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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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eye so to speak. also bringing heavy rain, tropical rains to the panhandle. that is where we expect it to first make landfill and warnings in effect through panama city and apalachicola and grand key, and as it pushes over northern florida, there are tropical storm warnings on the east side of florida near jacksonville. as we look at the present statistics, 45 miles per hour sustain said winds moving north-northeast at 7 miles per hour. as we speed this up and look at the latest track, this is the very new updated track from the national hurricane center as of 5:00. should make landfall near apalachicola in the wee hours of friday morning as a tropical storm winds of 70 miles per hour. now you can see yesterday, this was way out to sea. it has made a major shift to the
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west where it stayed inland over the carolinas and also parts of the virginias and then emerges off southern new jersey's coast south of atlantic city on sunday at 2:00 with winds of 50 miles per hour so as it stays inland, it would be a weak tropical storm and remnants of heavy rain and even the possibility of strong winds at the shore especially. today's key points, the track shifting westward, and looking now at the possibility of heavy rain and wind across the entire area with coastal flooding and beach erosion unfortunately for the labor day weekend. we'll chat about this system and a cold front coming through tonight that breaks our present heat wave. meantime a tropical system in the pacific ocean could make history in hawaii. right now hurricane madeline is less than 150 miles east of hilo, if this makes landfall, it
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would be the first hurricane to ever hit the island and florida is preparing for high winds and rain thanks to the newly developed tropical storm hermine. lauren lister continues our coverage from los angeles. >> reporter: yes, one hurricane with 80 miles per hour winds expected to brush the big island of hawaii tonight and then another hurricane behind that, if they broth struck it would be unprecedented. hawaii saying aloha to the threat of a major storm. this mcdonald's boarded up and other businesses getting prepared covering their windows two as not one but two hurricanes barrelling through the island chain, the big island under a hurricane warning. >> businesses are cooperating. and a lot are gone and being prepared. abc's neil is there. >> reporter: this is unusual behavior for the hawaiian
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islands, expecting surf up to 25 feet and torrential rain and mudslides. >> and facing extreme weather. >> we are in the heart of the hurricane season and boy are the tropics busy. >> rain pouring down in florida, some streets already flooded as the storm moves in there. parts of the state are under hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings, these for sarasota and red flag warnings at the beach in jacksonville and some residents forced out of their homes. >> the neighbor to the left evacuated. she has tiled floors and it got pretty bad. >> emergency personnel getting ready for the damage. >> we'll have downed power lines and a lot of wind, do not drive into standing water and do not touch a downed power line. >> and with tropical storm hermine due to make landfall thursday night much of the florida peninsula is expected to get 5 to 10 inches of rain with
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the threat of flash flooding through friday morning. >> lauren thank you for that report. back here the search for a serial burglar is underway in philadelphia. police say that this man stole money left in a donation box left in a north philadelphia church, more than a half dozen crimes he is wanted for tonight. chad pradelli is live in northeast philadelphia with all the details. >> reporter: rick, this break-in happened on august 21st, we are here off the busy knights road and got into the church in the back and his model is if at first you don't succeed try again. police say that this is the suspect that broke into our lady of calvary church on august 21st. his first attempt was the back door and broke a window and got inside where he stole money from two donations boxes, ripping one off the wall. >> i feel sorry for the man that
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did it. if he needs it that badly but more sorry for the people that lost out on the money put into the poor box. >> it's terrible that people would think so little of the church. >> investigators believe that the suspect may be responsible for a half dozen burglaries over the past two weeks of often using a rock to break windows and allegedly using a planting pot. these are surveillance images from other establishments. >> he has a bandage on his arm and leg, hope someone recognizes that. two different places and hope that someone does the right thing and calls in and gives us the tip. >> they estimate the haul in all roughly $1,000. in northeast philadelphia, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, chad. police are trying to find a driver that hit a motorcyclist and left him to die in the
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middle of the road. the hit and run happened at 11:30 on the 4800 block of felton avenue. surveillance video shows a figure moving to the front of the vehicle right there, where the damage is. the car was dumped and the license plate removed. they followed a trail of antifreeze from the scene. >> the officer followed it and did a good job following a fluid trail for five blocks to fine the vehicle. at this time we are talking to people in the area. >> police say they do have a person of interest and officials want to hear that person's side of the story before any conclusions are drawn. >> from our delaware newsroom, a new program could make it easier to become a homeowner in newcastle county. the revamped program will help people buy homes that are vacant and could get up to $5,000 for down payments and assistance in
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the form of loans. and they they hope can get rid of empty properties. and the nfl draft, the sources confirm that the annual event will be held in the city of brotherly love next year. the nfl and mayor jim kenney will hold a press conference tomorrow to make the official announcement. we'll stream that live tomorrow at philadelphia officials celebrated a milestone for the city today, a football championship, and it may not be the eagles, the philadelphia soul was honored today for bringing home the city's first sports title in nearly 10 years, gray hall has the story. >> the soul is the champions! >> excited fans flock to the city hall courtyard to celebrate the philadelphia soul. >> i love the soul and love philadelphia so it can't get much better. >> the team defeated the arizona rattlers to claim their second
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world championship in 11 seasons. >> following on twitter and following along and the clock tics down and i think they did it! >> i like the soul for a while, and you don't get much championships in philly. >> it's not just a victory for the soul and their fans, but for the city of philadelphia. mayor kenney declared today philadelphia soul championship day. >> you win a big game for a big city and big time fans. all the hard work pays off we are going to enjoy it. >> the successful season put philadelphia sports in the spotlight and many hope it will spread to the other teams. >> when the soul won in 2008 the phillies won the world serieses. >> we brought the soul organization to philadelphia in 2004 and we were committed to winning and we won 70% of our games since then and two world championships. >> the team will soak in the victory and after the celebration looking forward to
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the next season. >> very cool. congratulations. time now for a check of "action news" traffic report midweek. autumn marisa is in for matt pellman. >> we have troubles in doylestown, downed polls and wires at state street at burpee road. take state street and take a right here or avoid this lieuing lower state road. moving along at the big picture, speeds on the schuylkill expressway nice and slow on the eastbound lanes if you head down to the city, we have an earlier tractor trailer that was stuck on the vine street expressway and that is backing us up on the schuylkill eastbound all afternoon long. we'll show you what that is looking like now. we have police activity in those westbound lanes, you can see the vine street expressway completely shut down now in the westbound lanes. we'll keep an eye on that and let you know what is going on in the next half hour. >> thank you autumn. >> still ahead on "action news"
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at 5:00, donald trump takes his campaign south of the border what he had to say after the controversial meeting with the mexican president. >> and we heard about the draw backs of smart phones but a new study is highlighting the benefits and how your cell phone could make you healthier. i knew that.
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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maine governor paul lapage says he will not resign over the fewerer of an obscene voice mail. they claim he has addiction or mental health issues. lapage is underfire after leaving the message for lawmaker who allegedly called lapage a racist. and he says he won't talk to reporters anymore. singer chris bound is scheduled to be back in court later this month. after being arrested again. the grammy award winner is accused of assault with a deadly weapon. a woman claims he pointed a gun at her in his home. he was arrested after a standoff for several hours. he posted bail and was released from custody yesterday, tuesday.
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the cdc will run out of money to fight the zika virus in late september but mosquito season lasts typically through october. >> reporter: they are sounding the alarm. the cdc already borrowed money from other programs, using money for ebola and money used to research diseases like cancer and hiv. the head of the cdc says right now we are in peak mosquito season and if we see more cases we may not have the resources to limit the spread of the virus, including spreading teams to help control the mosquitos and testing for the virus and help track pregnant women that may have been exposed. without funding from congress the agency cannot help puerto rico where zika thousands of people and hundreds of babies are expected to be born with
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microcephaly, the severe birth desk caused by zika. and promising news today. researchers found three resisting drugs that could help protect pregnant women and their babies. the medications were shown to work in the lab but more studies are needed before testing in humans. still doctors say already having the drugs can help speed up the process. >> they have already been tested for the toxicity they present in people. and sometimes it allows you to bypass clinical trials and you'll have a lot more information about the side effects you may get giving the trucks to people. >> we'll continue to watch that. sometimes smart phones get a bad reputation, they lead to distracted people or people taking too many selfies but could also help improve your
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health. apps to help you exercise or eat better or even quit smoking. reservers looked at hundred studies that uses mobile technology and they found that obesity apps helped them lose weight and to be more active, quit smoking and limit alcohol use. a lot of it comes down to make you more accountable and more aware of your habits. if you track your steps you'll be more motivated to move more, if you count calories an app will make you think twice about what are you eating and if are you trying to quit smoking the online support could give you the extra help you need to kick the habit. >> kfc, i need a two piece -- >> you can't use it that way rick -- delaware county today highlights the newest soldiers on the war on heroin and opioid
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addiction, they are certified recovery specialists. narcan helps victims but they can then connect the survivors with treatment. they are asking doctors to refer the patients with experience in recovery cases. now campbells turning trash into treasure in the fight against hunger. and local high school students on their first day back to class. and "action news" is all about interaction with you. follow us on social media with the latest headlines and accuweather and breaking news to communicate with us. on facebook facebook. america depends on steadyrisis leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
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vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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the action cam is at the elementary school where 450 students started school today. anthony lucas started school today and good luck to him and everybody at benches.
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campbell is taking damaged peaches that would be thrown out and turning them into a delicious salsa for the hungry. it's given to the food bank of new jersey, for nine programs. 4,000 pounds of it will be handed out for free. a big celebration they call signing day. part of the college experience at the college prep school. each student gets drafted by area businesses and a prize to celebrate their new study assignment. giving them real world experience before they even get to college. >> every student in this school goes to school four days a week and goes to a job one day a week, and it's job pays and the money they get paid goes to the school to pay for for the cost of their education. among them are banks and hospitals. they say that 100% college acceptance and attendance rate
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for their graduates. >> that is wonderful. still to come on "action news" at 5:00, we'll check the accuweather forecast. >> sky 6 hd looking live at the center city skyline for your wednesday night. meteorologist, adam joseph, has the forecast for you.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board tonight. adam joseph is here with the forecast. >> big changes, we expect tropical storm hermine and the upcoming weekend and starting to see changes arriving with the heat wave going to end with a cold front coming in from the north and west. first we talk about this front arriving on stormtracker 6 live double scan because we have a batch of some downpours and even lightning strike or two in and around honey brook and 222 and chester county and moving east at 15 miles per hour. the heaviest rain will be approaching eagle around 5:54 and lionville at 5:58 and heading along the pennsylvania turnpike towards malvern and downingtown and exton area and dealing with showers up towards reading, no severe weather but much needed rain passes through and that rings out the heat and humidity. 89 in philadelphia and we hit 90 today in philadelphia, this was
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day six of heat wave number six for the year. 70s in lancaster county, because of the rain passing through and keeping the temperatures there in the lower 80s there is the front off to the north, the front is the separation from the heat and humidity to the south and more refreshing air to the north, that will end the week on a nice note here with high pressure coming in. but 11:00 tonight some downpours and thunderstorms drifting through the region, some could be on the heavy side and that pushes off the coast first thing tomorrow morning but we start with a lot of clouds on thursday, and the front doesn't officially progress all the way through in the the latter part of the afternoon and into the afternoon on thursday, we are dealing with scattered downpours and thunderstorms, it's not a washout tomorrow, but far from being bright from start to finish. and also some of those hit or miss storms throughout the day. now we talk about tropical storm hermine, wins sustained at 45 miles per hour. we look at it at stormtracker 6 live double scan with the
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satellite imagery. it's rain is already being to push on to the west coast of florida, with tropical downpours, tampa to the panhandle and that is the area that will get hit first with hermine early on friday morning at 2:00 a.m. you see the models in good agreement where it makes landfall. and then it pushes up the eastern seaboard, the consensus pushed the model to the west shifting close toward our region as we get into the day on sunday and as we follow the heavy rain we are looking at a half foot of rain in many locations in the southeast and it's aiming straight up the eastern seaboard. and something we have to follow for the upcoming holiday weekend. your five-day at 5:00 forecast, 80 for tomorrow and showers from time to time. not a washout but far from bright and nice low humidity and perfect friday and 82, we start with sun saturday morning and clouds build ahead of hermine, 77 degrees, the question really
5:28 pm
is how much rain, how much wind, where is the track? and is it remnants, something for sunday into monday for labor day. that could pose a wet weekend ahead. we'll talk about the system coming up. >> are you asking us? >> i'll vote for no. not much wind or rain. >> none of us want it. >> thank you. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime,
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and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again. donald trump visits mexico ahead of its immigration speech. while hillary clinton slams his attempt at building diplomaly on short notice. and a call to action for fathers across our region. to stand up for the safety of their children. tonight is perhaps one of the biggest nights for donald trump since he accepted the republican nomination for president, will he lay out his plans for revamping immigration in the u.s. a cornerstone of his campaign.
5:31 pm
and hillary clinton touted her foreign policy to voters today and that the u.s. has the moral obligation to advance democracy. the last minute trip to mexico city for donald trump drew skepticism from both sides. he said he would use a deportation force sending 7 million people living illegally back to mexico. hillary clinton blasted his trip to mexico today. saying that national security is more than a photo-op and takes consistency and reliability and trump's willingness to walk away from alliances between the u.s. and other countrys not only wrong but dangerous. lana zach is live. >> reporter: hey there rick and monica. it's a whirlwind 24 hours on the campaign trail.
5:32 pm
who would have thought yesterday at this time donald trump would accept that invitation from the president to come to mexico and meet with him and right now he is headed back across the southern border where undecided voters wait to see how he will deal with our southern neighbors. >> donald trump and mexican president, have not seen eye to eye on border issues. >> we discussed the wall but do not discuss the payment of the wall. >> so the meeting with less than 24 hours notice was surprising to say the least. >> unwelcome according to mexico as former president. seen here on cnn. >> hope that u.s. public opinion and u.s. citizens can see that and finally see what is behind trump, this false prophet.
5:33 pm
>> fox said i invited you to come and apologize to all mexicans. stop lying. and trump will give an immigration speech in arizona. >> and hillary clinton criticized trump's visit to mexico as a publicity stunt, it takes more than trying to make for up a year of insults and insinuations by towarding in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. >> clinton has her own share of issues, 30 new emails are expected to be released soon and clinton's unfavorability numbers rising at 59% practically tied with trump. and clinton was also invited out to mexico to meet with their president, however her campaign says she will be delighted to attend at quote, the appropriate time. reporting live lana zach,
5:34 pm
channel 6 "action news." back to you rick and monica. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine, spend the day in the lehigh valley. and then held a rally at the halfover township commune center. kaine hammered away at donald trump for his so-called lack of transparency. >> walter perez was with the nominee today and will have more on today's visit coming up on "action news" at 6:00. republican vice president nominee mike pence is pushing trump's position with votesers in sarasota, florida today. he says his decision to visit mexico shows he is ready to be a leader unlike hillary clinton who has yet to respond for her own visit. >> you can get breaking news alerts from the campaign trail and live results on election night. the 6 abc news app is a free download for your mobile device.
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a commercial flight from the united states, has landed in cuba, today's flight in ft. lauderdale, starts the new era of regular air travel between the two nations, cheered broke out as the plane touched down. >> it was emotional. very emotional to be able to go back home, the home i don't know. >> i'm coming back after eight years. without seeing my family. >> atlantic, charlotte, ft. lauderdale, houston, l.a., newark, new york city and tampa will all offer flights to cuba in the next 90 days. david muir will have much more for the first commercial flights to cuba and more from the campaign trail. watch it at 6:30 after "action news" at 6:00. in other news, a bucks county mother accused of killing
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her trial will stay in prison. only "action news" was there as she walked out of a hearing. 2-year-old athena wolf died from being repeatedly kicked in the head and chest area. police say that moore confessed to the horrible crime. and police are looking for a man that opened fire in west philadelphia and then stole his car. authorities say that two men ambushed their victim at 49th and lancaster but none of the shots actually hit him. they took his keys and stole his car. investigators found the car but still looking for the men responsible. from our delaware newsroom, a motorcycle rider crashed into the side of an ambulance, this is elkton road and thorn lane? >> the rider was wurushed to th hospital with injuries. authorities say that the
5:37 pm
motorcyclist may have been under the influence of alcohol and charges are penning tonight. thieves picked the wrong place to target his victim and he is behind bars. gregory walker robbed a man near the probation department window, on the first floor. mercy county civil courthouse yesterday. walker followed the man inside and repeatedly reached for the man's front pocket and walker allegedly hit him. police caught up with walker a short time later. a host of community leaders ask fathers across the city of philadelphia for a few minutes of their time. they want them to join the million fathers march and walk to classes with their children on the first day of school this year. jones says it's a chance for men, particularly african-american men to show commitment to education and their children. >> you can walk your child to school and better than taking them to disney world or dropping
5:38 pm
a check on the dining room table. it shows you care particularly the first day of school. >> with the shootings involving children, community leaders say they need to take back the street. and commuters that use the delaware memorial bridge were dealt way big delay today. chopper 6 hd was overhead as crews replaced suspender cables on the span. they had to close the left two lanes for six hours until 3:00 this afternoon. traffic is slowly but surely getting back to normal in the area. >> good news there. speaking of traffic lets check the traffic scene now. >> lets go to autumn marisa in the traffic center. >> reporter: hi rick and monica, we were at the vine street expressway all lanes were closed because of an accident and now the lanes are open and the accident is off to the right hand land. lets take a look at one of our other big delays, it's schuylkill expressway at the blue route at the schuylkill,
5:39 pm
the eastbound delays, we your up to 60 minutes, and delay has dwindled. and this accident at route 70, and we have an oil spill in bensalem. street ramp to northbound route 1 and an accident at 55 northbound out there all afternoon long. back to you rick and monica. >> thank you. well, two people in north jersey noticed something strange and did not wait to act on it. still to come on "action news" tonight, what they did to save a baby's life. >> after days of so much tragedy, a sign of hope literally stumbles out of the rubble in italy. and 91 today and shy of the record of 101, but a big change if the temperatures and a change for the holiday weekend.
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>> plus ducis rogers has eagles and temple and phillies and more in sports. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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in north jersey, two
5:43 pm
shoppers were in the right place at the right time to save a baby's life. a retired police officer and teacher spot aid baby girl locked in a parked car in howell township, monmouth county. they saw the child's condition and rushed into action. she was in her car seat under a blanket with the windows rolled up. >> quickly hyperventilating and clearly in distress. >> i remembered i had the sledge hammer in my car and i hit the window and then had to hit it in the corner and i did and it shattered the whole window. >> by the time the police arrived. the good samaritans carried the baby into the air conditions store and then the mother came out side after 40 minutes. she is charged with den dangering the life of the child. "action news" was outside of the twisted soul restaurant for the launch of the market street
5:44 pm
corridor restoration found, they are getting help from the fund to open a jazz club on the property. the project is aimed to spur the growth on market street. time for sports and ducis is here and eagles getting ready for the final preseason game against the jets. >> finally the make believe season is over and the real season in here. the final preseason game may be a waste of time for some and final audition for others and they get their chance tomorrow night against the jets. most starters get the night off. and that leaves the second, third and fourth stringers with plenty of playing time. doug peterson has a message for those guys. >> this is a great challenge for all the players in this football game to get one last chance at substantial amount of reps and put themselves on reps. it's not just our team watching it's the rest of the national
5:45 pm
football league also watching and i want them to go out there and play care free and play fast and have fun doing it. >> how about this? next year's nfl draft is held in philadelphia. the league and city make the formal announcement at a news conference tomorrow at city hall. you know summer is over if we are talking about college football, temple is gearing up for the opener at the linc and the owls will host army and pleased to be opening at home. >> please to be playing in front of our home crowd and great to stay in town and see us play. playing against a scary opponent in army, a well coached team and successful as a coordinator and head coach. we had a chance to recruit against him. >> we are pleased to announce our commitment to covering the owls. head coach matt rule will join
5:46 pm
us to recap the week and talk about the upcoming match-ups the first show is this saturday. phillies eight in a row, eight is enough. the phillies host the nationals tonight and have lost the last eight meetings between the two teams. the phillies managed just three hits and only scratched out four hits the night before. struck out 12 times last night. you can't score if you can't hit the baseball. >> i mentioned it before, we need to improve our plate discipline. and we are just not getting hits, we had chances to win the game and scherzer was tough. have you to score runs to win games and we are not scoring. the flyers are getting a new look, more gold, sweaters to commemorate the anniversary, claude giroux served as the runway model. rick was not available. >> it looks great, i didn't know
5:47 pm
what to expect, and the tradition just keeps growing and to be able to be part of the 50th year is pretty special. you win a championship you get to party all you like. the soul did their partying this afternoon. the city threw the champions a sell brings at city hall. it's the second title in franchise history. ron jaworsky hopes the championship starts a trend here. >> when you win people get excited. we see good things with the sixers and the flyers and the union. we are excited about bringing a positive add toot to philadelphia and the fans. >> hopefully the soul set the bar and the others can reach it. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now, get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online, cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. getting to and from classes got easier at west chester university. a program called zachster started today allowing people to quickly peddle across campus and ease parking and traffic congestion and could help ease greenhouse gas emissions. it includes a three hour bike
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rental every day. >> i will ride my bike from home to the end of the driveway, to the mailbox and back. >> he may mount it up somewhere and just look. >> piece of art. lets check the weather. tricky coming up. >> kind of. it's the timing over the weekend it looks a little pessimistic, compared to yesterday. as we take a look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are tracking a front to the north and west bringing downpours and a few thunderstorms in lancaster county and parts of chester and berks county. the leading edge of a front that will eventually kind of rid the area of heat and humidity, you can see the thunderstorms flaring up near christiana and coreysville and east of lancaster. nothing severe and briefly heavy rain, and west of coatesville and light you are showers near chester county and route 100 and stretching on the edge of malvern. we look at the number of 90
5:52 pm
degree days, we hit it again today. we had 17 days of 90 or greater in the city of philadelphia this august. prior to this august the number one most 90 degree days in this month was back in 1995 of 17. so we have match that and tied the record number of 90 degree days in a month and that is ten day as above the average. the 30-year average which typically only sees seven days in the month of august. 82 in beach haven and 80 in cape may, winded from the southeast. and lancaster county because of the downpours in the upper 80s and slightly humid in philadelphia to trenton. this front is going to bring good news our way as we get into friday especially with the sunshine and dropping humidity, but the front is very slow to push through here. so we'll still have the downpours and thunderstorms erupting at any time overnight
5:53 pm
tonight, it's not going to rain all night long but maybe a rumble or two in the wee hours of the morning, that pushes off the coast and the clouds lag at 7:30, and even in the afternoon tomorrow as the atmosphere remains unstable. there will be scattered downpours and thunderstorms at times during the day on thursday. but it is far from a washout. the other system we are tracking is tropical storm hermine, winds sustained 45 miles per hour, this is the center moving north-northeast at 7 and west-southwest of tampa, florida. and east of there they are dealing with heavy rain on the west coast of florida. and as we track the system. you have to look at the upper part of the atmosphere that the river of air that steers systems. here is the energy as it makes landfall on friday, at that same time we have a trough, almost acts like a cold front to the north arriving, if this front
5:54 pm
was to slow down it would kick hermine out but may move to fast and move out to sea before hermine arrives, but that means hermine comes up the eastern seaboard and hugs the coast. we are watch that into the weekend saturday night going into sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 84 degrees and some showers at times tomorrow and maybe late peeks of sun and beautiful on friday, nice and sunny and low humidity and 82. we start with sun on saturday and clouds could quickly increase from the south depending on the track of 77 with heavy tore hen shall tropical rains and possible saturday night into the day on sunday and it could even linger into labor day morning as well. depending on how slow hermine moves, because once she coming up the coast there is nothing to push her away and then tuesday and wednesday, sunny and warm and humid and temperatures upper 80s to around 92.
5:55 pm
it heats up again past the tropical storm. >> thanks adam. a miracle for a kitten trapped in the rubble in italy five days ago, this kitty was rescued by crews coming through the city with bulldozers. her owner urged crews if that area to keep eyes outs for the furry cat named joy in case it showed up. the cat was all the woman had left.
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. right now the "action news" team is standing we with these stories next at 6:00. philadelphia police are searcher for the hit and run driver that left a motorcyclist for dead. and tim kaine comes to the lehigh valley and live in bethlehem with more on what he
5:58 pm
had to say today. also, ahead -- >> in jersey we are all about great tomatoes. we are trying to bring back a winner from the 1930s. i'll have a this story coming up. >> now i'm hungry, for meteorologist, adam joseph, monica malpass, and the entire "action news" team "action news" at 6:00 is next.
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the big story on "action news" is the threat of severe weather over the weekend. we now have tropical storm hermine and that could bring rain and flooding. lets get to adam joseph for the latest on the track of the storm. >> reporter: the track shifts overnight with the latest model indications so again it's not a definite for the upcoming weekend but something that is looking is more pessimistic pushing forward. as we look at tropical storm hermine, the center here is over the central and southern gulf of mexico. about 300 or so miles south-southwest of tampa, florida. the thunderstorms are blossoming and wrapping itself around and creating a center of the storm. winds sustained at 45 miles per ho


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