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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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rookie and a sudden trade deal for the eagles veteran quarterback. "action news" reporter bob brooks live in south philadelphia today with more from wentz and of course from eagles fans. bob. >> reporter: well, brian and monica, hey, why not? sam bradford's gone. you put in carson wentz you give him a shot. and the theme during his news conference at a was that he was confident, he hammered that point home saying that he is ready to play and fans say why not, stick him in, give him a shot. he saw limited preseason action fractured his rib but rookie carson wentz is your new eagle starting qb. today he addressed the media as the starter for the first time. >> the whole time all along it was just getting ready for whenever this time would come. and, you know, i knew i was ready. >> reporter: though he might be trying to hide some emotions, wentz is at least acting like he's not overwhelmed by the pressure. >> i really just block it out. just game of football and i'm ready to go out there and play
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within myself, play within this system and really lead these guys. >> reporter: whether or not he is he hammerede the fact he thinks he's ready. >> i knew i was ready. i knew i was taking the mental reps being out the last couple weeks even going into the first game, first preseason game you know i felt very confident, felt like i developed at a fast pace and now it's here. >> reporter: for the most part, fans out for labor day barbecues we spoke with agree. >> put him out there. let him get roughed up a little bit and then he come back with something nice, you know. >> reporter: with sam bradford gone they say why wait? let him play. >> we were expecting it anyway if sam bradford got injured with another injury he was going tend to up coming in anyway. >> reporter: do they expect wentz to be pro bolger no. >> even if he doesn't do that well i don't think it's going to hurt him that much. >> reporter: what they want is for the fans to give him support in kind and add it might be a long time that's needed. >> my concern is that the fans will jump on him too quick. no question about it there needs to be a time and coming
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from one double a maybe it might take him a little more to adjust to the speed. >> reporter: back out live here wentz says that fractured rib is a hundred percent, says it's ready to go for next sunday. he also says that he gave sam bradford a call to thank him for some guidance over the last couple months. reporting live in south philadelphia, bob brooks, channel6 "action news. brian. >> to have been a fly on the wall for that phone call bob. turning now to the forecast and that curve brawl mother nature for the jersey shore and the rest of us. the action cam was in ocean city one of several shore points expected to flood this weekend because of hermine. but instead as you know that storm just brought gusty winds and rough surf forcing beaches to close and limiting damage to a minimum which is of course very good news. we've got much more on the
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concerns about the economic impacts to the shore in just a moment but first to meteorologist cecily tynan outside now with the call from accuweather. cecily. >> hi, brian. it turned out to be a beautiful labor day. hermine is still churning off the coast but it's far enough away that we're seeing good amount of sunshine here. storm tracker6 live showing hermine right now maximum sustained winds 70 miles per hour so it's still near hurricane strength but it's 325 miles away from atlantic city and it's essentially just drifting west-northwest. so we're just getting a few clouds tossed in. wind speeds right now sustained 15 miles an hour in atlantic city, so it is a breezy day. look at nantucket, though, closer to that storm reporting wind speeds of 37 miles per hour and wind gusts of 58 miles per hour, also get something very heavy rain up there. but here it's dry and it's comfortable. right now philadelphia 86 degrees. the same in allentown, wilmington and reading. trenton 85. closer to the shore with that ocean temperature of 73, it's a little bit cooler, cape may right now 76. , the day planner tomorrow
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as you head back to work, a lot of kids heading to school, it will be breezy with a mix of sun and clouds. humidity check at 8 o'clock 71, by 11 o'clock 81, by 5 o'clock reaching that high of 88 and temperatures still in the low 80's by 8 o'clock. as we head through the week this is what to expect, though. temperatures and humidity levels will be increasing. we're looking at temperatures up into the mid 90's late week with a possibility of some record warmth. looks like heat wave number seven is on the way. i'll have details and just how high temperatures will climb and when it cools off. monica. >> trish harder man live in north wildwood with more on the impact to businesses. trish. >> reporter: well, monica, here at the fourth avenue beach we saw minor beach erosion. plenty of people are taking a walk along the beach sticking their toes in watching the surf. businesses say while they're glad hermine didn't make a direct hit this is a pretty tough way to end the summer. >> one of the worst of the
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season, yeah. yesterday the sun was out, it was bright and we had a little band here and maybe 15 people showed up. >> reporter: during what should be one of the busiest days of the year, the bar at boulevard bar and grille is empty except for a few workers. now employees say they're left with a surplus of supplies and a sagging bottom line. >> we're bringing extra supplies because we get hit pretty good for the weekend and unfortunately we weren't able to sell it 'cause there was nobody here. >> reporter: the beach at fourth avenue in north wildwood saw some minor erosion and guards kept swim ertz ankle deep because of the rough conditions. in atlantic city people who stayed for the weekend took advantage of the chance to walk on the sand and surf. boardwalk businesses like jersey devil surf shop had a slow weekend but the manager here says he'd rather be safe than sorry. >> this weekend i mean, looking at the weather reports like i said i mean they're going the take every precaution necessary especially after sandy. >> reporter: the owner of annette's restaurant in ventnor says she was upset when she heard calls for voluntary evacuations over the weekends.
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while she says she had a great weekend she knows other businesses that weren't so lucky. >> we expected like devastation i said oh, that's it we're losing like thousands of dollars but no. we were lucky. >> reporter: now, all of these merchants say they are looking forward to a warmup and they are keeping their fingers crossed for some nice september weekends to make up for the business lost. reporting live in north wildwood, trish hartman, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thanks trish. it has been days since then hurricane hermine mean made landfall in northwest florida. there 50,000 people are still without power. parts of tampa are under water still and some folks have been out of their homes nearly a week. schools were closed friday. officials say there is a chance they may not even reopen tomorrow. meantime parts of new england are still under a tropical storm warning as hermine continues to churn in the atlantic. coast guard crews are posted along the massachusetts coastline in case any help is needed in the water. and if you want to keep an eye on where hermine is headed
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next as well as that potential heat wave headed our way you can stay tuned to there you'll find the latest hourly forecasts and a realtime look at double scan radar. >> atlantic city police say an officer shot outside a casino while trying to stop a robbery is doing better tonight. 29-year-old josh lee biddle has been upgraded from critical to stable condition. law trying to stoop robbery outside caesar's casino early saturday morning when she was show. one of the suspects was eventually shot and killed himself. two others were arrested. >> union members said their families mixed with elected officials at philadelphia's traditional labor day parade today. >> ♪ bands and drill teams led the procession up columbus boulevard. hundreds of marchers proudly wore union t-shirts and some carried signs of support for political candidates. however, there were apparently no donald trump signs and philadelphia mayor jim kenney has an idea why. >> donald trump has a history
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of engaging with people in contracts and any other paying them putting labor -- skilled labor and other people out of business. >> there were some clouds over the parade however. embattled electrical worker chief john dougherty whose offices were raided by the fbi still was there and made a brief appearance. >> (sirens). >> there was another grand labor day parade through wilmington today. the delaware afl-cio hosted this event which included unions and community groups. heavy duty trucks normally used for digging hauling and other tough work joined that procession. one even carried a giant creature cleverly made out of construction cones right behind this big rig. pretty cool. >> the ben franklin parkway meanwhile is still shut down this evening as crews continue to clean up from the weekend's made in america festival. the action cam was there as workers cleared mounds of trash from sidewalks and the street. several stages have already been broken down and other equipment is on its way out as we speak.
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this marks the fifth year for that labor day weekend festival. the parkway will reopen much to the delight of commuters tomorrow. >> absolutely. all right. time right now for a check of that "action news" traffic report on a holiday monday. >> speaking of commuters matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic center with an update tonight. hey, matt. >> this is the day each year monica and brian when we say fun is over. time to get ready to head back to work and school for many people tomorrow and we're not having a whole lot of fun this afternoon here along 95. northbound side all locked up from girard through this point at allegheny. yeah, it's a broken down vehicle right in the middle of the work zone that's taking out the left lane here. so, just two northbound lanes are getting by on 95 and it is slow coming north of girard
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avenue. as we just said cleanup does continue along the ben franklin parkway. i have seen some drivers getting by in a clunk of the outer drive here but up ahead by the art museum at eakins oval pretty much everything does remain blocked including chunks of the mlk and kelly drives. we've also seen a lot of people coming back from the poconos this afternoon so southbound on the northeast extension it is very crowded between route 80 and the lehigh tunnel. still have a crash in pottstown to avoid along king street potts drive. i would stay on high street to get around that. traveling in the first state in delaware 95 northbound slowing from christiana through to marsh on up to 295. we'll check it again, monica and brian in the next half hour. >> thank you sir. still ahead, labor day did not mean a break for either presidential candidate on the campaign trail. ahead at 5:30 the push by both hillary clinton and donald trump for the votes of workers in battleground states. >> plus first new developments tonight after an nfl star's silent protest during the national anthem, signs of support and pushback after colin kaepernick took a knee during the star spangled banner when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> a multilevel parking garage collapsed in israel today killing two people and injuring near two dozen others. teams are still working to find some people missing amid rubble. witnesses say the garage collapsed onto a crane which brought down another building. one of those rescued said the building vibrated and then just gave way. >> president obama made history today becoming the first sitting president to visit the south asian country of laos. this comes amid controversy between mr. obama and the new
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president of the philippines over the alleged killing of thousands of drug dealers and drug users. president obama says he plans to meet with the filipino president about that matter until the filipino leader used an obscene phrase to describe president obama. that meeting has now been called off. >> san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is get something new support and new pushback after his controversial protest during the national anthem. >> he is calling it a statement about race relations. one of the biggest stars in soccer is coming to his defense. abc's donya bacchus with the new details. >> reporter: good evening brian and monica. soccer star megan rap pino kneeling in solidarity. some police officers who usually patrol levi stadium believe kaepernick should be stopped. >> ♪ >> reporter: it's an issue being discussed around the world. >> he's exercising his constitutional right. >> reporter: president obama defending 49ers quarterback
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colin kaepernick's refusal the stand during the national anthem at the g20 summit in china but acknowledging it can be a sensitive topic for service members. >> that is a tough thing for them to get past to then hear what his deeper concerns are. >> reporter: now athletes in other sports are joining the protest. u.s. soccer star megan rep pino took a knee we'lling it's the least i can do, keep the conversation going. the protest is also being met with pushback. in santa clara where the 49ers play the police union sending a letter to team management suggest something officers may boycott off duty work protecting levi stadium citing kaepernick's socks with pigs in police hats and statements he's made to reporters. >> we have cops that are murdering people. we have cops in sfpd that are
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blatantly racist. >> reporter: kaepernick says the backlash will not stop him saying he will continue to protest. interestingly kaepernick's jersey sales are soaring. according to the sf going from the 20th most popular to number one in the 49ers store. donya bacchus channel6 "action news. brian. >> all right, donya thanks very much. stocks were closed in the united states today in observance of the holiday but analysts are closely watching for volatility ahead of tomorrow's opening bell. september is traditionally one of the worst months for wall street. labor day gas prices are at a 12 year low. the national average for a gallon of gas sits at $2.21. that's about 20 cents cheaper than last year. the average gallon of gas in philadelphia is about 10 cents higher than the national average. gas in new jersey will cost you about 20 cents less than the national average. >> all right. coming up in health check tonight a new study shows why you may be having a harder time getting an appointment with your own doctor. >> plus a source of
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inspiration that got one seattle woman to swim more than 10 miles in frigid waters this weekend when "action news" comes right back tonight. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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>> ♪ >> in health check a a new survey shows why getting face
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to face time with your own doctor is so hard now. the researchers found doctors spend twice as much of their time on paperwork as they do with patients. for every hour they spend with patients they have to spend two hours filling out forms, reviewing results and working with insurance issues. past surveys showed doctors themselves are not happy about the trend and it's driving some of them to even retire early. one of the hardest lessons of college isn't english lit or calculus but how to get enough sleep. estimated 70 percent of college students are sleep deprived. dorms can be hot and noisy. experts say the first real step to better sleep is controlling the light. >> you want that room cool dark and quiet and then when we wake unin there morning when we have to shift our clock forward try to get really bright lioon as you wake up. >> they also say avoid relying on pills to sleep or coffee to keep you awake and don't fall
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asleep with the tv or computer on. too little sleep of course is not just a matter of feeling tired it can make you more vulnerable to everything from infections to high bloop. >> today marks the end of hollywood's so-called summer blockbuster season. in thes say the seasonal box office is on par with this time last year. the horror film don't breathe topped sales for the second week in a row. suicide squad held onto the second spot bringing in another $10 million over the holiday weekend. "pete's dragon" ruled by disney netted $6.5 million. a seattle woman braved very cold water over the weekend in hopes of renewing interest in the sport of marathon swimming. erica norris swam more than 10 miles in washington state's puget sound yesterday. it took the 31-year-old a little more than four hours to complete that trip. she's only the second person ever to swim that route, the first did it all the way back in 1959. >> terrific. wow. all right, still ahead on "action news" at 5:00 a check of that accuweather forecast. >> all right, and how about
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this? a live look from sky6 hd over atlantic city. the beach and those waves still kicking up pretty good. meteorologist cecily tynan with the exclusive accuweather five day forecast when "action news" comes right back tonight. >> ♪
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>> labor day monday time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> all right, meteorologist cecily tynan here to finish it
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for the who dane the week ahead. >> this is the nicest day of the week. we have a good amount of sunshine. live on sky6 taking a look over the commodore barry bridge seeing some cumulus clouds some cirrus clouds also peaks of blue. you can see a ship heading under the commodore barry as we speak and temperatures pretty comfortable. right now 86 in philadelphia. the dewpoint is 58 degrees so that's a pretty dry air mass. winds right now have shifted out of the north-northeast at 7 miles per hour. pressure is falling and the ocean temperature 73 he degrees. across the region 86 in allentown, the same in reading. lancaster is a warm spot 87 degrees, more sunshine in lancaster. close to the coast a little bit cooler, cape may 76. atlantic city airport currently 81. so satellite6 along with action radar showing that we are getting the outer bands of hermine. the center of the storm about 325 miles east of atlantic city. it's drifting towards the west-northwest. the clouds come in pretty thick and then you can see how they really thin out as they
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head to the west. part of the reason why we have sub stan nance with a storm off shore we have rising air. what goes up must come down. you have sinking air behind that and that's what's bringing us pretty comfortable conditions. 69 in philadelphia, 65 in wilmington and cape may 68 degrees tonight with comfortable humidity levels and tomorrow the school day forecast the first day we're showing this graphic as a lot of kids head back to school, my kids as well, mixture of sun and clouds, winds will be out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour, so it will be a breezy day. and it's going to be a warm day. we start off at 7 o'clock at 70, 1 o'clock, 82. by 4 o'clock when the kids are coming back home 87 degrees. humidity levels tomorrow, though, not that bad. the dewpoint around 60 but you can see as we head through the week, the humidity levels will be increasing into the upper 60's on thursday and friday and that's also when temperatures will be heading up into the mid 90's.
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so, the headaches, -- heat index close to 100 by the end of the week. the five day at 5:00 shows tomorrow a little bit warmer than today way high of 88 degrees. on wednesday, it's hot, little bit more humid, 91 degrees but then on thursday oppressive heat and humidity. 95 degrees, near record high. friday like al new record high of 95. possibility of a late day thunderstorm. i think we have a better chance of some thunderstorms late on saturday with a cold front but ahead of that front, the hottest day of the week, 97 degrees. if you're heading to the temple game or the union game, you definitely want to dress appropriately, drink lots of water. i'll talk about when cooler air arrives coming up in the accuweather 7-day forecast. back to you guys. >> sounds good. thank you so much cecily. we'll take a break and be right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jamie apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again. rick is off tonight. brian taff joins us. here's what's happening on "action news" for you tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump focus all their efforts this labor day on the battleground state of ohio. someone posing as a police officer attacked a driver in
5:30 pm
fairmount park and still has not been caught. and carson wentz will be your eagles starting quarterback this sunday. ducis rodgers has details coming up in sports. >> ♪ >> presidential candidates are spending this labor day with american workers in a major battleground state. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are connecting with union leaders and small business owners to hear their concerns as we move into a critical phase in the campaign season. >> the democratic nominee debuted her new campaign plane on her way to several events in ohio. this is the republican nominee and his running mate talked business with retired workers. both campaigns crisscrossing one state in the same day just under scores its importance in this upcoming election. >> kenneth moton is following all the developments for us on the campaign trail tonight. >> he's live in washington, d.c. now with the very latest. kenneth. >> reporter: brian and monica, on this labor day hillary clinton and donald trump are kicking it into high gear. the candidates and their is your gates are busy today with
5:31 pm
more than a dozen events in key states. labor day and the sprint is on to election day. >> mad dash the next two months so i hope you guys are ready. >> reporter: hillary clinton criticized for not holding press conference recently surprised her traveling press core in the back of her new plane. later at a cleveland rally, the candidate who has been the target of gop conspiracy theories about her health tried to play off a nearly five minute coughing fit. >> every time i think about trump i get allergickism high profile clinton is your gates were also laboring away. seven events in several battleground states. vice president joe biden in pittsburgh, former president bill clinton on the parade route in detroit. for the road to the white house leads through ohio where the tarmac was busy with campaign planes. >> shows you how important ohio is. we're going to be here awhile. >> reporter: not to be outdonald trump trump invited the press onto his plane speaking with reporters for nearly the entire flight. trump talked about those upcoming debates. >> i think i'm preparing somewhat like i prepared for the other debates. i think i'm preparing, uh --
5:32 pm
you know, i enjoyed the debating process. obviously i did well in the debates. >> reporter: earlier trump and mike pence were in cleveland with labor leaders for a round table. recent national polls are tightening but the trump-clinton gap smaller when the libertarian parties are included. >> hillary clinton can either put donald trump away or donald trump could get right back in this race overcome this lead he has at 40 to 41 percent. >> and that first presidential debate is just three weeks away from today. but wednesday trump and clinton will take the stage back to back for a forum focused on national security, veterans and the military brian and monica. reporting live in washington kenneth moton channel6 "action news. >> thank you kenneth. download the 6abc news app this election season to get breaking news alerts from the campaign trail and live results on election night. the 6abc news app is a free doan download for your mobile device.
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>> a man's body was found behind a philadelphia dunkin donuts this morning. it is still a mystery how he died. paramedics and police were called to the back of the store in the 4700 block of north broad street just after 6:30 this morning. they found a 39-year-old man with a puncture wound to the chest. investigators don't know what caused it but they do know he was murdered. the man's identity is not being released yet. philadelphia detectives are still looking for the person who stabbed a plan to death outside a west philadelphia lounge overnight. this one happened outside el toro's in the 4400 block of westminster avenue. officers arrived they found the victim lying on the ground with wounds to the chest and leg. investigators believe robbery was the motive. they're looking at surveillance video to try to identify a suspect. >> a person is recovering tonight after being shot inside a home late last night but it's still not quite clear how all this unfolded. police responded to their unit block of neeld street in aston where they found the victim way single gunshot wound. the person was rushed to a
5:34 pm
nearby hospital. his condition is not known. detectives are not commenting on this investigation just yet. an early morning shooting in north philadelphia claimed the life of a 26-year-old woman and critically injured a 25-year-old man. it happened just after 12:30 a.m. on the 2200 block of north chadwick street. police say they showed up to find a woman shot in the back. the man shot in the head. the search continues right now for the shooter and the motive. >> a bucks county man died today after he could not escape from his burning home. investigators say smoking was likely to blame. the fire started at 6:30 this morning on astor avenue in feasterville. investigators say the 56-year-old man was a hoarder and was smoking inside when something caught on fire. crews put out the flames. they got in there and rushed the man to the hospital but he died a few hours later. now -- i'm sorry. now to a story from our delaware news room. we have been following this since april. police in wilmington arrested a man wanted for a deadly
5:35 pm
shooting in the shades of blue bar and grille here on governor prince boulevard. one of two victims died from their wounds. 35-year-old tie year griffin was taken into custody yesterday. a motive for that shooting is still not known. >> there is a warning tonight for drivers to be on the lookout after one driver was pulled over in fairmount park by a man posing as a police officer. investigators say it happened about 8:30 last night at concourse drive and belmont avenue according to the victim the imposter hit him in the back of the head with a gun then took off in a black ford explorer with flashing lights. police are still looking for the suspect. >> a young man who traveled from oregon to philadelphia for the made in america festival is missing tonight. philadelphia police are asking for your help to help find him. he's 19-year-old nelson armstrong, he's 5 feet 10, 165 pounds with brown eyes, brown curly hair. he was last seen wearing a tan bucket ladder with hershey's written on it a black button down shirt navy van sneakers and a leather chain necklace.
5:36 pm
if you have seen nelson armstrong, please call central detectives. the number is and there on your screen (215)686-3093. >> now to one final check of the commute on monday night. >> let's take it over to matt and see what's going on. >> we've had the day off from most of our typical traffic troubles brian and monica but stale few out there here on 95 northbound just up ahead by allegheny avenue there was a broken down vehicle. gone now so the northbound delay coming out of center city is also thinning but not completely gone, the cleanup crews along the benjamin franklin parkway after the made in america concerts this weekend. most of the parkway still blocked. we've seen a few drivers using the outbound outer drive right here but especially up around eakins oval things will remain blocked until tomorrow morning. still seeing a parade of people coming back from the poconos on this monday afternoon. slow going on the southbound northeast extension as a result from route 80 down to the lehigh tunnel you're seeing an awful lot of traffic headed toward the lehigh valley but where we're not
5:37 pm
seeing a lot of traffic is here odd garden state parkway coming back from the beach because a lot of people did that a few days ago. headed southbound across the new great egg harbor bridge, i hope you enjoy that, i drove that for the just a few days ago and it is a very nice smooth ride. in delaware a slow ride on 95 northbound coming away from christiana. speeds are improving as we watch. a minute ago they were in the 30's, now they're in the 60's headed toward 295 so that's getting better and if you're riding the trains or buses today, keep in mind it's a holiday schedule in most cases that means a sunday schedule and on most of our septa regional rail lines, new schedules, new interim schedules are going into effect tomorrow morning. they include the return of service to the media elwyn line, the entirety of the line had been shuttle busing for a wife because of the crum creek via duct project. that's back to normal as of tomorrow. new weekday supplemental bus service begins tomorrow during the rush hours from select stations so to find out more about that, just check out before tomorrow
5:38 pm
morning's commute. have a nice evening. >> still ahead thrill seekers at two separate amusement parks face very real danger when the rides they were on suddenly malfunctioned. >> he'll lead the eagles in the season opener this sunday. ducis rodgers will have more from quarterback cars went coming up in sports. cecily is in for adam tonight. hi there. >> hi monica. pretty comfortable labor day. right now philadelphia 86 degrees, but heat is building across the plains and that will be heading our way this week. i'll have all the details on heat wave number seven in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> thought we were done. think again. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. third president?
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male teacher: and the largest planet? male teacher: someone we haven't heard from. female teacher: anyone else? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than 3 million people in need to low cost, high speed internet at home, helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. comcast.
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>> several families burned out of their homes by a five alarmer late last night. broke out on the third floor of this triple decker home. the residents there tried to put it out themselves before they called 911. one firefighter was injured battling the blaze. the cause is under investigation. twin toddlers in atlanta georgia are safe after being taken in a gas station carjacking. lester cheney left his car for just a few seconds saturday
5:42 pm
when the gas pump wouldn't work but in a blink a man jumped in his car and sped off with one-year-old twin girls asleep in the back. police found the car a quarter mile away when the suspect ditched it. one girl was still asleep in the back. the other had been tossed out into the bushes. cheney says he knows how lucky he is that they're okay. wow. >> incredible. nearly two dozen people are thanking their lucky stars after a pair of amusement ride accidents at the delta fair carnival near memphis. the moonraker ride malfunctioned tossing some from their seats leaving others holding on for their lives. 14 in all went to the hospital and just six hours later or just hours later six kids were hurt near sh ick when a rollercoaster suddenly stopped. both incidents are under investigation. three good samaritans were in the right place at the right time over the weekend saving 26 people in danger of drowning near san diego. the group was on a fishing boat that crashed into rocks and suddenly started taking on
5:43 pm
water. luckily a nearby commercial fishing vessel was right there to pick everyone up before the coast guard arrived. >> ducis rodgers here with sports now. carson wentz will be the the starting quarterback for the eagles season owner this sunday. >> who would have thought it. >> it's hard to make us more excited for an eagles season but this is the move that will do it. when the eagles gave up the farm to draft carson wentz they envisioned him to be their starter. the birds didn't imagine it would be this soon. wentz has been named the starter for sunday's opener against the browns. that was made possible with saturday's trade of sam bradford. the two questions hanging over the rookie's head is he ready mentally and physically? the eagles say yes to both questions. he has a grasp of the offense and his fractured ribs are healed. there's a ton of pressure on the rookie but he's embracing it. >> kind of just is what it is. you inherit the pressure. i really just block it out much it's just a game of football and i'm ready to go out there and play within myself, play wing gin this system and really lead these guys and the pressure and all
5:44 pm
outside just a game of football. i'm just ready to attack it done my best. >> this kid is ready to go. we drafted him to take on the reigns and, you know, it's something now that -- that we're prepared to ton looking forward to cleveland and, you know, one day at a time with him and at the same timely we've got to be, you know, obviously smart in how we handle it. >> i'm just really excited for my opportunity and i feel very confident that we will be successful here this year. >> before the eagles decided to elevate wentz the eagles got the pulse of the locker room and heard good things about him. after all this is a move that affects everyone on this team. wentz's teammates vow to rally around the rookie. >> this isn't all about carson. we got to elevate our play around him. this footballm isn't going
5:45 pm
live and die by his play. it's our turn, our play around him so he doesn't feel like he has to carry this team. >> this doesn't change our goals at all. i don't come to work every day to not win. i think that's, you know, the goals for everybody here is to win a championship and in no way have those plans changed. >> as for sam bradford he'll be playing for his third team in three years but he says he's happy about it. it's another fresh start for him. he has less than a week to get up to speed on minnesota's offense. for that they say they haven't decided if he'll start sunday against the titans. bradford knows he has a challenge ahead. >> i think conceptually there is some carryover, there's some plays that we run that are the same if not the exact same but very similar to things that i've done in the past obviously. the big part is the communication, you know, the line calls, the way we call plays in the huddle the language, you know, it's all different. >> to baseball the phillies are out of town and that might be a good thing. they wrapped up an oh and six home stand. this afternoon they he face the marlins in miami. the phillies fall lined early common theme. ichiro singles off eickhoff.
5:46 pm
phils trail two-zip after one. same county in the top of the fifth, freddy galvis don't call him little freddy galvis any more. two run homer to tie the game at two. that's galvis' 16th home run of the season. big day for peter bourjos banks out three hits including this rbi single in the seventh. phillies win six to two. they snap the six game skid. getting back to wentz so pumped up for the eagles this season. >> i bet. >> no question about it. >> thanks. >> meantime one of the great symbols of china is no longer on the endangered species list. giant pandas are offer the list thanks to china's efforts to stop poaching and expand the forest habitat. the wild panda population has risen by 300 in just two years. the news is not as good for great apes. four of the six species are on the critically endangered list. >> an elk that needed help knew exactly where to go. the animal wanderd into the yard of a arizona
5:47 pm
veterinarian. debra butler spotted that elk in her yard saturday morning. its antlers were entangled in a rope from a tire from a swing. luckily butler knew exactly what to do but it took her 12 hours to eventually cut that beast free. >> hm. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month.
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>> we're live with a look at the waters off the shore in atlantic city. you can see how choppy atlantic ocean is. beautiful pattern to see it from this vantage point. not so great if you're trying to be ankle deep or so in the water all because of hurricane hermine's left overwinds. >> you have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best went got the latter. >> very close to the best case scenario. hermine is churning about 300 miles offer shore creating rough surf some beach erosion but otherwise yeah it's pretty nice out there, a good amount of sunshine. outer bands not able to make it inland. we're seeing a good amount of sunshine especially areas north and west. this is a live sky6 overlooking reading from the pagoda and seeing bright sunshine. some high thin clouds but really pretty comfortable conditions and our high today on the warm side but with the low humidity didn't feel that
5:51 pm
bad. 86 degrees if philadelphia officially. the normal high is 82. the low 63 degrees actually 1 degree below normal. right now 86 in philadelphia, the same in allentown and reading and wilmington. trenton 85. the poconos very comfortable 78 degrees. cape may 76. and beach haven 77. satellite6 along with action radar showing that hermine again still spinning 300 miles east of atlantic city. it's bring something heavy rain and some high gusty winds to parts of cape cod, nantucket reporting a peak wind gust of 58 miles per hour. but it's just too far out to sea to bring us anything more than some clouds and that rough surf. so tonight partly cloudy, a very comfortable night great night for sleeping, 60 in the suburbs, 69 degrees for center city. and tomorrow the bus stop forecast, as a lot of kids first day of school tomorrow, i'll be at the bus stop crying, partly sunny, pretty nice morning at 6 o'clock, 64 degrees, by 8 o'clock, 66. and then we'll be warming
5:52 pm
things up. 88 degrees tomorrow. mixture of sun and clouds. with hermine weakening and heading towards the new england coastline pressure to our south and west, it will be a windy day. winds out of the northwest about 10 to 20 miles per hour and then on wednesday, this is when we start to heat up. 91 degrees, increasing humidity. could get a late day shower west of philadelphia. i think most areas will be rain free and that cold front will essentially fizzle out. so that means temperatures will be rising as we head through the week and the humidity levels will also be rising as we head through the week. if you are down the shore tomorrow, do be careful and yet again we have heavy surf and the high risk of rip currents. the ocean temperature 73 degrees. you'll knows the streamline of those arrows out of the northwest. that's a land breeze not a sea breeze so that means the green heads will be biting. the jersey beaches temperature in the low 80's and the delaware beaches up into the upper 80's. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow
5:53 pm
little bit warmer than today, mixture of clouds and sunshine on the breezy side with a high of 88. humidity levels still in check. on wednesday, it gets hotter. 91 degrees, lots of sunshine. slightly more humid. thursday is when the oppressive heat and humidity moves in. 95 degrees, the record high on thursday. 96. friday likely a record high of 95 degrees. about a 20 percent chance of a late day thunderstorm. then on saturday the peak of the heat. 97 degrees and then a cold front will move through. that likely will bring us some showers and thunderstorms and then as long as it keeps moving on sunday, temperatures will slide back into the 80's. 86 degrees. still a possibility of a thunderstorm and monday mostly sunny and more comfortable with a high of 84 degrees. so, a lot of people consider labor day kind of the unofficial end to summer but summer is still here and it's certainly going to feel like it. >> mother nature does not get the memo. >> exactly. >> means nothing to her.
5:54 pm
>> that's why they say unofficial. cecily thank you. i dropped that paper. hope it's not important. remember to check back with for the updated hourly forecast and realtime views and any changes on storm tracker6 live. follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter another great way to stay connected. families didn't waste the throughout full weather by staying inside today. "action news" was at valley forge park this afternoon and it was bustling with activity. lots of folks took the trails for a little exercise with the kids and their pets. what a perfect way to say so long unofficially to the summer season.
5:55 pm
for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion.
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mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> it was block party with awesome back to school gifts group one day at a time held its annual labor day party here in north philadelphia. family came to the 1600 and 1700 block of west york street for hot dogs burgers and fixings and then 200 children got free back packs and supplies for the new school year.
5:57 pm
one day at a time is an addiction recovery organization. a woman is run over by a car several times in philadelphia and then beaten with a shovel. hear from someone who witnessed that horrific crime. >> plus, search is on for the suspect who robbed someone while pretending to be a police officer. >> and with hermine out to sea it's the last hurrah for the summer as many enjoy labor day down at the shore. >> throws stories and more coming up next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan jaime apody brian taff the entire "action news" team including rick williams. i'm monica malpass. "action news" at 6:00 is next. >> good night. about senator pat toomey. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks,
5:58 pm
pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news
5:59 pm
program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night jim is off. i'm monica malpass. in the news the eagles say rookie quarterback cars went will start in carson wentz will start in the season opener this week. the unofficial end of summer and the after effects of hermine. the remnants of the storm continue to push away from us leaving behind rough surf account jersey shore. some surfers embraced today while others soaked in the final moments of the season on the boardwalk. now with hermine out of the picture accuweather is tracking a heat wave. meteorologist cecily tynan live outside on the weather patio for us with details tonight. good evening, cecily. >> hi, monica. once hermine officially moves out that heat and humidity will be moving in but hermine is still churning about 300 miles east of atlantic city. maximum sustained winds
6:00 pm
70 miles per hour so it's still near hurricane strength. you'll notice though it's only 200 miles from the tip of long island. areas to the north are getting hit with some heavy rain and some high winds. nantucket reporting a peak wind gust of 58 miles per hour. but here we're just getting tossed a little bit of cloud cover. right now you can see all that rain well off shore. the wind speeds nantucket sustained 32 miles per hour. but atlantic city it's a lot calmer with a wind speed of 8 miles per hour. and temperatures pretty comfortable. philadelphia 85 degrees right now. down from a high of 86 which is 4 degrees above normal but with the low humidity levels, i think most people enjoyed today's weather. allentown 86, reading and trenton 85. down the shore with that ocean temperature, 73. it's a little bit cooler, cape may currently 76. so, the day planner tomorrow, a lot of people heading back to work, a lot of kids heading to school tomorrow. it will definitely be on the warm side but a pretty nice


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