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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> breaking now on "action news" a hit-and-run driver injuries a philadelphia police sergeant launching him 15 feet in the air from a traffic stop. we're live on the scene. developing overnight a little girl clinging to life caught in the crossfire in camden. a so-called parking scam exposed on "action news" has city hall taking a look at the city's towing laws. good morning, august 25, karen rogers is off be we have matt pellman and david murphy has weather good morning. we have sunshine this morning, clouds are building through pennsylvania. we'll see the deliver of the cloud cover as we go through the day, there could be a spotty shower that survives east in our northern and western suburbs or a thundershower this afternoon. not a big chance of that,
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though. allentown, no longer in the 50s you're at 63 there. 68 in reading, 66 in trenton. 70 in philadelphia. 70 in cape may. the dewpoints are back in the 60s not oppressive humidity, but a tad humid this morning we'll see the numbers rise into the mid 60s across the region as we go through the day. 69 degrees by 7:00 a.m. not bad for a run with light humidity early, 80 degrees by 10. noon, 84. 3:00 p.m., 90 degrees right as i am wrapping up my move winning my son at temple university, today is day two of the move in which is the day he was assigned to. 6:00 p.m., 86 degrees, matt pellman what do you think, i got an owl in the family, another one. >> reporter: he is joining the owl club, i'm sure he'll have a great experience.
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>> reporter: some of the traffic spencer we enjoyed -- experience we've enjoyed has cleared out. the overnight construction on the vine street expressway has cleared, crews return for one moore night of overnight closures this week. overnight construction on the southbound boulevard by fox street and i-95 northbound by girard, those zones have cleared, as well. there's a broken down vehicle i-95 northbound by the betsy ross bridge, luckily that is off to the side. a tree came down on a parked car edge hill at lancaster road off city avenue. a our by riddy and mcdade boulevard has cleared out of the way -- our broken down vehicle deadly avenue and mcdade boulevard has cleared out. the water main break at shipley
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road in northern delaware has been patched. a suspected drunk driver knocked a philadelphia police sergeant right out of his shoes. the violent hit-and-run crash through the officer 15 feet across the road. katherine scott is live on main street manayunk with word of an arrest. >> reporter: 5th district sergeant remains at einstein in stable condition. he was admitted for observation, he has a broken collar broken and serious bruising. the 21-year-old driver is in custody after being issued a breathalyzer. hit-and-run on main street in manayunk. a 5th district sergeant hit with such force he was pulled from his shoes and thrown to the street. >> the accident not only caused et hit, caused injuries to his head, his neck,
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he was bleeding from his right shoulder and elbow and knee. >> reporter: just before 1:00 a.m., the sergeant was standing with two other officers by a police vehicle during an active traffic stop when police say a 2008 toyota came speeding south on main street. police say the toyota slammed into the sergeant and sideswiped the police vehicle and kept going. a tow truck driver who witnessed the accident followed the toyota and alerted nearby officers who stopped him about a mile away where he was taken into custody. >> he will be arrested and processed for drunk driving. >> and there were several witnesses in addition to the tow truck driver. they were interviewed by detectives, detectives will be reviewing surveillance footage from main street to see if they can help in the investigation. tam. >> now to a developing story out of camden an innocent
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8-year-old girl sitting on her own porch is shot in the head in crossfire. that child is fighting for her life. anne -- and annie mccormick is outside cooper university hospital. >> reporter: that little girl was rushed to cooper university hospital in extremely critical condition. that's the last update we have. in the mean, police are looking for the shooters responsible. >> reporter: chief of police is calling for all hands on deck for the shooter who put the 8-year-old girl in the hospital. >> individual responsible for this, will feel the full wait of the law enforcement. they are pretty much a coward. >> reporter: the young girl was caught in the crossfire. feet away, the church is service
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was feet away. pastor was rattled. >> we're new in the neighborhood, we want to pray for the love of god. >> reporter: one woman did not want to appear on camera. >> my kids i bring them, they ain't here now, i bring them here, they ran up and down. >> cease-fire, turn your guns in give it up. >> reporter: police need the public's help. remember if you give a tip to camden police you can remain anonymous. reporting live in camden, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> new video this morning, from the italian town showing the damage to the homes following the devastating magnitude 6.2 earthquake yesterday morning, the death toll has risen to 247 people. rescue crews are sifting through
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the rubble and they find one here and there. many are sleeping in tents because their homes were reduced to piles of rock. donald trump has delayed the scheduled immigration policy speech deciding instead to focus on courting the minority vote. he will meet with of african-american and latino activists at trump tower in new york. clinton is expected to say trump embraces the alt-right movement associated with white nationalism. members of the movement were some of trump's most enthuse average backers during the gop primary. a man riding a bike has been attacking people in philadelphia.
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he rides up behind the women and reaches under their dresses and gropes them. four attacks happened in center city and philadelphia. it carries a black backpack with organ pants. hundreds -- orange panels. hundreds of people have said they have fallen victim to a towing scam. frank gobble is one of the victims and like many drivers there was no, no parking sign. the mayor's office and police and major crimes are investigating. "action news" talked to council women sanchez. >> if you put a sign and you tow from a place that is not part of our registry you will be held liable and fined and sanctioned. >> we tried to talk to george smith towing for a second time yesterday, but it had no
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comment. city inspects say a no tow sign needs to be visible and police need to be informed of tow. >> we could be on the verge of another heat wave. >> reporter: heat wave number 6 may start today. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you it's going to start out dry, as you look outside, we're looking at clear skies over the platt bridge. the skies are getting bright. we'll start out with sunshine, unlike the last couple of days we'll have more cloudy cover as the day goes on. the dewpoint is in the low 60s, a tad humid this morning, that's partly because of the southwesterly turn in the air flow. it's drawing the slightly humid air in. we'll see sun and clouds today, a couple of us might catch an afternoon shower up in the northern and western suburbs. it's going to be hot today. 71 degrees in philadelphia at 8:00 a.m. by 10:00 a.m.
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noon, 84. we're going for a high of 90 in the city. that's why we say we could be starting a heat wave today. 09 does do it. most of the suburbs in the 80s, philadelphia looks like 90 at 3:00 p.m. 87 degrees by 5:00 p.m. getting more humid as the day goes on today. high temperatures we mitt -- we might get 90 in reading and allentown. mid 80s at the shore. even at the shore warmer than it's been. mid 80s from surf city to ocean city. that's a moderate risk of rip currents stay near the lifeguards and areas north of atlantic city. less of a chance farther south. tomorrow, a cold front coming in ahead of it we're going to see heat and humidity build, 95 degrees, heat index value up around 100. slight channels of a shower --
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chance of a shower or thundershower. west chance north and west of philadelphia. tomorrow, nothing going on with the weak front. then we go to the tropics, this issue, gaston not going anywhere. we have a tropical storm 80% chance of forming a tropical storm. the models are bringing this into bahama as and southern florida. there's a five mile spread of possible runs here, looks like it will be a problem with heavy rain and southern florida and the bahamas. 90 degrees hot and humid out there. tomorrow, hot and humid, 95. feeling like one hundred, mainly dry just a slight chance of a thunderstorm. behind that front, it's hot, not as humid, but we're going for
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highs of 91 saturday and sunday, monday, sultry all over again, 92 degrees the high, more humid on tuesday with a thunderstorm coming through on tuesday. >> it is 5:42. coming up on "action news," a bout over beer sends a man to the hospital and woman to jail. >> a school district sends home an opt out permission slip for saying the pledge of allegiance, some parents are not happy. >> reporter: we'll see if 422 is fairing better this morning then yesterday morning when "action news" continues on this thursday.
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lovely look at the commodor barry bridge, 5:45, 69 degrees. the high today will be 90. >> how is the traffic going matt, is it sassy? >> reporter: sassy, just in spots, it's calm an polite i would say. as we come out of the burbs 422 it's behaving better than yesterday. at one point 422 was closed. this morning, eastbound traffic is moving just fine, heading toward .
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during the midday, we had construction delays on 422 and work is scheduled today both ways 202 to trooper road. 9 to 2:30 p.m. watch out for the delays along 422. overnight construction on the pennsylvania turnpike in chester county westbound malvern and downingtown, the right lane is out of commission. overnight work northeast extension lehigh valley interchange is gone. we have a water main break in east norton by st. paul's church dekalb pike 202 that's mostly off to the side. to prevent that sort of thing they are doing pipe replacement in bensalem closing galloway road between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. stick to hulmeville to get around that. time for the commuter report brought to you by the waze wordt
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on i-95 in ewing one mile an hour by bear tavern road. it's a spot to watch right now. >> there's new information on a nine hour siege at the american university of afghanistan. 12 people were killed and dozens more wounded. students police officers and security guard among the dead. militant opened fire at buildings and tossed grenades into classrooms. police killed two attackers 8 1/2 hours later. >> brand new here, a woman in western pennsylvania keeps getting into food related domestic violence. she is accused of stabbing her husband with scissors and biting him because he drank her beer. back in 2013 she was arrested for getting into fistfight with her boyfriend because he forget to bring home barbecue salsa on
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christmas eve. the owner of berks county farm who supplies small animals to pet co-is facing cruelty charges. the national pet chains have cut ties with holmes. this morning there's a social media firestorm over a waiver giving permission for their child to opt out over reciting the pledge of allegiance. parents say this is the dumbest thing i ever read and so ashamed of it. the school superintendent said after receiving numerous complaints they decided to remove the form. >> recipient of the world's most extensive face transplant is talking about his ground breaking surgery.
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>> this 13-year-old skipped high school and starting his first week in college. he is double majoring in computer science and math at charleston, he is fluent in russian and writes his own song on the piano. he is an average kid who likes pizza and cartoons. >> i've done nothing with my life. >> reporter: let's head outside this morning in bucks county. we're looking okay here, on i-95 by new hope, yardley, if you're heading northbound into mercer county we're getting reports of a crash i-95 northbound bear tavern road. slow speeds in the area. delco, no accident along morton avenue at chester pike, 13.
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injuries reported with the crash. septa trolleys are not running in the center city tunnel overnight, they are running normally today, tonight they begin and end at 40th and market. that's the case all weekend long. >> reporter: all right, matt on the big board in the northern and western suburbs we're cool and a tad humid. these numbers above where they were the last couple of mornings low 60s to mid 60s. 69 degrees in city. in south jersey, 62 in hammonton, 66 in cinnaminson. 70 in dplaz -- glassboro. mid 60s in hockessin delaware. you can shop this morning in decent temperatures. 71 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 80 by 10:00 a.m., the humidity and heat will build in the afternoon. 90 degrees at 3:00 p.m. it will wind up being moderately humid. today is a better day to get
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stuff done, because tomorrow, 95 and hotter and more humid. >> you can find that seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at any time of the day that you need it on our website head to governor chris christie is trying to shorten the lines at new jersey motor vehicle commission offices. they will encourage online business by eliminating transaction fees by october 1. they are working to expand customer access through aaa offices. they will call forego mississippi firefighter who received the first extensive face transplant says he feels normal for the first time in 15 years. the surgery finally let's him disappear into the crowd. he can eat, see hear and breathe
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normally. he was injured in 2001 when a burning building collapsed on him. he wants other disfigured like him to get the face transplant and know it could change their lives for the better.
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>> new this morning, governor wolf has formed a new charter watchdog group to improve the financial and academic oversight
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of charters. it comes after the ceo of a lehigh valley charter school quit over an enrollment flier. wolf said the new division of the education department will insure charters are properly supported and held concludable to taxpayers. today we sing happy birthday to our national national parks, it will include sealing of a time capsule that will be open 100 years from now it kicks off this morning at independence mall. uber is testing a service that would allow user to avoid surge pricing. >> a hit-and-run crash sends a philadelphia police sergeant to the hospital. we're live where it happens up next.
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6:00 a.m., thursday, august 25. we're on breaking news this morning. a police officer is knocked out of his shoes believed to be the victim of a drunk driver. we're live with the details. >> what was supposed to be a fun day at a state park turns traumatic as a woman plunges to her death from a zip line. >> people are cleaning up in the midwest from damage caused by tornados. >> let's go outside to gave and matt pellman is in for karen. >> reporter: we have clouds moving into central pennsylvania riebility. we


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