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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  August 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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up with us, 7:00 a.m., saturday, august 20. developing this morning 6 people were hurt in a chain recreation crash involving several -- reaction crash involving several scars on the boulevard. an argument inside a popular philadelphia restaurant ends with a stabbing. hot and steamy, but we're keeping our eye on the possibility of thunderstorms this weekend. outside we go to chris sowers, the folks should be excited you use the word cool and delightful, chris. >> reporter: unfortunately that's not today. it arrives monday and tuesday, we have cooler changes finally in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. from now until then we have hot and humid afternoons to go. 74 degrees in philadelphia at this hour. allentown, 5.
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poconos 58 degrees, no humidity. feels very refreshing in the mountains. trenton, 70. 71 in millville. dover, 71 degrees. cape may, 77. you can see the scale at the top of the screen. 65 is humid, 70 awful. you can vee 6 -- see 60s to the northwest, dover, 71. cape may, 73. the good news those snbs will -- numbers will be lowering a little bit as the day progresses. satellite and radar, skies are crystal clear. the call from accuweather for the weekend, 90 degrees that's the forecasted high. with the humidity it will feel closer to 92. not too terribly bad. tomorrow, 88 degrees, we increase the humidity feels like 93. look at monday, that can't be correct, can it? >> yes it is, 82 degrees. the humidity drops so low, the heat index is lower than the
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forecasted high. the peak index come monday afternoon is 79 degrees. we could see morning lows tuesday and wednesday in the ine 50s across the a large portion of the area. that will feel fantastic. when i come back in just a few minutes i'll talk about that and the possibility of thunderstorms for sunday in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thanks for the update. 7:02. developing right now on "action news," a chain reaction accident along the boulevard injured six people. some of them are being treated in the hospital. four vehicles collided near the fox street exit ramp in east falls this morning. police are working to figure out what caused the accident. an argument that started inside an popular old city restaurant ended with a stabbing outside. we know two men got into an altercation at the blue martiniy cocktail lounge overnight. police say one stabbed the other in the neck. the 33-year-old victim was taken to jefferson hospital in
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critical condition. police are searching for suspects after a shooting in philadelphia's frankford section. we know that shots were fired around 10:00 p.m. at oxford avenue and folcroft street. a 31-year-old man was shot twice and was taken to the hospital in stable condition. no arrests have been made. we turn to the race for the white house, republican nominee, donald trump made a trip to flood ravaged louisiana. hillary clinton suggested there should not be any such visitors because it might distract from the relief efforts. trump's visit comes in the shadows of the latest shakeup in his campaign. kenneth moten has the details. >> reporter: hump trump has appeared on the campaign trail on the ground in louisiana. donald trump was lending a hand and meeting the people impacted by the historic floods and touring the devastation. he is working to pivot to look more presidential, admitting he has not at chosen the right
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words. >> i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it. >> reporter: he took time to criticize president obama who is taking heat for not cutting his vacation short to visit louisiana. trump talked about his louisiana visit at a michigan rally. >> obama should get off the golf course and get down there. >> reporter: the white house said he didn't want his travel impacting the recovery effort. there's been a week of shakeups for trump campaign management. chairman paul maniford is out for representing a pro russian leader. hillary clinton's campaign released the video and statement saying you can get rid of paul maniford, but that doesn't end the odd bromance trump has with
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vladimir putin. the clinton foundation announced if clinton becomes president it will no longer take corporate or foreign money and bill clinton will resign from the board. kenneth moten channel 6 "action news." >> you can download the 6abc news appear to get breaking election alerts and live results on election night. it is a free download for your mobile device. 70:50. this morning, american swimmers gunnar bentz and jack conger are back in the u.s. arriving in miami. gunnar bentz released a statement saying he never lied about being robbed out with his teammates. he said he never saw anyone breakdown a bathroom door, but he said ryan lochte did tear
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down a sign from the building. organizers of the game accepted lochte's apology, but the ioc set up a disciplinary commission to investigate the incident. a teenager who beat her classmate who died will face trial in a family court. aim j joyner francis was killed in a bathroom. the defendant is charged with criminal negligent homicide and conspiracy. the victim's family said it is unfortunate that three people get away with murdering our amy. a frightening moment when customers inside a bar came face-to-face with a robber's gun. you have to see this video. look at this hear. it happened at frank's place
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4200 block of north 15th street. the robber got away with cell phones and purse. cumberland police officer died nine years ago while saving a young woman's life. today he continues to be an inspiration to her and now his life is being honored in a remarkable way. jeff chirico now with that story. >> i was at a bad point in my life and i never would have thought i would would be where i was yesterday. >> reporter: satora jenkins is brought to tears talking about her journey to becoming a corrections officer one when a retired police officer gave his life to save her. >> i died in 2007. >> reporter: carmen de gregorio died while trying to stop the
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car while jenkins was being shoved into a car at a wawa. she graduated from the corrections officer academy overcoming the odds as the sergeant that investigated her case and became her friend. >> so many people have become scrims of violent crime, and they don't know how to cope and have closure. >> reporter: jenkins said she wants to honor carmen by making a better life for her children by carrying on her life in public service. >> it is important that people care about you. >> carmen was hero and i know he is watching. >> reporter: carmen continues to be a source of motivation for
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jenkins, during the runs in the academy when she thought of giving up, she thought of his sacrifice and kept on running. reporting in bridgeton, cumberland county, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> police in massachusetts catch up with a was nova who is accused of sweeping women off their feet and sweeping out their bank account. local women help each other endure after losing their spouses. >> reporter: say goodbye to the heat and humidity, cooler temperatures on the way, so, too is a round of heavy showers and thunderstorms coming this way. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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a man accused of stealing hearts and money from single women under arrest in massachusetts. he conned 8 we'll over two years
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all he met on website. he skimmed tens of thousands of dollars from their bank account. he told one date he had cancer. >> a little bit at a time saying you needed to pay this cancer bill or this doctor bill and he didn't have cancer. >> he has been charged with larceny. a police officer near scranton fended off punches and pizza that he used as a weapon. he threw an entire pizza at the officer outside the police department. he punched the officer and tried to chain lock the building. he ran off, but officers caught him using a stun gun to take him down. the suspect has a history with him. he was pulled over last week by the officer he is accused of assaulting with the pizza. newport beach california,
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swells are rising ten to 15 feet high. surfers are going torah ride and wiping out. surfs are going for a hide and wiping out. lifeguards are urging caution. ten feet, that's high. >> reporter: that's high. >> high here in terms of feet? >> reporter: sort of of kinda. let's get you outside and show you the view, we're down in atlantic city, not too bad of a morning, it's sticky fort shorepoints and interior sections of south jersey. the dewpoints will be dropping this afternoon, it will be hot, temperatures close to 90 degrees. we lost the extreme heat for days now. today will be again, rowferl 90 90 -- owe roughly, 890 at -- 90 at best.
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monday, 94, tuesday, 94. wednesday, 91. yesterday, we broke the heat wave, 88. yesterday, 90 and today 90. pressure reading holding steady at 29.93 inches. allentown, lehigh valley mid 60s including reading. lancaster, 64. wilmington, 70. philadelphia, 74. millville, 71. atlantic city not too bad at the airport, 67. cape may, 77. but again, there's a lot of humidity for the shorepoints this morning. dover checking in at 71. the wider view on satellite 6 along with action radar. this is the game changer right here, this area of low pressure will bring the last of the heat and humidity there's a lot of cool air across the high plains and the southern provinces of canada. that slide through the northern tier states and plant itself over the mid atlantic monday. monday looks great, tuesday
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looks great, even wednesday, we're talking low humidity levels. 86, 87. combination of sun and clouds today, not a bad day. overnight tonight partly cloudy, overnight tonight, partly cloudy, sun and clouds, the humidity starts to increase as the day progresses. we get into sunday afternoon, once the cold front approaches all the humidity in the air we call it soup it will trigger showers and thunderstorms. this model suggests that broken line fizzles out before it makes it into the city. accuweather thinks it will hold and will last start to finish 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m., this is places like reading, allentown, 10:00 p.m., the jersey shore. the city will split the difference an 8:00 p.m. powerful wind and downpours and cloud to ground lightning strikes expected. 90 degrees for allentown and
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reading. 90 for philadelphia, with the humidity, feeling like 91, 92. toms river, 87. atlantic city, 85 degrees. the poconos beautiful right now, temperatures in the 60s partly sunny, 80 degrees that's it today not too bad. showers and thunderstorms, the temperature is not too bad for tomorrow. the humidity increases, it will be more comfortable today than tomorrow even though temperatures are higher today than tomorrow. ocean temperature back up to 73. look for a combination of sun and clouds partly sunny, warm, 85 degrees high amounts of humidity, tomorrow, thunderstorms developing late in the day with the high of 84. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 90 degrees today, 88 for tomorrow, increasing humidity, monday and tuesday, it's going to feel like october out there. 82 and 81 with several locations tuesday morning and wednesday morning bottoming out in the 50s for lows. wednesday, 87.
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thursday, 89. humidity comfortable friday we get into the hot, humid air again, 92 degrees, it will feel like 95 or 96. so at least we got a couple of good ones there. >> did you say 50s for low, sweater time. losing a spouse can be devastating, the feelings difficult to express. in the art of aging tamala edwards meets a group of widows finding comfort in each other company and their own words. >> reporter: when robin lost her husband at 50 years she lost her soul mate. >> we did everything together it's like falling off a cliff. >> i can't feel like i can lift my head off the pillow. >> reporter: the with it does meet the third tuesday -- the we widows meet the third tuesday of every month.
7:18 am
she wanted us to go deeply inside ourselves and to in just a few short words find an emotion and compression --expre. >> you can express an emotion that's buried inside. >> it's a form of releasing your feelings and saying what you think. >> memories bubble float up at odd times. >> reporter: along with the poetry they share their personal stories and the pain and suffering of losing a spouse. >> it makes me feel better coming to the meetings and sharing with women who have gotten through it. it gives me hope to get where they are. >> this is a place i can begin
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my life again. >> reporter: tamala edwards channel 6 "action news."
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>> so glad you stayed with us, 7:21 here's a look at what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. nba star wayne ellington will host the peace games today aimed at bringing at risk youth and young adults together while emphasizing gun violence prevention and add advocacy. it happens at the cheeseman herrick fieldhouse from 1:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. you can head to the oaks montgomery county for the 15th annual interweave beadfest val.
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it features jewelry making supplies and instructors to create your own jewelry and line up of jewelry making workshops and exhibits a whole lot more for you, chris sowers. you can check it out today 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. check out the schmidts in northern liberties from 12 noon until 5:00 p.m. that's what's happening around the area my friends, sports is up next. ♪
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 7:24 saturday morning, another beautiful weekend for the jersey shore. it's been a nice summer for the shorepoints. lots of sunshine expected today. a few clouds mixed in. warm and humid, temperatures in time 80s, feeling closer to 90. we're not talking air temperatures in the mid 90s. there will be a weak sea breeze. beach haven, 84. ocean city, 85. rehoboth beach 86. the ocean water temperatures are well in the mid 70s. the burn index, very high. make sure you apply the skin screen. ocean temperature ranging between 73 and 76, tranquil seas. there's a low risk for rip currents. it doesn't mean you won't see rip currents, but it is very low. >> extra innings in the cards for the phillies and cardinals, here's ducis rogers.
7:26 am
>> reporter: good morning, just like old times, the phillies and cardinals played well into the night last night. 6th inning, phillies ballots wake up. solo shot phils up 2-1. freddie galvis, what you can do i can do, too. he homers, as well, back-to-back jacks, phillies take 3-1 lead. gomez in to close it out. a 2-run homer, ties the game at 3. frank herman pitching. that's the eventful winning run. the phillies drop the opener of the series, 4-3. >> offense didn't capitalize on scoring opportunities. man on third base less than two
7:27 am
outs, twice, couldn't get him in, couldn't make contact, bases loaded. we had men in scoring positions, chances we just didn't capitalize. the eagles had the day off, they prepare for game number 3. the birds are 2-0. despite the fact the first string offense has not been all that sharp. sam bradford didn't score any touchdowns in the win over the steelers. did that cause concerns? don't mention it to bradford. >> we did some things out there tonight that's why they call it the preseason. i don't think there's a concern for that right now. >> i know the types of reps we've been giving our guys, we don't put a ton of game planning
7:28 am
into games like this we wants to see execution. >> reporter: the eagles picked off four passes including this return for a touchdown by nolan carol. that's a look at sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers, you have yourself a terrific weekend. >> the engines were loud on the beach last night. [revving engine]. truck races begin last night in north wildwood. it has the biggest trucks including avenger and brut us, all races takes place on the wildwood beach between mariner's landing and add -- adventure pier.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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>> we're following developing news this morning, a deadly hit-and-run, a woman was hit as she crossed the street in her wheelchair. also, new overnight, a serious crash in the lehigh valley sent several people to the hospital. not all survived. plus, an "action news" exclusive, you'll hear the story of heroism from the man who helped to rescue a young boy from a burning truck. but irs -- first outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers, chris i am excited about
7:31 am
the cool down but not so fast. >> reporter: not so fast, we have two days to go before we get there. today it's not too bad, martins creek, 63. center city, 74. levittown 69. glassboro, 75. vineland, 66. same number for gandys beach. sea isle city and on the boards in atlantic city, you're leading the pack at 77. satellite arena radar you can see for the most part we're clear, the mid atlantic, the northeast, the virginias the carolinas, there's not much going on. we have an area of high pressure dominating the weather pattern. we'll see sunshine from start to finish. just a few puffy cumulus clouds that's about it. the call from accuweather, sun and clouds, warm and sticky, 90 is the high. it will feel like 91 or 92. it's a hot and humid day, but it
7:32 am
doesn't compare to the oppressive heat and humidity we saw earlier in the week or the week before that. if you're sick and tired of the humidity, take a look at this. it's about to drop off a cliff here. sunday is a warm and sticky day. monday and tuesday we get into a fall-like pattern. the dewpoints are so low, they are not on the scale. that will feel fantastic. it will last most of next week. it turns hotter on friday and saturday most of us next week is comfortable. when i come back i'll have the numbers in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you so much. this morning on "action news" we're following several developing stories, first a woman in a wheelchair has died after being struck by a hit-and-run driver in north philadelphia. she was hit on lehigh avenue near masher street at 1:30 a.m. the victim died at temple university hospital. the driver was pulled over for an unrelated matter a few blocks from the scene and arrested when
7:33 am
officers discovered the truck was involved in the hit-and-run. there is new information about a shooting that we've been telling you about in north coventry township. a 20-year-old man had a gunshot injury to his leg and graze injury to his face during a party. police were called to the are 1500 block of off and on leg. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. no arrests were made in the case. 7:33 a.m. one person was killed in a four vehicle crash that would in the lehigh valley. state police say the victim was trapped under an overturned vehicle in hanover township, lehigh county. the collision happened on route 222 west of airport road around 11:30 p.m. five people were taken to the hospital to be treated. police have not said who coursed coursed -- caused the crash. we have an "action news" exclusive, a man rushed to the
7:34 am
scene of a fiery crash in glasgow, delaware. he saved a little boy from a fiery truck. he spoke to bob brooks about his quick action. it is scary video to look at, a major intersection in glasgow, an 18 wheeler collided with a pickup truck. the truck burst into flames. everyone is trapped inside including a 6-year-old little boy. that's when good samaritan eladio de shielvs sprung into action. >> joe, the guy i work for, he said looks like somebody is stuck inside the car. >> reporter: indeed it was that 6-year-old he and others saw and knew time was running out. there were several people trying to pull him out of the car. eladio de shielvs noticed a fire extinguisher from a tractor-trailer, he used it as a hammer. >> i picked up up and started
7:35 am
banging the window until it broke. >> reporter: the flames were getting bigger, others ran away. eladio de shielvs did not. >> everybody started backing off the car, i don't know what it was, i didn't want to leave the car. the kid, it was the kid's life. i don't know what it was, i didn't want to leave the car. rng -- >> reporter: thankfully an officer showed up with the working fire extinguisher. >> he sprayed down the back and it might have lubricated the child's leg and the officer grabbed a hold and i grabbed ahold and dragged him out of the car and gave him a hug. i was happy he was saved. >> reporter: there were two other people in the truck an adult male and female they were rescued as well and taken to the hospital for treatment. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> a missing penn state
7:36 am
professor was found dead. police say he was pushed off an 80-foot cliff. 39-year-old george ishler is charged with killing ronald bettig an associate professor of communications at the penn state. the body was found at the bottom of a quarry near state college. he confessed he lured him under the scheme they would harvest marijuana plants they were growing. marris is in jail for killing miprecious hosskins and dumped her body in a trash bin. she died from multiple gunshot injuries. fbi is questioning staffers
7:37 am
at the district attorney's office over gifts that seth williams received. he received $160,000 in gifts. his attorney said the d.a. made a quote terrible mistake and trying to reach a settlement over late fines, no criminal charges have been filed. philadelphia health leaders warning there's a growing fentanyl crisis in the city. the drug killed more than 700 people last year. that's an increase from 460 in 2013. officials right now using outreach programs in high use areas of philadelphia to get people into the treatment programs. a grocery store near pittsburgh is the first in pennsylvania since prohibition to sell wine. the giant eagle store in robinson township will sell wine. under the law customers can buy 3 liters of wine to go.
7:38 am
the pennsylvania liquor control board approved 81 supermarkets and restaurants and hotels to sell wine to go. runners and cyclists in montgomery county have a reason to celebrate. the sullivan trail bridge is open connecting the schuylkill river to valley forge historical park. >> it's becoming a better place for pedestrians and cyclists. >> i hope to use this to compute to work and get exercise on my way to work and not make more congestion and smog. >> it is a direct link between chester and montgomery counties. a wilmington man is selling his vast vial lynn collection -- violin collection. david brom has 250 violins.
7:39 am
they are on splay in his home. he is selling the american violin collection for $1.5 million. they plan to keep it together as part of a study of the american violin. >> a midwestern city turned into gotham for a day to brighten a little boy's spirits to fight a rear disease. back here at home, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" on saturday morning continues after this break.
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>> people on north carolina's outer banks got a look at the water spout there. 72-mile an hour gusts were reported at the inlet nearby you can but no serious damage. there's concern for resident in flood ravaged louisiana, alligators. they lose their sense of direction and end up lost. they are in heavily flooded
7:43 am
ascension parish to find the alligators. president obama will be in louisiana on tuesday. >> reporter: let's go over to chris sowers. >> reporter: there's the view as we look at the camden water front. compared to what we've been through in the last couple of weeks. wait until you see what it going to feel like, monday and tuesday, feeling like fall. another day of 90 degrees or higher for the city of philadelphia. 85 is where we should be for this this time of the year. poconos, 58. 68 in atlantic city. 70 in trenton. millville and dover, 71. it feels awful with dewpoints equally warm.
7:44 am
philadelphia, same thing. somewhat cooler up to the north, allentown, 62. poconos, 62. reading, 62. low 60s is slightly humid, mid 60s is humid, 70-plus is awful we have that for interior sections of south jersey and the jersey shore and the state of delaware. the dewpoints will drop off this afternoon. you can seem the 50s showing up for philadelphia and the lehigh valley. that's not too bad. again, the muggies hang on pretty tough for the jersey shore and the delaware bay region and delaware. sunny and shot, points increase tomorrow. satellite and radar, mid atlantic and the northeast nothing going on and the virginias and the carolinas. all is quiet up and down the eastern seaboard. tomorrow, the front pushes through. it will trigger heavy thundershowers and thunderstorms.
7:45 am
with as soupy as the air is about to get, here, with the heating of the sun, we'll get heavy downpours and thunderstorms. they will be on the dangerous side with winds 670 -- 60 to 65 miles per hour. cloud to ground lightning strikes. today is quiet. tomorrow morning is quiet. in the afternoon we see the showers pop up. first in the western suburbs and the city 7:30, 8:00 p.m. they should reach the jersey shore by 9:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. today, sun and clouds, sticky. 90 degrees will feel like 91, 92. a light breeze out of the east/southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. 1:00 p.m., 89. maybe it feels like 90. 3:00 p.m., 90. maybe it feels like 91, 92. 5:00 p.m., 89 feels-like temperatures a degree or two warmer. look for a combination of sun and clouds.
7:46 am
jersey shore, warm and sticky, high of 85 degrees today partly sunny skies you more than likely will stay dry throughout the afternoon. ocean temperature, 73. tomorrow is different story, late in the day thunderstorms a good bet. 84 degrees is the forecasted high. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 90 degrees for the 34th time this year for the city of philadelphia or 35. i've lost track at this point. 88 degrees sunday, humid, afternoon thunderstorms developing some of which will be on the stronger side. monday and tuesday there's the october weather. 82 monday, 81 tuesday, western suburbs in the 70s. tuesday and wednesday morning in the 50s. 87 wednesday, thursday, 89. friday we get into the soup, hazy, hot and humid, 92. no sweaters yet, but it's getting better. 7:46 i would like to remind you, you can get the seven-day
7:47 am
forecast and check storm tracker 6 live at any time of the day right there on our website this weekend "fyi philly" has the best of philly it features many of the winners of philadelphia's magazine annual award. it includes le peg restaurant best american restaurant. "fyi philly" goes to the best korean restaurant in north philadelphia. ammano was chosen the best italian restaurant. you can see it tonight on "fyi philly" at 7:00 p.m. i have asthma...
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at "healthcheck" this morning good news and bad as kids head off to college, they smoke less than other adults, but tend to drink more alcohol according to a government report released this
7:50 am
week. the poll found 60% of college students are current drinkers compared to over half who are not in college. 38% said they had a binge drinking episode in the past month. meanwhile, if you have child heading to college, don't forget to make sure their vaccinations are up to date. they need prks against several -- protection against several illnesses including bacterial meningitis. another infection that spreads through intimacy is hpv. >> 75% of the people have had hpv in their lives, anyone actively sexual in college are at risk for hpv.
7:51 am
an arizona man said his secret to losing hundreds of pounds was simple. he walked to wal-mart. he topped the scales at 605 pounds when he decided to make a deal with himself. every time he was hungry he would walk a mile to a local walmart and back home before eating his meal. the 31-year-old lost 300 pounds and counting. >> walk to walmart 3 times a day, you ended up walking 6 miles, it was amazing i never walked 6 miles in my life. >> he changed his indict and now he goes to the gym, that's the key. that's something he couldn't do a year ago. he said that he was old nicknamed fat pat, now he is changed that to possible pat. a drairve -- brave little boy in north dakota became a
7:52 am
super hero. the 5-year-old was born with a syndrome that means he has no stomach muscles. he was strong enough to stop villains who abdomin ducked his -- abducted his aunt. make a wish made his dream to be a crime fighter for day come true. >> a helicopter ride all the police force, the s.w.a.t team. >> never forget it. he is a cutie, right. camden starts kindergarten next week, he may have the best tale to tell at story time. love that name, that's my son's name. meteorologist chris sowers has the final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we're back after this. is she after our liquid gold?
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>> here's one for you, this is a unique tradition at the iowa state fair, people took part in a cow chip throwing contest. what are cow chips. this year's winner threw an impressive 84 feet and 9 inches. he claims he used to throw it side arm. wash your hands. >> reporter: you know what a cow chip is? use your imagination on that. 90 degrees is the forecasted high. with the humidity, 91, 92678 tomorrow, 88. the humidity increases. it will worse tomorrow even though the forecasted high is cooler. afternoon thunderstorms a good bet and relief monday, tuesday, and wednesday, 82, 81, 87.
7:56 am
no humidity, a ton of sunshine and a nice refreshing breeze. >> no cow chips. >> reporter: wash your handles. >> handles -- wash your hands. >> 756 we're just a few minutes from saying good morning to "g.m.a." >> reporter: ryan lochte apologizing after the roucous night in rio. a fellow swimmer caught up in the scandal arriving back in the u.s., what will the he soda do to -- episode do to their careers. heavy rain causing flooding overnight as the scope of flooding in louisiana comes into focus. speaking of louisiana we'll tell you what donald trump said and did while visiting the disaster
7:57 am
zone. meanwhile, his campaign chairman stepped down while he makes an outreach to african-americans. calling all you kanye fans, the rapper has opened a pop up shop in the area. a woman is dead after being hit by a truck while riding in her wheelchair. the latest on the investigation at 9:00 a.m. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
7:58 am
when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
7:59 am
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good morning, america. newover night, lochte's apology. the swimmer says he's sorry for his behavior after a night of partying in rio. meanwhile, one of his teammates is pointing fingers. what he says really happened the night they were detained by armed security guards. campaign shake-up. donald trump's campaign manager out. paul manafort leaving team trump as the candidate tries to reshape his image visiting flood-ravaged louisiana. >> you'll be fine. >> plus, trump's new message to african-american voters. >> what the hell do you have to lose? a new zika warning this morning. the environment reaching one of the most popular vacation beaches in america. five new transmissions linked to the miami beach area. >> we're going to do everything in our powero


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