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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, hermine makes landfall in nord of crazy out. kind of scary. we're just sitting inside the house hoping a tree doesn't fall on us. >> the storm has a long way to go with millions in its path. we have coverage from across the storm zone straight ahead. "your voice, your vote," critical voices being heard by both donald trump and hillary clinton this morning. trump losing the support of one of his closest hispanic allies while the clinton campaign braces for the release of detailed documents from her time as secretary of state. spacex rocket explodes on the launchpad. we have the latest on the blast and its potentially worldwide impact. back to school time with some dangerous encounters for
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students, a reminder to drivers and students as kids head back to school. a good friday morning. hurricane hermine hits the florida panhandle and it made landfall before 2 a.m. near st. mark's florida. >> so far three states have declared a state of emergency, florida, georgia and north carolina. there are widespread power outages this morning affecting tens of thousands of homes. many schools in southern states are closed today. >> the live radar shows it bringing strong rain and wind to a large area from tampa bay all the way up into north carolina and bringing a large storm surge. there is extensive flooding in northern florida and forecasters warn flash flooding could threaten lives. the bankrupt was felt further east than expected close to the state capital of tallahassee. >> we have team coverage this morning starting there in the panhandle.
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abc's marci gonzalez is in mexico beach florida, good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning. well, some parts including where i am are getting spared while other communities not far from here are getting hit hard by hermine. north of where the category 1 hurricane made landfall in tallahassee, strong winds and heavy rain bringing down trees. in towns north of tampa reports of water rescues and potentially record breaking storm surge. a state of emergency already in effect for much of florida with some forced to evacuate. floridians spent much of yesterday getting ready sand bagging, boarding up windows and waiting for sunlight to see the extent of the damage as it makes its way into georgia and the carolinas. devin and diane. >> thank you. many are without power in tallahassee. strong winds also keeping those utility crews from being able to restore service overnight. >> it could be days before everyone has power again. robert mclaw spoke to abc news from his home in tallahassee.
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>> i don't think many people anticipated it was going to pick up strength as much as it did before it hit land but it really slowed down and was really kind of packing a punch and lightning flashes but mostly hear stuff flying around and there were a couple of crashes earlier, so sunrise is going to be pretty interesting. this is my first hurricane so it's kind of crazy out. it it's kind of scary sitting inside the home hoping a tree doesn't fall on us. >> not just florida but hermine is bringing bad weather to several other states, as well. >> accuweather's justin povick is tracking the storm's path. good morning, justin. >> reporter: diane, devin, thanks and good morning to you. we still have a hurricane. it's beginning to slowly weaken but hermine continues to churn off to the north and northeast at 14 miles per hour spreading damaging winds, flooding rains and severe weather. yes, there will be the potential for additional tornadoes.
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tropical storm warnings to nags head expecting gusty and damaging winds in the next 24 to 36 hours. tropical storm watches all the way northbound to the jersey shore where we're going to have the winds piling in from the atlantic creating beach erosion, coastal flooding and we're also looking at damaging wind gusts right into sunday evening. devin, diane, back to you. >> thanks. hurricane hermine is expected to put a dam per on holiday weekend events up the eastern seaboard up to new jersey. many beaches are seeing heavy surf and dangerous rip currents and worries about beach erosion. >> it couldn't come at a worst time. maim hurrah and major travel weekend and expected to have a cascade of problems all across the country and linzie janis has more. >> reporter: nearly 16 million americans are hoping to fly this weekend. the air lines are warning people to expect major delays and cancellations. if you want to change your
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flights because of the hurricane, all the main carriers will allow you to do that for free. some are even letting you cancel for a full refund. all of the airports in central and northern florida will likely be affected. there's already been a ground stop in charlotte. here in charleston there are delays that will likely move up the east coast to major airports if hermine maintains its northern track this weekend. linzie janis, abc news, at charleston international airport. >> our thanks to linzie. stay with abc news for continuing coverage of hurricane hermine. all the latest coming up on "good morning america" including chief meteorologist ginger zee reporting from the storm zone. we turn now to the race for the white house as donald trump prepares for his second classified intelligence briefing amid some new fallout over his immigration speech. >> this as bernie sanders gets ready to campaign for the first time for hillary clinton and the final sprint to election day now gets under way. abc's adrienne bankert is here now with the latest developments, good morning,
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adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you, devin and diane. new this morning the president of mexico mentioning donald trump in his state of the nation address following the republican candidate's visit there repeating that mexico will not pay for that now infamous wall. trump still facing fallout after expectations of a softer approach on deportation after his wednesday immigration speech in arizona. he hammered hard on deportation again. losing the support of some of his key hispanic advisers jacob monty who says he used them as, quote, props. the campaign saying trump's message has been consistent specifically addressing criminals in the u.s. illegally. following questions about whether certain wealthy donors to the clinton foundation received preferential treatment the state department will release the remaining 2700 pages of hillary clinton's detailed daily schedules while in office by october 17th. but that's just a couple of weeks before election day. clinton's spokesperson brian fallon says the public should see the full picture plus on
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labor day and for the first time clinton will begin traveling with the press corps. up until now she's been choosing to fly separately. bernie sanders hits the campaign trail next week to stump for clinton and other democratic candidates. he says that he will push her economic plan, one he says will work for everyone not just those at the top. clinton took in $143 million as a side note in the month of august. her most lucrative month of fund-raising yet, diane, devin. >> adrienne bankert in new york this morning. adrienne, thank you. a powerful earthquake rocked new zealand's north island today. the 7.1 quake triggered a tsunami warning canceled after several hours. some reported items shaking from chefs and several large aftershocks but no major damage or injuries. a 5.1 quake hit the same area thursday. president obama is back in hawaii after a trip to the midway atoll in the middle of the pacific. >> that tiny island was the
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scene of a critical u.s. victory in world war ii so the president paid respects at the memorial there and announced a major expansion of the refuge making it now the largest in the world. >> all right, nice pictures there. still ahead, a shocking fiery scene on a launchpad in florida. plus, some confirmation about just what a violent month they've had in chicago. we're hearing exclusively from dwyane wade who's been personally impacted by the vice. a close eye on hermine as it spins across florida dumping inches of rain and threatening most of the east coast after florida. stay with us.
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this was the stunning scene as a spacex rocket exploded right on its cape canaveral launchpad testing the rocket for a saturday launch being filled with fuel when something went wrong, the $200 million satellite that facebook was going to use to deliver internet service to africa was also destroyed and david kerley spoke with mark kelly, ace member of spacex's crew safety advisory board about the dent's impact. >> so this isn't a death knell but a setback in it is just a setback. we can figure out in this case what happened to make sure it doesn't happen again and i'm certain that's what's going to happen in this case. >> they are postponing future launches until they determine what the cause of this malfunction was and could delay a delivery to the space station in november. chicago recorded its bloodiest month in 20 years. a staggering 90 murders and 384
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shootings, one of those killed, of course, nykea aldridge, the cousin of dwyane wade and donald trump made what some considered insensitive comments and george stephanopoulos spoke exclusively to wade about his cousin's death. >> i'm grateful it started a conversation but on the other hand, it just left a bad paste in my mouth because of what my family is dealing with and what the city of chicago is using with. >> george will have much more from that interview with dwyane wade later this morning on "gma." the highly praised dallas police chief announced his retirement. chief david brown widely recognized for how he handled the aftermath of the attack that killed five officers in july. brown gave no reason for stepping down now but he's promised to reveal more information next week. and when we come back, 49ers
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quarterback colin kaepernick taking a knee keeping up his protest during the national anthem. a reminder to remind your kids about safety now that it's back to school time and the reminder for driver, as well. stick around. ♪
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introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience... complete protection from frequent heartburn. nexium 24hr. the easy-to-swallow tablet is here. breaking right now nearly half of the population of florida's capital tallahassee may be without power this morning after hurricane hermine made landfall just 20 miles away. some offs are also concerned standing floodwater could help spread the zika virus in tallahassee. the storm isn't just affecting northern florida, there are tornado warnings this morning in georgia and parts of south carolina. many schools are closed in those states this morning, as well. and in san francisco, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick kept his word once again refusing to stand for the national anthem. >> but this time he wasn't alone in his protest. abc's lauren lyster has details from last night's game.
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>> reporter: san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick sitting out the national anthem to take a stand kneeling down and joined by teammate eric reid. this time, it was ahead of the 49ers game against the san diego chargers on military night reportedly a coincidence. >> he is entitled to his opinion. we fought for that. i just think he's a jerk. >> what he's expressed is his freedom to do what he wants. >> reporter: his perceived slight is what angered certain fan, some so upset they burped his jersey. but earlier this week, the #veteransforkaepernick going viral and he made a point to stand up and applaud during a rendition of "god bless the usa" when military were asked to stand. the public debate and outrage coming after the players' protest of the anthem last week before a game against the green bay packers. kaepernick protesting he says police brutality against african-americans. >> cops are getting paid leave
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for killing people. >> reporter: even ahead of the san diego game, the quarterback igniting a new controversy by wearing these socks at practice, depicting police officers as pigs. kaepernick on social media saying he's warned them before as a statement against, quote, rogue cops who in his view put the community in danger by creating an environment of tension and mistrust. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. >> georgetown university is taking several steps to apologize for owning and selling slaves. it plans to offer preferential admission status to some and creates an institute on slavery and establish a public memorial. at least a dozen universities have formally recognized their ties to slavery. historians say georgetown is the first to offer preferential admission status. florida officials have announced the first discovery of zika carrying mosquitoes in the
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u.s. they found them in miami beach. there have now been 45 cases of so-called home grown zika in florida. nearly all found in miami-dade. new disturbing images from texas where school bus cameras captured shocking incidents of cars hitting young students. the children were not seriously hurt. take a look. it's the first case, a boy is seen being hit in the crosswalk by a pickup truck and the second image a teenage driver clearly ignoring that stop arm and cameras have caught about a thousand drivers in the first week of school so far. they released the video to get drivers to stay alert when proosing by school buses. a couple of sports notes starting with a close call on the first busy night of college football. number 9, tennessee, hosting appalachian state. >> tied at 13. tennessee on third and goal and scrambling for the end zone when he fumbles and teammate comes up with that so it's a touchdown.
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>> appalachian state had a last chance but the pass is broken up in the end zone. the vols win it 20-13 avoiding the fate michigan suffered. a big open for serena williams after winning her match she pulled even with martina navratilova for the most wins at a major tournament. nextst she's going for her 23rd career grand slam that would give her sole ownership of the most major titles in the open era. up next in "the pulse" a first for president obama traveling like never before. and who needs a driver when you're rolling through the fields? surely not this tractor. hi, i'm dominique wilkins. when you have type 2 diabetes, like me, there's a moment of truth. and with victoza®, a better moment of proof.
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♪ all right, time to check "the pulse" starting with president obama traveling like we've never seen him do it before. >> you covered the white house. you might be used to these scenes but this is a full presentation motorcade with the president riding in the super protected limo nicknamed the beast. >> not the big beast. things were more relaxed when the president visited the midway atoll and secret service take a look at this riding in go-carts. the go-kart motorcade for the president. very relaxed. sort of like donald trump did when he visited his scottish golf course. >> a little smaller. >> and the president, of course, an avid golfer comfortable with that course wondered if he took the wheel there but there he is checking out a very rare presidential visit to that pacific island. >> looks beautiful. >> all right. well, most of you may think that the iphone or even the ipod are
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the thing to listen to music on but the sony walkman, the company says, is the way to go. i remember my first. >> so back in the day at a.m./m.f. radio slash tape player became one of the most successful electronic products ever until technology rendered it's little obsolete. >> now it's back and now plated in real gold, sony says it isn't just a gimmick but helps improve the sound, problem, it'll cost you about 3200 bucks. >> is that all? >> just a little bit. more high-tech stuff for you. check out this vehicle. kind of looks like something from "the terminator" or "mad max" in where is the driver? >> it's a driverless farm tractor unveiled at a big farm equipment show in iowa. >> calling it the magnum and uses a gps system and software used to plot its most efficient path across the field so it can harvest more corn or grain or whatever. it can be monitored and
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controlled from a computer or tablet for anywhere in the world. >> that seems kind of fun. >> coming soon to a field near you. finally, a lovable little fluff ball is learning to take his first steps trying to come up with a name. for this guy. what do you think? ♪ he's a baby in belgium. >> he's still working on that in maybe the jelly bean. >> i like jelly bean. zookeeper have been calling him baby p. for now. more news after this.
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4:27 a.m., friday morning we're tracking hurricane hermine, the category one hurricane made landfall in florida overnight. we're live at the jersey shore where the storm is putting a damper on the unofficial end of the summer season. breaking this morning, philadelphia police are looking for a driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run for the second time this week. the eagles won, they are 4-0 in the preseason. plus, karen rogers has a look at traffic all next on "action news." and finally we're on her way to labor day weekend but as usual here on fridays plenty to laugh about. >> this is the best part of the
4:28 am
week, the friday funnies from the presidential race to the mtv vmas. here they are. >> donald trump made a surprise trip to mexico for a meeting with the country's president enrique pena nieto. or as trump put it nice to meet you, eric pinata. >> this is what donald trump sounds like when he's in mexico. >> mr. president, i want to thank you. it's been a tremendous honor and i call you a friend. >> and this is what he sounds like back home. >> they are not our friend, believe me. >> we at the late show have obtained exclusive footage of their summit. this is is sad news. miss abedin says she and her husband will separate. yeah, that's right. she's finally cut off the weiner. in the statement she says during this difficult time i ask for respect for our privacy, something she's been begging her husband for years now. >> like the michael phelps of
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sexting. he keeps saying he'll retire every four years, he's back. ♪ ♪ crazy, crazy, crazy >> powerful. i mean, that performance went on for 15 minutes and 37 men died. >> last night featured many [ bleep ] from beyonce to rihanna to nicki minaj to kanye west. ♪ >> i feel it. ♪ i feel it >> sorry. do you mind? it's all a public gym. we all have to -- we also work out at the same -- wow. okay. >> a lot of good stuff this week. politics, so much fodder. >> always and many more to come >> good morning, everyone, it
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is 4:30 a.m., friday, september 2. tam is off, gray hall joins us. >> here's a look at whether a we're following this morning, hurricane hermine made landfall in florida, back here the home it could dampen your holiday plans. a driver struck a bicyclist and drove off. >> faculty and staff at rowan university are told do not drink the water. david murphy and karen rogers join us, karen you're


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