so one of those is by his wife. >> that was thoughtful. >> the other is by his girlfriend. they both posted obituaries, in some parts it's kind of identical. the first halves are totally different. the second words are identical. the first one mentioned the wildfire, but the second one says he's survived by family and his girlfriend. >> leroy, you snake.
3:27 am
>> leroy. don't hate the game, the player. don't hate the player, hate the game. he died of lung cancer, but i'm thinking that there was a little bit of heart palpitations trying to control two women. >> that's possible. >> now guinness book of world records record has been set. this one involves some dancing robots. 1,007 robots organized bay team from china. this is at a beer festival. each of the robots the whole thing is controlled by one mobile phone, and they had to dance for a full minute. several of them were disqualified for falling over or stopping, but enough kept going. >> this is a grandmother in illinois. marie pope. how else to sell prate yocelebr birthday than beer pong. you get a shot. that's precision beer
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this morning on "world news now," tragedy at the water park. a family is grieving this morning after their ten-year-old son died going down a slide. we're get the behind the scenes look at the park known for its massive ride. and the presidential race setting up a battle of the bands for clinton and trump campaigns. see why the latest polling data provides a look at what the campaign may be looking at. and a midair take down. >> they changed course after a passenger attacked a flight attendant. it's the latest in a series of similar incidents. >> and justin bieber an orlando bloom rivalry is threatening to break the internet. the pop star caught in the nude again days after orlando bloom shocked the world with his own pics.
3:31 am
could it be a scourge on the world this summer? it's in the skinny on this monday, august 8th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin this morning with tragedy at an amusement park over the weekend. >> a 10-year-old boy died while on the world's tallest water slide. it's not known if he fell or something else went wrong. riders must be 4 and a half feet tall and go down in a raft holding three people. >> park officials are stunned. the water slide opened two years ago. the german name means insane. it's the biggest water slide in the world. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: a day at the water park turning tragic. >> we are saddened to share a young boy died on a ride this
3:32 am
afternoon. >> the young boy's family with him at the time of the accident. the park immediately closing down. investigators rushing to the scene working to figure out what went on on this giant water slide. it's built as the tallest water slide reaching higher than the statue of liberty. this shows the 168 foot plummet. riders reaching up to 45 miles per hour. the name means crazy or insane in german. the ride so risky once every rider claims the 264 steps to the top they hear this. >> a two-page safety warning. we are getting special access when the ride opened in 2014, even getting a look at the testing. sandbags go flying.
3:33 am
originally this ride capable of launching people up to 70 miles per hour and reaching formula one acceleration, so fast engineers had to slow it down. the opening delayed time and time again. park officials confirming the park was inspected for weeks before it opened this summer. investigators are on scene in kansas city. we're told the park will be closed. marci gonzalez. >> now politics. donald trump shifting his focus to the economy after a week mired in personal feuds as well as slumping poll numbers. trump's policy speech this morning just days before hillary clinton addresses the same group. he's expected to lay out a vision that talks about cutting regulation and boosting middle class wages. a poll shows trump trailing clinton. two-thirds say he has the wrong temperament. almost as many say he's unqualified and untrustworthy.
3:34 am
trump is now turning his attention back to clinton. he suggested that secretary clinton was mentally unfit calling her unstable, unbalanced and unhinged, but a clinton supporter from the fbi suggested trump was being manipulated by vladimir putin. >> from mr. trump's perspective, he simply heard putin compliment him. he responded by complimenting him. he never thought he might be being played. >> trump fired back calling morell a clinton flunky and a lightweight who made serious bad calls. >> at least 39 people dead after hurricane earl in mexico. he dumped rains and triggered mud slides. at least 28 people died in mud slides in the mountain regions. authorities are searching for residents reported missing. meanwhile another one formed off
3:35 am
the pacific coast on sunday. heavy rain and flooding along the gulf coast from tampa to pensacola. some communities could see one to three inches of rain each day this week. all the rain could come within an hour or two making flooding more likely. residents should prepare for evacuations and road closures. >> you can see what's going to happen on the gulf coast. there will be showers and storms for practically the entire southeast. there could be a few afternoon showers in the central plains and the southwest. >> and 88 for more of the south. dallas will top out at 102. the northeast, midwest highs in the 80s. cool in the northwest only reaching room temperature. in new york police searching for clues in the brutal slaying of a new york jogger. she went for a run on tuesday and never returned home. her body was discovered by her father a retired firefight. for the first time on sunday we
3:36 am
heard from her grief stricken parents. they thanked the investigators. the mother had a message for the killer. >> the whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak piece of filth that you are. police say they don't believe she knew her killer. hundreds gathered for the funeral. there's a $10,000 reward. >> a suspect in a air rage incident charged with assault. the incident caused a spirit airlines to make an emergency landing in phoenix. >> reporter: this man in handcuffs after terrifying moments on this cross country flight. >> i jumped on the guy and restrained him. got his hands behind his back. >> a 64-year-old taken down by a
3:37 am
fellow passenger after witnesses say he attacked a flight attendant and tried to open the cabin door. the spirit flight headed from l.a. to florida forced to make an emergency landing in phoenix. moments later police board the plane and arrest him who they say appeared to be impaired. he was the latest passenger arrested on a flight. an american airlines pilot taking down an unruly passenger in charlotte on monday after this. the man slams into a flight attendant. several passengers fight to sub subdue the man in the red shirt. restraining him with tape and seat belts on a plane. in june, two fighter jets escorting a dealt a flight to the ground after a passenger made threats against the plane. >> he was walking up and down the aisle staring at people,
3:38 am
acting unusual, anxious, rubbing his chest, and wouldn't sit down. >> reporter: the flight attendant association telling abc news they're seeing more and more cases of unruly passengers. the leading cause? alcohol. abc news, tampa. over the weekend over a dozen dolphins were rescued after they were stranded in shallow waters off cape cod. >> two of the dolphins grounded themselves a second time. they had to cart them in a vehicle up the beach to take them to safer deeper water at a release point. >> you can see the humanitarian effort that went into place to try to get them to safety. >> it's complicated rescuing them. they're not meant to be out of water. they're sensitive to the movement. we hope that one ends successfully. >> coming up, the latest headlines from the summer olympics in rio. we'll look at how team usa is performing.
3:39 am
>> and the revelation about one suicide star. that story ahead in the skinny. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by american advisors group. now." "world news now" weather brought to you by american advisors group.
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\ that would be the crowd at the women's beach volleyball match between poland and the u.s. shouting zika at the americans. it may be the fallout from hope solo wearing mosquito netting
3:43 am
and holding insecticide in a picture on social media. the americans called the chant energizing. eaven e venn though they lost. >> a cyclist remains in intensive care after this crash. >> the cyclist suffered a concussion and spinal cord fractures. she's said to be conscious and okay. it came a day after an italian cyclist suffered a broken collarbone in a race. >> and michael phelps now has 19 gold medals and counting. >> the u.s. women's gymnastic team stormed into tuesday's all around final. she might have made it up. jim ryan with the recap. >> reporter: michael phelps made his 2016 olympic debut in the
3:44 am
pool for the 4 by 100 meter free style relay. he won another gold medal. that gives him 23 olympic medals. rising swimming star katie ledecky did the 400 meter free style. she won a gold medal after picking up a silver on saturday. katie ledecky breaking her own world record. in the 100 meter women's butterfly, the bronze. sweden took the gold. the u.s. women's gymnastic team romped on sunday in the qualifying. behind the 19-year-old super star simone biles the american women finished nearly 10 point in front of china. biles a three time world championship finished ahead of aly raisman. they are all in the all around or event finals. serena williams was victorious,
3:45 am
but she and her sister lost their first round match for the first time. stunned by the czech republic team. the sisters entered sunday's match with a 10-0 olympics record. our thanks to jim. it's exciting enough to win your country's first ever olympic medal. now imagine what it feels like if that medal is gold. >> melinda knows. she is kosovo's first olympic champion. she won a judo final. this is their first olympics since declaring their independence. >> i should point out i was checking on my phone, the medal count for our respective countries, portugal and belize are still at -- >> goose eggs. >> the belize contingent walked through so quickly i blinked and missed them.
3:46 am
there were like three of them, including the flag bearer. >> we're routing for them. >> same for you. >> thanks for rooting for portugal. >> when we come back, how justin bieber is trying to outdo orlando bloom in a competition. >> and a hollywood legend fires back at her critics. "the skinny" is next. hollywood legend fires back at her critics. "the skinny" is next.
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3:48 am
♪ all right. time for the skinny. topping our headlines, the rivalry between justin bieber and orlando bloom is heating up. >>stair put -- they're putting the skinny in skinny dipping. >> apparently anything orlando can do, justin bieber can do better just days after bloom was caught on camera whipping off his swim trunks to paddle board with katy perry, triggering a frantic search to find the uncensored photos, bieber now one upping his rival. >> bieber was caught on camera dropping trow in hawaii as he took a daring dip in the ocean. >> sadly we can't show you -- sadly? we can't show you those photos, but we can show you these tamer photos from his vacation frolicking in the water with a
3:49 am
giant pink flamingo intertube with friends during a relaxed and more pg moment. >> you were worried to read that line about the pink flamingo weren't you? >> where are we going? you can look for yourself and try to figure out who wore it better. >> or didn't wear it. >> exactly. now a new revelation about an actress. suicide squad actresses, robby has revealed that another takes the cake, so to speak when she confided that she often drunk texts britain's prince harry late at night. >> they partied with harry late last year in london at a bash held by a model where he joined them in a photo booth along with
3:50 am
a princess of york, and an mtv reporter. >> robby says she has harry's phone number, but while they do often text each other, she admits she's not as quick to reply as he is, saying he's quick to text. while she keeps him waiting for a response for weeks. >> back to l.a., shall we go. lilly tomlin had some pointed words to say about certain mean critics. >> she was honored with a career achievement award. >> she's appeared on tv for decades. shon on shows like laugh in, murphy brown, and the west wing. she said that television critics tend to be much more nicer than some of their peers in other areas of entertainment. >> she singled out one broadway critic who is a critic no more. referred to her as horse face
3:51 am
three times. >> tomlin's award this weekend came on the heels of a lifetime chooechlt -- achievement award in january. >> finally, lucille ball is scary no more. >> this statue elected seven years ago and portrayed the queen of comedy as wild eyed and sort of a poison wielding demon some said. is sculptor offered to redo the sculpture for free. but the town declined. >> at long last, look at that. scary lucy was replaced with this statue. her trademark arched eyebrows and rather than baring her teeth, a lovely smile. >> scary lucy will not be washed away into the fires. she'll be moved to another part in the park where she can terrify people for generations to come.
3:52 am
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>> go get it, girl. ♪ >> how about a little something from the weapons ministry vault in teheran? >> the critics went out and liked it. you may be laughing but suicide squad set an august box office record breaking in $135.1 million record in north american ticket sales. they need to make 750 million to break even. the movie has a long way to go. >> is that a comedy? impressive. and rounding out this weekend's
3:56 am
top three, jason bourne with a little more than 22 million, and bad moms at just over 14 million. well, it wasn't a bad mom, but more like a father figure who did an amazing thing for one blushing bride from pittsburgh on her wedding day. >> when the father of the pride couldn't be there to give her away, she got the next best thing. >> reporter: when jenny walked down the aisle this weekend in pennsylvania -- >> it has been the best day of my life. >> reporter: the man whose arm she held was not her father that would not have been possible. her dad was gone ten years snatched from his little girl's life in a murder. who was this person walking by her side? >> on your right you'll see a parking lot. my -- >> reporter: a person she would not meet until the day before the wedding when she had to talk him through the way to the service. he was in need of a heart ten years ago, and he got jenny's dad's heart. jenny grew up knowing a living
3:57 am
part of her father was out there. >> we've been talking to him and writing letters and calling. >> reporter: but it was all long distance. >> she wrote me a letter and said if you're willing, would you walk me down the aisle. >> thank you so much for coming. >> are you kidding? me? >> reporter: and so there they were in the moment of their meeting, jenny closer to her dad's beating heart than she'd been in years. she reached to feel that beat, and on this, her wedding day, that was possible. abc news. i love that story. thomas had been waiting 16 years when he finally received that heart. was very close to death. >> what a wonderful moment for both of them to live through that. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, a young boy dies while riding the world's tallest water slide. details about the victim and the 17-story ride that's raised safety questions in the past. losing ground, donald trump stepping up his attacks on hillary clinton as polls show him in a summer slump. the republicans still dealing with the fallout of a number of controversies as he prepares to lay out his economic policy. we're live in washington. breaking overnight a fast-growing wildfire forcing people from their homes. plus, sandbagging under way as the sunshine deals with tropical downpours and fears of flooding. and golden boy. michael phelps does it again taking home his 19th gold medal. plus major upset involving serena and venus.


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