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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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with bullets. we don't know yet the conditions of the victims who survived or what led up to the shooting. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up on "action news" at 6:00 you can get updates online on our web site >> good evening. monica is off. sharrie williams is joining us. the big story, we're tracking several storms in the tropics. >> hurricane gaston along with other storms are popping up as we get closer to the peak of hurricane season. gaston is gaining strength as it continues to churn in the atlantic. and these storms are affecting rip currents down at the shore right now and it could continue through the upcoming labor day weekend. >> all right, let's check out this view of hurricane gaston from space. nasa captured the image where the storm was about 500 miles east of bermuda and we get the latest now on gaston and other storms also the return of the heat with meteorologist melissa magee at the "action news" big board. >> yeah, rick and sharrie, there's a lot to go over as the tropics are heating up and also back here at home we still have heat wave number
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six. this is day four of our heat wave. it starter out on friday with a high of 93. saturday's high 93. yesterday we maxed out at 90 and today coming in at 93 degrees here in philadelphia. well above normal. average for us this time of year is 84 degrees well above that mark today. when you look at the current heat index not much to take in. it feels like 94 in the city, 87 in allentown. you notice as this cold front continues to move through we're tapping into a drier wind as we get that north to northwesterly wind but still feeling like 97 in millville, same thing in atlantic city at the coast and 89 degrees in beach haven. let's talk about the tropics because we essentially have a tropical trio, three areas that we are watching. we'll take you down to the south first because we have tropical depression number nine just to the south of florida. this will more than likely strengthen into a tropical storm later on tonight or into the day on tuesday and we also have hurricane gaston that's a category two storm and tropical depression number eight. we'll go in a little tighter
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on storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d and with the center of the storm with gaston we have winds and wave heights as high as 34 feet so we're dealing with these long period swells that get closer and closer to our coastline. that is adding to the rip current risk across our region in combination with tropical depression number eight just off the coast of the carolinas and this will more than likely hit the outer banks of north carolina before it curves out to sea later this week. we'll talk about our concern back here at home. there is a rip current danger. you never wander to fight a rip current if you get stuck in one, let it take you out swim parallel to the shore then when you're free come back in. it's always a good idea to swim where those lifeguards are on duty as all of that water piles up on shore. then it rushes on out. coming up we're going to take a closer look at the forecast talk about the tropics and also let you know when the cooler air will arrive this week. those details sharrie in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> a lot to cover. melissa thank you. remember to check in with
5:03 pm for the updated hourly forecasts and realtime views of any changes from storm tracker6 live. follow of course our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. that's always a great way to stay connected. >> in other news tonight a philadelphia church that has stood for more than a century is destroyed after a large fire ripped through it this morning. >> the fire at good shepherd presbyterian church in overbrook reached four alarms as flames shot high into the sky today. and here's a look at the fiery scene from the ground taken by an "action news" viewer. two people were inside the church at the time. both of them made it out safely. one of them was 81-year-old charles adams who lives and works in the church and is also the brother of the church's pastor. >> ran outside, saw smoke billowing from both of the chimney, ran in grabbed my computer, i knew where it was, it was pretty smoky so i really was going by feel.
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>> well, five other congregations rent the church for their services so they are all now without a place to worship. the cause of the fire is under investigation. also today, a pickup truck plowed into a church in mercer county new jersey. chopper6 was overhead around noontime today. the truck ended up almost halfway inside the house of worship on south moore road in west windsor township. police are working to learn what caused this accident but no one was hurt. >> police say the death of a toddler who was hit by a vehicle in west philadelphia was a tragic accident. officials say 23-year-old ameen rory was outside playing when he ran out into the street and was hit. happened around 7 o'clock last night here on the 4800 block of merion avenue. the driver is cooperating with police. >> well, an investigation is under way in trenton tonight after a weekend shooting involving an off duty trenton police officer happened. one of two brothers who were trying to watch out for each other this all when a fight
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broke out. one of those brothers is now dead. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live for us near the scene of where this happened on roosevelt street in trenton. nora, you spoke to the father of the man who was killed. >> reporter: sharrie i spoke to the father and to some friends who are extremely upset over the death of albert toe. now it started when toe was swinging a gun around saturday night in an alley across the street from here. when toe's brother tried to stop him he was accidentally shot and moments later albert toe was dead. >> buried this little girl. now we taking another body to be buried. >> reporter: members of trenton's liberian community are upset after the shooting of alberto by an off duty city police officer. it happened on roosevelt street during a party after a funeral. >> i can't describe it because you cannot replace a human being and no one can replace a child. >> reporter: prosecutors say alfred toe's brother
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constantine seen here in the cast was shot in the hand trying to wrestle a gun away from alfred at the party. responding to the gunfire off duty officer shaheen miles who was at the party in casual clothes pulled his own weapon and subdued constantine and the weapon he had taken away from alfred but when alfred toe saw his brother held on the ground with a we none each hand he went after the officer. >> that was a struggle that occurred seemingly with alfred trying to get one of the weapons and then the gun -- one of the guns was discharge the and alfred toe was shot in the chest. >> reporter: did he identify himself as a police officer. >> the one he arrested. meaning constantine but it's unclear yet if the officer also identified himself to alfred toe whom he shot. toe's nickname was yobo an army mechanic he was a married father with a four-year-old an child on the way home on leave from hawaii. his friends claim officer shaheen miles who shot him was
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drinking with them all day at the party before the shooting. >> it tells you not to drink when you driving. your judgment is off. why are you a police officer you drink wind gust a gun on you. your judgment is off. you don't know who is who. >> reporter: now, the prosecutor says someone who was with the officer says he drank very little on saturday. an autopsy was to be performed today on toe. the officer who is involved has been placed on paid leave and the investigation is continuing and when the results come in, they'll be reviewed by the attorney general's office which is typically the case in all police involved shootings. live in trenton, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." rick. >> nora thank you. police released photos of man wanted for robbing and assaulting a gas station worker in ewing, new jersey. take a look. the photos are of the suspect who went into the hess gas station on princeton avenue back on august 21st. detectives say the man was punched kicked and knocked an employee to the ground. the suspect stole the entire
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cash register and the worker's wallet. if you recognize the man in these photos you're asked to call ewing police. >> well school is back in session for students across our region and today teachers welcomed a new class at valley forge elementary school in wayne. >> "action news" reporter katherine scott caught up with the excited youngsters as they arrived for a brand new school year. >> i'm really, really excited for a new grade. >> a new grade a new school year at valley forge elementary in wayne. after the flag raising. >> ♪ >> reporter: the school song was soon in the air and smiles were wide on students' faces. >> ♪ >> i'm happy. >> get to meet your new teachers and new friends. >> reporter: teachers have been here for the last week. now the students are in their seats and it's their turn to get acclimated. the year will be jam packed. sure it's not always easy to let summer go. >> i wanted to stay home and
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sleep in. >> reporter: but there's nothing like seeing friendly faces to cheer you up. >> i'm going to see my friend siobhan and vanu. >> reporter: as the start of school edged closer many families began to prepare. >> my mom just helped me practice pack all my stuff for school. i got everything i need for the school. >> we read a book about going back to school and what the summer was about and they wrote in their journals what a great summer they had. >> reporter: plenty of parents came along cameras in hand to document the start of this new chapter. >> my morning was crazy. i have four kids on four different schools so it was absolutely insane but it was fun. i look forward to it every day as i'm standing here with my camera taking pictures. >> it's always like the new year. instead of new year's being on january 1st we always feel like our new year is the first day of school. >> reporter: there's learning lessons but also the fun. from the sounds of it there's plenty of that to look forward to in the coming days.
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in wayne katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> it is time for the "action news" traffic report. >> monday night let's go live to autumn marisa in the "action news" traffic center. >> hi, rick and sharrie. going to take a look at 95. we had a disabled vehicle. you can see things moving along there nicely now. our bigger delay is in those northbound lanes. you'll tap the brakes from penn's landing up through woodhaven. taking a look at speeds across the region dropping down into the teens on the schuylkill expressway. very slow going eastbound and also from the pennsylvania turnpike through the blue route really at a crawl right now taking almost 20 minutes to do that commute. taking a look at one of our larger delays also the vine street expressway, the eastbound lanes heading up towards 95 at a crawl because of a disabled vehicle right around eighth street. it had been cleared out of the way but the damage is still done and the westbound lanes heading up to the schuylkill nice and slow as well. few incidents to tell you about. the first one on the garden state parkway northbound past atlantic city expressway.
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that's because of the shooting at the egg harbor township earlier today. we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in the next half hour. back to you rick and sharrie. >> all right autumn see you then. much more still ahead on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. as the epipen controversy continues the maker of the life saving device says they have a different way users can save money on them. ali gorman has details coming up in health check. >> and he is being remembered as one of the great. the charming candy man in the children's favorite willy wonka and the chocolate factory has died. we'll have those stories and more when we return.
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>> to developing story now. hollywood is mourning the death of legendary actor gene wilder. the star of willy wonka died at the age of 83. family of wilder said he died yesterday in connecticut if complications of alzheimer's disease. wilder is also known for his comedy roles in mel brooks movies such as young frankenstein blazing saddle. >> after more than a week of controversy over its high cost, the maker of the epipen allergy device is making a new move to curb the criticism. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman has details at the big board tonight. ali. >> hi guys. the maker of epipen announced it will start selling its
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first generic version of the emergency medication in a few weeks. that will cost $300. that is half the price of the brand name version. but critics say that's not good enough for a device that contains less than a dollar's worth of epinephrine. still the generic epipens will be available in the same dosages as the brand name. last week the maker also said it's doubling its eligibility limits for the assistance program and expanding access to the discounter card. now the discounter card won't apply to the generic version just the brand name. right now the much less expensive adreni click is the only competition on the market. at least two more companies are trying to get federal approval for their versions. also today there's a debate under way about the rising use of the drugarcan. some critics say it's an enabler and isn't helping to break the cycle of addiction
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for many people. law enforcers say right now all they can do is revive the addicts then release them possibly to overdose again. >> why can't be there something that says we he can't walk away from that person. >> emergency responders say they would rather take the attorney treatment but the number of beds available is not keeping pace with the number of addicts that they revive. two new activity trackers were revealed today, one solved a major complaint among fitness buffs. the fitbit company has added a swim proof device to its lineup with a fitbit flex two you can swim laps. the company also updated its most popular tracker making the screen larger and adding a few new features. now there are dozens of different activity trackers made by a handful of different companies. they can measure your steps, your heart rate and even your sleep. now many people ask me what's the best activity tracker. i can't really answer it
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because it all depends on what you're looking for. so, some things that you want to consider functions, what you want the device to be able to do, complexity, how user friendly you want it to be, of course the size and then also the cost. it can range from $50 to about $250 and go online and compare. rick and sharrie, back over to you. >> i need a track they are talks to you and kind of convince you to go work out. >> it does give you motivation, doesn't it. >> yeah, but i need one that says -- >> you need a lot. >> rick, it's time to run. is there one that does that? no. >> let us know when that one comes out. >> not yet. >> thanks ali. much more still ahead on "action news" at 5:00. you could soon see more drones flying over your head and we'll tell you why. >> plus the founder of facebook meets with pope francis to talk communications technology. find out what mark zuckerberg gave the pontiff when we come back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the federal aviation administration's rules for the commercial use of drones went into effect today. drones play not fly higher than 400 feet or at night. and the flying recording devices must be under 55 pounds. the faa says the drone must have to remain in the sight of
5:21 pm
the operator at all times and that one time rule that you need a pilot's license to operate a drone is no longer necessary but do you need to pass an aeronautical exam. facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg traveled to the vatican today to meet face to face with pope francis. zuckerberg was that joined by his wife priscilla. the meeting was very casual and happened in the guest house in vatican city where the pope lives. they talked about how to use communication technologies to alleviate poverty. zuckerberg gave the pope a model of aquila a solo powered aircraft that facebook hopes will expand internet access in developing countries. >> it was back to class for students in one chester county school district. they filed off the buses here just outside kb markley elementary school in malvern. the kids wore name tags to be sure everyone got to the right classroom today. principal mrs. morris says the teachers are just as excited as the kids to get another school year under way. >> ♪
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist melissa magee is taking a look at the forecast. nice shot at the beach behind you though. >> yeah, that's right, sharrie and rick. in fact we'll show you the picture outside sky6 live in hd. we are down the snore cape may, new jersey. it's a beautiful picture but a reminder to make sure you swim
5:25 pm
where lifeguards are on duty. you can see some of the waves breaking on shore. a rip current risk for the next several days because of the long period swells thanks to hurricane gaston and tropical depression number eight just up the coast in the carolinas. back at home certainly another hot day, day four of heat wave number six. in philadelphia 93. it's 88 for allentown, 88 in reading. at coast in cape may 84 degrees. had a cold front that came through believe it or not. not much fanfare with it. no precipitation but those winds are shifting coming out of the north or northwesterly direction drying out the atmosphere. in fact, the dewpoint numbers really tell the story. we've got this cold front that's coming on through sagging offer to the -- off to the south, dewpoint numbers to the north of that front in the lower 50's and 60 but stilt humidity lurks and lingers to the south and west. it will start to dry out as we get into the rest of tonight and into the day on tuesday. here's satellite6 along with action radar. it's dry and quiet, no issues
5:26 pm
with precipitation. we'll have high pressure that is situated to our north and west that works its way eastward drying out the atmosphere and suppressing any cloud cover as well. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight well it's lots of stars dropping humidity. we'll drop down to 70 in philadelphia, 59 in allentown for the overnight low, 61 in lancaster, dropping down to 70 in cape may and 65 that number in millville. as you go throughout the day on tuesday, the day planner looks like this. bright and sunny at 8 o'clock in the morning and at 72, 80 at 11:00 a.m., 85 at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in the upper 80's by 5:00 p.m. after a high temperature tomorrow of 89. then we're back down to 82 underneath a mostly clear sky and key tomorrow lower humidity. over to the tropics we go because we're underneath a tropical storm warning at least for the outer banks of north carolina. you can see in cape hatteras underneath that warning because of tropical depression number eight, that is just to the south and east of that region, we'll track it for you. the winds right now sustained at 35 miles per hour.
5:27 pm
about 140 miles to the south and east of cape hatteras and this will more than likely strengthen into a tropical system later on tuesday before heading out to sea. that's the first tropical depression that we are tracking. the other one tropical depression number nine just to the south of florida here. this will more than likely strengthen as well into a tropical system as it is currently 195 miles west-southwest of key west, florida. so something to track and something that we'll continuouslily bring us that rip current risk. here's your five day at 5:00. warm and less humid tomorrow high temperature at 89. 91 on wednesday with that humidity returning. then finally the cooler weather returns thursday, friday and saturday, temperatures then, guys, only in the 80's. we'll take a closer look coming up at 5:30. >> okay. >> melissa thank you. there is much more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00 a camden woman is pleading for the public's help after precious family heirlooms are stolen by thieves. we'll hear from her directly. >> those stories and more including sports when "action
5:28 pm
news" continues in a moment.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" at 5:00 continues now. we are following breaking news out of atlantic county tonight. five people were shot in egg harbor township. one of those victims has died.
5:30 pm
new jersey state police and several other police police departments were holding two different scenes at this hour, one along the garden state parkway the other in a parking lot in a wawa. here's what we know so far. police tell "action news" one shooting happened along the 2400 block of tilton road and several victims wound up at that wawa parking lot. they were riding in a white suv and as you can see the windows of that vehicle were shot out. the tires completely blown out. authorities found another person with gun shot wounds found inside of a car parked along the garden state parkway right here. we don't know the conditions of either shooting victim yet and we also don't know what led up to the shooting or if police are looking for suspects tonight. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up on "action news" at 6:00. you can also get the very latest online at >> political news now. top hillary clinton aimed huma abedin stood by her husband anthony weiner during his sexting scandals of 2011 and
5:31 pm
2013 but this latest incident reported over the weekend involving racy photos sent to another woman appears to have been the final straw. abedin released a statement today saying she is leaving anthony weiner. abc's lana sack is live now in washington, d.c. with the details. hi, lana. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. abedin is in the hamptons with her son, she was there for a clinton fundraiser and if you'll remember the first sexting scandal broke out when she was pregnant. well, this time weiner seems to have taken it to an entirely new low. how many chances does a disgraced politician get? >> ooh. profoundly sorry. >> reporter: that was the question posed by the documentary weiner following anthony weiner's quest for redemption after a sexting scandal cost him his seat in congress. >> running for mayor is the trait evident line to clean up the mess that i had made. >> reporter: even after a second scandal derailed his bid for new york mayor his wife huma abedin stayed with
5:32 pm
him. >> married to one of hillary clinton's closest advisers. >> reporter: but then came the third strike with this report by the new york post. the photo of weiner in his underwear texted to a friend. abedin weiner's toddler son right there in the bed. now abedin announces she's out. in a statement she says anthony and i remain devoted to doing what's best for our son who is the light of our life. abedin already had her share of headaches as questions about hillary clinton's private e-mail server raised questions about abedin's role in facilitating access for high level donors to the clinton foundation and her marriage was already in -- an attack line on the campaign trail. >> huma is getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony weiner who is a perv. >> she's inside the inner circle of the campaign. this makes donald trump make a case you have to question the integrity of the inner circle. >> reporter: and trump did praise abedin in a statement just a little bit ago saying
5:33 pm
that she is much better off without weiner but he also took the opportunity to say that this is another example of hillary clinton's "bad judgment." reporting live from washington, lana sack, channel6 "action news. back to you rick. >> lana thank you. now to the 2016 race for the white house. the fbi is warning state officials to boost their election security in light of evidence that hackers breached related data systems in two different states. in a confidential flash alert from its cyber division the fbi says it's investigating the pair of incidents and advising states to scan their systems for specific signs of hacking. early this year hackers accessed the illinois board of elections database. up to 200,000 personal voter records were compromised there. hillary clinton rolled out a comprehensive plan to address millions of americans coping with mental illness today. it would focus on early diagnosis and intervention and create a national initiative for suicide prevention. the plan will also provide
5:34 pm
trainings to law enforcement officers while prioritizing treatment over jail for low level offenders. meantime donald trump is expected to deliver a detailed speech outlining his strategy to tackle illegal immigration on wednesday. there are questions as to what trump will say about the so-called deportation force he talked about in november that would eject the estimated 11 million people who are living in the u.s. illegally. well, today the trump campaign began airing ads in nine swing states in a more than $10 million ad buy in. and you can download the 6abc news app this election seals son to get breaking news alerts from the campaign trail and live results on election night. the 6abc news app is a free download for your mobile device. >> a camden county woman's home was ransacked by thieves who got away with some very precious mementoes. john rawlins live in berlin with her story.
5:35 pm
john. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. berlin police are working the case but the family wanted to go another seven. it is offering a reward for the safe return of those items. no questions asked. margaret gibson will tell you she is determined to recover what was wrongfully taken from her 10 days ago. >> i just want my stuff. i just want -- you know, i want something. i want my mom's ring. you know, i what happened some things. >> reporter: someone early on the evening of the 19th broke into a second floor window while gibson and her husband were not at home. taken, family jewelry, her wedding rings which she doesn't wear while on duty as a nurse and her mom's wedding ring especially precious as it was left to gibson when her mother died eight years ago. >> i want to be able to if i have a daughter i want to be able to say, you know, this ring was your grandmother's i want to you have it. >> reporter: the thief broke in upstairs apparently unconcerned that gibson's robust canines were downstairs in the kitchen behind augment he rifled this jewelry box
5:36 pm
taking only the good stuff. >> he left stuff i didn't want. >> reporter: gibson shared her frustrations via social media. >> getting the jewelry back is important to me um so important gibson is now offering a significant reward via the berlin police. >> up to 5,000. >> reporter: up to 5,000 for the recovery of the material. >> y i hope if someone saw something they'll contact police and do the right thing. >> reporter: up to $5,000 she says. miss gibson knows that the offer is something of a long shot at this point but she says she wants to do everything she can. besides the ring there were multiple bracelets that -- and other family items entrusted to her some of them having considerable monetary value, all having sentimental value. live in berlin john rawlins channel6 "action news." rick. >> john thank you. it's sharrie. two people attacked with a
5:37 pm
gun during a robbery at a chinese restaurant in juniata park. this surveillance video from wednesday night shows the three suspects breaking into the honey garden chinese restaurant. two of the employees were hit with a gun and then dragged into a room. the suspect were able to get away with some amount of money. both employees were injured but are expected to recover. >> repairs are under way in philadelphia's east falls section after a water main break sent water gushing onto a busy highway. drivers experienced delays this morning on the southbound lanes of the roosevelt boulevard extension near the ridge avenue overpass. at one point traffic was backed up for miles. after more than an hour crews were able to get the water turned off finally. >> well, more of this. summer vacation ended and the school year began for many kids in our area today. >> you can hear the parents cheering. back packs and pencils at the ready for the first day of school. >> excited youngsters at eastward elementary in downingtown chester county
5:38 pm
walked hand in hand with their parents to the playground from the morning bell. they were met by teachers and administrators for a few words of encouragement and a chance to make new friends. >> these students were ready to get the school year going at primos elementary in delaware county. bright shiny back packs were filled with all the school supplies they need for the year and their teachers were just as ready to get started. we're told they he spent the past few days getting the classrooms ready for their new students. >> uh-huh. your day is coming soon. >> yes, next week. >> next he week. all right. >> can't wait. >> time to get a check of the roads tonight. >> for that we go to autumn maris is in for matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with an upday. hey autumn. >> hi rick and sharrie. we'll start with the schuylkill expressway its our largest volume area. these are eastbound lanes around the vine street expressway. it's taking about 40 minutes to go from the blue route town at this point at the vine. you can seep westbound lanes moving along very nicely, not too much to worry about there. taking a look at the big pictures and speeds across the region single digits on the schuylkill expressway
5:39 pm
eastbound lanes nice and slow. another big delay are our 95 northbound lanes from around broad street all the way up through girard avenue. that's at a crawl right now, too. taking a look at the vine street expressway, take a look at the eastbound lanes. looks like a still shot there from the schuylkill expressway to 95 really, really bumper to bumper and if you're heading westbound not looking much better. back to you, rick and sharrie. >> okay, thanks again autumn. >> still to come on "action news" tonight two eagles players are talking about colin kaepernick's refusal to stand up during the national anthem. >> also a formation in the sky caused quite a panic in siberia recently. what officials will to say about it. and meteorologist mel something in for adam. >> 90's again up and down the 95 corridor as our heat wave continues. we'll let you know when the heat moves out and the cooler air arrives later this week. details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> all right and jaime apody has phillies and eagles news in sports. that and much more when we
5:40 pm
come right back. stay with us.
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5:43 pm
during a hearing today in chicago where the shooting happened friday. sorrells allegedly fired at a driver but a bullet hit nykea aldridge as she pushed a stroller. sorrells said his brother darwin was with him and also had a gun. both are known gang members on parole for gun charges. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the chicago shooting as well as the latest on the race for the white house. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> well, two eagles players are talking about colin kaepernick's refusal to stand up during the national anthem. kaepernick quarterback for the 49ers is protesting what he calls oppression of minorities. he says he's not meaning to disrespect the flag which some says that's exactly what he's doing. >> people are dying in vain because this country he isn't holding their end of the bargain up as far as giving freedom and justice and liberty to everybody. >> eagles wide receiver jordan matthews had this to say about
5:44 pm
the kaepernick situation. >> i know he's taking some backlash but at the same time i'm glad he's been able to state his case and there's not a whole bunch of things where he's trying to be disrespectful one thing that nobody should ever disrespect because we have the most respect for our military here. i think the whole nfl does. >> mac tavarres is backing up his decision like kaepernick he plans to sit down during the national anthem at the preseason finale. >> just minutes ago actually tavarres has changed his mind. >> okay. >> he says he's now not going to. >> okay. >> sit down he's going to stand and respect it. some people got in his ear. speaking of eagles those hopeful to see carson wentz on thursday for likely last time this season sorry to disappoint you. one of his two fractured ribs is fully healed. the other is into the knot quite there yet. despite the fact he's able to participate he's still not able to take any hits and thus will sit out on thursday.
5:45 pm
>> yeah its tough. like i said with all injuries it's tough not being on the field especially me as a competitor coming in here these preseason games are going to be big for me it's tough frustrating but it is what it is. >> definitely hurts from a young quarterback standpoint, his position to fully grasp and understand the offense. >> he's a ked to. he wants to get out there and show what he can do. you know, just unfortunate the way it kind of worked out here. broke a rib in the first game. but i think he's -- i mean, he's been great all through training camp. when he's been out there he's been competitive hard working right mind-set has all the physical tools so i'm really excited to see where he goes. >> jordan matthews returned to practice today. the wideout has been out since the beginning of training camp after suffering a bone bruise in his knee. he's missed the first three games. he said all along that he would be ready for the opener. right now he's just happy to be back out that. >> i mean it's fun, man, it's
5:46 pm
football. i'm about to go run some routes and catch some balls. it's what i've done since i was a kid. i'm looking for ward to it. the guys have been supportive and the coaches have been patient. >> phillies got back on the winning track yesterday in new york. they hope that can continue at home as they start a series with the nationals today. phils face a tough task against first place washington. after that the phillies allowed 39 runs in their last four losses. pete mackanin says they won't be mailing things in as sent rolls around. >> i don't want to limp through the month of september. i hope we're not at that point. the thing that we've done all year is we've showed resiliency after getting our brains beat in the last two nights in new york we came back and beat them. not in a big way but we came back, we showed resiliency and i would like to believe that even though we've had a a lot
5:47 pm
of injuries and a lot of poor performances i think our guys are just going to put all that behind them and keep moving forward. >> golf is a tough sport. i don't play but when i try i line up all the way to the right to hope the ball goes straight. pros sometimes have to do the same thing. you won't believe this by jason day at the barclays. see the hole. top left of your screen. see where he hit it. 20 feet to the right. watch. it turns curve, you know where it's going, right. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> right into the cup. 71 feet plus a detour. that's just incredible. how do they do that? >> magnets. no, i don't know. [laughter] >> wow. >> well,. >> that's why they're pros. >> thanks jamie. >> all right. >> quick break. more news when we come right back. stay with us.
5:48 pm
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>> new orleans paused today to remember that unforgettable storm. 11 years ago hurricane katrina crushed the gulf coast delivering a devastating blow to new orleans. 1,245 people died in the hurricane and resulting flooding. $108 billion in damage was left behind.
5:51 pm
katrina packed winds of almost 200 miles an hour. >> meteorologist melissa magee in for adam is back now with a closer look at today's heat and humidity. >> yeah it was day four of heat wave number six. we have relief coming our way and keeping you updated on the tropics as well because things are heating up. storm tracker6 live double scan radar you can see it's dry, it's quiet, no issues with precipitation. we're tracking a cold front that's moving on through. no real precipitation associated with it. what it's going to do is shift the winds from a southerly direction where we tap into all of that humidity to a dry northwesterly wind as we go throughout the middle and ladder half of our work week here. the high today in philadelphia 93 degrees and that's where we are sitting currently. 91 in trenton, 81 in allentown the lehigh valley. 77 in the poconos. at the coast in cape may coming in at 83. here is satellite6 along with action radar. you can see it's dry and it's quiet, that cold front dipping down to our south and in the wake high pressure will follow in and dry out the atmosphere
5:52 pm
suppressing any cloud cover, any moisture well away from our region. so here's the setup for us on our tuesday. high pressure takes over tomorrow. high temperature coming in at 89 degrees. it's sunny and warm with lower humidity across the region. then things change as we get into the middle half of our work week here. we're tracking this cold front that dips down to the south so sunshine and clouds midweek. showers are likely late at night on wednesday as this cold front gets closer. ahead of that, however, a high temperature of 91 degrees. it will be hazy, hot and humid. one good thing about this tropical low pressure that's coming through is that this trough will help to kick this tropical system that's just off the coast of the carolinas out to sea and well away from our region. nonetheless the tropics are a concern as we move forward here. nearing peak of the season, the peak of the season is in the middle half of september, really september 10th is when we start to see things peak. we've got tropical depression number eight just off the coast of the carolinas here. hurricane gaston a category two hurricane.
5:53 pm
we'll widen out the picture. we have tropical depression number nine just to the south of florida and south of key west and this could strengthen as well into a tropical system and all of these systems will affect us indirectly over the next several days. so, there is a rip current danger even as we head into the holiday weekend. moderate to high risk for rip currents because of gaston and those long period swells, because of tropical depression number eight and because of tropical depression number nine. so, waves anywhere from three to 5 feet high. something we've yet to touch on but is really important the breakers can also cause injury if you're just wading in the water maybe jumping over some of those smaller waves never turn your back on one of those waves because those could push you over or knock you down and also as we mentioned want to make sure you swim where lifeguards are on duty. the rip current risk continues tomorrow at the shore. the ocean temperature not bad and at 77 degrees and on land at new jersey a temperature of 81. delaware beaches tomorrow 82, mostly sunny. we've got that rough surf and a sea breeze to deal with
5:54 pm
later in the day. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. warm and less humid tomorrow, high temperature at 89. hot and moist, sticky on wednesday and at 91 degrees. on thursday, showers to start the day, then some sunshine. it's a good looking day and at 85 degrees and a gun control looking night to play some football as the eagles are at home in their preseason game against the jets. partly cloudy, 774th quarter at 72. friday september beauty, high temperature of 80 degrees with temple at home and as we get into saturday, sunny and pleasant a high of 81. gorgeous on sunday, 84 and for labor day next monday guys turning warmer a high temperature of 86 degrees so we go up and down with the humidity and finally it breaks as we get into thursday and into the weekend. >> september looks nice. >> yeah, it does. >> all right. finally. thank you. >> thank you. >> meanwhile in center city today many folks spent their lunch hours outside enjoying the heat if not the humidity. the action cam was in dillworth park just outside of city hall while adults sat at
5:55 pm
tables preferably underneath umbrellas shielding the sun, youngsters were having fun soaking up the sun while getting soaked from those miniature fountains at still worth park. a great way to beat the heat on this hot summer monday. >> ♪
5:56 pm
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>> well, this cloud formation had some russians very concerned over the weekend and you can see why. the ominous cloud formed over siberia. emergency services reportedly were flooded with calls from residents worried that it was a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. but it has been identified as a completely harmless type of cloud in the sky. >> cumulonimbus cloud. >> the "action news" team is standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00 a woman identified as the girlfriend of philadelphia district attorney general -- seth williams is charged with slashing tires on city owned vehicles. we're following the latest on
5:58 pm
the investigation. >> also we'll tell you about a new proposal that would help new jersey residents prepare for major hurricanes and other storms. >> and a woman gets creative to ask for help getting a new kidney. >> that and much more coming up next at 6:00 for meteorologist adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody monica malpass sharrie williams the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. "action news" at at 6:00 is next.
5:59 pm
for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley 's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night jim is off, i'm rick williams. in the news a delaware county pharmacy is robbed at gun
6:00 pm
point. and fire destroys an historic church in philadelphia. but the big story on "action news tonight is breaking news in egg harbor township new jersey where one certain dead and four others are injured following a shooting there. police are investigate investigating two scenes in connection with the shooting outside of a wawa an suv is riddled with bullets and nearby on the garden state parkway police surround a car on the side of the road there. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live in egg harbor township where police are working together to piece together exactly what happened. dann. >> reporter: rick, police say it's too early to tell if this was a road rage incident on the garden state parkway but whatever the case, it was a very violent exchange of gunfire. as you can see this ford suv behind me all shot up. i countered at least nine bullet holes and that's not countering those on the windshield and windows shot out. a rear tire also shot out. the driver managed to drive into the wawa


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