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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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of the 170 rescues that happened here since the summer began, 50% or more have happened in the last two and a half weeks because of the rip currents and rough surf. people are hot and want to go in the water but you have to be careful in the rough conditions. >> this is the roughest we have had this summer. they know that the storms are off the shore of the jersey coast and there are powerful rip tides and surf. >> they pull you in the opposite direction where you want to swim. >> you can't go in deep. >> it's very rough. >> that is how big the waves are they will huge. >> they scare the heck out of you. >> yes. >> i try to stand my ground. >> you have to be careful. >> at first street beach in ocean city. lifeguards are monitoring
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conditions minute by minute. within five minutes of arriving, lifeguards came in forcing them to clear the beaches. it will start sweeping you out and you may not look bad on the surface and then you may lose your footing for a second and it's just going to pull you straight out. >> i have a health why respect for water and the force of it. and you know, it's nature and you have to have a respect for it at all times. >> they will going to float down with the rip tide, the lifeguards do a great job keeping everyone safe. they warn rs not to go too deep. >> i love being at the beach. >> reporter: back live now,
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staffing is down because many lifeguards have returned to college but ocean city make it's a point to keep three beaches open late. 8th, street, 9th street and 12th street. take advantage of that. no kidding about swimming or not swimming when lifeguards are not on duty. it's too dangerous in these conditions. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> a hidden danger on a truly beautiful day. thanks so much. lets get more on the rip currents and the first of the accuweather forecast. adam joseph is live now. >> reporter: i'm going to sound like a broken record the rest of the week, because little will change as we go through the rest of the week in the holiday weekend with the rip current danger. tropical satellite shows tropical depression number eight off the coast of cape hatteras. this will play a part in some of the large of the swells. winds sustained at 35 miles per
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hour. and just down the pike to the south and west. tropical depression number 9 winds sustained at 39 miles per hour. as it is the southern gulf of mexico. this is expected to become tropical storm hermine sometime this evening. and this will eventually curve to the north and east and enter the atlantic as well. number 8 stays south and west of cape hatteras and then move out to sea but off of our coastline, possibly as a tropical storm wednesday, thursday, that will add again more in the way of very strong rip currents and large swells. then tropical depression number 9 that could become a tropical storm, crosses northern florida and merges into the atlantic and follows a similar panel as 8 for the upcoming weekend. that churns up the currentses for labor day. the current danger lasts flew
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the holiday weekend. through monday. at the new jersey beaches down to delaware. and temperatures, speaking of heat and humidity. you want to head into the water, 88 in philadelphia, we topped out at 89 and we'll let you know if we hit 90 to continue our current heat wave in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. our expert team of meteorologists are posting regularly on their tase book and twitter accounts, follow each and everyone for the twists and turns in the forecast and there are many, rely on is it weather for constant updates from accuweather and stormtracker 6 live double scan. developing right now, pennsylvania is about to have a new attorney general, the state senate unanimously confirmed bruce beam toward run the office until the winner of this fall's election takes over next year, john rawlins live in harrisburg where we are told that beamer
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was sworn in minutes ago john. >> reporter: just minutes ago literally, we got word he was sworn in in a private ceremony by the chief justice of the supreme court and he is now the attorney general of the state of pennsylvania. this is a really speedy process, the senate convened at 1:15 to 1:30 this afternoon, they had a judiciary hearing at 1:00 and mr. beamer was confirmed by the full senate unanimously and by 4:00 he is sworn in and is now the attorney general, both sides of the aisle wanting to put the kathleen kane in the rear view mirror, it was controversy. beamer once her top staffer, promised an attorney general office everyone can be proud of. >> it's no secret that the
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attorney general's office has gone through difficult times over the last year or two. if i was fortunate enough to be confirmed by this body i will endeavor to restore a sense of honor and integrity to the office. >> again, mr. beamer sworn in a short time ago in a private ceremony, he promised the senate he would restore integrity in the office as he serves out the last few months, the current acting attorney general, bruce caster has stepped down as mr. beamer steps up to be the attorney general. >> thank you. we have now learned that one of the cars involved in the shootout on the atlantic city expressway was hit with 21 bullets. four men if the ford expedition were wounded by gun fire in the eastbound lanes and taken to the hospital. 22-year-old roseman octavius was
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killed in the passenger seat of a nissan. the driver is among the five people arrested for weapons charges today. and investigators are looking for a black dodge ram pickup that may also be involved. a tractor trailer went off the road and hit a car and then slammed through a building today in chester county. chopper 6 hd was over the scene on the horseshoe pike in honey brook. you see the heavy damage to the building. it happened at 10:00 this morning and we with working to find out if anyone was seriously hurt. an out of control car left a path of destruction in south jersey overnight. that driver is now in critical condition after a string of crashes in camden. this is what is left of the vehicle after this violent chain of destruction. the man behind the wheel identified as marvin drumgoal was believed to be traveling at
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a high rate of speak when hitting a utility pole before flipping on the roadway and hitting parked cars. check out the damage to one of those porches. >> i look back and see the car -- then it explodes all over -- and it comes back and looks like this. >> the impact of the crash brought down wires and he was ejected from his vehicle, he was rushed to nearby cooper hospital in critical condition. >> his family knew he was in a rush. >> he was trying to get home he had my mother's car and just trying to get home because she had to be to work soon. >> police have not released information about what they think caused the crash or if they think drugs or alcohol was involved. new jersey will not become the next state with a $15 minimum wage. today governor chris christie
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vetoed a bill calling for an increase over the next five years, he says it's a burden for small biggss and result in layoffs. democratic leaders will pursue a constitutional amendment to raise the minimum wage instead. time for the "action news" traffic report today. autumn marisa is standing by for matt pellman with a first look. >> reporter: it's good to bring you good news, so far so good on the roadways right now, this is the schuylkill expressway at the vine, travel times looking good in both directions, we had an accident clear on the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill at girard. we are starting to see things picking up and travel times too and speeds across the region looked great, 35 miles per hour on the blue route that is great for this time of day and one of our biggest delays here is on the vine street expressway we'll show you what that looks like right now. we see bumper to bumper in the westbound lanes as you make your way to the schuylkill and
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tapping your brakes up to 95. a few incidents to tell you about. this is an accident at route 1 northbound approaching wissahickon avenue. and another one to tell you about in the inner drive of the northbound lanes at levitt street. keep that in mind on the boulevard right now. and a few water main breaks to tell you, northbound 130 at browning road and the second one is scotts lane between crawford street and ridge avenue. use henry after to get around that one. >> thank you. still ahead, italy continues to mourn as dozens of victims of last week's earthquake are laid to rest. and the new cast of "dancing with the stars" and one pick is causing a lot of controversy today. and it turns out that hersheys is not getting new ownership after all. why the new merger and the company that makes oreos ended up crumbling. technology.
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italian bishop is blaming shotty construction for the high number of deaths during last week's earthquake. the bishop spoke at a state funeral for 37 of the victims where he read the names of all 292 people that were killed. he told the mourners that earthquakes don't kill what kills the most is the work of man and prosecutors are talking about why the buildings crumbled. voters from several states go to the polls today to weigh in on primary fights to weigh the balance of power in congress next year. marco rubio is trying to hold on to his seat after a bruising presidential campaign and debbie
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wasserman shultz is trying to keep her seat and john mccain is trying to fend off a challenge as he seeks his sixth term in office. the stage is set and the mirror ball in position and the sequins are sparkling and the shoes are shined and the cast revealed for season 23 of "dancing with the stars." the cast was revealed this morning on "good morning america," the contestant making the biggest splash is ryan lochte there on the left with the black hair. i don't know if you recognize him with his new do. he addressed his scandal and subsequent charges and says he is ready for change. >> it's perfect with this show, because i want to put that behind me. i'm never one to dwell on the past, i want to move forward. >> lochte said he has never danced but will treat the challenge like the olympics. >> another olympian plans to give him a run for his money,
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gymnast, laurie hernandez and amber rose and little women l.a. reality star tara joel. and also is mary lou henner, you remember her from "taxi" among other things. and former texas governor, rick perry. former pro football player calvin johnson and jake t. austin. and on the list this year as well. producer kenny baby face edmonds. and country singer jena cramer and vanilla ice. another familiar face, back to dance pro derek hough back to dance, his broadway plans are put on hold so he can return to "dancing with the stars" this season. as a professional dancer and if you want to check out season 23,
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it returns to abc on december 12th. >> you had me at vanilla ice. >> i knew it. turns out hersheys chocolate will not have new owner, the company that makes oreo cookies is ending discussions to buy the company. they rejected a bid of $22 billion, and they confirmed that the talks fell through, the company based in illinois said it did not see a path forward to a deal. lets take a look at the closing numbers on wall street today, don't fear the red arrows, the dow is down 48.5 points and the nasdaq 9 and change and the s&p 500 down 4.25 on the day. a new school year means new experiences for the students and for dads it can bring a new commitment for the family. dads took part in the million father march, they walked their
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get to class, and some dads signed a contract pledging 10 hours this school year to attend field trips or other class functions, the march is designed to keep dads engaged in their children's education. it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph is standing by to tell us if this heat wave continues or breaks today. >> 89 so far in philadelphia for the high today, the rest of the region broke the heat wave with the temperatures in the 80s and still humid in southern new jersey and shore points and southern delaware and with the humidity sticks around we have storms around 2:30 in tuckahoe and dorothy and north of sea isle city, and crossing over the garden state parkway in this general area and 1 to 2 inches of rainfall in a couple of locations. those downpours at this point
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are beginning to fall apart. as we look at numbers, 88 in philadelphia and 85 in reading. and yesterday's 93 degrees in the city. at least it's a little bit better. 84 in millville and a sea breeze at the shore. 83 in beach haven and 86 at the airport and 85 in cape may. as we look at the month of august, some enjoyed it and some are saying i'm ready to get rid of august, it ends tomorrow. we are projecting 90s once again, look at the days in red, those are afternoon temperatures above normal. taking over most of the month, temperatures running 4.3 degrees above average and when you take a look at the top august hot august since 1984, number two and three they are close to the 3.3 only by a .1 degree or so. so we have smashed the old
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record by far, by a degree, this going down as the hottest august in philadelphia's history. as we look at satellite and radar, we are dry except for the blips that develop in southern knowledge, and it turns muggy once again after the brief dip in dew points north of philadelphia, they come out. 63 in allentown and 66 in millville. we look at heat indexes tomorrow afternoon 91 in philadelphia and 91 in wilmington and better in wildwood with a sea breeze at 77 degrees. we talked about hour weak tropical depressions on this side of the country but out in the pacific there are two powerful hurricanes, hurricane madeleine, and equally as strong, lester, heading towards the islands of hawaii. this is double trouble for them and pretty rare that both of these systems are barely going to skirt by to the north and south of the islands of hawaii. especially madeleine heading in
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and clipping the big island of hawaii as we go into the next 4 to 48 hours and then lester heads to the north, talk about rough surf and biting your nails on the island of hawaii over the next couple of days. as we look locally for the four day at 4:00, hot and humid on wednesday, 91 degrees for last day of august and september arrives and a cold front arrives with a few showers and clouds and cooler at 82 and friday and saturday, breezy and nice low humidity and perfection with temperatures below average at 80 to 81. it's remarkable as you flip the calendar. it's pretty incredible. >> i'm not looking back. thanks adam. coming up at 4:30, a local school cancels their football season we'll explain the decision in a live report. and head back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the
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police had to shoot a dog on broad street today. chop 6 was over the scene where police got reports of someone screaming, they showed up to find the dog attacking someone. officers shot it. but the dog survived. they have not said how seriously they were hurt or who owns the dog. >> first by car and then on foot. the delaware newsroom, a police chase ends with a foot chase in wilmington. 19-year-old allen hough was
4:26 pm
driving recklessly through wilmington and they caught up with him later. philadelphia is one step closer to filling a major vacancy at a popular shopping plaza? >> it's a move highly anticipated by the community. a ground breaking ceremony was held on monument road in winfield heights making way for the new fresh grocer. the new store will replace the pathmark supermarket that once stood there owned by brown's super store, it will feature a beer garden and a wine department. the new store is expected to create more than 200 new jobs. a new exhibit is coming to the franklin institute. how cool is that. the dinosaurs are moving in,
4:27 pm
jurassic world is moving and tickets go on sale starting september 10th. >> i know it's not real but it looks real there. doesn't it? >> i can't wait to go. up next local high school athletes are devastated to learn their first game of the season was also their last. we'll explain why they won't be suiting up again in a live report. i'm nydia han if you have not done your back to school shopping listen up we have ways to save. big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks.
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saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, sharrie williams, and brian taff. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with details about a woman and her family who are tied up and assaulted inside of their own home. >> and clouds of dust are causing concern in their county. the multimillion dollars construction project causing concern. and the shocking video of a boy being thrown from a bridge, he is okay but outcry on social media calls for harsher charges for the mother. first a montgomery county high school football season just began and footballs are still in boxes and the friday night
4:30 pm
lights will not shine at frank inhigh school. walter perez is outside of the stadium to explain what is behind this decision. >> reporter: hey brian, school oils say that reaching this decision was nothing short of painful but the district says it came down to an issue of safety. >> you are looking at video of the only varsity football game in a springfield township high school will play this season. a 40-27 lost this past friday. head coach chris kelly says telling his boys that the rest of the season was canceled was the most difficult speech he ever delivered especially to his senior xbrzs. >> i was heart broken but i know how much the guys meant to the program. >> the possible reasons why -- he started training camp with only 30 players and lost a few
4:31 pm
to preseason and then a few more got hurt after friday's game. with approximately 20 players left on the roster, many freshman, school officials felt putting a young team with no depth into a varsity game was dangerous and coach kelly doesn't blame the district one bit. >> they are looking out for the best interest of our kids and it's a group decision. i'm awful proud of our guys, the hard work that is the hardest part. >> he speaks for the other guys in his class that they simply can't believe that their final season together is ended. >> they want to play in their homecoming and being a captain to take that from me is sad and tough. and i wish i had it back and it's tough. i worked my hardest there is nothing else i could have done. >> we'll delve more into the possible reasons why so few people are signing up for the football team here.
4:32 pm
we'll have that at 5:30. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> this looks heart breaking for the young students. thank you. a northeast philadelphia woman says she was sexually assaulted inside of her own home and now the search is on to find the masked man that attacked her. police say he forced his way into her home on the 5100 block of may visstreet at 4:00 this morning. he tied her up and salted her at gun point. a judge has ordered the bucked county couple to stand trial for allegedly abusing their young children. michael and melissa shales had a hearing in levitt town today. saying they abused their baby girls at their apartment. both sisters had broken leg and one had fractured rib and spinal injuries, all of the couple's
4:33 pm
children were malnourished when they were arrested in may. a project is ruffling feathers and kicking up dust in delaware, this road work on 301 in middletown. it's expected to increase safety and reduce traffic but people that live here are concerned about the amount of dust fall on to her homes and the possible health effects that are mostly 55 and older. >> when the wind is going towards our homes, our homes are saturated with particular matter. our homes are disgusting and we can't keep up with cleaning them. >> del/dot says there is no way to eliminate the dust all together. they have water trucks running continuously to help out and they have passed weekly environmental inspections they say and they say anyone with a complaint should contact the project's contractor. meteorologist, adam joseph, is joining us now we talk about
4:34 pm
how the temperature this august was higher than the past and we have not seen a lot of rain. >> it's parched out there, that is also kind of going with that heat. the drier the ground is, the hotter the temperatures can get. we see that this month as well. as we look presently, 88 in center city. with the blazing sunshine, the dew point has come down and drier air is in place today compared to yesterday but with the southerly wind at 5 miles per hour the humidity will come back up overnight tonight. it remained fairly humid to the south and two random downpours that popped on other side of route 9 south of dorothy where they picked up 1 to 2 inches of rain briefly and most of those showers fell apart as they pushed to the south and eastnores of sea isle city. we are talking about the dangerous rip currents and swells, anywhere from 3 foot breakers from atlantic city to the south and 4 foot offshore
4:35 pm
that continue to come in, and we'll see that concern continue this week but into the upcoming weekend as tropical depression 8 and tropical depression 9 that could become tropical storms move north. you never want to turn your back on the waves out in the water and then head back into the sand because the breakers could knock you down if you don't see them coming and create head or back injuries and obey lifeguards. and a lot of students have gone back to school and the beaches are not guarded. find ones that are this week into the weekend. >> the students that are lifeguards for the summer. >> if you don't see a guard it's not safe to swim. a motorcycle crash sent two people to the hospital this morning at 5:45 today at is the intersection of harding highway and cedar avenue, the driver lost control and ended up on the
4:36 pm
sidewalk, "action news" is told that both people involve ready in stable condition, the intersection was shut down for almost three hours as state police investigated. this crash backed up traffic on i-95 southbound during the morning rush, four vehicles collided at 6:00 this morning on the ramp for 676. camden county college is saluting wounded veterans with especially designated parking spaces, the action cam was there at gloucester campus as one spot was unveiled today. purple heart recipient george kahn was on hand to help with the ceremony and there will be additional signs at libraries and government offices. a judge says that one montgomery county school district cannot raise taxes because they may have been unfairly taxing residents.
4:37 pm
the lower merion school district is accused of raising 50% in the last 10 years and residents say they want the increases to stop. we'll break down the tax controversy and what next in the legal battle and tonight in health check, new treatment for sleep apnea may not be as beneficial for other problems as previously thought. we'll tell you what you need to know about cpac machines. we'll see you at 5:00. >> thank you monica. the phillies hosted a group of kids today teaching them the importance of exercise. the team invited children right on to the field at citizens bank park part of the national play campaign. boys and girls learned how the pros work out and got tips from the training staff right there in the dugout. up next on "action news" a heart stopping rescue was caught on camera. it shows witnesses pulling a
4:38 pm
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italian coast guard migrants jamming into a boat. desperate for their life. the boat carried a small percentage of 6500 playing rants rescued in one day by thely's coast guard. operations were carried out helping the people escaping violence in libya and other people escaping the war and famine died at sea. dash-cam video captured a
4:41 pm
pileup and a brave scene in upstate new york. it showed the moments that atractor trailer plowed into cars on the highway. one catches fire and witnesses run to the flames to rescue a woman inside. they carried her away with minor cuts and bruises. the mayor postd this online so they can identify the good samaritans. now outrage over this viral dramatic video a boy being flung off the bridge like a lag doll. >> it's hard to watch. >> the man that shot the video, caleb folly, as an unidentified man throws the boy off the bridge as the boy's mother watches from the ground. both are facing child
4:42 pm
endangerment and criminal trespassing but the witnesses were traumatized. >> i was scared i thought he broke his neck because it was like -- he hit it right here on the lower part here and he had a life jacket on so he got sucks up really fast and he was screaming and crying and it broke my heart hearing that. >> meanwhile the mother can be heard cheering him on, apparently this was seemingly all for fun and police and child protective services and the sheriff's office there in washington state are investigating. this is a story that spans generations and is inspiring hundreds of thousands of people on social media. melanie salazar is 18 years old and an incoming freshman in texas. but this guy, older and wiser to show her around on campus. she calls him grandpa, renee
4:43 pm
theira is going to the same college to complete his associated degree. melanie says how proud she is of him for never giving up and she snuck shots of him studying very intently. while they share a campus, is he studying economics and she is studying liberal arts but grandpa proof it is never too late to go to college or finish college or complete your dreams inspiring to his granddaughter and people around the globe. >> love that. huge smiles. >> never lost the excitement. to learn more. thank you. lets get a check of the roads right fow. >> autumn standing by for the update. >> so far so good, we look great on the schuylkill expressway we had a disabilities vehicle on the center lanes approaching spring garden, they moved the vehicle on the right side of the road and penndot swept it away
4:44 pm
we are nice and clear in the westbound lanes heading towarded the blue route too. lets look at the big picture, speeds across the region slow on 95 and that is where the construction zone at cotman avenue. now we take a look at the blue route because we had a disabled vehicle around villanova in the southbound lanes. it's off to the side not causing too many problems. lets look at the vine street expressway a bigger slow down this afternoon. you'll tap the brakes heading up to 95 in the westbound lanes. a few incidents to tell you about. this is an accident at 42 southbound past 130. it's off to the shoulder. and 10 as well a water main break at browning road at broadway. broadway is the alternate around that because it's closed at 130. this is another water main break at brown scotts lane.
4:45 pm
we'll bring you an update in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you autumn. still ahead meteorologist, adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather forecast.
4:47 pm
all right meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us with it's accuweather forecast. >> a lot going on. what could be a heat wave ongoing. we don't know at that point but 89 so far this day. and the humidity spikes tomorrow before a big drop at the end of the week. and as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan it's quiet across most of the area. but cape may county, there were a couple of downpours that popped. about an hour and a half ago. and another little blip here in central parts and southern parts of burlington county crossing of
4:48 pm
quaker bridge road. watering trees in the forest. no lightning with this. as it continues to drift to the north from the south and an indication in southern parts of new jersey, at the shore, the humidity is coming back up. that is sparking a couple of those isolated downpours. sea breeze in effect we are in the low 80s, 88 in wilmington and 87 in allentown and 88 in philadelphia and the last hour we were at 89 degrees, we'll see if we hit the 90 or not to continue heat wave number six in one of the off hours. a decent amount of sunshine in the mid-atlantic now and even into southern new england. a front to the north and west and this mark a major change as we flip the calendar from august to september. but tonight ahead of the front it's clear and turns muggy again. 63 to 70 with the southeasterly wind to 2 to 4 miles per hour.
4:49 pm
your heat index one again with the air temperatures going into the lower 90s just after lunch and continuing into the latter part of the afternoon, 8:00 at night, the heat index drops to 83 as the front approaches. and there could be scattered downpours or showers around wednesday night early thursday, one round but notice a lot of clouds here to start your thursday, with the front slowly progressing through more showers and downpours could develop here thursday afternoon, we are not looking at severe weather but not looking to be that great of a beach day at the shore thursday afternoon with some lingering showers. speaking of the tropics, two systems we are watching, tropical depression number 8, winds of 38 miles per hour south and east of cape hatteras. and tropical depression number 9 same strength emorning from cuba to the southern parts of the
4:50 pm
gulf of mexico and we'll have an update at the 5:00 hour from the national hurricane center whether one of those two systems turns to a tropical storm or not. now number 8 heads out to sea, this is the spaghetti not for number 9, the general consensus keep its well to the south and east. a couple of stragglers that hug the coastline, you don't want to throw away any model but at least the general consensus over the weekend keeps it well off our coast. but it will still bring rip currents and strong waves. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast hot and humid tomorrow and 91 and showers around on thursday and clouds and 82 degrees, friday, saturday into sunday, all three days at this point look good, a lot of sunshine and breezy and low humidity and temperatures below average in the low 80s, we'll watch near the coast on sunday
4:51 pm
with tropical depression number 9 if it throws clouds near the coast, and labor day bright and warm and 85 and the heat comes back in next week. back up to 90 degrees and it looks like it could turn hot here for the beginning of september as well. >> you thought we were done with it? >> i was hoping. >> thank you adam. >> still ahead on a tuesday afternoon. as you procrastinated with the back to school shopping, we have you covered in what's the deal? we have tips for the best prices and keeping your family on budget. and remember that "action news" is about interaction with you. follow us on social media for the latest headlines and accuweather and breaking news and to communicate with us, on facebook, on twitter, we are@6 abc.
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book to school shopping is big business second only to christmas. and all the school supplies and clothing can leave a hole in your pocket. >> reporter: parents spend an average of $674 per child on back to school shopping. consumer reports did some homework for you. nancy ortiz has a list of supplies her sons need for the start of school. it will cost her -- >> about $1,000 roughly and that is including all supplies including clothing et cetera. the first thing to do is set a realistic budget and see what you have at home. then go to facebook and twitter for coupons, some offer some of the best deals on social media. and ask stores if they offer
4:55 pm
student discounts many do with savings of 10% to 20%. for electronics consider refurbished models from amazon. >> they can be less expensive and good for young children that can trop them. >> you may get a better deal later in the year around black friday. you should wait to buy many items. ask the teacher what your student will need right away and get the rest of the supplies later. when are you shopping take your smart phone with you, download deal news or laser to quickly scan products or search for deals. stores including wal-mart, target and best buy match prices from some competitors on the spot and they say skip the office supply stores. buying everything on the list at staples could cost you $130,
4:56 pm
that is $40 more than buying the same supplies at wal-mart or target. among the seven large retailers, target had the best prices on school supplies and wal-mart offered the best prices on clothing. finally at 4:00, k-9s with the montgomery county sheriff's office got special gifts today. the three furry officers got brand new customized dog beds. because of a rescue organization called finding shelter. they are made out of orthopedic material. bickell, ortiz and bear wasted no time checking out their digs and a new bed was donate to the norristown police department. >> he liked that. getting right in there. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli, and adam joseph i'm brian taff.
4:57 pm
we hope you'll join me and sharrie and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. hi there, coming up next at 5:00, the surveillance photo that new jersey state police want to you see as the investigation continues into the deadly shooting on the a.c. expressway. and the trouble brewing in the atlantic ocean. >> and we'll break down the new celebrity cast hitting the dance floor next month on "dancing with the stars." i'm right there, no i'm not in there. maybe one day.
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion.
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mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. new jersey state police want your help tracking down this truck. in connection with the deadly shootout on the atlantic city expressway. tonight five people are under arrest for the gun battle. and police are trying to figure out who fired the deadly shot. tuesday night and the big story on "action news" is the search for another vehicle after
5:00 pm
yesterday's wild scene in egg harbor township. chad pradelli is live near the scene of the shooting with the latest. >> reporter: late this afternoon new jersey state police said they are looking for the possible third vehicle, a black dodge ram pickup as detectives try to piece together what happened yesterday on the a.c. expressway. it was a gun fight that left this ford expedition littered with bullet holes shattered windows and a blown wheel. four men were injured inside and taken to the regional medical center another man in his nissan was shot and killed in the passenger seat on the garden state parkway. the driver, anthony hicks was uninjured. they believe that two vehicles and a possible third were involved at mile marker 12 yesterday. these are photos of the possible vehicle, seen getting o


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