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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that was shot while sitting on her front porch. chad pradelli is live now. >> reporter: police tell me that the shooter or shooters shot down here on woodstock, one bullet went through the windshield here and another over there. i'll take you around this minivan, one bullet actually came out the back window, police expect that was the bullet that struck the little girl that was just over here. surveillance video shows frantic adults on the 1600 block of woodstock after 6-year-old anila garret was struck under her armpit. they scoop up the girl and rush her to einstein medical senter. they were able to stabilize her. >> this is surveillance video from another angle.
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you see a bullet rip through the minivan and little anila was just out of camera view. including this woman and her son. >> it was heart breaking like watching one of my kids. >> 20 to 21 shell casing were at the scene from two caliber of weapons, that means at least two guns at the scene. >> but eyewitnesss saw only one man shooting. >> you see to men at the top of this surveillance footage, one of the shooters was wearing a white t-shirt. >> a sad state of affairs where a 6-year-old child on a summer evening would have to face something like this. >> two other shootings occurred here in this area. but police don't believe the shootings are connected of the shooting of anila.
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live in east german town, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> lets hope she continues to recover. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. lets go outside to melissa magee in for adam joseph. we are back in the soup tonight. >> reporter: yes, this is just the beginning, it's not just the temperature but the dew point which makes it feel much hotter when you step outside. right now dew point numbers in the lower 70s. a 72 degree dew point in philadelphia and 72 in washington, d.c., really numbers quite high in the mid-atlantic region, factor in the heat and humidity, it feels like 99 in philadelphia, 101 feeling like 95 to the south and west in charleston, west virginia, the hot air feeling the storms, live double scan live radar in 3-d, what we have here is the circulation lifting to the north and east pressing into portions
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of long island. but off to the west, there is another batch of moisture that could work its way foot northwest suburbs as we get into early this evening. the excessive heat watch this evening is upgraded to an excessive heat warning. it's hazy, hot and humid and we'll let you know how hot it will feel. the details in the full and ac sluicive accuweather forecast. philadelphia police cracked a massive car theft ring, a bust that is four years in the making. district attorney seth williams announced the arrests of 32 people and three corporations the charges, stealing 45 cars and then replating and reselling them as used. "action news" reporter wendy saltzman is following this complex criminal scheme for about three years and was first on the story today on "action news" at noon. today the da revealed the inter
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workings of this scheme a scheme that mostly victimized car rental companies and insurance agencies. >> this cost rental car companies more than $500,000 and more than $60,000 in fraudulent insurance claims. the ring leaders, jihad miller and preston thomas could face 50 to 150 years of invars ration. >> the ring leaders the owners of a company called cheap auto, changed the vin number of the stolen car to the number of a junk salvaged car that they bought at an auction, the goal now is to help both the owners of the stolen cars and those that bought them online get some of their money back. >> the d.a. says that all suspects are in custody except for this man here, they are asking for your help to track him down.
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coming up at 5:00 wendy saltzman has more from the victims. state police and fbi are investigating a scam involving phoney ppl workers, they are posing as employees and conning people to make payments over the phone. walter perez is live telling us how it works and what you need to know. >> hey rick, these scammers are calling ppl customers and demanding immediate payment or the power will be shut down immediately for local customers, the victims are asked for their debit card or credit card information, the scams are nothing new but ppl officials say that these scammers are especially aggressive. the ppl call center usually receives 10 reports of scam attempts a week and last week alone they received more than 100. >> paul worth is talking about a phone scam primarily targeting
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small business owners. >> scammers are calling p px l customers demanding payment by way of debit card. >> they say i need a credit card number, because your bill is past due. >> my bill gets drawn automatically so there is no way it's past due. >> the owner of slice of italy says that the third time in the past year that scammers try to trick him and they call during the busiest time of the day. >> in the middle of lunch time you are busy trying to take care of your customers -- >> federal and local lawmakers are work on this case and meanwhile ppl officials are urging customers to remain vigilant. >> we are working with the fbi and state police as well. there is an ongoing investigation and we hope that these scammers are brought to
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justice, if there is doubt hang up and call 1-800-dial-ppl. >> if you have questions call that number. 1-800-dial-ppl. that number can also be found at >> okay walter, thank you. testimony continued today in the kathleen kane trial, the attorney general is charged with leaking confidential information and lying under oath and today several members of her staff continued to testify against her. john rawlins live in norristown with the latest. >> reporter: hi sharrie, we heard from two former and two current staffers from the attorney general's office. they were called by the prosecution and each one provided testimony about events in 2014 where it was alleged that the attorney general orchestrated the leak of the information and that is an allegedly a crime. >> the prosecution today
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continued to lay out its case against kathleen kane, back on the stand this morning, kane's one time top aide, bruce beamer, beamer says this news story contained grand jury information he feared was leaked by the da's office. her response was don't worry about it, it's not a big deal. >> she was in fact, dismissive. not just disinterested but dismissive. that puzzled him and gave him pause. >> joe say former prosecutor and observing the trial and giving his thought. he was relieved that he learned that an independent prosecutor based here in norristown was going to investigate the 2014 news leak but then got a call from kane suggesting he file a motion to block the probe. >> his heart sank because he had gone from thinking of her to
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dismissive of this leak to perhaps being involved in the leak and that was communicated to the jury. >> kane's team scored points in cross-examination saying it was a feud with a former prosecutor, frank fina. but they said that kane did not seem fixated on fina. they argued that he was not the focal pointer her antagonism. >> that idea of a feud of fina and kane is central to the prosecution here, and that is what drove kathleen kane to allegedly break the law. no word on that pivotal situation before the jury. back to you guys. >> okay thank you john. it's time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go to matt pellman in
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the traffic center. we reached midweek. >> also known as hump day. good evening to you all. trials and tribulations for those trying to come south on 295 in burlington and camden county, we have a couple of accidents, one is right here, the mostly on the shoulder, southbound by route 70 but it is attracting attention. from past 38 to this point at 70 are you looking at a slow go and farther south at the 42 freeway there is a second accident taking out the center lane. a pair of accidents on 295 southbound this afternoon. on the new jersey turnpike, northbound by the woodrow wilson service areas heading into mercer county. a crash this taking out the right lane of the outer drive. we were watching a nasty crash in delco, blue route, by mcdade and baltimore pike just some heavy traffic off 95. but southbound is slower than normal. and nearby it's dining under the
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stars tonight in media, starting at 5:00 state street closes and the 101 trolley will not run. and a couple of delays on the septa regional rails, the trenton line and paoli line. reports of a crash major accident in limba, delco, we'll keep watch that and all the other situations. >> thank you matt. still ahead a staggering report on baltimore's police department. the government released it after the the review in the wake of the death of freddie gray. and the republican nominee's comment that seemed to invite an assassination attempt on his rival. and the new law in delaware that affects what schools and teachers have to learn in school.
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the water park with a 10-year-old boy died on sunday reopened today. caleb schwab was killed on a water slide in a water park in kansas city, kansas. officials are not say what went wrong but other riders reported problems with shoulder straps that are meant to secure riders to their rafts. the ride will be closed for the rest of season. >> turning to politics, donald trump gets a boost from the national rifle association, they will spend $3 million to put anti-clinton ads on tv including pennsylvania. many believe he was advocated violence against clinton but he insists he was encouraging gun
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rights activists to vote against clinton. he said the second amendment must be protected. >> remember this. we have so many things that we have to protect in this country, we have to protect our second amendment which is under siege. >> this afternoon, hillary clinton slammed trump for a long line of inappropriate comments. but the democrat is facing controversy of her own, after new emails were released. appearing to show a senior staffer from the clinton family foundation asking for favors from the state department while hillary was secretary. donald trump says that the emails indicate a pay for play scandal and the clinton campaign says they do not involve mrs. clinton nor are they related to the charity work. a scathing investigation finds members of the baltimore
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police department routinely discrimination against black people. the justice department is monitoring their methods for more than a year after the death of freddie gray who died in police custody. the investigation says that it uncovered unconstitutional practices from a disproportionate rate of stops against african-americans to a use of force. and today the police commissioner responded. >> we know that our citizens are outraged in some of the details included in this report and they should be. citizens can't be expected to respect an agency if the trust of that agency is breached. >> the commissioner went on to say that this report is not an indictment of every man and woman who has the privilege of wearing their uniform but an indictment of a small number of badly behaved officers over many
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years. and that baltimore officers are not held responsible for misconduct. the police department there and justice department have agreed to work together on reforms. >> thank you. the sports world is mourning the sudden loss of one of its most recognizable broadcasters. ian saunders died at the age of 61. he hosted the sports reporters and saturday college football coverage here on abc. off the air he was a founding member of the board of detectors for the v foundation. now the borgata is hosting a job fair. they want hundreds of workers
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for their new property in harbor, maryland. they are looking for slot technicians to cocktail waitresses and bartenders. the dow is down 37 points and the nasdaq down nearly 21 and the s&p 500 down 6.25 today. now a check of the steamy and stormy accuweather forecast. lets check in with melissa magee in for adam today. >> hi, it's quite steamy across the delaware and lehigh valley and you want to get used to this pattern like it or not. it's sticking with us into the weekend. sky 6 hd looking at the commodore barry bridge on this wednesday evening, we still have a fair amount of sunshine and the sun is having an impact on the temperatures at this hour. currently in philadelphia, 92 after we peak at 93.
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93 in dover at the coast in cape may, 95 up the 95 corridor in trenton. you track the heat and humidity and it feels hotter and a heat index in philadelphia of 99 degrees and heat index in philadelphia 102. up to allentown and the lehigh valley, here is satellite 6 along with action radar earlier today we were tracking a frontal boundary that lifted on up to the north, that moisture is pressing into portions of long island and off to the west in western p.a., we are tracking the moisture as it moves eastward and it stays to the north and west of the i-95 corridor, the call from ac weather for the rest of tonight, it's warm and sticky, just dropping down to 76 in philadelphia, 76 as well the overnight low in philadelphia. and reading a spotty shower is likely north and west of the i-95 cordot.
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speaking of tonight, a partly cloudy skies and perhaps some good viewing conditions to check out the perseid meteor shower. so expecting to see 150 to 200 showers per hour. the peak day is thursday night, and you always want to look toward the sky, the viewing conditions from midnight right to dawn. we'll be track that closely later on tonight and into thursday. something to see in the sky, future tracker 6 showing you as we get our day started tomorrow, 7:30 in the morning, it's clouds and sunshine and as we go throughout the afternoon hours, we have spotty showers and storms firing up with the heating of the day. and the same thing holds true into friday afternoon. 5:30 in the evening, a lot of moisture north and west of philadelphia. when we look at precipitation, we are tracking future tracker 6 showing you right into saturday,
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we find 3 inches north and west that looks to be the most active area, and spotty activity north and east. you see the heat continues on thursday, it is sultry with a high temperature of 93 degrees, certainly feeling much hotter with the excessive heat warning and friday scorching sunshine possibly in at 95 and dangerous heat on saturday at 96 and stifling on sunday. a high temperature of 95 degrees, we'll talk about when the relief is coming, the 90s are sticking around guys. >> if you have ever wanted to speak directly to the president there is now a new way to do it. we have details on the direct line to the oval office. >> the state of delaware passes a new law aimed at reversing a troubling trend. and why the governor wishes he didn't have to sign it.
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from our delaware newsroom
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now, child sexual abuse education is now required for students and staff in all public schools. governor jack markell signed a bill called erin's law today. named for erin marin a sexual abuse survivor, she wants to provide resources for young victims to speak up and for adults to recognize the signs of abuse in children. delaware is now the 28th state in the country to enact the law. >> i wish i did not have to sign this bill. but the truth is that i do. and we hear about the statistics and it's 3 million and 24 million, and what is always important is that each of those statistics represent actual people. our children. >> well, the governor's signature on this comes after both houses of the delaware state legislature approved erin's law unanimously back in
4:27 pm
june. high school girls are learning to be leaders of the future by looking to the past. members met with new jersey senator, corey booker at the alice paul institute in mount laurel. describes it as the first african-american -- and they took part in the council and get to visit important landmarks in women's history and learn about history involving girls all over the world. >> great way to learn. still ahead tonight, a wasp attack injure a dozen young campers and sends some to the hospital. and it's time to think about back to school shopping but you don't have to spend top dollar to get the supplies you need. we look at apps offering savings and rewards.
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"action news" continues. >> hello it's 4:30 and brian taff is off and i'm rick williams. in the news we continue with new images of an identity theft ring striking delaware and bucks county. and septa employees are being credited with saving someone's life. and parents know getting kids to eat vegetables can be a chore.
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but one witty fourth grader turns the tables on her mom. details on her hilarious proposition coming up in big talkers and what was suppose to be a day of fun for campers turned into a traumatic experience in wilmington. a dozen children were attacked by wasps as a rockwood park. three of them were rushed to the hospital. "action news" reporter, jeanette reyes joins us from the park with the details on this story. >> reporter: it really was a scary day especially for the children injured here. i want to show you where this wasp nest is. it's a paper wasp nest is, it's surrounding by tape, right near where i am standing there were children lying on the ground and paramedics treating them and ambulances were taking them to the hospital. >> this the first we have seen of this in a long period of
4:31 pm
time. this is not a routine call. >> this was rockwood park in north wilmington. a dozen children by the ables of 8 to 12 were stung when they were sitting down to lunch. >> today's camp as the kids were arriving, apparently someone found a bee's nest. >> around 200 children were at the park for day camp, this was the newcastle county, summer camp and they say that the wasp nest was disturbed by a camper and they warmed out and attacked. >> these parks are huge and nobody knew there was a bees nest where they were dropping the kids off. everybody is all right and it's minor. paramedic as rived and the children were lying on the ground initially as they were checked. three were cheated on the scene and nine were taken to the hospital for observation and released at 12:30 this afternoon.
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>> all three of them had a known allergy, we thought it was in their best interest to be transported. >> these kinds of calls are a rare occurrence. >> it's not that concerning given the fact that it's nature and those things happen. the thing we were concerned about was that we responded quickly and mitigated the situation in the best interest of those kids. >> reporter: and the exterminator came by a few hours ago and he stood from a distance as he was spraying the net, will he come back tomorrow to make sure the threat and danger is eliminated. he says he cannot remember the last time he was called out for an incident like this. janet reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. chopper 6 hd was over a rescue in smedley park in springfield township, this afternoon. we are told that a biker fell down a ravine, first responders used a basket to lift the person
4:33 pm
to safety. no word on how serious the injuries are. >> police in bensalem are trying to track down the group wanted for identity and credit card theft. these are pictures from the group in lowes in havertown. they are opening fraudulent accounts at home depot and lord and taylor. are you asked to call police if you have information or believe you are a victim. philadelphia students showed off the positive impact of their summer jobs today. they took part in the city's work ready program over the past few months, learning a bunch of different skills including boat building in tacony, organizers took them on a tour of different sites to demonstrate what they learned and accomplished. nice. >> not a bad day to be out on the water. >> getting hotter as we go. >> get used to this pattern
4:34 pm
guys, it's sticking around and we have the excessive heat warn that stays up and it's up tomorrow and over the next three days, heat indexes along the 95 corridor, we have the heat in place and showers and storms. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan 3-d, some activity moving out of long island, you see moisture out of western p.a. and central pennsylvania as well. this is working its way eastward and probably skirting our northwest suburbs, something to keep in mind if you head over to bethlehem to watch musikfest and all the fun there. don henley is the headliner tonight. and a possible of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. 9:00 p.m. we partly cloudy sky and 80. and as we mentioned this is just the beginning of a prolonged
4:35 pm
stretch of heat and humts. we'll let you know when the relief is coming in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. hundreds of local families are getting much needed help getting food to keep on the dinner table. this is the food for thought food drive, organized by the employees of first national bank, collecting food at the branches and today they delivered 4,000 pounds of food to the never say never community center, they will distribute the food to area youth out of school for the summer and still need access to daily meals. >> they are getting ready for a big month of music at the jersey shore. jimmy buffett and the coral reefer band will perform in atlantic city on saturday. the first in a series of four beach concerts, today the president of resorts casino and hotel made a toast to celebrate the upcoming show. they are expecting a huge crowd and boost for business.
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>> it feels like summer outside but fall is right around the corner and that means kids are due back in school in the matter of weeks believe it or not. monica malpass is live in the newsroom with more on what that means for their sleep schedules and ours too right monica? >> it may be tough to get children off the late morning and late night sleep schedules but there could be problems getting used to the sleep schedules. coming up small changes you with make now that could get them back on track when they head back to class. and changes coming to pennsylvania liquor stores thanks to a new law. gray hall breaks down the differences you will see this week. we'll see you at 5:00. >> thank you. a septa worker who suffered a heart attack on the job is alive today thanks to his co-work co-workers, john thompson
4:37 pm
collapsed at the trolley stop at woodlawn and collingdale, this happened yesterday morning. three other septa workers began performing cpr even before police and paramedics arrived. >> the right place at the right time. i didn't do anything myself. it was definitely one great big group efforts. >> the collingdale police chief says the septa workers likely saved thompson's life and his family tells us he is in the hospital in stable condition and doing well. still to come on "action news," a police training session turns into a deadly accident. what happened during that dem station. and hospital patients evacuated. a dangerous bacteria is causing a nicu to close its doors until further notice. it may be hard to get face time with the president but you can connect with him in a different way. how to get your voice heard
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florida investigators are looking into how a police officer accidentally killed a woman during a safety demonstration, the 73-year-old woman mary was taken part in an request showing the community
4:41 pm
what it's like when police officers make split second decisions and a gourda police officer shot her with what was suppose to be blanks and shot her dead. >> we are grieving deeply over mary's massing. the officer is on leave as the florida department of law enforcement investigates. well, one of the law enforcement officers shot in arkansas today has died. the sebastian county sheriff says that one of his deputies and police officer was shot this morning while responding to a service call. the sheriff announced minutes ago that the deputy has died. the officer reportedly has superficial wounds and the suspect is a man that lived at the house and said to be in custody, officers were there checking on the well being at
4:42 pm
the request of his father. >> a dangerous bacteria forced a father to shut down the neonatal intensive care unit. employee babies tested positive for deadly water born bacteria, it can leave to severe illness and death for those with compromised immune systems like newborns. officials don't know what caused the bacteria that was found inside of plumbing. big talkers now and lets face it, getting face time with the president is pretty rare, now you can have a heart to heart with president barack obama social media style using facebook messenger of course. he says the president reads ten of those letters every night and it helps him stay in touch. the pulse of the people. a great way to stay engaged and
4:43 pm
hey he may answer you, find him on facebook, and send him a note using messenger. he does read the messages. >> and now an emotional sibling reunion eight years in the making. they were separated as kids and placed in separate foster homes and lost contact in each other after faith's last name was changed. but you can see they are back together after new jersey state police whose post about the reunion is going viral. by chance the two long lost siblings were reunited at a job fair at the rutgers newark campus. the man in the middle, a trooper that happened to be a foster child himself. he has no doubt they were december continued to be there and december continued to be future troopers. >> finally, kids and broccoli.
4:44 pm
>> kylie does not like broccoli so much she left her mom this note, i will give you $50 if you don't make me eat the broccoli and then a second note that says p.s., i will give you a hug and kiss. she is working all angles here. the mom says the fourth grader leaves notes all the time describes her as a piece of work who is picky about vegetables. >> kylie did not have to eat the broccoli and mom did take the money and put it in her bank account and not back in the piggy bank so kylie could not use it to bribe anyone else. >> where does a fourth grader
4:45 pm
get $50? >> she negotiated. she is creative. lets get a check of the roads tonight. matt pellman is in the traffic center. where does a fourth grader get $50? birthday money we are told -- >> that makes sense. you need to creative if you head to 295, i wouldn't do that, i would take alternates like southbound 130 because this is what southbound 295 looks like. delays from a pair of accident, one by the black horse pike taking out two lanes and a fuel spill and the crash around route 70, as you come back south on 295, the jam starts at 238 and farther south here. not a nice afternoon on southbound 295, on the new jersey turnpike northbound going the other way into the mercer
4:46 pm
county, near the woodrow wilson, taking out the outer drive. back to delco, 476 southbound side by villanova, an accident in the left lane, so southbound stacking the schuylkill on down to route 30, 42 minute travel time should be half of that. and a crash on the route is 1 pike and dining under the stars closed state treat in about 15 minutes. and a bad wreck along joshua road at ridge pike. a lot of issues and we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you matt. quick break and meteorologist, melissa magee, has an update on the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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you have to keep an eye on humidity and storms. a lot happening. >> a lot going on over the next few days. the hot air is in place and they are fueling the storm as they roll on through. the action cam was outside earlier looking at the commodore barry bridge in the distance, and the delaware river and we have partly cloudy sky and a lot of haze as well s hazy, hot and humid conditions, will be stay with us as we press forward. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, it's dry across our region and earlier today we had spotty showers in the northwest suburbs we are tracking precipitation and seeing how that develops into the delaware and lehigh valleys. most places have it north and west. it feels like 99 at this hour in philadelphia, feeling like 102 in millville and 96 in reading and heat index down the shore in
4:50 pm
cape may, 95 feeling like 96 in beach haven. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have the ridge of high pressure, a bermuda high in place, and the wins around that high are clock wise and you can see the precipitation on the periphery of that. with that we have showers and storms firing up and i would allow for some activity this evening. that is the call for accuweather for the rest of tonight. it's warm and sticky and dropping down to 72 in the suburbs and 76 in philadelphia for the overnight low. but the southwest winds so a spotty shower or thunderstorm is likely in the city and points north and west. future tracker 6 showing you later this evening, we have spotty activities to allentown to lancaster. as we wake up tomorrow morning, 7:30 and clouds and pockets of sun across the region and we get into the heating of the day, and adding to the instability. and activity is firing up and a
4:51 pm
lot of moisture is north and west that i-95 corridor into reading and up to the poconos as well. we are tracking the heat as we press forward. we have the excessive heat warning posted for the i-95 corridor for the start of the weekend, thursday we call for a high of 93, feeling like 102, when you factor in the humidity. some relief at the coast come tomorrow on over the weekend but keep in mind there say moderate risk for rip currents. the ocean temperature is warm coxing in at 83. at the shore 87 at the shore in delaware coming in at 89 degrees. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sultry tomorrow with a shower or storm overhead. and scorching sunshine on friday, and 95 and the heat
4:52 pm
continues on saturday and it's dangerous in spots, high of 96 and 95 on sunday. not as brutal on monday and finally relief coming as we get into next tuesday with numbers dropping back into the 60s. brace yourself for it and take lots of breaks in the shade. this summer, 6 abc is awarding young people making a change in their community. along with our parent company disney and youth service america we are awarding $500 grants to youth working on community service projects, applications are accepted until september 30th. go to and search for summer of service.
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if back to school as you
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stress, take a deep breath we have you covered. for kids back to school means back to cool. but for parents back to school shopping can be stressful. nearly 30% of parents polled says that back to school shopping puts a strain on finances. >> parents will buy their kids electronics for the back to school season, tablets and laptops and even smart phones and those things add up. >> and there are apps that can save you sanity while saving money. it keeps your loyalty points in one place. and if you have a bar code you need it can help you find the best deals, shop kick gives you points just for walking into stores. which can be redeem ford a gift card, giving parents something too, retail me not highlights the top stores.
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>> macy's has great deals and bed bath and beyond has great deals on everything from lunch boxes and binders and sears and target has steals and deals for back to school if particular. >> it can help you find extra cash while you are finding dory. >> star wars, frozen, angry birds all of these types of images on binders to backpacks to lunch boxes. >> we can use the savings because the recent numbers show that the average family spends $273 per kid on back to school supplies. >> holy moly. >> you know all about it? >> yes i do. >> now for rick williams, brian taff, and melissa magee and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. here now is monica malpass with a look ahead. >> coming up at 5:00 cecily tynan is on an outdoor adventure live at the philadelphia zoo.
4:57 pm
hi there. >> reporter: hi monkarks can a, i have jersey with me, they are found in the cornfields and they come in a variety of colors ranging from brown to red to yelling owes and they are very popular in the pet trade because they are docile and you can see they are very friendly. i'll be hanging out with the lions later. at the philadelphia zoo on this hot and humid day. back to you. >> they might be friendly but they are still creepy. "action news" at 5:00 is up next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. i never heard nothing like this before. never. >> it was a deal that sounded too good to be true and according to police it wasn't true. now more than two dozen people are behind bars for selling stolen cars to unsuspecting buyers. the big story is a massive bust
5:00 pm
of a car theft ring in our area. wendy saltzman is following this case for three years. she is live outside of the district attorney's office with details on today's announcement. >> reporter: rick, dozens of people had no way of knowing that the cars they were buying were stolen and now they are left with no way to get around. 31 people have been arrested putting an end to this lengthy and intense investigation. >> it's clean and extra clean and i'm like good body and shape, no dents, it was just really nice, i thought wow this is a great deal. >> shane is one of five buyers that was swindled. she is speaking to "action news." >> i didn't know they were doing it. i would say i'm okay i don't want to buy the car. >> she thought she was buying a use 2006 impala to drive her


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