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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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though don't want to jump to conclusions, they want to give the man responsible an opportunity to come forward and give his side of the story. the only evidence of last night's crash is sand covering the oil slick at whitaker avenue. it's where a 58-year-old motorcyclist was found unconscious after being struck head-on and thrown 30 feet by a gmc yucon. >> he was just over there. >> the victim was taken to einstein medical center and pronounced dead at 12:50 a.m. the suspect fled the scene and dumped the suv. >> we followed a fluid trail for five blocks to find this vehicle. at this time we are talking to people in the area. >> additional details of the
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deadly hit and run are murky, but this surveillance video obtained by "action news" paints a troubling picture. you see a figure moving to the front of the vehicle and eventually moving it off scene. and then police came to find it with the license plates taken off and the owner -- >> he needs to come forth and explain his actions, it's horrific to leave someone in the road after hitting them. >> in the meantime, police have a lot of evidence they are sifting through and processing and they hope to have the person responsible in custody soon. reporting live jeanette reyes, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a man was caught on camera breaking into i northeastern philadelphia church and stealing two donation boxes inside.
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now police want your help to find him. surveillance video shows the man using his sweater to break a stained glass window to get inside. this was back on august 21st at our lady of calvary church. once in another camera shows him prying the donation boxes off the wall. he want anyone that knows this man to call them right away and say he is wanted for other crimes. donald trump has arrived in mexico at his meeting right now with the mexican president. the pair is expected to speak publically after their highly anticipate the discussion. the helicopter carrying the nominee landed in mexico this afternoon. accepting an invasion by the mexican president.
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trump's campaign says this visit shows what a divisive leader he would be. >> i'm confident that my running mate will be clear with the president about the priority of our priority of securing the border and building a wall. >> as mentioned we are expecting donald trump to speak any minute in a joint news conference. later tonight he is expected to clarify his immigration policy in a speech in arizona. meanwhile, on the democratic side tim kaine spent the day campaigning right here in our area. he wrapped up an event in bethlehem. walter perez is live there and is covering the speech and has more on what the candidate has to say. >> reporter: political analysts say that winning pennsylvania is critical to winning the white house and winning southeastern pa is critical to winning the state that is why the campaigns are advertising so much in our
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region. tim kaine had a stop at the hispanic center in bethlehem and then what is billed as an organizing event at the hanover center. people gathered to hear the vice president hopeful hammer away at the presidential nominee, donald trump. and that he is not transparent and honest about issues, particularly his tax returns. >> now that he is running and the nominee, he is not giving us his tax returns, he thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes and make us forget what he promised. >> he believes they would reveal trump's foreign ties. we are entitled to get to the information to get to the bottom of this cozy bromance with donald trump and vladimir putin. >> u.s. senator bob casey says
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it's an example how important the keystone state and southeastern pennsylvania is to both campaigns. >> southeastern pennsylvania, the region is critical, that is from philadelphia to the suburbs of the lehigh valley. i think it's the most critical part of the state. >> in fact the trump camp released a statement. it reads in part, does pennsylvanians wants open borders and amnesty and same old politicians running the white house or elect a proven business leader to enforce our immigration laws and bring back jobs. kaine admits that pennsylvania is tough to win but re mains optimistic. >> i have run eight races and won eight races and i'm not going to lose this one. >> kaine by the way made stops in eerie and lancaster earlier this week and election day is now less than 10 weeks away. reporting live in hanover
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township, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> election day will be here before you know it. thank you. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. we turn now to adam joseph live at the big board. with what we are talking about. >> tropical depression number 9 became tropical storm hermine. you see it here with the thunderstorms slowly drifting around one another and the storm is not moving all that much. painfully slow and to the northeast well to the center of that storm getting heavy rain on the western edge of florida. there are tropical storm warnings in effect from panama city to apalachicola. and to tampa and the east sized florida, to jacksonville. there are tropical storm watches in effect. florida will be hit first as hermine curves to the north and east. and winds are sustained at 40 miles per hour, it's south southwest of tampa just moving
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and drifting to the north at 2 miles per hour. not expected to turn into a hurricane prior to landfall. right around thursday in the evening hours and then it heads into southern georgia, this is the track from the national hurricane center as it goes near hatteras. now the cone of uncertainty. it could move as far west as our coastline or further out to shore. as we look at the latest information, we are noticing that the track is beginning to shift a little more westward as opposed to going out to sea, it may mug the coast. it may ride the coast and bring us possibly heavy rain and wind at the shore as we go into the holiday weekend creating coastal flooding and beach erosion. we'll have more on this big change for the holiday weekend and a break in the heat wave coming up in accuweather.
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>> thank you. philadelphia's latest shiny new championship trophy made its way to the city. it rains confetti in the philadelphia courtyard as the philadelphia soul brought home the big win for a big celebration. >> your 2016 world champion, philadelphia soul! >> this is the soul's second arena football league win in 11 seasons, the team was honored today for bringing home the first sports title to the city in eight years, the first was the soul clinching the championship, and the very same year you'll remember the phillies won the world serieses. >> whenever you win a championship, it says a lot about the character of our football team. it means a lot to us, we brought this soul organization to philadelphia in 2004 we were
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committed to winning. philadelphia takes pride in its sports team and to have this championship and this opportunities to celebrate even if it's just for the arena football is fantastic. >> and hey maybe we could be looking at two back to back wins this year. maybe it's a harbinger of things to come. the soul beat the arizona rattlers last friday night and jim kenney declared this, today soul championship day in philadelphia. congratulations to the team we are all very proud. >> everyone loves a winner. >> hopefully more to come thank you. it's time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go to autumn marisa in for matt pellman. >> reporter: hi, we are starting on 95 an accidents to tell you about in the southbound lanes, this is just past the construction at cotman avenue, it's behind me there involving three vehicles and taking out the left hand lane to get it off
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the shoulder. the northbound delay is longer than the southbound delay. taking a look at the big picture and speeds in the region, schuylkill expressway eastbound lanes heading slow into the city from the blue route to the vine. taking about 45 minutes to do that commute. moving along and showing you the vine street expressway the eastbound lanes are not looking badly now but we were bumper to bumper because of a disedged tractor trailer in the eastbound lanes. that is cleared and that is moving better. we have an accident to report on 55 northbound, it's the off ramp to 553, keep that in mind. and in coatesville, route 10 between 41 and highland avenue, that road is closed and your alternate around that is gap newport pike. and doylestown we have downed poles at state street and burpy
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road. all other bridges looking great as well. >> okay autumn thank you. still ahead. a fire rips through a center city apartment building. >> and it's a back to school event that looks like the nfl draft. the school using a unique method to give the student an early leg up. cracking down on distracted driving, the state that double sd penalties for using your phone behind the wheel. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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fire damaged an apartment building in center city philadelphia. the fire started on south 13th street near lombard at 11:30, chopper 6 hd was overhead as firefighters leaned ladders against the building to get into the windows of the upper floors.
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fortunately nobody was hurt. we are still working to learn how the fire started and how badly the building was damaged. >> a tractor trailer rolled over on i-95 in delaware and that mess tied up traffic for hours. the action cam was in the southbound lanes at 14 is and the crash happened at 1:00 a.m. the men were able to get out okay. they are expected to be just fine. chopper 6 hd flew over the scene later and it tied up traffic. and the road was closed well into the afternoon before things got back to normal. >> well, it's hardly your run of the mill first day of school at cristo rey philadelphia. strobe lights and dance philadelphia and even a step and repeat. here they don't call it back to school, they call it signing
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day. cristo rey 's 480 students were on hand at north broad street as they we they we they were drafted by more than nine businesses. each one is called up one at a time with cheers from their teachers, this is part of the college prep experience for this school. there are class time, books and homework like any other high school but real world job experience. >> every student in this school goes to school four days a week and a job one day a week. and the job pays and the money they get paid comes back to the school to pay for the cost of their education. >> this school, the teachers and staff care about us. it's exciting to get out of classroom and get real life experience and see how it is in the corporate world. >> the students work at banks and hospitals and other local
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businesses that partner up with cristo rey . and they boast a 100% college acceptance rate for its students. what a way to kick off the school year there, and congratulations to the kids and employers for getting to work with them. like the nfl draft. >> like a party. u.s. private employers beat expectations and created 170,000 jobs in august, a good sign for the jobs report on friday. it comes from payroll processer adt and this does not count government jobs so it's not as comprehensive as the government labor report coming out later in the week. that is the last significant report the fed will see before deciding whether or not to raise interest rates. lets look at the numbers and the stocks today. the dow closing down over 53
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points and the s&p down 5 points today. there are several hurricanes and tropical systems threatening parts of the country. today we get a good look at them. nasa released these pictures from the international space station. the first is hurricane madeline approaching hawaii and behind that is hurricane lester that could also hit the island chain and then hurricane gaston off the east coast and responsible for rough waters and rip tides at the delaware and jersey beaches. it is time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> just mentioned the storms are having an impact on srl parts of the country adam joseph has the latest now. >> reporter: hermine could play a part in the upcoming weekend, a lot will unfold and happen and change, a front is to the north and west bringing rain to parts of lancaster county and berks county. no lightning strikes at the present time but heavy downpours
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now heading into lancaster, 222 and heading north on 222 east of lincoln and north of reading, there are wet roadway there's and a pop of a lightning, all of a sudden there west of lebanon. we'll watch this activity expand as the front pushes to the south and east overnight tonight. 90 in philadelphia, day six of heat wave number six. 86 in allentown and wilmington and low 80s at the shore. we have the easterly wind and larger swells that continue to bring the rip current risk to the moderate side. satellite and radar along interstate 80 that stretch of showers continues west of pittsburgh, this is the front that busts the heat and humidity and the heat wave and brings us much needed rain in the overnight hours. at 1:30 in the morning you see the downpours and rumble of thunder may wake you up briefly
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here in the early morning hours. that heads away at 8:00. a lot of clouds to start your thursday and as the front slowly drifts through, it's sun unsettled at times and not a washout. but at 4:00 you see the showers and thunderstorm to develop. as the boundary painfully sinks to the south. slowly. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan in the gulf of mexico. this is tropical storm hermine, it blossomed at 2:00 this afternoon. there is the center well to the south and west by 400 miles of tampa florida, even though it's that far away some of its rain is already affecting the west coast of florida with heavy downpours in tampa, clearwater and north to jacksonville and the panhandle. as we take a look at the different models with the spaghetti plots, they agree it hits near apalachicola late thursday night and then they race to the north and east.
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unlike yesterday most of these were way out to sea, now you start to see a westward trend here as it tries to hug the coast, this would be on sunday at 9:00 as it drifts by, future tracker 6 showing the tropical rains moving up the coastal plain here from albany to augusta, georgia and west virginia, this is a half inch of rain. your four day at 4:00 forecast. tomorrow a lot of clouds and showers and maybe a pop of sun or two at 84 but no dry out in time for the eagles game and friday the pick at 82 and clouds build on saturday at 77 and we could be dealing with tropical rains with the remnants of hermine. we have to really follow the track, some big changes just from yesterday on how the weekend could unfold with temperatures in the 70s, we'll chat more about that and on my facebook page.
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i posted a video of why it would be unfolding. >> adam thank you. still ahead at 4:00, use your cell phone while driving is getting more costly. and a historic day decades in the making as the first flights from the united states to cuba take off. and the power of kindness, why one mom was in tears snapping this picture, saying at least for one day she didn't have to worry about her son eating lunch alone. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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a highly anticipated press conference underway in mexico as the republican presidential nominee, donald trump is there from an invitation from the president of mexico. lets listen in. >> the people of mexico and the united states. number two having a secure border is a sovereign right and mutually beneficial.
4:26 pm
we recognize the right of other country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders to stop the illegal movement of people, drugs, and weapons. cooperation toward achieving this shared objective, and it will be shared of safety for all citizens is paramount to both the united states and to mexico. number three -- >> doubling down on the notion of building a wall at the u.s.-mexican border. just feet away from the president of mexico that condemned that idea repeatedly. we'll continue coverage throughout the evening here. talking and texting on your cell phone while driving in delaware got a whole lot more expense. the governor signed a bill that doubles the fines for distracted driving in that state. nearly 700 crashes are linked to
4:27 pm
cell phone use since 2012, money raised will support delaware's volunteer firefighters. we are getting our first look at the newest member of the philadelphia zoo. this little one was born friday. it is the latest edition to the western low land gorilla family. the newborn made its debut today and residing with its mother, honey. nursing and feeding time is going just as zoo keeper was like. the zoo doesn't know if the baby is a male or female just yet. once that is determined the zoo will hold a contest to name the baby gorilla. >> there you go. get a good little lunch there. >> after decades without them commercial flights to cuba are again a reality. here from those that made the trip. and parents know it's tough to keep up with the growing child's closet but a new app is here to help.
4:28 pm
toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ithere's a race going on right approve tnow.message. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us.
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and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again 4:30 now and details about a new jersey doctor under arrest for allegations that one of its patients is making against him. and philadelphia fathers call for peace in the city on the heels of another shoot that injured a child. the strong message to others straight ahead.
4:30 pm
>> later in big talkers the power of community. countless community members rally around a bucks county native giving him and his fiance the wedding of their dreams. but first, commercial flights from the united states to cuba are reality. it was 50 years since a u.s. airlines landed in the company. a packed jetblue flight from ft. lauderdale touched down today in santa clara. we are live with more on the traffic changes. >> reporter: well brian, before today technically you could travel to cuba but you had to fly on a chartered flight and pay hundreds of dollars and that is no longer the case for the first time since 1961. ♪ ♪ from a live band performing to the ceremonial ribbon cutting --
4:31 pm
and countless cameras flashing with the crowd cheering [ applause ] the atmosphere was euphoric and for some of these passengers making this trip wasn't all about being part of history. >> it's emotional just emotional. very emotional to be able to go back home, the home that i don't know. >> i'm coming back after eight years without seeing my family. >> eric diaz was the first to check in eager to visit his family now as a proud u.s. citizen. >> i feel like christopher columbus the group culminated with this a water cannon salute. the reporter was on board. >> we are told of the 150 passengers, 65 of them are regular travellers the others are members of the media and we are told that the entire crew is of cuban decent.
4:32 pm
making this touch down on cuban soil making it more important for cuban travellers. before this flight it was nearly impossible to stay behind under castro's regime. >> and soon philadelphia will offer direct flights to cuba, but before you go try to book that flight. we note that tourism to cuba is still illegal and limited to authorized categories including educational and humanitarian reasons. reporting from new york, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. from our new jersey newsroom. a toms river doctor is under arrest accused of inappropriately touching a patient. prosecutors are charging alfred parchman, that he touched her inappropriate at brick womens
4:33 pm
physicians. parchman is now out of jail awaiting a court appearance. a mom from buck county is told to stay behind bars until her homicide trial. kayla moore walked out of courtroom in fallsington. she is an accused of beating her toddler to death. athena wolf died after being repeatedly kicked in the head and torso. community leaders are pleading for peace after six children were shot in the last week. the latest is a 12-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet after she left a corner store in philadelphia. then men in the million fathers march went to peace all. >> it take a village to raise a child. fathers that don't feel adequate because of income step up and be a father. and people that are successful
4:34 pm
at being fathers to do a second tour of duty. >> the million father march is getting ready for their annual back to school walk where men walk their children to school. part of their commitment to supporting their child's education. here today we have crossed the 90 degree mark, that means -- >> rolling my eyes -- >> heat wave will not end. >> it will end though. tomorrow as the cold front comes through tonight and bringing us rain and finally a break from the heat and humidity as we end august, as we look live on sky 6 hd the center city skyline looking ominous and the clouds are rolling and there is that temperature of 90 degrees and heat index at 91, and southerly wind 10 miles per hour. a live look from ocean city, a couple of folks strolling along the boardwalk and decent amount on the sand and some kids back in school at this point. 81 degrees and the dew point is
4:35 pm
really high. 73 so that 81 feels like 87 degrees. all eyes now are in the gulf of mexico. that tropical storm hermine developing this afternoon. you see the circulation there in the central gulf. that southerly moisture from cuba heading into western parts of florida right now with some tropical rains hitting the coastline and it's a long haul for them because its not expected to make rainfall until friday morning for florida and then slowly drifts up the east coast. the question is now, exactly where is that track. a lot of the models are agreeing that our sunny weekend is now soaked. >> how things change. >> day to day. gloucester township police are expanding a program to help people suffering from addiction. they held a moment of silence for the overdose victims before
4:36 pm
they announced a new phase of project save. the first step was to put a counselor in the municipal courtroom to help those facing charges on drugs or alcohol. and now they make a counselor available sooner, right when someone is arrested and showing signs of addiction. we heard about the draw backs of smart phones and the toll that it takes on our body but what about the benefits. rick williams is live with more on this. >> that is right. the more popular smart phones have gotten the more apps developed for every day life and many of those programs help people get healthier. coming up on "action news" at 5:00 ali gorman breaks down the numbers in health check. and coming up the new program that is paying people thousands of dollars to become homeowners in delaware. those stories and more coming up on "action news" at 5:00.
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we'll see you later. >> thanks rick. wilmington small business community will get a boost to grow and flourish. jack markell was there to launch the first state community loan fun. to spur business on market street. it provides business owner access to capital as well as ongoing education. students at one local college will be able to peddle around campus. it's called zagster. the goal is to allow students and faculty and staff to quickly cycle across campus. school officials say that the bike riders ease traffic and congestion and help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and an annual membership is $30 that includes three hours of rental per day.
4:38 pm
and a baby rescued in the nick of time. >> i heard oh my god. >> i turned and saw a baby locked in the car. we needed help right away. those two strangers jumped in action and details about what happened next. and a teen's senior picture photo shoot turned out to be far from ordinary, we reveal why the pictures are going viral in big talkers. >> it's what you don't see in the picture and it is interesting. >> adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast.
4:40 pm
a tragedy was averted in north jersey thanks to two alert shoppers, a retired police officer and a teacher rescued a baby girl left inside of a hot car in howell township, monmouth county. they saw the child and rushed into action. she was in the car seat under a blanket with the windows rolled
4:41 pm
up. >> breathing quickly and hyp hyperventilating and clearly in distress. >> i had the sledge hammer in my car and i bounced on the window and hit it on the corner on the other side and it shattered the whole window. >> by the time the police got there the good samaritans had carried the baby into an air conditioned store after more than 40 minutes they say she is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and her husband took the baby who is said to be doing okay, back to lakewood. >> big talkers now they call it simply a fairytale come true. a terminally ill man with just weeks to live is getting his dying wish to marry the love of his life. a dream realized in nashville but 26-year-old chris ford and hi family are ridgely from here in warminster.
4:42 pm
he planned to marry the love of his life nicole in october. but more than a week ago they learned that christopher's cancer is terminal and may not make it to the wedding day. and they worked to make it happen for them. from photography to video to the food and venue and everything was donated. christopher's mom tells "action news" that the day was magical. surreal even, she says that they saw an outpouring of love because from their neighbors to strangers on social media, she says we all saw the love that these two kids as she calls them share and will share. and he will also continue to fight. with back to school time upon us, there is no better reminder of the power of kindness in a child's world. for one day a mother said she didn't have to worry about her autistic son eating by himself. >> this is wide receiver travis
4:43 pm
rudolph, having lunch with beau pa passski she saw the jest your and acts of kindness in her home and in the school and across social media. he was one of several players visiting the school in tallahassee. and he asked if he could join them. they had a great conversation and being kind is easy. words to live by. this is jillian an high school senior from eugene, oregon. these are her senior photos, they were taken by a professional photographer on the willamette river. and then a photo bomb, look carefully, there is other scenery, a nude man and his
4:44 pm
dude. they were cracking up laughing but some how got back to business with serious photos for the senior photo shoot. apparently seeing something of this nature is not unusual in eugene, oregon. in fact, this girl and the photographer say they are more surprised that it went viral. a new term photo nuding. you never know who will show up. >> in his birthday suit. >> check the background. >> always. >> it's time now for a check of the roadways. >> lets check in with autumn marisa. look behind you. >> hi sharrie and brian, the schuylkill expressway is slow going right now i was mentioned earlier that the vine street expressway had a disabled tractor trailer around 3:00, that has backed us up on the schuylkill, it's taking you 60 minutes to go from the blue
4:45 pm
route to the vine. once we have problems on the vine we can't catch up on the owner roadways. and this is slowing you down on the blue route because people are jumping off the schuylkill to the blue route. just a slow commute with lots of volume. here is the shot of the vine street expressway the eastbound lanes are cleared out and we are waiting for the schuylkill to clear out. a few incidents out there. this one an accident at route 55 northbound at the off ramp to 553, an overturned vehicle for quite sometime and in doylestown we have downed poles at state street, and the alternate is lower state road. back to you brian and sharrie. >> thank you autumn. adam joseph is standing by with the accuweather forecast. including the holiday weekend.
4:46 pm
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all right adam i know it's only wednesday, but the holiday weekend is coming up. >> big plans and you got made in the america in the city and shore communities want to get the last minutes people in to pack the place. but you know the weather may have a different story. to kind of dampen the weekend unfortunately. again, it's just a trend. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a front coming in from the north and west. and we can confirm that this heat wave will end with the front progressing through and sparking downpours and thunderstorms, around lancaster and pushing towards chester county and honey brook, split between 322 and route 10, and wolmersdorf. and a rumble of thunder and one lightning strike. but this is the beginning of what could be a wet night in spots. 90 in philadelphia. other areas are in the 80s and
4:49 pm
lancaster cooled to 75 with the rain passing through and the sea breeze at the shore keeping temperatures there in the lower 80s, for philadelphia we hit 90 again today and this is the last day of august. for the entire month of the 31 days, 17 days at 90 or above. prior to this month, this year, the old record of the greatest amount of 90 degree days in this one month was in 1995 at 17 so we tied that, running 10 day as above normal. normally seven days of 90 or above in august in philadelphia. satellite and radar, shows the front to the north and that pushes the heat and humidity away and we continue to track the front as it collapses throughout the region and sparking the downpours and thunderstorms and late tonight and early in the morning, this isn't one of the cases we wait until the peak heating of the day happening any time overnight and 80s in the morning, the
4:50 pm
first round could push off the coast and that will officially press through and clouds tomorrow morning and even in the afternoon still unstable at times tomorrow with the scattered downpours, showers and even a few thunderstorms. we head to the gulf of mexico now that is where tropical storm hermine is, you see the previous track here kind of meandering. moving north-northeast at 7 miles per hour and winds up to 45 miles per hour. as it heads to the north and to the east. and what is going to happen here is you look at tropical systems and any systems that progress through the at atmosphere, you have to look well up into the atmosphere, this is the upper levels that steer the systems almost the highway, so to speak. as it makes landfall, what is the energy with hermine. what typically happens, these troughs like a cold front, will kick things out to sea.
4:51 pm
however this trough could move away too early to push letter mine out to sea and that allows the energy to roll up the eastern seaboards. this is saturday at 10:00, nothing stopping or preventing the center of hermine to move up the eastern seaboard. in fact the spaghetti plots are now agreeing and shifting the track a little farther to the west, now the question is does it merge over the ocean or stay inland and we just get the wem remnants. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shower and late sun tomorrow and unsettled at times beautiful on friday. and clear up on saturday at 77 and the question again is do we see the remnants of the tropical rain and coastal flooding or erosion and monday some gradual
4:52 pm
clearing, the storm would drift through the region, tuesday and wednesday turning hot and humid upper 80s to near 90. terrible timing for this on a holiday weekend. we'll continue to track and follow it for you. >> still time to change. >> it changes yesterday so maybe it will change tomorrow. next on "action news," a growing community is helping parents buy and sell kids clothes white house leaving their home. especially coming in handy with back to school shopping in full swing. details ahead in what's the deal.
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all parents know that kids constantly grow out of shoes, coats and clothes and if you are trying to make room or want to grab new items for a steal.
4:55 pm
one may fair mom found an app that does both and great for the back to school refresh. >> a great way to get cash back for clothes we are not using anymore. >> it's fashion upcycling for the little ones. joy curry is a mom of three girls and she knows a thing or two about how fast they grow out of the old stuff and need the new. >> kids stuff is expensive. >> she discovered kidazen. it's for clothes you no longer use and shoes and toys and get great deals on new gems. >> you can get it for a fraction of what the retail cost is and i know i can go resell the brands to another mom. >> just upload the pictures of the items and the description
4:56 pm
including a picture and you ship and they take a cut of the sale. but this sort of mobile consignment for kids is the only way for her to shop and sell. it's super convenient doing it on our time and it saves us money and we get money back too. >> win win and with the cash they bring in they buy the girls some new clothes including school uniforms. we'll put a link to kidizen's on if you have a kid you know you have a lot of stuff and go through it quickly. >> we know what are you doing this afternoon alicia. for brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now here are rick williams and
4:57 pm
monica malpass with a look at what is next at 5:00. >> thank you, coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, the burglary suspect that philadelphia police want your help tracking down after he allegedly stole from several businesses across the city. and new calls from federal officials to keep finding the fight against the zika virus. >> the football championship finally for the city of philadelphia. the big honor today for the philadelphia soul. we'll have the stories and more coming up at 5:00.
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is the formation of tropical storm hermine and the impact that that system could have on our area in the coming days. lets get to adam joseph at the "action news" big board with the latest from accuweather. >> it's a major shift in the models overnight with many agreeing as to where or where not tropical storm hermine could go as it drifts to the north. at the present time you see the thunderstorms trying to wrap around and creating a center or
5:00 pm
eye so to speak. also bringing heavy rain, tropical rains to the panhandle. that is where we expect it to first make landfill and warnings in effect through panama city and apalachicola and grand key, and as it pushes over northern florida, there are tropical storm warnings on the east side of florida near jacksonville. as we look at the present statistics, 45 miles per hour sustain said winds moving north-northeast at 7 miles per hour. as we speed this up and look at the latest track, this is the very new updated track from the national hurricane center as of 5:00. should make landfall near apalachicola in the wee hours of friday morning as a tropical storm winds of 70 miles per hour. now you can see yesterday, this was way out to sea. it has made a major


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