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tv   Action News 11pm  WPVI  August 10, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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an innocent child caught in the cross fire, shot by a bullet in a raging gun battle in the streets of philadelphia. tonight, a 6-year-old girl clings to life. tuesday night, jim is off, i'm monica malpass. the story is the hunt for a gunman who put a little girl in the hospital tonight. she was outside her home in the 6300 block of woodstock street in west oak lane. we are live at the district to try to track down the suspect. christie? >> reporter: monica, right now, police have no motive to the shooting, only outrage that someone would fire a barrage of bullets down this neighborhood street where children play and live. >> like i said, i was hoping it was fire crackers. but, it wasn't fire crackers. >> reporter: little did brian chambers know, he was hearing a 6-year-old getting shot playing
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steps from her front door. he ran toward woodstock street. >> a little girl on the ground bleeding. i offered the person my bag, stop the bleeding. >> someone gets hit with a stray bullet and they are innocent. that is on us. when it's a child, this is a 6-year-old girl. >> reporter: the little girl was rushed to einstein. once stabilized, she was transferred to st. christopher. 21 shots were fired from two different guns, one hitting her while she was on the front porch. >> at least two people were firing shots. we believe they were together firing shots in the same direction. >> it's horrible this type of thing happened. to innocent people. >> reporter: still, the brim reality of what happened is close to home to those that live there. >> i have an 8-year-old daughter.
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>> reporter: right now, the only suspect description that police have is that the shooter, one of the shooters was wearing a white t-shirt. there are a lot of surveillance videos in the area. they are going to look to see who pulled the trigger in the shooting. anyone with information is asked to contact detectives. christie ileto, channel 6 "action news." monica? >> thank you, christie. it was a 3-year-old girl whose life was cut short last night in the kensington section of the city. the other driver ran a red light and may have been drag racing. bob spoke to family friends of the little girl there. he's live with the story of esther palmer. good evening, bob. >> reporter: good evening, monica. it is a sad story. new tonight, we have pictures of little esther. when you see them, you can see that she is just an adorable little girl. look at your screen.
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she's 3-year-old esther palmer, a beautiful little girl who had her life cut short. she is the victim of a horrific high-speed crash last night. her loss, so big for those that loved her. >> everybody wanted to be part of her. >> she was only 3. >> reporter: surveillance video captured the crash. you can see the driver speeding down the street. he slams in the palmer's car. her mother and grandma are in the car. they are hurt, but expected to recover. esther passed away. >> i heard about it. it never crossed my mind that it would be by princess, my baby. >> reporter: they may have been drag racing against this car that comes into the frame, a 1990s, black accord. detectives are searching for it. >> y'all know y'all were a part of it. please step up and say something
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because there's a grieving family. >> reporter: they say there's no doubt they were racing. those we spoke with at the memorial have a message. it's that you think twice now before speeding through a city street. >> this is not a racetrack. nowhere in the city is there a racetrack. y'all are going buck wild on the streets. y'all took the life of a 3-year-old. >> reporter: certainly not a racetrack. the focus right now, to find that other car, the late 1990s honda accord. if you know who it belongs to, call the police. channel 6 "action news." monica? >> thank you, bob. an accident at an indoor gun range tonight has proven deadly. philadelphia police say a 21-year-old man was cleaning his gun when he shot himself once in the chest. it happened at 7:15 in spring
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garden at a facility called the gun range llc. the man was pronounced dead at university hospital 30 minutes later. a comment by donald trump on the campaign trail has many critics saying he's crossed the line. did he advocate for the assassination of hillary clinton or judicial nominees? trump's defenders say his words are being misinterpreted. here they are. >> hillary wants to abolish the second amendment. by the way, if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. oh, the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. i'll tell you what, that will be a horrible day. >> clinton's campaign responded, quote, this is simple. what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be the president of the united states should not suggest violence in
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any way, end quote. trump's campaign says the meaning was about the political power that gun rights supportered wield and they should vote against clinton. the secret service is aware of the comment but has not said if it will be investigated. meanwhile, questions are asked how and why the father of the orlando nightclub shooter was at this clinton rally yesterday in central florida. not just in attendance, but visible in a prominent seat behind her. mateen was not an invited guest and would not have been identified going through the same security measures as thousands that came to the rally. clinton got criticism by visiting the office of debbie wasserman-schultz, the former head of the dnc. clinton is not distancing herself. in fact, she came to praise the congresswoman in her re-election
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bid. >> finally, the parents of two of the four americans killed in the benghazi attack are now suing clinton, claiming her carelessness in handling classified e-mails led to their son's deaths. back here, day one of testimony tried to establish a motive in the trial of cath line cane. prosecutors say the state's top lawyer had a feud with chief deputy attorney general frank cena before he left for the philadelphia district attorney's office. that feud led her to direct staffers to leak confidential documents. cane denies signaling the media. the trial continues tomorrow in montgomery county. if you enjoyed today's comfortable weather, it's coming to an end. the heat is getting turned on. cecily tynan is outside the studios. we have dangerous conditions, heat and humidity, don't we?
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>> we do. the week started off mild. yesterday's high, 85. today, we bumped up to 89 degrees. the dew point in the 60s. the things are going to change. right now, the dew point in philadelphia is up to 70 degrees. it's a muggy night. dew points are higher to the south. winds general le southerly will be increasing overnight. storm tracker showing we have a few spotty light sprinkles associated with the warm front moving through. nothing that heavy right now. the big impact and the warm front will be the humidity. the next five days, the humidity levels will be oppressive. we are talking dew points in the mid-70s and with that, temperatures will be climbing as we head right through the week. the national weather service issued an excessive heat watch along the i-95 corridor thursday
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through saturday afternoon. this is where the heat index will be rising into the triple digits. i'll talk more specifically about the heat and about storms on the way coming up in the full accuweather seven day forecast. monica? >> thank you, cecily. an 8-year-old boy rescueed from a backyard swimming pool has been transferred to children's hospital in critical condition. he was pulled from the pool at 5:00 an scenic view drive in camden county. authorities have not explained the circumstances of his near drowning. the end of an era for "action news" family. our television icon captain noah died. ♪ i can sing a rainbow ♪ sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow ♪ >> merbreier and his wife were
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on captain noah for 28 years. it began in 1967 as a religious program, but switched to a children's show in 1970. at the peak, it was broadcast on 22 tv stations across the u.s. a bigger local audience than captain kangaroo and sesame street combined. merbreier was the pastor in the largest church in town. we all remember him best as the kind and gentle friend that loved telling jokes and just bringing smiles to our faces. we will miss him dearly. we send condolences to his family. dann cuellar has been talking to his fans. many folks also have very fond memories of captain noah, don't they? >> reporter: that's right, monica. throughout his life, captain noah was beloved by children and therefore an important man. traveling through pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, we found he was a man that left a mark on generations of children.
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to this day, fondly remembered. ♪ >> reporter: when speaking about captain noah and the arc, people who grew up with him as children broke out in his trademark song -- ♪ red, yellow, pink and green >> i can make a rainbow, you can make a rainbow, too. >> reporter: how old were you? >> iv or 5 years old. >> his real name was carter merbreier. all the kids new him as captain noah. >> i remember send your pictures. send today, send right away. that much i remember of it. >> that is so cool. >> yeah. >> reporter: bring back fond memories? >> absolutely. ♪ >> he was a hero to a lot of us. >> reporter: you grew up with
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him? >> yeah, i watched him. >> reporter: captain noah was the last of an era gone by. >> he was like family to the kids. they felt comfortable. and the grown ups actually felt comfortable letting them watch the type of show he put on. >> reporter: he passed away today. >> sorry to hear that. oh, my goodness. >> reporter: you have fond memories? >> yeah. the kids would be singing and everything. >> i remember sending pictures in to him. send your pictures to dear old captain noah. what a great show. he taught kids how to share. we need more shows like that on tv. ♪ i can sing a rainbow ♪ make a rainbow too >> all right. >> awesome. >> reporter: captain noah said the greatest honor for him and
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his wife is to chart this. a child's imagination. he is now laid to rest, may he be satisfied with the thousands of lives he touched. in center city, dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." monica? >> thanks, dan. a statement that reads what we remember about carter is he loved to make children smile and maintained a deep faith in the human spirit. our con dole enss go out to the merbreier family. we'll have more for you throughout the night here on "action news." we are paying tribute on our website, you will find photos and videos of the show and his career. share yore own memories on social media visiting
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facebook.c fbi agents descend on a local city hall. a father, mother and child all dead. also serious allegations against an eagles starter. ducis rodgers with the trouble facing an offensive tackle who was set to make more than $50 million. in health check, why 2016 may be the year of the baby bust. meteorologist cecily tynan returns with the hot, humid accuweather forecast. when we may get relief when "action news" continu
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citizens bank student loans three members of a burlington count county family dead. it happened on sunflower court. investigators say 50-year-old ruben johnson jr. killed his wife and their 10-year-old son before turning the gun on
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himself. the motive behind the shooting is unclear. the fbi is digging deeper into the operations of redding city hall. the mayor, wally scott, did not offer specifics, but spoke of his concern over deals made by a previous administration between the parking authority and a towing company. >> why sign 25 year contracts and another 25 on top of it. why have a towing contract with a company in another county. we have a towing company that can take it. looking for somebody that knows somebody. there was a saying years ago that went like this -- if you see smoke, there's got to be fire. >> it was more than a year ago they initially raided city hall. spencer has not been charged in the time sense. the former city council president admitted he accepted an $1800 bribe to repeal ethics
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laws. he's serving a two-year federal prison sentence. a federal appeals said nrj new jersey cannot enforce a law for sports betting. it violates the protection act and that forbids state authorized sports gambling. governor chris christie has been trying to legalize sports gamble to help the casinos there. the u.s. birthrate is down to the lowest level ever recorded. new numbers predict 2016 will have the fewest newborns compared to the number of women age 15-44. the cdc has been tracking fertility going back to 1909. the birthrate has been dropping by more than 10% over the past decade. part of the trend is due to fewer babies being born to
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teenagers, specific. >> cecily tynan is here. >> this is going to be a prolonged heat wave as well. take it easy the next five days. picking up a few sprinkles around, most pronounced over burlington county. this is associated with the warm front pushing in. we are live on sky 6 looking at atlantic city on the boardwalk. a lot of folks out for a stroll on this warm, somewhat humid summer evening. the humidity will be a factor for the week. we are three degrees above normal. allentown, 79. trenton, 76. wilmington currently 77. 76 along with action radar showing the ridge of high pressure beginning to build. you can see some showers and clouds riding up along the ridge. that will be the case as we head through the week. what that means, it's going to be unsettled.
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lots of clouds and showers around. a few heavy downpours. not everyone will get them. those who do can get a quick, heavy amount of rain in a short period of time. they will be around lunchtime. evening hours, most of the activity along the lehigh valley and poconos. something i have to watch for at music fest where don henley is performing. you will feel the difference in the air mass sticking around the next five days. this is why. we have the bermuda high pressure that's really not going to be moving. that means temperatures in the 90s. dew point over 70. the heat index 95-10 5. an organized storm threat. it will bring a possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms. if you are on the beach, a moderate risk of rip currents. don't go swimming when the life
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guards aren't on duty. ocean is 81 degrees. you will see a mixture of clouds and sunshine. muggy and warm. the beaches 84 degrees and the delaware beaches, 87. the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast is steamy tomorrow. oppressive humidity. showers and thunderstorms. the afternoon high up to 90 degrees. it will feel more like 96 with the heat index. thursday, we bump it up. 93 degrees. humid, thunderstorms. if you are headed to the eagles preseason game, temperatures in the 80s. the heat index will make it feel like temperatures in the 90s. it's not really football weather. friday, 94 degrees. saturday, 95. the heat index higher than 105 degrees. that's the peak of the heat. still hot on sunday, 92 degrees. possibility of thunderstorms every afternoon. i think we have a best chance on monday as the cold front limps through. 89 degrees and behind that
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front, relief. next tuesday, it takes a full week for temperatures to drop back to near normal and the humidity to break. take it easy. we'll have an update on the storms beginning at 4:30. >> thank you, cecily. federal distilling on hancock street is opening a new tasting room this week. "action news" got a preview. it will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the distillery. you will be able to enjoy specialty cocktails and small plates of food. it officially opens to the public on thursday.
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ducis rodgers is here with sports and the controversy with the eagles. >> this is serious for this football team. the right tackle, lane johnson is facing a ten-game sus suspension for a failed p.e.d. test. he says he took an amino acid approved by the nfl.
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he tested positive for peptides. he has not been suspended and reports to the tron trar is false. he didn't say he won't be suspended. this will be his second offense in 2014. he advanced four games. this could make some of his guaranteed money not guaranteed. several starters will miss the preseason openers we are talking jason peters and michael kendricks. the play calling mystery has been solved. frank wright is a offensive coordinator. pederson will have the duties. he explains. >> just keeps you so in tune to the game. you are so focused not only offensively, but when the defense is out. you are looking at how your players are playing and, you know, you are kind of that quarterback on the sideline. being in that position for, you know, so many years has really
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kind of led me to be in this position on game day. >> if at first you don't succeed, try a round shaped ball. tim tebow has his sights set on baseball. he spent time in eagles camp last year and will host a workout. he's not played baseball full time since 2005, when he was in high school.
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the phillies are facing the dodgers in l.a. the homecoming, thus far not a good one. firs, second inning breaks a scoreless tie with a shot. it's going to be a good one. velasquez, trouble pitching in his hometown. right now, the phillies trail 6-2. an olympic update, phelps picked up two gold medals. serena williams is out. the u.s. women's soccer team plays with columbia. comes over from a club in france. he could make his debut saturday against new england. eddie alvarez, the north catholic grad had a meet and
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greet with fans. he credits his hometown for his success. >> i had the passion and the support and the drive. come home with a gold belt. so, thank you to the city of philadelphia. i'm forever in their debt. thank you. >> very nice. >> that's a look at sports. >> thank you. musicfest continued with a performance from boston. ♪ >> the rock band played classic songs and new additions to a packed crowd. tomorrow, don henley. 6abc is a sponsor of musicfest. sounds great. jimmy kimmel is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. with karen rogers on traffic. from the entire news team, make it a good night.
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