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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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for her son. >> good morning everyone, it is 5:30 on this tuesday september 6th. dave murphy joins us along with karen rogers. what's going on, guys? >> all right, guys, well, let's go ahead and get the big board cranked up here. we have hermine off the coast this morning and it is making that move toward the the coast. you can see the center of it moving in this direction. it will make a look off to the north later today and may weaken a little bit as we go through the day as well but it is close enough to still draw winds down out of the north kind of breezy across the region today and we have that concern of rough surf and rip currents at the shore today. all right. so, that's hermine. really a bigger issue for points farther to the north at this point. as we take a look at satellite one of the big effects of hermine other th the rough surf will be cloud cover that will occasionally skirt the coast. right now it looks like we're in for a sunny start just about everywhere but at times today there could be more clouds farther to the east. i think it's mostly sunny skies from about philadelphia west. 73 degrees currently in philadelphia, 68 in allentown. 74 down the shore.
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dewpoints are in the 50's in most neighborhoods and getting just up into the slightly humid range down in cape may and dover. but most of us are off to a very comfortable start and probably staying that way today. it is going to be warm. we'll have sunshine, temperature in the 70's in the morning. the 80's in the afternoon and we actually will pop all the way up to 88 degrees for a high probably around 3:30 or 4:00 this afternoon. the heat starts to kick in again tomorrow and it does look like heat wave number seven is in the offing probably starting tomorrow, karen. details coming up in that seven day. >> all right. if you're headed back to school good luck to you. if you're headed out on the roads to go to work you need a little luck too because it has been really busy at this early hour. this shot is frozen at that time moment but you can still see the problem. this is an accident involving a tractor-trailer and a vehicle and the accident off to the side but right around this curve, this is the blue route southbound at mid-county, so just be careful as you're rounding that curve with this accident off to the side. also an accident here in upper dublin on david drive at fitzwatertown road in montgomery county. one in chalfont bucks county.
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we can switch our camera and get a live picture of this one. it's involving a truck fire and although they put the fire out it's still blocking all lanes and that's on stump road at limekiln pike. our image frozen so not seeing it. you'll want to stick to 202 instead of stump road. this accident in cinnaminson involving a vehicle that ran into a tree. it's on riverton road at chatham drive. you'll see some restrictions here in burlington county so watch for crews on the scene. yet another accident i told you it was busy this one i-195 westbound at route 130 in mercer county. it's blocking the left lane so you're seeing speeds of about 41 miles an hour right now, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. a family get together did not go well over the holiday weekends for an off duty philadelphia police officer. an argument led to shots fired and a relative injured in his home. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is lie at the police headquarters now following that investigation. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning well, police say that that off duty police officer who was involved in the shooting was immediately taken to internal
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affairs to be questioned. two other people that were inside the home at the time were taken to northeast detectives to be questioned as well. well, take a look at this video. this is video from the scene in northeast philadelphia. inside of the home where this all happened in the 2700 block of taunton street. well, 911 calls came in around 6:30 last night. according to police, the officer fired at least one shot. he did not use an assigned weapon from the philadelphia police department. he is assigned to the 15th district and at this time police have not released his name. again, law off duty. well, authorities say the 19-year-old shooting victim suffered at least one gun shot wounds to the torso and is at aria torresdale hospital. >> very, very early stages of it but from what we have right now it started out as a verbal altercation. it led to a physical altercation so if you wander to describe it as a struggle, that would be accurate and during that period of time, that's when the weapon discharged striking the other
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male involved one time in the torso area of the body. >> reporter: now, police will only say that that 19-year-old shooting victim is a relative of that off duty police officer but they would not elaborate. they say at this hour he is still at aria torresdale and he is in critical but stable condition. for now reporting live outside of police headquarters, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> okay, thank you annie. and new this morning a driver was hurt during a collision with an ambulance. the crash happened just before 2:00 a.m. at city and lancaster avenues in philadelphia's overbrook section. the driver is in stable condition and no medics were injured. >> ♪ >> happening today, a montgomery county judge could set a date for bill cosby's sex assault trial. the comedian and his defense team will be back in court for an evidence hearing in norristown. they're expected to push to have key testimony from a prior civil lawsuit thrown out of the case. cosby had acknowledged giving his accuser andrea constand several pills before what he called a consensual sexual
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encounter. she later said she dipped in and out of consciousness. small township committee race in gloucester county new jersey has exploded onto the national stage. mike krawitz is the republican candidate for west deptford township committee. daily beast reporter olivia nuzzi says krawitz sent obscene and threatening messages to her on social media. one comment says hope you get raped by a syrian refugee. "action news" went to krawitz's home to ask him about the posts. a woman told us he was home and went inside to get him but then kim back to say krawitz was not at home. krawitz told that someone hacked his facebook page but nuzzi says krawitz had been trolling her since 2014. >> i think that's pretty rude and if anyone else put that up there, you know, they would probably get charged for harassment or anything else. >> krawitz's running mate joanne preiga had no comment and we were unable to reach
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anyone from the west deptford republican committee for comment. >> developing overnight, indiana state police arrested a man on the property of republican governor and gop vice presidential candidate mike pence. the suspect had run away from a dui scene. now police don't believe that he went onto that property on purpose. pence who is donald trump's running mate was not home at the time. and speaking of donald trump he'll be campaigning in virginia, north carolina today. those are two critical states for the path to the presidency. the republican nominee invite add small group of reporters on board his private jet while he departed from cleveland ohio yesterday end told them that he's committed to all three presidential debates. now trump had previously held out citing the need for what he called impartial moderators. democrat presidential candidate hillary clinton debuted her new campaign plane which has a section now for the traveling press. she head to the back of the plane to talk to the core when has complained about her long stint of not taking questions. she and running mate tim kaine
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set down with david muir for an interview which that you'll see on "gma." >> 5:37 and hermine is hundreds of miles off the shore in the atlantic ocean but it's still creating dangerous waves and strong rip currents. the action cam caught up with people who made the best of the labor day holiday down at the shore. the owner of curly's fries in ocean city say many people gathered in front of his business to watch the powerful tides noelle as hermine drifted out to sea. alex says this is the first weekend his children didn't have to wait in lines for the water park. >> the main part was how the kids enjoyed the rides, no lines. everybody missed out not being here. >> so you made out? >> absolutely. >> beachgoers are being told to avoid swimming in the ocean as the storm stalls off the coast but david you said some beaches are allowing people waste deep. >> yesterday or knee deep actually was about as far as they were going yesterday and that was not everywhere. i encourage you to listen to the lifeguards and do only as they say and only swim near them if they do let you on the
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beach at all. there's going to be rough conditions with rip currents but precipitation-wise it looks like all the rain from hermine right now anyway is pretty much off the coast. you might see a little sprinkle right down along the shore or a brief shower today. stepping outside most of us are looking at clear skies overhead currently and that would include philadelphia international airport. now, as we show you sky6 cameras this morning, every now and then they bounce a little bit because we do have breezes wrapping down out of the north around the center of hermine off the coast. temperature is 73 degrees, dewpoint down at 58 with that north wind we're still looking at relatively low dewpoints and the winds noticeable certainly at 16 miles per hour and probably staying rather breezy today. hermine is finally making that push toward the east. it's a little bit more of a northerly latitude than the earlier prognostications a couple of days ago were showing and the latest model run does show this continuing a track toward us and then turning back toward the north probably by later tonight or in the wee hours of this morning. it's not as strong a storm as was originally forecast but
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still strong enough. as it pushes toward us, it will continue with those breezes down the north and continue to churn up that surf a little bit. again, by wednesday and then in through thursday morning it does look like it's getting back up toward new england and being really more of a problem there. in terms of cloud cover and rain today, you don't see a lot of showers on here. every now and then there's a possibility of one and obviously it will be cloudier over by the coast than it will be elsewhere. i'm going call for a mostly sunny day in philadelphia and then hope those clouds don't really make a run at the city all that much. 70 degrees today at 8 o'clock in philadelphia. 77 at 10:00 so it looks like we're in the 70's for the majority of the morning. then in the 80's for the afternoon with 87 at 3 o'clock and a high of 88 probably around 3:30 or 4:00. breezy but fairly bright today and humidity behaving itself outside of areas down south where it could be a little bit stickier, places like dover and cape may might be a little humid today. mostly sunny and breezy in general. and highs in the mid to upper 80's with lower temperatures down south, the higher temperatures up the i-95 corridor.
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could even get reading up to about 90 and down the shore we're looking at upper 70's in the northern shores and maybe low 80's down south. again, heavy surf and rip currents once again a problem. then tomorrow we get a front coming out as it's going to very slowly approach us over the next several days and ahead of it we'll get back into the 90's. tomorrow we'll build the humidity a little bit in the afternoon with a high of 91 and that is the beginning of will likely be heat wave number seven. here's yourlusive accuweather 7-day, 88 degrees bright and warm today. hot and a bit more humid tomorrow a high of 91. then near record heat on thursday, friday and saturday with highs in the mid 90's. by saturday, if you're headed to the temple game or the union match you want cool drinks as part of your plan. and the same goals for sunday although we will be easing back to 88. eagles of course opening up with carson wentz behind center. kind of excited to see that actually. and but you'll need cool drinks at that one, too. there could be an afternoon thunderstorm on sunday. then monday we're back to nicer weather. >> all right. looking forward to that. my yard needs some rain. >> i know. >> all right. it is now 5:40.
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still ahead on "action news" a drive by shooting leaves four people including two juveniles wounded in the lehigh valley. we'll have the details. >> a single mom has a simple solution for how to handle a school event that was designed just for dads and their children. karen. >> intermittenting blocking alliance of i-195 westbound right at 130. they towed one of the vehicles a whim you can see how backed up we are in this part of new jersey. i'll give you the details on this accident and several others when we come back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:43. saying hi to commodore barry bridge lining chester with new jersey. a lot of kids going back to school for the first time today. so, good luck. >> yeah. i've got a couple little ones who will be getting on the bus. >> ooh. >> i'll be dancing at the bus stop. let's go over to karen rogers and take a look at traffic. >> my kids start tomorrow. everybody headed back at this point. suburban traffic report we have a few problems much it gets busier inevitably with more and more people heading back to school. we have a handful of accidents today. i want to show you this latest one. this is i-195 westbound at route 130. they've been intermittently blocking all lanes. at this point we can see traffic getting by in one lane on i-195 westbound but you could see you're really slow even at this early hour and that's because they had all lanes blocked where they towed away one of the vehicles but you've got a number of emergency vehicles on the scene with this accident scene and we found people talking about it here on the waze app so you can see this is route
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i-195. the accident as you head towards the richard crockett middle school. this is route 130 right now so right near that intersection you're crawling about 5 miles an hour. it's not a long delay as you can see but it's a delay nonetheless so it's i-195 westbound at route 130, slow right now with a number of emergency workers. they had been intermittently blocking all lanes with that accident scene. it's not the only one. we've got another problem here. now we're seeing more emergency workers with this accident. this is the blue route southbound at mid-county, an accident involving that tractor-trailer and another vehicle. it's off to the side but you got to watch as you round this curve, you're kind of hitting those emergency workers right there so be careful with them off to the side. also happening in cinnaminson this is an accident where a truck ran into a tree here. it's on riverton road at chatham drive so a handful of problems out there even at this early hour. matt. >> thanks karen. security forces in afghanistan killed three gunman who stormed a building
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that houses an aid organization. a civilian was also killed. the attack took place after twin bombings near the afghan defense ministry killed at least 24 people and wounded more than 90 others. the taliban claimed responsibility for yesterday's attack. >> comedian chevy chase checked himself back into rehab for an alcohol problem. the actor's publicist describes it as tune-up in his recovery from addiction. the 72-year-old star of the vacation movies and saturday night live has struggled with substance abuse throughout his career. chase spent time at the betty ford clinic in the 1980's for an addiction to prescription pain kimer. >> a texas student didn't have a partner for a doughnuts with dad day at school so his single mom dressed up as one. yvette vasquez sported a baseball cap plaid shirt an fake mustache. the fort worth mom says most of the fathers were very supportive at the event and she heard from single parents from around the world who saw her photos on social media. vasquez is holding onto her costume because her two younger sons wander her to do the same thing when they have
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a doughnuts for dad day. >> great mom. >> ♪ >> 5:46. he we all know that ground hog day is in february but there could be a new holiday predicting the end of summer for new englanders. >> newly released video shows police using a special maneuver to stop a high speed chase. david. >> if you're among the kids headed to school today, you can do it with shorts and t-shirts because it is going to be a real warm one this afternoon. we'll have your day planner forecast and let you see just how it's going to be on the way to school on the way home and i was the way up to about dinnertime. that's coming up.
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of this advertising. female teacher: wmale teacher:he and the largest planet?? male teacher: someone we haven't heard from. female teacher: anyone else? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than 3 million people in need to low cost, high speed internet at home, helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. >> pungs tawny phil is not the only animal predicting the weather. the community of belfast maine hosts a ground hog day style ceremony on labor day.
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they pulled a lobster name passy pete from the ocean yesterday. the shellfish takes a scroll from a lobster trap. that declared there will be six more weeks of summer. this was passy pete's second consecutive prediction. you can see last year the lobster successfully predicted a longer summer. >> wow. >> he's on a roll. [laughter] >> doesn't want to be part of a lobster roll. >> no, he doesn't. >> i wouldn't mind digging into that lobster roll. let's check on this accident scene. we're still seeing a big backup on i-195 westbound at route 130. what we're not seeing are the emergency workers there there were there a minute ago with the accident scene. looks like they cleared the scene and allowed traffic to get by but really backed up on i-195 westbound at route 130. they had been intermittenting blocking all lanes. don't forget to grab a new schedule if you're headed out on one of these lines right here with septa. they have new schedules that start today. dave, they're also running extra bus service to try to get people to school on time. >> all right, karen, good idea.
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on the big board this morning, we have comfortable conditions in the northern and western suburbs with low humidity and temperatures currently in the mid to upper 60's, a couple of spots pushing into the 70's closer to the delaware river and in south jersey it's a lot of low 70's, some spots around vineland and gains beach getting down into the mid 60's. 74's on the boardwalks and near the shore and mid to upper 70's up and down the state of delaware. a little more humid the farther south you go. if you're running errands or doing anything else over the next 12 hours looks like a decent day for that. 72 degrees by 8 o'clock. 77 by 10 o'clock so comfortable to get the fruits and vegetables back from the market this morning and then this afternoon we will get warmer. we're going to go for that high of 88 degrees and that will slot in rather late in the day probably around 3:30 or 4 o'clock. a little breezy out there today. mostly sunny with more clouds the closer you get to the shore. tam. >> okay, thank you david. you can find the seven-day forecast an live look at storm tracker6 double scan radar any time of day on our web side. head to
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newly released video shows a police officer ramming an suv during a high speed chase in wisconsin. an officer spotted the driver speeding past him in greenville on thursday. automated camera system alerted the officer that the suv in question was still stolen. speeds hit nearly 100 miles an hour during the chase. officers eventually stopped the suv using what's called a pit maneuver. they arrested four suspects. they also found cocaine and a gun inside the vehicle. >> 5:52. up next a message in a bottle ends up at the jersey shore. >> also when we come back apple seems to be challenging spotify with the new personalized music playlist. we'll be right back.
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>> new this morning, a fast moving fire damaged a philadelphia row home. the action cam was there as firefighters make sure that all the hot spots were doused the row home is on the 2800 block of ashmead place in the germantown section. happened just after 3 a.m. there are no reports of injuries. >> there is a reward for information on a drive by shooting that injured four people in berks county. gunfire rang out in reading yesterday between the 400 and 700 blocks of moss street in broad daylight. two of the victims are juveniles and two victims are in serious condition. philadelphia k-9 officer on patrol was involved in a crash in the northeast. it happened last night at woodhaven and thornton roads. the officer and the driver of the other car were both taken to their hospital in stable condition. the police dog was taken to penn vet for observation. san francisco 49ers
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quarterback colin kaepernick continues to make waves with his decision not to stand but rather kneel for the national anthem making a statement about race relations in there u.s. president obama is even weighing in. >> he's exercising his constitutional right. >> president obama defended the quarterback at the g20 summit in china. megan rapinoe took a knee before a game over the weekend tweeting it's the least i can do. keep the conversation going. she said she empathizes given her concerns over equal rights as a lesbian. the protest is being met with push back. the police union in santa clara where the 49ers play sent a letter to the team sucking some officers would boycott doing work protecting the stadium. kaepernick says he won't stop until real change occurs. >> a normal day on the beach became one to treasure for a gibbstown new jersey family. sandy and her family spotted a small bottle nestel ned a
5:57 am
dune. >> it says dear person who finds this i'm calling from sea isle. i'm calling to make new friends. i only have three friends. i'm very lonely from aj wilson but flares nothing else. we're hoping if anybody knows aj wilson tell him he's got five new friends in gibbstown, new jersey. >> in fact the family has posted the note on social media and is hoping to track down person who left the message in the bottle and make sure he is lonely no more. >> it's 5:57. next and new this morning, an airline computer glitch is leading to long lines at several international airports. >> and we're following overnight developments on the president's historic trip to laos. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy.
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>> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday september 6th. all new on "action news." >> a verbal disagreement between two people turns deadly when one of them opens fires. >> comedian bill cosby could learn his trial date. we're live in montgomery county where he is set to appear. >> the unofficial end of the summer season is come and gone but the heat and humidity will be on the rise through the week. >> let's find out more about that head on over to dave murphy. he's got accuweather and karen rogers has your traffic on what for many is the first day back to school. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. and what's left of hermine as you take a look at satellite and radar is starting to make a push toward the coast finally but it's still pretty far out to sea. and now it's so far to the north that the winds are are no longer coming on shore, they're dropping down out of the north. you also see he some rain associated with the storm. that might clip the coast at times at a but it looks like we're mainly going to be dry. the closer look does show you that there are some clouds overnight that have been spinning around and covering the coast and as i look off to the east from the terrace


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