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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  August 21, 2016 11:30pm-11:45pm EDT

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walter: flyers legends took to the ice today at the flyer skate zone in atlantic city part of the fantasy camp. the camp wraps up tomorrow with a championship game. sarah: all right. jeff is here now with sports. jeff: the eagles have been looking at linebackers especially considering joe walker. they get one tonight. their defensive makeover continues tonight. they have agreed to terms with veteran free agent linebacker stephen tulloch. it's a one-year deal worth $3 million. tulloch has played 10 years in the nfl for detroit and tennessee. he's reunited with jim schwartz
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who he played for with the lions and titans. tulloch is coming off ankle surgery. green-beckham led all nfl rookies last year in yards for catch before he was traded to the eagles. >> things happen. every day, things happen for a reason. i feel like that was a wakup call and me being here now, i'm comfortable feeling good being an eagle. jeff: the eagles, are they in trouble on offense. we'll discuss. that's coming up at 11:45. vince velasquez is in a major league funk. he's allowed 19 earned runs in
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his last three starts. the best pitch of the day comes from kelsey worrell, the swimmer from south jersey throwing out the first pitch. things go south quickly though. first inning herrera bails him out. only one run across. it could have been much, much worse. fourth inning, the little bull won't get this. brandon moss, oh, no. solo shot. phils down 2-0. gives up another in the fifth. velasquez has allowed eight homers in his last three starts. it's the start of an ugly day. crushed. velasquez sounds lost. >> i'm trying to figure it out myself. i can't give you a solid answer because no one really knows except me but i don't know what it is. >> i told him to enjoy learning
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about climbing the ladder and enjoy the fight. the struggle to get to where you want to be because he's going to be real good at one point. he's got to keep battling and working at it. jeff: ryan lochte is still in hot water. the ceo of the united states olympic committee says today lochte and his teammates will be disciplined for their behavior in rio and the lying that followed. -- lying that followed. lochte is doing damage control. >> i take full responsibility. i just want the people to know that i'm truly sorry. i'm embarrassed for myself, my family, and my country. it was -- i was highly intoxicated and -- i'm human. i made a mistake. jeff: the united states men's basketball team did not make a mistake in their olympic finale today. they go out with a bang. a blowout over serbia. kevin durant leading the u.s. by
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30 points as they win by 30. kyle lowery on the assist. team u.s.a. wins their third straight goal and number three for carmello anthony, the most ever by an american male basketball player. u.s.a. now with 121 medals. 51 more than any other country. finally, bizarre finish in the bronze medal match. the wrestler from mongolia begins to celebrate winning but loses it. then his coaches lose it taking off their clothes and throwing their shoes in disgust. sarah: wait until your daughter is two.
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that's when that happens. that's how they do it. kick ball season officially kicked off this afternoon in south philadelphia. dozens of athletes in the city's lgbt intermural league took part. walter: jerry sandusky is
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expected to appear in court tomorrow for another day of his continued appeals hearing. he wants a new trial saying his defense attorneys did not do an adequate job. he took the stand for the first time during the first day of his appeal back on august 12th a second person has within arrested in connection with the death of a penn state professor. he's now charged with murdering him. another man was charged with murder on friday. the two suspects lured him to a quarry earlier this month and
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pushed him over a cliff. they killed him because they thought they were listed as beneficiaries in his last will and testament. sarah: three churches will be closed next month. the closures include the st. john of the cross church, and the st. cecelia church. they were part of parish merges in the last four years. a group marched on broad street to city hall today to speak out against poverty, hunger, and violence. the action cam was at broad street and lehigh avenue as this march stepped off. participants took turns talking about the biggest problems they see in their community.
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