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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 24, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. after 25 years, behind bars, anthony wright, walk out
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of prison this he can, a freeman. he was serving life sentence for a crime that dna evidence now says that he to not commit. tuesday night, jim's off i'm monica malpass. the big story on "action news" is release of the man wrongly quick in the rape and murder of an elderly neighbor 25 years ago. that crime happened in the nicetown section of philadelphia in 1991. new dna evidence points to another man, and today, jurors deliberated for less than two hours before returning the not guilty verdict. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is outside the criminal justice center live for us with the details, dann? >> reporter: monica,t is hope of all people of goodwill that innocence people do not end up in jail but of course they do. in this case illustrates once again how science can exonerate the innocence. even long after they have been wrongfully convicted of crimes. >> wow. >> reporter: after almos25
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years prison, 44 year-old tony wright, walked out a free hand raising his arms in the air with his lawyers, and members of the innocence project. >> how does it feel to be free, a freeman. >> unbelievable man, best feeling in the world. never feet like this my entire life. >> reporter: wright was only 20 years old when arrested and convicted to sentence to life for horrific rape and stabbing of a neighbor, 77 year-old louise tally in, october of 91. innocence project of new york for the for and secured dna evidence which showed wright was not the person who raped tally but despite the unmistakable evidence the d.a.'s office decided to retry wright any way. today it took a jury 90 minutes to find him not guilty. twenty-five years of your life, stolen, gone, forever. >> yes. >> reporter: how does that make you feel. >> i cannot put it into word right now, man. i'm numb. this is best day of my life. >> reporter: after being lifted from a pit of darkness wright could not thank his legal team enough who
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relatives said serve him in some sort of avenging angels. >> we dit, you know what i mean. today is our day. today is our day. today is our day. >> there is a lot of false evidence that people out to be held accountable for. the key is the science. the and what the innocence project did in bringing forth this science. >> reporter: tonight wright is enjoying his first meal out of prison at nomad pizza, a salad, meat balls and pasta he could not get enough of. what does a freeman look forward to do now after 25 years behind bars. >> i want to do whatever my granddaughters want to do. i want to do whatever my grandson want to do. i want to be grand pop. i just want to be dad. >> reporter: wright is just shy of his forty-fifth birthday. by the way, man who to commit the crime, who slept in the vacant house next to the victim died in a south carolina prison, three years ago. live here from the criminal justice center i'm dann
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cuellar for channel six "action news". >> thanks, dann. if you ever had your car towed this story will make you angry. an "action news" viewer sent us a video of an alleged tow trap in south philadelphia. in it you see george smith towing company, towing cars from the same spot over a period of months. tonight, several drivers are coming forward to say that company makes it look like the parking space is legal. "action news" reporter christie ileto has the exclusive details. she's live where this is happening on south broad street, christie? >> reporter: well, monica, katie otto says this sign behind the fence was not up when she parked here monday evening. hours later she comes backup, and that sign is up, her carries towed and, according to viewer video, she's not the only person this has happened too. >> i feel like it was bait. >> reporter: photos show when katie otto parked on south broad her tow sign had been knocked down. when she return the sign was up and her car was towed.
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>> there was other cars park there. there was in sign in the lot there was no indication where i was parking was illegal. the it strikes me as dishonest. >> reporter: she's nothe only one alan sent us this photo after parking in the same spot with no signage. >> she's moving this truck, that they have park there so they can now tow the mercedes behind it. >> reporter: chris norman made this recording and dozens of others, one was then shared on our facebook page. >> it is all day long. sign lays down. somebody pulls up and parks. suddenly sign is backup again. car gets towed. sign goes back down again. the it happens over and over again. >> reporter: i'm christie with channel six. we went to george smith towing office but man told me he knew nothing about the allegation. >> i'm just a cashier. >> reporter: okay. >> i don't have noing to do with the ting aspect. >> reporter: after leaving our contact inormation for a manager to return our request for a comment, we learned george smith towing is not accredited by the better business bureau which gave it the a grade f. the bbb tells "action news"
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that the towing company has four complaints th year, and 23 last year. twenty-one of which went unanswered. there is more grievances on yelp. >> the most crazy parties you you can see right here the sign is up, cars are parked there. nothing is happening to those cars. if someone else pulls up, suddenly your car gets towed. >> reporter: for drivers like otto it is about principal. >> i don't have a lot of money. i know other people have even less. i don't think it is right to be extorted illegally. >> reporter: signs here on the street onlsay parking on friday, and for street cleaning. we never heard back for the towing company. otto says she has filed a complaint with the attory general's office. reporting live from south philadelphia, christie ileto for channel six "action news". monica. >> thanks, christie. bail has been set at a million-dollar, for a man accused of fatally beating his girlfriend's to year-old son. several members of the victim's family were there this morning as 23 year-old
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zachary tricoche was led in the camden county courtroom. he faces first degree murder charges in the the beating death of jameil will baskerville, junior. prosecutors say the little child suffered severe wound to his chest and back. >> they need bring the death penalty back, for this incident right here. my grandson was two years old. innocent. didn't do nothing. now he cannot live his life but he gets to live the rest of his life in prison. there should be a death penalty. >> prosecutors say that tricoche was upset because his girlfriend bought the wrong groceries. were flong breaking news in northeast philadelphia tonight. police just raided a home and found high end bicycles and gear allegedly stolen from the wounded warrior project. this comes after a trailer containing $40,000 worth of gear was stolen from a delaware county hotel last week. "action news" reporter bob brooks live in the 4100 block of sterling street with these exclusive details, bob?
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report report monica, good evening, stealing from the wounded warriors is pretty low, but tonight, after some great police work some vindication, take a look right next to me on the bed of the pickup truck, four of the nine bikes that were going to our nation's bravest men and women have been recovered. there has been one arrest, which will hopefully led detectives to the remaining five missing. their bikes were for our best, wounded warriors, finally, deserving men and women waiting for them will be able to ride them. these are four of the nine bikes stolen this past weekend from the wounded warrior project. just before 10:00 o'clock tonight "action news" was there, as police raided a home in northeast philadelphia. through great police work the bikes were tracked down to this homeft they were taken from the renaissance hotel parking lot by the airport. in total, the nine bikes are valued at $40,000. although their true value
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doesn't have a real price tag. they are going to let wounded warriors, ride again. okay. back here live, another look at the bikes, that have been recovered here from this home. there has been an arrest made. that man is still inside of this home. we're waiting outside for him to be taken out. for more details on how this bus was made, we will bring you those details as soon as we can. for now reporting live from northeast philadelphia, bob brooks, channel six "action news", monica. >> thanks, bob. casinos securityar isaiahpler pleaded guilty to committing an armed robbery at cat seen owe in 2014 after he was fired. police say the 21 year-old pointed a gun at casino employees, while he and an accomplice grabbed two boxes of cash, containing, more than $180,000. plumber's sentencing is scheduled for november. politics now, the race for the white house came through the delaware valley today. republican vice-presidential
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nominee mike pence started his day with the tour of tube tech in king of prussia the business has grown from 11 to 300 workers. pence said trump will help other companies succeed, and he made a surprise stop at joe's barber shop in norristown for a haircut. and then attended this rally in pipersville bucks county. republican nominee trump is also on the campaign trail tonight. during a ral in austin, texas trump continued his focus on minority voters. he also highlighted his call to build a border wall with mexico and deport violent immigrants. trump is expect to unveil his full immigration plan next week. hillary clinn is on a three day fund raising swing across california. today she attended a lunch in at hollywood hills home of singer justin timberlake and his wife jessica beal. just yesterday alone clinton raised more than six million-dollar at two stops, in beverly hills. and you can down load the six abc news app this election
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season to get breaking news alerts from the campaign trail and live results on election night. the six abc news app, it is a free down load by the way for your mobile device. jewish families in one new jersey community are upset that their religious holidays are no longer on the school calendar. school board in cinnaminson decided to both rosh hashanah and yom kippur from the upcoming school calendar. that means classes will be held on those days. for decade they have been district holidays, and the school leader says that 2500 students are in the district and less than 40 are jewish, along with 15 staff members. >> fifteen, 20 years we had a significant number but now that number has dwindled, and the numbers certainly do not warrant keeping the jewish holidays in. >> teachers will now be expect to take a personal day to observe the jewish holiday. school officials say students will not be penalized in anyway if they take those days
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off. the sight of an old waste water treatment plant in new jersey is a new waterfront park in camden. this afternoon, chopper six was over future crammer hill nature preserve here near petty's island along the delaware river. state funding will help pay for the creation of nature trails, and a clean up. officials hope to have that park opened, by next spring. still to come on "action news" the fbi is investigating a sign era tack that russia could be behind. plus, hear what president obama told flood vick in louisiana today. members of the congress is getting involved as a call for these life saving epi-pens, sores to hundreds of dollars. cecily? we had two days in a row of very comfortable weather, highs in the lower 80's, low humidity but temperatures will start rising, and i amtraking what could be our next heat wave of the year. we will have details in the accu weather seven day forecast. all right. plus newmr ofhe philadelphia eagles reported to work today, ducis rodgers
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has details in sports when "action news" continues in a moment. ,$8drw
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following breaking news out of ily rightow where a 6.1 magnitude earthquake has rattled rome, and central italy. there are reports of damaged buildings and blackout near the epicenter. resident reportedly ran in the streets. no word on whether anyone was hurt. president barack obama got a first and look at the damage left behind from historic flooding in lou san a today in baton rouge the president toured neighborhood where piles of debris line the streets now. more than 60,000 homes before damaged, and 100,000 people have already asked for assistance. the president promised the federal government will provide whatever resources that are needed to rebuild. >> this is the not a one off,
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this is not a photo op, i want people of louisiana you are not the alone even after the tv cameras leave. >> obama also ignored criticism that he did not cut his vacation short to visit the area last week, saying today is not about politics. twenty counties in washington state are in a state of emergency tonight because wild fires are still burning out of control. state's governor toured the damaging near spokane. dozens of homes have been reduced to ash, hundreds of acres scorched by flames. fire fighters are concerned that dry, windy conditions, will make it harder to put the fires out. the fbi is looking into whether russian intelligence agencies are responsible for a cyber attack, targeting new york times reporters. the sign's tacks are believed to have targeted individual reporters, and investigators don't believe the newspaper's entire network was compromised. the news comes as federal authorities continue
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investigating a breach of the democratic national committee, that led to the posting of internal e-mails. back here jerry sandusky was in court for the final day of his appeals hearing. testimony focused on the person known as victim number two. former penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary says he walked in on sandusky abuse ago this boy in the shower. today the lead prosecutor in the 2012 case testified that he does not believe that the man is victim number two. sandusky says his original lawyers did not provide an adequate defense and he wants a new trial. members of the congress are demanding more information on why the price of life saving epi-pens has skyrocketed. epi-pens are used to ward off potentially fatal allergic reactions. nine years ago they cost less than $60 but now the price is close to $400. several lawmakers have asked the health oversight committee to hold a hearing. in tonight's health check
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a florida boy survived a brain eating ameba that typically kills people. the 16 year-old was admitted to the hospital two weeks ago complaining of a headache and then sincivity to light. doctors induced a coma and rush a special drug to the hospital. days later the teenager recovered. health officials say brain eating ameba killed 97 percent of victims, it has been contracted through the nose when swimming in fresh water. it was a fun filled night for dozens of family in camden county. clementon park in splash world was closed to the public so families with special need children could enjoy the park. action cam was there as kid cooled off and took turns going down different water slide like this that one. a portion from the money tonight is going to the autism care foundation, very nice. speaking of very nice our exceptional weather continue today. let's find out tomorrow. >> tomorrow will be another nice day it will be a little bit warmer, slightly more humid.
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>> okay. >> but we will continue th trend as we head through the week. it will get sticky again. we have a little bit more of summer left. storm tracker six live double scan is showing it is dry out there action cam tonight, taking a stroll down main street in manayunk, and some other folks doing the same, great the night to be outdoors, with a low humidity and comfortable temperatures. philadelphia is currently at 74 degrees. down from our high of 83. weaver 2 degrees below normal. allentown 65. reading 68. millville 62. cape may 71. wilmington 68 degrees. so another very, dry, comfortable night and satellite six with action radar is showing the reason why we have high pressure that was right over us today, it is just beginning to ease to the east, but this will allow another night of great sleeping conditions, and if you like last night you will like tonight. good night to open up the windows again. fifty-six the low in the cooler suburbs. sixty-five in center city. not quite as cool as last night the but still in the
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comfort zone. tomorrow with the high pressure moving to the east, we will start to get a return flow. so that means it will turn warmer, but dew point is still in the 50's. upper 50's. so still a pretty nice day but definitely will be on the warm side with a high of 87 degrees and then temperatures will be up into the lower 90's on friday, ahead of that cold front and it will be getting a lot more tropical, and then thursday, partly sunny, you'll feel the difference in the air mass. it will get muggy. 89 degrees. possibility of a few thunderstorm. closer to that front our northwestern suburbs and we could see a few more thunderstorms on friday as that front rolls through. if you you are down the shore tomorrow enjoy it. you should have a great beach day. new jersey beaches 81. delaware beaches close to 82 degrees. there will be that sea breeze. and wind before the sea breeze out of the south at the five to 10 miles april hour. we will be tracking the tropical innings. we have two areas of concern. the last night we had three but fiona dissipated. we have a tropical wave, east
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of lesser antilles and tropical storm gaston. that will be a likely hurricane, probably category two hurricane but this is a fish storm. this should reserve back out to sea east of bermuda. what could be trouble is this area of thunderstorms could be tropical storm hermine, and what this will do is, possibly head toward bohamas and florida. as we head toward the end of the week, so that is something we will be tracking. e if that gets more organized. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast tomorrow it will be beautiful, sunny, warmer. 87 degrees on thursday. gets more muggy. 89 degrees. the possibility of thunderstorm in the northwestern suburbs. friday you'll feel hazy, hot, humid conditions. 93 degrees. could get a few thunderstorm late in the days that cold front rolls through and behind the front temperatures drop off slightly over the weekend but humidity levels will be more comfortable. it will be a hot weekend but
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not too oppressive. both days 91 degrees. that could be officially heat wave number six. monday it is steamy. ninety-two and thunderstorm. tuesday still very warm with a high of 89 degrees. so tonight comfortable, next few days temperatures definite the liz edging up. >> thanks, cecily. a local world war two veteran received a special honor tonight during a town hall meeting in merchantville. county freeholders and elect officials recognized veteran walter strictit. he enlisted in the navy at just 17 years old. he was honorably discharged as a navy electrician third class on back in 1946. thank you, sir. team of climbers is preparing to tackle mount rainer in washington state to raise attention to a rare genetic disorder there was a fundraiser at iron hill brewery i ardmore. karl case and several other people are climbing that mountain to raise awareness and research funds for the san philipo foundation. his son has san philipo
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syndrome and they start to climb september 2nd.
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ducis is here with sports. philliesrop one and they didn't look too great. >> they are in the funk, monday contact phillies have forgotten how to do two very important things: hit and pitch. facing white sox in chicago tonight, rookie jake thompson does not have it. they are in the two to nothing hole when help say abreau drives in the run. three to nothing chicago. now four to nothing in the fifth. white sox go back to back off thompson. first abreau with the o n home run make it six to nothing. then justin jacks one out, and thompson gives up seven runs in five innings. his era is a robust 9.78. meanwhile phillies scored one run in the past few games. they have lost nine-one. eagles formally introduced their new line back tore day steve up tullock sign a one year deal with the birds. he was on the practice field this afternoon. tullock may be new to the team but familiar with the defensive coordinator jim schwartz. they work together in both detroit and tennessee.
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tullock will compete for starting job. he sound like a team player. >> i didn't ask coach what role i was going to play. i just said whatever you need me to do, i will do. i will come in here and continue what we did in the past history, together, you know, playing ball, i know what he does. i know what he expects out of his players. by helping younger guys get better, i will do that. >> he is really powerful. he understands blocking schemes. he has good understanding of the passing game. he has experience this is defense. i don't know if that means a whole lot. he is a good player. stand on its own. he has done tonight different schemes. >> carson wentz continues to do throwing as he works h way back from the rib injury. saturday bird will visit colts and still just an exhibition game but significant for the starters. >> this week is a third game, so it is, we're preparing almost like a real game. it business veterans, guys that have been around, it is about getting the flow of your weekly routine down, how you will watch film and get your body ready and prepare yourself to play that first
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game. still ahead in sports tim tebow is drawing interest from many major league baseball teams. plus soccer fe at
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tim tebow didn't last very long as an nfl quarterback with the eagles. perhaps he will join the phillies, the phillies have confirmed they will send a scout to tebow's baseball work out. former quarterback will showcase his skills in los angeles next tuesday. espn is report ago this more
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than 20 major league baseball teams will attend. the 29 year-old tebow has in the played since he was a junior in high school. finally tonight syracuse's mens soccer team is in mid season form. mid fielder li am callahan starts heading the ball around the locker room. no big deal. eventually the layers realized they had something brewing. the ball never hits the ground, every player gets in on the act, and 25 headers in all before the ball is headed right in the trash can, right there. >> wow. >> and the team, goes crazy. >> that is sports. >> thanks, ducis. >> finally a great night to dine under the stars tonight, that is what more than a hundred people did in voorhees new jersey. tonight was the annual spaghetti under the stars dinner and silent auction, and it was all for the juvenile diabetes research foundation. proceeds benefit research and treatment of type one diabetes. jimmy kimmel live is next here on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest are curtis 50cen jackson, and music from
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conngos. "action news" continue at 4:30 with tamala a edwards, matt o'donnell, david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, jim gardner and the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. make it a good night, tonight. >> ♪
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