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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  September 2, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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are happening where hermine has hit. we are tracking the path to see how much it will impact our area over the holiday weekend. a man riding his bike in northeast philadelphia and the driver of the car that hit him did not stop. and a summer camp for kids that can't hear allows them to have fun with no communication problems with no stigma and no fear. and now the details. we continue to track tropical storm hermine, a tropical storm watch is in effect for the jersey coast and the surf is expects to be rough this weekend and heavy rains could fall along the shore, hermine made lan fall in florida, the big bend area as a hurricane. the first hurricane to hit florida in 11 years, governor rick scott says a homeless man died when a tree fell on him. no other deaths or major
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injuries are reported. and we have team coverage of hermine coverage for you this afternoon. trish hartman is live in ocean city and lana zach is live in charleston, south carolina. but first we start with melissa magee with the update on the track and the latest from the national hurricane center. >> reporter: hurricane hermine made landfall early this morning at 1:30 in the morning near the big bend area east of saint mark's, florida. the first hurricane to make landfall since 2005 and here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d, the storm has weakened as it moved on shore now just a tropical storm, all the moisture is coming in off the atlantic and pressing into the carolinas and georgia as well. this continues to move on shift to the northeast as we go through the rest of the day. we have watching and warnings
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upp down the eastern shore ahead of the system. we have tropical storm warnings from savannah, georgia up to the carolinas even extending into norfolk, virginia and ocean city, maryland. and a tropical storm watch from our area from surf city to atlantic city to rebone only beach. this is moving northeast at 18 miles per hour. and the storm system is riding over the carolinas later today and eventually pushing off the mid-atlantic coast and stalling into the weekend, the update from the national hurricane center is that the storm essentially strengthens from winds of 75 miles per hour to category 1 hurricane strength and even though the storm is offshore all the moisture pushes off inland and this could be a big concern with heavy wind across the region. winds are a concern and gusts of
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up to 60 miles per hour and beach erosion and the potential of heavy rain. this depends on the track, if it shifts further to the east or west. >> thank you melissa. lets switch now to lana zach live in charleston, south carolina. florida was hit hard by hermine and the strongest part of that storm is heading to your area next. >> reporter: that is exactly right. at this moment hermine is just a little over 100 miles away from hitting us here in charleston, we see the boats behind me and the hatched have been batoned and we have the potential for tornadoes. >> millions of americans are bracing for impact as hurricane hermine roars inland. earlier hermine made landfall in
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florida the first in more than a decade. it ripped through houses along the panhandle. and while some have rivers in their roadways, for others it's a disaster. entire towns are under water. hermine now continues the path of fury up the eastern coast. thousands of georgians are already without power, here in the carolinas they are readying for impact. >> we have swift water team ecinitions and 27 boats on alert if needed. >> this is delaying labor day plans for millions from florida all the way to new jersey. and alicia we'll wait to watch the water behind us, the storm surge is the biggest threat here with floods likely probably bringing the waters all the way up here to where we stand in the hotel. back to you alicia. >> thank you.
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now to a live look at sky 6 hd showing you the beaches of cape may, it's a nice one today. the jersey shore will have strong rip currents from hermine but the amount of rain and beach erosion we'll see remains to be seen. in the meantime we go to trish hartman live in ocean city where the businesses are getting ready even if it's not that bad this weekend, they are at least enjoying a nice day today. >> reporter: alicia, it's a pretty much perfect beach day and for businesses on the boardwalk this is usually the last hoorah of the summer and now they brace themselves for a slow and soggy weekend. many beach bums are soaking up the sun now before cutting their weekend short before hermine. >> we have waited before and you are stuck because of flooding. >> that is the fear of businesses on the boardwalk here in ocean city. they rely on this weekend of business to wrap up the summer
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season. >> we will cross our fingers and pull through and get good numbers. you hope for the best turnout you can with a situation like this. >> as far as labor day goes, skeptical about the weather right now. it doesn't sound too promising. >> but the shop keepers say there is always die hards that stay down the shore despite the forecast like the clancys. >> we except time on the phone chit-chatting with everybody, but we are planning it for a while so we are staying. >> hopefully you brought board games. >> yes, we brought monopoly. >> the businesses we spoke to will be watching the forecast closely going into the weekend but everyone we spoke to say so far they plan to stay open. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> love monopoly, we'll stay ahead of tropical storm hermine
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at, our interactive map shows you the conditions in our area and you can use it to check the path of the storm as it moves up the coast. and of course, follow our "action news" meteorologist, on social media for the latest updates as it happens. >> police are investigating a stabbing that happened this morning, police were called to the home on lehigh valley in north philadelphia just after 7:00 a.m. that is they found a 46-year-old man with a stab wound to the chest. there is no word yet on charges or a possible motive. philadelphia police are looking for a light colored buick in connection with a deadly hit and run in the northeast this morning. a bicyclist who was wearing reflective gear was struck be killed while riding along the 6700 block of frankford avenue at 12:45 a.m. the driver that hit that bicycle rider took off as the
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42-year-old male victim laid more than 100 feet from where he was struck. paramedics tried to save the man but he died at the scene. if you have information about this hit and run you are asked to call police sfoo we are working to determine what caused a crash in burlington, new jersey. this happened near main street in medford at 8:30 a.m. according to police three cars crashed into each other and a pickup truck rolled on to its side. no injuries were reported . coming up tonight "action news" troubleshooters have a story you need to see. >> if you book a trip you are usually asked if you want trip insurance. this couple bought the insurance but could not get a refund on their cruise. >> that was wonderful i can't believe we received a response.
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i was quick shocked. >> what happened next that is tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, after three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman a sanford swimmer is a free man. and a smell is forcing residents in one town to stay inside and officials say they can't do anything to fix the problem.
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the collegiate athlete sentenced for assaulting an unconscious woman walks out of jail after 3 months. what is next for the student? >> brock turner exiting the
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santa clara jail with his head down -- >> the former stanford swimmer then speeding off. >> three months of a six month sentence now over. but a sentence sparking a national firestorm. earlier this year, turner pled not guilty after being accused of sexually assaulting a young woman passed out drunk behind this dumpster on the stanford university campus. >> i think the law is wrong and it was the wrong sentence, and it's a terrible crime, we have a victim, no woman should have to go through that and he should be in prison. >> turner was convicted and the prosecutor asking for a six year sentence and the judge giving him six months. >> if you look at this judge he
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has consistently bent over backwards for white privileges sex crime cases and cases involving violence against women. >> and california is now passing legislation that would limit a judge's discretion when sex crimes are committed. under this turner would have faced minimum of three years in jail. people in one ohio neighborhood say they cannot go outside because well, it stinks. the smell -- hot rotten ham. a fire destroyed a warehouse in columbus two weeks ago and the cold storage facility was storing 70 semi trailers full of ham and neighbors say the smell of bad ham starting to permeate the air two days ago when it got hot and the openers of the warehouse cannot clean the site yet because the city did not
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issue a local permit. two bear cubs in california are enjoying themselves dumpster diving until a very brave and small dog decided he was king of the roost and chased them off, the cubs could be seen from a helicopter view there climbing into a dumpster presumably looking for food until the little dog ran them out of there and right up a tree. >> back here a perfect chance to get produced up for the start of the school year in northeast philadelphia, the star career academy is hosting a community day at the campus until 4:00 p.m. youngsters have sign up for free haircuts before the start of the school year and get free school supplies and free backpacks. there is plenty of water ice to go around. coming up on "action news" another check of the accuweather forecast. and looking live outside.
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sky 6 hd showing you the sunny skies over the ben franklin bridge but changes are in the works. meteorologi meteorologist, melissa magee, has an update.
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. it looks like the latest update is that it can strengthen into a hurricane offshore into labor day. that could increase the wind especially for the coastal communities, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, you can see it's dry and quiet and a beautiful afternoon. low humidity and high pressure is in control. dry conditions. just a beautiful bright, blue sky if you happen to be outside. but changes are coming into the holiday weekend. right now in the city 77 degrees and the dew point 55 and a nice
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comfortable air mass. pressure 30.29 and winds from the north at 7 miles per hour and the ocean temperature at 75. numbers north and west of town, 78 in martins creek and upper 70s for warrington and center city and coatesville and 76 in new holland. 75 at the boardwalk and sea isle city in the middle 70s and upper 70s for vineland and out to the west in smyrna and dover temperatures in the middle to upper 70s. here is what is going on satellite 6 along with action radar we have dry and quiet conditions across the region thanks to the dominating ridge of high pressure and the clouds are building to the south and we widen out the picture and it's all because of tropical storm hermine. it made landfall in florida earlier this morning in the overnight hours. it has weakened as it comes on land here, winds sustained at 50 miles per hour pressing over to georgia and riding into the carolinas later tonight, this is
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the latest with the track of hermine, moving east at 18 miles per hour. and moving off the coast and essentially stalling. what we have been saying from the national hurricane center is that the storm essentially strengthens sunday night into early monday morning into a category 1 hurricane and it sits and spins off our coastline from saturday really into early next week, and because this stays offshore, primarily with this track but strengthens to hurricane force, we have the winds that get pushes inland especially for the coastal communities. here is future tracker 6 winds, 8:00 saturday windy along the i-95 corridor but the winds are gusting 36 miles per hour in atlantic city. watch what happens as we get into saturday night.
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into overnight sunday and early monday, as it turns into a hurricane off our coast, you see in the midnight hour on monday, winds close to 55 miles per hour in lakehurst and atlantic city up to 46 miles per hour and wildwood, 46 miles per hour wind gusts at the immediate coastline especially as this transitions from a tropical storm into hurricane force. i think there will be an issue as far as we are concerned at the coast with heavy winds and high surf and the bulk of the heavy rain offshore. the shore impacts today on the low side same thing saturday morning and saturday afternoon we get a moderate concern and you get moisture moving on in. we'll track that for you as the new model runs come in and bring you track information as well. here is the accuweather forecast, sunny and nice today high up to 82. increasing clouds on saturday
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and 77. hermine's wind and rain on sunday and 77 and more wind and rain to deal with especially at the coast on monday and a high of 80 and then things warm up and heat up tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. >> lots of changes. >> we'll keep an eye on you as well. topping our people scene, gene wilder is returning to the big screen in a couple of beloved rolls. theaters are screening willy wonka and the chocolate factory and blazing saddles. it's a chance for some fans to see them on the big screen for the first time. profits will go to the alzheimer's foundation. with summer winding down kids are turning their attention back to school. but during the glorious weeks off memories were made for a
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very special group of kids in virginia. abc's karen travers spent time at the summer camp. >> 13-year-old ben is funny but most kids at his school don't realize that. ben is deaf, his first language is american sign language, at his school in virginia he attends class with hearing kids. >> some children shy away from that. >> but for one week ben has a chance to be himself. no communication problems, no stigma or fear at the all deaf summer camp, signs of fun this is the 20th season for signs of fun. kids are expected to challenge themselves and push the limits. at just $25 for the whole week, campers of all ages are taught
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in sign language. >> you think you are more kfrm because of being at a place like this? >> yes. >> at a pool or lake situation, lifeguards use the whistle and our kids can't hear it. >> camp founder says it's just as much fun from the parents as the kids. connect and learning from other kids. >> it's a time for parents to talk. parents are the power for their child's education. >> for some of these kids those that are mainstreamed in school, this is the most time they spend all year with other deaf children but technology enables them to stay in touch with their new friends. >> how will you keep in touch with your friends from camp. >> snap chat.
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one final check of the ever changing forecast. >> today is a good day, it's mostly sunny and comfortable today. high temperature in philadelphia coming in at 82 degrees, 80 in trenton and 80 in allentown and reading 81 and 78 in cape may and 76 in atlantic city. all of this will be changing as we head into the weekend and it's going to be a tight gradient as we track this tropical system from who sees the rain and who sees little. rough surf no matter where this storm hits over the weekend. >> thank you. finally at noon, you are looking at what is now the world's largest theme park. the img words of adventure in dubai, it just opened. a 1.5 million square foot theme
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park that cost more than a billion dollars to build. the center is a roller coaster that goes from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. we continue to track tropical storm hermine and our team is watching the storm as it makes its way to the coast and in our area. we'll have the latest track on the storm and live team coverage from the jersey shore as towns get ready for whatever might come their way. that is it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us later for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm alicia vitarelli and joy this good one while it lasts. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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