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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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this morning, too. 73 degrees in philadelphia. how about coolnd comfortable numbers in the 60's in trenton, allentown, reading. just 61 degrees right now in allentown. 69 in wilmington and down the shore in cape may 71 in if you're head outer for that early walk by the water. here the are dewpoindown into th of the region. a little more humid with these higher numbers farther south but anything in the 50's is not considered humid at all and that's what you've got as you head outside for your walk to the bus, the car or maybe for that early jog. 71 degrees by 7 o'clock. 78 degrees by 10 o'clock. pretty nice morning and then by noon getting warm, 84 and today's high will be 89 degrees if we can stay in the 80's it will break the heat wave. either way it's going to be a pretty pleasant day with sunshine and lower humidity. karen, we do have issues at the shore with rip currents. we'll talk more about that and have an update on the tropics coming up. >> all right dave. hopefully we're off to a good start to the day weather-wise. no problems on the roads. we're looking live on the blue route approhe
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schuylkill looking good. that's northbound traffic moving just fine at this point. we have a couple early morning accidents though. one here in perkiomen on park avenue at pennypack erode and we're hearing that a car brought down a pole. so you've got emergency workers out that trying to fix it. they've shut down park avenue so stick to schwenksville road as your alternate n new jersey they're doing some emergency pothole repairs right on the new jersey turnpike northbound as you use that off ramp to 322. this is exit two on the turnpike. head to shut town that northbound ramp because of the pothole repair so if you're coming up if salem or you're coming up from delaware stick to 295 instead because you're not going to be able to get off at exit two. also in camden we've got this problem here. annie mccormick has been live on the scene talking about a big accident closing the intersection also brought down a pole. we've got debris on the road. it's on haddon at newton avenue. avoid the area. stick to mlk boulevard instead matt. >> that is our breaking news karen. let's get to it. that car crash in camden left such widespread destruction it is hard to believe it only involved a single vehicle. people are waking up to find poles and wires down and porchs in ruins.
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"action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at haddon and newton avenues to give us a look. annie. >> reporter: and matt we wander to give you an update about the traffic situation out here. newton avenue at this intersection at haddon has been reopened so you do see some vehicles behind me but as you can see with that vehicle still there and that single vehicle crash that a portion of haddon is still closed and will be for at least awhile. you can see the debris around that vehicle including the engine is actually outside of that car in the front of it and the hood of the vehicle is now up alongside the side of that 300 chrysler -- chrysler 300 rather. we're told that the driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition. we're hearing differing reports from witnesses that the driver was either extricated or lying on the ground when emergency crews arrived. now, we are waiting to get that confirmed. we're told that this was a single vehicle crash. it appears the vehicle was traveling north down haddon. it happened around 2:00 a.m. when that chrysler 300 was
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traveling at a high rate of speed according to witnesses. now the car snapped a utility pole and violently flipped around. when the car flipped it also knocked down at least two porches and hit several cars. we talked to someone who lives in a home where one of the cars crashed. >> i looked back i seen this car. it explode like all over. come back and it looked like this. this is it. this is camden, you know. so, this happened -- this is like the second time it happened, man. >> reporter: now, pse&g crews were also out here taking a look because there is a number of downed wires from when that utility pole was hit. this is right by cooper hospital and again right now newton avenue is opened but a big portion of haddon still remains closed. for now reporting live in camden, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt back to you. >> thank you annie. developing overnight a man was gunned down execution style behind a storage facility in west philadelphia. police say the victim who was in his 20's was shot at least
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six times. it happened on the 5500 block of sannie samson street. the victim did not have any i.d. police will check cameras from the storage site and surrounding businesses for clues to this latest homicide in the city. >> 5:34 now. shots fired from moving cars along the atlantic city expressway left one person dead and four more injured. authorities say the threat to commuters is over but their investigation has only just begun. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside new jersey state police barracks in hammonton. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, erin. this happened on the atlantic city expressway at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. it's lucky nobody else was injured. five people were shot, one of them died, all of them are men under 40 years old and the survivors are in stable condition at the hospital this morning. police are looking for a vehicle that's possibly involved. >> look at all the bullet
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locals in -- holes n unbelievable. >> reporter: a white ford expedition riddled with bullets. the driver managed to get it to this wawa in egg harbor township. the four men who were in it were taken to the hospital with gun shot wounds. >> to ride on that rim like that, they must have been desperate to get out of there. >> reporter: state police believe the shooting took place just before 3:00 p.m. in the eastbound lanes of the atlantic city expressway near exit 12. shortly after, troopers located a silver nissan on the garden state parkway north near the expressway. the driver wasn't hurt but the passenger was shot and did not survive. they did recover weapons near one of the crime scenes that investigators say are connected. they're now looking for a third vehicle that could have been involved in this dangerous shooting on a highway. >> situation where gunfire was being aimed at cars that were moving. obviously extremely dangerous to everybody involved, not just those intended targets. >> reporter: as for the man who died, so far police have not released his name.
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family members are still being notified. live in hammonton, katherine scott channel6 "action news." erre in. >> katherine thanks. new on "action news" a female worker was on the other side of the wall when a fleeing driver crashed into his store. the suspect slammed into the auto zone at 70th and elmwood streets in southwest philadelphia last night. police tried to pull him over in yeadon delaware county for an expired tag. the woman who was countering money about to close up for the night was there when the crash happened. a shelf came down on top of her. she suffered bruises but police say the shelf might have shielded her from more serious injuries. two police from the car -- two people rather from the car are now in custody. one person is in custody for a police chase in wilmington. police say they were trying to stop a man from driving recklessly. the chase ended with a crash along the 800 block of harrison street at 11 o'clock last night. the suspect tried to run away. but police quickly caught up to him. fortunately no one was hurt. >> five congregation are scrambling to find a new place
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to hold sunday services. a four alarm fire destroyed the good shepherd presbyterian church in the city's overbrook section yesterday morning. that's where they all wore shipment cell phone video captured the intense flames and thick smoke. church members say they are heartbroken but acknowledge they still have each. >> the building can be rebuilt. the churches are members of the body of christ isn't just thank those people who have been of service to the church and whose prayers are with us. >> no one was hurt in the fire. it is unclear what started the blaze. >> happening today, pennsylvania could could be getting a new attorney general. the state senate is poised to vote today on bruce reamer's nomination to the job. it was left sake commander in the wake of kathleen kane's conviction. he will fill the remainingfive m until a successor picked by voters is sworn in in january.
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>> david joins us and for one thing we're dipping into more comfortable weather period. >> yeah, we are. lower humidity today, temperatures down a little bit. still have issues at the shore though. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you we're dry. clear skies over the platt bridge and everywhere else around the region. we're going to see plenty of sunshine today. and it is a little bit more comfortable. 73 degrees is your current temperature. your dewpoint down there in the 50's in most neighborhoods, the farther south you go the better chance you have the of it still being a little bit humid with these numbers in the 60's but that 57 is an indication that the humidity really has headed out of town in philadelphia. winds at 9 miles per hour currently. satellite shows you a lack of significant cloud cover and again we are looking at a sunny he start an pretty sunny finish. it will still be warm today, comfortable by 8 o'clock, 72. 78 by 10:00. still not bad and then by noon 84 and we are looking at a warm high of 89 but with lots of sunshine and lower humidi's going to be a pretty nice summer afternoon.
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high temperatures everywhere across the region getting on the toasty side. 87 in trenton, 85 in allentown, 86 in reading, 87 is your high today in wilmington. there's that 89 in philadelphia. down the shore only 81 and a gorgeous beach day in most regards. low 80's, temperatures in the water in the 70's, great, right. well, the prob memorial is in the water. heavy surf and a moderate risk of rip currents all part of the package today because of that on-shore flow from that off shore hurricane. so, it's a nice day at the beach but do swim near the lifeguards and be careful of that. there's hurricane gaston still churning well out to sea still putting those heavy surf issues in on the jersey and delaware beaches. we also have the two tropical depressions eight and nine still in play. both of these are expected to become tropical storms later today. this one now looks like it's going to curve out to sea before it likely even makes contact with land.
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it will still be a rough day in nag's head and cape hatteras but better than it could have been with just a still developing tropical storm there. then it looks like the storm on wednesday and thursday is headed off our coast and that again could enhance problems with rip currents down our shores. the second storm is down here in the gulf of mexico. it looms this one still wants to cross florida, probably on thursday and then by friday and saturday, be off our coast and again, maybe making for somewhat choppy seas. remember, moderate to high risk of rip currents straight into the weekend at least. waves three to 5 feet. remember those heavy surf conditions can cause injury if you get slammed down by one of those heavy waves. we get neck injuries and stuff like that every week so it's not just the rip currents but also that heavy surf that's giving you issues. ittle more humidhumid today. tomorrow with a thunderstorm at night. and then on thursday, even though there could be a morning shower, that's when things really start to get better because in the afternoon the humidity drops, we get to 82 with some sun coming back and the rest of the week looks like candy and cake. 80 on friday, 81 on saturday, 85 on sunday and getting warmer for labor day but probably still dry.
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>> nice: a nice stretch. >> yeah. >> thanks, david. coming up, some people down south on edge aftng warned clowns were spotted trying to lure children into the woods. >> a boom truck tips over on a bridge trapping two workers inside the bucket. more on this dramatic rescue is next. karen. >> we're live right now in southwest philadelphia looking pretty good right here on the platt. traffic moving nicely but we're hearing about a new accident coming in on the pennsylvania turnpike. i'll have all the latest details when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> i would want to thatch show. >> yeah, i do. >> looks very intriguing. commodore barry bridge five:44, tuesday morning, no clouds erin. >> i know. >> do you see any. >> i don't see any yet. is that a challenge? i supposed to be looking for them. >> yeah, let's play a little game later. >> who can find the cloud later. [lghter] >> i think i'll do the suburban traffic report. as you're headed out up and early this morning, no big problems out there. no weaer related issues but
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we do have a few minor things. first let's start off in fort washington and check out the situation there. looking live at 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike traffic moving nicely. on the pennsylvania turnpike itself throw we are getting word of an accidentally. two vehicles involved. happening on henderson road. watch for that one if you're on the pennsylvania turnpike and if you're waking up in east white land township along with lq meow he's telling us about an accident here on moore hall road not far from valley creek for watch for valley creek park moore hall road an accident coming in east white lands township. on the pennsylvania turnpike park avenue at pennyk road rather we've got an accident here as well that's been causing problems in perkiomen. look for that. let's check the temperatures as you're headed out. 73 degrees, not too bad out there. yes, it's going to be warm today. not horribly humid. a high today of 89 degrees so at least we're not hitting 90 like we have the past few days. mostly sunny skies, less humid, 89 for your high. not too bad today, erin. >> okay, thanks so much karen. crews in rhode island pulled off a daring rescue of two bridge inspectors dangling from a crane. the truck they were working from tipped on its side yesterday afternoon. the workers were trapped for more than an hour until a seconds bucket was lowered down to lift them to safety. >> huma abedin one of hillary clinton's closest aides is
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separating from her husband disgraced former congressman anthony weiner. new claims surfaced that weaner was once again sending lewd messages and photos to a woman online. weiner resigned from congress in 2011 after accidentally posting an explicit picture of himself on twitter that he meant too someone di donald trump was quick to turn this into an attack on the clinton campaign. the republican called weaner is sick person and raised questions about what classified information abedin may have shared with her husband. abedin has worked with clinton for the past two decades. the maker of the epipen will start selling its first generic version of the emergency medication in a few weeks. drugmaker mylan hiked the price of the brand name version by 500 percent since 2007. the generic will be half price costing $300 for a pair. mylan is also expanding access to coupon cards in response to the outcry over the pricing. >> an apartment complex in south carolina is warning residents about a clown trying
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to lure children into the woods. several children reported that clowns tried to attract them with money behind fleetwood manor apartments in greenville last week. donna arnold call police after her son and others say they saw people dressed as clowns behind a basketball court. >> my child was, you know, saying things and the next day i had about 30 kids come up to me and say did you see the clowns in the woods. >> greenville county deputies say 33 found no evidence of anyone behind the apartment complex but they have increased patrols in the area. >> the university of wisconsin madison tops the princeton review's annual party school rankings. two local colleges are in the top 20. lehigh university in bethlehem ranked number four. the university of delaware comes in at 12. the princeton review takes into account daily study time, alcohol and drug use and participation in sororities and fraternities on campus when compiling the list.
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>> the jersey shore will be crawling with beauty queens later today. >> and an olympian loses a prized possession and thanks a first grader for finding it. >> ♪ discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened.
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>> happening today, 52 miss america hopefuls from all around country begin arriving in atlantic city. you can meet them in front of boardwalk hall at 2 o'clock. the 2017 miss america pageant airs live from atlantic city on sunday september 11th. you can watch it right here on 6abc. >> i got to interview all the local contestants miss new jersey miss pennsylvania miss delaware and we'll be showing that on fyi. >> good. >> exciting time for them clearing them on. let's go on outside right now and check on 95. here we are approaching cottman.
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that's southbound traffic headed toward center city. if you're coming from langhorne or bensalem no big problems just yet. looking pretty good. we have an accident east white lands township chester county moore hall road at atwater road. i just told you about this accident a minute ago. getting nor details. reportedly someone was ejected from the vehicle. ems crews headed to the scene right now david. >> all right karen. dressing the kids some of you headed off to school already, shorts and t's definitely work as we go through the day another one of those days where the morning might be better than the afternoon to get some shopping done but even the afternoon is better than the last couple of days. 72 degrees by 8 o'clock, 78 by 10:00 a.m. comfortable this morning. by noon 84 and this afternoon as i mentioned pretty warm although we are going for a high of 89 and if we can stay in the 80's it will break the heat wave. either way lots of sun, low humidity today and feeling pretty good for an august afternoon. erin. >> thanks so much david. of course you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker6 double scan radar any time of the day
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on our web site. just head to an olympian from georgia has lost his gold medal -- has his lost gold medal back morning thanks to a seven-year-old girl. chloe smith found the medal in a pile of crash. he had been burglarized back in june. he had been looking for the 1992 medal ever since. jacoby visited chloe's first grade class this week to deliver a very big thank you to the smart little girl. a beloved employee of a massachusetts mcdonald's is retiring after more than three decades on the job. 52-year-old freia david worked for -- worked the french fry station for 32 years. a nonprofit helped place david at the restaurant who has down's syndrome. her coworkeay even in the busiest hours david had a smile on her face. david says she will continue come here every saturday to have lunch with her mom. >> good stuff. 5:52. and up next a reward for information in the murder of a camden girl continues to grow.
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>> plus some privacy advocates are up in arms about what's app's plans for sharing user data with facebook. that story at 6:00.
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>> ♪ >> 5:55. welcome back. we are taking a live look at the platt bridge. some volume picking up there. you can see the sun coming up. a lot of kids had their first day yesterday so hope that went well for all of you. the reward in a child murder case in camden has now grown to $76,000.
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gabriel hill carter was playing on a neighbor's porch last wednesday night when a gun battle broke out nearby. the eight-year-old was struck in the head by a bullet. she died two days later. family members a e gabrielle's funeral service saturday morning a camden's faith holy temple church of god in is open for th. >> a dog that was left for dead is now recovering at a bucks county animal hospital as the search continues for the person who abandoned it. the two-year-old pitbull was found extremely malnourished during a rundown -- or near a rundown wear louse in trenton last week. you can see the bones sticking out of the sides even after being nursed back to health at the emetal in
5:57 am
langhorne. the staff says it is still a huge improvement. chrissy devine a nurse who cared for the dog named roo is now planning to add top of the beltway. >> and i saw her eyes and i sitter but another nurse was interested so i was kind of -- i was seconds in line and i was just waiting and waiting and then it didn't work out with her so i'm in. >> roo weighs nearly 20 pounds which is only half the waste she should be but the dog continues to eat six times a day. a skunk on the prowl surprised a conshohocken police officer. the department posted the enacebook page. the officer jumped back in shock, whoa, coming face to face with the smelly critter at the door. luckily it looks like the police officer got back inside without getting sprayed. >> otherwise you would have to take a catsup bath or something don't you. >> it's a weird concoction and it's not pleasant. >> 5:57. coming up at 6:00 a.m. the markets react to a sweet business deal turned shower for hershey. >> breaking right now a driver goes on a crash collision course in camden overnight. we are live on the scene next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> hey everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday august 30. tam is off, erin o'hearn joins us. >> we're following breaking news. a driver is critically injured two homes damaged and several cars banged up after a wild ride in south jersey. we're live with the developing details. >> state police are on the hunt for at least two people who pulled out a shotgun and opened fire on a home in berks county. >> taylor swift has shaken off jury duty. we'll tell you why the berks county was dismissed. >> first up weather and traffic with dave murphy and karen rogers. >> all right guys off to a very nice start out here on the terrace. feels so much more comfortable with the humidity down. take a look at satellite and you can see that there is a lack of cloud cover out there across the region right now and we are expecting plenty of sunshine early and we probably maintain mostly sunny skies straight through the day. 71 degrees in philadelphia right now. just 59 ol


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