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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: two systems we are watching one in the atlantic and one in the gulf of mexico. number 8 is sustained at 35 miles per hour, drifting south and west of cape hatteras over the past 24 hours, we are watching this expected to become a tropical storm possibly as early as tomorrow. and in addition tropical depression 9 looks better organized and still wins sustained at 35 miles per hour directly west of key west in the southern gulf, we don't see the classic wrapping around the center of the storm yet but this bears watching to be named possibly hermine overnight tonight. tropical depression 8 off the carolinas, will curve off to sea and tropical storm status, wins on thursday. even though it stays out to sea it churns up the waters and tropical depression 9 hits northern western parts of florida here on thursday
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afternoon and winds near 65 miles per hour with tropical storm warnings in effect there and watches and that will curve itself near myrtle beach and off the carolinas here near the outer banks as we get into the latter part of the week and over the weekend the cone of uncertainty is not too far off the coast we'll see where that tracks but no matter what, it will create large swells and that rip current danger. that rip current danger continues on the moderate side and maybe even high side towards the holiday weekend, for all of our shore communities in knowledge and we'll chat about this and heat wave number six we know when that breaks. >> thank you. "action news" new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic is live in ocean city where the beach goers are feeling the effects of the storms in the atlanticic.
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>> reporter: hi there rick, it was a great day at the shore. but the swimmers are getting knocked around a bit. take a look these offshore storm residence giving us rough surf and that puts extra pressure on the lifeguards -- lifeguards at ocean city's 9 and street beach were keeping people in waist deep water protecting them from powerful rip currents and rough surf. adam felt the brunt of the waves. >> we got bombarded by three waves that came into one and before you knew it we were down under. the undertow is really bad. >> red flags mark the do not swim areas near the jetties. >> you feel it pulling you towards the rocks and i'm a swimmer but it's strong even for me. for kids you have to keep a close eye on them. >> it's rough out there, we are trying to keep them to the
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shore. >> sometimes i just scrape my foot so i won't go into the tide. >> just afternoon two rescue calls came within 5 minutes, one on 34th street and another at park place, lifeguards cleared the beaches nearby to help respond to the money. >> when are you out there, you feel it sucking and pulling you in there. it's racy out will. >> you can get knocked around a bit and the little kids have more trouble than the adults but it's fun. >> lifeguards warn people to stay away from unguarded beaches, you are risking your life to swim in sun protected water. >> it's dangerous the way the surf is, you don't want to be the one stuck out there with no one able to come help you. >> reporter: back out live now, if you want to swim late, ocean city has lifeguards on duty at 8th street and 9th street and
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12th street beaches. over half of them have been in the last two and a half weeks, that gives you an idea how rough the water is now. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> nora, thank you. this reminder our expert team of meteorologists, post regularly on their facebook and twitter accounts and we invite to you follow them in the accuweather forecast. and rely on for constant updates from accuweather. in other news tonight, new jersey state police are searching for a truck in connection with yesterday's deadly shootout on the atlantic city expressway. they released these service photos of the dodge ram pickup truck, five people including a 16-year-old boy are charged accused of what police call a rolling shootout. it left one person dead in egg harbor township. the four men injured are in a ford expedition littered with 21
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bullet holes. they say that 22-year-old roseman octavius was killed in the passenger seat of a nissan. >> it was being abled at cars moving and extremely dangerous to everyone involved and not just the intended targets, police are trying to figure out who fired the fatal shots. philadelphia police are investigating a home invasion and sex salts overnight. it happened overnight on the 5900 block in north philadelphia. police say that a man broke into a house and tied up the family and sexually assaulted a 25-year-old woman at gun point. >> i just woke up to hearing her crying, i saw what was going on and i ran through the house to fine him and my brother-in-law was tied newspaper in the basement. >> the search continues for the
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suspect tonight. this was the scene at honey brook chester county after a tractor trailer slammed into a house, it happened after 10:00 on the 2100 block of horseshoe pike. no word if anyone was injured. pennsylvania has a new attorney general, bruce beamer was sworn in. after former attorney general, kathleen kane resigned after she was convicted of perjury and ac instruction. john rawlins live in harrisburg with the details. >> reporter: hey rick, well no political gridlock here today. the senate went into session at 1:30 today and beamer met with the committee and was confirmed by 3:00 and sworn in by 4:00 all in an effort to put the kathleen kane era in the past. >> i will endeavor to restore a
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sense of honor and integrity to the office. >> the new attorney general making his rounds today at the capital is taking over an office beset with demoralized staffers. they say that kathleen kane had favorites and held grudges. beamer, kane's one time top aide was up beat about turning things around. i think it's daunting but i think it's something we'll be able to do because we have 800 of the finest employees you'd ever want to have. >> the big question from beamer is an unreleased report of controversial emails by staffers and judges and others, the report said to name names, beamer will have to tread carefully balanced those named and the public's right to know. >> the acting attorney general has indicated that is a bit of
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issue and concern and i share this without having the opportunity to review it. >> another issue, a.g. staffer, katherine reece despite being convicted and sentenced for contempt is still earning almost $100,000 salary. >> i'll discuss that and tell all of us once in short order once i've have an opportunity to review it. but those kinds of issues i would like to get addressed as quickly as possible. >> reporter: well, with beamer sworn in today, acting attorney general bruce caster, is effectively out. this abipartisan efforts and the governor a democrat not to be impressed by the remarks that caster made and he burned bridges with gop statewide some years ago so everyone lined up behind bruce beamer. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a construction project in
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middletown, delaware is upsetting people that live nearby. crews are working on making improvements to route 301 to ease traffic congestion but people that live in the spring arbor community are concerned about the amount of dust falling on their homes and worried about the impact on their health. del/dot tell you there is no way to eliminate it all together but they have water trucks spraying continually to wet it and they have passed weekly environmental inspections. a nonprofit organization in delaware is helping young girls get prepared for the new school year. girls incorporated got ready for their open house tonight. held at the new location at 15th and walnut in wilmington. they are offering more after school programming dedicated to helping young people to reach their full potential. still to come on "action news" tuesday night the wish comes through for a 5-year-old
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boy with cancer after a local police department makes them their newest captain. we have the details of a new dinosaur inspired exhibit coming to philadelphia. >> this is scary as well. another heat wave running five days long today. 90 degrees we'll add 1 more 90 degree day. and the eagles have signed a player part of the philadelphia soul a week ago. ducis rogers has the details in sports. when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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"action news" got a preview of the exhibit coming to the franklin institute. >> for the north american premier ofs a child battling a life-threatening illness had a wish come true today. go to the be a police officer. katherine scott has more on how police in newcastle, delaware, made the day extra special. >> the sirens of the police department signalled the county police department's newest captain and is he only 5 years old. >> his mother held little jesus and he was greeted by his new colleagues. >> i have this coin for him and his big day. >> reporter: the little boy was suited up in uniform as his
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dream of becoming a police officer came true. his wish through the make-a-wish foundation. >> i was thrilled. and will remember for the right of our life. >> jesus has cancer and inoperable tumor. the family has watched the disease take its toll. >> the cancer he has they don't live past a year and every day we make it special for him and every day is a blessing. >> with angel's sister near buy they read they are prommation and checked the police horses to make sure they were fit for duty. >> and make a wish contacted the police and they worked quickly to organize this. >> there is something that transcends he lifted his hand up to the horses and he was happy. >> angel loves minions and cars
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but it's a police officer that he has always wanted to be. they know the joy this day has brought. >> even though he cannot express it well through his talking or emotion, i know in his heart, he is loving this. >> the department gave the captain a salute on the day they were honored to be a part of it. >> when we wake up we want to do something good and this was good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be
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germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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the fbi stepped up to the plate to combat violence in the community and fbi agented took on the strawberry mansion football league. all part of the strikeout violence campaign, aimed at improving trust with law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. all right time for sports. and ducis is here now and the eagles getting ready for the final preseason game. >> we are only 12 days from the
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opener. it's fast approaching. the game where the coaching staff holds as many players as they can in order to avoid injury. very few starters will play and chase daniel will start as qb, and daniel has the right approach. >> for me it's just going out and having fun, you know, like i said we put some much player on ourselves as players, and that is a good thing. i want to look back and thought i had fun with my teammates, lets go out and enjoy it, it's a full preseason game, lets go rock it and put together a good half. >> the eagles did not have to go far to find their newest players, defensive end jake mets comes from the philadelphia soul, he is 6'6", he helped lead
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them to the bowl last week. he was undrafted out of shipinsburg in 2013. >> i thought i should have made a team and i knew the whole time i would get here and my persistence is what got me here and i'm going to play. i did not get much sleep last night that it for sure. i was up until 2:00 and 3:00 staring at the ceiling excited to practice and came early. and i'll do the same tomorrow. and lane johnson getting a suspension but he will see playing time on thursday against the jets. temple football has not played a single game but matt rule is already in mid season form. >> are you serious! >> yes, we are serious, coach rule trying to build upon the good campaign from a year ago. the owls will open with army at
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home, army presents a unique challenge, with the run option offense. >> we are preparing this game exactly hopefully the way we prepared for every other game, the difference is simulating an offense we don't run. we faced is a lot of years and have you to do it live and at full speed. you have to get better as the game goes on, we are prepared to look bad on defense and you done want to, you don't look good early and have you to catch up to the speed of the game. the phillies national series continues tonight. they hope that washington's dominance does not. they won of the last seven games. jayson werth hit a solo homer in the first inning and they continue to burn the phillies and that is all the runs that washington needs. the phillies lost 4-0 and one again the same two teams
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tonight. tim tebow take a step to a career change. he is trying to make it as a baseball player, some 20 major league baseball teams sent scouts to his workout in los angeles. he knows he will have to win the fans. >> thank you ducis. adam joseph has your accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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adam joseph is here now, we hit 90 in philadelphia just after 3:00 in the afternoon and then a change comes in finally.
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as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan it is dry out there now, and one random downpour in southern burlington county and the same for northern parts of cape may county and dorothy and tuckahoe and everything at this point is quiet, sea breeze in effect. in beach haven and same for the atlantic city airport and the ocean 76 and mid to upper 80s on i-95 and trenton and philadelphia the same thing for the lehigh valley 84 degrees. quiet on the home front here, a front itself near chicago that will mark the change on thursday with clouds and showers and cooler temperatures and you see a little spin here, very weak tropical depression now off the carolinas, not impressive at all, but once this starts churning more it should become a tropical storm and that will throw some larger swells our way as we get into the end of the week. but for tonight clear and warm and more humid, after a brief break this afternoon, the human
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comes back up and 63 allentown and trenton 67 and low 70s for cape may. as we head into your wednesday, the middle of the week as we say good-bye to august, don't turn around and don't look back after the hottest month, for august another day in the 90s and the humidity comes up as well. the good thing about this front, it brings a cool down and kicks what could become tropical storm which is now tropical depression 8 off the coast, temperatures 82 on thursday with a lot of clouds and showers around and high pressure comes in behind that for the majority of the holiday weekend. but at the shore tomorrow watch the rip currents they remain on the moderate side and large swells that could easily knock you down on the sand, 82 the jersey shore and 84 at the delaware beaches and partly sunny and the rough surf with the sea breeze adding to the easterly component to the waves
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coming in with the win 5 to 10 miles per hour. southern gulf north of the yucat√°n and north and west of cuba, that is tropical depression 9, expected to become tropical storm hermine as we get into the next 12 hours, looking to make landfall, thursday evening. and every line you see on here is a different computer model saying where the storm will go. the majority kind of curves it way to the south and east. but there are a couple of out liers hugging the coastline. from new england to bermuda to the atlantic city coast, as of right now we keep it off the coastline but something we follow as we go deeper into the week. the exclusive accuweather forecast hot and humid tomorrow showers around on thursday 82 and it clears in time for the eagles game, breezy and sunny and low humidity a beauty here to start the holiday weekend, if you can escape friday,
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perfection and sunny on saturday, 81 and rip currents remain moderate all weekend long and clouds near the coast on sunday depending on how close the storm comes and 83 and bright and sunny on labor and 85 and then we heat things back up if you want the 90s back they will return next week. >> thank you. abc world news with dave muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17. join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. now for adam joseph, cecily tynan, ducis rogers and jim gardner. i'm rick williams have a nice evening. we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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breaking news. tonight, we start with a new hurricane watch, just issued. two systems. one growing in the atlantic. the other, in the gulf. plus, back-to-back major hurricanes now targeting hawaii. terror takedown. one of the most wanted terrorists killed tonight. the number two man for isis. a $5 million bounty on his head, as new details come in as an american woman held hostage. in the race for president, donald trump facing a pivotal moment. will he flip-flop on immigration? tonight, his son coming to his defense. fiery crash. the chain reaction pileup. all caught on video. and the heroic rescue by a group of other drivers. and, an out of this world sound. the radio signal discovered from 94 lightyears away.


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