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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> hey everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday august 30. tam is off, erin o'hearn joins us. >> we're following breaking news. a driver is critically injured two homes damaged and several cars banged up after a wild ride in south jersey. we're live with the developing details. >> state police are on the hunt for at least two people who pulled out a shotgun and opened fire on a home in berks county. >> taylor swift has shaken off jury duty. we'll tell you why the berks county was dismissed. >> first up weather and traffic with dave murphy and karen rogers. >> all right guys off to a very nice start out here on the terrace. feels so much more comfortable with the humidity down. take a look at satellite and you can see that there is a lack of cloud cover out there across the region right now and we are expecting plenty of sunshine early and we probably maintain mostly sunny skies straight through the day. 71 degrees in philadelphia right now. just 59 cool and comfortable
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degrees in allentown, 67 in trenton, 63 he in reading. almost 70 in wilmington and low 70's down at the shore. and dewpoints are lower today. just 58 in philadelphia. anything below 60 is not considered humid. and those higher numbers well down south, a ce of spots farther to the south still a bit on the sticky side. going to be a nice one overall an great day across most of the region to get it started with a run. by 7 o'clock 71 degrees humidity as you saw low across most of the region. 78 degrees by 10:00 a.m. it does get warm this afternoon 84 by noon an high of 89 at 3 o'clock if we can stay in the 80's it will b the heat wave but with low humidity that's a pretty nice summer afternoon. we have to be careful down the shore where there is still a lingering problem with rip currents thanks to all of that tropical stuff going on out in the atlantic. more on that coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. karen what about roads. >> breaking news. a big accident right now causing problems this is in east whiteland township in chester county. right on moore hall road at atwater drive and ems crews on
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the scene right now. we are hearing that someone was reportedly ejected from one of the vehicles so give them some room here, avoid more hall road at atwater drive here in east whiteland township. at least one lane is blocked but as more crews come to the scene they may need to shut that down entirely. let's take you outside and check on 422. we're looking live at trooper and that's your eastbound traffic. no delay, no weather related problems out there. roads are dry. you can see a little more volume on the roads as more people headed back to school. we've got a problem over here, this is a new accident coming in to us in cheltenham montgomery county marvin road at thompson road and this accident in camden has been causing problems all morning. annie mccormick has been live on the scene. haddon avenue at newton avenue a portion of haddon avenue is shut down with crews on the scene matt. >> that is our breaking news story karen. a wild crash launched a vehicle into two homes in camden and left several parked cars damaged. wires are down at the scene debris is everywhere. an theme live along haddon hadd- annie mccormick is live
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along had ton avenue where it looks like a bomb went off. >> reporter: it does. you can see the tow truck behind me that heap of metal is what is left of this vehicle. it's just been put up on that tow truck as they're about to take it away. you can see the debris that is left on the roadway here at haddon avenue at the intersection of newton. also behind the debris on the roadway you can see the roof of the homes there. that is where the car also crashed when it was on this path here during this crash. now, take a look at this video. we're told the driver was taken in critical condition to the hospital. we're hearing different reports from witnesses that a driver was either extricated or was lying on the ground when crews arrived. we're told this was a single vehicle crash. >> reporter: the appears the car was traveling north down had ton at a high rate of speed. it happened around 2:00 a.m. now, people, witnesses say that the chrysler 300 snapped a utility pole then violently flipped around. when the car flipped, it also knocked down at least two
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porches and hit several cars. we talked to someone who lives in a home where one of the cars crashed. we also talked to a man who said he witnessed it if i seen the guy flying down the street in the burgundy car. what drew my attention to it was the loud sound of him hitting the fourth car in line down there and ended up flying into the house right and there ended up here. >> reporter: back out here live this portion of haddon avenue still remains closed but at the intersection of newton they did reopen newton so if you're heading to cooper hospital which is almost right next door to where this all happened, you should be okay following some of the detours that karen is advising but about to tow away the car. the only update on the condition about the person who was driving the vehicle is that they were taken to the hospital in critical condition. for now reporting live in camden, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt back to you. >> thank you annie. police say a teen playing with a gun led to two children
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being shot inside a sou philadelphia home. it happened on the 2100 block of south etting terrace. the children were driven toe hoy of pennsylvania for treatment. police sources tell "action news" that a 13-year-old boy was playing with a weapon shot himself in the hand and the bullet went through hitting a 12-year-old girl. both victims are in stable condition. >> ♪ >> new this morning, a random bb gun attack is in investigation in kensington. someone fired the weapon from a passing car around midnight on the 25 hung block of jasper street. the victim got lit in the neck and is in stable condition. new this morning a house was hit in a drive by shooting in berks county and police believe it was the intended target. surveillance video caught someone firing a gun from an suv along union street in union township saturday night. one bullet hit the home. another hit a vehicle. a couple was inside the home but was not hurt. a cash reward is being offered for information leading to an
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arrest. >> a camden county woman is offering a reward to catch the thieves who ransacked her home and stole some precious memories. margaret gibson of berlin says the burglars got in through a second story window earlier this month while she was at work she says the thieves stole her wedding ring and her mom's wedding ring. her mother died eight years ago. >> i want to be able if i have a daughter i want to be able to say, you know, this is ring was your grandmother's, i want to you have itly. >> gibson is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for the jewelry to be returned. >> turning to business, the curtain has closed on a north philadelphia theater that's been opened for a decade. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with what's in store for pearl theater. maribel. >> reporter: good morning, erin. the pearl theater on north broad street near the temple campus is closed after 10 years. amc theater will take its place according to developer bart blatstein. the new venue will feature high end amenities and offer table and food service. talking stocks investors look
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off interest rate worries and center stocks higher yesterday. futures pointing to a mixed open. report on consumer confidence is due out later today. and mondelice dropped its buy out bid for hershey. hershey's board rejected the offer when it was made back in june. the deal would have created the largest candy company. shares of hershey tumbled 11 percent in after hours trading on that news. matt and erin i guess no kisses for mondelice. >> nope. thanks maribel. what you got david. >> sun is coming up nice and bright. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. no showers today and as we take a look outside sunny bright conditions starting to build over the platt bridge and it looks like it's going to stay bright today and not as humid as yesterday. so, that is good news, right? 59 degrees currently in allentown. that's right. we've slipped into the upper 50's in the lehigh valley. cool and comfortable, 63 in reading, 67 in trenton. still 69 in wilmington. 71 in philadelphia. and 71 down the shore at cape may. satellite and radar showing you a lack of anything
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significant going on so it's shades all the way on the highways and by ways through the day. up in the lehigh valley warm today, 85 degrees, not as warm as yesterday and less humid so with lots of sun, that's a pretty nice afternoon building. down the shore we have nice temperature in the air, 81 degrees for your high and the ocean temperature looking good, too, at 77 right now but once again today we are under the threat of heavy surf and rip currents. swim near the lifeguards and be careful out there. 89 is the high in philadelphia, mostly sunny, less humid than yesterday. winds out of the east at about six to 12 miles per hour. and then overnight tonight still fairly comfortable, mainly clear, 70 is your overnight low. as we take a look at the tropics, we still have three systems to watch, hurricane gaston which continues to put swells across the ocean and right up on the beach. that's why you've got the heavy surf and rip currents again today. tropical depression number eight and nine both of these expected to potentially become tropical storms later today so let's take a look at the one close to home. this is an area of low pressure that now covering to
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the latest model projection may not even make landfall before it curves back out to sea and away from the carolina coast near cape hatteras but as it passes us by over the next several days, we will probably see enhanced rip currents and heavy surf from that storm. still, a pretty nice near-miss and low impact on the east coast of the u.s. certainly some rain and wind down in north carolina. the second system tropical depression number nine also looking like it will probably become a tropical storm later today and thursday into the wee hours of friday morning this one still looks most likely to cross the northern portion of florida and then perhaps skirt the coast. by saturday, this one is also going off our coast and again could churn up the surf a little bit. rip current don't try andht in swim directly back against it. that's where people tire out and get in trouble.
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just swim parallel to the beach and that's how you can he escape it and easily make your way back to shore and of course swim near the lifeguards because they're trained look out for this stuff and they can whistle i was weigh from it. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 89, tomorrow hot and more humid 91 and a thunderstorm possible at night and then while there's a lingering shower possible on thursday morning, otherwise it really looks like we're starting to transition thursday to a much nicer stretch of weather. we're going for a high of 82, afternoon sun returning humidity dropping and then friday great, 80. 81 saturday. 85 sunday. and labor day looking dry with a few more clouds. looks like nice weather for the eagles, temple football all kinds of stuff. >> look at all these little gifts you're handing out these days. [laughter] >> thanks, david. 6:10. more brand new stories are next including an early morning mess in manhattan where there are flooded roads and where sinkholes are swallowing up cars. >> a close encounter of a third kind. erin. >> a new accident a big one here at i-95. this is the southbound off ramp to the ben franklin bridge. a multi he vehicle accident. we'll have more on this and i
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just got off the phone with police in chester county talking about a big accident there. all the latest details when we come back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a pretty look at the commodore barry bridge. 6:13 now and guess what, good
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news, it's not monday. >> hm. that would be the case like six out of seven times, you know, a week, right? >> thanks for that statistic. >> yeah, as soon as you get over that hump it gets a little easier unless of course you're trying to head to the ben franklin bridge. we have a new accident just coming in right now. there are four vehicles involved. penndot is zooming around and we're watching more of the crews there trying to come to the scene. we got a really closeup view. here they're following that truck that was stuck in traffic trying to get to the scene right now. so a multi-vehicle accident. four vehicles involved. this is all just been happening in the past few minutes and very quickly creates a big backup. we're looking live on this is i-95 southbound, the off ramp as you go towards the vine and the ben franklin bridge. you want to watch for this multi vehicle accident. four vehicles are out here and i was checking out as they were zooming out, it was really jammed on i-95 southbound leading up to this accident scene so a new accident a multi-vehicle accident. we see meals other scene, penndot on the scene. now they're setting up their arrow board. we're watching live as their
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crews were stuck in traffic trying to come to the scene. so that's their arrow board blocking the right lane but you also have vehicles over here partially blocking the left lane so that's what's creating the back upon i-95 southbound. on the waze app we have someone who drove here who says it looked like like a truck hit the guardrail and then other vehicles got involved as well so four vehicles involved with this accident scene creating a backup i-95 southbound the off ramp to their vine and the ben franklin bridge. a big accident there. and police in chester county telling me he more about this accident here east white land township route 29 that's morehall road at atwater drive so watch for this accident causing problems at that intersection, two vehicles involved. it had looked at first as if someone was ejected from the vehicle but police tell me that ems crews are on the scene saying that didn't happen but nonetheless a serious accident with two vehicles involved on route 29 at atwater drive in east whiteland township. one more accident just coming in i want to mention this one in lower salford.
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harleysville pikeuber road. even though it's dry and clear we have a happened full of accidents coming in a couple serious. >> thanks karen. new york city crews dealing with a mess from floods right now. a water main burst on manhattan's upper west side last night creating a sinkhole and that swallowed up this bmw parked on the street. water flowed for blocks flood something basements 6 feet deep. crews are still trying to repair the pipe right now. also new an oklahoma mother is accused of shooting a man she found in her 16-year-old daughter's bedroom. police arrested 34-year-old valerie fowler for assault and battery with a deadly weapon. they say the mother called 911 yesterday morning saying she shot a 31-year-old man who was in her house. the 16-year-old witnessed the shooting and there was another child in the home as well. police say the shooting victim could also face charges. it is unclear what he was doing in the bedroom. >> a social media post is getting attention for a delaware county woman in need of a kidney. jacqueline heiden of media has
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needed a transplant since 2014. she's on dialysis and on a waiting list but her o positive blood makes finding a match a challenge. her mom michelle put their phone number and the words daughter needs kidney on their family vehicles. "action news" sports anchor jaime apody saw the post saturday night on a blog and shared it on facebook. >> amazing. i've gotten calls and i'm responding as fast as i can. >> so far no match but jacqueline's story is posted on and we hope it reaches a lot of people and certainly the right one. >> and be an organ donor. that could help out a lot of other people too. gathering new information on a terrifying highway shooting. police find bullet riddled vehicles in two separate locations. they could be looking for a third car. a live update is coming at 6:30. david. >> all right, guys, we have the kids dressed in shorts and t's today just in case this is the first week of school and
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it is going to be low humidity and warm this afternoon. i'll have your day planner forecast, i'll let you know right where temperatures are going and i'll get you to the airport. that's coming up next. >> in today's tech bytes privacy worries about what's app. >> the free messaging service used by more than a billion people is now sharing information with its parent company facebook. >> facebook says the data will enable users to see better ads and friend suggestions but privacy groups are complaining to the federal trade commission. >> sony officially introduced the latest version of its smarter watch. now this one has an e ink display on the face of the watch and the band. >> it comes with 12 different face and band designs. no price has been announced yet. just like jodi foster in contact russian astronomers say they picked up strong radio signals from space. it's coming from a star similar to our sun even has a planet nearby. >> don't put out the welcome mat quite yet. the signal hasn't been confirmed by any other radio telescopes. >> et? >> those are your tech bytes.
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>> have a great day. >> ♪ most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen.
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>> new this morning a group of alligator hunters are showing off a record catch. wow, look at that. tiffany winky and five other people hooked a monster in mississippi over the week. the gator weighed nearly 700 pounds. it measured over 13 and a half feet. the gator has been sold to companies interested in its meat and skin. how about a gator san wind chill. >> how about. >> looks like a dinosaur. >> pretty big, right. we've got big sized delays due to an accident, multi vehicle accident. look at this live scene. i showed you this a minute ago and now we can see the difference. ambulance have arrived fire trucks have arrived. four vehicles involved with this accident. a truck slammed into the guardrail. this is all on i-95 southbound just at the exit for the vine and the ben franklin bridge. and you can see how traffic's just kind of snaking around
6:22 am
all of these emergency vehicles creating a big backup on i-95 southbound. i've got a map with some of these speeds. you're traveling about 14, 16 miles an hour i-95 southbound basically from the betsy ross bridge to the vine >> all right, karen a nice day on tap if you are behind the wheel you'll wander shades same thing if you're out walking around. 71 degrees by 7:00 on the bus stop and the el station 74 by 10 o'clock. this afternoon still going to be warm. we're going for high of 89 degrees. if we can stay in the 80's it will end the heat wave but with lower humidity and lots of sun a pretty good looking summer afternoon ahead. at the big board at the airport it looks like all green aircraft at philadelphia international airport. no major delays and no sign of any precipitation in any of our big travel destinations this morning. matt. >> thank you david. the phillies are limping down the stretch as we head into september. they lost to the nationals four to nothing last night. phillies rookie jake thompson only allowed two runs on seven hits in seven innings it was the locate and best of his five career starts.
6:23 am
jerad eickhoff will be on the mound tonight. carson wentz will not play against the jets in thursda final preseason game. one of his two fractured vicious fully healed the other is not. the first rounder sal howed to practice but cannot take any hits. >> time now is 6:23. coming up atwe're following breaking news. >> annie mccormick is live at a camden intersection in which a driver has turned into a disaster zone. annie. >> reporter: matt that's right a driver is taken to the hospital in critical condition after plowing into several parked cars and porches in one camden neighborhood. we'll have details coming up in a live report. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> even celebrities show up for jury duty. social media posts show taylor swift taking photos with other prospective jurors in nashville tennessee yesterday. the berks county native got the george dismiss her from the aggravated rape and kidnapping case because of swift's upcoming trial in denver against a fan charged with groping her. >> fans are mourning the death of actor gene wilder. >> only increases my sense of danger. >> the actor starred in classic films like the producers blazing saddles willy wonka and young frankenstein he died on sunday night in his home in connecticut due to complications from always himes disease. he was 83 years old. >> quite a talent. 6:26 right now. next at 6:30 a police chase ends when a suspect slams into a store. >> a mess of mangled metal and wires litter a camden street where just one driver was
6:27 am
involved in a wild crash. we are live on the scene. >> ♪ is
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>> braking now on "action news" a wild crash degrees front porches and brings a utility pole crash down on a camden street. >> we're live at the scene of a multi-vehicle crash on southbound i-95 at the ben franklin bridge. >> deadly gunfire erupts along the atlantic atlantic city expr. good morning. just about 6:30 on this tuesday. tam is off, erin joins us, we have dave murphy and karen rogers with big trouble. >> we've got big problems on i-95 as we look live with this breaking news. here's what happened. this is an accident. can you see this truck there? so the truck smashes into the guardrail. three other vehicles were up ahead so this is a multi-vehicle accident. four vehicles involved.
6:30 am
as we look live right now you can see how traffic is trying to snake in between all of these emergency vehicles responding to the scene rider now. we have penndot on the scene, police, we had fire trucks, two ambulance on the scene as well and chopper6 showing it from looking up above and there you get a better view seeing all the fire trucks on the scene right now. we're watching live as a tow truck is pulling up and police are could you go traffic behind it so just one lane getting by. this is all happening on i-95 southbound approaching the exit for the vine and the ben franklin bridge. so, the accident there you can see a better view i think also of that truck that smashed right into the guardrail with three other vehicles involved and as chopper pans back you get a sense of the delay that this is creating on i-95 southbound as you head towards the ben franklin bridge. huge delay. that now stretches out for miles. this is an area that would be busy anyway and once you get a multi-vehicle accident on a major highway, you know this
6:31 am
messes up your morning commute. as we go back live to this scene we can kind of see again how we've got a lot of emergency workers here and i've got these speeds up to give you a sense of how slow you're going. at times 11 miles an hour here on i-95 southbound all the way from aramingo now down to the vine and the ben franklin bridge where we've got that multi vehicle accident. other issues out there, we've got an accident here in east whiteland township in chester county. i talked to police on the scene. two vehicles involved. route 29 at atwater drive and also on the pennsylvania turnpike two vehicles involved in this accident westbound near henderson road but the big accident is the delay on i-95 southbound all created by that multi vehicle accident near the vine and the ben franklin bridge, dave. >> that looks like a mess this morning karen. well, nothing messy about the weather. right now it's cool and comfortable in philadelphia, satellite shows you a lack of significant cloud cover and we are looking at sun from start to finish at a. 71 degrees in philadelphia currently. just 59 in allentown currently and in the 60's in trenton, reading and down through
6:32 am
wilmington. 71 in cape may. best of all the dewpoints are down. we're in the 50's across most of the region. that's not humid air and even where you start to get into the 60's farther south any other too bad until you get do town cape may and dover. it's going to be a nice one, 71 degrees by 7 o'clock for your early morning run or stroll to the car or the bus station. 78 degrees by 10:00 and by noon it does get warm, 84 and then we'll see that high of 89 around 3 o'clock but with low humidity a pretty nice summer afternoon ahead. matt, we'll be back with an update on the tropics. >> see you in a little bit. thank you david. as we continue to follow breaking news that you saw first rider here on "action news." a car crash in camden left such widespread destruction it's hard to believe it only involved a single vehicle. people are waking up to find poles and wires down and porches in ruins. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at haddon and neuter ton avenues to give us a look at all that damage and the cleanup, annie. >> reporter: matt that's right that single vehicle left behind a lot of destruction
6:33 am
and debris. you can see behind me that what is left of the vehicle, that heap of metal is now on the back of that tow truck and cleanup crews are out here from the city of camden because there was so much debris that fell out of that vehicle on impact of the crash. now, take a look at this video. we are told that the driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition. we're hearing differing reports from witnesses about whether or not the driver was extricated or lying on the ground when emergency did arrive. but we're told that this is a single vehicle crash. it appears the car was driving at a high rate of speed northbound haddon avenue when the chrysler 300 crashed into a utility pole snapping it then violently flipped around. when the car flipped it knocked down two porches and hit several cars. we talked to someone who lives in a home where -- in one of the homes where the car crashed. >> i looked back i seen the car and it just explode like all over. just come back and it look
6:34 am
like this. this is it. this is camden, you know. association this happened -- this is like the second time it happened, man. >> reporter: back out here live you can see the tow truck now driving away with what is left of that vehicle on the back of it. that was a chrysler 300. of course now the cleanup crews will remain out here for some time. some good news for people who do travel into camden for work specifically those people who work at cooper hospital which is only within the block and this intersection of newton and haddon, newton is now opened but this portion of haddon avenue still remains closed. we're told cleanup should be done in about an hour. for now reporting live in camden, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> what a mess. thank you, annie. developing overnight a man was gunned down execution style behind a storage facility in west philadelphia. police say the victim who was in his 20's was shot at least six times. it happened on the 5500 block of sansom street. the victim did not have any i.d. police will check cameras from
6:35 am
the storage site and surrounding businesses for clues to this latest homicide in the city. >> 6:35 now. shots fired from moving cars along the atlantic city expressway left one person dead and four more injured. authorities say the threat to commuters is over but their investigation has only just begun. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside new jersey state police barracks in hammonton. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, erin. this happened at 3 o'clock in the afternoon on the atlantic city expressway so it's lucky nobody else was hurt. five people were shot, one of them died. all were men under 40 years old. the survivors are in stable condition at the hospital this morning. meals say this was not a random act and they're now searching for a third vehicle that was possibly involved. >> look at all the bullet locals in that. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: a white ford expedition riddled with bullets the tire blown out. the driver managed to get it to this wawa in egg harbor township after bullets new on
6:36 am
the atlantic city expressway yesterday afternoon. the four men who were in it were taken to the hospital with gun shot wounds. >> to ride on that rim like that, they must have been desperate to get out of there. >> reporter: state police believe the shooting took place just before 3:00 p.m. in the eastbound lanes of the atlantic city expressway near exit 12. shortly after troopers also located a silver nissan on the garden state parkway north near the expressway. the driver wasn't hurt but the passenger was shot and did not survive. they did recover weapons near one of the crime scenes and investigators say they are connectorred. they're now looking for a third vehicle that could have been involved in this dangerous shooting on a highway. >> situation where gunfire was being aimed at cars that were moving. obviously extremely dangerous to everybody involved not just those intended targets. >> reporter: and as for that man who died so far state police have not released his name because they say family members are still being notified. we're live in hammonton, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thanks so much for the update katherine.
6:37 am
new on "action news" a female worker was on the other sifted wall whenng driver crashed... side of the wall when a fleeing driver crashed into the store. police tried to pull a man over in yeadon delaware county for an expired tag. the woman was countering money about to close up for the night when the crash happened. the shelf came down on top of her. she suffered bruises and cuts but police say the shelf might have shielded her from more serious injuries. two people from the car are now in custody. ive congregations scrambling to find a new place to hold sunday services. a four alarm fire destroyed the good shepherd presbyterichuk section yesterday morning where they all worshiped. cell phone video captured the intense flames and thick smoke church members say they are heartbroken but acknowledge they still have each other. >> the building can be rebuilt.
6:38 am
the church is the members of the body of christ. >> we thank those people who have been of service to the church and whose prayers are with us. >> no one was hurt in the fire and it is unclear what started the blaze. >> well it's a beautiful day out there and there's a chance we may break the heat wave white right. >> might break it and it's going to feel better because of lower humidity whether or not we hit 90. storm tracker6 shows you we're dry. heading outside we have plenty of sunshine building over the horizon. that's going to be the case with a lot of sunshine. temperature is at 71 degrees, dewpoint at 58 in philadelphia and that means lower humidity today. some points south around cape may and dover have higher humidity but most of us are dealing with a very refreshing start. and winds are running the about 7 miles per hour. satellite and radar shows you a lack of cloud cover and we are indeed going to be mostly sunny today. 72 degrees by 8 o'clock. not bad in the morning and even as late as 10 o'clock probably still in the 70's again with low humidity across most of the region. by noon it will get warm 84 degrees and your high at a is going to be -- high today
6:39 am
is going to be 89 degrees. 85 is your high in allentown, 86 in reading, 87 in trenton and wilmington, 86 in millville. down the shore really good looking day. lots of sunshine, highs in the low 80's. a closer look shows you 80 on the nose in beach haven and how about that ocean temperature, 77 degrees. there is a problem again at the shore today though as we had heavy surf and a moderate risk of rip currents on account of the tropics. as you take a look at these numbers in the water and on the beach it looks good but only swim near the lifeguards today and remember swim parallel to the beach if you get caught in a rip current. out in the tropics we have hurricane gaston still pushing some swells across the ocean into our beaches. tropical depression number eight and nine, these two storms probably both on their way to tropical storm status later today. and as for the one closest to home it now looks in the latest model projections like it might not even fully make landfall near cape hatteras were it shoots off the coast. nonetheless tuesday, wednesday and thursday it will be going
6:40 am
past us and that could enhance those rip currents and heavy surf conditions on our coastline. and then we've got this area of precipitation and low pressure. tropical depression number nine also probably becoming a tropical storm and it looks like by about thursday during the day thursday this will be cutting across northern florida, southern georgia and then after that later in the week and into the weekend going past us. again, a possible enhancement of some beach issues with that rough surf down the shore from that one, too. so at least into the holiday weekend look for rip current danger around the shore, moderate to high risk over the next three days. waves three to 5 feet. in addition to being drawn out into the ocean by the rip current be careful because the heavy surf conditions can actually cause bodily injury. sometimes we get neck injuries and things like that so swim near the lifeguards and don't overdo it. 89 degrees sunny and less humid today in philadelphia. tomorrow hot and more humid with a high of 91 and a thunderstorm at night. maybe a shower lingering on thursday morning. but starting thursday afternoon we transition to a
6:41 am
long nice stretch of weather. we'll see some sunshine coming back out in the afternoon. a high of 82. beautiful on friday. and gorgeous for the holiday weekends. starting at 81 on saturday winding up at 87 on monday. great weather for temple football, eagles preseason football and the phillies. >> lots going on. thanks, david. 6:41 now and the last straw. a top clinton aide calls it quits with her husband anthony weiner has his latest scandal casts a shadow on the presidential campaign. >> later a bizarre string of attempted child lurings. the suspects are clowns. karen. >> big backup on i-95 southbound. look at this. already a 36 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. i'll take you to the multi vehicle accident causing the big problem and i've got state police on hold right now as we get details on another big accident. a lot happening with traffic. we'll have the latest when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪ he.
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now you can own a 1e sub-compact tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. >> ♪ >> 6:44. making progress on that new skyscraper they're building in center city philadelphia. 71 degrees right now on city avenue. it's tuesday. >> big problems out there this morning. >> huge problems. we've got a multi-vehicle accident. we've got penndot here blocking the right lane. here's the truck. a truck kind of slammed into the guardrail here. there were three other vehicles involved. those were o on the left lane and that's what created the big backup but now we can see they've moved it all to
6:45 am
the right lane. so at least it's just one lane blocked at this point. when i showed you this scene earlier when when he had chopper6 overhead we saw a number of fire trucks ambulances all on the scene. now it's off to the side. but nonetheless big claims it happened right at the exit for the vine and the ben franklin bridge and the delay has grown on i-95 southbound as we look at these speeds you're traveling about 10 miles an hour, 8 miles an hour. all the way from aramingo down towards the vine and the ben franklin bridge. i-95 southbound you're just crawling along so really big delays coming in with that as well. other accidents around the area, like this one on route 29 at atwater drive, this is in east whiteland township in chester county. two vehicles involved with that accident. and also on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound near henderson road an accident there. i just got off the phone with state police in buena vista talking about an accident on harding highway involving a motorcycle here. there were two occupants, two different medevac helicopters coming to the scene right now
6:46 am
shutting down harding highway. that's route 40 in area creating big problems in buena vista so we're getting more details coming in on that accident but a lot of horrible accidents out there this morning. 71 degrees, no weather related problems even with all these accidents out there that are causing the problems. it is going to be very warm today, a high of 89 degrees butter not terribly humid. matt and erin. >> thanks so much karen. crews in rhode island pulled off the daring rescue of two bridge inspectorring dangling from a crane. the truck they were working on tipped on its side. the workers were trapped for more than an hour until a seconds bucket was lowered down to lift them to safety. >> huma abedin was hillary clinton's closest aides is from her husband disgraced former congressman anthony weiner. new claims surfaced weiner was sending lewd messages and photos to a woman online. weiner restrained congress in 2011 after accidentally posting an explicit picture of himself on twitter that he meant to send to someone directorially. donald trump was quick to turn this into an attack on the clinton campaign.
6:47 am
the republican called weiner a sick person and raised questions about what classified information abedin may have shared with her husband. abedin has worked with clinton for the past two decades. >> 6:47 now. a live preview of "gma" is next. plus two area universities make this year's list of the top party schools. david. >> looking at temps in the 70's and 60's across the region, lope dewpoints. it's going to be a nice afternoonly i'll have your day planner coming up next.
6:48 am
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> time for a preview of "good morning america." >> let's turn to ginger zee preparing for some "dancing with the stars" stuff going on among other things ginger. >> reporter: yes, a couple of my friends are here with me this morning. can't wait to tell all of you all about it. so great to wake up with you. coming up on "gma" we start with top hillary aid huma abedin announcing her separation from anthony weiner. ryan lochte here at "gma" after causinghat international incident in rio
6:51 am
sitting down for his first live interview since the olympics. what he has to say about the ordeal and his big announcement. that murder mystery at cornell university a community mourning after two ithaca college students were stabbed, one dying in the hospital the hunt now on for the killer and an explanation. geo benitez is live in ithaca with more. big morning in "gma." revealing this season's cast of "dancing with the stars" we're live with some of your new cast members this morning, a couple of the pros you love. i cannot wait to see everybody this morning. going to be a great one here only on "gma." >> give us some hints. who is it going to be. >> reporter: i know you can't tell. >> reporter: perhaps i'm handing val off this morning. >> thank you, ginger. >> chopper6 live on the scene of this accident i told you about. i talked to state police. a horrible accident scene right now. it's involving a motorcycle that you see right there and because of that they needed to block route 40 harding highway between main avenue and as chopper is going in and out we can look at the maps in this area if we need to and you can see that in the richland township area in buena vista. this accident involved two people on that motorcycle, two
6:52 am
different medevac helicopters had to come to the scene. that's why they shut it down. stick to sewell avenue as your alternate. very serious accident in just now with a motorcycle david. >> some kids getting off to school this week. if you are it's shorts and t's on the way to and home from school. it's going to be a warm one this afternoon. the big change today lower humidity so that's good but still warm enough for cool drinks if you're headed outside. headed to their market maybe the morning is best. 72 by 8 o'clock. 78 by 10 o'clock. this afternoon we go up to 89 degrees again lots of sun, low humidity. erin. >> all right david thanks so much. an apartment complex in south carolina is warning residents about a clown trying to lure children into the woods. several children reported that clowns tried to attract them with money behind fleetwood manor apartments in greenville last week. donna arnold called police after her son and others around the complex say they say people dressed at clowns behind a basketball court. deputies have increased patrols but so far there have been no sightings near the complex. >> the university of wisconsin madison tops the princeton
6:53 am
review's annual party school rankings. two local colleges are in the top 20. lehigh university in bethlehem ranks number four. the university of delaware comes in at 12. the princeton review takes into account daily study times alcohol and drug use and participation in sororities and fraternity on campus when compiling the list. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics.
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>> our top story here at 6:55. an out of control car slammed into two front porches damaged several parked cars and brought down wires at a camden intersection overnight. the car rolled a number of times before coming to a stop at haddon and newton avenues. the driver is in critical condition. >> it's a day for really big accidents. chopper6 live over a scene right now buena vista township in gloucester county new jersey. see that motorcycle. there were two occupants of that motorcycle, go the into an accident, two different medevac helicopters coming to the scene right now. this is route 40 harding highway that is shut down in the area. serious accident. let's go to the maps and show that you and also i want to show you this backup on i-95. the huge accident. multi-vehicle accident on 95 near 676. look at that delay dave. >> lots of sun over the horizon. humidity is lower across most of the region. in the 70's for the majority of the morning and in the 80's for the majority of the
6:57 am
afternoon. by 3 o'clock your high is 89 degrees. again low humidity at a. >> brand new "dancing with the stars" cast to be announced on "good morning america." that is next. also ryan lochte, what will he say this time. >> i don't know. >> for karen rogers tamalaedwarn o'hearn i'm matt o'donnell. have a great tuesday, everyone. >> ♪
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. storm watch. a tropical storm warning for the consideration. one of three big systems growing in the atlantic. florida's gulf coast also on alert for heavy rain, rip currents and dangerous winds. out west, two hurricanes could be heading for hawaii. >> scandal in the clinton campaign. hillary's closest adviser huma abedin now separating from her husband anthony weiner after that new sexting scandal. donald trump already on the attack calling it a national security issue. >> he's a pervert and just a very sick guy and she's married to him. >> how clinton's campaign is reacting this morning. a dramatic rescue caught on dash cam. ten cars piled up trapping a woman inside a burning car. bystanders rush to the scene and pull her free. the all-out search for the good samaritans this morning.


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