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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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70 miles per hour so it's still near hurricane strength. you'll notice though it's only 200 miles from the tip of long island. areas to the north are getting hit with some heavy rain and some high winds. nantucket reporting a peak wind gust of 58 miles per hour. but here we're just getting tossed a little bit of cloud cover. right now you can see all that rain well off shore. the wind speeds nantucket sustained 32 miles per hour. but atlantic city it's a lot calmer with a wind speed of 8 miles per hour. and temperatures pretty comfortable. philadelphia 85 degrees right now. down from a high of 86 which is 4 degrees above normal but with the low humidity levels, i think most people enjoyed today's weather. allentown 86, reading and trenton 85. down the shore with that ocean temperature, 73. it's a little bit cooler, cape may currently 76. so, the day planner tomorrow, a lot of people heading back to work, a lot of kids heading to school tomorrow. it will definitely be on the warm side but a pretty nice day. picture -- mixture of sun and
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clouds breezy 71. by 5 o'clock reaching that high of 88 so a little bit warmer than did but the heat will be returning with a vengeance as we head through the week. this is what to expect. temperatures and humidity levels will be increasing through the week. by late in the week we're looking at temperatures in the mid 90's with a possibility of some record heat. i'll have more details on just how high temperatures will climb and when cooler air returns coming up in the full accuweather forecast. monica. >> thank you cecily. restaurants and stores at the shore tried to rake in some last minute business this labor day. "action news" reporter walter perez live in ocean city with that part of our story. hi, walter. >> reporter: hey, monica. check this out. take a look at the crowd here on the boardwalk in ocean city. it looks pretty good. we spoke with a bunch of people who told us they went home on saturday morning after the governor declared a state of emergency for much of the shore but then came back last night after hermine pushed out into the ocean to squeeze out as much as they could of the
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holiday weekend. still, many of the business owners we spoke with say they did take a financial hit. hermine packed a potential of bringing high winds and dangerous flooding to the jersey shore. obviously that didn't happen. and in many ways that's good news but don't tell that to the boardwalk shop owners hoping for lots of business over the labor day weekend. >> friday was very good but then everybody were on the bridge and out of here saturday morning with the -- with the governor saying the state of emergency and it -- it just -- i mean, we were down probably 50 percent. >> reporter: but john manager of the polish water ice shop in ocean city does not speak for everyone. we spoke with norman owner of curly's fries who said the people who stuck around to watch the high waves and rough surf developed a real taste for fried potatoes. >> as the day went on on saturday it just got busier and busier. our lineups grew longer and longer. and we were busy for maybe
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eight or nine hours nonstop. >> reporter: among those who stuck around was joe yerkel from the lehigh valley. truth be told joe did heed the warning at first. >> saturday morning i got up at 5 o'clock and i left. sunday morning i got up put the weather on. i was like are you kidding me. >> reporter: you came back. >> i came back. >> reporter: but the happiest person we spoke with was alex who says riding out the threat of hermine was the cleverest decision he made this summer. >> main part was to have the kids enjoy the ride no, lines, everybody missed out not being here. >> reporter: so you made out. >> absolutely. >> reporter: all right. back out live the oceans remain closed off because of the lingering rough surf. surfers though are being given a pass though as you can see at least here in ocean city. and that is how we wrap up the summer vacation season of 2016. reporting live from ocean city, new jersey, walter perez channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you walter. the surf was rough again today at the delaware beaches inform rehoboth most folks
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opted to spend the day hanging out on the zapped or walking the boardwalks. those who walked to the ocean didn't go further than ankle deep. the city closed the beaches to swimmers because of dangerous conditions because of hermine. check back for hourly updates on the forecast and realtime views of any changes from storm tracker6 live. if you follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter it's a great way to stay connectorred. sports a new era has begun for the philadelphia eagles. coach doug pederson announced today carson wentz will be the starting quarterback when the birds open their season against the browns on sunday. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live in south philadelphia with more from wentz and eagles fans. hi, bob. >> reporter: hi monica, good evening. whether he's ready or not he surely is acting the part. during a news conference today he hammered home the fact that he is confident and trod play against the browns and fans say with sam bradford gone why not? let's give the future a
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shot. it's exciting news for eagles fans. >> eagles got to fly. we the birds. >> i think pumped. i think the eagles will shock people. >> reporter: new era, new quarterback. only he has pretty much no professional game experience. except for one preseason game missed most of the preseason with a fractured rib. regardless of that the consensus is it's time for carson wentz. >> he's the future. let's see if the future is today. >> reporter: fans realized there's certainly going to be some growing pains. >> i don't think expectations are too high. if he does really well we'll be happy. if not there's always next year. >> reporter: they just ask fans give him some time even a few years to mold into a franchise quarterback. >> my hope is that the fans give him enough time to be able to adjust. >> reporter: how does wentz feel. he addressed the media for the first time as the starter today. >> the whole time all along it was just getting ready for whenever this time would come and i knew i was ready. >> reporter: he's at least acting the part.
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he hammered home the fact he feels confident. >> i knew i was taking the mental reps being out the last couple weeks even going into the first game, first preseason game you know i felt very confident felt like i developed at a fast pace and now it's here. >> reporter: he says he's just treating his first start against the browns on sunday as another game. >> i really just block it out. it's just a game of football and i'm ready to go out there and play within myself play within this system and really lead these guys. >> reporter: back out live here wentz says his fractured rib is 100 percent healed. the data is ready to go for next sunday. after he learned the news he was the starter he called sam bradford to thank him for some guidance over the last couple months. reporting live at the linc, bob brooks, channel6 "action news. monica. >> thanks, bob. an investigation is under way into the death of a woman who was found lying underneath a car in philadelphia's logan section. police say the victim was run over several times and then if
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you can imagine beaten way shovel. it happened last evening around 8:30 along louden and franklin streets. "action news" talked to a woman who was in her home and heard what she thought was a crash. she looked out the window and says she saw a driver back up his car and run over that woman at least four times. >> and after he got done that, he went into his truck and got a shovel and just started hitting her over the head with it. she was screaming like -- she was raising her hands like no, no, no. and he kept -- he just kept going with -- running her over. >> the woman was rushed to einstein medical center. she was pronounced dead. witnesses say the two were in a relationship. police have not confirmed that connection or released their identities. no charges yet have been filed. bill cosby could learn the date of his sex assault trial when he returns to montgomery county court tomorrow. cosby's scheduled for an evidence hearing. his lawyers want to suppress a deposition made in the civil suit brought by andrea
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constand who claims cosby drugged and molested her in 2004. they say cosby only testified in that one after being told he would never face charges. so far cosby has lost his other motions to have the charges thrown out. workers in philadelphia spent most of the day today cleaning up the ben franklin parkway from this weekend's made in america festival. the action cam was there as they took down the stage and other equipment. this was the fifth straight year for the two-day festival which is organized by rap mogul jay-z. the parkway will stay closed until tomorrow. coming up on "action news" tonight philadelphia police are trying to track down the man who is pretending to be a police officer. plus, philadelphia's annual labor day celebration took place today amid controversy surrounding the city's top labor leader. cecily. >> our high hit 86 degrees today, a little bit on the warm side but i'm tracking some oppressive heat and humidity as heat wave number seven moves in. i'll have all the details in the accuweather 7-day
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forecast. >> all right. and ducis rodgers with more on new eagles starting quarterback carson wentz in sports when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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>> a collision with a deer triggered a deadly crash early this morning claiming the lives of two motorcyclists in the lehigh valley. state police say the bikers were leaded north on route 33 in bush kill township at about 2:00 a.m. when one of them hit the deer. that started a chain reaction crash between the two motorcycles. police say both men were in their 20's from the pocono he region. at this hour police are searching for the man who is
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posing as a police officer. when he robbed and assaulted a victim in fairmount park. it happened at 8:30 last night at concourse drive and belmont out of. the victim said the imposter was in black ford explorer with flashing lights. police say he hit the victim in the back of the head with a gun and got away with cash. philadelphia's labor and political leaders gathered for a labor day celebration this morning. the annual parade and family festival took p at penn's landing. but it was surrounded by talk of fbi investigations into some of the city's top labor leaders. "action news" reporter vernon odom has details. >> ♪ >> reporter:. the traditional sounds of labor day morning in philadelphia. the drums sounding the call summoning the organized labor movement in the tri-state area to come and march in solidarity by the thousands. proudly displaying their love and respect for the union movement. the rank and file and their families heading to the annual cookout at penn's landing. the weather cooperating fully.
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>> this tradition means a whole lot to a whole lot of these hard working folks. >> it's not about going to the shore and it's not about having a picnic although a lot of people do. it's about celebrating the people that work every day and that go out and make this world run. >> everything. it means everything. it's a celebration all of us getting together and giving back to our community. >> people hook who work just trying to come together like any other occasion we just coming together everybody all the working class people getting together. >> reporter: among the politicians here pressing the flesh, philadelphia's embattled district attorney under fire for his long delayed disclosures about receiving over $160,000 in gifts. >> i should have reported gifts timely but i went above and beyond listing all types of gift that that people generally don't report as gifts so i amended my own reports and i did the right thing. >> reporter: also visible in
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the parade today ultra powerful electrical union boss johnny doc tea whose union related activities and financial matters are under intense scrutiny by the fbi. so, another labor day celebration passes. the rank and file enjoying their precious day off. there's a whole lot of intrigue swirls around at the top of the rung. in south philadelphia, i'm vern owed channel6 "action -- o6 "action news. >> dozens attended the air fortunate at the aviation museum to check out the historic hair craft on display. there were plenty of planes from world war ii including original b24's and a b17 flying fortress. some folks got take a flight. how cool is that. for others a chance to experience history up close. >> i didn't expect to see this variety of aircraft and just amazing.
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>> for those who didn't want to go in the sky they still got a chance to step onto the planes for a tour.
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>> big story on labor day of course is the eagles and carson wentz. >> we're going to see a lot of the eagles number one draft pick this season. why wait for the future when you can make the futuren right now. the eagles have officially named carson wentz their starter for sunday's eagles opener against the cleveland browns. wentz will be the eagles first rookie quarterback ever to start an opener. his health is no longer a question. the eagles say the rib fracture he suffered in the first preseason game completely healed. the eagles trade up to draft wednesday in april because -- wentz in april because they view him as the franchise team quarterback. >> going back when i first got here i feel like i've earned respect. just how i go about my business how i carry myself
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but there's nothing different that i got to do now. it's still football. kind of still be the same guy. just play ball and i think throws guys believe in me and i'm excited for it. >> he's such app special guy that this doesn't bother him. the stage is not that big and he -- he can handle -- he can handle this. that's why -- that's why making this decision is very comforting for me and really easy -- easy e. >> chase daniel who did nlook gn will be the backup quarterback. he was essentially passed over for wentz who had been third on the depth chart. daniel is disappointed but he is a team player. >> i think any competitor would be a little disappointed but believe me it's not going to get -- get in the way of my preparations, not going to hinder me in any way moving forward. carson is ready for this and it's about him now and we're going to move forward like that. >> the elevation of wentz was prompted by the trade of sam bradford over the weekend. the birds dealt him to the
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vikings for a first round pick next season and a fourth round selection in 2018. sam we hardly knew you. he was only here for one season. bradford took part in his second day of practice with the vikings today. the team is not sure if he'll play in the opener against tennessee on sunday. the vikings are bradford's third team in three years. >> i've had to learn new offenses in the past. i don't know if i've ever had to learn one, you know, quite this past or in this much of a hurry. so -- you know, yesterday kind of got thrown into the fire, you know, everything at once and i think that's how we're going have to do it. >> to baseball now. maybe a change of scenery was all the phillies needed after an oh and 6:stand the phillies look good this afternoon in miami. facing the marlins trouble for jerad eickhoff in the first inning. each row with a rbi single. eickhoff gives up two runs in the frame but that would be it. still two-nothing miami in the fifth. galvis that's a two run shot his 16th homer of the season. previous high was search. game tied at two. big day for peter bourjos.
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he banks out three hits, a rbi single in the seventh. phillies win six-two to snap that that six game skid. serena williams advances to the quarterfinals winning her 308th career match in a grand slam event that's a new record whether you talk about men or women. >> good for her. >> cecily tynan with that accuweather forecast for your week ahead when we come right back.
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keep on scratchin' >> time to check that accuweather word for the week ahead and our next heat wave. >> the word is hot. >> great. >> exactly heat wave number seven is on the way. so, labor day a lot of people think of it as the end of the summer season.
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summer is still here. still definitely going to feel like it. storm tracker6 live double scan showing we have dry conditions. you can see the outer rain bands of hermine well off the coast but sky6 showing the conditions in atlantic city. hermine's about 300 miles east of atlantic city. and you can see surf is up. rip currents high surf, some beach erosion, so a lot of folks on the beach just kind of venturing out to their ankles. i know surfers certainly like this kind of weather. the accuweather highlights show that you back to work and school tomorrow. the school day forecast definitely want the kids to wear their summer clothes tomorrow because it is going to be a warm day. mixture of sun and clouds, winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. at 7 o'clock 70 degrees, already up to 82 degrees by noon and then when the kids come home at 4 o'clock, up to 87 degrees. thursday, though, is when you'll really feel the heat and humidity. the heat index thursday afternoon, you can see see
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i-95 corridor upper 90's so it's going to get progressively hotter and more humid as we head through the week. right now it's warm but dewpoints in the 50's so still pretty comfortable. philadelphia, trenton and wilmington and reading all 85 degrees. allentown 86. cape may with that wind off the bay 75 degrees and beach haven currently 77. satellite6 along with action radar showing hermine is still just meandering off the coast in the atlantic. maximum sustained winds 70 miles per hour so it hasn't weakened and you'll notice that we do have some heavy rain across parts of cape cod, nantucket reporting wind gusts up to 58 miles per hour. this system will slowly weaken tomorrow and head off the coast of new england. so, tonight partly cloudy skies, pretty comfortable, 69 in philadelphia, 60 in allentown, cape may 68 and wilmington 65 degrees. and tomorrow little bit warmer than today. 88 degrees with hermine to the east and high pressure to the southwest, we got a little bit
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of a wind tunnel effect so those winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour and then on wednesday, that high pressure begins to take control. that means the heat is on. 91 degrees, lots of sunshine, could have a scattered shower in the afternoon with the buildup of the heat and humidity. that cold front will essentially fizzle out as it moves in by the end of the week so that heat continues right into the weekend. if you are down the shore tomorrow, again be careful. high risk of rip currents continue. the ocean temperature 73 degrees, just walk up to your ankles. not a good day for swimming. rough surf, mixture of clouds and sunshine. no sea breeze. you get those winds out of the northwest that means the green heads will be biting. jersey beaches 82 and the delaware beaches a little bit warmer 88. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow a warm breeze, good amount of sunshine, a few clouds with a high of 88. wednesday it gets hot. 91 degrees.
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thursday the record high 96. we're going to be close calling for a high of 95. friday if we hit 95, that would be a record. could get a scattered shower or thunderstorm late in the day. a better chance on saturday night ahead of a cold front. 97 degrees tying record warmth on saturday and sunday still a chance of some thunderstorms, 86 degrees, so looks like the heat wave should be ending on sunday as long as that front is progressive and keeps moving and monday mostly sunny with a high of 84 degrees. so, plenty of heat and humidity in the forecast. not a lot of rain and we desperately do need the rain and part of the reason why temperatures are going to warm so much is the ground is very dry so we need rain. unfortunately not a lot on the way. >> i didn't see any. all right, thank you cecily. finally tonight a brand new community center opened today in king of prussia. "action news" was there as community members celebrate the the completion of the upper merion community center off valley forge road. following this ribbon cutting tours were given of the new building. the center is complete with a basketball court treadmills and other workout equipment.
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abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel in this case. "action news" continues on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6 now for cecily ducis jim gardner the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night. we hope you'll join us as 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, the sprint to election day starts now. donald trump and hillary clinton barnstorming the battleground states. the rivals nearly crossing paths on a crowded ohio tarmac. their planes right next to each other. clinton calls in reinforcements, and trump reveals his strategy for the big debate. hermine's dangerous surf slamming into the east coast tonight. beaches shut down on this holiday weekend, costing businesses millions. now, a new hurricane on the horizon. president obama and vladimir putin in a face to face staredown. the president describing their blunt talk, but did they make a deal? a father's car stolen at a gas station. his twin daughters asleep in the backseat. tonight, his warning about turning your back, even for


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