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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon, rick will be along a little bit later. the wraps come off the newest wing of the king of prussia mall. and a twister sweeps through a
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small pennsylvania town. but the big story is the long awaited relief from the heat however we have to contend with high humidity. sky 6 hd looking live now at philadelphia international airport not as hot out there. but again, still pretty sticky today. meteorologist, david murphy, is at the "action news" big board with a look ahead. >> reporter: we are hoping to end the heat wave today. but it will be a close call. lets talk about rain, if you were out and about, there was batches of rain and now just a little pocket of sprinkle activity and it's not showing up on the radar, not a lot going on in terms of big picture and precipitation. we may be active later on in the afternoon and evening. you see out to the north and west of us, a shower or thunderstorm forming in new york state and pushing into the pennsylvania border near williamsport. and some of this may filter down
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the area, the best chance is in the poconos and the lehigh valley and berks county and places like that. probably just light nuisance stuff for the most part. stormtracker 6 live double scan will be on top of that if anything pops up. the today's high is 89 degrees. it's possible we'll push up to 90 either way it will feel about the same. on the humid side and less so in the afternoon. and yesterday down at the shore, it will wind up being stickier. in terms of what is going on now. we have 81 degrees and we are still pushing our way to the 89 degree range. winds are light coming out of the northwest and this should bring drier air in at least temporarily. and hopefully lower the dew points, so far we are on the sticky side and the i-95 corridor. more humid down south. when i come back we'll talk more about the way the rest of the
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afternoon and work week is going to play out. we have one more spike with higher humidity and storms towards the end of the weekend before a lot better weather pattern develops. i'll have details on that. >> looking forward to that. thank you david. you'll find updates on weather any time at, stormtracker 6 live double scan radar has an up to the minute look at anything on the horizon and regular updates on twitter and facebook when you follow our meteorologists. the following breaking news this noon. two men are arrested in chester county for allegedly having sex way teenage girl. lawrence jamison and john c. brown are charged with sex assault, sex trafficking and child pornography and other offenses. authorities say they deceived a 16-year-old girl with having sex with them. they uncovered 15,000 pornographic images and videos at his home. police in kensington are
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looking for the man that broke into an auto zone but only stole a bicycle. this is surveillance from inside of the store from early tuesday morning, according to police the suspect got in through the back door and snuck around the store and only took the bicycle and then rode off. police want to hear from anyone that recognizes him. we have an update on the robbery at the mills mall. a trio of men wielding rubber malletts took rings from the storm. the robbers are still at large this noon. union employees took to the streets in burlington county to call for an end to the political stall mate in camden. members of the international union of north america, protested outside of diane allen's office in cinnaminson. they say that lawmakers refusal
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to fix the trust fund. they reached out to governor christie's officer but so far no response. the biggest mall in our area getting bigger today. the expansion is finally completed at the king of prussia mall. annie mccormick was there for the opening and joins us live. hey annie. >> reporter: i have been waited for these two to be connected since i was in high school. now it's finally happening. it's big and beautiful and bright. after years of construction they open to the public and now they are four times the size they were before. the unveiling of the new king of prussia mall boasts 40 new roo retailers with exsis on luxury. jimmy choo joins the list of
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who's who. and an up scale food court and shoppers are impressed. >> beautiful and fashionably very glitzy. >> what stands out to locals is the absence of the outdoor walkway that separated the malls and court sections, instead of a ribbon cutting they symbolized it by bringing ribbons together. >> the design of connecter is fabulous. to really flow people through. it was a very challenging project. you know, our ceo david simon basically said figure out a way to make these things integrated and what i'm most excited about is when someone comes here for the first time, they will never know there was a plaza and a court. it's going to be one totally integrated seamless shopping experience. >> the $250 million project
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started 2 1/2 years ago the massive shopping center already attracted 25 million people a year. this could make it even bigger and create jobs and tax revenue. >> it's good for any company looking to invest here, this is a major landmark, it had been the largest mall in the united states before mall of america and now even bigger. the tens of thousands of people working here have a secure future. >> reporter: right now i'm in the dining and lounge area, they have comfortable seating for those that don't want to do super shopping, this is the designing area near all of the new options they have here. also for parking, they have 13,000 spaces. and if you valet your car you can also get a car wash. back to you. >> thank you. >> the wild fire ranging near
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san bernardino, california, continues to grow, the fire expanded nearly 10 square miles tonight. fueled by southwest winds and dry hot weather. fire officials say that they don't even know how many homes and businesses have been destroyed. more than 80,000 people are evacuated. coming up at 12:30, we'll have a live report from california. now to the latest on the investigation into the reported robbery into u.s. swimmer, ryan lochte and three other american swimmers in rio. different stories are surfacing so what really happened. >> reporter: new developments today surrounding 12 time olympic medalist ryan lochte and three other olympic swimmers who claim they had were robbed on the streets of rio. the investigators and the ioc looking to see if there was false statements given to police. >> we never tried to hide it.
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>> a federal police source says that surveillance video shows one swimmer breaking down a bathroom door at a gas station and then getting into a fight with a security guard. the day after jack conger and gunnar bentz were pulled from a houston bound flight. >> they came by and said you need to debark and they took them off the plane. >> they released this statement. jack conger and gunnar bentz, were released with the understanding they would continue their conversation on thursday. abc news learn that lochte is back in the u.s., previously telling nbc news he had a gun to his head and cocked it and put it to my forehead and said get down. and i was like whatever. >> now he says the gun was only pointed in his direction.
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and questioning the demeanor of the men when they rush to the olympic village, as seen here in surveillance video. >> the u.s. olympic committee, saying that they have all been released and are awaiting furnish discussions with brazilian authorities. adrian bankard channel 6 "action news." the eagles take on the steelers in pittsburgh, the second preseason game for the birds. sam bradford only had three plays last week, they are expected to go into the second quarter tonight. more ahead on "action news" at noon. the family's hover board sparked a ranging fire inside of their house. and mcdonald's scrubs the plans to put fitness trackers inside of their happy meals.
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. a hover board explosion is to blame for a house fire in south florida. the homeowner says he heard a loud noise and saw what looked like flames in the bedroom.
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the device had been plugged into the electrical outlet when it exploded. it caused $30,000 in damage. they have confirm that a twister touched down in western pennsylvania. the ef 0 tornado tore through the town of denora, west of pittsburgh, it brought winds of 85 miles per hour and the twister continued for a mile to a village nearby. and tore off porching and rooftops. a wal-mart in ohio is coming to the aid of a family in need after a story about a child who tried to sell a stuffed animal for food. the manager at the store in franklin arranged a big shopping day for the boy and his siblings along with their grandmother. they were taken from their parents after finding them in deplorable conditions at home. the man knew he had to help.
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>> we take care of people. without wal-mart, there is nothing i could have done personally, but my company had my back. i asked the question, and they had no hesitation, do it. >> it's grandmother is overwomened by the store's kindness. officials talked about how to get people that have been incarcerated back to work. mayor jim kenney opened the discussion at the round table meeting this morning in center city. kenney says that people that have paid their debt to society deserve the chance to get back and build a better life for themselves and their children.
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mcdonald's are pulling the activity trackers from their kids happy meals because the bands may cause skin irritation, the fast food giant just put the trackers in the happy meals to try and get kids moving more but they received reports of potential skin problems. they will remove the bands while it is investigated. losing a spouse could be devastating with feelings difficult to express. tamala edwards meets a group of widowers finding comfort with their own words.
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>> she lost her soul mate. >> we did everything together and all of a sudden it's like falling off a cliff. >> it's all encompassing the like some days i cannot lift my head off the pillow. >> a group of widows meet every tuesday of the month. >> a group of women that are ready to we rebuild their lives in a positive way. >> to help the widows heal she has them writing high cue. >> she wants us to go deeply inside of ourselves and in a few short words find an emotion and express it. >> you are everywhere, how is it you are nowhere. >> it's 17 syllables you can express in emotion. >> know this is not a dream. >> a form of relieving your feeling. saying what you think. >> memories bubble float up at odd times. >> along with the poetry they
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share their hard times and the difficulty of losing a spouse. >> it makes me feel better and coming to the meeting and sharing with women that have gotten through it. it gives me hope i will get to where they are. >> imagine reengage. >> it helps to give us inner strength listening to the story. >> this is a place where i can begin my life again. >> tamala edwards, channel 6 "action news." >> really nice. the "action news" team sought working on news story for tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> whether you are shopping for a college student or for your family, bath towels, as you know are a staple for your house. and there are so many types out there, we have tips to help you choose towels that will hold up. and in big talkers, a patriotic problem is brewing in new york state. firefighters are being ordered
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take american flags off their trucks and they are not happy about it, and neither is social media. we'll break this one down later in the show. and you can take us with you on the go. you can watch our newscast streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. accuweather is coming up.
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philadelphia will play host again to a mystery dinner, this is it the fifth year for an event that started in paris, the 500 invited guests dress in white from head to toe and don't know where they are going until right beforehand. that looks like fun. >> put on your wedding dress, i had a half white tux. >> i would like to see those
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pictures. >> might not. it's on the humid side and more humid the farther south you go, just like yesterday. in philadelphia on the sticky side as well sx taking a look outside. we have a live picture on sky 6 hd, you see some sun breaking through on the ben franklin and obviously some clouds are still trying to get out of here and i think we'll transition to more sun over the next couple of hours. right now 81 degrees and the dew point has slipped down out of the 70s. an improvement from this morning. 69 so noticeable humidity. winds out of the north at miles per hour and that throw with drier air should help to lower that dew point during the afternoon. 78 in reading and upper 70s in lancaster and reading and low 80s in wilmington and millville and 80s at the shore in cape may. future tracker 6 picking up the rest of the story and it looks like the clouds will give way to more sunshine later in afternoon
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and by about 5:00 we'll hit our high, we may hit 90 and keep the heat wave going, i'll be an optimist and say 89 and the possibility of shower activity later on in the evening hours and most of it looks to fall apart in the poconos and briefly popping into allentown and reading it's these areas you have a chance of seeing something like that. in the lehigh valley, partly sunny and on the humid side. a high of 87 degrees, down the shore a bit more humid than areas farther inland. not as warm as yesterday and a comfortable 82 degrees on your thermometer. we how much to get to 89 it will feel the same with partly sunny skies and moderate humidity in the afternoon and the southwest wind beginning to curl around from the southwest later today. for the afternoon and evening commute that, is your high at 4:00 and 5:00 and 88 by 6:00 and warm by 7:00, 87 degrees there. as we look at the overnight
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hours, 74 degrees and partly cloudy overnight and winds from the northwest not all that strong at 4 to 8 miles per hour. it looks moderately humid today and probably stay that way for friday and a fair amount of saturday, but later on saturday the humidity starts to climb again and sunday looks to be the next oppressive day, the humidity spikes ahead of a cold front and maybe thunderstorms saturday afternoon and sunday night. and then the humidity 54, boom. and tuesday 46 for a dew point, the indication that the humidity will spike on sunday but feel a lot better on monday, tuesday and wednesday and tropical storm fiona is out in the atlantic and looks to cut toward bermuda, and a model that shows it spiking north, that is something to keep your eyes on. partly sunny and humid today and 91 tomorrow and sunny and hot and more humid on saturday, and
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high of 88 and a spotty thunderstorm. on sunday we spike up it's humidity with a high of 90 and could be strong, gusty thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. take cover if you hear thunder on and monday, and tuesday and wednesday back in the 80s and feeling fine. >> we are looking forward to that. some of the coolest cows in the u.s. live in wisconsin. conard farms use a water wall to keep their cows cool. it's a radiator with flowing water and air flowing through it keeps it 20 degrees cooler. cows cannot sweat and their milk production drops off during the summer but no drop at this farm. it's all about keeping the cows happy. more ahead in the next half hour off "action news" at noon, the biggest methamphetamine bust ever in one state. find out where all of these drugs were stashed.
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and a little kindness can go a long way. the story about how the family made the day of one waitress.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. >> hello again, rick williams will be along later. here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30.
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southern california's biggest wild fire continues to grow and the hot dry weather is not helping. a task force targeting child pornography. leads to the arrest of 40 people in new jersey. he is the world's fastest man and makes it look so easy. the science behind the speed of usain bolt. and now the wild fire in los angeles, it has burned 43,000 square miles and other fires continue to burn as well. here is the latest on the massive wild fire fight. >> reporter: sara, more red flag warnings issued today because of the gusty winds and high heat. another town threatened as this fire continues to wreak havoc on the area. >> this is the biggest flair-up we see so


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