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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  August 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. multiple shooting scenes including a bullet-riddled s.u.v. in a wawa parking lot and deadly gunfire on the atlantic city expressway. this are as many as questions as answers tonight. but this we know. five people were shot.
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one of them is dead. and the investigation is late into the evening even causing traffic backups. it is monday night. jim's off. i'm rick williams. and the big story on "action news" is a deadly explosion of gunfire on the highway. and new jersey state police trying to piece the whole thing together. it appears to have started on the expressway this afternoon right near the garden state parkway. one of the vehicles involved drove to a wawa with the victims screaming for help. "action news" reporter dann cuellar joins us live now from the state police barracks on in hamilton township with more. dann? >> reporter: police continue their investigation tonight into what has appears to have been a very violent shooting on the atlantic city expressway between the occupants of two vehicles. a third vehicle is also being sought tonight in the intense investigation of the expressway shooting that has left many here stunned. from the looks of the bullet-riddled s.u.v., it's amazing anyone survived. we counted as many as nine bullet holes not counting the
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windshield and the windows that were blown out. a rear tire was also shot out. the driver managing to drive into the wawa parking lot on the back rim. >> to ride on that rim like that, they must have been desperate to get out of there. >> reporter: four men inside the vehicle were wounded and rushed to atlantic city medical center for treatment. state police say another man was found shot dead inside a car traveling northbound on the garden state parkway just north of exit 38. investigators believe the shooting happened just before 3:00 eastbound on the atlantic city expressway around mile marker 11 and 12. >> situation where gunfire was being aimed at cars that were moving. obviously, extremely dangerous to everybody involved, not just those intended targets. >> reporter: police say they recovered a number of weapons that apparently were tossed nearby. they also removed a number of bags of evidence from the s.u.v. including cash. tonight, the expressway eastbound was briefly shut down at exit 14 to allow investigators to comb for evidence. it caused a major traffic jam that went back for miles.
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>> we have two vehicles known. we have a third vehicle that may possibly be involved. that vehicle is being sought based on some witness statements. >> reporter: meanwhile, residents were left stunned by the sight of the bullet-riddled s.u.v. >> look at all the bullet homes in that. -- bullet holes in that. it's unbelievable. not something we expect around here but -- >> it's crazy. i've never even -- it's sad. it's sad. to even look at it is sad$i unbelievable. i never seen nothing like this, honestly. >> reporter: and police say it's still not known what precipitated the violence on the atlantic city expressway in the middle of the afternoon, but police believe that the people involved knew each other and this was not some random act. live here at the new jersey state police barracks in hammonton, new jersey, i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." rick? >> dann, thank you. and a double shooting late tonight in south philadelphia has sent two youngsters to the hospital. a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy. the gunfire took place inside of
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a home on the 2100 block of south etting terrace at about 8:40. the boy was driven by a private vehicle to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. medics rushed the girl to children's hospital. police sources tell "action news" this appears to be the case of a child playing with a gun. he shot himself in the left palm and the bullet went through his hand, hitting the girl's knee. they are both in stable condition tonight. two suspects are in custody after a police chase ended with this crash in southwest philadelphia. the scene here is an auto zone store at 70th and elmwood. the chase began at a car stop in darby borough, delaware county. the suspect bailed from the wreckage, tried to run but did not get very far. the investigation continues tonight into a four-alarm fire that destroyed an old church in philadelphia's overbrook section. fortunately no one was hurt but five congregations that worshipped at the good shepherd presbyterian church are now trying to find a new place to
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hold sunday services. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live from the church tonight with more on how worshippers are trying to pick up the pieces as fire investigators try to find a cause. bob?ñi >> reporter: good evening. can't go in the church. we're going on 12-plus hours since this happened and they're still spraying water through the front door of this place now. as far as picking up the pieces, church members say that's easy. they're a church. that's what they do. after today, it doesn't look like much. all that's really left is the good shepherd presbyterian church in overbrook are these two granite walls built more than a hundred years ago. church members don't have a hard time reminiscing about its former beauty. >> the stain-glassed windows were precious to me. you'd sit there in the quiet and see the sun coming through the windows. >> reporter: flames spread through the church around
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9:00 a.m. cell phone video captured the intensity of the flames and heavy smoke. church members only have memories now. and, of course, each other. >> we're still thankful. >> reporter: a powerful prayer was led by pastor pamela williams this evening. >> even though we look on ashes, we know from ashes great things can come. >> reporter: she's a pastor of one of five congregations that call the church home. this is a picture of her on her wedding day. the woman to her left is her mom. >> my mother's gone now. i can see her waiting on the front row waiting to greet me as i came down the aisle. >> reporter: acknowledged during her prayer, a church is truly made up of its people. >> we praise you, and we put it in your hands that the building that comes out of this, whether it be in us or whether it be a brick and mortar, let it be to your glory and your honor! >> reporter: others we spoke with expressed that same message. >> the building can be rebuilt. the church is a member of the body of christ. >> reporter: the head pastor just asks you keep them in their
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-- your prayers. >> we thank the people who have been of service to the church and whose prayers are with us. >> reporter: back out live here. nice to hear the church members say they'll persevere. you can't go inside to look around.ñr pastor adams says they do have insurance, but at this point too early to tell whether or not they're going to try and rebuild. reporting live in overbrook, bob brooks, "channel 6 action news." rick? >> bob, thank you. it's not fire but water causing a problem in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood right now. four homes and a pizza parlor are without water after a six-inch main broke. happened at about 6:30 here in the 1300 block of american street when the water started to fill up a large construction hole. the water department hopes to restore service sometime tomorrow morning and is handing out bottled water to those impacted. lawmakers and health officials with the epa met with
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residents in horsham township tonight with concerns that chemicals were found in the water supply. the contamination is believed to have come from the firefighting foam that was used at the willow grove naval air station. residents are affected. this is what it looks like from space. hurricane gaston churning in the atlantic, one of several tropical systems that's raising the risk for rip currents along the eastern seaboard. meteorologist adam joseph is keeping an eye on it all. and adam, at least we're not forecasting this hurricane to make landfall. >> no. this is almost 1200 miles to our east. it's even east of bermuda and it's moving to the northeast right now. inñi addition to hurricane gast, we have tropical depression number eight, which is right off of the north carolina coast. also tropical depression number nine, which is heading into the gument of mexico right now. but we'll focus on the two storms that are in the atlantic as we track them over the next three days.
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gaston will be weakening, just a fish storm out over the open waters. and the same thing for tropical depression number eight. that more than likely will become a tropical storm, will curve often the coast of the carolix not touching land and then heading to the north and east, but between these two systems, they are churning up the waters and sending large waves along the eastern seaboard. so a rip current danger continues into the holiday weekend. all that water that piles up with those large as wells, what comes up must rush back out. and that's what creates those rip currents. only swill on the guarded beaches. if you get caught in rip current, let it take you out. it will eventually stop. and then you can swim to the left or right and ride those waves back into shore. in addition to the heating up of the tropics, we had heat wave number six four days in a row today topping off at 93 degree phelps but we will talk about a break in the heat wave along with the humidity and a big change at the end of the week
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and that accuweather seven-day forecast. >> all right, adam. thank you. $76,000 reward is now being offered tonight to find and convict the person who killed an 8-year-old camden girl. gabrielle carter was playing on a neighbor's porch last wednesday night when a gun battle broken out nearby. she was vuk in the head by a bullet and she died two days later at the hospital. family members announced gabrielle will be laid to rest on saturday at camden's faith holy temple church of god and christ. the 11:00 a.m. service is open to the public. a camden county woman is offering a reward after thieves ransacked her home and got away with some very precious memories. margaret gibson of berlin, new jersey, said someone broke into her home through a second-story window early this month. gibson said while she was at work, the thieves stole her wedding ring and her mom's wedding ring. her mother died eight years ago. >> i want to be able to find my daughter, i want to be able to say, this ring was your grand mother's. i want you to have it.
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>> gibson is offering a $5,000 reward for the jewelry to be returned. a dog is recovering tonight after it was dumped to die. and now there's an investigation to find out who abandoned her. this 2-year-old pitbull was found extremely malnourished near a rundown warehouse in trenton last week. you can still see the dog's bones sticking out even after being nursed back to health until langhorne. but the staff says it's a huge improvement. chrissy devine, a nurse who cared for the dog named roo is now planning to adopt her. >> and i saw her eyes, and that did it. but another nurse was interested. so i was second in line. i was just waiting and waiting. and then it didn't work out with her. so i'm in. >> roo weighs nearly 20 pounds, which is only half the weight she should be. but she's gaining weight and eating six times a day. well, the silver screen has gone dark along north broad
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street. after ten years of showing movies near temple university, the pearl theater at avenue north closed its doors. developer says an amc theater will replace the pearl. they're busy converting the inside of the building to offer new high-end amenities that may even include tables and food service. amc has not yet announced the opening date for its first showings. fans across the world are mourning the death of actor gene wilder. >> it increases my sense of danger! >> the comic actor starred in classic films such as the "producers," "blazing saddles," willwilly wonka and young frankenstein. he died last night due to complications from alzheimer's disease. he was 83 years old. he was diagnosed with alzheimer's three years ago but he chose to keep it private. he wanted fans to remember him in his prime. and still to come on "action news" tonight, starting new
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statistics about the dangers of driving in the u.s. also, time for takeoff. the government opens the skies to commercial drones and we'll tell but the new rules they have to follow. also, one of the hillary clinton's closest aides refuses to stand by her man any longer. anthony weiner is caught up in yet another lewd scandal. adam? >> rick drier air is moving in as dew points are dropping with that and a northerly wind. we'll talk about the brief break in the heat and humidity and a bigger break about the end of the week. inn that accuweather forecast. in sports, jamie apody with an answer to the eagles' quarterback question for the final preseason game this week. that and much more when "action news" continues.
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one of hillary clinton's closest aides, huma abedin is separating if her house, anthony wherein. it comes in the wake of allegations that weiner was sending lewd messages and photos to yet another woman online. weiner resigned from congress in
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2011 after accidentally posting an explicit picture of himself on twitter that he meant to send to someone directly. donald trump was quick to turn it into an take. he called weiner a sick person and raised questions about what classified information abedin may have shared with her husband. abedin has worked with clinton for the past two decades. drones should not be out flying right now after dark. that's one of the many new safety rules that took effect today across the country. the faa says commercial drones cannot be flown at night or faster than 100 miles an hour or higher than 400 feet. the government is already offering exemptions(k>÷ companis who show they can fly safely. pilots must keep the vehicles within their line of sight at all times but the operators do not need to get a pilot's license which was originally a possibility. the faa expects there will be 600,000 commercial drones operating within the year as a result of the new regulations. america's roads are getting
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significantly more dangerous. a government report tonight found traffic deaths shot up 7.2% in 2015. that's the largest increase in 50 years. the national highway traffic safety administration says 35,092 people were killed last year in crashes. and a separate research group estimates that the trend is actually increasing with traffic fatalities up 9% in the first half of this year. the obama administration issued a "call to action" to find new ways to prevent traffic deaths. the maker of epipen announced today it will start selling its first generic version of the emergency medication in a few weeks. amid an up roar about alleged price gouging. the drug maker hiked the price of the brand name version 500% since acquiring the rights in 2007. this new generic will cost $300 for a pair which is half the price of epipens this is the second move to quell prost its
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about its pricing. last week it announced it's expanding access to coupon cards and other financial assistance. meanwhile, the beginnings of a bipartisan congressional inquiry started today to take shape. well, summer's over and it's time to hit the books for thousands of local children. today was opening day at several schools. and "action news" was there over the tri-state area in delaware where youngsters lined up with smiles for the new school year. to chester county in malvern where the students got settled into their new desks and wore crowns with their names to get everyone familiar. and it's also back to school for the older grades. students at ai dupont high school in wilmington. governor jack markell visited to wish them good luck today. the governor told "action news" he remembers how nerve-racking and exciting the first day at high school can be. "healthcheck" tonight. new recommendations today from the american academy of pediatrics about youth sports. just as the school year is
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starting, the report says young athletes who specialize in just one sport are at an increased risk of injury. the doctor's group suggest children play several sports until they turn 15 or 16 even if they know they only want to pursue one athletic activity long term. research shows it does not turn out to be a distraction. kids who play multiple sports tend to have a higher chance of playing their sport of choice in college. the city of new orleans, louisiana is marking the 11th 11th anniversary of hurricane katrina. various tributes and wreath laying ceremonies were held throughout the city today honoring all of the victims who died in that devastating storm. katrina made handfall on august 29th 2005 and the big easy has never been the same. more than 1,800 people were killed. close to 1 million displaced. fema has called katrina the single most catastrophic natural disaster in u.s. history. it did an estimated $108 billion
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in damage. that was some hurricane back then. >> yeah, it was. 11 years -- yeah 11. >> 11. you were 5 then, i guess. >> i'd just arrived. [ laughter ] i don't remember how long ago it was but this is the time of year where the tropics really start to pick up and the peak of the season and we're seeing that happen right now in the atlantic as well as we take a look at the currents locally here at home.o6 not much going on. it is very quiet locally and it should stay fairly quiet as we go through the rest the week other than a shower or two coming through wednesday night, early on thursday. temperatures are dropping to the north, 69 in allentown. 63, mt. pocono. 81 right now in philadelphia. so still very warm in the highly urbanized areas. but temperatures are dropping around philadelphia, even millville, 79. atlantic city airport coming in at 79 degrees after another day of 90s around here. you wouldn't know that a front passed through. barely any delouds -- clouds
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with it this afternoon and this evening. it is now down to the south opening up those northerly winds and some good news for those children and students heading back to school that they started today. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and pleasant with really no humidity. and temperatures in the 60s between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning. as we look at the front to the north, there's another one arriving from the great lakes, but first, we go through high pressure. it's kind of reigniting of the atmosphere so to speak of dropping the humidity, dropping the air temperature. 89 degrees. so it is still technically very warm. that high will start to really fall apart here as we get into the middle of the week on wednesday as the front nears us. as that front approaches, it turns hazy, hot and humid for one more day on wednesday, 91 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds and showers come in late at night. this front is going to, though, kick away a tropical storm that develops just off of the carlos but as that skirt out to sea,
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that along with hurricane gas doan that's east of bermuda really is churning up the ocean. so moderate to high risk rip currents right through the upcoming weekend. waves three to five feet and and with those strong waves something we don't mention all the time, in addition to the rip currents with waves of that height, and they are pushing in from the open waters of the atlantic, they also can cause injury by knocking people down, hitting them on -- people on sand. you can get back or neck or even head injuries. so watch that. and also you want to swim where the beaches are guarded. the exclusive accuweather forecast seven-day forecast, 89, warm, less humid for tomorrow. 91, another day in the 90s on wednesday. but it's just one day because that front comes through with some showers wednesday night early on thursday, some sun returning. on thursday afternoon, 85 degrees. and a beautiful day for friday, 80 degrees as we go into the beginning of september, kind of a change with the calendar. and then as we get into the weekend for the holiday, looking
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great, saturday, sunday, labor day, low to mid-80s, low humidity, and sun and clouds. but again, watch those rip currents if you're heading to the shore through the weekend. >> good weekend to be off. >> it is. >> we're not but it's a good weekend to be off. thank you, adam. one of the newer ride sharing companies in the city was in the driver's seat today of an effort to give back to one philadelphia community. this was a different type of drive for the lyft company. a school supply drive in which various donations were collectled for students at an elementary school. more than 50 lyft drivers attended the event helping to make sure youngsters have everything they need for that first day of school from backpacks to pencils, crayons, glue sticks, various items collected at tonight's event.
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sports tonight, jamie here for ducis. philly shutout by a divisional rival. >> yep. i know. >> and we'll be right back. stay with us. [ laughter ] >> i don't want to talk about it. but i have to. the phillies appear to be limping down the stretch here as we head into september. not much to celebrate. but the phanatic did do the hora. remember jayson werth? solo home run in the first inning to give the phills -- not -- the nationals a 1-0 lead. needs a haircut. still in the first, anthony rendon singles in bryce harper, who actually scored all the way from first. he looks better than he has in his first four starts but no offense behind him. phills shut out 4-0.
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should carson wentz play in the final preseason game or should he sit to avoid further injuries since he's not going to play this season anyway? turns out the debate didn't really matter. wentz isn't fully healed yet so it's a moot point. he can practice but he can't participate in contact drims because one of the fractured ribs is only 60% healed. >> i can still feel it. i can feel it for a broken bone to be healed this quick would have been kind of surprising. so i'm not really surprised, just kind of frustrated. with all injuries, it's tough not no be on the field, especially me as a competitor coming in here. these preseason games are going to be a big big for me. it's frustrating but it is what it is. >> jordan matthews returned to practice today. the wideout has been out since the beginning of training camp after he suffered a bone bruise in his knee. he did miss the first few games but he said all along that he will be ready for the opener. coming up wednesday has been renamed in honor of our city's newest champion. some jewelry handed out.
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when "action news" returns.
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>> all right. basketball season is aa ways away. but let's start early celebrating. villanova of course won the national championship but st. joe's won the a10 championship and tonight before some guys get ready to start another season, the other guys had their separate ways to play in the nba and overseas. they handed out their conference championship rhyths. -- rings. phil martelli said it's something thame remember forever. >> the rings are symbolic of the championship. championships last with you for a long time if not a lifetime and we're going to have the opportunity to share that with these players, their families, and some really special people in the room. the afl champs were set to celebrate on wednesday which mayor kenney has declared
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philadelphia soul world champions day. the team will be honored with a public rally at city hall at noon. afterwards, they will head to chickie's and pete's in south philly to continue the par fip the soul beat the raptors on friday to win it all. of course, captain soul jaws will be there. >> thank you, jamie. "jimmy kimmel live" is next. his guests tonight terrence howard, wolf blitzer, bonnie raitt. now for meteorologist adam joseph, jamie apody, ducis rodgers, cecily tynan, jim gardner, the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice evening. we'll see you right here tomorrow. good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- terrence howard. wolf blitzer. and music from bonnie raitt. and now, stay right there -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i'm glad you're here. because it was a very busy weekend.


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