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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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well. >> it is wednesday afternoon, i'm brian taff. >> i'm sharrie williams, we are following what is expected to be another day with a long heat wave, slightly lower humidity making it feel a little better out there. that is little help for anyone stuck working in the heat or people without air conditioning. >> john rawlins will have more on that in a moment. we'll begin our team coverage with meteorologist, adam joseph. >> we feel a break here today. still sweating when standing in the shade. the numbers flirting with the 90 degree mark. the peak heat indexes were 111 degrees, dangerous this past weekend, 107 on sunday and felt like 99 on monday and 106 yesterday and today's dropped down to 90 for the heat index. a bit a break from the dapgous levels but still on the hot side. it's all because of the moisture
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in the atmosphere known as the dew points, any time it's above 70 it feels oppressive out. we see 60s to the north but holding on in beach haven and cape may and dover with dew points in the 70s. 89 in philadelphia, 87 in allentown and 91 in wilmington but upper 90s for atlantic city where we had the air show. and 100 in cape may and 94 in dover. so far we have hit 89 in philadelphia for the last several hours. so we don't know just yet on the off hour we hit the 90, more than likely it will. 90 in mill shrill and 94 in atlantic city and 91 in dover. and satellite and radar showers and storms firing up to the north and west and this moves through overnight and what to expect after dark, a thunderstorm or two with brief torrential rain. anywhere from a .25 to.50 inch.
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we'll look at that overnight and let you know when the 90s end in the full accuweather forecast. >> keeping an eye on the temperature thank you. >> the lower humidity may be providing some sleep, but these conditions could be dangerous. john rawlins has more on people working in the heat and knows how to cope with it. he is at the philadelphia museum of art. >> reporter: for most of this, it's exhausting and uncomfortable. but it can be for some. think firefighters and those folks that have existing health issues. >> we briefly shadowed nurse jonas on two of his stops. >> are you drinking plenty of fluids. >> as he does his medical checks he repeatedly asks that question on days like this. >> it affects their mental
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capacity and they become forgetful on drinking their fluids. >> on the fluid restriction as well. it's a fine line from drinking too much water and not drinking enough. at both stops there was air conditioning but this one was struggling after eight days of extreme heat. >> it's struggling and i'm everyone is. >> have you to roll with the punches. >> he sees homes with just fans and often there is air conditioning. >> they try to keep the air conditioning off as much as possible because it's just going to be another bill. >> reporter: firefighters are another group aware of the heat wave. they battle flames, exhaustion is a risk. they bring in firefighters to recover and others on stand by should others go down. >> we have a red team that comes
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from areas around town. they are there just to help. >> reporter: so for firefighters this weather is more than just an annoyance, an occupational risk to plan for. >> all right john thank you. you can find updates on the heat and humidity any time at, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar shows you the minute pop-up storms start to appear and you'll get regular updates on twitter and facebook when you follow each of our meteorologists. three men with hammers pulled off a jewelry heist this morning in the middle of the mills mall. the trio smashed their way into the zales jewelry store. they got into a get away car and took off. nobody was hurt. this is the zales inside of mills mall where it happened. walter perez is following the
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investigation and he'll have a live report at 5:00. a man wanted for a string of robberies targeting asian homeowners and businesses has turned himself in. police told us that anthony campbell has surrounded. they are accused of 13 armed robberies. police say that the pair threatened their victims at gun point and in some cases they tied people up and ransacked the room. police caught bowan earlier this week, they say there could be more suspects out there. it is kathleen kane's final day on the job, at the end of the business day she will officially resign as pennsylvania's attorney general. she was convicted of perjury and eight other charges including obstruction of justice. we caught up with kane at her office in scranton. she could have remained on the job until sentencing in october.
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>> it's bitter sweet. i loved my job and proud of the work we have done but at the same time it's time for me to focus on other things and time for pennsylvanians to continue to move forward. i want people to know i'm okay and the boys are okay and we are strong and we appreciate their support like you wouldn't believe. >> kane would not comment on the verdict and said she does have some outstanding legal issues to address. her deputy, bruce caster, will become acting attorney immediately and is taking the only today. the former montgomery county district attorney says it's a position he never expected to be in when kane hired him months ago. governor wolf has the option to hire someone else for the rest of her term. donald trump shook up the leadership inside of his own campaign and hillary clinton's emails are facing a new round of
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scrutiny. >> donald trump's newly minted campaign manager spoke out about the changes, saying it's not a shakeup but an expansion. but hillary clinton's camp is not buying it. donald trump's campaign is shaken and stirred. >> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. they with make him read new words from a teleprompter. but he is still the same man. >> steve banon is trump's new ceo and conway was promoted to campaign manager. >> you look at personnel as more is more. >> paul manford is still on the team even after allegations he helped to funnel from the ukraine to washington lobbying firms. they report it was a possible
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federal felony. the nominee that held a round table. got his first classified briefing but told fox news he would not trust the intelligence. >> not so much who have been doing it for our country. look at what happens over the years, it's catastrophic. he will get the same briefings at a high school in ohio. and they plan to release deleted of emails from her private server. the state department says that next week a judge could decide when the emails will be released to the public. reporting in washington, kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> well, it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is standing by to get us started on a wednesday afternoon. >> one of the most fantastic days of the week, it's hump day. it's looking like any other day
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on the vine street expressway meaning we watch eastbound traffic coming away from the schuylkill heading towards i-95 and jammed solid as you meet up with the delays that formed on 95 itself. you too on the northbound extension coming off the schuylkill expressway coming up broad street again just normal afternoon volume kicking in here. and in delco, there is a crash, there was a crash, it just cleared on the ramp from baltimore pike on the southbound side of 476 the blue route. cross that off the list, some slowing in the normal spot away from 95. let cross into delaware, a crash on 295 southbound where it merges with 95. as a result are you seeing single digit speeds, just 6 miles per ho miles per hour coming away from the delaware memorial bridge. and in audubon camden county, look for a crash at merchant
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street at oakland avenue. lets grab the ipad done the commuter report, and a crash on the boulevard northbound side, after you sit through that delay, this crash is heading towards oxford circle in the inner drive and stick with the outer drive. expect slowing there as well. >> thank you matt. still ahead at 4:00, city leaders look back at a former police commissioner and the legacy he left in philadelphia. a massive fire ripped through an apartment building how neighbors worked together to make sure they all made it out safely. and a spectacular show in the sky at the jersey shore today. we'll bring you the sights and sounds from the atlantic city air show.
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today the philadelphia
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police department mourns the loss of former commissioner, john timoney, he died yesterday in florida after battling lung cancer, he was 68 years old. he had a storied year in law enforcement and served as philadelphia's police commissioner from 19 88 to 2001. and was the current police chief in miami. commissioner ross reflected on his life and career. >> he put us on the map in large part to accountability and he really was a significant figure in law enforcement nationally. highly recognized and touted for the things he has done. he left an impression on the profession. >> the philadelphia police department tweeted their condolans, saying they mourn the passing of john timoney, rest in
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peace sir. severe storms may be to blame for a severe fire that forced people out of an apartment building in south philadelphia this morning. the action cam found huge flames at 1:30 this morning. neighbors told police they saw sparking wires on a tree near the property. everyone was able to get out safely because of neighbors helping each other. >> i jumped out of bed and looked out the window, a guy was laying on the horn and tapping and yelling wake up, wake up. people were like knocking on all the doors along the block. >> one firefighter had to go to the hospital after breathing in too much smoke at the scene but is expected to be okay. crowds packed the beach at the jersey shore today for a dazzling show in the sky. the annual atlantic city air show went off without a hitch
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and 6 abc is a proud sponsor once again. gray hall spent the day in a.c. with people whose eyes were glued to the sky. >> the thunderbirds were a bit late and they are going on right now and for a split second the action in the air took your attention off the heat. >> the sound and noise is something to expect. but to see the maneuvers and sometimes it's so low you want to get up and jump and say wait for me while you try and hold on to the wing. >> for several hours, people forgot about the casinos and turned their eyes to the skies. >> a lot of excitement, a lot of noise. you know, the obvious is the thunderbirds, the highlight of the show. and it's just amazing, powerful.
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you can feel it. you don't just see it you feel it and hear it. >> it amazed and wowed the crowds and pilots whipped through the sky performing moves that had spectators begging for more. >> it's amazing, the thunder of the airplanes coming roaring over. i don't know how to describe it it's amazing. >> young and old alike were fascinated. all five branches of military were represented from the army's golden knight parachute team to the air force thunderbirds and jaw dropping acts in between. it was more than just something cool to watch but a call to action. >> what the air shows are about, and the blue angels are about is recruitment. kids in the audience have to decide if they want to become pilots. >> we were trying to give you a glimpse of the thunderbirds,
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they are still performing, a spectacular show today. they are waiting for exact estimates, in terms of numbers but they tell me upwards of 400,000 attended the event. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. thanks for the view, we did catch them in the skies there. >> i got to fly with the thunderbird a few years ago when they came for the air show. >> did they do maneuvers. >> they tried hard to make me sick but i survived. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets do it, adam joseph is back inside. a smart man. >> a few left over people here in atlantic city in the sand, a lot of them have their feet in the water and it's hot at the shore and remaining humid there as well. a bit a bounce on the camera with a breeze still setting in and the wind today was the real driving force of some of that
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drier air with northwesterly wind 9 miles per hour in allentown, and 9 in wilmington and 13 in millville and right along the shore between 8 and 13 miles per hour. as we take a look at the numbers, it's 85 in allentown and reading and lancaster and drier to the north and west and on the brink of 90 in philadelphia and at that or above in millville. and cape may temperatures right along the shore also at 90 degrees. we have the sun here this afternoon but the clouds are going to quickly increase and energy to the south and west and severe storms developing over west virginia where there is a severe thunderstorm watch. this is slowing sliding in overnight tonight and especially southern areas will get clipped by some of that activity. for tonight a few downpours around and even a thunderstorm or two. and many of us were jolted out of bed last night.
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it could happen again tonight. 70 in trenton and 68 in allentown and 72 in wilmington and 74 in philadelphia. a muggy night again, but it stays quiet through 10:00 or 11:00, that is when we see the activity pushing in from the south and west and at 1:00 in the morning we see the downpours passing through and it quickly exits and by tomorrow morning's rush hour, lingering crowds and a shower or two. as we look at the four different models on what is expect here, average .25 to .50 inch expected with the downpours as they pass by. then as we get into the day on thursday, we start with clouds in the morning and then sunshine will take over. there could be a passing shower in the afternoon especially in the lehigh valley. but most numbers stay in the 80s tomorrow and we could try to touch that 90 degrees for a ninth day in a row in
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philadelphia. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, we'll be around 90 here for the next four days, that sun returning late tomorrow morning into the afternoon. mostly sunny and hot and slightly humid on friday of 91, hot and humid saturday, 91 degrees and then staying tropically humid on sunday with afternoon storms of 90 degrees and the storms on sunday afternoon will bring a huge sigh of relief for next week. we'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. in the next half hour. >> perfect thanks. still ahead here today, should taxi drivers be forced to learn english. the controversial new law about to go into effect and the company trying to stop it. >> and the latest on the devastating flooding in louisiana, with the water receding, many victims are dealing with a new problem once they get back into their homes. and meet the man that says wal-mart helped him lose hundreds of pounds.
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we'll explain how in big talkers. i'm hillary clinton,
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homeland security secretary jay johnson is set to visit louisiana with a look at damage from devastating flooding. the water is receding and people are leaving shelters in baton rouge. at least 40,000 homes are damaged but only 10% to 15% of homeowners have flood insurance, many areas under water were not considered high risk and homeowners were not required to get flood insurance. the flooding claimed 11 lives. a tractor trailer overturned and caused headaches near the art museum. this is mlk drive at eakins oval. the driver had to help him out after it got stuck. it took a tow truck to get things moving again and traffic was delayed for more than an
4:26 pm
hour. uber is suing to stop a law requiring their drivers to speak english. it goes into effect on january 1st requiring all to pass a language test to get a permit. uber says it's okay with testing spoken english skills but does not think that the drivers should have to sit for a two hour exam. on wall street, green arrows up 2.1 points, the s&p up 4 points on the day. state lawmakers got a firsthand look at the growing life science today. they visited invisible sentinel. a startup that created an innovative food safety test. they talked to leaders of startups and established
4:27 pm
businesses today to learn of the challenges that bio tech firms are facing. still ahead. after two months after getting shot in the line of duty. "action news" gets an update from chris dorman. >> and ahead in what's the deal? four easy way to help college students save hundreds of dollars. we'll reveal it coming up.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> 4:30 now and "action news" continues with a new outpouring of support for local brides scrambling to pull off their weddings after a popular venue shuts down. and a thief caught on camera at a local elementary school. and a 12-year-old girl finds herself in the middle of a hunting controversy, something she never expected from an online backlash and support. in big talkers. but first heroism and valor, the police officer -- they sat down to talk about what happened that morning in june. "action news" reporter, vernon odom joins us live with the
4:30 pm
update on dorman's recovery. >> reporter: officer dorman realizes he is lucky to be alive to receive this kind of recognition but says he is no hero here just a cop doing his job. >> a couple of doctors points and just waiting to get back to work. >> christopher dorman is well on the mend after coming face-to-face with death in his home town. a drug dealing suspect shot the law enforcement veteran five times including if the face. but after several surgeries, it's 26-year-old dorman hopes to gets back on duty before the end of the summer. he is undaunted but wiser about life and duty. >> no matter how small of a call always watch and be aware of your surroundings and treat every call as something serious no matter what it is. >> they have given out commendation for heroism and
4:31 pm
valor, not just dorman but his partner and sergeant, who rushed to the scene saving dorman's life. >> pulled up to the scene while it was happening. and i basically did what i had to do to get him away from the bad guy. >> was running towards me, and when he was running towards me i go see on his face all the blood. i am basically -- he ran to the side of the car and i said get in and we started just to go. >> the suspect, dante brooks, already has an extensive rap sheet but now faces two charges of attempted murder, his trial probably not going to be held in the first of the year. >> my supervisor and partner
4:32 pm
were the heroes, they saved my life. >> because of officer dorman, tonight's council meeting will be held at the fire department building. because they expect a larger than normal turnout. the meeting starts at 7:00 i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right an incredible recovery thus far. thank you. the inside of a camden county business became the scene of a car crash this morning. a car crashed through the front of the voorhees corporate park, chopper 6 hd was over head when the car hit the rubble. and there were no injuries inside. no word yet on what caused the driver to lose control. a burglar broke into a store in north philadelphia and he did it by removing the air conditioner unit. surveillance video from last month shows the man making his way through the aisles on the
4:33 pm
800 block of west airy avenue. police say he got his hans on a samsung tablet and cash and cigarettes. and the man tried unsuccessfully to break open the atm, when that didn't work he left the scene, if you know anything about this, give police a call. >> to camden new jersey now, where two thieves carried out their crime inside of an elementary school. the men took computers and cash and other electronics at the forest hill school. the crime happened on a sunday afternoon at the end of the may, if you know anything about this theft you are asked to call camden county police. >> we are paying close attention to the lower right of the scene, it says 89. >> that is just the top of the hour, you could hit that 90 somewhere within the hour, we'll find out sometime in the 5:00 hour. but do we really want to continue with the heat wave?
4:34 pm
89 or 90 it's still pretty hot out there. sky 6 hd over center city, a few high cirrus clouds and the dew point has dropped from the 70s into the lower 60s that is why your heat index is the same as the air temperature with drier air pushed in. however that is not the case at cape may, the temperatures still feel like upper 90s with the westerly wind and no sea breeze, we are cooking along the sand with that westerly wind at 10 miles per hour. but most of the extreme heat and humidity is pushed way to the south and washington 98 right now and 101 in richmond and notice to the north 70s and 80s for your heat index. it will be some time before we throw it that low around here but it will come in the seven-day forecast. we'll chat about the timing of
4:35 pm
that storms to come as well in the seven-day forecast. an earl your morning fire forced a family of four out of their home in norristown. the fire broke out at window clusters drive at 2:45, first responders said that flames were shooting through the roof when they got there. they were looking at the possibility that this may have been sparked by lightning. >> a car crash left some 1500 people without electricity this morning. police say that a car hit a utility pole in burlington. that pole fell on to the liberty line right rail tracks into the path of an on coming train and power was knocked out for about three hours and crews were able to restore it at 11:00 this morning but the person in the car suffered minor injuries. a cab driver is under arrest after an alleged attack on a passenger on the main line. rick williams is live with details on this story now. >> that is right.
4:36 pm
the victim claimed it happened earlier this month in front of the ardmore train station and this man, darryl mcfadden is facing charges, police say it's not the first time that mcfadden is in trouble with the law, coming up tonight at 5:00, you'll hear more from the attack victim that spoke exclusively with "action news" about the harrowing moments, mcdonalds making a big change to the happy meals, in health check, the new toys that the fast food change is including to help promote physical fitness. until then back to the studio, we'll see you at 5:00. >> rick thank you. teenagers at a west philadelphia summer camp welcomed a special visitor today. mayor jim kenney stopped by the red cross camp save a life. the campers are learning first aid and cpr which the mayor says he learned as a child from his
4:37 pm
firefighter father. they hope they never have to use the skills but good to know them just in case they need them. still ahead. running from the flames, we have the latest on the growing wild fire in california that is still forcing people to leave their homes behind. >> one man's daily trip to wal-mart helped him lose hundreds of pounds. his remarkable journey is coming up in big talkers. and adam joseph has the full accuweather forecast.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother,
4:39 pm
i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. more than 500 passengers had to be rescued from a burning ship off the coast of puerto rico today. pictures show smoke pouring from the caribbean fantasy, a combination cruise ship and ferry. the coast guard helped with evacuations bringing passengers to shore in san juan, many needs medical attention and there are no deaths reported and witnesses
4:40 pm
say that the fire started in a mechanical room. 15,000 them are told to leave their homes. firefighters have not seen anything this bad in decades, the fire started 60 miles east of the los angeles and spread to 47 square miles and a significant number of homes are destroyed and crews do not know the true extent of the damage, neighborhooded look like war zones. >> the firemen are doing a wonderful job. thank you. please save us. >> there will be families coming home to nothing, but a silver lining there were some homes that were saved. >> the weather is making this a hard fire to fight. crews are up against triple digit temperatures and dry conditions and swirling winds, officials expect to issue more evacuations before this fire is
4:41 pm
under control. a brazilian judge wants olympic swimmer ryan lochte to stay in brazil while police investigate claims that he and fellow swimmers were robbed in brazil. his father says he returned to the u.s. before they ordered his passport to be seized. big talkers now, a followup on a story we first brought you here in this segment. it's one that is trying to change the ending to happily ever after for pretty devastated brides and grooms. last week the elk manor winery just closed and there is no chance they will get their money back. enter the country club. they are waiving their room fee,
4:42 pm
that is about $1,000 to brides and grooms left in the lurch here. some of them stand to lose up to $30,000 from the sudden closure of the elk manor. this is stirring up incredibly strong opinions and these are outraged over this 12-year-old big game hunting and the picture she is posting on facebook and the fellow hunters standing by her. arianna's facebook page is called braids and bows. the 12-year-old from utah is getting death threats from their viral post, like this one she smiling next to a giraffe she just killed and this one near a zeb zebra, saying this is a dream hunt. >> they love animals, but we
4:43 pm
love animals too, it's just we also love hunting. >> i don't tell anybody else how to raise their children. >> that is their father, eli, they are proud to be hunters and will not apologize for it. one man's secret weight loss weapon is, wait for it, wal-mart. >> this is pasquale and he lost hundreds of pounds by walking to his favorite big box store. when he topped the scale at 600 pounds, he made this deal with himself. every time he was hungry, he would walk a mile to his wal-mart and then back home and then have his meal. he lost 300 pounds and counting. >> walking to wal-mart three times a day, you end up walking 6 miles, it was amazing i never
4:44 pm
walked six miles in in my life. he changed his diet and is going to the gym. something he couldn't do a year and a half ago. he was always nicknamed fat pat and he is change that to possible pat and the power of walking. get the sneakers on. >> wow that is a great story. >> those picture you are incredible. >> we may be looking at the next wal-mart spokesperson. >> that is right. matt is standing by for the update on your hump day. >> i am an advocate for walking and that means people stay off the roads. this afternoon there are troubles, three of them on 95 in delco, three separate accidents thank is one near 420, it's been pushed off to the side but you start to slow past the airport down to the commodore barry bridge, and a crash at the bridge and one at 320, the one
4:45 pm
at the bridge is still taking out a lane. so three separate accidents on 95 southbound in delco. making for not the most pleasant ride. eastbound on the vine stacked solid across town and westbound is just starting to jam as well heading to the schuylkill expressway and of course the vine closed in both directions at 11:00 for overnight construction, this is the roosevelt boulevard jammed to vine street. expect restrictions and delays there as well. still have this crash with delays coming off the delaware memorial bridge, single digit speeds on 295 southbound because of the wreck there by the merge with 95. you may want to come into delaware via the commodore barry bridge and come down into delaware. in newark a down treed closing fox den road and clementon a crash at the white horse pike at
4:46 pm
trout avenue. >> thank you matt. still ahead, meteorologist, adam joseph, has the exclusive accuweather forecast. takbbq trophies:hese best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today.
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all right meteorologist, adam joseph, it did feel pretty good out there today. >> it's bad when 90 feels good for a heat index. it will go back up before it gets better but nice to get a break around here. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan a lot of sunshine here this afternoon, not finding anything towards baltimore or harrisburg at the present time. we look for things to fire up as energy comes in from the west. right now 89 in philadelphia is
4:49 pm
the air temperature and the high so far for today 90 in millville and 91 in dover and 85 allentown and reading and the poconos feeling pretty good at 75 degrees, you factor into the humidity, again drier air philadelphia to the north, so the heat index is basically the same as the air temperature and in southern areas we couldn't puncture in the drier air so 95 in millville and 98 at the atlantic city airport. hot on the sand in cape may county, 99 degrees and dover feeling like 95. a boundary is off to the north and attached to that boundary say small wave of energy developing and this more than likely will extend into baltimore and washington and maybe the southern zones late tonight as storms begin to fire up. so for tonight, a few downpours passing through especially philadelphia to the south. could be a thunderstorm or two mixed in as well with brief
4:50 pm
heavy rain or gusty winds. 68 to 74 degrees. future tracker seeing the action in southern areas, so like last night in parts of chester and montgomery county, and philadelphia county jolted out of bed at 1:00 in the morning could happen again tonight. and lingering in trenton and then 5:30 in the morning most of that pushes away so a dry start with lingering clouds on thursday morning. we start with clouds and maybe a shower at the shore and returning sun in the afternoon. stay ago above normal at 90 degrees and we do it again on friday and temperatures are tickling that 90 degree mark hazy hot and humid, this is the front that will eventually come in to make the change into early next week for the shore tomorrow sea breeze goes into effect unlike today. 83 in new jersey and delaware
4:51 pm
beaches, 85 degrees. the southeast wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 90 degrees tomorrow and again clouds in the morning giving way to some sun, 91 and hot and humid on friday, and again same on saturday, 91 degrees and sunday afternoon is when the front approaches to bring the change to break the heat and humidity with storms that could linger into monday morning. but monday the temperatures drop back into the 80s and then in fact, by tuesday and wednesday, extremely low humidity finally we catch a much needed break from the heat and the humidity, with high temperatures a little below normal in the lower and mid-80s. so there is some relief on the way. >> all right finally. had to happen sometime. adam thanks. >> next in what's the deal? we have four easy ways to help college kids save thousands of dollars. and the advice is coming
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college students are heading to campus for the new school year and it's no secret the cost of that degree is mounting. a girl by the name of ann jacob wrote a savings blog for yahoo! finance and she gives us insider tips breaking down the ways she has saved thousands of dollars in college expenses. first she says right now right before the semester starts go through your bill with a fine tooth comb and start cutting unnecessary fees, and she says that going on her parent's health insurance plan and opting outs of the school's plan saved
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her $998 a year. and big expenses, like the text book, ann says she has never bought a full priced book, one book was $101 at the school book store but only $17 on a site called big words and recommends looking for used books on amazon and ebay, and consider ebooks, you may have to do searching they are completely free and there is always the library. she recommends applying for scholarships not just as a freshman but every year, she uses an app called scolly, it uses an app from your major to the gpa. sometimes they come upon scholarships they didn't know about. and has creative tips on saving money on your living expenses
4:56 pm
and some of these you may not have thought of, you can find them all on she would know, she an insider. >> finally at 4:00, an outpouring of support is helping a washington state family and their dog. charlie the dog uses a special wheelchair to get around and someone stole it off his owner's front porch sun night and his ramp is missing too. charlie lost feeling in his hind legs a year ago, a family friend started to collect money online for a new custom set of wheels and they have doubled the goal. >> who does that? who takes that? awful. all right that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" at 5:00 is next.
4:58 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass.
4:59 pm
the search is on for three robbery suspects who targeted a jewelry store at a northeast philadelphia mall. the weapon of choice is a hammer. now we hear from people inside of the mall, where it all happened. wednesday night and monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us tonight and the big story on "action news" is the robbery investigation at the philadelphia mills mall. >> "action news" reporter walter perez is live in northeast philadelphia with the details on this one. >> reporter: hey guys it happened at 10:30 this morning here at the mall behind me and the investigators say that the thieves mo bears a resemblance to other robberies in the delaware valley. >> everybody was scared and started to run out. >> aleesa was working at the perfume store next to the zales when the robbery took place. >> i wake up and hear the noises
5:00 pm
and they sound like gunshot buzz i guess it was the hammers hitting the glass. >> three men armed with sledge hammers performed a smash and grab and left with an untold number of gold and diamond rings. >> i stood there for a second and didn't know what to do and i shut my gate at the store and just waited. >> investigators are looking into whether today's smash and grab is related to other crimes. this one shows three masks men taking hammers to displayed at the montgomery mall three weeks ago. and today's ordeal was one big dose of modern day reality. >> it was scary, very scary, you don't know what to expect anymore. you think are you safe but you are not. >> reporter: now those men were seen drive ago way in a silver or blue hatch back t


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