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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  August 21, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, ryan lochte's apology. >> i am sorry. >> taking responsibility for what turned into an international incident. admitting he exaggerated his story about being robbed in rio. this morning, a new account. >> they were saying no police, no police please. >> this witness telling our matt gutman what he says really happened that night. extreme weather. flash flooding overnight in texas. and tornadoes tear through michigan and ohio. >> it's right there! >> cars overturned. roofs ripped to pieces. trees shredded. the huge cleanup ahead this morning. miracle survivor. the tiny toddler trapped under a capsized boat. >> she's got a baby in the water. >> yes, please hurry. >> the frantic search to find the little girl and how the family's 44 minutes of terror
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turned to triumph. >> it was a remarkable outcome. and the final push. brazil's big home turf victory. >> brazil strike olympic gold! >> team usa winning gold on the court. history on the track, too. what no american has done before. and the star of these games about to take a final bow. the finish line now so close. hey, good morning, everybody. paula is off taking some much-deserved vacation this morning. delighted to have cecilia vega on board. let's get right to our top story. the olympic swimmer ryan lochte now apologizing for that boozy and now infamous night in rio. >> he's admitted exaggerating his story. he's now saying sorry to the people of rio, his teammates, and all of those athletes whose victories in the games are being overshadowed.
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by this episode of late-night mischief. matt gutman has been on the story from the very start. matt, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, cecilia and dan. lochte's story has morphed from denying anything ever happened to be dirty harry, faces down thugs masquerading as police. now admitting the swimmers negotiated a settlement to avoid the police. he called what the swimmers did shenanigans and couldn't quite cop to lying. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: ryan lochte tell what he says is the truth. offering a long list of apologies. >> brazil doesn't deserve that. it was my fault. >> reporter: lochte saying he's taking full responsibility for the events that led to this confrontation in in now infamous gas station video, if which you can see him here pulling down that poster. police immediately suspected the swimmers were lying.
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with locket tt tty -- lochte ba the u.s., the other swimmers involved were hauled in for questioning. lochte says he wasn't entirely truthful. hours after the incident last sunday morning, he told nbr -- >> he cocked it, put it to my forehead. >> reporter: admitting now he was still drunk in that interview. >> it was still hours after that incident happened. i was still intoxicated. i was still under that influence. i overexaggerated that part. the gun was drawn. but not at my forehead. it wasn't cocked at my forehead. it was toward my general direction. as you can see in the surveillance, that's when my hands wept up. >> reporter: after days of solidarity, teammates gunnar bentz and jack conger offered apologies, their versions contradicting lochte's tale. we foolishly relieved ourselves on the backside of the building behind some bushes.
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lochte removed a poster from a nearby wall. which apparently alerted the gas station employees. for the rapid escalation that night, bentz putting the blame squarely on lochte. ryan stood up and began to yell at the guards. after jack and i both tugged at him in an attempt to get him to sit back down. in the video, you see this good samaritan using his limited english to translate and calm the tensions. when we caught up with deluge on saturday, he said the swimmers were offering cash to keep the guards from calling police. >> no police, no police, please, please, please. >> reporter: they were saying no police, please? >> yes, yes, yes. >> reporter: they said it was bentz who offered them money, asking them to explain that they wanted to know the loss of value and to pay. despite the eyewitness testimony, lochte seemed to hold on to his story that they were somehow extorted. maybe that's also a bit of over exaggeration. he now is unlikely to be
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prosecuted here in rio, he acknowledged he could lose endorsements and still faces possible suspension by the international and u.s. olympic committees. dan? >> matt, thank you. i want to pick up on the point about the consequences for him. let's bring in julie foudy, also in rio. julie, good morning to you. do you think this contrition mission where he's apologizing and dyeing his hair from blond back to brown, is this going to stop the bleeding for lochte? can he salvage those endorsements and his reputation? >> dan, it is dumbfounding, really. he just needs to stop talking, put his head down and be silent. when you think about it, who is going to endorse someone who lied to his mom, to the u.s. olympic committee? who then went on national television and told a lie. who then continues to lie and try to cover it up, who is totally tone deaf and leaves his teammates when they're back here in rio struggling. i mean, the list you keep going on with. coupled with the narcissism and
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stupidity of it is just amazing. i don't think he'll be able to get endorsement deals. i hope he can't get any. it's just dumbfounding. >> the list goes on and on. let's talk 2020. what is the likelihood he ends up in the pool in japan? >> he could. he's talked about wanting to be back in tokyo. the suspension from usa swimming, they're not going to suspend him for four years and knock out tokyo. if they suspended him for six or a year and took out worlds, he could still be back in the pool. he'll be 36 in tokyo. i think without the branding and of course the money that comes with all of those endorsement deals. >> thank you, julie. thank you to all of our team on the ground there. excellent job. we want to turn to the extreme weather, tearing through parts of the country overnight. ohio and michigan slammed by tornadoes. a big cleanup there. parts of texas, heavy rains came fast and furious. it's not over yet. rob's got more.
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hey, rob. >> hey, cecilia. now that we're getting into late august, stronger cold fronts. northern part spawning severe weather. the southern part bringing down the rain yesterday evening. in austin. sliding south into san antonio. they had flash flooding overnight. overnight, flash flooding in san antonio, texas. torrential downpours dumping nearly nine inches of rain in just four hours. part of the same system that spawned several tornadoes in the midwest. >> tornado on the ground! >> reporter: at least six reported twisters across the region. >> that's getting big, too. >> reporter: in the storm's wake, this trail of destruction in michigan. where trucks were flipped over like toys. roof tops ripped right off structures. trees uprooted and snapped like twigs. tornado sirens warning people in ohio to take shelter quick. >> i saw the clouds and debris and wood and paper flying around, i'm like, this ain't good. we came outside to this.
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>> reporter: crews across both states working round the clock clearing up debris. miraculously no deaths or injuries reported. but some returned home to find nothing left. >> i got a phone call. i was -- been told how much damage there was. i was kind of prepared for it. so when i got home, still, nothing prepares you for this. >> there's a slight severe threat across the northeast. as the northern part of this front pushing forward. the southern part just dragging on. there will be more in the way of rain over the same areas, especially san antonio later on this afternoon. this is a 12-hour rainfall forecast. we could see another three, four, five inches or more. in the areas that are already flooding right now. among the high water rescues, that may the ongoing through time. some of this rain along the i-10 corridor into the flood zone of baton rouge. on jous obviously are the waters are still very high there. a slow and painful recovery with that. more weather in a little bit.
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dan, back to you. >> exactly what they do not need. rob, thank you. to the race for the white house. and donald trump's latest attempts to reach out to minority voters. he has a new panel of hispanic advisers. what he's now saying about the republican party's historical lack of outreach to after americans. let's start with mary bruce. >> reporter: throughout this campaign, trump has raised plenty of eyebrows for his comments about minorities. this morning, he seems to be refining the message. as he makes a new appeal for their support. >> i want a totally inclusive country. and i want an inclusive party. >> reporter: this morning, donald trump has a new pitch to minority voters and a new admission. >> the outreach to the african-american community is in an area where the republican party must do better. and it will do better. >> reporter: just days into the latest trump reset. meeting with his new hispanic advisory board. the weekend already marked by protests.
8:10 am
and outrage over this stark plea. >> why do you have to lose? you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. >> the vast majority, more than 75% of us are not living in poverty. we are employed. we are working hard americans. >> reporter: in virginia, some trump supporters not ready to embrace his approach. >> i think it is kind of offensive to say something like that. >> he may have a tough pill to swallow. >> we're among those that are listening and want to try something new. >> hillary clinton is just going to take us further down the road to despair. >> it's time to wake up. african-americans, wake up. let's give the man a chance. >> reporter: and this morning the latest fund-raising numbers are in. trump has picked up the pace, raising more than $36 million in july. clinton is still way ahead, pulling in $52 million last month. dan and cecilia? >> thank you, mary. let's bring in, as promised,
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abc news chief anchor, george stephanopoulos. >> you only promised george. it could have been -- >> could have been george costanza. let's get serious for a moment. given that trump's approval rating amongst african-americans, last we checked, are 2%, what are the odds that this outreach campaign on which he's now embarked is going to work? >> i don't think that's what this is about. some polls have him at 2%. some at 0%. with the african-american vote. he won't make a big dent in hillary clinton's lead in that area. this is designed to tell the republican party and others that he's not biased against african-americans. not biassed against minorities. our recent poll shows that he he's -- more than 60% of the public believes he's biased against african-americans.
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other minorities. this is designed to show he's not the donald trump they think he is. even if it doesn't get him many vote. >> in recent days, a bit of a tone shift for donald trump. among the political experts with whom you have chats, is there a sense that this is durable? >> can he really change? that's the question we're going to ask his new campaign manager, kellyanne conway. he said this week he regretted certain things in the campaign. didn't say what they were. in previous instances, he said he didn't regret what he said about the khan family, john mccain, "the new york times" reporter. the question is, is this a sign of a real shift for donald trump? is he ready to reach out and attract a bigger base? not just the hard-core voter that supported him in the primaries. >> you're talking to the other side, too, this morning. i look at the front page of "the washington post." a comfortable lead for clinton. she starts refining an agenda. they're already looking ahead, not necessarily measuring the drapes in the white house ahead, but they're feeling confident. what's the danger in that? >> the big danger is complacency. you can't measure the drapes in the white house before you're elected. there are more than 80 days left.
8:13 am
given how horrible donald trump's summer was, hillary clinton could be doing better than she's doing right now. some polls still show it's a three to five-point race. they can't take anything for granted. but i think what that article was talking about is, hillary clinton trying to create some kind of mandate if, indeed, she does win, by putting out her plans on immigration, student loan forgiveness, infrastructure and jobs. so that people are not voting for never trump but rather voting for a hillary clinton agenda. >> george stephanopoulos. not to be confused with any other george. he's going to go one on one with donald trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway. and clinton campaign manager robby mook. george wants to know what questions you might have. you can tweet george @gstephanopoulos. >> if you can spell stephanopoulos. >> if you can spell stephanopoulos. exactly. you've got the day's top
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stories. good morning, everyone. we begin if turkey with a deadly explosion overnight at at outdoor wedding in the southeastern city of gaziantep. state-run media say they're reporting as many as 50 people have been killed and dozens injured. the attack appears to have been from a suicide bombing. so far, nobody has taken responsibility. turkey's president says that isis is the most likely perpetrator of this attack. from neighboring syria, news that the older brother of that 5-year-old boy named amron, who became known around the world as the face of the devastating vifl war in that country has died. the 10-year-old succumbing to injuries suffered in that explosion. back here at home, two escaped inmates in south carolina back behind bars this morning. police saying they were tracked down after someone tipped them off to two sets of feetprints in the nearby woods.
8:15 am
ashley tyler and kenneth lipsey escaped from jail on friday. tyler is charged with murder. lipsey arrested on drug charges. they now face an extra 15 years in jail for attempted escape if convicted. and the man behind some of the biggest boy bands of the '90s has died. lou pearlman died in prison. while serving a sentence for orchestrating a ponzi scheme. he's credited with pop sensations the backstreet boys, 'n sync. which launched the career of justin timberlake. he was 61 year of age. take a look inside this police cruiser. the 19-year-old suspect trying to get out of his handcuffs. when the officer hits a pothole, crashing. the suspect goes flying out the door. almost as if he disappeared. he took off on foot. he was later -- he went out the door there. he was later caught. the officer involved driving the car was injured and taken to the hospital. what's being called a contender for the catch of the year in anaheim on saturday.
8:16 am
the yankees take on the angels. check this out. c.j. at bat. yankees left fielder brett gardner look at this, into the standsing toppling as he goes there. making the catch. would have been a two-run home run. the bronx bombers went on to win that game, 5-1. >> ron you would be amazing -- >> yankees! >> you would be an amazing sports guy. >> ron can barely hide his lack of objectivity when it comes to the yankees. >> full disclosure. >> nobody looks better. >> let me say that may have been the catch of the year. we, i think, executed the miss of the year yesterday. we did not point out, because he didn't tell us, that it was ron claiborne's birthday yesterday. >> i'm celebrating on the same date next year. not this year. it was suspended. >> like a leap birthday. anyway, happy birthday, we love you. weather now? >> let's move on to weather.
8:17 am
we're horrible friends. sorry about that, ron. rainfall across long is long is. you don't have to agree with me rainfall across long island, we had flash flooding across as you northern coast of long island there. northern coast of long island. people are getting sandbags trying to keep the water from getting into their homes. the heat and humidity builds up a little bit, strong thunderstorms along i-95 between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. look at the cooler air behind this. we've got a spectacular day and morning lined up for you tomorrow across the midwest. we had tropical storm fiona it will weaken an go into bermuda. we're watching the second wave
8:18 am
that looks like it will get into the caribbean and close to the u.s. by next week him that's a look at the national outlook, here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. sun and clouds out there, the showers are developing to the west. let's show you the view, as we go live on sky6 live hd, all is dry, that will change as the cold front approaches. temperatures in the 70s, dewpoints in the 70s making for a humid morning. thunderstorms develop after lunch, some of these will be on the strong side. >> i forgot that they were coming back to me. ron and i got talking about the yankees. that's what happens. >> well, we'll keep it on sports for you. now we're going to head to the excitement at the olympics. the u.s. women's basketball team is celebrating a record sixth-straight olympic gold medal.
8:19 am
the win is one of many pushing the american medal count even higher with just hours of competition left. the u.s. has 43 golds and 116 total. we're going to head back to matt gutman in rio for more. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, sara. this has been an historic games for u.s. women. the u.s. women's gymnastics team destroying the competition. allyson felix and her record sixth gold. sprinting into history. last night, the women's basketball team so dominant, it looked like they were playing a j.v. team. overnight, another victory for u.s. women's basketball. a dominating performance by a squad made up entirely of uconn alum. led by diana taurasi and her downpour of threes. >> taurasi, drilling yet another three. >> reporter: the golden gals, now six-time olympic champs. and for the host country? the men of brazilian soccer bringing home a triumph. brazil's first ever soccer gold
8:20 am
after a nail-biting penalty shootout. on the final kick, neymar scoring the goal that sealed it. always been on control in the pitch. the country erupting with cheers. >> olympic gold! >> reporter: on the track, team usa's allyson felix earning an historic sixth gold medal in the 4 by 400-meter relay. >> their sixth straight olympic gold! >> reporter: and triathlete gwen jorgensen taking home america's first gold in that sport. >> for the first time ever, she comes from the united states. >> reporter: how do winning athletes reward themselves? a little pampering. i sat down for a luxury gillette shave with back-to-back decathlon goal medalist ashton eat eaton. telling me -- >> when you're tired and fatigued, things come into your mind, i don't want to do this. that, to me, is a challenge. >> reporter: ready for today's closing ceremony, where simone biles, american golden gymnast
8:21 am
lrks be the u.s. flag-bearer. for the record, ashton's skin is baby smooth. you need a weed whacker to deal with this mug. at tonight's closing ceremonies, all of these amazing athletes get that one last chance to say good-bye. the spotlight will be on simone biles. the first female gymnast to be a flag bearer. sadly, the man of her dreams zac efron won't be there, tweeting, he's got to go back to work in hollywood, maybe letting her down easy. very sad. guys? dan? cecilia? >> great to have the emphasis back where it should be on these amazing athletes. matt, thank you. here's what's coming up on "gma." happy ending to a terrifying story. an accident on the water. a toddler trapped for nearly an hour. we'll hear from her mother. plus, rob skydiving. need we say more? you gotta see this because the guy has good hair even in the air. we're right back. ♪ magical
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. august, 21, i'm nydia han, in the news, the search continues for a driver of an suv involved in an hit-and-run crash this morning. he fled the scene from pennsylvania avenue and broom street. the driver who was hit was trapped in the car is in
8:28 am
critical condition. let's goe over to chris sowers. >> reporter: we have one more day before relief arrives. 88 degrees, be on the look out for showers and thunderstorms, gusty winds and drenching downpours. monday and tuesday, looks fantastic, wednesday, 87, no human, nice, as well. next weekend we're back in the soup. nydia. >> thank you. that's it for "action news," i'm nydia han, stay tuned for more "good morning america."
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welcome back to "gma." happening right now, ryan lochte speaks. the olympic swimmer talking with brazilian television. giving up a -- offering up a mea culpa. he says he wasn't entirely hons about what happened at that gas station if rio. he offered up a long list of apologies. he says he overexaggerated his story. also happening now, the hearst castle closed. in san luis obis the po county. crews working around the clock to contain the blaze. it's already burned through close to 20,000 acres. it's a big birthday today. the original stuffed bear who inspired winnie the pooh turns 95 years old. the toy, once owned by
8:31 am
christopher robin, lives at the new york library. it just underwent a bit of a facelift for the occasion. >> cute. also, rob chases a ride with a storm chaser. attempting to sky-surf a thunderstorm. >> that's not rob. >> that's not me. >> are you crazy? >> rob went out with that guy to do some jumping out of a plane stuff. >> you still jumped out of a plane. and the question still stands, are you crazy? >> i'm not. he may be. it's a beautiful, exhilarating story. stay tuned. first, the frantic mother trying to save her child. a toddler trapped under the water. >> the child was beneath an overturned boat for nearly an hour but incredibly managed to survive. abc's marci gonzalez is here with that huge rescue. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the family calling it a miracle and a second chance at life, saying they're still in utter disbelief over how close they came to losing their daughter. >> i'm in the river. our boat skashed.
8:32 am
and i have a baby stranded in the water. please, god, send someone now. >> reporter: this morning, deep relief following nearly an hour of terror in the dark waters of florida's indian river. searching for a toddler who disappeared when her family's boat capsized. >> she's got a baby in the water. >> yes, please hurry. >> reporter: the boat flipped upside down, tammy, her husband, and youngest daughter escaping. the only sign of 23-month-old kennedy, her cries. >> we couldn't tell where the crying was coming from. we kept searching and searching. >> reporter: for 13 long minutes, tammy's husband and a bystander searched the waters. >> yes, we're totally upside down. >> the boat is dom pleatly capsized? it's upside down? >> yes. >> reporter: fire, rescue trucks, sheriff's deputies on the way, racing to the shoreline. >> she's on the top of the boat. the boat's upside down. >> i need someone underwater
8:33 am
now. right now. >> reporter: officer matt rush and corporal allen worthy leaping into the river with 30 minutes now gone. with every passing second, the rescuers admit they began losing hope. >> we were just getting ready to leave. that's when we heard a very light cry. >> reporter: but then 44 minutes after little kennedy was plunged into those waters, they found her. floating in a life vest under the boat, incredibly tucked inside an air pocket. >> it was a remarkable outcome. >> reporter: a remarkable outcome leading to this emotional reunion. little kennedy back in her mother's arms. >> thank you for saving my baby. and -- saving our world. i can't imagine. i just cant imagine. >> reporter: and this morning, kennedy is in pediatric intensive care. her family just updated us saying she's awake and doing well. and they are hopeful she could be released later today. they are, of course, so grateful to those rescuers.
8:34 am
the officers say it was her life jacket and that air pocket. that really saved her life. >> i could feel my heart rate going up during that entire story. really happy for that family. thank you, marci. back to rob to check the forecast. >> it's been >> it's been hot across the pacific northwest, head to the beaches that's what we're doing, very crowded there. oregon, water temperature 60 degrees, you can go from hot to cold in a hurry. heat and fire alert for the pacific northwest. chimney fire down in california. creating a problem here. portland, 9, 1 00, and 100. they will cool off. another cold front to talk about, heading across the great lakes that will give a huge
8:35 am
relief to the heat. these are morning temperatures in the 50s, we pop them up a little bit, to the east coast we go, tuesday morning, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. that will feel nice. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather yawp -- update. showers and thunderstorms developing to the west. 88 degrees today, feeling like the low to mid 90s. thunderstorms developing. to mae us hungry. >> indeed. >> go get it. >> thank you for that, sir. coming up next, more rob marciano. he takes to the skies to follow a daredevil skysurfer. we'll explain what that means. what could be his most dangerous mission yet. hanging ten during a thunderstorm. want to be clear. rob didn't go during the thunderstorm. he did jump out of the plane.
8:36 am
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rob has done a lot of crazy things to get a story. but it's going to be hard to beat this one. >> yeah, skydiving where lightning strikes. you didn't do that part of it. but you still jumped out of an airplane. there you are. and this is all in the name of journalism, they tell me. >> and i was strapped to a professional. it wasn't like i was doing anything that crazy. it was a hard-hitting investigational piece. i went to meet an extreme athlete and weather enthusiast. i mean, this guy takes storm-chasing to a whole new level. there is skydiving. and then, there is what this man does. jumping, surfing, flat-out flying through the clouds. >> i put the board on, and it really, it feels more like my sport bike. >> reporter: and while red bull athletes are known for pushing the limits, this may be sean mccormick's most dangerous mission yet. >> it's an adventure we're chasing. >> reporter: a flyer in the elite red bull air force, at 41
8:41 am
years old, sean's now out to sky-surf a thunderstorm. >> everybody likes to say, you can't. right up until you, uh -- do it. >> reporter: for extreme athletes like sean, carefully coordinated red bull stunts like these are also about the bragging rights. getting that perfect video. not easy, especially when lightning is involved. what do you think is going to be going through your head? >> i think a lot of focus on that moment. because it's all pretty quick. i think you would be amazed how calculated this mission is. >> reporter: he repeatedly challenged me to get up there with him. that's crazy. such a smooth landing. >> that's what ours is going to be like. just like that. >> no, no, no. i finally succumbed to the peer pressure. how often do you get to tandem jump with one of the best skydivers in the planet? it's a category 3 hurricane wind right in my face. >> stand up, stand up, stand up! stand up! >> reporter: but then, sean and the team get what they've been
8:42 am
waiting for. a true thunderstorm. a massive cumulus cloud. the perfect backdrop. >> it's the opportunity to show a really amazing beautiful place on this earth that anybody can daydream about and no one can get to go see. >> reporter: now that is storm-chasing. ♪ >> wow! >> that's right. finally got ron claiborne's attention with that one. >> that was cool. >> i mean, this guy is just a sick, sick athlete. they all are, most of the red bull guys. came close to the thunderstorm. got the great shot there. he's married. has kids. >> i can't believe they let him do this. >> well, he tells me just how calculated it is. when he's up there, he's so focused. he doesn't think about his
8:43 am
family. everything happenses so fast. they're professionals. if not fighter pilots, they're beyond that, because they're not flying with anything. these guys are wired completely differently than we are. so it's just neat to be around them. >> don't sell yourself short. you were pretty awesome. >> he's wired differently than me if he did that. >> i just held on and screamed like a baby. >> cecilia said your hair was perfect all the way down. >> all the way down. >> do you tell your wife before or after you jump? >> it's a good question. >> does she know you did this piece? >> like most things in marriage, do first, ask for forgiveness later. that works with these kind of things. >> hopefully, my husband didn't see that. >> great job. thank you, man. coming up here on "gma," is addiction to your phone putting a cramp on your family time? quick doable tips in our "weekend download" for reducing distractions.
8:44 am
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8:47 am
it's "weekend down load" time. today we're talking about a scourge of modern life. the siren call of our smartphones when we're supposed to be spending time with our families. here with easy tips on ditching the phone, here's gretchen ruben, author of "the happiness project" and "better than before." your first piece of advice is put your phone in an inconvenient place. >> yes. if it's on the desk, in your jeans, on the counter, you're going to check it. put it in a place where you have to go out of the way to check it. >> the other thing you say is tell your kids that they can use their phones when you're using yours. >> because usually we don't want our kids on their devices during family time, so if you say to your kids, if i'm on my phone, you can be on your phone. they'll jump right on it. you won't want to jump on your phone. you want to discourage it. >> my child is 1. he'll eat my phone.
8:48 am
better to keep it in a dry place. finally, i didn't see this piece of advice coming. but you say, do squats or lunges while checking your phone? >> okay, i have to say i haven't used it myself. but it's a brilliant solution. a reader told me about it. either way you win. you're getting superstrong and you're on the phone, or you're off the phone. it's great win-win. >> i'm going to be completely distracted by my quads will be a thing of beauty. >> exactly. >> love these. i appreciate it. if you want to hear more, you can check out the 10% happier podcast. available on and on apple podcasts. search for 10% happier. we'll be right back with "pop news." back with "pop news."
8:49 am
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♪ the velvet tones of rob marciano getting us into "pop news."
8:53 am
>> do plants, baby. do it. >> what you got? >> a scare for leonardo dicaprio. the wolf of wall street actor was involved in a car accident. i'm only making light of this because he was not hurt. the site says he was with his girlfriend in the hamptons when he was rear-ended by a mini cooper. in a car belonging to his friend. witnesses saying an ambulance arrived at the scene as a precaution. and everyone is apparently okay. so i can laugh, my accidents have all been rear-endings. i'm the one -- >> if you're going to get rear-ended, it's best to have it be a mini cooper. >> yeah, and a friend, that probably is not a friend anymore. >> is that him in a beard? what phase is that? >> when he's not filming. when he's away, covering up. >> "the revenant." >> "the revenant." an intense movie. not a friday night over sushi.
8:54 am
aly raisman made our country proud earning a team gold and two silver medals. her emotions clear as she carried out her tlauless routines in nail-biting victories. now, a thoughtful fan wants to do something nice for not her but her parents. the stress they went through in the stands playing over and over again in online memes. not forgotten by berkeley rothmeyer from california, who set up this gofundme page to get donations to get the couple a spa day. it's halfway to the $500 goal. they literally were like -- >> white knuckle. >> how i feel sometimes on the show, they're like, no, don't do it. it's how dan reacts when i speak. >> i feel that way during "pop news." what's your next item, sara. >> i thought you were going to be like, then she nails the
8:55 am
landing every time. the olympic athletes may be in super shape. but "w" magazine found out what happens when you take them out of their element. to sing. here's their take on queen's "we are the champions." ♪ we are the champions ♪ we are the champions ♪ no time for losers ♪ cause we are the champions >> started well. >> key change. >> started well. ♪ of the world >> we are the champions! >> some of them there. >> wasn't that bad. wasn't that bad. can you sing? >> yes. and i can sing the whole song. >> bring it. ♪ we are the champions >> stop it, stop it. ♪ of the world ♪ no time for losers okay, okay. so -- you guys, that wasn't my -- i was imitating them. i'm more of a pat benatar girl. >> yeah, me, too. >> if we haven't lost all our
8:56 am
viewers, thank you for joining us. cecilia, great to have you as always. >> thank you, love you all. stay tuned for george coming up here on abc. keep it here. stay tuned for george coming up here on abc. >> good morning, i'm nydia han along with gray hall. coming up on "action news" sunday morning, the search is on for the driver who left the scene of a hit-and-run crash in wilmington. >> plus, police in south jersey are looking for a gunman in a shooting that killed a man and injured a young child. >> reporter: gray, relief is on the the way for the delaware and the lehigh valleys, we may have to go through a round of severe weather first, details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
8:57 am
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother,
8:58 am
i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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on this sunday, august 21. in the news, you may want to get that stroll in now, stormy weather on the horizon, details ahead. a car is split in two, the result of a hit-and-run crash in wilmington. we'll have the latest on the search for the driver.
9:00 am
a montgomery county home is in ruins. fire officials say it was being renovated when it went up in flames. first, we're tracking strong storms approaching the delaware and the lehigh valleys. looking at the center city skyline. it's already getting a little cloudy. if you're heading out today, take your umbrella. thunderstorms will be moving into the area in just a matter of hours. the good news we'll get relief from the heat once the storms pass through. meteorologist chris sowers here with more. >> reporter: much-needed relief. open up the windows and turn off the ac. let's get you back outside, this will be the first time in more than a month i can turning off the air-conditioning. temperatures are below 50. ton of sunshine down the jersey shore, you'll cloud over in the


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