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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  August 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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asmt so how did jim curtain try to keep his team humble? he told his players not to feel too good about themselves because that's when you get punched in the face. down one against toronto. down one. 23rd minute. look at the box. what a play tying it at 1. but then toronto strikes back. union lose 3-1. they have not won back-to-back
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mls matches in threenths. the u.s. women's basketball team wins their sixth straight gold medal in the olympics today. they have won 49 straight games. they have dominated. walter: they don't receive enough fanfare. walter: all right. thank you. we're following the latest on the stabbing that happened inside a popular restaurant in philadelphia. what police are saying about the weapon that was used. also, we'll explain why it will be easier to fly to mexico beginning tomorrow. find out how some local police officers are helping kids get ready for the upcoming school year. those stories and more when action news comes back.
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walter: here's what's happening in action news at 11:30. police in philadelphia have a man behind bars after they say he hit and killed a woman in a wheelchair. and on the campaign trail,
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what donald trump told supporters today during a rally in virginia. but first tonight is the investigation into a stabbing inside a popular restaurant in philadelphia. the violence happened early this morning inside the blue martini cocktail lounge. >>reporter: central detectives arrived late this afternoon at blue martini to investigate the critical stabbing that left a 33-year-old man fighting for his life. >> i just heard people screaming. >>reporter: the parking attendant said he was working at 2:00 a.m. when he saw the man stumble across the street and collapse in the lot. >> it was real bad. we didn't know if he was still alive or not. >>reporter: police say the victim was stabbed in the neck possibly with a bottle. >> he couldn't talk. even the people from the club didn't know what happened. >>reporter: this is not the fist brush with violence for the establishment that bills itself
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as the ultimate night night dining and lounge experience. an argument inside in 2011 led to a fatal shooting outside. management tells action news the club employs enough security personnel to keep patrons safe. meanwhile, nearby property owners say this is a safe place but think the city can do more to ensure all nightclubs follow the rules. >> they have to cite these people for noise violations, nuisance clauses. there's also if you go in there and brought the fire inspector, do they have the correct occupancy? they need to get involved with these issues. >>reporter: police have not said if they have a suspect or motive in this case. management say they intend to open tonight and have no plans of beefing up security. jeff chirico. walter: police have arrested a man and charged him with dui after they say he hit and killed a woman in a wheelchair.
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police say a pedestrian who was with the woman was able to identify the driver. he's also been charged with homicide by vehicle. police in bethlehem investigate a deadly crash up there that happened just before midnight last night on route 22 in hand -- hanover township. 32-year-old renea tenasse was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene. six others suffered minor injuries we're learning more about the murder of a penn state professor. george ishler, jr., is charged with murdering ronald bettig. ishler is the uncle of bettig bettig's girlfriend. police say he pushed bettig off
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an 80-foot cliff and that ishler has confessed to the crime fresh off a week of major campaign changes, republican donald trump tried to refocus his attention back to the voters. polls show trump still has problems connecting with minorities, especially african-americ african-americans. today in virginia he acknowledged that the gop has strayed from being the party of lincoln. >> i fully recognize the outreach to the african-american community is isn't an area where the republican -- is in an area where the republican party must do better and will do better. walter: earlier today he met with the national hispanic advisory council meanwhile, hillary clinton is having more of a low key weekend on the campaign trail. she arrived on nantucket island this morning for a fund raiser.
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cher is also expected to attend the cdc is telling pregnant women not to travel to miami's popular south beach area. officials have discovered five new cases of the zika virus connected to south beach. two of the infected were locals and three were tourists bringing florida's case load to 36 infections not related to travel outside the u.s. but the mayor of miami beach says many people are not worried. >> people love miami beach. we cannot down play this. we must focus on this eneradicate this. i know if we work together and get our governor to work with us, we can get this done. walter: researchers in the u.s. have started testing experimental zika vaccines. if government regulators agree, they will start injecting volunteers this coming winter health professionals offered free health screenings today for local student athletes.
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dozens were able to get their hearts checked at the total turf experience in pitman, new jersey. sudden cardiac arrest is the number one cause of death among student athletes. >> ordinary physical is not enough. we're providing ekg exams which are more effective at discovering heart conditions that can lead to sudden death in children. walter: they've tested 13,000 students over the past 11 years and discovered 100 had undiagnosed heart conditions. the phillies game went to the dogs today. the pennsylvania spca teamed up for save a pet at the park. fans were encouraged to bring their pets to watch the game and there were also dogs and cats up for adoption. this is the tenth year they've done this. much more to come tonight. it's almost time to go back to
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school meaning local police officers made that a little easier today. we'll explain why and we were there for a unique event today that was all about star wars. melissa: and from hot and moderately humid today to oppressive tomorrow. your full forecast is coming up. walter: philadelphia police
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host an event today to help kids get ready to go back to school. the childrens backpack giveaway took place this morning at the 35th police district right there
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in logan. police officers handed out backpack and and school supplies to children from low income families in wilmington today, the city handed out free backpacks to children there and hosted a back to school celebration right there at tubman garrett river front park. there was live music, games, food, and face painting a grocery store in camden hosted a summer party today. those who took part got free samples and were given a chance to win prizes including bikes and phillies tickets it was a star wars celebration for all ages. there were photo opes with characters all in celebration of one of the most storied movie franchises of all time. all right. time for a check of our forecast
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with melissa magee. melissa: a cold front tomorrow will industryinger showers and storms across the region. -- trigger showers and storms across the region. the picture changes tomorrow night. we'll show you the picture right now. still down the shore in a.c., a lot of folks on the board enjoying a very warm night. partly cloudy sky. staying dry. changes are up ahead as we get into sunday. stay alert getting into tomorrow night. numbers north and west of town are in the 70s. 76 in martins creek. 77 center city. oxford at 72. down in new jersey, it's 75 in cio city. the boardwalk and surf city, temperatures in the upper 70s. southeasterly wind. a lot of humidity starts to
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creep back in the picture. dew points earlier today were in the lower 60s and 70s across the region. right now they're starting to cop up to the upper 60s north and west of town. you can see the moisture from the poconos because of that southeasterly wind ahead of this cold front. you can see it clearly now on radar. there's an area of low pressure with this rotation over the northern great lakes and a trailing cold front. a lot of moisture out across the ohio valley and areas in the southeast. this will be working its way eastward in the day tomorrow. here's the set up for us. turning stormy sunday. a high temperature coming in at 88 degrees. the issue with tomorrow is that humidity is going to feel more oppressive tomorrow than it did today because all of this moisture is surging in. so feeling quite tropical across the region. high pressure follows in behind.
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8:30 in the morning, clouds and sunshine. moisture still off to our west as we get into 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, spotty activity for the poconos, redding, lancaster. scattered showers and storms across the region. there's a lot of moisture in the air leading to drenching downpours, locally heavy winds and localize flood ago cross the region. tomorrow night the moisture comes in and moves out from a west-east direction. at the shore tomorrow, high temperature at 80 degrees. ocean temperature at 78 degrees. the shore will stay dry until the early evening hours. on sunday, it is humid with showers and storms around. high temperature coming in at 88 degrees. monday, less humid. plenty of sun at 82. tuesday, a beautiful afternoon. high temperature in at 81
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degrees. sunny and warmer on wednesday. 87 then. good looking days. thursday too if you like it on the warm side. on friday it's hot and turning more humid. high temperature of 92. saturday, showers and storms possible. high temperature coming in at 93 degrees then. but a nice change on monday. walter: not a bad week. the national highway traffic safety administration says hyundai and mitsubishi are recalling certain car models because of problems that could increase the risk of crashing. hyundai is recalling the 2013elantra because of brake pads and mitsubishi is recalling 2015-16 models of the outlander sport. starting tomorrow, it will be easier to fly from america to mexico. that's because most previous restrictions on the flights will be lifted.
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that means travellers will have more options and that could mean cheaper ticket prices. american, delta, and southwest have already announced new flights later this year and airlines on both sides of the border will be able to fly routes of their choice as often as they want and set their own prices as many americans are now planning trips to cuba as well, one famous face just returned. she was not there to see the beaches but to save a piece of american history right there in havana. here's ron claiborne to explain. >>reporter: it's the most famous house in cuba, earnest hemingway's, it's a journey into the past. bob vila has been helping save this house. >> all the windows needed to be replaced. >>reporter: he lived there from 1940 to 1960. >> his papers, his personal
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books, his photo albums, correspondence, everything was in this house. >>reporter: earnest hemingway left cuba in 1960 fully intending to return and resume living here with his wife mary but he died before he could come back. >> six years ago it was just cracks and failing plaster and stuff. bad condition. >> hi, i'm bob vila. >>reporter: he's known to many from his television show on how to repair and upgrade homes. the team of americans and cubans has been refurbishing the house and building a repository of treasures inside. >> this is the oldest square in havana. >>reporter: for vila, this project is personal. he's cuban-american born in miami to cuban parents. >> it was i think a big motivation to have the
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opportunity to reconnect with this place. it's been a good thing. >>reporter: his goal now is to refurbish its look and save priceless american literary treasures to make it feel once again like the home that hemingway lived and created great american literature on cuban soil. walter: how about that. much more to come including sports with jeff skversky.
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start what you finish? for the phillies starter, that's the problem. it was the longest drought in more than 100 games.
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that until they went seven tonight and the phils win. fans, you're always barking about something so let your dog in on the action tonight. ceasar hernandez, the first lead-off homer of his career. 1-0 phils. later in the inning, the two-out r.b.i. single. 2-0 phils. they're celebrating. there's a new wolf pack. bottom of the sixth, aaron altherr right down the middle and gone. phillies go on to win 4-2 and will try to win the series against st. louis tomorrow the eagles offense has not been flying up and down the field as much as you would like in the preseason but they're also without jordan matthews. he says he'll be ready for the first game. cars carson wentz is back though
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after broken ribs. >> would love to hopefully get him out here this week. we just have to see but i'm not going to rush him. i'm not going to push him to get back out. i want to make sures 100%. jeff: matthews doesn't think the time missed is a big deal brett brown reiterating today they're on track for training camp later in month down shore. wayne ellington is back home today. the miami heat guard hosting his first annual fellowship peace games to raise awareness to stop gun violence. his way of honoring his father who was tragically shot to death. >> a year and a half ago, my
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father was murdered here in philadelphia. so i just wanted to be a leader and stand up and try to do something to raise awareness, raise awareness and try to bring youth together and try to stop the violence as much as i can. jeff: the this is ryan hunter, he's going to need a rental car tomorrow for the race after finishing and crashing on that first turn today. hunter ray starts 22nd tomorrow. he needs a new car. back to you, walter. walter: no introduction needed here. a music icon graces the stage in south philadelphia tonight. >> hello, fellowship. >> barbara streisand performed before a packed crowd at the wells fargo center.
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castle is next here on channel 6. action news continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire action news team, i'm walter perez. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
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