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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and it paid off. a hundred 30 miles from where the girl was taken a witness spotted the girl. three-year-old eva byrne was the subject of a amber alert. police say she was abducted by her father 24-year-old robert byrne sometime after midnight 6789 she has been last seen in a town 20 minutes east of bloomsburg. early this afternoon the pair was shotd shortly after emerging from the lincoln tunnel in new york city and byrne was taken into custody. a citizen noticed the car after seeing its description on the amber alert. these photos shows the car being seized. this photo shows the young girl who appears to be okay. eva byrne was taken to the hospital just to be checked out. at this point it's unclear what prompted this alleged abduction. reporting live in the the satellite center jeff chirico channel6 "action news." alicia. >> happy to hear she's okay. developing right now firefighters are at a townhouse community in montgomery county where a home caught fire this afternoon.
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the flames started in upper providence a little more than an hour ago. fortunately there are no reports of any injuries right now. we are still working to find out how this started and how badly the homes were damaged. >> we are also following a hazmat situation at a plant in maple shade, new jersey. a chemical spilled today and burned a worker there. "action news"'s chad pradelli is live at the scene at this moment but the response and the investigation, the very latest there. chad. >> reporter: this company is called cvc thermal set specialties a company that makes epoxies according to its web site. earlier today maple shade police say there was some sort of chemical reaction inside the building behind me. an employee was injured. that employee was taken to cooper university hospital for some minor burns. he did return here to this workplace a short time later. in the meantime burlington county hazmat burlington county health department they responded. they investigated this spill
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about two hours later after the building had been evacuated and two employees -- two dozen employees had left. it seems that the scene was cleared. the investigation was wrapped up. those employees were allowed back in the building and again, that worker who was injured he was released from the hospital. i did place a phone call to cvc thermo set specialties. that phone call has not been returned and maple shade police say this investigation is now concluded. i'm live in maple shade, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." >> all right, chad, thank you. the reward for information in the shooting of an eight-year-old girl in camden is now up to $11,000. today the parents of gabrielle carter shared her photo with us. you see her there with her family. a tribute to their daughter continues to grow outside their home. it was on these very steps on wednesday night where the little girl was shot in the head. gabrielle's mother heard the shots and quickly ran outside and cradled her daughter while
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police and paramedics arrived. the little girl remains at cooper university hospital in critical condition. police say they have gotten many good leads from the public and surveillance video but the investigation continues. >> police in bensalem are looking for the pickpockets who stole a woman's wallet then charged $1,500 on her credit card. when they gave us this video of the incident from wednesday a man and a woman sat down at a table and the woman kept a lookout. the man positioned his chair so that he was right near a mother and her children at the table over across from them. police say he stole her wallet, then went to a nearby target and used her credit card. they tried to use that card again at a different target but that time it was declined. police want anyone who recognizes these two to give them a call. >> it is time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. hot, hot, hot. >> but it is friday. >> meteorologist adam joseph. >> yeah, feels like a friday.
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>> f-r-y day. >> no weather pun intended. yes. sunshine is in control here as we close out the work week. not only dealing with the hot temperatures but also that extreme humidity. right now in philadelphia 92 degrees at is the air temperature, 90 new york city, 94 in washington, 96 in richmond so 90's take over the midatlantic and again that humidity spiked early this morning. it's starting to reduce a little bit north and west of philadelphia. the heat index how it feels is only a degree above the air temperature right now of 93. still near 100 in southern delaware, southern parts of new jersey. richmond right now feels like 103 but notice the 80's to the north. northerly wind takes over tonight and that will help to puncture in brief dry air for saturday. so, satellite and radar show a cold front did push through but it didn't bring much in the way of cloud cover or any chance for showers downpours or thunderstorms. that is now to the east but again it brings a wind shift in as we go through the
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evening and overnight hours. out on the town here on this friday night at 7 o'clock 88 degrees, 85 at 8 o'clock, 83 at 9:00. and then pretty nice by 10:00, 11:00, temperatures dropping into the upper 70's. we'll chat about the brief break in the humidity, sharrie, tomorrow, but the temperatures are going to remain hot. we'll talk about the extended heat wave number six with that seven-day forecast. >> all right. we'll let you do the talking on that one. all right, adam, thank you. yet another piece of the phillies world series championship team is gone. carlos ruiz left philadelphia today to join his new team, the los angeles dodgers. our jeff skversky caught up with him at the airport today and jeff joins us live from the "action news" big board. jeff. >> hey, sharrie, as you can imagine carlos ruiz sad to leave philadelphia this morning. phillies fans just as upset to see him go. philadelphia police officer at the airport shook his hand and said thanks for the memories. here's ruiz saying goodbye this morning at philadelphia
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international airport. he's head for los angeles where he'll join his new team the first place dodgers today. in his first tv interview since yesterday's trade ruiz tells "action news" it was very hard to waive his no trade clause because he loves this city. >> as you go to los angeles as excited as are you is it a piece of you that's sad. >> i was real sad today when i leave my house in jersey, it was tough. all day yesterday was the same way. a lot of phone calls saying goodbye to friends. it was hard to walk away. >> how much do you love these philly fans? i imagine it is hard to leave today. >> i mean, they're the best fans in the world. >> ruiz tells me his fondest memory is winning the 2008 world series title when he ran
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out to brad lidge after that final out and gave him that big hug. ryan howard is now the only philly left from that 2008 world championship team. sharrie back to you. >> a lot of memorable moments. he'll be missed around here. all right, jeff, thank you. >> it is time for the news traffic report. >> let's go thrive autumn marisa in for matt pelman and again it's fridayly we like it autumn. >> that's right, hi sharrie and alicia. typical afternoon on a friday. everybody wanting to get out of work getting down to the shore. we have an accident to report to you on 95 northbound at penn's landing. four vehicles involved. penndot on the scene. police haven't arrived yet. they were in the right-hand lane but they are pushed it to the side. looking at the big picture speeds on the schuylkill expressway slow down to 10 miles per hour taking about 50 minutes to go from the blue route to the vine or reverse. we have debris on the roadway northbound on the blue route right around saint davids so keep in mind that's out there.
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on 202 this is southbound right at south valley forge road we have an accident taking out the center lane that's been pushed off to the right-hand lane. taking a look at the 42 freeway at creek road southbound cars moving quickly down towards the atlantic city expressway. only about a 14 minute delay right now so that's not taking too long. and if we go over to 95 southbound one of our larger delays again is through the cottman construction. you can see southbound heading towards the city a little slow going there. and moving right along and showing you what's happening on the ben franklin bridge. you can see really pretty nice and clear if you're taking the eastbound lanes over into new jersey or those westbound lanes over into philly right now. now, we do have an accident to report to you, this one is at the walt whitman bridge. the eastbound lanes are always very heavy right now but especially heavy right now because of the commute into jersey. we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in the next half hour. back to you, sharrie and alicia. >> thanks autumn. still ahead at 4 o'clock, a warning for anyone planning
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to swim this weekend at the jersey shore. >> plus new developments in the zika outbreak. how it could impact blood donations here in our area. >> and it's an event that only happens in nine cities around the world. this weekend it comes to philadelphia. what it is and how it's showing off the local businesses in one city neighborhood. >> ♪ let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold!
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>> ♪ >> the food and drug administration wants all blood centers in the united states to start screening for zika. they hope it will protect the nation's blood supply from the mosquito borne virus. since february, blood centers have been turning away people who recently traveled to areas with zika outbreaks. in most people the zika virus causes only a mild illness but it can lead to severe brain
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related birth defects. >> the number of people killed in the earthquake that shook central italy is rising. and now stands at 267. another strong aftershock hit the town of amatrice this morning which is complicating the search for survivors. and we are getting a better look at the widespread damage there. this drone video shows buildings reduced to simple rubble. it's still not clear how many people are missing after wednesday's powerful earthquake. >> to business now and a look at the closing numbers on wall street. the dow jones losing about 53 points on the day. nasdaq gained almost seven points and the s & p 500 also sliding a few points on the day. hey, speaking of business, the businesses in and around a few areas in our city are going to love this one this weekend. feast party explore the city and sample all kinds of beer. did i get your attention? it's all part of brooklyn
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brewery's 2016 mash tour where they descend upon a few global cities for a few days of fun. and guess what? we're on the list. right now it's happening here in philadelphia. >> this is our fourth stop on the tour. we'll go to nine different cities this year. we kicked off in london and stockholm. >> among a list of events on tap this sunday it's neighborhood immersion which is all about exploring the city on foot. >> we'll be celebrating all of the amazing bars, restaurants incredible shops that are here in fishtown and northern liberties. >> it starts at the schmidt's common on second street where you pay $20 for a day full of adventure. >> passport. you can have coupons from businesses. all these different great spots teaming up some offering food options some beer, some discounting products. >> places like creep records garage barricade and heritage on second seat which is cooking up a fun deal. >> you come here get a free beer. after that you if you get a
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second beer you unlock the secret menu. >> hint it includes this smoked trout on toast. secret is out. this is on the secret menu. keystone mini golf will give you a free beer an golf ball with a round of play. >> if you get a hole in one in the last play we'll buy you a round of golf. >> at the flagship fishtown location and leave with a free pastry draft latte. >> get that pep if your step with a free pastry and coffee. >> little sugar little caffeine and then on to more beer tasting. >> absolutely. [laughter] >> so that immersion event is happening on sunday but check this out. tomorrow night if you don't have plans there's an event called beer mansion where mount pleasant and fairmount park is hosting a one of a kind beer tasting event. we have details on everything you're doing as part of philly mash right now on it is friday, right, it's almost happy hour or something.
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>> that's right. ears are perking up all over the studio. >> you go the that right. >> all right, alicia. a local college built on faith is opening its arms to a new incoming class. immaculata university is just days away from the start of fall classes. it's an exciting time especially for first year students who are moving in and starting a new chapter. parents friends and loved ones are pitching in with the heavy lifting to get the college students all settled in. the first day of classes for this catholic institution is monday august 29th. well, there is a warning for swimmers new jersey this weekend. forecasters say the conditions are ripe for dangerous rip currents. the warning runs from tomorrow through next week. weather experts say the highest risk could be monday and tuesday. this is partially because of tropical storm gaston which is churning up the surf as it moves through the atlantic ocean. >> it is time now for the accuweather forecast. speaking of a lot of people heading to the beach this weekend. >> it's on my list for the weekend.
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let's head over to meteorologist adam joseph. how about you adam any plans this weekend? >> just sticking by house. >> all right. >> dad weekend. >> pool party. >> he's got a pool so don't make it sound bad. >> trying to pack up two kids to head to the shore isn't so easy. easier to stay in the backyard. a little bounce in the camera, steel pier in the background. low risk for returns right now along the shore. many of the students are going back to school so many of the beaches may not be guarded so make sure if you swim this weekend you swim at a guarded beach. 93 right now the heat index in allentown, 90 reading, 94 wilmington, 93 philadelphia. but as you head to the south and east, that is where the highest heat indices are right now along the shore 99 to 100 degrees on the sand, 101 in millville and it's because drier air is moving in from the north and west and with that northwesterly wind there is no sea breeze this afternoon. satellite and radar will show a front did pass through with a couple of sprinkles through parts of montgomery and bucks
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county. that was very early this morning. and a ribbon of clouds but overall that sunshine has been dominating the sky here on this friday. as we look at the forecast for tonight, clear and warm with dropping humidity from north to south. ly 64 in allentown by tomorrow morning, 73 philadelphia, 69 in millville and low 70's right along the immediate shore. so, as you head into your saturday here, the shore 83 degrees, sunny with an onshore wind so very different tomorrow at the shore than today with a sea breeze kicking in. in the city 92 degrees, it's hot but not as humid as it was today so it will be a little more bearable out there and in the poconos 83, bright, warm, beautiful with low humidity. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan we're heading down towards the caribbean here, you got cuba, the bahamas. the center of this tropical wave we have been tracking is right there. you can see the thunderstorms are displaced to the east of the center so it still has yet to get its act
4:19 pm
together which is great news for the bahamas and southern florida, but we're aiming this towards key west and then moving into the open waters of the gulf of mexico next week. still a 60 percent chance over the next five days of developing into a tropical storm or hurricane so something we will be following. in addition, we are following tropical storm gaston. gaston again is 1800 miles to our south and east and will stay east of bermuda but it is expected to ramp up to maybe a minimal category one or two hurricane well off shore but even with that it will send some long period swells, large waves all along the east coast in addition to an onshore wind society returned risk will be increasing -- rip current risk will be increasing sunday, monday and tuesday. as were we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast hot humid 92 degrees tomorrow. staying in the low 90's on sunday with the humidity coming up a little bit again
4:20 pm
on sunday and then it sky rockets on monday. 92 degrees with that muggy feeling back and steamy, hot with a scattered thunderstorm on tuesday of 91 degrees and oh, you want more 90's? >> wow. >> we'll give them to you in the next half hour in that seven-day forecast. >> did you order that? i didn't order that. >> he's like a heat wave salesman. do you want more 90's, i got them. >> unfortunately i do. >> adam thank you. one of the most iconic parts of 30th street station is about to go away forever. details on the plan. >> two crashes other same road just minutes apart. details on the twin rex that sent multiple -- twin wrecks that sent multiple people to the hospital. ♪
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one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'! >> ♪ >> a street in philadelphia's juniata section has been closed for nearly 24 hours, this after a hazardous chemical spill there. last night around 6:15, a 5,000-gallon tank spilled in a building on the 3600 block of g street.
4:24 pm
the building was evacuated and secured. no one was hurt. what's being called an accidental explosion in belgium has killed one person and injured four others. the police chief there says they think it was caused by natural gas. this happened just after midnight at a sports center near the french border. firefighters were on the scene this morning clearing the rubble and securing that building. well, there were two crashes on the same road just minutes apart today in delaware. and the wrecks sent four people to the hospital. the action cam was on river road in new castle around 8:30 this morning where three cars collided. crews will to rescue some of the victims who were trapped in the wreckage. three people were sent to the hospital. then just minutes later the cab of a tractor-trailer hit a man on a bicycle farther up the road. that man also went to the hospital. we're still working to learn how badly all of the victims were injured. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf was in norristown today
4:25 pm
for the grand opening of a new driver's license center. governor wolf got a tour of the new penndot facility on the 1700 block of markley street. this center one of the first to implement new technology to help customers. people will be able to get text message notifications informing them of wait times. hey, that's good to know. and there's free wifi for when you have to wait. iconic part of 30th street station is about to go away for good. amtrak is replacing the iconic arrival and dee par her board in the middle of the station that lists tracks and travel times. this new display will be digital, you lose that sound of the flipping board there. >> i like that. >> amtrak says it's in the planning phase of the project still so there's no timetable on just when the work will start. a group of students who decided to turn their lives around was rewarded for their hard work today in north philadelphia. more than 100 students of the youth build philadelphia charter school earned their high school diplomas.
4:26 pm
today was their graduation day. these men and women were all high school dropouts. through this program, though, they have been undergoing rigorous academic vocational training and community service and the diplomas now to show for it. also in north philadelphia young inventors and scientists used their imagination to bring new life to ordinary objects through pal's stem camp. kids learned about science technology engineering and math by building all sorts of structures simply by using various items right there at camp. organizers say the experience is all about teaching the children that learning can be challenging but also fun. >> hey, and they did some great work there. >> yeah. >> way to go. next on "action news" less than two months after a college student's murder an arrest is made in the case. we have the new details about the alleged shooter in a live report next. >> and worldwide outcry leads to change in france. we'll explain the controversial policy regarding women's swim suits.
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that's ahead in big talkers. >> ♪ for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra."
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pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it is 4:30. brian taff has the night off. "action news" continues with a philadelphia american legion post that turned into a crime
4:29 pm
soon this morning. we have details about what happened. >> plus, a local doctor has a new procedure targeting unwanted fat. we'll explain how he does it and show you one patient's results. >> and happy tears here. celebrating 50 years of dedication at a local post office. hear from the employee who was the center of attention today. >> but first at 4:30 a woman has been arrested for the murder of a delaware college student. 19-year-old malcolm evans was shot and killed in the beginning of july while he was on his way to work. "action news" reporter trish hartman is live now at the new castle public safety building with reaction from evans' family and also new details on the case. trish. >> reporter: well, sharrie, police say they couldn't have made this arrest without tips from the community. cheryl jennings is charged with first degree murder for the death of 19-year-old malcolm evans. what we still don't know is a motive behind the killing. >> i can't begin to explain
4:30 pm
how much it means to us that this case became so personal to so many people. >> reporter: the evans family choked back tears as they spoke at a press conference announcing an arrest in their son and brother's death. >> with this arrest the residents of rutledge and our family can sleep better knowing o a murderer isn't roaming our streets. >> reporter: the 19-year-old delaware state university. student was shot as he was driving through his neighborhood on his way to work on july 9th. police responded to reports of a crash at the entrance of the rutledge community where both evans and jennings lived. officers discovered that a single shot had been fired into his car hitting evans in the chest. he died at a hospital that day. now police say 46-year-old cheryl jennings is responsible and charged with first degree murder and weapons charges. >> i was shocked. i mean, i don't know the lady very well. i've only spoke to her a few times but i would have never thought that this would
4:31 pm
happen. >> reporter: a neighbor who doesn't want to be identified said a few weeks ago she saw investigators gathering evidence at the house where jennings lived on terry court not far from the neighborhood entrance. on wednesday, authorities were back and this time she says a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the house with guns drawn. >> and all of a sudden before you know the s.w.a.t. team was here and then you heard a sound that sounded like a cannon and obviously that was the front door and then right after that, about 10 or 15 minutes you saw them bring her out. >> reporter: now, police have not released the arrest documents saying they are sealed because this is an ongoing investigation. jennings is being held without bail in a correctional institution in new castle. we're live in new castle county police, trish hartman channel6 "action news." alicia. >> trish thank you. in wilmington today, police are trying to put the pieces together about the circumstances surrounding an unusual death investigation. investigators say a man's body was found in the parking lot of a business along the 500 block of south market street.
4:32 pm
employees heading to work found him hanging upside down on a fence had they say he may have either tried to climb or jump over. police say there are no signs of foul play. a man was shot and killed this morning in coatesville chester county. chopper6 was overhead as investigators surrounded the 600 block of diamond alley. those shots rang out a little after 6:00 police say the victim was a homeless man from pottstown who occasionally stayed in shelters in coatesville. no word yet on who shot him or why. >> a former upper darby police officer learned his punishment today for stealing evidence. brad ross will spend the next 45 weekends behind bars. after that he faces house arrest, probation and community service. it was back in december he was charged with hundreds of counts of theft for using the evidence room as his own personal stash of cash and pills. ross resigned from the force
4:33 pm
and then entered a rehab facility. the search is on for two armed robbers who targeted an american legion hall in northeast philadelphia. police say the duo waited outside for members who clean in the morning to take out the trash. that's when they punched him stole a box of cash and then took off. >> they'll do anything today. >> reporter: make you a little nervous now coming here? >> makes me a little nervous like when i leave here, you know, wednesday night i close up, i usually come out that door. >> investigators say the box had about $300 inside. the victim was taken to the hospital with a concussion. he told investigators the robbers were wearing ski masks so he did not get a good look at their faces. >> time now for a check of the accuweather forecast and tracking what could be the next heat wave. >> yes. it's 90 plus degrees today. going to go right through the weekend with it into next week so it's here and it's here to stay for quite awhile.
4:34 pm
and there's no break at the shore as we take a look right now live in ocean city at the beach cam there, 88 degrees. that dewpoint is at 77 uncomfortable degrees create ing a heat index of 97 degrees. it feels like 97 with a northwesterly wind so no sea breeze. that sand is cooking this afternoon and the water temperature, there is some relief if you head into the water, it's pleasant 73 degrees but a big difference from that feeling of 97 for the air temperature, 80's in the bay so pretty above average here for some of those numbers along the shore in the water. but the one thing we have to watch over the weekend and especially sunday into next week is the rip current risk. swells from gaston will be starting to move in from that storm that's going to be thousands of miles away, plus combining with an on shore persistent wind through the weekend. definitely want to swim at the guarded beaches and never swim during the evening hours or at night when the lifeguards are
4:35 pm
off duty because that's when most people to get into trouble. we'll chat more about the seven-day forecast and all those 90's and if there's any break in sight with that seven-day forecast coming up in a little bit. >> adam thank you. faculty at pennsylvania's 14 state universities are scheduled to vote on whether to authorize a strike next month. the association of pennsylvania state college and university faculties has announced that members will vote on the campuses from september 7th to the ninth. union president kenneth mash says the union does not feel that the state system has negotiated fairly. faculty members have been working without a contract since june of last year. classes are scheduled to begin come monday. >> now to the latest fat reducing technique that's really making waves with people looking to eliminate what they consider to be problem areas. this is new and it's the brainchild of a south jersey plastic surgeon who is doing something that's often been
4:36 pm
considered nearly impossible. eliminating those hard to tackle smaller spots. >> what i dislike about my body is my knees and i always have since i was 12. >> christine has long been self-conscious about her knees. hiding them under longer clothing. >> i don't even own shorts. >> she says she's been annoyed by fatty pockets on the inernie that have defied exercise and healthy eating but she's do you mean dr. steve davis in cherry hill to bid those pockets farewell with his slash technique. >> flash is fat lipo away same hour. >> dr. davis says there's a host of methods that can freeze or melt away fat in larger areas but time and time again patients are asking about those smaller spots. >> the inner area arm the neck. >> bra spot on the back. >> i came up with a small little system that allows me to take very fine straws and
4:37 pm
literally aspirate or suck out the fat. >> after the target zone is numbed with novocaine, dr. davis makes a tiny incision and a syringe with a straw or cannula is used to break up and remove the fat permanently. because patients are wide awake they can move even stand up so dr. davis can see the fat reduction take shape. >> i can be even more specific with this than with any other technique. >> after flash, the area is put under compression and the patient is told to take it easy for a few days. now, these are the before and after pictures of kristen's inner knees. you see the before and you see what happened after she had the flash. just a few weeks after, she celebrated she says with some short skirts. dr. davis says flash costs more -- less actually than other procedures because those areas are smaller so it's more cost effective and as you can see, they got one happy customer right there. sharrie. >> looking for that happiness and she got it.
4:38 pm
alicia thanks. it is that time of year many parents are saying goodbye to their teenagers headed off to college and that could mean some serious empty nest syndrome. "action news" anchor monica malpass live now in the news room with more on this story that is definitely getting attention this time of year. monica. >> absolutely, hi, sharrie. it's a combination of separation anxiety and loss, of course, that can stir up some very powerful emotions if both sides parents and students but doctors say it is all completely normal. coming up tonight in health check, ali gorman will break down the dos and don'ts, if you will for parents who are sending a child off to college to make sure everybody makes a successful transition. new at 5:00 it's a celebration 75 years in the making. you'll hear from a couple married before the end of world war ii and their secret to a lasting love. very sweet. we'll have that story and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00 and sharrie you'll join me then. >> emotional day for a
4:39 pm
philadelphia postal worker who celebrated 50 years of service. [cheers and applause] today thomas pinder was recognized for his years of hard work and dedication. during a ceremony in west philadelphia he was given a certificate signed by the post master general and a watch. >> right now, i got to be the luckiest and happiest person in the world. >> isn't he nice? look at all the people there for him. he's worked on the same route for 36 years and says he has no plans to retire any time soon. >> you show him how it's done, sir. next on "action news," we have details about a new project working to improve amtrak in our area. it's a change announced in wilmington and applauded by vice president joe biden. >> plus a dose of cuteness on this friday a creative mom takes full advantage of her
4:40 pm
baby girl's nap time and the results are going viral. look at this. see more ahead in big talkers. >> it's the best. meteorologist adam joseph returns with the full accuweather forecast when "action news" continues right after this. >> ♪ there
4:42 pm
>> ♪ >> i think we're doing the vice president joe biden story here. vice president joe biden announced a $2 million contract to modernize rail service along the northeast corridor. vp biden delivered the news from the wilmington train station a short time ago. the funds will go toward installing positive train control and advanced technology aimed at preventing train collisions and derailments. he got emotional when he talked about the amtrak workers. >> you can't make this country work without rail. that's why this $2.45 billion is so important. people in the northeast increasingly turning from
4:43 pm
their cars to rail and because it's more dependable. >> the story possibly a little personal for the vice president as he is a long champion of train travel. he rode amtrak in wilmington washington, d.c. just about every weekday during his 36 years in the senate. >> big talkers now and a big turn of events following outrage on the beaches of the french riviera where some muslim when i'm were ordered to remove these body concealing swimsuit called burkinis. today's france top administrative court has officially overturned one town's ban on the bathing suits like the one you see right here. protests have been happening all over the world. here in germany women held up signs saying don't call your racism feminism. >> women are being told what to wear in public. they're being told to strip. they're being told that their clothing means something which
4:44 pm
quite frankly it doesn't mean. >> again, big turn of events and a big celebration, those bans have been overturned. finally, this sleeping beauty is an internet superstar. while she naps, her creative and clever mommy gets to work dressing her up one snooze at a time and social media cannot get enough. i mean, han solo, can you handle it? this is four month old joey marie choi and she doesn't know it but she's a pop culture icon embodying everyone from slash from guns n' roses to wayne's world garth. excellent. how about this one? all the single babies, it's beyoncé. i mean, the wigs and everything. run dmc check it, check it check it out. mom photographer laura says they love halloween, no surprise here. this is ariel the little
4:45 pm
mermaid. little joey is clear al deep sleeper but mom says she does have to work on deadline because sometimes these naps to not last more than an hour. her instagram account is a viral smash. mom says sometimes joey wakes up gives harry smile speaking of mermaids, how cute is this. she's reminded of the real lesson with parenting we must have humor. when my baby was an infant she was the lightest sleeper. we were like ninjas. i never could have pulled this off. >> you could not have done this. how cool. i like it. very cool. >> we can dream. >> that baby sleeps a lot. let's get another check of the roads tonight. autumn marisa in the traffic center with the upday. hi autumn. >> hi sharrie. not looking too bad for a friday afternoon. most of the cars northbound lanes of 95 are trying to get up to the walt whitman bridge over into new jersey right now so really not looking too badly from the blue route to the vine street expressway, only taking you about 18 minutes. taking a look at the big picture speeds across the region and very slow on the schuylkill expressway.
4:46 pm
those eastbound lanes you can see 15 miles per hour if you're heading from the blue route down to the vine street expressway. taking you about 40 minutes to do that commute right now. earlier on 476 we had debris around saint davids in those northbound lanes. that has been cleared out of the way. let's take a look at the 42 freeway. this is at creek road. you can see those southbound lanes really flying down towards the atlantic city expressway so no concerns here on 42. where you are going to start slowing down on the atlantic city expressway and certainly as you make your way onto the garden state parkway you can expect to tap the brakes there. taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, you can see really nice and clear in both directions, no problems there. and the other area bridges really looking clear, too. we had an earlier asked right as you approach the walt whitman bridge in the eastbound lanes. that has been cleared out of the way so no problems right there right now. we'll keep an eye on things and we'll bring you an update in the 5 o'clock hour. back to you alicia and sharrie. >> autumn thank you. >> meteorologist adam joseph is coming up with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast including the weekend. >> ♪
4:47 pm
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen.
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4:49 pm
>> if you're fighting over ice cream. >> ice cream here at the station and i asked if she got any and she said i didn't and what it this afternoon and i said that's why you put it in the freezer and have it after dinner. >> then you said don't touch my ice cream. >> ice cream you're going to need something cool, right. >> yes, all weekend long it's going to stay pretty hot around here as we take a look at the action cam which was in brigantine this afternoon. a great place to be to check out atlantic city over the bay there and also a great place in brigantine to do a little surf fishing as well. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan pretty quiet out there. we had a front that passed through, just a few clouds early this morning during the afternoon but that is about it. it would be kind of nice to get hit by a downpour here this afternoon to try to briefly cool you off.
4:50 pm
93 the heat index in allentown right now, 90 in reading, 93 philadelphia but notice the more uncomfortable air is to the south and east because that drier air is starting to push in from the north and west, so the heat index at the shore is one of the hottest spots right now, 101 in beach haven, 100 in cape may and 101 in millville. high pressure is to the north again wedging a little bit of drier air our way for the start of the upcoming weekend but as you can see, we are clear to go with really any cloud cover and also any precipitation. so, it's clear, it's warm overnight tonight with that topping humidity from the north to the south, 64 in the suburbs, 73 degrees for center city. as we look at your weekend here sunshine really dominating both days, a few clouds saturday into sunday. sunny hot, not humid, 92 on saturday. it stays hot and a touch more humid here on sunday but not as bad as it felt earlier today and into the afternoon hours. 73 is that ocean temperature.
4:51 pm
again, one thing to watch is the moderate risk for rip currents with that on shore wind both days meaning a sea breeze and also some of those long period swells coming in from tropical storm gaston especially sunday beyond, 83 tomorrow, breezy and beautiful on sunday, 81 degrees. up in the poconos a really great place to be as well, saturday 83, mostly sunny and on sunday, 82 degrees, low humidity, warm and very bright. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a lot of nine's on the board here. starting tomorrow 92 degrees not real that humid. on sunday, sunny, slightly humid as we try to bring it back up here but then it really sky rockets here monday. hot, very muggy, 92 degrees. a steam bath on tuesday 91 with that oppressive humidity and a scattered thunderstorm. and then sultry still on wednesday, 93 degrees with a scattered thunderstorm and finally relief begins to arrive on thursday, 87 degrees
4:52 pm
with dropping humidity and friday is a winner in my book when you look at that seven-day forecast. 82 degrees, low humidity as fresh high pressure finally pushes that heat wave away. >> next friday. >> we got to wait a week. i don't want to wish a week away but it would be nice to be here right now. >> adam thanks. >> in there meantime 14 fee -- freebie friday is next. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos.
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4:54 pm
>> it is freebie friday and in celebration of 100 years the national park service is offering free admission to all parks all weekend long. there are special activities scheduled as well. hey, this is cool. smooth jazz will be taking over penn's landing tonight. two time grammy award winner people bow bryce son is the headliner closing out the summer concert series. you'll of course recognize him from the disney classic beauty and the beast and a whole new
4:55 pm
world from aladdin. the concert starts tonight at 7:30 but they say it's best you arrive closer to 7:00 and don't forget your chair and your picnic basket. if you would rather catch a movie tonight there are a few on tap you should know about. head to clark park in university city finding nemo begins at dusk and they're always doing this at the oval as well all summer long. and ukrainian folk festival is coming to north wales on sunday. this year marks the 25th anniversary of the country's independence. there will be a lot of dancing music and of course cultural activities at the ukrainian american sports center and i imagine some delicious food as well. and with back to school time upon us, for teachers we found some great free printerrable games and worksheets. there are a lot of options to also help with those lesson plans. just go to and we'll get you the link and have a great weekend everyone. >> all right, leash sharks you too and we like free stuff of course around here.
4:56 pm
>> yeah. >> gather around because today is national dog day. so showing you some cute dogs is just the right thing to do. these pups are actually in need of a home. the pennsylvania spca is marking national dog day, oh, with adoption promotions. until 8 o'clock tonight, you can get $50 off some of the select dog adoptions and it applies to dogs that the erie avenue location in fishtown and also the danville location. this is in conjunction with pet petco. they say what better way to celebrate these animals than giving them loving forever homes. >> that's a beautiful thing isn't that will do it for "action news at 4:00. for alicia vitarelli brian taff and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight nor a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here's monica malpass with a look at what's happening at 5:00. >> a pennsylvania girl was found safe and sound after she was allegedly abducted by her
4:57 pm
father. the manhunt continues for the people responsible for a shootout in camden that critically injured an eight-year-old girl. and. >> public works crews are trying to clean up after vandals spray paint swastikas and anti-jewish graffiti in lakewood. >> those stories and more coming up next at 5:00.
4:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> it is 5 o'clock. we begin with breaking news out of west deptford gloucester county. 28-year-old brian coles is being held on a million dollars bail for allegedly killing his own parents. chopper6 hd over the home here on penn field drive where edward coles jr. and his wife rose marie were found dead this morning. the coles owned and operated a music store in mantua township. according to police their son lived with them and worked in the store. a motive has not yet been determined. in ocean county symbols of hate spray painted on a playground. new at 5:00 police are trying the track town the vandals who put anti-semitic images in the
5:00 pm
same place used by a jewish children's summer camp. meantime friday night rick is off charry williams joining us. we're following vandalism investigation for you tonight in new jersey. >> new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live for us in lakewood tonight where vandals have hit twice in less than two months there, nora. >> reporter: sharrie, monica lakewood is home to a large orthodox community where many are survivors or had family killed in the holocaust. so, to see symbols like the swastika painted on a playground residents are deeply offended. public works crews are scrubbing off and covering over a series of swastikas and other graffiti spray painted at a private playground off second street in lakewood used by a jewish summer camp. the mayor is calling the vandals cowards. >> this is very symbolic to hate and to eradicating the jewish community. that's what happened in germany, that's what happened in nazi germany and poland and that's what the


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