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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 13, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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meteorologist gets you guess started tonight. >> a heat of 97 degrees for that heat index of 109, highs for the hottest day so far this year, and we've had three years in the 90s. so this is officially heat wave number five. but this is just the start. this heat wave could last for eight days. the highest heat index 109 in millville, 109 in wilmington, allentown 107, trenton 107, kate may it felt like 108 and regulated it it felt like 104. so that dangerous heat and humidity was across our entire viewing area and that's where we'll be staying right through the weekend. the excessive heat warning posted tomorrow and sunday. the maximum index of heat tomorrow everywhere. 100 and up, and it looks like along the i-95 corridor into south jersey and delaware where you see that purple, that's where the heat index could hit 110 degrees.
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that's the highest it's ever been this summer. i'll talk more about the specifics on the heat this weekend, including the poconos in the seven-day forecast. brian. >> all right, thank you. and the heat line is going to continue to get calls through the weekend amid these dangerous conditions. the number (215)765-9040. operators are available until midnight tonight and tomorrow and 9:00 on sunday night. in louisiana, it's not the heat, it's the rain that's causing all kinds of problems governor declared a state of emergency because of flooding around baton rouge. heavy rains put entire communities under water in at least one case a car nearly floated away. more rain is expected there tomorrow. so far no reports of any injuries. developing right now, philadelphia police are looking for these two men in connection with a rash of armed robberies at asian businesses in the city.
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31-year-oldanthony campbell are suspected of targeting storefronts in philadelphia. police say they're armed and dangerous. >> when these situations occur, i mean there's just horrifying for people and law enforcement. we feel we want to get these off the streets. 25 victims here. we just can't sleep at night because of what happened here. >> now, here's another look at the suspects tonight. both of whom last lived in southwest philadelphia. officials say they identified the pair after a tip to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. a 6-year-old boy still clinging to life tonight and his family still at a lost of answers. the boy was one of four innocent people caught in the gunfight in a neighborhood last night. and the heavily armed gunmen have not been found. jeff live tonight at philadelphia police headquarters and, jeff, you spoke with the family tonight.
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>> yeah. and they say he's a talkative kid. he has wounds to his chest, colon, his intestine, his arms, and his leg. meanwhile police are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading them to the gunman who shot up that neighborhood with an ak-4 ak-47 assault, and they feel couple of handguns. >> we come to you, lord, that we want to rejoice. >> they were prayers of celebration and thoughts of despair. >> i'm saddened because this is truly become the norm of our city. i heard the family lives down here somewhere. >> as pastor carl and friends visited the very neighborhood terrorized by gunmen thursday night that left 6-year-old brown fighting for his life. he wasn't gone even 30 seconds before he turned that corner. >> erica says he left his grandmother's house when bullets went into the car and then into him. the indiscriminate gunfire came from two vehicles, driving along the 500 block of
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ash immediate street. four were wounded, neighborhoods found bullet holes in cars and houses. >> when we do need help. >> with a plea for information no matter how small. >> but we are appealing to people's sense of compassion. did give us information. >> shot like that with no ak-47. >> she praise the gunman or those who know them will do the right thing. >> just tell us. give us some justice. because we're hurt and whoever done this they have to be hurt, and we just ask that somebody come forward. >> and police say one of the cars involved is a two-tone mercury mountaineer with a roof rack and running boards. if you know anything, you're asked to call police at 265865, tips. >> all right, jeff, thank you.
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meanwhile there was more violence in the streets of philadelphia tonight with a deadly shooting on the 5600 block. police say the gunman shot the victim in his face, chest, and wrist just before 5:30 tonight. the victim is thought to be in his late teens, early 20s, but has not yet been identified. a 59-year-old woman found tonight with blood on her face and body inside this east apartment building. now, police are trying to figure out just how she died. chopper 6 is over the cambridge at the 2900 block of schoolhouse after a friend of the woman discovered the body at 6:30 tonight. was it a crime? investigators say it is still too early to tell. a bank robber got away with $15,000 tonight from the bank at 19th and market in centrecity, verbally to tell her at 5:35, fortunately nobody was hurt there. police are looking for this wig wearing bank bandit
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tonight. they say he's a man in his 20s and also wore white socks on his hands. this happened in the 1,100 block of cooper street at edgewater park at 2:00. what appeared to be a handgun in his waistband and said he would shoot if they activate the alarms. the suspect got away on a bicycle. the pennsylvania attorney journal kathleen cane today. not only did cane not take the stand, the legal team rested without calling a single witness. lawyers say no reasonable jury would convict her based upon the evidence listed. she was accused of linking grand jury evidence to the press and then lying about it under oath. some of her toughest testimony came from former aids and then a spokesman we spoke with argued why it would be hard to take the stand and why they were lying. >> if she testified and open herself up what would have been a very difficult
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cross-examination, she would have to directly call persons liars saying that they were purging themselves in the courtroom. >> prosecutors claim cane's motivate was trying to damage the reputation of former prosecutor frank zina. cane faces up to seven years in prison if convicted. closing arguments are set for monday and then it's up to the jury. delaware state police want your help tonight tracking down the woman who attacked another shopper inside a wilmington target with bleach. police say this woman got into an argument with the victim last thursday because the victim's cart was blocking an aisle. well, after the argument escalated, the suspect poured a bottle of bleach on the victim's head. the police also splashed onto a 1-year-old child sitting in the victim's cart. both the woman and the child will be okay. christopher dorman, the police officer shot seven
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times in the line of duty was honored tonight in delaware county. hundreds turned out at the athletic club in to raise money. philadelphia native bernard hopkins. dreams of wedding bells ringing in their heads have now turned to nightmares. local brides are left by a wedding venue that has closed up shop just days away from their big day. action reporter live tonight after hearing from these frustrated couples, bob. >> what a nightmare, and you can say that over and over about this. the place is called elk manor, that's pictures of it right behind me. and the way it stands right now, no one is getting their money bacchanals they bought wedding insurance. >> have a look at these invitations. natalie faye made for her we go to the next friday. pretty impressive. she did the armenian workherself. >> we were going to get married over the water.
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it was gorgeous. >> the problem is her wedding isn't happened there. elk manor closed down this week. >> about 9:00 i got a call from one of our vendors. he just told me that our venue closed. >> with the biggest event of her life ahead, the bride to be and her future husband had -- >> we had nowhere to go. they shut down their facebook account, their wedding, they turned off their phone line. >> here's where things get awful. she doesn't expect to get back any of the close to ten grand they spent. through e-mail, the venue alerted couples, part of it stating "please advise if you have previously purchased event cancelation insurance, you should be sure to promptly file a claim with your appropriate agency." but they didn't buy it. >> we thought everything was fine. >> here's the aha moment. natalie reread her contract and found a klaus protecting elk manor and its owner simon. >> it said they can cancel at any time, and they don't have to issue us a refund.
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>> she thinks they knew it was coming, the former google executive pled guilty to tax fraud earlier this year in federal court. but in july, a facebook account with his name said elk manor was fined. >> i want to know how he would feel -- he has two daughters, if someone did this to his daughters ten days before their wedding. >> luckily she's already found another venue. but others like jay and jennifer are all out of cash. >> we don't even know when we're going to get married, if we're even going to afford to get married at this point. >> get this. the support couple were able to pay for the new location, they had to dip into their savings that was supposed to be for their new house. brian. >> well, hopefully they get some resolution to this, bob brooks. thanks for reporting. a south jersey man sexually enslaved a teenage girl online blackmailing her into stripping naked for her and now going to prison. a judge today sentenced 32-year-old man to ten years in prison. authorities say he hacked into
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a 16-year-old canadian girl's e-mail account and threatened to expose personal information to her family unless she got naked for him. they say he also coerced three other girls in sending explicit photos of them as well. former philadelphia mob boss marleneo is out on jail tonight on $5 million bail. he's facing new charges of racketeering the same crime for which he served nearly 12 years in prison. the 54-year-old marleneo will be required to wear an ankle monitor and live at his home. federal prosecutors did not claim why they dropped the opposition to bail and no longer call him a danger to the community. still ahead on action news tonight, donald trump makes a comment on the campaign trail tonight. and also a jetblue jetliner after dozens were hurt from wild turbulence. and a stunning decision about one of the convicts in the hit netflix series making a
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murderer. >> we're just three days into it. the heat wave that could. end up lasting for eight days. i'll let you know how hot it could get this weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> plus jim thome added to the hall of fame.
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citizens bank student loans . >> 24 people out of the heart-stopping moments at 30,000 feet. severe turbulence hit jetblue flight 429 last night en route from boston to sacramento. according to the passengers, the aircraft dropped suddenly, causing passengers and luggage to go flying. they said the seat belt sign was on at the time, but even people who were strapped in were still valuated into the ceiling. >> guys behind us had hit the over compartment, and it cracked. you could see it cracked.
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that's how hard they hit. >> and all of a sudden there was quite a bit shake. they said whoa, and then right after that, there was a drop. >> the plane made an emergency landing in south dakota. the passengers who were not hurt were taken to sacramento on a different plane arriving more than seven hours late. a federal judge in wisconsin has made a stunning reversal on a case popularized by the netflix series making a murderer, accused of helping his uncle rape and murder a photographer back in 2005. dassey who has a learning disability confessed to the crime. but the netflix documentary series raised a lot of questions about whether that confession was coerced. well, today a judge ruled that was involuntary citing his age at the time and intellectual ability. in 90 days dassey will be released. republican donald trump has already suggested that the
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up coming election will be in his words "rigged." but tonight he took that one step further telling this to supporters in pennsylvania. >> the only way we can lose, in my opinion, -- i really mean this, pennsylvania. as if cheating goes on. and we have to call up law enforcement, and we have to have the sheriffs and the police chiefs, and everybody watching. because -- >> well, trump made those startling comments at a rally inia in tonight. several polls show him trailing hillary clinton in the keystone state by ten points. trump did not provide any evidence as to why he thinks those polls are wrong. but he did suggest the state's laws would allow people to vote five times. we did find out how much hillary clinton earned last year and how much she paid in taxes. hillary and bill clinton earned $10 million in 2015. a steep drop from 28 million the year before. the bulk of those earnings came from paid speeches. a topic that has dogged
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clinton's campaign. the couple paid a federal tax rate of 34% and donated more than a million dollars to charity. trump has so far refused to release his tax returns. atlantic city the best of times, it was the worst of times. in the same months that the trump hotel announced it would close for good, atlantic city's hop casino raked in $85 million in july. overall the casinos were up nearly 7%. the city once known as american's playground has been trying to remake itself from just a gambling mecca to a resort town with entertainment options for all ages. in that effort, they're bringing in jimmy buffett for a huge concert on the beach tomorrow night. will be happy to know stagehands were busy today, setting up everything for that show. other performers later this summer include zack brown band
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and florida georgia line. if you're going to be on that beach tomorrow, you best hope for a sea breeze and bring an umbrella to block that sun. >> it's going to be hot and one of those misters so that you can keep yourself wet. today was tough, tomorrow could even be tougher. so here we go. storm tracker 6 live, the storm has left the region, and they were very spotty in nature and this photo really shows it. sean posted this to my facebook page. if you have a look at the left side of the photo, you see that great shot of the cloud to ground lightning, but you look to the right side, breaks in the clouds, and blue skies. and that's kind of the nature of the pop-up thunderstorms that we get in this hot and humid air map. and we'll probably see moratorium, but i think they'll be mainly across the poconos, best chance to the north. right now, it's still very warm out there. 86 in philadelphia, 85 in wilmington, 75 in trenton, 81 in kate may, regulated 80, and then you factor the dew points, it still feels like 97 degrees at 11:20 at night
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in philadelphia. still very uncomfortable. feels like 94 in wilmington and millville and the heat is a little bit lower in the 80s across the northern suburbs. a long action radar showing you can still see the movement in the clouds and the showers above that ridge of high pressure that is just sticking around, not just this weekend, but through a large portion of next week. this is going to be a tough heat wave to break and a heat index tracker shows why it's going to be so dangerous tomorrow. by 8:00, it already feels like 93 in philadelphia. then between 10:00 and really 8:00 at night, the heat is above 100. probably peaking at 110 at about 3:00 in the afternoon. so this is a good reason why you really do need to find some air conditioning tomorrow. try to drink lots of water. try to stay in the shade. do what you can to stay cool. future tracker showing 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, many areas where the heat index above 100. and allentown and the poconos
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showing 92 -- 90. that's probably we get a few thunderstorms moving through. on sunday, here we go again. the heat index soaring above 100, yet again. so this is going to be a tough weekend. if you are down the shore, the good news is the ocean temperature has cooled off dramatically two days ago it was 83.3, a record. now it's down to 68 so that will feel good because the air temperature is going to be hot. hot and humid tomorrow with a high of 90 sunday. 92 degrees an isolated thunderstorm possible, and the heat index about 100 degrees tomorrow. so even on the beaches, it's going to be very hot. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast day four tomorrow, 89 degrees, one degree shy of the record high for the date. the heat index, though, 110. sunday almost a sad 97. monday drops a little bit 93 and then tuesday and wednesday it looks like temperatures will remain in the 90s, low 90s, chances of thunderstorms, and hoping on thursday and
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friday we can say the heat wave is over. but it's still going to be unseasonallably warm with temperatures in the upper 80s, so i can't stress enough to be very careful tomorrow. check in with the elderly. everything i've been saying all summer. >> really take care of yourself tomorrow. >> yeah. >> thank you. a disney channel star with local ties returned to the valley with a special performance. ♪ >> that is sabrina carpenter, a native warming up before her music fest performance tonight. the 17-year-old also stars in girl meets world, the sequel to the abc '90s sitcom boy meets world, owned by disney, the parent company of abc. and parents spent their growing up weekends.
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tonight we're having a special tribute. we hope you'll join us for a look back at his clips, photographs, and interviews with those who knew him and helped make captain the magical arc the iconic show that it long was. ♪
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>> sports director ducis at the bank tonight. >> yeah. the phillies are back and so is jim thome. receives one of the highest honors tonight. we'll get to that in a moment but first phills and rockies. second inning phills up 2-1 and aggressive on the base. john a wild pitch, peter gorgeous home. now tied at 3 in the fifth, bases load for ryan howard. >> and howard hits it well. deep to right center field. gone into the bullpen. grand slam for ryan howard. >> with thome watching, howard smashes his 14th career grand slam. gets a curtain call, the phillips win 10-6. >> during that course of time
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that he wasn't playing, he's -- he never stopped working, and he kept his chin up, and he kept plugging. and now it's paying off for him. and he's swinging the bat as well as i've seen him. >> prior to the game, jim thome was honored. he was put onto the phillies wall of fame. the 38th member to achieve that distinction. former teammate bobby unveiled the plaque. thome understands what this means. >> they just don't give people hall of fames, you know? that honor. and to be voted by the fans, i've got to tell you. that is something special. i know i didn't play here long, and there's -- you know, there's so many guys that will eventually be in this that are deserving. i just feel so i guess honored that they would even think of me to put me in. >> cody has been sent back to aaa. the outfielder has been a mess at the plate. batting .213 on the season. over the last seven games averaging an anemic .136.
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it's over for alex rodriguez and the bronx. finished his last game tonight. 1-4 with an rbi double. spent 12 seasons with the yankees. and 690 home runs. still ahead a stunner at the olympics. plus doug pet
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>> no practice for the eagles, they had the day off. tomorrow, they will begin prarinfor thursday's preseason game against pittsburgh.
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as for last night's victory over the bucks, coach found some positives and some negatives. >> overall, there's a lot of areas that we can continue to improve on. obviously to start the game with the special teams turn over and score offensively was obviously a positive. and the way i think our first defense kind of got after them a little bit too was very, very pleasing. 11 penalties and things like that can't happen, even in preseason. you want to be able to clean those things up. but overall pleased with the win but overall a lot of work left to do. >> the u.s. men's basketball team barrel gets by serbia. u.s. women's soccer team is not as fortunate. they lose to sweden in the penalty kicks. after the match the u.s. goalie hope solo says they play like a bunch of cowards. a reminder. if you're going to have grapes, don't have sour grapes. there you go, hope solo. finally a big moment for some
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doctors to be and their families at the university of pennsylvania. the action cam was on the campus school of medicine newest class picking up their stethoscopes. earth today the class got their white coats, and we cited the hippocratic oath for the first time. jammie kimmel live after this and from the entire news team,
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we are so lucky the hurricane only damaged grayson's house. mm. yes. that was really lucky. i love that you guys are forced to live here together until your place is fixed. it's like "the real world," if they did it with old and boring people. you know what my wake-up present was this morning? this one forgot to flush her pee. it's called "being green." (chuckles) i'm sorry i care about the future of our planet. think of the children. (chuckles) i'm sorry. i didn't realize you were so passionate about the environment. just try to know me, okay? (chuckles) (whispers) okay. bye. forgot to flush, didn't ya? yeah. ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc. (sighs) i need coffee. i was up all night on my computer with army boyfriend wade bumpin' cyber-uglies.


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