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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., friday, august 12, matt o'donnell is off, gray hall joining us. >> we're following breaking news, we just got in this picture of a young child shot ten times in a gun battle in philadelphia overnight. that child and three adults were injured. we're live with the latest information. >> a murder trial continues in the lehigh valley. there was a surprise over who was not called to testify. >> let's go outside live sky6 live hd, the dangerous heat and humidity will get worse today. >> speaking of that, let's head
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outside to karen rogers, boy you feel it at this early hour and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: it is dangerous heat, the national weather service not only has the excessive heat warning they have extended. core of the area in the purple is the heat warning everyone else the heat advisory. 75 in quakertown. 78 in saint david. 79 in chester. 81 in center city. 78 in levittown. as you look at the numbers, 77 in toms river. 82 in glassboro. 81 in woodbine, 78 in dover, delaware. uncomfortable with the humidity so high, as well. satellite and radar showing again we're starting the day with a good amount of clouds, weak disturbances trying to ride along the north and west. it will not help us break the heat, you'll see a spotty shower north and west. 7:00 a.m., 82.
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10:00 a.m., 85. by lunch time we're in the 90s. you'll see clouds mixing with sunshine. 3:00 p.m., 96. that's the high. 5:00 p.m., we're still in the 90s. look at the heat index tracker. at 8:00 a.m., it will feel like 90. 10, 9 of. lunchtime, 102. it will feel at the height of the afternoon between 104 and 106. it's dangerous heat. we'll talk about how long it lasts. i have new numbers in the seven-day forecast. >> reporter: i think i'll have to visit my good friend rita, i need water ice. we're checking out an accident in can a ca camden. it's the eastbound side of the boulevard by baird boulevard taking out the right lane. people are tapping their brakes route 130, but traffic is getting by.
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crash along 77 bridgeton pike has cleared. monroe township gloucester county there's emergency construction on the black horse pike westbound approaching corkery lane. the right lane out of commission for the next hour. everything is reopened with the schuylkill meets up with the vine. crews won't be back until tuesday night. overall, volume will be lighter than normal with people taking the day off. watch out for a downed tree at belmont right near us. >> breaking overnight we got knew information about a 6-year-old boy shot overnight in the germantown section of the city. one of four people wounded on east ashmeade street. he was shot ten times in the crossfire. annie mccormick is live at st. christopher's hospital where the little boy was rushed for
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care. what else his condition and what do we know? >> reporter: right now he is in critical condition, but he is awake, he is alert, let's get back to the picture there, that his grandparents gave us, he is 6-year-old mahaj brown, ten shots, burns on his body and massive damage. he was leaving his grand parents home and getting a ride to his mom's nearby. officers responded to the 5500 block of wes clark son. police described this as a gun battle with multiple shooters and found 50 shell casings from multiple type of gunnels including an ak-47 assault rival. 3 adults were hit, 29-year-old and 32-year-old each hit one. the 29-year-old that was driving mahaj was hit 4 times.
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we thought the driver was the intended target, his grandparents say no he was caught in the crossfire. >> he said i can't believe i was shot. i can't believe i was shot. he has ten bullets in him, i can't believe he was shot. >> i know it was god's grace that covered him and will keep him, doctors are hopeful that mahaj will recover. the grandmother made an emotional plea for the people who are responsible to come forward. the little girl who was shot earlier in the week is still here at saint christopher's, also recovering. nobody has come forward with information about her shooting. they are making a plea to the public, 215-686-tips.
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back to you. >> happening today, the trial of a an army specialist goes on in lehigh valley charged with the brutal murder of the mother of his underage girlfriend. yesterday brought a surprise to the trial of caleb barns without calling his girlfriend to the stand expected to testify as part of a plea deal. she pleaded guilty to helping plan the killing. the 22-year-old barns is accused of stabbing jamie's mother in the driveway of the home last april. her mother opposed the rip with a an adult man. defense attorney general say jamie killed her mother not barns. the perjury and corruption trial of kathleen kane continues in a norristown courtroom. we saw an about face by key prosecution witness. josh marrow said he did conspire
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with contain to leak documents from a secret grand jury testimony to a local newspaper. they planned to blame the leak on her former boyfriend adrien king. new or. he -- oreo is hitting shelves. but first macy's will ring up sales over the next year. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq. >> reporter: macy is closing locations nationwide. they did not explode the locations but most will be shut down by 2017. it's the latest in the wave of sports closures amid the rise of
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amazon. it's bad news for retail works. there have been 44,000 retail layoff announced. it was a record day for stocks with the dow and the nasdaq hitting record closes. due out later retails sales and consumer sentiment. oreo is out with a cookie cherry flavored filled red cream it will be sold at early this week. >> i love my swedish fish, we have to find out where there's a krau. kraugers. >> >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live storm tracker 6 live up to
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the northwest, a little bit of a cell forming west of the poconos, we're warning of a shower or thunderstorm popping up north appear west, just starting to see that now. let's go outside to see what it's looks like, we're live in atlantic city. we recorded a record high water temperature of 83.3. now you're seeing sunshine and clouds 78 degrees. water temperature has dipped to 74. 81 in philadelphia. 76 in reading, it is warm and oppressively humid already. satellite and radar showing us a couple of weak disturbances rolling through. here's the ridge of high pressure right here. you can see is how the showers d thunderstorms each morning have been rolling around. the best chance of seeing anything is north and west of philadelphia. the high today 96. 83 at 8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., 88. lunchtime, 92.
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3:00 p.m. 96 that's the high. 5:00 p.m., 94 degrees, even at 5:00 p.m. you're well into the 90s. i want to show you future tracker 6 this is what it will feel like. later on this afternoon at 3:30 p.m. 104, 106. how about tomorrow? it gets worse. saturday at 1:00 p.m., feeling like 108. sunday the reason the national weather service extended the heat warning, sunday at 2:00 p.m. feeling like 106. we're talking about the heat indices day after day, well over 100. if you're planning your weekend looking for escape, moderate risk of rip currents at the shore, today, 88. saturday, steamy, 90. late storm at the shore this weekend. in the poconos, a place to find relief, but you have a chance of seeing storms. friday, 86. saturday, 88. sunday, 84. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, dangerous heat. it's hot oppressively humid, 96
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is the high feeling like 104 and 106. sunday, extreme heat, 97. sunday oppressive, these are new numbers from yesterday morning, 94. each day best chance of a shower or thunderstorm is north and west, monday that's the best chance to see a shower or thunderstorm. a front comes through. ahead. front, 92. tuesday, warm and humid, 89 still feeling sticky, not as excessive on tuesday of course wednesday, clouds and sun for the ac air show, not bad, 88. still above average. still above average on thursday, 87 it's a long prolonged period for heat for this area. >> a cave misadventure leads to the dramatic rescue of three students in arkansas. >> more information on the explosion and fire that killed
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two people at an apartment complex outside of washington, d.c. >> reporter: westbound we'll have midday week on 422 eastbound there's no delays as you head to king of prussia. we'll check the crash in camden and see if there are any delays on the schuylkill expressway on this friday morning. >> welcome back taking a live
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leak here, the view of the commodor barry bridge, boy it's beautiful out there, especially sitting in the air can understand studio, because when you step outside we have more heat and humidity as we head into a weekend that karen rogers says will be outrageously hot. 6:15, 81 degrees. >> matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: it looks nice, it doesn't feel so nice. we're not feeling good about this, coming off the ben franklin bridge baird boulevard taking out the right side of the roadway. you're not seeing delays as you head toward route 130. on the big picture, we're watching that issue. the downed tree in bala cynwood along monument road has been pushed out of the way. we're not seeing big delays, i
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don't expect huge delays, i think a lot of people are taking the day off. lucky people. this is the schuylkill expressway eastbound come the headlights approaching spring garden street. no delay here yet. this weekend stick with the crowds on the schuylkill expressway, because the mlk drive will be closed for recreation activity. the kelly drive will be closed for the regatta. they will be closed on saturday. also out of commission, grant avenue railroad crossing work closes it at 7:00 p.m. stick with wood lairch or calmly calmly -- woodhaven road or calmly road to get around it. >> a jet blue flight hit severe turbulence and forced to make emergency landing in south dakota. 22 passengers were taken to the hospital. all released with minor injuries.
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the flight took off from boss tone and heading to sacramento. three college students who went missing while exploring a cave have been found safe. an american student and two japanese students entered the cave wednesday night. crews began searching for the students yesterday morning and they fownltd them later in the day -- and they found them later in the day. parts of the cave are narrow and they are slippery and muddy and large cracks. firefighters will be on the scene of the deadly blast in the apartment complex in maryland. two were killed and dozens injured. much of the building is leveled. witnesses say parents were dropping their children from windows to safety there. you can see the intense scene. it is not known what caused the explosion. firefighters say residents called 911 weeks ago to report the smell of gas. president obama drops his summer play list, we'll tell you about the presidential jam.
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>> all right. researchers have discovered a hack capable of unlocking 100 million volkswagens. >> reporter: in tech bytes, a new headache or volkswagen, researchers say hackers can construction a wireless device that will clone a key. he the cars made in the last 21 years can be driven off and stolen by thieves. facebook is adjusting it's news feed software again. the social network says it wants you to see the updates that are important and relevant to you. amazon is about to deliver a series about hugh heftner. american playboy hugh heftner story will be available next year to the prime members and the video plan. the question is whole play hef?
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so close we can almost taste it. we're getting reports of a crash at welsh road at main street. we've been telling you about a fire in bethlehem blocking a lane at 412. it's causing delays. we're starting to see delays on the septa regional rails and ten minute delays on the broad street subway because of manpower issues. 36 trolley is shuttle busing between elm wood and the east wick loop. >> reporter: 7:00 a.m., 82 degrees. 10:00 a.m. it will feel like the mid 90s.
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it will be 88. lunchtime, 92. here's the thing from lunchtime, from noon to 6:00 p.m. it's going to feel like it's over 100. 92 degrees is the temperature at noon. 96 at 3:00 p.m. that's the high. 6:00 p.m., 94. a spotty shower or thunderstorm, especially north and west of the city. today it's going to feel like 104 and 106 at the height of the afternoon. tomorrow's high, 97. it will feel like 108. even on sunday, it will feel like 106 hang in there with the heat, tam. >> in health check, american children appear heart health is worse than -- children's heart health is worse than reported. more than half of american youngsters don't get physical activity. among teenagers it's worse with five to ten% of teens getting the recommended hour of day of
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exercise. going on to gray. >> 6:22. u.s. confirms michael phelps and simone biles have powered their way to more gold medals. alless -- alex rodriguez final game will happen tonight in new york. he will become an advisor and instructor for the team. he has hit 700 home runs in his career that was overshadowed for using performance enhances drugs. president obama has cool but eclectic taste in music. gun play ends with a child terribly hurt shot ten times. anne is live with the breaking
6:24 am
details. >> reporter: gray, that's right four people shot, a 6-year-old child shot ten times. else here at st. christopher's hospital in critical condition. we'll have the details in a live report.
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features pop, hip hop and jazz. the white house released the play list during the family vacation on martha's vineyard. there's classics like beach boys
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good vibration and acid rain by chance the rapper and forever begins by comet. the president is a huge jazz fan. if you want to jam out like potus you you can find it at spy streaming service i tweeted it out for you. disney star who grew up in the lehigh valley returns home to musikfest. rock band bush rocked out last night. bush with front man was one of the most successful bands in the 1990s. 6abc is proud to be a musikfest partner this year. >> 6:27. a berks county woman said road rage caused a driver to pull a gun on on her and her son him
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we'll have the story. >> if you want to shoot go to
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iraq and fight in a real war. >> breaking right now you hear that grandmother's rage and hurt. that is her 6-year-old grandson who was shot ten times caught in the crossfire in germantown section, a live report in a minute. >> this could be the first for jerry sandusky. he is expected to testify in his appeals hearing. >> eagles fans get what they want, the birds brought the heat and walked away with a win the first of the preseason. speaking of bringing the heat, karen rogers, it will hurt your ears to hear what she has to say about the heat. >> reporter: that's right, the sun is up, the heat is on, the
6:31 am
national weather service extended the excessive heat warning. it lasts through sunday at 9:00 a.m. we'll be dealing with the heat for quite a while. once we hit 90 we'll be in the heat wave. here some of the numbers let's look in the neighborhood. 75 in quakertown, 75 in pottstown, 78 in oxford. 79 in chester. 81 in center city. 78 in levittown. 76 in browns mill. 82 in glassboro. 81 in woodbine. 79 in sea isle. 78 in dover. if you're north of philadelphia you have cloud cover. we continue to see that, we see a weak disturbance move through north and west, you could see a spotty shower or thunderstorm. you're getting more sunshine, the farther south you go from the city. 7:00 a.m., 82 degrees, clouds and sun, 10:00 a.m., 85. lunchtime, it is 92. 3:00 p.m., 96 that's the high today. by 5:00 p.m., 94.
6:32 am
i wanted to show you the heat index tracker where you can see it's going to feel between 104 and 106 in the afternoon. i'll show you that again coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. matt. >> reporter: the weather is hot, that's for sure, the traffic news not so hot in camden. we have animal -- we have an accident on the eastbound side of the boulevard by baird boulevard. the left lane is open to traffic as you head to the old airport circle and route 100. would you want for the crash coming away from the ben franklin bridge. no delays on the worker zone on cottman avenue. it's a friday morning in the summertime, volume is lighter than normal and we're seeing that. there's a crash at welsh road at main street. we have a vehicle fire blocking
6:33 am
78 at 412. speeds in the teens, stay on 22. avoid 78 eastbound in that area this morning. we're back to normal on the the broad street subway. 36 trolley is shuttle is busing between 36th and 'ole -- elm wood and the east wick loop. we have scattered delays on the septa regional rails. >> breaking right now, a 6-year-old was sitting in the car when 50 bullets blazed through the area in germantown. he was one of four people hit. he has shot ten times. his injuries are excessive. you can hear the pain from his grandparents. and annie annie mccormick anne s live at st. christopher's hospital. >> reporter: take a look at his
6:34 am
picture that was provided to us from his grandparents. he was shot ten times, one arm is shattered. he has massive internal damage, doctors are working on him now. he was leaving a grandparents home and getting a ride to his mom's house when it happened. it happened shortly before 11:30 p.m. 14th district officers responded to wes clark son. police described it as a gun battle from multiple shooters. they found 50 shell casings from multiple guns, including annual ak-47. 3 adults were hit. the 29-year-old driving the boy was hit five times. initially the police thought the driver may have been an intended target. his grandparents say no, the two were caught in the crossfire. >> he said i can't believe i was shot. >> i can't believe i was shot.
6:35 am
he said i can't believe i was shot. >> i know it was god's grace that covered him tonight and keeps him, and that's going to heal him because the doctors are very hopeful that mahaj will recover. >> reporter: at the beginning of newscast you heard the plea from the grandmother any one with information come forward. police hope someone does, as well. earlier in the week we did a story about a young 6-year-old girl caught in the crossfire. she is still here at st. christopher's hospital. nobody has come forward to give information about her case either. 215-686-tips is the number to call. police say you can remain anonymous. reporting live in hunting park, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> violent and heartbreaking story, our hearts and bracer go out to the 6-year-old who was shot. friends and family members
6:36 am
gather in northeast philadelphia to bury three small children killed in a murder suicide. 8-year-old leana and 5-year-old mj and 2-year-old willow short. it is not clear which of the parents killed their family or why. jerry sandusky is expected to stake the stand during the appeal hearing. he is expected to testify during a three day hearing. he is petitioning for a new trial. he claims his lawyers did not represent him add -- adequately. he was accused of sexually abusing ten boys and was sentenced to decades in prison. a philadelphia man who made his living caring for children is a child predator. brandon speech is accused of supposing as a woman on social media in order to solicit nude
6:37 am
images of teenage boys. a mother of 9 saw a mug shot and realized he was the man who was babysitting her children at that moment. she remembers that terrifying moment. >> i called the cops telling them that was the guy in my husband, he is my babysitter. >> philadelphia city schools said he worked at duckery tanner elementary, the school said all employees are required to complete a comprehensive federal and state background check. the birds kick off the preseason with a w. new eagles coach doug peterson led the team to beat tampa by 17-9. the bulk of the attention went to carson wentz. katherine scott is live in south
6:38 am
philadelphia with more reaction. safe to say the fans are a little bit excited. >> reporter: they are very excited gray, people had their eye on carson wentz. they wanted to see how he would adapt to the nfl. the consense seems to be it's not -- consensus seems to be it was not perfect, but there were good things that happened last night. >> fly eagles fly. >> reporter: fly they did, soaring over the tampa bay buccaneers 17-9. it was not always pretty, but fans were pleased with the eagles victory and from what they saw from new head coach doug peterson. >> i like him as a quarterback and i like him as a coach. >> reporter: the festivities started early, the grills were fired up and so were the fans and that enthusiasm carried them
6:39 am
through to the game. much of eagles nation had their eye on third string quarterback carson wentz. >> he seems to be avoiding the rush, getting out of the pocket, being able to move, something that bradford doesn't do. >> i don't think he should be third string. >> reporter: the rookie qb facebook to the field to the loud cheers later in the second quarter. he took hits and showed his speed and while there's room for improvement he saw this as a promising beginning. >> i love his toughness you saw the shots he took and stood in the pocket and bounced back from some tough hits. >> reporter: you got to take some hits it's been a while since it happened. i had a lot of fun out there. definitely things to improve on for myself and as a team. overall it was enjoyable. >> reporter: the next preseason game for the eagles is next thursday on the road against the
6:40 am
steelers. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> already, thank you katherine. time to turn to karen rogers and talk about i can't wrap my mind around it feeling like 105. >> reporter: that's a good point balls we're not used to this kind of heat, yes we have heat waves in this area but not where it feels like 105 for three days. storm tracker 6 live double scan around the area, what we have developing is a little bit of a thunderstorm near poconos. north and west you may see this happening. you're starting to see this right now the rest of the area is dry. let's go outside and show you what it looks like right now. lots of clouds up above as we look live on sky6 live hd. there's more sunshine the farther south you go. 81 degrees, the dewpoint 76 oppressive humidity continues. the pressure is holding steady. the wind are out of the south/southwest pumping up the hot and humid air. after hitting 83.3 a record
6:41 am
ocean temperature now it dropped significantly, 74. you can see the ridge of high pressure, south of that it's quiet north of that you have activity. we have disturbances riding along the ridge. north and west you'll see a chance off shower or thunderstorm. you'll have a high of 96 ten degrees above average. 94 in the lehigh valley and allentown. 95 in reading. 93 for the high in the millville. a little bit better along the shoreline, not much of a sea breeze. 96 for the high, let's take it hour by hour. 8:00 a.m., 83. 10:00 a.m., 88. by 10:00 a.m. you'll feel like you're in the mid 90s. lunchtime through 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. it will feel like 100. 92 at lunchtime. a little more sunshine in the afternoon. 3:00 p.m., 96. 5:00 p.m., 94. let's use future tracker to show what it's going to be like in the afternoon. today, 4:00 p.m., it will range
6:42 am
between 104 and 106. how about tomorrow? tomorrow afternoon it gets worse. it will feel like 108. how about sunday? this is why they extended the excessive heat warning. sunday will be bad, too, 106 is at what it will feel like. an extended period of time for a long stressful event with the heat index over 105. uncommon for our area. limit your outdoor activity. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, hot animal humid, 96. tomorrow extreme heat, 97. sunday, oppressive. monday, a front comes through, ahead of it 92. tuesday it's still warm and humid, not excessive, 89. wednesday clouds and sun, 88 for the atlantic city air show. not a bad day. thursday, partly sunny, above average, 87 but not the heat we're seeing right now. we're just in the middle of it. >> 6:42.
6:43 am
still ahead on "action news," a mother said hackers have been gaining access to their home's nanny cam and they have been spying on her child. we have the terrifying details. >> a driver pulls a gun on a mother and children in berks county. >> reporter: no complaints city avenue to conshohocken avenue as you can away from st. joe's up toward the schuylkill expressway. it's smooth sailing. there are accidents in montgomery county and south jersey, i'll tell i where when "action news" continues on this friday morning.
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>> welcome back taking a live look there, the sun blazing down on the meridian in atlantic city. that picture sums up when it will feel like over the next few days. 6:46, 86 degrees, we'll be on the griddle. >> is the traffic heating up, matt. >> reporter: unfortunately, it is heating up in spots. there's a crash in camden, eastbound side admiral wilson boulevard near baird boulevard. stay left over the ben franklin bridge and head toward 130. getting word of a crash port republic, old york road and route 9. police on that scene. it's slowing down on the schuylkill expressway, as you head toward girard. 45 on the westbound as you head toward the curve. no delays in chester county
6:47 am
looking live at 202 the third lane in each direction helped us out with the delays. they cut the ribbon at 1:30 p.m. at the park and ride on 2 oh, -- 202. new crash at 663 muirer road. 78 eastbound there's a vehicle fire i would stay on 22. >> new this this morning, a hon mother has a warning for any parent use surveillance cameras in in their home. a live stream from her daughter's bedroom ended up online. she believes a hacker go into the family system while playing video game. it is recommended that you use a secure password accessible to
6:48 am
members of your household. a mother in berks county put a road rage driver put a gun to her son's head in bethel township. her son and two other children were in the car. the other driver got angry and drove past them and braked and got out of the suv and pulled the gun on the son. the son put the car in reverse and allowed everybody to get away. the person with the gun has not been caught.
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it's a pretty simple question: is pat toomey's agenda your agenda? toomey voted seven times to defund planned parenthood. he even tried to shut down the federal government in order to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. and toomey's against a woman's right to choose and supports overturning roe v. wade which would allow states to criminalize abortion. pat toomey: he's focused on his own agenda, not us. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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morning america." >> rob marciano joins us with a look at what's coming up after "action news." good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, gray, hello tam it's friday coming up on "g.m.a.," historic night in rio. michael phelps wins a record breaking 22nd gold medal. amy robach is live with the latestle. a frightening moment at 30,000 feet. are a jet blue flight hitting severe turbulence forcing the plane to land and treat passengers and crew. the mystery surrounding what's sidelining a tennis player, she is in intensive care
6:52 am
scotland yard is investigating if she may have poisoned. keith urban, don't miss it. have a great weekend. >> reporter: you too, rob. >> reporter: broad street subway is back to normal. chunk of the 36 trolley is shuttle busing because of equipment problems. warnings four our friends in the great northeast. grant avenue is closing for railroad crossing work. use woodhaven own calmly or will et etts. >> reporter: 88 down the shore, saturday, 90. sunday, 90 with a late day storm. poconos, today 86, tomorrow 88. sunday, 84. "action news" will be right
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>> breaking this morning what's being called a running gun battle wounded four people including a 6-year-old boy, mahaj brown. he was sitting in the car when the bullets went flying. he was shot ten times and has excessive injuries. jerry sandusky is expected to take the stand during his
6:56 am
appeal hearing today. he is serving prison time for his convictions on child sex abuse. a philadelphia man is under arrest accused of soliciting nude images of teenage boys through social media. "action news" spoke to a mother of 9 who said brandon speech was the babysitter for her children. there's a crash heading eastbound toward 130 and vehicle fire on 78 eastbound near 412. use 22 instead karen. >> reporter: right now it's already 81 degrees. 10:00 a.m., 85. lunchtime, 92. from lunge of time on to 6:00 p.m. it will feel like 100. the high today is 96 we'll hit it at 3:00 p.m. even at 5:00 p.m., 94. chance of a spotty thunderstorm north and west. the excessive heat warning continues through sunday night. that's a long time we're dealing with that. >> for matt pellman, matt o'donnell, gray hall, karen rogers, i'm tamala edwards.
6:57 am
we're reminding you please do everything you can to stay cool and take that moment to check on your he would -- he elderly neighbors and check on your pets and my kids still want to be outside. bring them in and play board games whatever you want to do. have a great weekend!
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he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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good morning, america. >> oh. >> best in the world. simone biles soaring to new heights in rio with the golden touch. her teammate, aly raisman, right by her side with silver as america's golden boy does it again. michael phelps with a record 22nd gold leaving the competition in his wake. >> oh, baby, it's time to come home, michael. >> and simone manuel making history in the pool. >> manuel is going to do it. >> tying for gold this an epic day for team usa. also breaking overnight an emergency landing. at least two dozen rushed to the hospital when a jetblue flight hits severe turbulence. passengers and luggage thrown into the aisle.


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