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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 5, 2016 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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despite the fact that my client is a certifiable axis-iv dissociative. to this day, he remains completely unaware of the crimes for which he was convicted. as you know, sir, in 1986, the united states supreme court
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ruled decisively that states cannot execute a person who does not understand why he is being put to death. he signed a confession, counselor. he didn't just sign it. he dictated it to me. thirdly, malcolm's diaries, found misfiled in state evidence. your honor, this notebook contains entries made just before the murders four years ago. important to note are the spectacular changes in handwriting style, tone, point of view. what you are looking at are the private thoughts of several different people. with permission, dr. mallick will elaborate. thank you. your honor, there is no universally efficacious treatment for dissociative identity disorder. in theory, one must attempt to move the patient towards integration, a folding, if you will, of their fractured psyche. your honor? he's here.
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what you saw was an accident. he ran right out in front of me. i'm not a murderer. there's a dead body in your freezer, larry. i didn't kill him. i found him dead like that. oh, stop it! listen, please. i was in vegas last month and lost everything, everything, and i was driving west. i didn't know where i was going, but i was running on empty, so i pulled in here at this place, and there was no one at the station, so i came over to the office, and walked in, and there, sitting at that desk right there, was the manager, face down in a banquet pot pie, dead. heart attack or something. banquet pot pie. banquet pot pie. he'd been sitting there for god knows how long. all of a sudden, this auto parts salesman pulls up,
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looking for a room. i didn't have a dime, so i took his $30 and gave him one. i just took the key from the wall and gave him a room. maybe that was wrong, but i was broke, and that's what i did, and then i came back in here, and i moved larry's body. his name was larry, too. i put him in the freezer. i wasn't trying to hide him. it was hot out. i thought it was the best place for him till his family or someone came along, only no one did, except more guests, so i checked them in too... and they all seemed happy, so i just stayed. cry me a river. admit it, you killed him, just like you killed my con, just like you killed her husband,
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just like you killed his actress. why can't you just admit it? say it. "i killed them." please, stop it. he can't take anymore. everything is okay now. everything is fine. we got the guy. it's fine. i don't know what we got. what? we thought we got the guy two hours ago, then we-- it's him. it's this guy. he had a knife to your neck, remember? his story's so unbelievable, i think it just might be true. she's got a point. you guys are crazy. maybe it's the burial ground. what? read the brochure in there. it's all around us. 100 years ago, the government moved these indians here. they all died because there was no water. and now they're coming back to life like sea monkeys, huh? come on, give me a break, sweetheart, will you, please. just take it easy, rhodes. you know, you take it easy. you've been trying to run this show the whole night. you've been giving orders, you've been pointing fingers,
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you blamed my con for everything, but he ends up dead. i'm telling you, it's him. we all saw him run down george. your actress's wallet is right there. she's dead. there's the wallet. what more do you want? please, shut up! all right, you want a plan? everybody want a plan? here's the plan, okay? no one's going to move. we're going to stay here, like this, in this room, until dawn. no one leaves, no one moves, and if he tries anything... if he tries anything, i'm gonna shoot him, and if there's something out there, and it comes in here, i'm going to shoot it, and if any one of us tries anything, i'm going to shoot them. we get it. good.
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timmy? timmy... you need to stay in here with us, okay? it's all right. remember that movie where the 10 strangers went to an island, and then they all died, one by one, and then it turned out they weren't strangers, that they all had a connection? they'd all messed with the wrong guy, and he was getting revenge. shut up. i'm just saying that maybe there's some connection between all of us. like what? we're all in nevada. shut up. where were you going with your con when you pulled in here? carson city, okay? i was going home to florida. where were you going?
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i was taking the actress to l.a. i was born in florida. since you've been in that chair, no one's died, so why don't you just shut up? since we've all been here. sit down, sweetie. where in florida, larry? where in florida? friends now, huh? great. polk county. that's where i was born. which town? mulberry. frostproof. no wonder you left. there's a town called frostproof? they grow oranges. the name kind of doubles as a slogan. i danced hallelujah the day i left polk. why would you want to go back? i found a grove for sale on the internet. nine acres, 1200 trees, limes and oranges. according to the realtor, the soil needs futilis phosphorus, the lanes need reeding... but it's real good land.
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what? it sounds nice.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer,
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and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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ed? she's dead. get him out of here.
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come on. come on, sweetie. look at this. where'd you get that? right here. this doesn't make any sense. she died from an accident. george was an accident... if you believe larry. where is seven? back it up! whoa!
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see, i told you it wasn't me. that's not possible. i was standing right there. i saw what happened. we all saw what happened. he ran out. nobody could have known he was going to do that. no one human. so we're back to that again? it's the spirits, huh? maybe it's the ghost of the guy that larry put in the freezer. somebody, untie me, damn it. you know it wasn't me. come on. listen. we've got to-- shh. take her car and get out of here, you, her, and the kid. there's nowhere to go. how much gas do you have? half a tank. you can drive till dawn on that. look at me. when you get to where it's flooded,
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you turn around, you go the other way. i don't know if i can. get the kid and go. right now, come on. timmy. timmy, come on. let's go. get up. whoa, whoa, what's going on? they can't leave. we'll see you when the storm breaks. hey! hey! they can't leave! where are they going? get back here! they're leaving. go, go! you can't let suspects leave after four people have been killed! you really think they're suspects, rhodes? i don't. they're not leaving! [explosion] ginny! ginny! extinguishers. hey, larry, you got a fire extinguisher? fire extinguisher! where? back there.
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nobody in there. maybe it got so hot, they got cremated. there'd be something left. you did this. you did this! you told them to get into the car. are you happy? where is he?
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nothing. i give up! i give up! what the hell do you want? what do you want, you sick bastard? what the hell do you want from us? i am turning 30 next week, and i just want to go home and grow oranges.
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it's your birthday next week? it's my birthday next week. the 10th. me too. me too. yeah. george york, may 10th. alice york, may 10th. caroline suzanne, may 10th. ginny and lou isiana, may 10th. me, larry washington, may 10th. what are the odds? must be 10 trillion to one. what is it?
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where's the fuse box, larry? other side of the building. ginny and lou isiana. virginia and louisiana. caroline... carolina. paris nevada. george york. larry washington. rhodes, rhode island. ed dakota. when i was going up the stair, i met a man who wasn't there.
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he wasn't there again today. i wish, i wish he'd go away. who is this? who am i speaking to right now? where did you learn that poem? who am i speaking to? look at me. who am i speaking to right now? doc? edward? what's happening? please be quiet. he can hear what we're saying? yeah. you missed your last appointment. where have you been? did i black out again? try and think back. where have you been? all right, i was driving this actress, and we got stuck at the motel.
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there was a storm... and we couldn't get out. we couldn't get out because of the storm. what happened at the motel? people started dying, and then their bodies... it didn't make any sense. they disappeared. edward, i'd like to show something to you, if i may. do you recognize this man? no. that man, edward, is malcolm rivers. he's had a very troubled life. he was arrested four years ago, and convicted of the murder of six people in a violent rampage. he did this. detective, please. edward, listen to me. when faced with an intense trauma, a child's mind may fracture, creating disassociated identities.
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that's exactly what happened to malcolm rivers. he developed a condition that is commonly known as multiple personality syndrome. why are you telling me this? because you, edward, are one of his personalities. what? what happened to my face? try and keep calm. where is my face? edward, that is your face. why am i tied up? edward, please. jesus. where is my face? edward, stay calm. no, i'm not going to stay calm! why am i tied up like this?
2:59 am
who are all these people? what happened at the motel? where is everybody? they don't exist, edward. you were all created by malcolm as a child. you're a liar! consider what you know. everyone named after a state. no, no, no. everyone sharing the same birthday. your blackouts. no, i was a cop. i was a cop in the rampart division of lapd for six years. edward, please. i live in hollywood, i live in a studio apartment. you don't live there, edward. i do live there. you don't live anywhere. i know this is difficult to accept, but the face you saw in that mirror is the face i've always seen when i talk to edward, or paris, or larry, or anyone else you've met tonight. malcolm is in the midst of a medical treatment, one which forces all his identities to confront one another for the first time. i knew there would be violence, and with it, the number of the identities would be reduced.
3:00 am
reduced? one of the personalities you've met tonight, edward, committed those murders four years ago. he took control of malcolm's body, as you have now, and released an unspeakable rage, and in 19 hours, malcolm rivers will be put to death because of those actions, unless i can convince that man that the killer is gone. i need you to stay with me. edward, i need your help. i need your help to finish this. edward... edward, listen to me. edward, stay with me. listen to me. i need you to understand. the killer cannot survive. edward...
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got it? i can't see a thing. you got a flashlight? hang on, hang on. you got a flashlight? yeah, yeah.
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hey. what am i supposed to wear, man? you're in it.
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larry... larry, come here... ed? ed? larry?
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larry? paris? paris! larry? larry? where are the keys to the truck? where are the keys to the truck? that was good, larry. we've got to get out of here. wait, ed has the keys to the truck. i've got a spare right here. where is he? i don't know. here. what are you doing? we need a gun. [gunshot] give me the keys to the truck.
3:08 am
ed! we've got to get out of here. we've got to get out of here. paris... he's coming. he's coming. stay here.
3:09 am
what's wrong with you? paris, listen to me. stay here. it's going to be okay. throw me the keys to the truck, ed. throw me the keys to the truck. stay there. stay there.
3:10 am
ed! ed! ed! ed! ed! ed... ed, let me see. okay, we've got to get you to the hospital. we're going to get you to the hospital, okay? you've got to stay with me. i'm going to get you to the truck. put your arm around my neck, then you've got to hold on, okay? stay with me, ed. stay with me. okay. one, two, three. you've got to help me get you up. ed, you've got to push a little bit. ed, why won't you let me help you? where did you go before? what did you see?
3:11 am
tell me what you saw. i saw you. i saw you in an orange grove. why won't you let me help you? where did you go? what did you see? i saw you...
3:12 am
in an orange grove. the question, your honor, is whether to convict the body or the mind. his body committed these murders, that is true. the person who remains inside did not. your honor, we witnessed the destruction of 10 identities tonight. nine were innocent, and one was guilty.
3:13 am
they're not real. the violence that existed in him has been executed. your honor, malcolm belongs in a state hospital. judge:in the matter of rivers vs. nevada, it is the recommendation of this court that mr. rivers' execution be stayed. i am transferring mr. rivers to state psychiatric services under the care of dr. mallick. [bob dylan's "i want you" playing] ♪ the cracked bells and washed-out horns ♪ ♪ blow into my face with scorn ♪ ♪ but it's not that way ♪ ♪ i wasn't born to lose you ♪ ♪ i want you ♪ ♪ i want you ♪ ♪ i want you so bad ♪
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3:15 am
timmy... no, please don't. no... timmy, please. what is it, malcolm?
3:16 am
malcolm? whores don't get... a second chance. timmy: when i was going up the stairs, i met a man who wasn't there. he wasn't there again today. i wish, i wish he'd go away. [♪]
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crest. don't let them miss out. time now for the mix. we start with a brand new species of fish. this little guy was discovered 300 feet down in a coral reef in hawaii. and they have decided to name the fish after president obama. >> are you going to give us the name of the marine reserve? >> correct. the fish is known to live only within a certain national monument. >> that was very good. >> and i don't know very much else about the story because i spent the whole time trying to figure out how to pronounce that. >> it's not the first animal the president has had named after him. he had a dinosaur named after him. >> i hope he was as big a fan of
3:26 am
the fish as the dine soosaur. >> he's also had a parasitic cricket that infects worms named after him. >> do you want that? >> a parasitic hair worm? >> it's a cute fish. i'd like that. that's nice. now we have ed, age 76, fran age 74. they've been married 54 years. and they dress in matching outfits every day. >> is that their secret to their long lasting love? >> this couple, they have a love that -- i'm going to say it, they have a love my wife and i will never have. >> how cute are they. >> they send a photo to their grandson every day with a little sort of note saying good morning. happy monday. and these photographs.
3:27 am
and, of course, the grandson is 17. so this has gone all over social media. aquamarine there. isn't that lovely? >> i wonder every time one of them buys an article of clothing, does it have to come with something that matches. >> this is a big deal in korea where public displays of affection are fwrorowned upon, they show their love by wearing matching outfits. fran and ed, we love you. we envy you. >> should we match tomorrow? >> maybe. >> we'll work on it. the next story is under the category you had one job. this is at a south carolina high school. the jv game, it features some -- >> no respect. >> abnormal sidelines. the school announced it will be redrawing the field, but this photo retweeted over 5,000 times. and now to the cat and the water melon. do we have time? >> yeah. just show it.
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this morning on "world news now," hermine moves out to sea, but not before bringing potentially dangerous conditions to the northeast with regions in the south cleaning up from the damage. accuweather has the latest on the storm trek. donald trump spends some time in church this weekend appealing to a predominantly black audience saying when it comes to racial equality, there are wrongs that must be main right. his campaign managerç insists he's not changing his position on the boarder wall. and new, the murder suspect apparently turned magician. >> a man hunt under way for a killer who escaped from a police station, and stole a get away vehicle all while handcuffed. what we're finding out about how he did it. and an actor may have the devil to pay over what he said
3:31 am
that has so many devil wears prada fans crying into their scarves. the full story is ahead in "the skinny." it's monday, labor day, september 5th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> trendy there with the lingo. >> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. the big story this morning is the storm system of the northeast coast. tropical storm warnings have been cancelled for everywhere south of new york city but are in effect for the end of long island and southern new england. the remnants of hurricane hermine are only moving at 3 miles per hour. >> but it's enough to turn up the surf and make dangerous rip currents. in connecticut boaters are advised to make sure their boats
3:32 am
are double tied. most northeast beaches are closed for swimming and other water activities. >> reporter: big breakers taking a bite out of new jersey beaches, eroding the shoreline. in ocean city, large waves dangerous rip currents and winds busting the labor day weekend. rough waters rocking passengers aboard anthem of the seas bound for bermuda from new jersey. >> eats in the restaurant, dishes going all over the place. >> reporter: further south in parts of virginia, neighborhoods under water. >> you have to make the best of the situation. >> we've dealt with it our whole lives. we just don't take our cars in it. >> reporter: hermine making land fall early friday. it's been a night of tornado warnings, torrential rains. the eye a couple of miles away. i was in the eye as it made land fall tracking it as 80 miles per hour winds tossed trees and hit the coast. the gusting winds exploding and igniting power lines.
3:33 am
leaving thousands without power. more than 60,000 in florida still without service. and claiming one life. ferocious. >> absolutely ferocious. >> reporter: just north of tampa still under siege after more rain fell on the land. the governor urging people to evacuate their homes. and hermine wasn't done. hitting georgia and the carolinas with tropical storm winds. gusts toppling this tractor-trailer and killing the driver in north carolina. and a tornado dumping trailers into a creek and injuring four. the storm system is still going to cause problems today for holiday beach goers and for new england's biggest city. >> let's get the latest from paul williams. good morning. >> good morning to you as well. keeping a close eye on hermine windy conditions to kick off along the coast with flooding and possibility of beach
3:34 am
erosion. here's post tropical cyclone hermine. causing concern for winds along the coast. concerned about bad weather there and throughout the midwest, this front kicking off strong storms throughout portions of minnesota all the way down toward nebraska. >> thanks, paul. president obama spends his second and final day in china for the g 20 summit after a what some called a snub surrounding his mobile staircase when exiting air force one. he met with his chinese counterpart in addition to economics, china's human rights record was on president obama's agenda. he heads to louse on tuesday. and breaking news with the president and world leaders in the region north korea has test fired three ballistic missiles from it east coast. north korea regularly engages in missile and rocket tests, especially when the world's eyes are turned to northeast asia.
3:35 am
anti-government protests enter the second week in brazil. an estimated 50,000 people filled the streets. police fired tear gas to stop vandals. it began as a peaceful demonstration. they're upset over the impeachment of the president after being found guilty of breaking budgetary laws. hillary clinton is in ohio and illinois while donald trump is expected to take the day off. trump reached out to black voters like never before. mary bruce is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump marking a major first. >> i am hear to listen to you. >> reporter: swaying along a detroit church service as he made a direct appeal to african american voters. >> i fully understand the african american community has suffered from discrimination and that there are where wrongs that must still be made right.
3:36 am
>> reporter: debuting a more subdued tone after fiery tones in front of all white crowds. >> i'm asking for the vote of every single african american citizen. you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: ben carson showing him around his old detroit neighborhood. >> when i was growing up it was a prosperous city. >> reporter: cars pon's memorie of the old days interrupted by this bizarre moment. >> my luggage. hold on. >> reporter: meanwhile pastor mark burns is admitting he overstated his resume after this contentious interview. >> thank you very much. i appreciate you coming. >> reporter: hillary clinton has been noticeably quiet fundraising with big donors and celebrities instead, and still avoiding the press. >> is this going to change?
3:37 am
>> she's talking to press. hundreds of interviews. i'm doing the same. labor day to election day it will ramp up even more. >> reporter: clinton will be back out on the trail here in ohio later today, but still no word on when she plans to hold her next full blown press conference. it's been 275 days since her last one. mary bruce abc news, cleveland. saturday evening at a los angeles area park turned into a nightmare after a swarm of bees attacked. 20 people were stung and three of them taken to the hospital. witnesses said there were thousands of bees chasing hundreds of people. the bees reportedly emerged from an underground utility box. an idaho bus driver was fired after a video shows the driver pouring water on a student during a confrontation she demands that student speaks english instead of spanish. students said they complained about the driver before the incident.
3:38 am
this weekend serena williams picked up one record and is on her way to two more with her straight sets of victory in the u.s. open. she's now won more matches in grand slam singles events than any other woman. and as many as any man, and if she wins the u.s. open, williams will have the most championships and the most u.s. open titles. on the men's side. nadal is out losing a fifth set tie breaker. the match took more than four hours. nadal is a two-time u.s. open champion. he's the fourth seed this year. he missed a shot that he never used to miss and hit the net. the next story shows some people have way too much time on their hands. >> uh-huh. they do. what you're looking at is an internet stream from jacksonhole wyoming. thousands of people are watching
3:39 am
it. people think it's because somebody said they're going to do something cool. >> apparently nobody did anything cool, but when people tuned in they were interested. the more people get into it, the more they continue to wonder why they're using minutes of their life they'll never get back. >> i think people like unproduced ordinary -- i mean, slow tv. have you heard of that in norway? they watch people knitting for hours. they have a camera on a boat for hours. >> they go through things that happen in history and roadway create them. if it took seven hours to take a train ride, they'll take the seven hour train ride. >> do you remember cheesus. this was a block of cheese in the west of england. there was a web cam on it.
3:40 am
thousands of people tuned in to watch a cheese aging. paint drying. >> i don't know about that one. i think there once was an art exhibit that was a lightbulb. it would turn on randomly. everyone in that room of the museum would keep looking at the lightbulb no matter what they were doing. they needed to see what was going to happen. i think that's what's happening here. coming up, the murder suspect who took his disappearing act on the road. police in nevada launched a man hunt for a killer who managed to break out of his handcuffs and disappear from an interrogation room inside a police station. and he's the spitting image of his dad. now arnold schwarzenegger's son recreated one of daddy's most famous terminator scenes frame by frame. that's ahead in "the skinny." first here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by cats pride fresh and light. to you by cats pride
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police in wisconsin stay a driver may have been going police in wisconsin say a driver may have been going as fast as 100 miles per hour when he crashed into two buildings. a fence, a light pole and a tree. it came to a stop when it crashed into an accounting firm leaving behind a trail of debris 100 feet from the crash. a man hunt in nevada for a murder suspect who escaped custody. >> he managed to break out of his handcuffs and disappear right out of an interrogation room inside the police station. abc's ron claiborne has the
3:45 am
story. >> reporter: authorities in las vegas looking for 25-year-old alonzo perez. he was arrested for murder friday morning and placed into a place interrogation room in handcuffs. when the detective left the room he made his move. >> he twisted the handcuffs until they broke. after they broke he was able to flee the building. >> reporter: he allegedly stole this pickup truck. the truck was recovered saturday but no sign of perez. earlier this summer in florida, an accused murder broke free from his handcuffs inside a courtroom and escaped. he was captured a few days later. perez, a convicted felon accused of shooting a man who let a door close on a woman with perez at a mcdonald's. >> you let this man escape. how is anybody supposed to feel safe right now, anybody in las vegas, nevada? >> reporter: police say it does not appear he took any weapons when he made his escape, but they believe he's now armed and dangerous.
3:46 am
when we come back, why an nba star is taking a leave of absence from the basketball court. >> and why stanley tucci says about "the devil wears prada". says about "the devil
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ ♪ >> time now for the skinny and topping our headlines this labor day an nba star taking a break to care for his wife. >> the new orleans pelicans say jrue holiday will be taking leave. his wife, lauren holiday who is eight months pregnant with their first child needs surgery to remove a brain tumor. >> she's a former ucla soccer player who won two olympics gold medals. the surgery is scheduled for six weeks after their daughter's birth in mid october. >> drew is quoted as saying my life is the most important thing in the world to me. she comes before anything else. he also says she's the toughest woman i know. this is the reason why i married her. next to some significantly lighter news, but a distressing revolution for fans of "the devil wears prada". >> stanley tucci got an award,
3:49 am
but speaking with the hollywood reporter he shot down any notion there will ever with a sequel to "the devil wears prada". >> all right. guard your loins. did someone eat an onion bagel? >> tucci says, it's never going to happen. describing the original as being so great because it was perfect in every way. >> you can't improve on perfection, darling. >> apparently not. >> you cannot. next, an attempt to improve another original. >> arnold schwarzenegger's son who is the spitting image of his father recreated his dad's iconic scene from terminator almost frame by frame.
3:50 am
♪ >> that's it. >> um, that's very good. >> frame by frame. >> frame by frame, and joseph, you may remember, is the son of mildred boehner who is schwarzenegger's former housekeeper who he had an affair with. and amazingly it took years for people to realize that is arnold's son. >> he made this to celebrate the 25 th anniversary of "judgment day" after the reboot of the movie was confirmed. >> it's magic. it's the movies. >> i'm excited to see it in 3-d.
3:51 am
>> and finally, another blast from the past from abc's parent company. >> a lost world of disney will be made public for the first time in a collection of images and sketches from films from our parent company that never made the cut. >> they have been tucked away for decades inside the disney archives. they include this of the blue fairy. >> and this depicts mickey mouse and goofy and donald duck facing a castle in the sky for the "jack and the bean stock". >> this was for the sorcerer's apprentice. >> and a snapshot of the man who started it all, walt disney himself from 1942 working on sketches of bambi. >> coming up, today it is the unofficial last day of summer. and the end of summer vacation
3:52 am
for many school children. >> vacation starts for the parents. >> vacation starts for the parents. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry, ends monday! know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. i take pzero heartburn!h morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat prilosec otc: the #1 doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for ten straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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the lashblast collection from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl ♪ ♪ ♪ >> labor day is looked at as the unofficial end of summer. >> and all season long our parent company disney has been inspiring kids and employees to help local communities with the
3:56 am
summer of service. i recently checked out a school in downtown los angeles to see how it works. >> reporter: back to school time at ninth street elementary, but not everyone can afford a backpack. >> new backpack. >> it's not a luxury. it's something they need for school. >> reporter: disney teamed up with baby to baby and donated all these young stars donating their time. >> not all kids are as lucky as you. do you realize that? >> yes. of course we do. >> reporter: is that why you're here? >> yes. >> reporter: now meet a girl who volunteers at another school. she just applied for a summer of service grant. that means she could get $500 to help continue her work giving back. >> we decided to get the kids chess boards and sets so they're able to play. >> reporter: do you play? >> yes. >> reporter: are you any good? >> no. >> reporter: now, these
3:57 am
backpacks aren't empty. disney employees filled them. that's pretty cool. >> everything that they need on school. >> reporter: smiles all around. when you see that smile -- >> i have accomplished the world. >> got backpacks. >> reporter: i could watch this all day and maybe shed a tear or two. >> such a cute story. >> it was very sweet. all the backpacks are the same so when they come out of class, little billy and tommy, whose is whose. >> hope they're not wearing matching clothing. i participated in that program. it's fun. there's so many fun designs to pick out in the folders. >> don't miss our facebook page, >> coming up, more news. this is abc "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, tracking hermine, the powerful system is now off the coast but still threatening with storm surge and beach erosion. we'll look at the warnings still in effect and the damage already left behind. breaking news, more missiles launched from north korea but this time it happened just hundreds of miles away from president obama. overnight, the white house responding. sales soar for colin kaepernick's jersey after he refused to stand for the national anthem. plus another professional athlete takes a knee in support of his protest. road to recovery, dale earnhardt jr. out of the driver's seat, the lingering health issues causing him to miss the rest of the nascar season.


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