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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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home. and a toddler struck and killed by a car in west philadelphia. next onion news. action news. delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist melissa mcgee. jeff, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night,er
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perez, sarah has the nightoffer. and it's developing news in west philadelphia where a tad her was struck by a vehicle after darting out between two parked cars. just before 7:00 this evening. and we learned a short time ago the little boy has died. jeff cherico is live at the scene with the heartbreaking story. >> reporter: such a tragedy. the accident happened a behalf block behind me. the driver stopped and is cooperating with authorities. the little boy and his mother were visiting for a weekly sunday dinner when the unthinkable happened. >> very vibrant. sweet little boy. >> reporter: family members remember ameen after the nearly 2-year-old was run down about 7:00 on the 4800 block of marion avenue. >> when i got outside, i saw my little cousin under the left back wheel. >> reporter: police say the toddler ran into the street just as the white suv was riding by. the driver got out. >> she started screaming.
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she started jump. she was really shaken. >> reporter: neighbor cassandra says this road is a popular shortcut for impatient motor irss, but children pay the price. surveillance video shows a 9-year-old getting hit by a car in 2012. the girl walked away, the driver took off. >> one child hit so badly, broke both his legs. flipped up in the air. constant. >> reporter: as police investigate this crash, officials say it appears to be a tragic accident. no less frightening for pollard, keeping an extra-close eye on her nephew. >> i'm his shadow all the time. >> reporter: and little ameen was pronounced dead at the hospital. the accident investigation division is handling this case. but officials say it's too early to determine whether the driver was speeding or if she'll face charges. reporting live tonight in west philadelphia, channel 6 action
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news. walter. >> heartbreaking story. three people injured in a car crash in the city's port richmond section. on richmond street between cumberland and sergeant streets before 5:00. police say the driver crashed into a wall. driver and two passengers were taken to the hospital. in word on the extent of their injuries. a woman id'd as the girlfriend of seth williams charged with slashing the tires of two vehicles outside his house. stacy cummings surrendered today. they were assigned.'s office. we have more outside police headquarters. christie. >> reporter: walter, she turned herself in at police headquarters earlier this afternoon. and according to recently released financial records, again, she is listed as the d.a.'s girlfriend. now facing two misdemeanor counts of vandalism. stacy cummings charged with criminal mischief and an
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instrument >> crime after she allegedly slashed four tires outside of seth williams home last november. it's unclear what are prompted the vandalism. but taxpayers shelled out $1,000 to repyre the tires. and due to the potential conflict of interest, all decisions regarding matters, bail requests and the prosecution of this matter are being handled by the delaware county d.a.'s office. it's unclear what their relationship status is currently. but he listed the 47-year-old as his girlfriend when he belatedly reported earlierth more than $160,000 worth of gifts he received over the last five years. she and her father had reportedly gifted williams with thousands of dollars in jewelry and clothing. now, the delaware county d.a.'s office had no further comment beyond the charges released publicly. cummings was released earlier
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this evening. reporting live, channel 6 action news. >> all right, christie. thank you. a man shot and killed by an off-duty police officer in trenton during a struggle for a gun. happened at about 10:00 at a party following a funeral along the 500 block of roosevelt street. officials say the officer shot 43-year-old alfred tow after he tried to grab the gun. tow died at the hop. the reward is $50,000 leading to the arrest and conviction of a person who shot and killed a little girl in camden. 8-year-old carter was playing on a porch when a gun battle broke out. she was struck in the head and died at the hospital two days later. hundreds of people, including can her mother gathered to mourn and appeal to the public for more information. despite the reward, police say they have received little information about this case. friends, family, and neighbors held a vigil in
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burlington, new jersey, to remember byron turner. he was shot on the 100 block of east federal street. they say he was shot by samuel james who has been arrested and held on a million dollars bail. investigators trying to figure out if an overnight case of groping is connected to a string of sexual assaults believed to be committed by a man on a bike. neighbor rest main on high alert. >> i'm more vigilant. i must confess walking around recently. after i hear the reports. i'm especially aware of anyone riding onidewalk. >> reporter: folks like martha woke up t ng news in their south philadelphia neighborhood. yet another indecent assault, a suspect fleeing on a bike. the woman was walking home on the 1600 block of bane bridge when she was groped. >> it's not wise to walk late
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night, butetimes you have no choice. ofa bus or a subway. they have to walk. >> reporter: this is the late nest a series of sexual assaults that police have been trying to solve. last week police held a news conference and released surveillance video of a male on a bike caught on camera groping a woman wearing a dress and riding away. police say he's a hispanic man in his 20 deletes with a stock you build, between five foot four and five foot six, wearing a black and orange backpack. and they believe he's behind four similar assault this is month. and seeing if this latest incident is connected. people who walk in the area say they'll be keeping an eye out. >> any type of crime, keep your eyes open. and you name it -- try to walk in pairs. >> i always try to keep my eyes peeled. just because everything i do see on the news, especially, you know, being a young woman too we are sometimes targeted. >> philadelphia police are asking for the public's help in catching the person responsible for the sexual assaults. if you have any information, you're asked to contact the
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special victim's unit. reporting in hunting park. two fire fighters injured battling a townhouse fire this afternoon in middletown, delaware. this was the scene just after 400 on the 200 block of vincent circle. officials say the fire damaged five town homes before fire fighters got the upper hand. one fire fighter was taken to the hospital with burns and the other was treated for heat exhaustion. both are expect the to be okay. a community in delaware county took time tonight to thank the men and women who keep them safe. the action cam on the scene at the church for a very special prayer service for first responders. all police, fire fighters, paramedics and em ts were welcome. and anyone could put a prayer request in a basket. moving tonight accuweather forecast. the final week of august was hot, and a repeat performance for the start of the workweek. we have melissa mcgee at the big board. >> yeah, walter, hot enough to
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become a heat wave. it was official today. heat wave number six in philadelphia. started out on friday with a high of 93. yesterday we maxed out at 93 degrees. and today inn philadelphia. normal for us this time of year is 84 degrees. and it looks like a few nor 90s could creep into our forecast as early as month monday. outside, a bit of an onshore flow. 70s in philadelphia. 74 now in allentown, 75, at the coast, cape may, 74. and 68 in millville. and we have a cold front from new england back across the mid atlantic as well. this will sag to the south and east through the rest of the overnight hours. even as you wake up on monday. and on monday afternoon, a couple of scattered showers and storms. future tracker 6 showing another change. dew point numbers will be increasing. you can see along the 95 corridor. by noon in the upper 60s, lower 70s as far as the dew points are concerned. which means the humidity makes a
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bit of a comeback as well. so it's hot and humid tomorrow, turning cooler later in the workweek. and also tracking the traffic. we have tropical depression number eight, number nine, and hurricane gaston. a closer look coming up in the exclusive accuweather forecast. walter. >> thank you, melissa. a bus driver who was an undocumented immigrant without a commercial license under arrest for a deadly crash on a highway in louisiana. >> a little help. fire fighters struck. >> emergency crews were already out at an accident site when a bus slammed into the scene. it hit several cars and three fire fighters. sending them the guardrail and into the water below. >> another fireman that needs to be pulled up. >> one fire fighter, district chief spencer shovan died at the hospital.a passenger in this res also killed. more than 40 others were
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injured. tonight police are questioning the owners of the bus to find out why an unqualified driver was given the keys. tonight two united airlines pilots are under arrest, accused of being too drunk to fly. the pilots were arrested yesterday just before the plane took off from scotland on a course to new jersey. according to police, they were over the legal limit. they have been suspended by use nited airlines. the 144 passengers on board landed safely a few hours later with different pilots. a new jersey transit officer being hailed a hero after saving the life of a man who was on the tracks. look at the video here. y an see officer victor ortiz struggling to pull man off those tracks. apparently the man had just
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gotten on a confrontation on the train. he jumped off the train, lying on the tracks move. ortiz pulled with everything he had and got the man off the track seconds before a train came barreling through. much more to come on action news tonight. his actions at the center of debate all weekend. and tonight colin kaepernick explains why he sat during the national anthem and whether he would do it again. something to smile about in an italian town devastated by an earthquake. and the priceless reaction of a little boy getting an autograph from a hero. see his reaction after mike trout signs his ball. those stories stories and more g right back.
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fire fighters are battling a wildfire that's blocking an entrance to yellowstone national park in wyoming. crews are using air tankers and helicopters to drop fire retard with of gallons of water. park managers say the top priority is protecting campgrounds, buildings and
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archaeological sites. despite the wildfire, the park remains open to visitors. police released video showing the moment an officer pepper sprayed an 84-year-old woman in oklahoma. >> i'll spray you. >> now, the incident happened last week after officers chased the woman's son. he ran into that home. and when police asked him to come out, he refused. so the officers entered the home and used a taser on the suspect. that's when his mother emerged and police commanded her to turn around. 40 seconds later she was pepper sprayed. the incident is currently under investigation. two brothers, both on parole, and with long arrest records charged charged with fit degree murder in the death of a young mother of four in chicago. accused of killing aldrige, the cousin of dwyane wade, nba superstar. they were shooting at another person, instead they hit aldrigr newborn home in a stroller after registering her three older kids for school. >> this reprehensible act of violence is an example of why we need to change the way we treat
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offenders in the city of chicago. when will enough be enough. murders in chicago are up a staggering 48% this year. nearly all involving handguns. and police say a fifth of those guns come from indiana where gun laws are not as strict. well, two days after sparking outrage for sitting during the national anthem, san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick says he will do it again. >> ultimately, it's to bring awareness and make people realize what's going on in this country. there are a lot of things that are unjust. this country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all. and it's not happening for all right now. >> on friday kaepernick remained seated on the bench as the national anthem played before the team's pre-season game. he said it was to protest the lingering plight of african-americans and other minorities in the u.s. but not all fans are supporting his decision. many posted videos of themselves burning his jersey. chip kelly, the head coach, says
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kaepernick will not face repercussions from the team or the nfl. moving on to the campaign trail. and donald trump says he's make a major speech on illegal immigration this week. trump september out a tweet this evening saying the speech will take place in arizona. but he needs a large venue because of, quote, big crowds. he was on a tweeter-spree tonight. he said he and hillary clinton should both release their medical records. no response from the clinton camp. clinton was fundraising in the hamptons. attending four fundraisers today and scheduled for several more through tuesday. abc news has new e-mails raising concerns that the clinton foundation asked for preferential treatment. the state department denies any special favors. authorities in italy have opened investigations into the destruction from wednesday's earthquake. they're looking into whether anyone bears criminal
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responsibility for liability for failing to ensure building safety standards in the region. the investigation will focus on a number of structures including an elementary school that crumbled when the quake hit. the school was renovated just four years ago to resist earthquakes at a cost of 700,000 euros. meanwhile, today, italian authorities revised the death toll down by one to 290 people. meanwhile, for one day at least, a village in the quake zone forted the worries. they were supposed to get married in the village church. it was damaged by the earthquake, so the priest decided it wasn't safe. ramone got permission to hold the ceremony in the village plaza instead. when the bride's father walked her down the steps the villagers cheered. much more to come on action news tonight. a bear on a mission. the surprising snack that this guy went after when he burst into a young man's backyard. and meteorologist melissa mcgee has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast
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when action news comes right back.
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hey, no, no, no. hey. hey. >> talking to the neighbors or something. a man confronted a hungry black bear that tried to run off with his bird feeder outside of his home in new hampshire. the bear dropped the feeder and snacked on some of the seeds in jason alexander's driveway. he said the bear was calm and not intimidating. he even snapped a selfie with the massive animal. i would have walked away. >> the're way. >> exactly. and time for a check of the accuweather forecast. and a remind their summer is not over yet. >> still kicking. we're in the 90s today. once again for the start of the workweek. show you what's going on outside. storm tracker 6 double scan radar. you can see it's dry and quiet. although there is a cold front to our north and west. this will continue to sag to the south and east. overnight tonight and even into the day on monday. and that could trigger an isolated shower or storm.
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we'll show you the picture outside. hd from our temple university camera. southbound on broad street. you can see we have a partly cloudy to mostly clear sky. and really not terrible conditions outside. it was hot today. but the humidity was in check. tomorrow the humidity will start to be on the increase. currently outside in philadelphia, coming in at 77 after ay of 90. 76 in reading. 68 in the poconos, 68 on the coast, the flow of moisture. and 76 in beach haven. satellite 6 with action radar. see that cold front across the mid-atlantic region. showers and storms sagging off to the south and east. very little fanfare as it works its way into our region. an isolated shower or thunderstorm likely into monday afternoon. taking you down to the tropics. starting to heat up. we have tropical depression number eight and nine.
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that's to the south of florida. and hurricane gaston. winds the same with the system at 120 miles per hour. this is a category three hurricane. and we talked about it yesterday and the day prior that the long period swells in combination with that constant onshore flow of moisture for the new jersey coastline in delaware could impact our beaches because of the high surf and the rip currents. but gaston will stay east of bermuda. then tropical depression number eight. this is something to watch closely as it gets closer to the coastline into the middle half of the workweek. winds sustained right now at 35 miles per hour. this could more than likely strengthen into a tropical system later monday into tuesday. curving close to the outer banks of north carolina before heading out to sea. so, again, very close to atlantic city and the jersey coastline. something to watch closely for the region. back on monday, sunny, hot, humid, with that cold front coming through. an isolated shower or storm is
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likely. high temperature at 90 degrees. then in the wake of that, high pressure returns into tuesday. tuesday, plenty of sunshine. not as sticky with a high temperature coming in at 89. look just to the south. we're tracking that tropical system just off the coast of the outer banks of north carolina. so something to track very cleese closely for us as the week wears on. it's humid for us on monday, isolated shower or storm is likely in spots. certainly not a washout. high temperature at 82. sunny on tuesday, not as sticky, 89. and wednesday, wet weather across the region with showers and storms firing off. high temperature at 93. in the wake of the cold front on thursday, cooler, less humid for the eagle's pre-season game. beautiful as we close out our workweek on friday. and 80 degrees,first weekend in september. on saturday, it's sunny and pleasant for now. a high temperature of 83 and
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plenty of sunshine next sunday, walter, with a high temperature coming in at 85. start out hot, but cool off nicely into next week. >> september, around the corner. incredible. thank you, melissa. you can find the seven day forecast and a live look at storm tracker double scan radar any time on our website, go to the class for allentown cedar crest college is making history. they learned today if their grades are good they will all go to brazil in the spring of 2018. about 150 students are expected to go. an anonymous donor and the college will cover the cost estimated to be 450 and $600,000. sports is ne action news. after a big winr the colts
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in pre-season play. the eagles trim their roster. jaime has sports when action news comes right back.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. jaime has a check on sports. the eagles making surprising cuts. >> cutting the roster down.


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