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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> breaking now on "action news," fire shuts down part of broad street and sends a firefighter to the hospital. we are live on the scene. >> the heat wave hangs on for yet another day but at least today it will be a little less humid. >> chase utley, you are the man. the slugger puts on a show for phillies fans in his first time back since being traded and reminds everyone why we miss him so much. >> yes, indeed he d good morning out there. it's 5:30 now on this wednesday august 17th. let's figure out what's going on with all this heat and humidity dave murphy and karen rogers has your traffic. >> the heat continues at a. the humidity is going to drop off a little bit later this afternoon across about half or maybe two-thirds of the region. for now we're dry out there. there's a little bit of a shower trying to come at us from the west.
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you can see how these try to push east and then couldn't to fall apart. if you're in berks county maybe the lehigh valley it's not out of the question that you see a bit of that over the next hour or two but hopefully it just avoids you. 80 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia, 75 in allentown, 73 in reading, 76 in trenton, 79 in wilmington and low 80's in millville down to areas close to the shore. dewpoints this morning are still very high. associatiohigh. it still feels rather sticky as you walk to the bus stop. and it's particularly bad in south jersey and down toward dover and cape may. as we go through the afternoon though he from about philadelphia and points close to the city's latitude and north, you're going to feel those humidity levels go down. now, it will still be hot. 79 degrees and sticky for your run. 86 probably less humid by lunchtime and a high of 92 degrees today. that is on the hot side certainly in philadelphia. and it will probably still be a little bit humid. but not as humid as it's been the last several days.
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now, the exception is down in south jersey and delaware where it is going to be very sticky and that includes atlantic city where a bunch of you may be headed for the a.c. air show later today. cool drinks for that one, karen. i'll be back with the seven day in a minute. >> all right dave. we're scanning our cameras and noticed a problem on the roosevelt boulevard so here's the accident. it's hard to see. i was noticing how backed up traffic is and as we look live you can see police trying to make their way through the slowing there to get to that accident scene and penndot kind of shifted the camera a little bit but it's on the boulevard southbound so you want to watch for some heavier traffic that you can't see at the moment. there we go. you got it now. there you can see the flashing lights over here and the backed up traffic o on the boulevard southbound. looks like they're stopping the traffic from continuing on the boulevard southbound so problem on the boulevard southbound approaching the schuylkill that we're keeping an eye on. looks like an accident with police just now arriving to the scene. now the storms from yesterday caused some problems and we're still dealing with it in lower merion. we've got a downed tree
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brought down some wires on waverly road between river and lafayette. stick to youngsford road as your alternate because they blocked all lanes on waverly road. annie mccormick is live on the scene talking about the problem on broad street southbound at wharton. fire department activity. they're blocking part of broad street. stick to any of the numbered streets he to get around that. weren't more issue is an accident in radnor on matsonford road. matt and tam police have on the scene and they'll help you around it. >> back to breaking news in south philadelphia. firefighters had to battle through heavy rain and lightning as they tried to put out a blaze at an apartment building this morning. one firefighter was injured. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live on the fire scene in the 1300 block of south broad street. annie. >> reporter: matt for the past couple weeks they've also had to teal with the heat and those conditions as well. take a look behind me. you can see firefighters wrapping up here at the scene. one firefighter did suffer smoke inhalation but fire crews say that there were no
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residents that were injured in this two-hour fire fight. now, take a look at this video. the two alarm fire broke out just before 1:10 in the morning in the 1300 block of south broad street. now, when crews arrived they saw fire from the second and third floors of the three-story row home. now, neighbors reported that they saw a tree sparking near wires in the rear of the property. the fire commissioner briefed us about an hour ago and here's what he he had to say. >> we had one firefighter who was taken to the hospital and is currently in stable condition. but again, this was an aggressive outstanding attack, transitional attack by our fire department. everybody has been working hard. we've had a very busy couple weeks in the heat, a real challenge for us. this was a very, very challenging fire. >> reporter: and one resident reported seeing lightning and heavy downpours as this fire did break outer. now, about 75 firefighters were out here with multiple apparatus fighting this.
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we are told again that that firefighter is okay, he is in stable condition. another thing that residents noticed -- noted to us is that there was somebody, a passerby in a vehicle that saw the fire and he laid on his horn and screamed from the car. that alerted many people which may have saved some lives. for reporting live in south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt back to you. >> thank you annie. also breaking this morning a fast moving fire forced a family of four out of their south jersey home overnight. this happened along the 400 block of woodrow clusters drive in moorestown. crews arrived to flames shooting through the roof of one of the townhomes. investigators are looking into the possibility that the cause is weather related. >> we did have thunderstorms and some heavy lightning in the area at the time of the fire so again our fire marshals are in there working the fire right now. >> luckily here as with the other fire in philadelphia, no one was hurt. >> kathleen kane has ended the speculation. now a convicted felon she he will officially resign and leave office by the end of
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business today. kane was the first woman ever ellend to the state's top law enforcement post and she continues to maintain that her downfall is an act of revenge an effort to stop her exposure of what she calls an old boy's network in state government and its unseemly acts like sharing misogynist psychiatric and racist etch names. she's vowing to appear her conviction. her short outgoing statement reads "i have been honored to serve the people of pennsylvania and i wish them health and safety in all their days." for now kane's hand picked second in command bruce castor will take over as acting attorney general. governor tom wolf says he'll work with senate lawmakers on any potential appointment to the office until the november election leads tow a permanent successor which will be either he republican john rafferty or democrat josh shapiro who are on the ballot for that seat. >> 5:36. this is the one time when a phillies loss doesn't really sting all that much. chase utley returned home and played the hero only this time it was for the other team.
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utley he's bat was largely responsible for the 15 to five beatdown by the dodgers. the second baseman capped it off with a grand slam his second homer of the night. that made for two curtain calls and three standing ovations for utley. he called the fan's warm reception overwhelming. >> my first at-bat was something that i'll never forget to be honest with you. it was truly special. it really shows how passionate and how great the philadelphia fan base is. >> in his first at-bat he struck out. this was utley's first return to citizens bank park after being traded. >> the skies seem to be clearing up for today's atlantic city air show. always love seeing that. the u.s. air force thunderbirds buzzed over beachgoers during a practice run yesterday. the pilots are making sure their aerial stunts are precisely coordinated.
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today's show kicks off at 11:00 this morning and runs until 4:00 this afternoon with dozens of demonstrations from military and private aircraft even chopper6 takes part. 6abc is a proud broadcast partner. >> david, any chance of storms breaking out along the coast. >> doesn't look like it. looks like they'll hold off until tonight. i was in seattle last week and the blue angels were out there and then we went the vancouver and the canadian air force was doing synchronized flying. i can't get away from this. storm tracker double six, we're mainly crime there's a sprinkle by harrisburg. it keep want to try to fall apart if you're in reading in particular you might get a little bit of that a little later on. as we take a look outside we are looking at skies blue before too much longer. there will be sort of a clouds and sun mix overall today. and unfortunately as we head outside this morning still kind of humid out there with some improvement across much of the region later on. 80 degrees currently in philadelphia. for now anyway your dewpoint is still up above 70 so it's still oppressively humid.
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winds out of the west-southwest at 16 miles per hour. these winds will be turning a little bit more out of a westerly direction as we go later into the day and that should lower those humidity levels across much of the region. satellite shows you how we had a watch box last night and a couple thunderstorms. that's all gone at this point and as we look ahead through the day it's another hot one but feeling a little bit better across much of the region. in philadelphia we'll go 79 and sticky by 8 o'clock. probably still pretty humid by 10 o'clock with that 82. by noon 86 probably feeling a little bit better and this afternoon a hot high of 92 but humidity levels will be better. it will still be somewhat sticky but not as oppressive as recently. high temperatures across the region 87 degrees in allentown, out of the 90's in reading. then lancaster as well and trenton may stop at 89. low 90's from philadelphia down through millville and upper 80's down at the shore. closer look at the beach shows 88 in beach haven. 89 today for the air show but here's the difference as you
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head down from about halfway down south jersey maybe atlantic county and then on down through cape may same story over in delaware, the humidity is still going to be high here. you're not going to get that drier air in. so if you're headed to the ac air show or you're anywhere else along the delaware or jersey beaches today look for that humidity to still be high. heat index values still around 100. the dewpoint values showing up on the map. you can see how cooler drier air is going come n-not really cooler so much but drier air, lower dewpoints around the region at 3 o'clock but down south air show and points south that's where it's still going to be humid and it stays that way through this evening. you were seven-day forecast today's high 92 degrees less humid gradually as we go through the afternoon from points close to philadelphia and north. town the shore it's still going to be sticky, again 92 your high. partly sunny then on thursday, 89 degrees. we have a chance of breaking the heat wave but just barely and it might still get up to 90. we'll be close. either way it's still going to be fairly uncomfortable and a
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spotty afternoon thunderstorm. mostly sunny and hot with a high of 91 on friday, stilt a little humid then down right sticky on saturday with a high of 90 a late thunderstorm and sunday hot and humid with another high of 90 and another late thunderstorm possible. probably a better chance of some of these popping up on sunday than saturday. phenomenally things get better next week. mostly cloudy still probably humid on monday with a thunderstorm. tuesday is the day we are really aiming for. 83 degrees, low humidity, much nicer at any coming on tuesday. and it looks like wednesday for now is looking pretty good, too. >> so next week finally. >> yes, finally. >> thank you david. 5:41. what started off as a small brush fire has turned into a raging wildfire in southern california and created a so-called firenado. see the phenomenon next. >> fyi philly gives us a taste of the best international dishes in the city. karen. >> i showed you the shot of the roosevelt boulevard before police arrived on the scene. now you can see we've got fire trucks police officers. it's a full blown mess on the
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boulevard southbound. we'll talk about this one and i just got off the phone with police in montgomery county. a bunch of issue there related to the storm from yesterday. all those issues coming up when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:44. atlantic city, new jersey, live on sky6, the atlantic city air show begins at 11:00 a.m. look for chopper6 as one of the participants although he i don't think it will be doing 360's like the other planes.
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>> no. >> helicopters just don't do that. >> no, they don't. let's head over to karen rogers. we've had a situation out there this morning. >> yeah, we do. let's take a live look right now. this is the roosevelt boulevard southbound approaching the schuylkill. so we've got an accident here. i'm looking at ambulance, i've got one, two -- at least two fire trucks. two police officers and a tow truck. all on the scene right now. i mean, this is a nasty accident. you can see they're blocking all lanes southbound on the boulevard. i've been watching the medics out here working. looks like a minute or two maybe they'll be able to make the ambulance leave and we'll see if the other vehicles are able to go he from there. boulevard southbound all traffic blocked. a big accident. a number of emergency vehicles. we've got fire trucks ambulance police tow truck all on the scene blocking all lanes on the boulevard southbound. i showed you this even before police arrived on the scene and then now we can see the change as so many people coming back on the scene with this. i talked to police in montgomery county. they said they've got this downed tree on stenton avenue. police have left the scene
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it's stenton avenue between joshua road and butler pike. the problems with the storms from yesterday plaguing us. here's another issue with a downed tree right here. it's a branch that's causing a problem. waverly road between river road and lafayette roadblocking all lanes in lower merion. and we've got this electrical fire so police telling me this just coming in right now, we've got a lot of emergency workers coming. 33 tell me this electrical fire involving a pole and so they're waiting for peco to come out here right now. in the meantime this is affecting bethlehem pike between wise and highland and they're also shutting down parts of wise so kind of a lot going on with traffic right now. i want to show you we mentioned the ac air show. big deal dam so many people are going down there. here's the waze app. if you're traveling from philadelphia and you're staying on the a.c. expressway it's not a bad ride at this hour because it's early of course, it's taking you 56 minutes. i mean your other option is you could just take the atlantic city expressway. that's taking an hour and 10 minutes or your third option, start on the a.c. expressway, then switch over to the black horse pike. that will take i was little
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longer but as traffic builds we'll keep an eye on this and show you the best routes matt and tam. >> thank you karen. a fierce wildfire has now throwed a -- led to a state of emergency. flames can be seen shooting 80 feet high. 82,000 people had to run from their homes. this is threatening a ski resort town and ranch lands. the blaze is being called the blue cut fire. it's so intense at times it is creating its own weather. firefighters recorded these flames twisting in a circle in a current that they -- an occurrence they dubbed a firenado. it hasn't been a great week to fly through j.f.k. airport. first a security scare and now a power outage. the blackout put the brakes on escalators and elevators in terminal eight and baggage screaming. this is the same terminal where authorities believe loud applause for the olympics was mistaken for gunfire and a bit of a lockdown on sunday night. the power has been restored and american airlines is allowing impacted customers to
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change their travel fans without a fee as long as they to it by today. >> you can now shop at the world trade center in new york city for the first time in nearly 15 years. the westfield world trade center mall opened its doors to the public yesterday. visitors were treated to a concert by philadelphia's own leslie odom jr. part of the history making hamilton on broadway. more than 100 stores are expected to be opened in time for the christmas holiday season. >> this weekend fyi philly has the best of philly featuring many of the winners from philadelphia magazine's annual award. here's alicia vitarelli with an early look at our best international restaurants. >> ♪ >> reporter: crowned this year's best american restaurant la peg is a waterfront brass refrom chef peter wolfie. >> only in philly could one of our best french chefs decided no i'm now your best american chef. >> reporter: it features classics with a french twist. >> one of the best clam chowders i've had. >> reporter: best korean
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restaurant goes to sorible. >> one of the tables with the grills built in. >> reporter: the spot boasts korean barbecue and sushi. >> you could spend six hours and nothing that you eat is going to be the same as the thing that came before. >> reporter: winning the title of best italian restaurant is amano. >> the best and most interesting and most modern italian you're going to find in philly this year. >> reporter: fairmount byo is the latest venture from the magazine's pick for best chef. >> it's so witness essentially philly with the focus only on the plates that are coming out of the kitchen.
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it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. >> niagara falls is the latest natural wonder add a zip line.
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tourists will have the chance to take an adrenaline pumping plunge towards the churning mist at speeds topping 140 miles. critics say it diminishes nature's grandeur. >> i'd do it. >> we're led there had. >> are you. >> i wouldn't take my kids on the zip line. let's take a look right now and check this problem on the roosevelt boulevard. this is southbound approaching the schuylkill. it looked to me like there were a couple of different accidents. i talked to police about this. they say frankly they're not sure yet because the police are still out there on the scene but it looked like we had an accident and then a couple of other accidents in the backlog. they're at least allowing one lane of traffic to get by. last time i showed you they're blocking all lanes but it's a mess on the boulevard southbound approaching the schuylkill dave. >> it doesn't look good. on the big board we have temperatures in the 70's this morning in the northern and western suburbs. all the way up to 80 in philadelphia and more of the
5:53 am
same down in south jersey. a lot of 80's and close to it up and down delaware and it's still pretty humid out there today as you head outside early. as we go through the day though as we get into the afternoon yes, it gets hot with a high of 92 degrees but the humidity levels across most of the region will drop so it won't be quite as oppressive this afternoon. the exception will be down the shore in south jersey and delaware where it's still going to be very stick dee key today. matt and tam. >> thank you david. another reaction between police and someone in the black community is inviting scrutiny. in this case it is this picture of an officer in d.c. and why he pinned a petite woman to the side of his suv. her feet were left dangling about a foot off the ground. the woman who asked to not be identified says she had gotten into an argument with a man whom she says propositioned her and a friend. it's unclear what caused the officer to grab the woman. she says she was not charged with any crime and that she plans to sue the police department. >> ♪
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>> now from our new jersey news room. camden county police need are help to shut down two school thieves. the burglary happened on may 29th but authorities are just now releasing surveillance video of the suspects am. the school was closed at the time of the crime. after the recent shooting of a child activists in philadelphia's germantown section are calling for some peace. the philadelphia antiviolence coalition hosted a rally at ashmead and magnolia streets last night. that's where a six-year-old
5:57 am
boy was shot last week just one more innocent victim in a rash of recent shootings. members of the police department were on hand and delivered a message for the gunman. >> we're not going to stop until we find you. because at the end of the day you impacted two young lives and fortunately they're living. once you think about the trauma physically and psychologically they're going through that they may live with for the rest of their days. >> six-year-old florida hatch browhatch -- mahaj brown contins to recover at saint christopher's hospital for children. >> donald trump. find out who is being added to right the gop ship. >> children digging into their happy meals are about to find a surprise that mom and dad might want to borrow. details on mcdonald's next move coming up.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday august 17th. we're following some breaking news. >> firefighters face sweltering heat, flames, torrential rains and thunder in south philadelphia. the fire fight leaves one responder injured. we're live on the scene. >> crews race to a church in chester county to knock down a fire on the property. >> former mayor michael nutter fires back at claims his office engaged in questionable spending of funds from the philadelphia marathon. >> but let's find out what you can expect in that accuweather as we couldn't to deal with this heat and humidity. dave murphy hag that and karen rogers is dealing with that. >> right now we are still very sticky across the region. take a look at satellite. you had some showers and a couple of thunderstorms that rumbled through last night. watch box is gone though. still a little shower activity


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