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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  August 28, 2016 11:45pm-12:00am EDT

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wide open, and sam bradford just picking people apart. >> tonight on sports monday, the last of the starters for the eagles this pre-season. what's the outlook? >> i'm confident that what they did with the execution was headed in the right direction. >> how do you stop that. the regular season is a different animal. we have to take it to a different level. >> is the division up for grabs due to a big injury in big d? and an update on his status. >> two years, once i get it, i'm pretty good. ♪ >> this is action news sports sunday, sponsored by audi. welcome into another edition of action news sports sunday with mike missanelli.
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the dress rehearsal is in the books. and sam bradford, 17 of 20, 167 yards, two touchdowns. and teed up 17 defensive players. how do you see this? >> we have been here before, game three, thought it was a magical season. temper your enthusiasm a little bit. but they look good, jaime. the one thing that i think people are missing, the play calling has been pretty good by doug peterson. really surprised me. get guys involved. get triple tight end sets in there, get the sets of plays that josh can shine on. i like the fact they're utilizing their main talent. >> and they have some talent there, we think. >> well, we didn't know. and these packages he's putting in, we're finding out maybe they can do things on offense. >> we have been talking about the lack of weapons that he throws to. they cut gibbons and randall.
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i was surprised. >> gibbons had a catch and a nice block. i thought they would keep him for another week. but obviously paul turner has figured into this mix. and looks like he's going to make the team with the five receivers. >> and thought they were expendable with beckham. second catch, first touchdown. >> i love that fade. if they can get that fade. they have that fade on a third spring cornerback. that's the problem. if he can do that -- the first time they tried to run it, body in bad position. the second time, beat the guy physically. >> i hope he continues to do that. >> and he's a chip kelly guy, waiting to she him break out. he hasn't yet. starting to show signs? >> totally. i believe the negative influence on the team as far as turning a positive play into a negative play. but they got him involved.
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put him in motion. that crossing pattern was a nice touch. that's something he would not have made last year. the jet sweep, runs for the touchdown. they're making a conscious effort to utilize his skills. >> two catches for 60 yards and the touchdown run. what do you do with nelson aguilar? you can't cut a first round pick. such a disappointment. >> he doesn't lookdent. he doesn't look like hey at this level. he'll make a play. and -- his shoulder -- it's not an easy catch. but it's a catch that a first round pick should make. he's not making the catches. that's just a matter of confidence. he doesn't believe right now he can play in this league. that's problematic. i don't know if he's going to improve at all. i think they have to wait and see with this guy and bring him along slowly. he's probably going to lose the
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starting job. >> hope he starts playing better. with the team at this point in the pre-season, won't see the starters until week one. here's what sam bradford thinks. >> before week one, we have a lot of work to do. this is a big week to try to get a jump on cleveland. get some extra work in. it was nice to execute the way we did. we can build on that. but the regular season is a different animal. >> so the offense and the play calling has been surprising. the defense, we knew they would be solid, they have been solid, huh? >> they have been tremendous, getting pressure with the front four -- one thing they were going to do. but he put blitzes in the game. i was surprised. had a corner blitz, fired. middle linebacker blitz. managed to take kendricks out on situations to cover receivers. versatile enough, playing guys straight up in the slot. i think that this team is looking good. he's got the personnel the way he wants it. >> three sacks on andrew luck. hear from the d. >> the big thing is we have improved every week. that's the goal. you get better. i think the pre-season was really important this year as we made the switch to a new system.
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you know, how tolay with each other in the system. how to rotate. how to get our communication on the same page. so i thought it was a good pre-season for us. and we're ready for week one. >> when you look at what you guys have done, how special can this defense be in your opinion? >> i think our defense can be definitely special. we can definitely carry this team. and, you know, i'm sure you see us out there, and it's jim schwartz's personality that's showing out there. he wants to get after it. we have taken on that role. i love it. you can tell when a defense bought into what he's talking about. >> they're most effective with him in the lineup, by the way. other than curry. but graham on the field at the same tim g.
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and the smile. and here's the guy we wanted to see play. we went through the pregame warmup. we have been targeting the fourth pre-season game for the return from the broken ribs. i know where i stand. where do you stand? >> do you stand to play him? >> no, don't play. >> i would play him. get a good look at him in the game. if he can play, obviously if he gets injured, a lot of time to work with. he's a third string quarterback. sam bradford established his sharpness. and the backup. why not play him? if he aggravates, he has many weeks to return. why do you want him to wait? >> he's going to play the season. >> he's not going to play the season. >> if he plays lights out. >> no, no, not at this point. not after what bradford did in game three. they'll be behind sam for a little while. it won't be the first game where they boo him. maybe the fifth game get antsy. >> he's hopeful. and the pre-season doesn't mean a whole lot. feeling good about the outlook given the fact that tony romo is
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out for six to ten weeks. broke another bone in his back. >> i am. i had the eagles at 6-10. it brings them down a little bit. and prescott has looked good,bue regular season starts, start game planning that he's going to be as good as advertised. so i think that dallas has come back down to the 9-7 level. that's where the eagles have to get there. >> quickly, another quarterback in the nfl making waves. colin kaepernick says he's not going to stand for the national anthem. he's protesting what he calls racial oppression in the united states. he doesn't want to stand until there's real change. those are his words. your thoughts? >> he says that he has all these ideas for social change. which is good. he's got a right to do whatever he wants. this country is based on the rights and freedoms. so he can do whatever he wants. i would think a guy like colin
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kaepernick who lost a team and lost it last year and trying to regain it and regain his starting position would want to bond more with his teammates. if they aren't behind this, and he's singular, it makes him stand out a little on the bad side as far as his teammateso. he's not a bond in the locker room by doing this. >> the nfl says they can't require him to stand, but encourage players to do so. coming up, the phillys on an upswing. but first, the sports. >> jaime and mike, thanks. here's the exclusive accuweather forecast. it is humid on monday with an isolated shower or storm likely. otherwise, high up to 92. sunny on tuesday, not as sticky. 89 for the high. wednesday, humidity is back, showers and storms in the forecast as well. and at 93, cooler with lower humidity by thursday for the eagle's pre-season game. action news sports sunday continues right after the break.
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♪ action news sports sunday.
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sponsored by audi. challenge all givens. >> welcome back. and then there was one. one, ryan howard, the sole survivor from the phillys 2008 world championship team after they traded luis to the dodgers. the dodgers in the middle of the pennant race get rid of their 13-year catcher, ellis. >> his best friend, by the way. >> what do you make of this? >> i don't understand it. i guess thing they can get more offense down the stretch than ellis. hitting 0.200. and it doesn't make that much sense to me. other than maybe he has a reputation of building a pitching staff and they wanted more than just the clayton kershaw angle. >> ellis cried when he learned he was traded. today, hopefully smiled. this is a way to ingratiate yourself to the fan base. 5-1. phillys avoid a series sweep
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with the win today. as we speak, for the first time since 2014, he talks about his health. listen to what he told us in avalon yesterday. >> i feel 100% and ready to get started. and my summer has been great. we have been walking a lot. and getting some runs. and then i've got a chance to play a little bit against the guys. and every other guy. so it's been going great. >> you think full go for training camp? >> definitely. yeah, yeah. >> you were there. >> i was there. >> you were there. what do you think? >> they put a makeshift court up there, he was doing dunks and jump shots. he approached the back door on one play and flipped. his foot gave out and people were going, what? it was scary as well. but he was okay. and he seemed -- >> well, i don't want that. >> not as much as ben simmons, he's shier. >> thanks for joining us on
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action sports news sunday. for mikey, i'm jaime. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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>> i'm erin o'hearn. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> we hit a new celebrity inspired restaurant on the main line! >> taste some handmade salumi. >> visit a giant new mexican taqueria. >> try the brow blade trend >> and call it rapper's delight, music makers with local connections in fashion and food. >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. we are at the giant new mission taqueria on sansom street in center city. >> if you know the oyster house, this is right above it and created by the same owners. >> but instead of just seafood, it's mexican-inspired dining. >> and you can eat here all day long. >> how does this sort of change how people think about center city dining. >> it's such a unique space, like i was saying and part of that is the actual siz


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