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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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their young children. chad pradelli is live on seventh street. >> reporter: at last check they knew that the two intruders likely got in through a window. they are searching for these intruders wanted for killing a father in front of his kids. the intruders startled hakim and rahman awake. >> demandd money from the male and when he didn't get the money quick enough fired several shots shooting him, shooting and killing him and striking his frankford. >> reporter: investigators say a 13-year-old boy was also in the room and watched his dad die. he, however, wasn't injured. >> i believe it was five additional children they were in another room so they may have heard it but they did not see it. >> reporter: this neighbor who didn't want to be identified heard the shots, too. >> she was just saying no, no,
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no, like that but -- and then you heard the shots. >> reporter: police recovered a gun ammunition and a mask in a rear aleve sources say rahman recognized the voice of one of the suspects and called him by his nickname more than once and that may have led to the shooting. >> nice people. they always hello to you in the morning, every time they see you they say hello this and that. they were nice people. >> reporter: and investigator say rahman has a lengthy criminal history and that history may have played a role in this home invasion, as for his girlfriend she remains at temple university know critical but stable condition. i'm live in hunting park, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> chad thank you. a delaware county man is dead following a nasty accident today on the blue route. chopper six was over the southbound lanes in springfield. the crash happened around 9 o'clock this morning near cardinal o'hara drive. police say a 41-year-old man
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from havertown died there at the scene. they have not said if anyone else was hurt. they also have not told us the victim's name or how this crash happened. well, a man who was stabbed inside a popular olde city bar has died from his injuries. police say 33-year-old andrew hazelton was sitting at a table with five women inside blue martini when he got into some type of argument with someone at the table next to him. well, that person stabbed hazelton in the neck. police say he died at the hospital yesterday. they have not said if they have arrested anyone. >> jerry sandusky was back in court today for the second part of his three-day appeals hearing. the former penn state assistant football coach wants his child molestation conviction overturned because he says his original lawyer did not adequately represent him. today his lawyers focused on conflicting statements from a man who settle abuse claims with penn state but did not testify against san dusky at
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trial. sandusky is currently serving a 30 to 60 year sentence. >> a half dozen businesses are shut down for the day in northeast philadelphia after a broken pipe flooded their basements this morning. vernon odom is live on castor avenue where owners have been cleaning up all day. vern. >> reporter: good afternoon, sharrie. they have been cleaning up all day but they've been quite frustrated because they've been unable to open up for businesses along the 6500 block of cottman. it's been a day of frustration and lost revenue for businesses all along this block. their problems generated by an old electrical connection beneath the sidewalk. from the air at day break it looked initially like an 8-inch water main break flooding at least six commercial basements had basements along the 6500 block of castor avenue but it was not a water main that triggered the problem but rather this fire connection service line in front of 6511
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that cracked and sent flood waters to the businesses and forced a day long shutdown of water, gas and power along the strip. >> we did have some flooding in the basement. that actually -- it flooded out some of our products. the city's water department helped pump out some of the basements but damage was done to a lot of inventory for example this wireless store ground zero for the crippled fire connection. since it is not a water department failure the plumbing repairs fall to the owner and operators of the building and their insurance carriers. this food market was closed down by l and i pending a full inspection. >> if they're upstairs it seems okay but since electric out a lot of inventory maybe have to throw out. >> reporter: so, sharrie,
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that is the tale here on 6500 block of cottman. none of the landlords or the merchants have so far been told whether or not they'll be able to reopen tomorrow. live in tacony, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> okay, vern, thank you. nine more people have facing fraud charges connected to superstorm sandy today. the new jersey attorney general's office announced the latest round of charges today. well, most of the cases involve people submitting false claims for aid including one man who investigators say received $213,000. well, 71 people have now been charged with sandy related fraud since 2014. we have more information about each person who has been charged on our web site, >> it is time now for a check of the accuweather forecast and finally some relief. >> it's beautiful out there. let's head outside to meteorologist adam joseph enjoying the weather today. >> not going to complain at all. it is spectacular out here. it helps make monday just a
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little bit easier. in fact the numbers so far only in the low 80's for philadelphia. our high so far today sitting at 82 degrees. the coolest day we have felt in three weeks. not only with the air temperature but also no extreme humidity whatsoever. as we look at the numbers to the north with that northwesterly wind, pittsburgh is just 75, syracuse 70, 69 in burlington, vermont, 81 in baltimore. washington pretty close to that number as well, so almost a little sign of that fall feeling in the air. high pressure is coming in. we got a front that's whisking aware north anwhiskinga away now england. we saw rain yesterday afternoon and evening but setting us up for that a beautiful start to the week with a comfy breeze and low humidity. with all the rain we saw over the last few days at times the lawns have grown pretty quickly so may want to get out there and, hey, enjoy doing some yard work with
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temperatures between five and 7 o'clock dropping into the 70's. we'll talk about this kind of beautiful weather sticking around a little bit longer but the heat and humidity will return sharrie. i'll let you know exactly when in the accuweather forecast. >> in this weather i will volunteer to mow my lawn. adam thanks. is always a step ahead when you're making plans. rely on the power of storm tracker6 live radar 24 hours a day and take advantage of facebook and twitter as well. follow each of our meteorologists for regular updates. >> for some students summer break has come to an end. students at mastery frederick douglas school in north philadelphia went back to class today. the action cam was there as students reported to their new classrooms and met their new teachers. the school wanted to celebrate the kids' return so they gathered community members and police officers to welcome them back. >> first day of school they can have a lot of anxiety and feelings of stress for parents students and teachers and we
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wanted to have members of the community particularly the police officers welcome the students and bridge that gap between observes the community. >> that's greater. love the high-five's. students we spoke with said they were excited but many of them were still getting used to their new schedule. >> all right. first day back in the classroom. it is time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center to school us on tonight's commute. >> and we're going to be getting used to having their school buses back on the roads over the next few weeks. already we're seeing some of the college students back so increased activity around those college campuses. i know i noticed that in east falls around philadelphia university today. yes, we are getting back to a normal school year routine and here on 95 we're watching a backup this afternoon. coming southbound where this vehicle flipped over into the median they're in the process of getting ready to tow away that earlier overturned vehicle. still have the left lane blocked here on 95 southbound at woodhaven. so, coming down from street road you're seeing a little bit of extra traffic. otherwise not terrible.
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we had reports of a crash on 95 at bridge street. at this point it looks like delays are pretty much normal there in each direction normal being the 20's and earlier emergency concrete repairs on 95 near 420 have wrapped up so getting back to normal there. on the schuylkill teens, 20's, normal slow stuff as the monday afternoon progresses. and just off of the schuylkill this is the vine street expressway jammed in both directions here by 76. overnight construction resumes tonight at 11 o'clock and the vine will close at that point in both directions. have a crash this afternoon on the a.c. expressway. if you're headed down the shore eastbound at the egg harbor toll plaza one of the e-z pass planes is blocked. on the septa regional rail front no major changes today. this afternoon we're watching some scattered delays already between 10 and 25 minutes. at this point it's main. business as usual or at least what we were used to last week. let's do the commuter report on this monday afternoon. hope you enjoyed a nice weekend. have reports of a crash in shamong burlington county
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along 206 and in conjunction with that crash just 8 miles per hour some jams there along 206 resulting. we'll check it again, sharrie and alicia, coming up in the next half hour. >> all right, sounds good, matt. thank you. >> still ahead a busy day on the campaign trail. donald trump may be making a big shrift on immigration while hillary clinton faces questions about her husband's charity. >> plus, the latest on the zika outbreak in florida. what local leaders say they need to help stop the spread of the disease. >> and tomorrow is a big day for anyone trying to buy a plane ticket. coming up in what's the deal we'll explain what's going on and till how you can take advantage of it. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the latest now in the race for the white house. republican nominee donald trump is back on the campaign trail insisting that he is not flip-flopping on his
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immigration and deportation plan. meanwhile democratic nominee hillary clinton has released new ads using trump's words against him. >> the big question today is donald trump backing off his firm immigration stance. >> will that plan include a deportation to be determined. >> but this morning on fox news trump fired back saying he wants to come up with something fair but still. >> we have to be very firm, we have to be very, very strong when people come in illegally. >> so you're not flip-flopping. >> no, i'm not flip-flopping. >> still some see it as a softening of his approach not the case when it came to attacking his competitor. >> look she's a liar. i mean she lied. >> hammering the clinton foundation calling it "the most corrupt enterprise in political history. >> sheathe shouldn't be taking money from countries that influence her totally. >> trump released a statement calling for the foundation to shut down. clinton fired back with this tweet. the clinton foundation is a clarity that helps people around the world. and then this, clinton's
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latest round of ads arguing that trump is too unstable to lead the country when it comes to national security issues. >> in times of crisis, america depends on steady leadership. >> knock the crap out of him. >> meanwhile former secretary of state colin powell is fighting back today saying that clinton's quote people have been trying to pin her e-mail scandal on him. he says she's claiming that it was all his suggests that she use a private e-mail server but powell insists that was never the case. sharrie. >> all right, alicia, there is growing concern that the zika virus could soon spread beyond florida. right now only two neighborhoods in miami have been identified as hot zones. the cdc is telling pregnant women and their partners to avoid traveling to miami dade county. today leaders from florida and national lawmakers called ton on congress to do more to help. >> have to make sure that we pass legislation that is free
4:16 pm
of riders to fully attack this virus. >> doctors are also worried that the zika virus could spread to the gulf coast which has been hit by recent flooding. the mosquito population there is expected to grow because of all of the standing water. >> cleanup efforts respect under way in parts of southern louisiana that were soaked by record flooding and many of the neighborhoods debris has started piling up. people are leaving their ruined furniture, bedding and appliances on the curb. more than 100,000 people have already signed up for federal relief. president barack obama will visit baton rouge tomorrow to see the damage firsthand. >> pfizer says it's buying a biotech company that makes a key drug for prostate cancer treatment. pfizer says the deal to acquire the company is worth about $14 billion. they make the drug for
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prostate cancer patients who have been through chemotherapy. their shares are already up 40 percent for the year so far. the deal still needs to be approved by shareholders of both companies as well as regulators. now here's a look at today's closing numbers as we start the week off this monday. the dow is down about 23 points the nasdaq not a lot of movement but it is up more than six points, the s & p 500 is down just over one point. and today is the latest today -- last day of operations for the flagship site of gawker media is ceasing operations at the close of business. the company says most employees will get jobs at gawker's other sites or at univision. the spanish language network bought gawker for $135 million after the online company declared bankruptcy. that bankruptcy came after gawker lost a $140 million lawsuit to wrestler hulk hogan. >> it is time now for the
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accuweather forecast. too bad but towed bring adam inside. >> he's indoors. >> literalological to like lure me in, pull me from the back of the suit. take a look at sky6 live. this is why, a breathtaking shot of the commodore barry bridge that deep blue sky and what i call those single pancake clouds. they are not stacked like they were this weekend where 33 towered up with downpours and thunderstorms, not holding much in the way of moisture in the sky today. as we look at the numbers right now 75 in allentown, 78 reading, 74 in lancaster, low 80's wilmington philadelphia, trenton and that continues all the way to the shore. you can see there direction of the wind out of the northwest, that's bringing in the drier air and also preventing a sea breeze this afternoon for the shore communities. so, dewpoints below that 60-degree threshold means that it's very comfortable up there with very little moisture. 54 philadelphia, 52 allentown. these numbers were in the middle 70's at times over the last few weeks when we had that oppressive humidity and
4:19 pm
still waiting for some of that dry air to make it down tots south where our dewpoints right now are in the low 60's. it is all compliments of high pressure over the ohio valley and this is a beast of a high that's taking up much of the eastern half of the country again just a couple of cumulus clouds to the east side of the high but this high will move right overhead tonight and over the next 24 to 36 hours, which means we are setting up for a refreshing night. want to open the windows if you can. we're looking at temperatures in the suburbs all falling back into the 50's, even low 50's north of the city, 62 philadelphia. it will be the coolest night we have felt and experienced since june around here so take it all in, if you can. tomorrow equally as nice, 82 degrees. decent amount of sun, low 80's kind of a mimic of today with just a couple of those clouds developing in the afternoon. speaking of developing, the tropics are heating up and turning more active right now. we have the remnants of tropical depression fiona falling apart south and east of bermuda.
4:20 pm
we also have an area, 20 percent chance this could become a tropical storm but the one that's rolling off of africa and the copy of verdict island this has a better chance of becoming our next tropical depression tropical storm or even hurricane and this is right on par for the peak season of the tropics. it's between now and september 10th we see most of our activity develop and then it quickly drops off as we get into the end of september into october. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast savor it, 82 another beauty tomorrow. then it turns warmer. the humidity still stays in check most of wednesday of 87 degrees. but it definitely increases on thursday, 89 and the haze, the heat, the humidity if you like it and you want it back it will be here on friday, 93 degrees both thursday, friday could be some isolated thunderstorms. we'll let you know if that continues to crank up as we go into the weekend with the seven day in the next half hour. >> i'll have my eye on that. >> all right. >> thanks, adam. >> all right.
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>> still ahead, police and the fbi need your help to track down the man who tried to rob two banks in less than an hour. >> plus he sat waiting for his target then opened fire as he tried to park. the search for the gunman behind an ambush on the street. >> and remember, "action news" is about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines, accuweather and breaking news and to communicate with us on facebook we're 6abc "action news." on twitter we're @6abc. join us and be a part of "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> two men forced their fly a home in port richmond, beat up the person inside then robbed him and ran off. that's according to police who say the crime happened on east lippincott street just after 11 o'clock last night. they say two men wearing masks broke in and threatened the people inside. they took an unknown amount of money. one of the victims had to go to the hospital but is
4:25 pm
expected to be oka police have not told us the names of anyone involved and they also have not arrested anyone. >> police in south philadelphia are looking for the shooter who ambushed his victim. surveillance video from last wednesday shows the man waiting on a step for his victim to arrive at 21st and snyder. as the victim tries to park his car, the shooter opens fire. police say the victim was shot but survived. he ended up crashing into two parked cars two blocks away. police want anyone with any information to give them a call. police and the fbi also want your help to find the man who has tried to rob three banks since friday. the latest incident happened today at the wells fargo branch on snyder avenue. police say he ran off empty handed. they say they think he's the same man who robbed a hyperion bank on girard avenue on friday morning just four minutes earlier, he tried to rob a citizens bank on north fifth street but left without any cash.
4:26 pm
investigators wander t -- want to hear from anyone who can identify him. >> plan othis naturalization ceremony was held at the u.s. citizenship and immigration services office in west philadelphia. this group of 55 represents 32 different countries but they took the oath of allegiance to their new country and the ceremony is one of dozens happening across the country. the new citizens were greeted by officials from the national park service as national parks celebrate their centennial year. school is in session in delaware. it was off the bus and into the classrooms at pleasantville elementary school in new castle. for their first day of school students were greeted by teachers and even the school superintendent was on hand. there was a lot of excitement and smiling faces especially for students entering kindergarten and first grade. >> better smiles than tears on the first day.
4:27 pm
flex on "action news a flier circulating in bucks county is alarming parents and angering school leaders. it is targeting a local high school and pushing students to make a difference choice. we have reaction next in a live report. >> plus, if you're looking for a fall get away, you'll want to stick around for what's the deal. we'll show you how and when to get the best bargains for those pricey flights. >> ♪ and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about
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all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it is 4:30. brian taff has the night off. "action news" continues with new information about a deadly fire that tore through an apartment building. >> less plus an armed robbery caught on camera clear surveillance shows two people forced around a convenience store while thieves hold guns to their heads. >> plus,. >> feel like it's just rude and disrespectful. i have never met them, i've never done anything to them. >> a hate filled racist note from a customer devastated that young waitress in virginia. coming up on big talkers we'll reveal how her community is rallying around her to overcome the prejudice. >> but first at 4:30, an alarming letter is causing controversy as it circulates among parents in bucks county. it is questioning the safety a local public high school and urging families to send their teens to a new charter school steady.
4:30 pm
"actioinstead. walter perez is live at liberty high school in bethlehem to explain what's going on there. hey, sharrie. this is actually the second unauthorized ad for the innovative arts academy charter school with a full page ad in a local paper. the new ad that arrived in the form of a flier in the mail is stirring quite a bit of controversy. on the surface looks like your average bulk mail advertisement for a brand new charter school but the message on the backside of this mailer contains what many in the bethlehem area school district are referring to as a cheap shot. the message makes reference to the arrest of a student from liberty high school for heroin and cocaine possession last year. then it reads why worry about this type of student at school? come visit arts academy charter school. bethlehem school superintendent dr. joseph royce says it's nothing short of appalling. >> liberty high school students, families, parents, grandparents have gone to liberty high school deserve better than basically a
4:31 pm
political hit piece that came through the mail. >> reporter: but officials from the charter school strongly deny that they had anything to do with it. and the facebook post innovative arts academy attorney dan fenic wrote in part: >> reporter: so that begs the question who did it and why. state auditor general eugene depasquale is committed to finding those answers. he released a statement reading in part unfortunately we have become accustomed to dirt ball mailers and tactics like this in political campaigns but when it spills over into our education system and one public school appears to have attacked another it becomes down right deplorable. we spoke with parents some of whom say word needs to get out about charter schools. >> she was getting picked on and nobody did nothing about it. i took her to a charter school and she's doing good. >> reporter: while others say there's simply no room for
4:32 pm
these kinds of tactics. >> i think charter schools i think every school has something to offer but i do think that that's not an appropriate way to solicit. >> reporter: now, we talked about the auditor general's interest in this case. well, he's referring this matter for further investigation to the u.s. department of justice. the u.s. postal inspection service, the pennsylvania department education and the state attorney general's reporting live from liberty high school, walter perez channel6 "action news." alicia. >> walter, thank you. a deadly early morning apartment fire is under investigation in berks county. authorities say a 24-year-old woman was killed when the flames broke out around 3:30 in syncing spring. a second woman who is 21 years old was flown to a nearby hospital in critical condition. witnesses say both victims jumped from a third story window to an alley below to escape that fire. four other people including two children escaped unharmed. >> police have released new information about a murder in
4:33 pm
north philadelphia. 25-year-old leonard foyer the third was shot to death saturday evening. he was found lying on the sidewalk in the 600 block of north 12th street. police say boyar is a recent college graduate and has a young daughter. investigators have no idea why he was targeted. >> just parked his vehicle, was walking towards his mother's house and two unidentified males walked up on him and executed him shooting him several times. >> police are still searching for his killers and are asking you to contact them if you have any information. >> philadelphia police are looking for the person who robbed a wawa at gun point overnight. the action cam was in wissinoming along the 6000 block of harbison avenue as the investigation was under way, detectives say a man entered the store shortly after midnight and demanded cash. employees handed him money and he ran from the scene. startling surveillance
4:34 pm
video shows the moment two men held guns to the heads of an employee and a customer inside a south philadelphia 7-eleven. you can see one of the robbers ordering the employee to open the cash register. police say the second stole the customer's wallet while a third suspect kept an eye on the door. all of this happened august 7th along 2900 welsh road. if you recognize any of the suspects, are you asked to call police. >> all right. let's get back to the good stuff, the weather. the day is gorgeous. >> usually monday is the kind of plan nick, you know, -- manic, depressing. >> not today. >> it is sunny, beautiful. >> it would be great to be off. >> it would be but can't have it all. as we take a live look right now on sky6, the ben franklin bridge just a few cumulus clouds but a lot of deep blue when you look up. 82 degrees and it's that dewpoint, that's the biggest change, back into the 50's now as opposed to the 70's when it was tropically humid outside
4:35 pm
and those northwesterly winds 16 miles an hour. we go up towards the lehigh valley in easton the nurture nature center there again a breathtaking shot here, only 75 degrees with that dewpoint at 52 and a northwesterly wind at 12 miles an hour and one more stop, to the south in cape may, great day to be on the sand, 81 degrees, the dewpoint's up a little bit still along the shore 65 but even there we'll try to mix that out and drop it with that north-northwesterly wind at 13 miles an hour and the ocean very pleasant at 70 degrees. we'll talk about the good with the weather we're enjoying right now. it will stick around a little bit longer but the haze, the heat and the humidity will return. we'll let you know in the seven-day forecast. >> it is still summer. >> it is. >> members of the naacp in montgomery county are launching a new collaboration with police. local chapter members and police officers stood in front of the county courthouse in norristown for this morning's
4:36 pm
big announcement. leaders say recent police shootings across the country have caused a divide between police and the community. both the naacp and police say the first step to bridge that divide is better communication. >> there's some serious star power coming to atlantic city next month. the miss america pageant announced some of its judges for the pageant today. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live in the news room with more on that. do you have that list, monica. >> we have a few of the names, hi, alicia. we only know some of the people who will be judging those who wander to take home the crown next month. one big flame is someone who is used to being in front of a judging panel herself she'll be bringing her gold medal talents to atlantic city's boardwalk hall in just a couple weeks. this olympian joining this year's broadcast name we'll tell you at 5:00. also ahead the problem that singer barbara streisand had with apple that had her personally asking the company ceo for a software fix. we'll have those stories and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00 and
4:37 pm
that's in a little bit. ladies we'll see you then. slavery. >> very interesting. waiting to hear the list. all right monica, thank you. >> today marked the first day of school and the beginning of a life long journey for some philadelphia young students. the action cam was at the global leadership academy charter school in parkside as kindergartners went to class for the first time. parents did, too. it was a big day for the five and six-year-olds sporting their new uniforms n some cases the parents were more emotional than the little ones. >> first day, it's beautiful, my daughter got to smile and enjoy her first day of kindergarten. >> he's happy and excited for the new experience she's about to come through. >> well, word is the students at this school are particularly called scholars no matter what. teachers had a lot of fun activities planned for the day hackie including adorable photo ops. >> great school. students in wilmington sporting a new look before heading back to school. they all got free hair cuts this afternoon.
4:38 pm
15 barbers from two shops were on hand with clippers for the big cuts. the idea was to get those kids excited about the new school year. nothing like a fresh haircut for the first day of school. >> yes: good layer cut, you're good to go for the day no matter what. speaking of school, how about the promise of no homework for the entire year? that's what texas teacher has told her class and now the idea is going viral on social media. we'll reveal the reasoning behind this move next in big talkers. >> plus, details about the new fallout for decorated olympian ryan lochte on the heels of a drunken flight in re-- night in rio. adam joseph returns with the forecast when "action news at 4:00 returns next.
4:40 pm
>> ♪ >> fallout continues for u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte.
4:41 pm
this morning speedo game the first major company to drop its sponsorship and ralph lauren quickly followed. both say they are ending their ties with lochte who initially said he and three teammates were robbed at gun point in rio. well, he has since apologized for embellishing the story. officials say the swimmers were involved in a dispute over vandalism at a gas station. speedo is now donating $50,000 from lochte's sponsorship fee to a charity for children in brazil. well, we now know that not one but two police body cameras recorded a deadly officer-involved shooting in milwaukee. wisconsin's attorney general says neither of the videos will be released until the district attorney is finished investigating this case. he will decide whether or not to press charges against the officer who opened fire. sylville smith's shooting death sparked protests. the police chief says smith
4:42 pm
was pointing a handgun toward the officer when he was shot. >> big talkers now we start with the story of a waitres getting stiffed on a tip. sadly that's nothing new. but it's the reason why that has this young lady, her community in virginia and social media fuming today. this is sadie ellidge and this is surveillance video showing a couple signing their check and where they would have left a tip they left this note. "we only tip citizens. "you can imagine the outrage. sadie says not only were they rude and disrespectful they're also wrong. >> i was born here but i am mexican. >> word to describe what they did, yes, i have worse words to use. coward. >> that angry owner of the restaurant is an immigrant and reached out to the patrons on facebook. she says she knows who they are. she demanded they apologize.
4:43 pm
no word back from them yet but sadie's community has rallied sending her a kind note and even some money covering the tip and then some. now to a viral act that is spreading hope through devastated neighborhoods in louisiana. this is 16-year-old mark chs acchasik playing a piano surrounded by flood debris. law helping friends clean up from the flood and wondered if the family keepsake there piano was still playable. to his surprise it was. it's not just his talent that's going viral. people are finding his inspiration on life to also be a point of inspiration. >> in the darkest times whenever life gets you down you can always look for the bright side of life, you know. >> a beautiful moment and an
4:44 pm
attitude we can all learn from. finally it is the first day of school in a town called godly texas and one second grade teacher is making this promise. no homework, not tonight, not any night. this woman right here is brandy young. that's the teacher at godly elementary school. she sent a letter home to parents explaining why and it's going viral on social media. so here it is. she says after a summer of research she's trying something new this year. homework will only consist of work that didn't get done during the school day. after that, she recommends spending the time on activities that she has found do more to improve stude performance like eating dinner as a family, reading together, playing outside, going to bed early. she told me today that there's just too much pressure for success and not enough emphasis on the person as a whole. well, see that little girl there, that's sam plan that a gallagher's daughter brook.
4:45 pm
she is in mrs. young's class. mom posted the letter from the teach on facebook. it has been shared 10s of thousands of times and it's opening up a really great conversation about education, our kids, our future. now that phenomenon tells me her family is particularly thrilled especially little brook to have this amazing woman as a teacher talking to her today. i was so inspired and, hey, a lot of people are saying no homework, we're not complaining. >> lay, i bet the students aren't. let's hope now the families will do their part of this deal. >> that's right. dinner at the table, conversations i like it. alicia very cool. it is time for another check on the roads tonight. matt pelman is standing by with the update. >> not complaining about the whether a so far either today, sharrie but we are, of course, complaining about the traffic. the weather and the traffic don't match today. traffic is not so pleasant. we've got a crash here on woodhaven road eastbound side approaching 13 bristol pike. you might remember a bit ago we were talking about a crash on 95 southbound by woodhaven.
4:46 pm
that caused delays that spilled back onto woodhaven and then in the delay, there was this accident. they're getting it pushed off to the side but headed eastbound toward 95 you can expect delays passing franklin mills, philadelphia mills headed toward i-95. and a couple of ramp accidents this afternoon in delco there's one on the ramp from baltimore pike to the northbound side of the route one media bypass. little slow as you come north of riddle hospital. on the ramp from armand hammer boulevard to 422 westbound in the pottstown area another ramp accident is taking out a lane there. pipe replacement going on in upper southampton bucks county a few days this week so until 6 o'clock tonight bristol road shut down that's 9:00 until 6:00 today through wednesday. i would stay on street road to get around that construction. nasty crash by the shamong diner this afternoon. we told you about this with the waze app last half hour. it's blocking 206 at willow grove road. i would stay over on stokes road or atsion road.
4:47 pm
crash by the egg harbor tolls is cleared out of the way. we'll check it again in the 5 o'clock hour. >> all right. a glimpse of good news. >> yes. >> all right, matt, thank you. meteorologist adam joseph is coming up with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next. >> ♪
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the rit thing. th's who he is, and i'm grateful.
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independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> ♪ >> meteorologist adam joseph joining us now and we arrived at the same time today and we said like the same thing at the same time. >> at the same time. >> we don't wander to go inside. [laughter] >> i think we were kind of silly walking through the parking lot entering the building but it's one of those days you want to be outdoors. >> i'm glad you came in. otherwise i would be sitting here by myself. >> it would be the alicia show. >> or we could take the class outdoors. >> we should do that sometime. the action cam was outdoors taking a look opposite the sky, the deep blue sky this afternoon and again that very nice breeze out of the
4:50 pm
northwest swaying those branches left and right and getting that glimmer of sun or two and again a perfect day to be outdoors with the kids as well. this picture was sent in and actually uploaded by our own meteorologist chris sauers. he was babysitting this afternoon his niece and nephew richie and gaby there. the one thing, chris, if you're watching, i don't see any sort of like ice cream face or anything. you got to put a lot of sugar in the kids and then put them back to mom and dad. that's the way do you some good babysitting. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan not finding a whole lot going on. a beautiful start to the week with those northwesterly winds, 75 in allentown, 78 in reading, 74 in lancaster, 80 wilmington and trenton 81 in millville and again no sea breeze at the shore with that ocean very warm at 70 degrees. satellite and radar high pressure is anchored just to the west in the ohio valley. that's draining those northwesterly winds. it will stay breezy overnight
4:51 pm
but then that high will continue to drift overhead tonight and tomorrow, relax the winds and keep the comfortable weather around. so, it's refreshing tonight and in fact going to be the coolest night we've experienced since june. 51 in the suburbs, 62 for center city. so, again, if you can sleep with the windows opened, do it. free air conditioning and give those condensers a bit of a break. tuesday high pressure overhead, 82 degrees less of a breeze tomorrow compared to today. low humidity with wall to wall sunshine. the high starts to slip off the coast we return those winds out of the south. that will create a warmer afternoon of 87 degrees so we're back above normal by wednesday. the humidity will start to come up wednesday but really won't crank back up until we get into thursday and friday ahead of the next cold front. so, at the shore tomorrow, more of a north-northeasterly wind here, upper 70's for highs, the ocean still at 70, a low risk for rip currents with a very weak sea breeze with a lot of sun.
4:52 pm
upper 70's in cape may county and near 80 degrees for rehoboth and bethany beach a beautiful day all around, the ocean temperature just off of bethany beach at 76 degrees. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 82 tomorrow, another beauty of a day. turns warmer 87 on wednesday. more humid with the heat, 89 on thursday way pop-up thunderstorm north and west of town in the afternoon hazy hot humid with a front on friday of 93 degrees with app couple of scattered storms in the afternoon. it's sunny, it's still hot on saturday of 90 degrees. a few clouds sunday upper 80's and we stay warm and muggy on monday of 89 degrees. so, this is like a little slither, a little more sell of that fall feeling in the air for the beginning of the week and then summer takes over for the rest of that seven-day forecast. >> well, it's still summer. >> it is very much in charge. >> if you're looking for a fall get a way we'll tell you where and when you can get the cheapest flights out of town coming up in what's the deal.
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>> you know they say timing is everything and if you're looking to travel the time to book is tomorrow. trust us. august 23rd, tomorrow, is officially cheap flight day. it's the day fares drop on all airlines. think anywhere from 10 to 20 percent even more off of your flight bill depending on where you are going and when. the experts at fare compare say tomorrow check out the drop in prices. the reason, summer is winding down, so starting tomorrow it is officially off peak and the closer you get to thanksgiving, the cheaper the flights. now t-the lowest prices will come those first two weeks in november. after that, the holiday highs kick in. so, if you want to travel
4:56 pm
between now and november 15th, you're going to get some really good deals. so, here are some tips on snagging the lowest fares on last minute travel for these next few months. cheapest days of the week to fly remain tuesdays, wednesdays and saturdays if you are flying internationally. now, the most expensive days to travel and no surprise here are fridays and saturdays for domestic travel. these deals kick in at midnight. sharrie, the best way to approach it is to go to one of those deal hunting web sites that will list all of the fares and they'll show you the best ones to snag. >> that's my plan tonight. alicia thank you. if i think at 4:00 a leap of faith took place in new york over the weekend. the stunt performer is also a pastor at faith on fire fellowship near rochester. morgan says the jump is symbolic of his faith. the ramp represents the highs
4:57 pm
and lows in life. his church gave away back packs and said up bounce houses for kids to celebrate the big stunt. >> wow. some inspiration there. >> that's it for "action news at 4:00 now for alicia vitarelli brian taff and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "actio"action"action news" at 1n phl17. >> now here's monica malpass with a look at what's ahead at 5:00. >> coming up next a south jersey man is under arrest accused of beating his girlfriend's two-year-old son to death. we are live at that scene. plus video police want you to see as they continue looking for a home invasion suspect. and a dire situation grows more desperate out west as more wildfires are popping across more than a dozen states now. those stories and more next at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> can you please hurry up somebody. >> his chest is moving.
5:00 pm
>> just into "action news," a south jersey mother's frantic 911 call to police after her little two-year-old son was allegedly beaten to death by her boyfriend. monday night, rick is off, sharrie williams joins us. big story on "action news is that murder investigation in south jersey. >> "action news and sarah bloomquist live on the scene in pennsauken with the details. sarah. >> reporter: well, this is the home from which that 911 call originated. this is the place where that two-year-old boy was discovered unresponsive on saturday night here in the 5900 block of mansion boulevard. today his mother's boyfriend was charged with beating the boy to death. there are no signs any child lived here. the rear apartment of the house on mansion boulevard. but it was here on saturday night just before 11:30 when paramedics were called and found the boy unresponsive after suffering severe injuries from a beating. he was pronounced dead at the


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