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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  August 31, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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"action news" at 12:30 continues. hello again here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. it happened again, a young child shot in the city of philadelphia. this girl becomes the innocent victim when gunshots ring out. and still no sign of a driver of an suv that hit a motorcyclist, and kept on going leaving that man for dead. and celebrating a big win. a rally is held after the philadelphia soul brings home a championship. now the details, a call for peace and stop to the violence in philadelphia. this after another child is shot in the city. a 12-year-old girl was caught in the crossfire in south philadelphia. annie mccormick, has the details.
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>> reporter: they weighed in on their thoughts about gun violence against young people across the city. they led the adults in the pledge, a peace pledge created to ends violence, it comes on the heels of multiple shootings where youngsters are hit by gun fire including last night where this 12-year-old was rushed to saint christopher's hospital, in the thigh. so far this week six youngsters were shot in philadelphia. last year an 8-year-old camden girl died from stray gun fire. the million man march is preparing for their school march and the recent violence is on their mind zbrz. >> it take a village to raise a child. we ask someone to step up and be a father. and people that are successful being fathers to do a second
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tour of duty. >> we are all equal and should be treated the same way and looking out for one another instead of killing each other. >> the main objective is to change the way they think so we can change their behavior. you can't change a person's behavior until you change the way they think. >> if you have any information you are urged to call police, reach out to their websites and you can remain anonymous. reporting at city hall, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." police are searching for the gunman that shot a man three times in kensington this morning. police say the victim was riding a bicycle on the 3,000 block. someone opened fire hitting him three times in the back. two men wearing dark clothing were seen fleeing the scene. no word on a motive.
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the search is on for the driver of an suv that struck and killed a motorcyclist. this happened on whitaker street in the city's feltonville section. police say that the driver of the gmc yucon hit the motorcyclist and kept on going. the driver dumped the vehicle but removed the plates. >> the gmc when police found it did not have a license plate attached. there is a possibility that the driver removed the license plate in order to elude capture. >> the 58-year-old motorcyclist was taken to einstein medical center where he was pronounced dead. no word on his identity. >> from our delaware newsroom. a motorcycle rider crashed into the side of an ambulance, this morning in newark, this was the scene after midnight at elkton road and thorn lane. the rider was rushed to the hospital with serious conditions. we are told that the ambulance was heading to the call when the
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crash happened. the race for the white house takes center stage in our area today. democratic vice presidential nominee, tim kaine will make a campaign stop in the lehigh valley. kaine will hold a public forum at the community center in ledge ham at 1:30 in the afternoon yesterday he spoke in eerie and took a jab at donald trump. kaine said that trump failed to answer even the basic questions including questions about his finances. >> trump will spend part of the day in mexico, meeting with that country's president. and it comes before trump delivers a speech on immigration, a speech that trump postponed to fine tune his stance is what we are told. a former mexican president spoke out about his visit. and protests are expected as well. the world's eyes will be watching this visit for sure.
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download the app to get breaking news on the campaign trail and live results on election night. it's a free download for your mobile device. and turning to weather this afternoon we are once again dealing with the high heat and humidity but relief is finally on the horizon. sky 6 hd taking a live look with those crowds just packing the shore line in atlantic city. nice day to be at the beach, but perhaps not in the water with the rip currents still an issue. the jersey shore can offer some relief from the heat today but again beware if you plan to go into the water. meteorologist, david murphy, joins us outside with more on the warning and cool down ahead. >> reporter: in that picture you see the long breaking waves coming in on the beach and rough surf is a problem there, along with the rip currents. lets start you with satellite, a fair amount of sunshine in the region and like yesterday a lot
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of fair weather cumulous clouds and thicker the farther north you go. most of us are looking at partly sunny skies and air quality is less than great for sensitive groups like the young and elderly and true in urban centers from now until 6:00 you want to imlit your outdoor exertion. 85 in philadelphia and everybody dealing with mildly humid conditions and the farther south you go in our area the higher the dew points are. cape may county and southern new jersey basically and maybe the southern two-thirds of delaware, that is where we have the dew points up to the low 70s like in washington. in philadelphia we dropped off a bit but humid this afternoon. here is how it goes, 2:00, 90 degrees and 4:00 p.m. 89 degrees, that is in center city. the official high today will be closer to 89 degrees and keep in mind if you are down the shore
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and dealing with that surf, be careful of the rip currents and be sure to swim out of them. either north or south parallel to the beach. we'll take a closer look at the causes of the rip currents over the next several days, two tropical systems yet to develop into tropical storm but could today or tonight and could move past our coastline, far enough away to limit major problems except for right at the beach. that story and a break in our hot and humid weather pattern coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you. as we get close toert holiday weekend, has you covered. there you can find the latest weather updates including the seven-day forecast, also be sure to interact with our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter. the city of philadelphia is celebrating a championship today. the soul won the arena football league world championship the second in 11 seasons.
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gray hall is live at the championship rally happening at this very moment after city hall. >> reporter: hi alicia, you can feel the excitement in the air, this is not just a big day for the fans and players, but a big day for the city. the celebration is still going here at the city hall courtyard. you see the players along with the mayor, he is in attendance now. the rally kicked off a little afternoon and everyone knows that the soul defeated the arizona rattlers last friday night playing in that historic game. their second championship in 11 seasons. >> whenever you win a championship it says a lot about the character of our men and football team and to celebrate it with the fans important to us. when we brought this soul organization to philadelphia back in 2004 we were committed
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to winning and we have won over 70% of our games since then and two world championships, it's about the players being recognized today and they laid it on the line friday in arizona and pulled out a victory for the fans. >> it brings out hope for the other teams in philly. when the soul won the championship the phillies won the world series. people forgot about that. >> a sign of greater things? >> yes. >> reporter: so back out live, the excitement in the air, the fans are talking about next season. we like to remind you that this program is still going on but the fun continues at 2:00. that is the lightest from here in center city, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right gray, thank you. congratulations to them. and there is more coming up for you on "action news" at 12:30. scary moments severe turbulence forces an american airlines flight forced an emergency
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landing in ireland. sending a dozen people to the hospital in ireland. including children. and there is a reason he is called the boss, the record set by bruce springsteen and his fans in his home state.
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from our delaware newsroom. south sit from i-95 south rem n remains closed this hour as del/dot continues working on a guardrail from an accident overnight. a tractor trailer overturned at 1:00 and lost control in newport that took out 100 feet of the guardrail before landing on its side. the driver and passenger in the truck suffered minor injuries. a small plane crashed in an rv park in reno and burst into flames. some wreckage hit trailers and cars, no one on the ground was
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hurt and there is no word if the pilot survived the crash. the faa and ntsb are both investigating the cause of the crash. it was a scare in the air for a flight from houston, texas, to london. the pilot made an emergency landing in dublin, ireland after experiencing severe tur lance, a dozen people were rushed to the hospital including children. >> reporter: good afternoon to you, this is the plane that was actually involved in the incident at the time. it was flying over the atlantic when according to one passenger just about everybody was sleeping when the plane hit unexpected turbulence. a sigh of relief from the hundred passengers and crew on this united airlines flight after making a safe landing in ireland. >> there are no control problems. >> reporter: the flight
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originated in houston a boeing 657. according to the flight tracking flight aware, several hundred miles out it hit turbulence forcing the pilot to head to shannon airport for an emergency landing. >> we went for a straight drop and everything was flying up. everybodies that wasn't buckled flew up. >> it was surreal. >> the turbulence was startling and when the plane started descending she feared the worst. >> we had long enough to process in the fall, you had a couple of seconds to process this is it we are going down. >> frightening but fortunately we are told that the injuries were minor. already all but one were treated and released and put on another flight for london this morning.
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channel 6 "action news." main's out spoken governor is asking for forgiveness from his constituents and says he will seek spiritual guidance but rejecting calls to resign after obscene rants he left on another lawmakers voice mail. he met this morning with the democratic representative. and apologized for the voice mail he left last week, including a challenge with a dual when he said would point a gun at his head. he was upset because he called him racist which he denies. there is controversy in one indiana school district over the proposal to eliminate valedictorians, instead, the greater clark district would recognize the top 10% of the class, but honoring a greater
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percent of the students turning what was once seen as a great achievement into a participation award and the school district superintendant disagrees. >> there is nothing being given to these kids they legitimately earned their grades over a four year period. >> they will discuss the plan at a meeting next week. if approved the freshman class would be the first without a valedictorian. sky 6 hd takinge ing ing a look for you. david murphy has the update from accuweather.
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now a check of the accuweather forecast. with meteorologist, david murphy. >> reporter: they dodged a bullet with round one and there is another one coming up the coast this weekend and that churns up our surf. and we have one out there now doing the same thing. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing us we are dry and outside sunshine mixing with clouds in center city from temple university at sky 6 hd and a warm and in some cases a muggy afternoon, the temperature building right now 85 degrees, 63 is your dew point, and that is on the low side, humidity wise and there are other areas higher than that especially the farther south you go, basically a humid afternoon ahead. winds from the southwest at 8 miles per hour, and i would not be shocked if that came up a bit in the afternoon. cloud cover to the north and west and fair weather cumulous clouds and overall partly sunny skies today across the breadth
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of the region. and hot in philadelphia, 91 degrees there and 90 or close to it in toms river, reading and down towards wilmington. 83 to 84 is your range of highs and it doesn't sound bad but ocean temperatures in the 70s that sounds good. yes, but we are still dealing with the heavy surf and rip currents coming in out of the east and that water piling up on the beach giving you the problems. if you are swimming in the ocean not only today but straight through the weekend you want to make sure you do it near lifeguards and listen to the whistles and obey their directives. 88 by 2:00 and then a high of 85 and mid-70s by later on this evening. the overnight hours, starting at 11:00 in the northern and western suburbs, rights through we are back on the air and could be a rumble of thunder and passing shower or thunderstorm. we have a concern tomorrow
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afternoon another batch of this spotty shower activity could pop up in some places, and at the same time we see late day sun. starting in the northern and western suburbs, we'll see if this erupts. gaston a category 3 hurricane getting out of here and tropical depression 8 veers away from north carolina and tropical depression is coming up the coast following and it continues to pull away from the east coast at this point but is expected to grow into a tropical storm perhaps by later tonight and as it passes by it pushes the heavy surfs and high swells in on the eastern united states including delaware and new jersey beaches. that is the source of our rip currents and the next problem is this tropical storm, it looks to form and could briefly become a hurricane as it comes ashore in northern florida. the track is farther north and orlando and tampa have less of an impact. it looks like it will come up
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the coast again and skirt past hatteras and continues to push in heavy surf and rip current potential this weekend and could curve in toward cape cod, near boston. if have you plans to head up to new england for the holiday weekend, keep your eyes on this some spaghetti plot models bring it in there. your forecast, we have a hot one 91 degrees and more humid than yesterday in some spots and tomorrow you saw the spotty showers drying out in time for late day sunshine and lowering humidity and high of 84, after that we are in the pink, comfortable on friday and 83 and great weather for the temple opener against army in the evening. saturday looks great and 79 and sunday a bit warmer but nice wrap up to the holiday weekend. the heat and humidity begin to build back in on tuesday. >> shh lets take this weekend as we get it. thank you.
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topping the people scene, the boss has done it again, five days after breaking his own record, bruce springsteen and the e street band did it again. the concert at met life stadium ended four hours after it started. that breaks the previous record of the longest show of 3:59 minutes set last thursday night. the longest show was 4:06 long in finland in 012.
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one final look at the forecast with david murphy. >> as we move through the afternoon some of us could get up to 90. reading is one of them.
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there are 90s closer to the i-95 corridor and philadelphia could see 91 with light winds and down the shore heavy surf and rip currents with highs in the low to mid-80s. swim near the lifeguards and once they go off duty stay out of the water. check this story out. love this. it's fran and ed they have been married for 52 years. how cute are they? their 17-year-old grandson anthony tweeted out pictures of the couple because as you can see they are always sporting matching outfits. he says they text him good morning every day and share a picture of their matching outfits. this is so up my alley, this is my dream. after anthony's grandparents became an internet sensation, they began tweeting good morning from your famous and coordinated
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grandparents. here is a look at stories we are coming up this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00. he broke into a church through a stained glass window and then stole donation boxes inside and now lease are asking for your help tracking him down. and we are expecting vice presidential candidate tim kaine to hold a rally in the next half hour. we'll have that and all the headlines from the campaign coming up at 4:00. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy, rick williams, sara bloomquist and it's entire "action news" team. i'm alicia vitarelli have a great day. try and stay cool out there.
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